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soulmate! mark

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  • so in this alternate universe, if your soulmate dyes their hair, yours becomes that colour
  • and god pls save you and mark
  • as you know, mark already dyes his hair a lot due to comebacks, so you know, you have a different hair colour every few months
  • and your family and friends were really concerned that your soulmate had some issues due to how many times you hair changed and they’d freak out and be like, ‘wHAT IF hE’S BaLD WhEN YoU MEeT HIM??? WhAT IF YOu Go BALd??’
  • your friends always would wonder,ed if they never dyed their hair, how would they know it’s their soulmate, bUT THaT’S NoT AN ISSuE FOR YOu ;;;DDDD
  • also because your hair was dyed so many times, if you go to a school where you can’t have coloured hair you’d always have to bring in a note and they’d probably excuse you, and only you because of how often it happened
  • and your friends would also joke around saying that your soulmate was a kpop idol, because your hair was like one, but jokes on them your soulmate is mark lee !!
  • and you had a friend who was an INTENSE nct stan, and you were a kind of casual stan, maybe you liked bigbang or exo more, but you still knew them,, and had a bias (is it mark????)
  • so one day your nct stan friend was like, hEY LET’S LOOK AT NCT THROUGH THE AGES,
  • so you do,, and you realise you have had the same hair as mark, and you know they have an event tomorrow so your friend suggests that you dye your hair another colour and see if it’s different on mark the next day, so you dye it rainbow because that’s pretty distinct, and wait
  • whilst at the nct dorms, mark’s hyungs are teasing him because his soulmate is getting revenge for constantly dying their hair
  • and the next day at the event, you see mark’s hair is the same as your, and you and your friend are freaking out beCAUSe MaRK LeE MiNHYunG iS YoUR SOuLMAte
  • so nct go to their event, have photos taken and perform and fans start freaking out because why did mark dye his hair again?? does he want to be bald??? but becomes a mess on nct’s night night 
  • watch it
  • one night, johnny and jaehyun have sf9′s dawon and rowoon becaus3 they visit pretty often, and they’re asked by a viewer or listener about soulmates,,
  • and johnny jokes around saying jeonghan is his because they have similar hair I’M SORRY, whilst rowoon worries he might not find his because he barely dyes his hair and his soulmate never has
  • so dawon asks if any of the other nct members have had their hair colour change, and johnny’s like oh yeah recently mark’s hair changed due to his soulmate !! :) 
  • but he hasn’t realised he’s just set everyone off into a mission to find her/him 
  • and you’re walking around school and some girl asks if you’re mark’s soulmate and you’re like hahA i don’t even know him, and she’s like let’s meet him, so that’s how you’re dragged to sm’s building and dying your hair with mark.
  • to check if it’s real, they decided to dye yours so the damage will mostly go to your hair, and as soon as they see mark’s rainbow go to a peach colour, taeyong’s crying and the girl that took you there is fangirling and sm decides to tell the public mark’s soulmate is found, but not who for privacy reasons
  • but most importantly, you meet mark, and it’s really awkward and he starts to apologise for always dying your hair and if it’s ever affected you 
  • and you’re oh no it hasn’t except for all the detentions, but it’s nice to meet you 
  • and if you decide to make it public, you and mark go on nct night night and you meet johnny and jae and they’re teasing you about how often mark dyed his hair joking around that mark’s a bad soulmate because of how often he dyed his hair
  • but mark is actually a pretty good soulmate, so when you were graduating, mark went back to black so your hair could go back to it’s natural colour
  • alSO he let’s you decide his hair colour so it doesn’t bother you and one time you let him choose and he chose a cute pastel and when he saw it he couldn’t help but giggle because you looked so cute and mark’s just so cute and sorry for dying his hair so many times

i’m sorry if this is bad but enjoy !!

Longing (M)

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So to celebrate my recent graduation I decided to finally revise and post this, whatever it is. I hope you enjoy it! 

★ Pairing: polyamourous!Yoonseok x Reader 
★ Genre: smut, pwp
★ Words: 5.7k
★ Summary: coming home you expect it to be empty, only to be greeted with a pleasant surprise… (set during BST era).
★ Rate: NC-17
★ Warnings: oral sex, anal sex, double teaming, man on man. There’s a lot of filthy stuff, please refrain to read if you’re under 18, I do not take responsability for this.

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another anon request: MORE OF WEREWOLF!JUNGKOOK AND VAMPIRE!OC😭💖 some fluff would be really nice,,,,,maybe a confession??? and a cute kiss with them accidentally bumping fangs omg😭😭😭😭 thank u so much, i love u and your writing, bless you!!🙏💕

Moonlight In Your Hands

Summary: You and Jungkook have long conquered your fear of talking to each other and becoming friends. Now it’s time to conquer the next one (vampire!au; werewolf!au)

“Senior year.”

“I know. Can you believe it?” Jungkook turns to look at you, grinning. “The vampire princess is part of the fucking upperclassmen.” You’re quick to punch his arm, but he’s hardly phased as he laughs heartily, the straps of his bag almost slipping clean off his shoulders.

“Shut up, you mutt,” you retort, frowning as you fix your sunglasses.

“Ooh. Feeling feisty today?”

Shut up.” Jungkook all but cackles as he follows behind you, draping his arm over your shoulders when he catches up. “Jerk.”

“I’m kidding,” he says, nuzzling the side of your head with his nose. “C’mon. I’ll buy you a snack before class starts.”


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BTS  reacting to their s/o being extremely pale and is bullied therefore in her/his hometown

It wasn’t easy to write this reaction but we tried our best. So we hope you like it.

And also both of us were shocked that people are still that retarded to bully others because of their skin colour. Stay strong and never let others define you. I’m always so angry when I hear that people just can’t shut the fuck up. 


You never told anyone about your insecurities. You always wanted to be seen as a strong person and nothing could bring you down. However it happened that one day your walls broke. Jin walked with you through the streets and placed both of you at a bench near the playground. Suddenly a child walked to you and asked about your visible veins. You tried to stop the tears, which formed in your eyes from falling and explained that you simple had a very thin and pale skin. The child simply nodded before returning to it’s friends. You watched it with glazed eyes and tears rolled  down your cheeks. Jin immediately reacted and hid your face in his chest. He waited until you were ready to tell him about your reasons.

“It’s ok jagi”

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Suga and you always understand each other without words. But there was one thing he never understood: whenever he said something about your pale skin you seemed to freeze before changing the topic immediately. Like today when both of you were shopping. You tried a midnight-blue dress and he told you how well it fit’s to your pale skin. Your smile disappeared and you turned around with no words to change back in your normal clothes. You leaved the shop, he followed you. When you wanted to wipe away the falling tears, he grapped your wrist and drew you to a bench. He wiped your tears away and forced you to finally tell him whats wrong. He observed you exactly as you told him that you learnt to hate your pale skin through bullying in your home country. He understood you and hugged you tight until your tears dried up.

