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Victuuri Week Day 6: Soulmate AU!

“After completely flopping the Grand Prix Finals, Yuuri never expected his world to bloom with colours, but it did.”

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Note that when Maui talks about his abandonment, his voice is very controlled. A forced sort of controlled, the kind of slow speech someone trying not to cry would use. Specifically "did not" rather than "didn't". Just thought you'd be interested in that. :)

oh my god you’re totally right though

and not only is his speech very forcefully controlled but he’s also talking in a very carefully controlled volume and tone too like if he spoke any louder his voice would start cracking/breaking? 

I’m also going back and watching it and right at that line you mentioned, he does something else, too. Right when he’s saying “and they decided-” he kind of pauses and makes this little sound right on “decided” that I had for the longest time thought was him kind of laughing at himself like some people do when they’re upset, but now that you mention that it almost sounds more like he’s….choking up at the words?

this is. this is the most upsetting concept I’ve ever heard though because Maui is overall really collected and can kind of hide his emotions well and the fact that this is the thing that kind of makes him drop that collectedness or the kind of thing that can make him cry? That’s illegal. You stop that.

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I don' like when my cat brudder try to play, but I still worries about him. He go outside. Mom says am "indoor cat", so I never go outsides. Outsides are scary, specially at nighttime! So's I try to tell mom Toby (cat brudder) is still outsides. Rub round her, when she try pet me, GRAB her finger, make BIG cry like "MROWROWmowmowmwowmow" when I barely ever talk at all. I save cat brudder from outside!


I realised what was making me so stressed. My aunt constantly meddling with me.
Like….. I am so tired of constantly either helping her out or my mother and their insane relationships and marriages.

i and love and you | naruto

prompt: one of them gets sick and the other has to take care of them. @stellatiate
sum: you and me, we flew
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Hanabi doesn’t expect him to make an appearance. Or, maybe she does, but not this quickly.

Kou offers the younger Hyuuga sister an amused look as she passes by, but Hanabi is careful not to do more than smile. Naruto’s eagerness in regards to all things concerning her sister is an easily laughable thing, but in a good way. His open and endless love for Hinata Hyuuga brings a smile and affectionate laughter to almost anyone’s face, sometimes even Hiashi’s.

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Imagine #23 Fighting (Neymar’s perspective)

I was at home; my girl (y/n) just came to spend some time together. We were dating for about 4 months now and we were in a great relationship. She was a normal girl, still going to school and she was not using me for money or for fame, I loved her for that.

We decided to watch a movie, more like she insisted in to, I would rather do other things, but that can wait. She brought a DVD and it was “Love actually”, she was getting all excited for Christmas the past few days and I couldn’t say no to her, so I had no choice.

As the movie started, she walked out of the kitchen with some popcorns and laid on the sofa next to me, leaning her head on my chest. I covered both of us with a blanket and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

After almost 45minutes, she stood up, paused the film and said she had to go to the bathroom. Just when she left her phone started ringing, since it as on the table in front of the sofa, I could see the caller ID.  “Paul”

In a second I got mad, I could break the phone but I had to control myself. Why would her ex call her, what was going on between them, I needed to know, but I was afraid of the truth.

When she final came back with a smile on her face I was standing in front of the TV.

“What? C’mon I want to finish the movie,” She said confused.

I threw her phone and she looked at it even more confused, when she saw the missed call from Paul she looked back up at me “Okay, calm down. Nothing is going on between us.” She said a little bit afraid of my reaction.

“Then why would he call you?”

“I don’t know Neymar, it’s the first time he did.”

I was so mad, I was walking up and down the room, I didn’t know what to believe.

“I don’t know (y/n)… I don’t know if I can trust you right now.”

As I said that, she got really mad and walked loser to me “Oh wow. Because of one call, you do not trust me. Seriously?”

She was just in front of me, looking straight to my eyes, “He is your fuc*ing ex, you were with him for more than a year, how can I be so sure you haven’t been cheating on me?”

“OH. MY. GOD. Cheating on you! What is wrong with you, I was with you every day!” She walked away from me as she pushed me. She was getting so nervous that I could see she was falling in tears.

“How would you react if Bruna called me, ha?” I said walking back to her.

“Bringing Bruna back, nice. You know what, maybe you should go back to her, and maybe she is worth your trust, since I’m not!”

“Well maybe if you would behaved properly I could have trusted you,” I said as she got tears in her eyes, it hurt me to see that, but I was too mad about it.

“Who are you to tell me how to behave and how to live my life!? I was always faithfoul, I never took advanege of you, I loved you every second of the day and you accuse me of cheating? I can’t believe you are saying all of this…” She said screaming while crying; she was covering her face with her hands. She was really upset about it, her reaction was proving me that she was innocent and that I was a di*k for making her feel that way.

I walked to her and took her in my arms; she was still with her hand on her face. She was crying so hard and she couldn’t stop shaking. I took her closer, with my hand around her arms.

“I’m so sorry (y/n), I believe you.”

“Please… don’t say anything like that… ever again,” She barely said while crying.

I let her go and moved her hand away from her face; she was ignoring my eyes looking away. I took her chin and moved her face in my direction.

“I love you and I’m sorry for being a dic* sometimes, I’m just afraid of losing you.”

As I said that, she got her hands around my neck and hugged me putting her legs on my waist. I walked on the sofa with her and sat down with her still around my waist hugging me. We were like that for almost half an hour in silence. She was calming down and every now and then, she repeated the same six words “I would never cheat on you”.

