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Closest Call Yet

Friday night at the Store was the closest i’ve been to getting caught by hubby.  I was in the store working and hubby called and said he was going to be in the area he he would pick me  up and asked what time to pick me up.  I told him we should be done by 10:00 and he told me i’ll see you then. It was a normal night, when i got to work Teddy took me right in the back so i could suck his cock.  All through the night every time Teddy would walk by my hans hand would grab my bare ass and sometime if  i was bent over the counter helping someone he finger would find my pussy.  About 9:15pm got everything cleaned up and locked down when teddy took me into the back room again.  By this time my pussy was so wet from all the feels during the night i was ready.  As soon as we got into the back office Teddy as all over me he was kissing me and he already has my dress up to my hips and one finger was inside my pussy.  He dropped his pants and I went right down to my knees to suck his cock hard.  Once he was hard he stood me up and bend me over the desk.   He was fucking me so hard that i came so fast on his cock. The next thing i knew there was someone at the front door buzzing to come in.  We looked at the security monitor and is was my husband ½ hour early.  At that point Teddy grabbed my hips and pulled me even tighter on his cock.  He then told me to look at the monitor at my husband has he was close.  A few more of his hard thrusts and he was about to cum.  Just has he was cuming inside me he told me to buzz him in.  a few more and his cock was drained in my pussy.  Teddy yelled out to Husband that he will be right out and told me to get my ass out front  while he got himself together.  I couldnt even get my thong on and as i walked out to see hubby.  As i kissed hubby hello i could feel Teddy cum running out of my pussy and down my legs.  It was a good thing we were closed and the almost of the light in the store were off.  Finally Teddy came out of the back and said  hello to hubby and i went into the back to get my pocketbook, OH and to wipe the cum off my legs.  We left and hubby drove home.  I got a text in the car but i didn’t check it  until i got home.  I was Teddy telling me that my hot little pussy needs more and he will be over at lunch time tomorrow.

“Aww man,” was the first thing you said when you woke up that morning.

You had barely woken up and stirred around but in the matter of those few seconds you knew that it was your time of the month. With a groan you got out of bed and grabbed your things before going into the restroom. It hadn’t even been a minute and you could already feel the usual symptoms. Every step you took made you feel like a walking marshmallow and the aching pain in your lower back didn’t help.

Once you were done you knew that you were going to be M.I.A. for the day. Being in pajamas usually lessened the crappiness so you stayed in something comfortable and took to your bed. On your way back, your stomach growled louder than you expected.

“Alright ya bastard, I’ll feed you,” you muttered to your tummy.

When you got into the kitchen Mark was standing in front of the stove focusing on some bacon to go with his eggs.

“Morning sun-,” he paused when he got a good look at you.

From the look on your face he knew that it was your time of the month too. He chuckled with a sympathetic smile and placed the bacon on his plate. Even though he took the time to make his breakfast, he saw how you were feeling and offered his plate for you. The pain in your back lessened a bit as you smiled at him.

“Thank you,” you said with a smile as you took the plate, “What can I offer in return?”

“A kiss,” he said before pecking your lips, “and this,” he said as he took a piece of bacon.

After having a good breakfast, you snuggled into your sheets and chuckled every time you heard Mark yelp in his gaming room. When he finished, he walked into the room.

“Need anything?”

The offer was tempting but you didn’t have anything you wanted at that moment. With that, you shook your head and snuggled a bit deeper into your blankets. Mark walked over to the bed and slid himself right beside you.

“How about some snuggles?”

His arms wrapped around you so he could hold you closer to him. Whenever Mark snuggled, he always did this cute thing where he would nuzzle his nose against your neck, tickling you as you chuckled.

“Can we just do this all day?” you asked with a wistful sigh.

“I’ll do anything you want.”

When he said that you turned around so that you were facing him. A devious grin spread across your face.

“Give me a kiss.”

Without hesitation he puckered his lips against yours. When you parted ways, you went back for one more kiss.

“Thank you,” you muttered as you nuzzled into his chest.

For the rest of that day, you both just laid in bed all day while you cuddled under the blankets. Even though you weren’t feeling up to par, some cute snuggles with Mark always managed to make you forget.

You thought to yourself, Maybe some Mark snuggles are my cure.

With that you rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes, sighing happily to have him in your arms.

VIXX Adventures- Leo (pt. 2)

Originally posted by seoulfvls

Summary:You’re thrown into a labyrinth with ten levels filled with monsters and the bare essentials to survive. Maybe with some help from Leo you’ll make it through this dangerous game alive. 

Genre: Action, scifi, adventure, smut (not this chapter) 

Length: 3387

Series: Intro, Part 1

After my initial shock I whispered back to Leo softly, “why did you do it?”

“You got your answer. We’re done talking about it.”


“Just go to sleep!” He snapped a bit roughly.

“Fine!” I shot back childishly and rolled over in bed facing the wall and away from him.

I was awoken the next morning by Leo shaking me mercilessly, “Get up. It’s time to train.”

“It’s not even light out yet!” I whined.

“It’s never light out here. We need to get started if you’re going to manage to stay alive through the day.” He quipped irritably.

“Fine but do you have a different setting other than grumpy or am I going to have to deal with this all day?"He didn’t validate my question with a response he just shot an intimidating glare my way and threw my gear at me. I caught it clumsily and went to the bathroom and got changed.

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Kath is really helpful wrt coping in such a variety of contexts like?

Earlier I was feeling super awful and upset, and I thought about Kath’s life and it soothed me. Bc he’s been through hell and has been hurt so badly so many times, and I know it isn’t his fault and he doesn’t deserve it 

And yesterday I could barely move, like it was worse than usual, and I got through it by pretending I was him. And that also helped me to be able to get a few things done, knowing how hard he fought to survive despite everything he’s been through and all that’s working against him


So I performed in this school play tonight and I had the lead role! I had sooooo many lines and I was so nervous! But I did it! Honestly Taylor, I couldn’t have done it without you! I just got up on that stage and decided that it didn’t matter what people thought and that I should just get up in front of everyone and give my character my all and shake off other peoples opinions!!And I did kinda well considering we had barely any time to rehearse, we had to do a lot of improv and were just in general really stressed! I love you Tay, thank you for helping me through tonight!

My ex boyfriend of three years is a Marine. He is stationed in Japan until 2017. I got pregnant in December when he came home on leave, with twins. Everything was fine at first, he was so excited to be a dad. We found out we were having a boy and a girl and we were having the worst time picking out names, we could never agree!! Then I started having complications with the pregnancy and I think he got scared because he couldn’t be here to help me, since he was back overseas. Prior to this message he was busy at work for a few days so we barely spoke but I didn’t think anything was wrong, he’s in the military and he has a stressful job so it happened sometimes. He was so angry this day, he sent this to me at 4 am his time, and I couldn’t figure out what I had done. He read my message but never responded to me. 8 days later I lost both our babies. He never answered my texts or FaceTimes, but did read all my messages. I still love him and miss him and have no idea what I did to deserve going through all this alone.