“You are beautiful.”

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Namjoon was one of the most understanding persons you knew. You were able to tell him everything and he would never judge you or force you to do something. So it’s no surprise that he also knew about your biggest insecurity. You told him about that a long time ago and he understood you but also told you how beautiful you were. You often tried to cover most of your body with clothes, no matter how hot it was outside. You tried to stop this habit for him, but it was really hard. When he saw how uncomfortable you were, sitting infront of the small café he pulled you on his lap while hugging you and kissing your neck.

“If you’re not okay I can give you my coat. You don’t need to change for me. I just want you to be happy.”

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Hoseok really was your hope. You barely smiled ever before you met him and now one look and his positive aura would envelop you. But even his optimism couldn’t take the insecurities from you, which seemed to get worse and worse. Vou casually talked about your past a long time ago with him, but you didn’t thought that he really payed attention in this moment. 

You were out with friends when somehow the topic ‘skin colours’ popped up. Your whole body tensed up and you mentally prepared yourself for a hard conversation. But there was no need. As soon as they started to speak about it, they were stopped by Hoseok who started to complain about the warm weather, which already lasted for the last two weeks. You gzed at him thankfully and smiled about your cute boyfriend. On your way home you asked him how he did know and he simply hugged you while smiling.

“I pay attention to everything you say jagi. And I think your beautiful. Whoever told you other is just pitiful since he will never be able to see how amazing you are.”

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In things like insecurities, Jimin would be the most understanding out of all members since he fights them every day again. But you didn’t wanted to bother him with your problems too, So he never knew about your problems. Until one evening. 

You sat on the couch and watched TV while cuddling. Suddenly he started to kiss your skin and you flinched. He stared in your face, a big question mark formed on his face. You told him that you simply didn’t liked that, but he knew that there was more. But he also didn’t wanted to force you, since he knew he wouldn’t want that too.

“You can tell me everything. You know that, do you?”

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Tae was your sunshine, he made you laugh and he made you happy. He was too pure for the world and you always felt like you need to protect him from the bad world. 

Concealing your past was part of it. Until that day Tae entered your apartment, nearly jumping on you with his boxy smile on his face. He had the day off and decided to go swimming with you. You didn’t wanted to make him sad, so you agreed. You were okay until you arrived at the lake. Obviously many people had the same idea. Taehyung already changed in his bathing trunks. You told him to go in, but he hesitated. He knew you to well. He knew that you wouldn’t follow him, so he walked back to you and hugged you. He asked why you wouldn’t come in and you said that you weren’t  comfortable with showing your body or your skin. He hugged you even tighter while peppering your whole body with kisses.

“My jagi should never be sad. I won’t allow that.”

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You and Jungkook stopped at a game store during your shopping trip. He wanted to buy this new game Tae told him about and since you were strongly against a new reason for him to come home late, you waited outside the shop. You enjoyed the last sun rays of this warm summer day when suddenly a little old grandma disturbed your moment of silence. She just stood in front of you and watched you before she said:”Yes enjoy it. You need it child you look so ill with your veins visible. I can recommend you a-” 

“I’m sorry but my girl is more than beautiful and doesn’t need any help.”

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Teddy Lupin liked to wonder around school grounds when it was late at night. In his third year his godfather had given him a family heirloom that many of his peers would kill to get their hands on. Harry had made him swear he would never tell anyone because if Minerva McGonagall found out that Cloak was in her school again, she would have Harry’s head on a silver tray, served at the next Halloween feast. 

Teddy knew he had a tendency to get in trouble but he was very good at getting out of them, too. Now that he was a Prefect, he actually could wander around the castle late at night without being disrupted but he was bored. He had been everywhere in the castle, knew every way in and out, knew each hidden room thanks to Uncle George and his godfather, now he wanted to go outside and get a closer look at the Forbidden Forest, he had this feeling inside him for the past month that he had to go there. He wanted to go to the Forbidden Forest ever since Harry told him about how his father and his parents ran around the forest on full moons. He had been to Shrieking Shack in his fourth year after Harry told him how to get in there, there were claw marks everywhere and old piano and a broken bed but it was his father’s home during full moons  and Teddy went there when he missed his parents more than usual, especially on full moons when his headache came to a point he would feel like his head would explode.

It was a few days before the full moon and Teddy had patrol that night, he planned to sneak out of the school after his patrol was done and wander around the Forbidden Forest for a change. He had tucked the Invisibility Cloak under his robes as he walked the same route he always did. First around the Hufflepuff common room, then to the kitchens to have some chocolate, next Slytherin dungeons and then Gryffindor common room, finally Ravenclaw tower. 

After he looked around to see if there was anyone around or if there was any of the pictures awake Teddy pulled the Cloak around himself and vanished instantly, he realised he was getting a little bit too tall for the Cloak but he would rather crawl on the floor than give the Cloak back to Harry simply because he didn’t fit. 

Teddy loved Hogwarts during spring, the weather was a bit chilly at night but he didn’t mind, perks of being the son of a werewolf was that he was warm whatever he did. Teddy slowly walked by Hagrid’s hut which still had it’s lights on, he was probably still trying to contain the Nifflers that got loose earlier that day when a Gryffindor girl ignored Hagrid’s warnings and kept her necklace on.


Teddy turned around to see who was calling his name, it was a whimper but it was most definitely his name.


It was coming from the Forest so Teddy not so slowly walked into the darkness. There were small beacons of moonlight that found their way in through leaves but other than that it was pretty gloomy. 


It was clearer now, it was like it came from the ground. Teddy looked down and took the Cloak off as he reached for a stone that shined a little bit brighter than others. Teddy put the stone in his right hands palm in examined it, turned it around, checked from each perspective but couldn’t find anything peculiar about it, he turned the stone once more and the stone brightened before it started letting out something what looked like grey smoke.


Teddy knew that voice, he had heard it before when McGonagall showed him memories of his father in the Pensieve and he slowly lifted his gaze back up from the storm.


Remus Lupin was standing right in front of Teddy with a smile and right next to him stood a woman with pink hair who he knew was Nymphdora Tonks, what else could explain his blue hair.


“Wotcher, Teddy?” said his mother grinning widely, Teddy knew her from Harry’s memories and Mrs. Weasley’s long talks about her. She looked better then everything he had heard.

“I– How?” asked Teddy as he stared at his parents for the first time in his life.

“That stone you are holding is the Resurrection Stone, Harry had dropped it during the Battle of Hogwarts,” explained Remus as he stared at his son like he would disappear any moment. “I’m sure he told you about that.”

“Yes he did,” replied Teddy, thinking about how Harry told him what his dad said to him before Harry dropped the stone, he had made him tell that story maybe ten times and watched the memory countless times. “So you are real? I am not imagining you?”

“No, love, we are very real,” replied his mother as her hair turned a vivid blue, he ran his hand through his own blue hair and grinned at her.

