i barely knew him myself

"Love Is In The Air" One Shot

Author: Samantha

Summary: The reader teaches Dean how to make pie and then ends up having a food fight with him. When sparks start flying, they both finally admit how they actually feel about each other.

Warnings: kissing, some sexual tension, a little bit of swearing

Word Count: 1974


I was having one of those days. The kind where even the newest Pretty Little Liars episode didn’t make my chest lighter with bubbling excitement. Charlie had forced me to start watching this TV show and I must admit, I really had gotten slightly obsessed with it. The mysteries, the story line… Something about it made me want to start watching it, even though I wasn’t the type of person who used to spend their free time watching TV.

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The Abusive Weeaboo - Part 2

So at the end of part one, Kaito the weeb had basically isolated me from all my friends.

TW: VERY STRONG emotional abuse, sexual coercion, cutting

Around this time, I watched the movie Sweeney Todd (you know, the one with Johnny Depp). Somehow I got it into my head that Kaito and I were just like Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. He was brooding and tortured, hated by the world, and it was my job to be there for Kaito and support him because I was in love with him. The fact that he refused to have a real relationship with me was just because he was too distracted by the injustices brought upon him. If I waited long enough, he would allow me to heal him fully, open his eyes and realize I had been there all along and love me back. (That was where it was different from the movie, clearly). This thought pattern was the basis for me excusing a lot of his behavior.

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