This made me happy; the fact that she really meant those words and how she was grabbing my neck, also calmed me down. I was stroking her head and after a while, I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie and she nodded so we got back under the blanket.

There were no words to describe how stupid I felt for questioning her love. She was the only girl that ever proved her love for me every day and I could never forgive myself for hurting her feeling like that, because she didn’t deserve it. I loved her more than anything and losing (y/n) was my worst nightmare. 

Here’s a sloppy Kaneki. I’ve tried to draw a full body version of Shironeki like this but in the end it never ended well, but, finally, one that doesn’t look completely horrible, if very sketchy.

even though i am terribly broke, life is spontaneous and relaxed and fun - but at the same time, i’m stable, in fact in some ways the most i have ever been. breakdowns are rare and i barely cry.  i have a pretty good handle on my moods. i’m quite physically banged up though, because of end of financial year happenings on friday afternoon. i blacked out drinking accidentally, because there was a free bar tab and i recall drinking an abundance of champagne along with red wine, white wine and espresso martinis with the occasional beer, and i haven’t drank excessively in about six months. i have this inch deep gouge right on my elbow bone from falling over on the bitumen. i also have a long, deep gouge on the instep of my foot from falling over the weekend before, while going crystal hunting at this rocky river in the byron bay hinterlands. it’s gotten infected because i went to the beach yesterday and got sand granules in it ha ha. i went to the doctor and he told me it was certainly infected and likely the elbow one too, so i have to get antibiotics for it. 

but i had this wildly delightful doctors appointment which is pretty unusual i guess considering its a bulk billed service and all. we got talking about pristiq after he had asked the usual doctor question - how are you finding it? i responded hesitantly, before deciding on with a ‘fine’ - i had no negative side effects. sensing my hesitation, he commented that it seemed i had negative feelings towards taking them, to which i responded that though i have no side effects naturally i would prefer not to have to pop 100mgs of medication a day to remain in a stable condition in comparison to the rest of society. ideally i would be able to continue this life journey without the hindrance of remembering to take this medication with dire side effects should i neglect this duty, as evidenced in past experiences with withdrawal. i said this with a smile, because though it frustrates me, i am understanding and conscious of the fact that i am more stable than i have ever been. we had this great discussion in which he told me how he had decided to specialise in mental health because he was fascinated and devastated in how many people decide to kill themselves, and the sole cause of this being this weird little mental disease called depression which makes people literally decide that they have nowhere else to go but the unknown chasm that is actual death. we talked about the stigma surrounding taking medication for depression or anxiety and how it is such a stigma being that recent stats state ¼ people take medication for a mental disorder of some kind - and how many people had i spoken to today, to put that in to perspective? we finished the conversation with him telling me he can see i am clearly an intelligent human with a positive handle on life, and thus he is confident of my abilities to pull through this disorder, which he gently reminded is more often than not chronic. i think he sensed my embarrassment. it really kind of uplifted me and cast a diffrent light on this part of myself, which i didn’t know i needed. or maybe i was just high. haha.

Right By Your Side - A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)

Nate POV

I walked into the apartment with a giant smile painted across my face. I had received some of the best news of my life and it was so great for my career. I couldn’t wait to share it with Y/N, who was always my number one supporter in life.

“Hey babe I’m home and I have amazing news!” I called out as I shut the door. I heard Y/N’s footsteps coming down the hall as she greeted me with a hug and kiss.

“Ooh tell me, tell me!” she squealed as we sat on the couch.

“So it’s official, in June I’m going on a U.S tour, 25 shows! How amazing is this Y/N, my career is finally taking off!” I said.

Y/N’s smile on her face quickly faded. “Oh my God Nate, I’m so proud of you and so happy this is actually happening.” she said.

“But what? You’re obviously upset about something. I can read your facial expressions better than anyone.” I said rubbing her thigh.

Suddenly Y/N burst into tears. I barely ever saw her cry and knew she was beyond upset.

“Oh baby, what’s wrong?” I said wrapping her into my arms, doing my best to console her.

“It’s just that you’ll be gone for so long and - and there will be others, other girls w-who are a billion times more prettier than I’ll ever be and skinnier and are hotter and everything. Y-you’ll find someone better than me and I’ll be kicked out to the curb.” she said as the tears kept flowing.

“Why would you even think that? Y/N you’re the brightest star in my galaxy. My eyes and heart are only for you. There is no way that I’d ever leave you for another girl. I love you too much to hurt you like that, as a matter of fact it hurts me to see you cry like this.” I said whispering in her ear.

Y/N took her head out of the crook of my neck and stared at me wiping her tears away.

“Really?” she asked.

“Really, I’m so in love with you that other girls would never compare. Plus you don’t have to get nervous while I’m away.” I said.

“And why is that?” She asked apprehensively.

“Because, you’re coming with me. I pulled some strings and you’ll be joining me on the tour. It’s summer anyways, school is out. We’ll spend the summer road tripping across the country, taking in the sights together and having an overall good time.” I said.

Y/N jumped up and finally a smile replaced her sad face. “Nate!? Are you serious? This is the best news ever, I mean besides you finally getting a countrywide tour! I’m so excited to spend the summer with you and watching you live out your dreams, I love you.” she exclaimed as she practically jumped around the living room.

I stood up with her, happy that she was happy. “There’s no one I’d rather have by my side throughout it all. I’m so excited that you’ll be accompanying me on this journey. I know I couldn’t do this without you.” I said as I took her hands in mine and stared down in her gorgeous eyes that I could stare at for an eternity.

“I’ll be there every step of the way Nate, you don’t have to worry about that.” she said as she leaned up and gave me a sweet kiss.