“Thanks for this,” he said as he walked a little bit closer to them. “So, um, how are you?”

Teddy had so much he wanted to ask but he didn’t have the words for it and after he asked how they were he felt stupid, it was an unnecessary question to ask since they didn’t have much to do.

“Forget about how we are doing, you are a Prefect now!” chanted Tonks, her pride could be heard clearly. “And, you are a Hufflepuff!”

Teddy and Remus both laughed softly at her excitement, he could see that he got his dad’s smile and body but his mum’s everything else.

“Um, dad, I was torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff but the Sorting Hat–”

“What are you talking about? Hufflepuffs are amazing, they are smarter than most Gryffindors are for sure,” interrupted Remus a warm smile on his face and then he turned to Tonks. “I’m starting to think Andy puts something in the water.”

Both of them laughed and Teddy couldn’t help but feel like someone just stabbed him in the heart, this was what he had been missing his all life, this was what he would have had if they survived. Sure he loved the Potters and the Weasleys but this was his real family and he couldn’t help but want them back.

“What’s wrong, Teddy?” asked his mum pulling him from the trance he was in.

“What– I–?”

“You play with your rings, our rings, when you feel down,” explained Remus. Teddy did not see that coming, how did they know he wore their rings? “We have been watching you Teddy, we are here with you even though you can’t see us buddy, we are always here.”

Remus was pointing at Teddy’s heart, of course they were there but he wanted more, having them in their heart was one thing, talking to them and joking with them was another.

“It is not the same,” objected Teddy barely whispering, he could feel his eyes watering and his hair changing colour as they always did when he was sad. “It’s just not.”

“Teddy your hair–”

“Yeah it turns black when I’m sad, I have no idea why.”

But his mum was laughing uncontrollably and his dad was just staring at him in awe.

“What’s so funny?” babbled Teddy angrily, “Why is she laughing?”. Black wasn’t that weird or funny considering the hair colours he usually chose.

“It’s just that black hair and the Black genes you have, you reminded us of someone we know,” replied Remus still not tearing his eyes away.

“Someone we know?!” yelled Tonks in between her laughing. “Sirius is going to kill you once more for that.”

“What do you want me to tell him?”

“You look like Sirius Black, darling, Remus’ soul mate and first love,” stated his mum, without a trace of jealousy on her face.

“Harry’s godfather? Oh I kind of figured that out from all those memories Minnie showed me,” said Teddy nonchalantly, his father looked relieved. 

He never cared for what they did or what they were, Teddy always cared about the fact that they were his parents and they were perfect. He remembered how fondly Harry talked about Sirius and if his father never got over him, well that wasn’t really a problem because he didn’t have to, just like Teddy would never get over the absence of their parents. He could see that his father loved his mother, he knew that death was never expected and shit happened, he knew better than most. The fact that he loved Harry referring to him as his eldest didn’t mean that he forgot his actual parents, he would never do that.

This was what Teddy wanted, to talk to his parents about stupid stuff and laugh with them, ask for their advice every now and then. He didn’t understand how Harry left the stone here and didn’t keep it, just to talk to all the people he had lost. He was going to hold on to the stone, he didn’t have to be as brave as Harry was, he could talk to his parents every now and then when he needed to. As he was thinking this through Remus opened his mouth like he had read Teddy’s mind.

“Teddy, you need to promise me you’ll leave that stone here or give it to Minerva,” pointed out, he suddenly looked very serious.

“What’s so wrong if I want to talk to you every know and then?” protested Teddy. “All the other kids get their chances to talk with their parents, why not me?”

“Because it is dangerous Teddy,” said his mum with a worried voice. “You are a smart boy, you have heard about this stone before, you know the story. We may be real, you may now be talking to us but you can’t waste your time talking to the dead.”

“Don’t say that,” begged Teddy, the reminder was like a shot in the head. 

“We listen to you, when you want to talk to us, just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean that–”

“Yes it does,”  he interrupted his dad, feeling his anger rise in him. “Every damn full moon I shut everyone out and try to sleep through a head ache. I like my meat almost raw just like Uncle Bill does. My hair changes colours, my face becomes whatever I want it to be. Everyday bloody day is a reminder that I am your child without even meeting you.”

“Do you know what it feels like when Mrs. Weasley talks about you or McGonagall compares me to you? I can’t say anything because I don’t know you. Out of all the people in the world who got to meet you, only your son didn’t. People tell things, people know your shells. I don’t have Sirius, James or Lily to tell me about the real you, dad, without the bloody wall you put up against other people. Grandpa didn’t know you like they did, he tried and I am thankful but he is aware that all he has is you as a son and not as a Marauder. At least I know how mum was raised and have some of her in me but you, I need to get to know you.”

“Not like this Teddy, I’m sorry,” apologised Remus as he tilted his head to the side, he could see their resemblance each time he moved. The long limbs, the way they both wore their hearts on their sleeves only if they wanted to, he was so painfully Remus Lupin’s son that he hated it, he almost hated that he reminded everyone who his father was, how much it must hurt them, too. “You know why we did what we did, we wanted you to have the best future you can have, we never really meant for you to grow up without us and you should know that it hurts us as much as it hurts you.”

“You are not aware that we didn’t get to meet you either, love. When we want for you to give the Stone back, we are making a hard decision ourselves, too.”

“You really can’t control if I keep the Stone or not,” challenged Teddy.

“We can’t control if you keep it or not but we can control how we are and if it means that you’ll let the Stone go, that’s exactly what we will do,” said his mum, looking nothing like her usual cheerful self. Teddy never knew that she had it in her and he felt a little scared.

“I may give it to Minnie, I can’t promise anything.”

“Teddy!” scolded Remus. “Also, don’t call your Professor Minnie”

“Oh, so it’s alright when Sirius does and I can’t do it?” complained Teddy as he couldn’t help but laugh, he never had anyone tell him off for calling her that. “Next, you are going to tell me to stay out of trouble.”

“Why yes, I am,” said Remus as he furrowed his brows. “You really should be careful, I don’t know what Harry was thinking giving you that Cloak.”

You planned pranks for the Marauders and you tell me to stay away from trouble. Remus I-was-a-prefect-but-who-cares Lupin tells me to stay away from trouble. Mum, do something.”

Teddy hadn’t realised up until now that his mother was doubled over laughing at them and they just stared at her as she tried to catch her breath.

“Do whatever you want, love, don’t listen to him,” joked Tonks as she smiled widely.

“You really should go back to the castle buddy, Forest is never safe at this time,” said Remus warily.


“The longer we take to go away, the worse,” added his mum. 

“You are a strong boy Teddy, you can do this, go make us proud and don’t forget, we are always with you,” said Remus, his eyes stuck on Teddy’s face.

“We love you so much and don’t you ever forget that,” reminded his mum, he had never seen her cry before and he felt like he never felt anything more painful than seeing her like that.

“I love you, too,” whispered Teddy as he fought the tears trying to escape his eyes. He gave the stone a one last squeeze before he put it in his pocket. He slowly walked up to the castle and just as he made his way to the Hufflepuff common room, it was too late to pull the Cloak over him now.

“Mr. Lu–” 

McGonagall was staring at him like she had seen a ghost. 

“Where were you?” she demanded as calmly as she could but Teddy could swear her eyes were filled with tears.

“Um, in the forest,” said Teddy as he reached for the stone, deciding if he should give it to her or not. “I was talking to my parents, Professor”


Teddy held out the stone for Minerva to take, she took it immediately and examined it. The one thing his parents asked him to do, he just couldn’t say no.

“I’m sure you heard about it ma’am, the Resurrection Stone. My dad made me promise I would give it to you.”

“Have you seen yourself, Mr. Lupin?” asked McGonagall softly as she pushed Teddy to somewhere he could see himself.

His blue hair was gone now, he had visible locks of blondish hair and amber eyes that burned like fire, he looked so much like his dad, he thought he turned the Stone without realising.

“I know you miss them Mr. Lupin but I wish I could explain to you how much you are like them without even realising,” said McGonagall, she was smiling at Teddy with warm eyes. “Now off to bed and visit me tomorrow after your patrol Mr. Lupin, I have something to show you.”

Teddy nodded and went back to his dorm thinking about how the time will pass until it was 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Taming the Rogue

Request: by @random-fandom-fangirl2112​: I was wondering if you could do a smut were the reader is a rogue wolf and has been since she was 5 and everyone thinks she’s an alpha but she’s really a beta? And one day Scott and Stiles encounter her and they’re all nervous and Derek senses their distress and shows up? You can finish it how ever you want just make it smutty please? Sorry this was so long!!!

Word count: 3068

Author’s note: I tried to depict the wolf side of the werewolves authentically, including being instinctual and the such. I hope I managed! c: I also hope you will be satisfied with how your request turned out, @random-fandom-fangirl2112​! Thank you for the amazing request ❤️

Warnings: language, smut, soft description of wounding someone

I’m running in the woods.

I can feel as the fresh, cold morning air fills my lungs with each inhale, the dry leafs and thin twigs cracking and breaking under my bare, soft paws, claws sinking into the loose earth, Sun is just barely bargaining on the horizon, painting the inky sky a pale purple. The forest is quiet, save for the few morning birds that are chirping. The taste of blood of my latest prey is seeping into my mouth.

This day is going to be the same as the others; I hunt, travel from state to state, maybe shift back to being a human like I do a couple times a year, then change back to my wolf self as soon as possible. I will watch the sunset, then sleep and repeat – as always.

By twilight, I arrive to a town which, according to the city road sign, is called Beacon Hills. I pass through the trees of the preserve in a slow, lazy strut, allowing myself to give in to the predatory instincts within me. I feel my muscles starting to buzz with renewed energy gradually, in sync with the air getting darker and darker.

I find a quiet spot in the woods and sit to allow my body to regain control over itself. After the past few days that I spent in a hustle and bustle, I crave silence and calmness around me. An owl flies to a branch of a tree near me, it creaking a little as the bird settles itself. A moment later, it begins its low humming song.

It’s nearly a full moon. The pale celestial body casts everything in a silver shade, while repressing the lights of the smaller stars surrounding it. My eyes fall closed as I give in to the serenity that engulfs me, but it’s soon destroyed by two males in the distance.

Irresponsible fury takes over me, muzzle opening on a sinister snarl, the animal side of me demanding bloodlust and carnage.

Without a second thought, I take off towards the source of the voices, paws barely making a noise in the fallen leaves as I’m approaching. I come to a halt behind a bush, ducking down, fur on my hunches straining up, that snarl still on my lips, a growl rumbling in my chest, eyes glued to the two boys. One of them suddenly puts his hand up in front of the other’s chest in order to stop him. He looks attentive, wary.

I flex my claws against the moist earth. I get ready to attack.

“Did you hear that?” he asks.

“What was I supposed to hear?” replies his friend, glancing around carelessly. He moves his flashlight along with his gaze.

“Rustling,” comes the answer. “I could have sworn I heard something.”

“Well, Scotty,” says the guy in a chatty tone. “Seems like your same ol’ senses aren’t as good as they used to be. They are playing a trick on you.”

“Stiles, this isn’t funny,” Scott chides him. “My ears have never mislead me yet.”

“It’s probably just Derek lurking around somewhere. He promised to be here soon after all.”

He still doesn’t seem to be affected by his friend’s warning. I decide it was enough of inspecting them, and now it’s time to take action – my nose scrunches up in a loud snarl before launching at them.

They both yell loudly.

“Stiles, watch out!” Scott shouts, grabbing Stiles by the arm and hauling him away from me. He nudges Stiles behind himself so that he’s the one facing me now.

“Holy Hell!” he exclaims. “I thought besides you guys there were no wolves in California any more!”

“I did, too,” Scott assures, exchanging a threatening look with me. He extends his claws, ready to protect Stiles if necessary – and who am I to let him down when he’s expecting a fight? I scoff at him, still driven by that visceral rage that took over me not long ago, then attack him.

Due to the wolf in me, I instinctively go for the ankles to try and grab him by his joint, so that I can get to his neck then, but I have to realize he has fine reflexes and swift moves, making it so much harder for me to take him down.

My wrath wells up, extends and takes control over my actions, supplying me with enough power to manage to tear at Scott’s arms, leaving deep wounds in his skin, dark blood erupting. He yelps in pain and stumbles backwards by a few steps, his eyes flashing golden and fangs elongating.

I jump towards him again, but I’m tossed to the side mid-air. I immediately roll from my side to my feet, turning around to see who prevented me from continuing the combat we’ve started.

I snarl at him, to which his response is to howl right back at me.

The sound shakes my bones, my fibres, my cells, my mind – my entire being. I tremble with the urge to give in and to just obey, but I try to ground myself in my human side so that I could maybe overcome the stupor I’m in and keep up with what I’ve gotten myself into.

However, as soon as the man realizes my intentions, noticing how my muscles are flexing under my fur, ready to attack, his eyes glow an imperative ruby red and he howls at me authoritatively with all he’s worth.

My brain goes blank, and the only thing that registers is that a weak whine dies on my lips before I collapse to the ground helplessly, dry leaves enveloping my bare skin. My bare human skin.

I’m trembling. I’m human. I’m weak. I’m vulnerable. I’m exposed. I’m helpless against the hunters. I’m ruined.

I’m human.

The next thing I know is that something warm covers me.

“She’s a werewolf?” asks Stiles, shell-shocked. “I totally thought she was an actual wolf!”

“Technically, she was,” retorts a low voice above me, tone just this side of sarcastic. Hands touch my arms through the material that wraps around my body, attempting to guide me and help me up.

“Is she an Alpha?” asks Scott.

“No,” replies the newcomer. “She wouldn’t have changed back otherwise when I roared at her.”

I allow him to move me, his palms resting on my upper arms through the leather jacket he put on me, only for me to break out of his hold abruptly, fangs and claws extending immediately.

“Leave me alone,” I snarl. My vision goes black and red, letting me know that my eyes are now glowing in their vivid icy blue colour. The two teenagers take a tentative step back, whereas the man snorts.

“Sweetheart,” he starts mockingly kindly, infuriating me more. “I don’t think you grasp the concept of who has the upper hand here.”

“Usually cocky bastards like you can do nothing besides showing off their non-existing power,” I spit out, disdain seeping into my words. He angers me with his bare presence – he angers me because he forced me to change back. A smirk appears on his face.

“Wanna test it out?”

I don’t even spare time for a verbal response – instead, I go straight for the kill, attempting to sink my claws into his chest where his important bundle of muscles is relaxing and contracting, pumping blood to provide his system.

Just before I could lay a finger on him, he vanishes from my sight. Then apart from a sharp pain at the back of my head, there is nothing but black void pulling me down into a dark abyss.

. o O o .

I wake up several hours later. I can hear soft noises filtering through the ajar door that leads to the bedroom I’m laying in. I notice that I was dressed at some point while I was unconscious – now I’m wearing an oversized T-shirt and a thong. I’m not used to being dressed any more, having spent the majority of my years in wolf shape.

I creep out of the bed and start a mute beeline for the front door to leave. I sneak out through the door, finding myself on an aisle. It’s dark, but my vision is perfect during nighttime as well, so it isn’t an obstacle for me.

I sneak towards the stairs and descend them, but before I could land a bare foot on those that lead to the heavy-looking metal entrance, a voice startles me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Fuck you,” I shoot back, not even turning around. I choose to ignore the guy – he’s not a freaking royalty offspring, dammit –, and walk up to the door to escape, but I’m yanked back down from the second step. He turns me around harshly, aggressively hauling my body as though I were a doll that he can play around with as he pleases.

“I was expecting at least an attempt to kill me by way of thanking me for dressing you up,” he grits out through his teeth, looking positively fuming.

“I didn’t ask for it,” I point out, trying to wriggle my wrist free with no success; his fingers are as good as metal vises curling firmly around me. “Let go.”

“I’m not letting you go,” he says sternly. “I’m not going to allow you to go on a killing spree on my territory.”

“Oh, how protective of you,” I roll my eyes mockingly.

“Clearly you have behavioural issues,” he assesses. “You Omega have no idea how to show respect to an Alpha.”

“I see someone isn’t used to being ignored,” I singsong with a wicked smirk.

To wipe it off of my face, he shoves me into the wall. I yelp as the harsh collision knocks my breath out of me, and I find myself face to face with his scarlet glowing eyes. I flash mine at him in return.

“Won’t you ever learn your manners?” he growls at me.

“Not for you,” I whisper, kicking his legs to toss him off-balance and then pushing him away from me with my free hand. I manage to drive my foot into his side before he could catch up to me. The next time, however, he catches my leg and shoves it to the side. Instead of falling to my back, I make a somersault backwards, pushing myself up with my arms to stand again.

He immediately makes an attempt to sink his claws into my sides, but I get away from him by twirling a couple times, getting behind him and granting myself a clear shot of his vulnerable neck. I grab him, making sure the tips of my claws are biting his skin, only to throw him to the ground. Without missing a beat, I step on his chest to keep him plastered to the floor.

I smirk down at him, arching a brow, hands on my hips.

“Are you giving up yet?” I ask, rubbing my toe to his shirt in a cocky tease.

“Never,” he replies, taking a hold of my ankle and pulling at it, making me fall down onto his body. Instantly, I position myself to be sure I’m still the one being in charge – which means I’m straddling his pelvis. When his palms find my hips, a fuzzy hotness starts coiling up in my belly, urging me to unconsciously bite at my lower lip.

That, and the sudden spike in my scent inevitably chases out a reaction from him; his hands start rubbing at my skin, massaging it tantalizingly slowly, inviting my pelvis to dance along with them – and it does as I set up a slow roll with it, bracing myself against strong shoulders under me.

Our breathing is elevating, sighs coming out gradually louder, hearts starting to beat faster. I can almost hear as his blood is rushing through his veins, flowing south rapidly. I can’t help the small noise that leaves my lips as I grind down against him, feeling his developing erection nudging me.

“Holy –” he mumbles, voice barely above a whisper. Partially out of being turned on, partially out of craving payback, I allow my claws to sink into his sculpted shoulders, earning myself a hiss of pain from him. Dark stains of blood spread crawling in his shirt in a deformed circle around my fingertips, but he doesn’t care about it, just growls at me before tearing the material over his head.

“As obnoxious as you are, I gotta admit you’re hot as fuck,” I compliment, making a slow drag with my middle against his. He groans at the feeling, claws elongating, too.

“You have a pretty nice body yourself,” he says in return, a smug smirk playing on his lips.

“And what if you don’t get to see it again, baby?” I breathe into his mouth, just barely touching his pink flesh with mine. As soon as he tries to catch my lips in a kiss, I draw my head back, smiling down at him wickedly. I arch a brow. “Did you honestly think I’m that easy to seduce?”

“Stop teasing me, or I’ll have to take the initiative,” he says.

“Oh? You sound like I’d actually let you do that,” I comment, dragging my index finger down in a slow tease in the valley in the middle of his upper body which is dividing his pectorals and abs, going dangerously low. His jeans are riding low, granting me a clear shot of his black boxer briefs he’s wearing underneath. The two veins leading into his underwear are prominent and impossible not to notice. He makes a needy noise in the back of his throat.

I reach under myself, cupping his rapidly hardening erection in my hand through his pants, to which his response is to buck against my hand.

“Holy freaking shit, just –” he rasps. I lean down to whisper into his ear seductively, fingers flexing on him, “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

Out of the blue, his eyes seep into their illuminated scarlet colour, his fangs elongating as he flips us over in a sudden surge of renewed power. I make a surprised noise as my body is moved – but he’s still not satisfied with having me under him; he also twirls me around to lay me on my belly.

When I turn my head to make a comment or two at the change in position, he murmurs, “Shut up” into my skin, even before I could get one sound out, leaving biting kisses and stinging nips all over my jaw, neck, and cheek, chasing out a whine from me. My inner wolf is loving this treatment.

On raw instinct, to try and seduce the male on me, I push my ass up to rub it against his bulge, letting my claws out and dragging them down along the floor under me, leaving ten lines there.

The next moment, I can feel him fumbling with his jeans, quickly ridding himself of them, pulling me flush to him with a palm spread over my lower belly. His hand starts inching up on my stomach, taking the T-shirt with it, soon finding my breast and kneading the soft flesh, making me whine wantonly. His length is poking me, only the thong and his briefs dividing our skins from the desired contact.

He begins rutting against me, his groans, pants and faltering breaths all directed into my ear, hotness spreading my insides.

Do it, dammit, or I swear to God I’m going to claw your eyes out,” I growl, need taking over me. He snickers against my shoulder, still covered by the tee he put on me, before shoving his briefs down and away, doing the same with my thong.

“See, you can submit, you just gotta be tamed accordingly,” he husks into my ear. I snarl at him, but it ends up morphing into a needy moan instead of a threat when he fills me in one swift, hard thrust.

He cages my body; my chest is squeezed to the ground, ass raised, claws digging into the floor as I can do nothing but fucking take it, meeting all his punishing pushes, back arching, his voice in my ear asking, “Will you submit to me now?” to which my response is to bare my neck involuntarily, signing submission.

His teeth sink into my flesh, sucking a massive lovebite into the surface, making me cry out in a high-pitched tone. His arms are bracketing me on both sides, his hot exhales lavishing over my back, burning me as though lava were licking over my nerves.

“Say my name,” he grunts in a low tone. “I want you to say my name as you cum.” My lips part to tease him, but he finishes with, “Derek. Say it when you come.”

Derek reaches down to rub tight circles around my clit, multiplying my pleasure. I shake violently as my orgasm hits me abruptly and intensely, crying out his name like he wished for, pulling him right in with me to white oblivion when I clamp around him, his fingers entwining with mine as both of our nails leave marks in the ground.

He drags his tongue up on the side of my neck, rolling his hips against mine a couple more times, making me bite my lip at the sensation, eyes fluttering closed. Derek then pulls out of me as soon as we’ve ridden out our highs, only to carry me over to his bed where he lays me down and scoots in next to me, covering us with the blanket. I don’t understand why he does this, but I let him – I merely want to wait until he’s asleep so that I can sneak away.

The fact that he has a strong arm wrapped around me is a factor that makes my plan a tad harder to implement, but I’m determined to carry it out anyway.

As soon as Derek’s breathing is slow and evened out, I squirm out of his hold. I take off the T-shirt he gave me, then I tiptoe my way over to the metal door, sliding it open carefully, trying to make the least amount of noises awhile.

I barely shut it behind me before my body morphs back into that of a wolf’s and I take off into the night.

Place The Blame On Fayecastle

Dan and Phil had broken up over 6 years ago. There hadn’t been anything since then. No phone call, no text, just nothing. Until now, apparently. Because now Dan was in the bookshop with fairly lights adorning the walls and Phil was standing in front of him and everything had come crashing down once again.

word count: 4,282

triggers: drinking, mentions of self harm, mentions of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, mentions of rape, mentions of physical abuse, slight body dysphoria

ao3 link.  read pt.1 here (You can read this without reading the first part! It will still make sense dw.)

This was written for a competition ( @phanficwritingcomp​ )

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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…



Chapter 20 - The End

‘….I told her to Run…’

You don’t hesitate.

Giving your body over to the survival instincts that were screaming to take over, you instantly turn around and begin to sprint in the opposite direction to the monster that stood before you, having to bunch your dress into your arms to run so that you didn’t trip over it, and not even caring that you had no idea where you were going as you bolt away, not when the voices in your head were all screaming one word over and over again.


Its when you register the sound of maniacal laughter echoing behind you, and you hear his footfalls begin to thump against the ground, that your heart almost doubles the speed it was racing in your chest, and you will yourself to move faster, the adrenaline in your body complying, despite your legs screaming in protest.

Do you remember the first time you looked at me, Y/N? Do you remember the way you’d felt drawn to me?’ He calls as you run, the sound of his voice causing terror to reign down on you as you try to focus on weaving desperately through the trees, continuing to listen to him as you go.

‘…I made you feel that way. I made every princess feel that way…but you were the easiest to manipulate.’

‘Its always been my plan you see; to destroy each princess so that my father’s fairytale ending is ruined…and from the second I met you riding the horses in the fields, I could feel the interest you had in me; you so wanted to know why I was so closed off that I felt tempted to indulge you, to bring you into my world and make you see things my way. But before I could, Hoseok had become smitten with you…the stupid bastard barely let you out of his sight…but I guess that just made it more fun to make you my prey.’ He calls, the evil dripping from every word and you knew he was smirking without even looking back at him, the image in your minds eye causing a whimper to escape you as you feel your ankle twist, but you refuse to stop running.

‘Even when you saw me in the corridor that night, when I showed you my true form…I could see the fear as it burned in your eyes…it intrigued me, it made the monster within demand to hunt you.’

‘And then at the ball, you looked so beautiful in that dress that I couldn’t help but be tempted by you; for a minute, I even questioned whether my need genuinely was to do with wanting your blood, or whether I’d betrayed myself and it was actually because I’d grown a want of you…’ he says, the words sounding like a whisper in your ear, and you stumble as you turn your head quickly to the side, only seeing the denseness of the trees, before hearing his deep laugh behind you and once again beginning to sprint forward, praying to whatever power there was that you’d make it somewhere, anywhere out of the forest, before he got to you.

‘Your observational skills surprised me; that first time you asked me why my eyes go black? I was taken by surprise to be honest- that could have added to the reason why I chose to kill her that night, since I was so frustrated at how you could notice something that none of the other Princesses seemed to…

‘Do you remember the day she died, Y/N? Does it all make sense now?’

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AN: At this point in my Tumblr career it’s become somewhat of a commodity for me to put out a prompt, so much so that there are now quite a few down in the depths of my inbox from two years ago. I am trash. 

Steve had always secretly assumed that Tony must have been somewhat of a problem child. There had been a little bit in his file about his troubled home life and Howard’s emotional abuse, of course, but Steve had always found it a little hard to believe that Tony could ever have been anything other than the snarky so-and-so he had come to know. 

Steve had been very, very wrong. 

The eight year old currently stood in front of him, swimming in a pair of Tony’s jeans and Metallica t-shirt, appeared to be completely speechless as he stared up at Steve with huge, puppy-dog eyes. 

“Tony?” he asked slowly, and the boy’s mouth dropped open in awe. 

“You know my name,” Tony whispered, disbelieving. “Captain America knows my name.”

Steve looked down at himself and realised that yes, he was still dressed in his uniform from the battle. Dropping down to a crouch so he could see Tony’s face properly, he pulled his helmet off and offered a reassuring smile. 

“Of course I do,” he replied. “You can call me Steve, okay? I’m not Captain America right now.”

“Steve,” Tony whispered reverently. He glanced up at Steve’s face for a moment, before realising Steve was watching him; his eyes flicked immediately back to the floor. 

This was going to be more difficult than Steve had originally thought. 

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I absolutely love YouTube don’t get me wrong but I miss the old times.

When it doesn’t matter if two youtubers are close or not, they’ll invite each other to parties, send each other their own books or merch. Now you barely ever see that.

  • Dan & Phil used to be invited to Zoe’s launches
  • Tyler, Connor & Troye visting Zalfie
  • All the YouTubers going to VidCon and hanging out together on their free days
  • When a bunch of them went to Dubai for a holiday
  • Skating around the carpark in their hotel.
  • Louis seeing his friends more often
  • Louise & Zoe being inseparable from each other
  • Tyler’s colourful hair that changed like every month
  • When everyone gathered round the Jaspar household before going to the 1D concert
  • Joe’s YouTube Whispers/ Innuendo Bingo/ Electric Shock Ball challenges

i miss the old times when it felt like they never gave a care about the world. I miss Zoe’s & Alfie’s old aparment. Dan & Phil being invited to join everyone even though they barely talked to them. I missed the time when it felt like the whole YouTube fandom is just one family.

accelerate: the end.

pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: fluffy angst

a/n: thank you all for the support during the writing of this story, i never wouldve imagined my writing to bring so many people so many different emotions. i love you, and thank you.

author: admin m


Years upon years had passed, seasons and hair colours changing, but one thing was a constant. Y/N and Yoongi’s complete dedication to each other. Y/N’s hair was greying, Yoongi’s settling on solid black, his eyes still creased in the way Y/N could recall from 60 years previously. Over half a century with the love of your life seems like plenty, more than enough, but Yoongi prayed for more to a god he didn’t believe in, every single night.

Even when Y/N had gotten sick, even when she could barely walk without passing out, reminding him of the way her legs had given out on her the day he had asked her out. Even when she couldn’t say ‘I love you too,’ because the strain of releasing such syllables became harder and harder. He didn’t care, he knew she wanted to say it back, he knew she had nothing but adoration for the man she proudly called her husband. Min Yoongi, the man who, before music producer, and rapper, always wrote husband of Y/N. Min Yoongi, the man who consistently brightened the days of his wife, even when they seemed nothing but gloomy and grey. Min Yoongi, the man who was now holding his slowly fading Y/N’s hand, rubbing comforting circles into the wrinkled skin. She was still as radiant as she was 60 years ago, and he swore he wouldn’t want his life to have turned in any other direction than her.

They had gone through so much, Taehyung and Jungkook’s messy children, their children’s messy children. Babysitting was something they enjoyed, never having the patience or time for their own kids. They had suffered through graduating beside Kim Namjoon, who still glared at Yoongi up until his own death a few years prior. Lisa and Mingyu breaking up with both their significant others and sharing a platonic marriage that Y/N and Yoongi often found themselves confused by. How could two such attractive people be married only to shut their parents up, when they could be fucking as well? 

They had shared so much, yet so little.

He wondered, sometimes, if maybe, he should’ve been nicer from the start. But it always came back to the fact that he had her, he had her now, and he had her always. How they got there didn’t matter.

A soft voice brought him from his recollections, and he moved closer to Y/N, never risking missing a single word that left her lips. “What’s my reason for smiling today, loser?” Her voice was croaky, but it was the same question she had asked the day of their first kiss, and god, Yoongi felt his heart clench.  “You got to kiss Min Yoongi, every day for sixty years.” She smiled lightly, and he leaned in, connecting their lips. He felt fireworks, felt everything he had so many years before. “I love you,” he murmured, and even as her heart failed to beat once more, as the tears reached his eyes, his arm clenching the bars of the hospital bench, he couldn’t help but imagine her muttering it back.

I love you too.”

Journal Entry #137


Rating: T 

Summary: Lighthouse Keeper AU - Ford finds something fascinating that he can’t resist investigating further.

AN: This was written ages ago when @howtotrainyournana​ tagged me in a very interesting post about deepsea cryptids. Which I now can’t find to link. But yeah, I had to write this and I’ve been sitting on this knowing it couldn’t be posted til I’d actually written the end to Light Keeper. ^^;;
But hey- I said there’d be more in this AU ;p
Oh, and actually- there are already more oneshots on patreon <3

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Ok ok Hear me out

Tyler the Creator is a city born killjoy who just doesn’t give two fuck’s about the prejudice against them. He never bothered with the specifics of being a ‘joy like choosing colours, a jacket or mask. Hell he barely even changed his name. He just roams around zones 2-4 doing whatever the fuck he wants, making art, running a few radio stations, doing shows when he feels like it and fucking with Bli from time to time. He’s one of the only rappers in the zones.

vampirebone  asked:

hey!! i'm getting into editing sprites and all, but i have a question! how do you....well, change the color of sprites? such as their skin? or their hair? ; v ;

There are three ways to recolour things. All three ways sometimes require a bit of fixing, but let’s look at the two ways.

The first is to change the hue and the other is to make an overlay layer over something that is gray. The third is to use a multiply layer, but I usually do not recommend this.

For this demonstration, I’m going to be using my unit, Haruki. We’re going to ignore the error in his sprite where some of the gold parts are blue because I only noticed that while making this tutorial and I didn’t want to recapture the snapshots I had beforehand. See, even I make mistakes.

Disclaimer, this got a lot longer than I intended it to be.

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Ahhhhh it’s Carry On day!!!!!! A while fucking year since the masterpiece that is Carry On came into my world and made my life amazing! Thank you Rainbow Rowell for writing such a work of art!
Anyway here’s a thing I wrote as my humble offering to celebrate the anniversary! I hope you guys enjoy:)

We sit cross legged on the bed facing each other. He’s gripping my hands and I can feel our magic flowing through each other. It’s like being connected to him on a deeper level. I’d missed this feeling so much.
Baz takes a deep drawn out breath like he does when he smokes. You’d think I’d be more worried about what’s about to happen, but of course it’s him who’s worried.
“Baz, are you alright?” He lets out a shaky breath.
“Yeah, fine.” He stares at me and I have to keep myself from melting under his gaze. His eyes are a romantic charcoal grey with hints of slate in this light. “Are you sure about this?”
I free one of my hands from his grip and bring it to the back of his neck and pull him closer, till our foreheads are touching.
“I love you.”
I feel his breath on me and he slowly (agonizingly slow) brings our lips together. His tongue pushes against mine and I drag my hand from his neck down his back. He tilts his head slightly and runs his hands through my hair. He’s being so gentle, like he doesn’t want to cause anymore pain than necessary. My hands rest on his hips and I pull away for a breath.
“Crowley I love you.” He blushes and pulls my mouth back against his. His hands move to my neck and he gently rubs the side of my throat with his thumb. He kisses the side of my mouth, then my cheek and then below my ear. I can’t help but moan as he sucks on my earlobe. I arch my back and our chests touch. The contact of my bare chest against his shirt feels electric. I start undoing his buttons as he works his mouth down the side of my neck.
“Simon,” He whispers against my throat and I shiver. “say it.”
“Baz, I love yo-”
Suddenly there’s pain. I grab his forearm and if he weren’t a vampire I probably would’ve broken it with how hard I squeezed. It’s agonizing. I think I’m crying but I don’t know because all I can think is excruciating pain. There’s a loud noise. No wait that’s me.
I feel the bed under my back, I must’ve laid down, but even that isn’t helping the pain flowing through my veins. I think it’s spreading. Everything’s blurry and I scream.
I look up and see a blurry blob above me and holding the sides of my face. It’s a person. I try to think who but it’s hurts.
I can hear a voice but I don’t know who it’s talking to or what it’s saying. I try to ask for help. Anything to stop the paralyzing pain.

Two days. Two days and I’m still right next to Simon. I’m dying for a drink and a fag. I knew biting him was a bad idea. Last time I went through the Turning process was when it was me and I wasn’t awake for the changes. It’s agony watching your lover basically die a slow painful death.
It took him so long to convince me to do it. At least six months. And it took much pestering, begging and even bribery before I finally (reluctantly) agreed. He pounced on me when I did. The marks his mouth left on my neck lasted at least a day, which is a record for my vampire recovery system.
I knew I shouldn’t have agreed, but it’s fucking impossible to say no to him. And he gets so adorably happy when you say yes. I want him to always look that happy.
Well Baz you sure fucked that one up. I mentally curse myself.
He looks the opposite of happy right now.
He was screaming for at least two hours after I bit him, (Thank Crowley Penny was gone, though I probably could’ve used her help.) and then he was horribly feverish. He finally broke the fever, to my relief, but now the real changes have started. His skin has lost the bit of golden glow he kept even after he lost his magic and traded it for a pale colour, much like my own.
Thank Crowley vampires don’t actually have red eyes. I wouldn’t be able to bare the loss of his pthalo blue eyes that are practically the death of me. He asked me that once.
His head was resting on my lap and we were both reading, or at least I was. He kept looking at me funny.
“Baz, why aren’t your eyes red?” I looked down at him. His eyes were exceptionally blue that day.
“Like in the stories. Do you wear contacts?” I rolled my eyes heavily.
“No you dolt, vampires don’t have red eyes.” He’s lived with me since we were eleven and somehow thinks I’ve been hiding red eyes. He nodded and discarded his book then sat up on my lap and put his hands on my shoulders and played with the collar of my shirt.
“Good. I don’t want your eyes to be fake.”
“Well they aren’t.” I kissed a mole under his ear.
“They’re too fucking complicated and perfect to be.” I laughed. “And grey.” He kissed my forehead. “Super grey.” He kissed my nose. I blushed. “Wonderfully grey.” He kissed me finally and my hands ran up and down his back, trying to keep him as close as possible. He pulled back but kept his forehead against mine. “I want to look at your grey eyes forever.”
He got his wish come true then. He almost always does. I shouldn’t have done it. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. What if he hates me later for Turning him when I knew it was a bad idea. I grab his limp, clammy hand and feel for a pulse. He’s still breathing thankfully. I still don’t drop his hand.
He’s so pale it’s almost shocking. He was always glowing and golden before, even without magic. He was always like a lantern and I was a moth getting drawn in. Except for a while I thought he was one of those traps that kills that moths, fortunately he’s not.
I look back at him and push his tangled curls off of his forehead. He looks like he’s dreaming. Hopefully it’s a nice one and better than the reality he’s going to have to face when he wakes up.
I miss his mouth. Not just kissing him. I miss his stupid yet funny random quips and the things he would whisper in my ear that would make me blush profusely. And how he almost always (unless he was snogging me) had food in his mouth.
I smile at the memories but am brought out of my thoughts when I hear Simon whimper.

I open one of my eyes. It’s so bright. It stings. Everything is sore and achy and even getting both my eyes open and focused seems nearly impossible. Finally I manage and I see Baz’s face staring down at mine.
“Hi.” He says.
“Hi.” I say back but it comes out quiet and scratchy. I’m so terribly thirsty, my body is screaming at me for something
“How are you feeling?” I don’t really know what to tell him. I’m not sure how to pick up after your boyfriend bites you (consensually) in the middle of a heated make out session and now you have a terrible urge to kill something huge and drink it clean.
“Tired, thirsty, empty.” He nods and grabs my hand.
“I’m sorry love.”
“It’s fine, really.” I give him a small smile and try to stand up, but have to grab his shoulder when I nearly collapse. He puts a hand on my back and helps me sit down.
“I need…I need to drink. I just-”
“I know, you’re trying not to consider draining Penny’s insufferable cat. Here.”
He hands me a styrofoam cup with a bendy straw that reminds me of childhood, even though we rarely got bendy straws at the home. The scent coming from the cup makes my brain feel weird and my stomach do a flip. Last time my stomach flipped like that was when Baz pinned me to the door and we practically assaulted each other’s mouths.
There’s a weird sensation in my mouth and when I open to take a sip Baz gasps slightly.
“What?” I sound weird and then I feel fangs where my normal teeth used to be. “Crowley.” I whisper and Baz sits next to me.
“Wicked.” He mutters and I give him a sarcastic look.
“Are you having Deja vu?” I finally take a sip and it feels so refreshing.
“Perhaps.” Baz breathes on my neck and I shudder and finish my drink.
Baz laughs and kisses my cheek multiple times.
“No matter how shitty it is, you’re with me forever now.”
“It won’t be shit since I’m with you.”
“That was disgustingly sappy.” I shrug.
“It’s a good thing I’m a sap.”
I grin at him and I can feel my fangs against my lips. He grins back and I see his fangs too. Finally.

I Taste You in My Glass

Anon asks:

Hello! May I have a Chandler Riggs imagine? Possibly one whereas he’s dating Brianna but has feelings for the reader—happy ending, please!

(Hi! I changed Brianna to an OC out of respect towards Brianna, hope you don’t mind. Thanks! Also I’m the slowest writer in history, sorry!!)

I Taste You in My Glass

3:14 AM

We fought again

3:15 AM

She blamed it on you, bullshit

3:20 AM

I’m going to talk to her

4:37 AM

Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.

The buzzing of my phone woke me up, my room blinking up by flashes of light.  I groggily threw a hand to the direction of it, thinking it was my alarm that I so loathed. Yet, when I saw the messages on my lock screen I wished for it to be my alarm. I was wide awake, my heart thumping and my mind was racing a hundred a second. My back fell back onto my matrass, I looked up to the dark ceiling and felt myself covering my eyelids with shaking hands. Palms digging into them. Chandler Riggs was so good at making the world stop.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but is it at all possible to make the colors in these messages more obvious somehow? I have two monitors, one I use for art even, and I can barely see who is saying what on either of them :c ...

I can’t do much to help by changing the colours, but I can point out that the speakers are arranged left to right like in the picture - Spitfire, Soarin, Bulwark, Frostfall. Soarin and Frostfall are both blue but Soarin is always on the left and Frostfall is always on the right. I’m making some changes to the colours now but like I said, don’t know how much it’ll help.

EDIT: changed them actually it does help quite a bit my bad