i baked him a cupcake

Pants on Fire - Kai Parker smut

There was a moment of silence as a thud upstairs was heard right above the dinner table, a few curse words followed after a yelp of pain. The chandelier shook a bit and I blushed as I looked back at my family.

I swallowed. “Will you excuse me?” I bit my lip and rushed upstairs, my palms sweaty. I specifically told Kai not to come over tonight. My grandparents were visiting and they knew, oh boy, did they know, about what a misbehaving disaster Kai Parker was.

I opened the door to my room and spotted Kai stuck in my window, his ankle smashed between the pane and the actual window.

I put my index finger against my mouth to get him to be quiet. I closed the door behind me and locked it, helping him in.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, blushing as he took a long look of my whole body. I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and some old mom jeans.

The light in my room was rosy from the pink light bulb in my lamp and Kai smelled like cinnamon. It was cold outside so he was kind of shivering.

“Is it wrong to want to actually see you?” He smiled. “You know, your one word texts aren’t exactly the kind of consolation I expect after our night of intimacy.” He raised his eyebrows, referring to the oral we exchanged the last time we saw each other. “By the way, you’re possibly the worst texter in the world.”

“Will you shut up? My grandparents, who hate you might I add, are right down stairs.” I put my hand on his chest as he pulled me into his body.

“That’s why you wore this?” He poked fun at the sweater I got for Christmas last year. “I’m not complaining, it’s definitely soft.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder, the cool steel of his rings making me shiver. He pressed sweet wet little kisses on my chin and jaw, lightly on my neck.

“Kai.” I pulled away, my breath caught in my throat. “Seriously, you should go.” My knees nearly gave out at the crooked smile he gave me next.

“Let me guess, they think you’re a little saint, hmm?” He ran his thumb over my mouth, his fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Ill bet they’ve never even heard you utter a single swear word.” He said.

I’ll admit that when I first met Kai, I was amused at how much character he had. Character that my parents definitely wouldn’t like and maybe that’s what intrigued me so much.

“Sweetie!” My mother’s heels woke me from my trance. My eyes opened and I jumped into action. “Is everything okay?” She knocked at my door and tried opening it. “You know I don’t like locked doors in my home.”

I pushed Kai into my bathroom and slammed the door, running over to the door and unlocking it. “Hey, mom, I’m fine. I just had a st-tomach ache.” I swallowed.

“What was that noise earlier?” She looked around my room, precisely at the half opened window. I blushed crimson. I knew that she knew.

“Oh, it was the cat. The dogs must have chased her out and got her caught in the tree and she came in through the win-” I started and my mother stopped me.

“Please use the front door next time.” She said in the direction of the bathroom. I almost died.

“Will do!” Kai answered and I covered my face.

My mother patted my shoulder and gave me a quick goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, sweetie. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

I closed the door after she left, swallowing the throw up in my mouth after nervously tucking my hair behind my ear.

“You’re the worst liar, too.” Kai came out of the bathroom applying some of my floral lotion on his hands. I rolled my eyes.

“That was so embarrassing.” I sighed. “You know, I can’t – do it – with you if my whole family is downstairs and they know you’re here.” I blushed.

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his face. “Do what, my sweetheart?” He laid on the bed, grabbing my journal from the nightstand.

“Hey, give me that, you jerk!” I lunged at him, attempting to grab my journal back. He opened it up to a random page and I almost cried. “Kai, I swear, I’ll kick you in the nuts.” I said, swinging my leg over his waist to grab the book.

“Jeez, girl, what’s so secretive? Loving relationships don’t have secrets.” He said and I stopped struggling, staring at him.

He stared back up at me, his eyes so pretty, a perfect nose. My whole body warmed up a good five degrees.

He threw my journal aside and grabbed my face, rolling me onto the bed as he gave my warm mouth a languid kiss. My breathing picked up the pace, his hands on my neck.

“Oh, god.” Kai said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my sweater up my stomach, pulling away so I could sit up and let him take the damn thing off of me.

I tore off the black jacket he wore and pulled his black shirt up, finally feeling his warm skin. I blushed as he resumed to kiss my skin, sucking patterns on my chest and being gentle on my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He groaned, pulling at my jeans. I arched my back as he took them off.

He kissed my mouth again, his hand tangled in my hair. I pressed my body up to his, craving the warmth of his skin against mine.

“Look at you, baby. So ready for me to fuck you.” He almost groaned. I hoped that my grandparents had left and my parents couldn’t hear any of this.

“Kai-” I started and my mouth went wide when his palm pressed against the apex of my inner thighs. He giggled maniacally, pulling my underwear from me and spreading my legs.

I swallowed as took off his jeans as well.

“You’re so cute, you know. All horny and warm for me.” He kissed my mouth again. I couldn’t breathe as he took off his briefs, grinning at me.

“Kai.” He shushed me, his finger pressed against my lips. He stuck it in my mouth and I tasted the cinnamon. Maybe he had been eating the cupcakes I baked for him last weekend.

Suddenly, his penis was touching me and my breath hitched. He looked into my eyes, running his hand down my body all in concentration.

“Are you nervous?” He smiled very small, his face close to mine as he got into position. His other hand rested above my head, fist in the pink cotton of my bed sheets. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

“Yeah.” I responded, my voice weak and not mine as he ran the tip of his penis lightly against my wetness.

“So am I.” He admitted. “May I?” He asked and I almost rolled my eyes. I nodded. He pushed himself inside of me and we both let out breaths.

I felt the muscles on his back contract and release. He let his arms give out and he held my hips, his mouth pressed against the shell of my ear, which was on fire.

“Aw, fuck.” He mumbled quietly as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. “So-o good.” He swallowed thickly.

“Faster.” I blushed as I felt him smile against me. He pushed himself back up and thrusted his hips in rapidly. I let out a soft moan and covered my mouth, which did nothing because a second moan escaped my mouth and it was louder.

I almost screamed as he hit a certain place inside me that made a fire combust out of nowhere.

“Right there.” I let him know and almost floated off of the bed as he continued hitting the same place.

“Right there?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up a little. I moved my hips against his like a mad woman. He almost couldn’t keep up as I strained to get myself off.

“Kai, Kai, Kai, K-ai-” I moaned and he kissed my open mouth, pulling me against him with his arm around my back, his cold rings making me arch it.

“Fuckin’ hell.” He buried his nose in my neck, his rapid breaths tickling me.

“I want to be on top.” I said quietly. He didn’t even blink before he rolled onto the bed. I sat on him, hiding my face in my hair as I pressed my hands against his chest and sprung myself up and down using the strength if my legs. He reached up to pull my hair back and grab my tits with his big, cold hands.

He watched me intently, little whimpers and moans coming from his open mouth. He met my movements, a drop of sweat falling from my nose to his lip. He licked it off and I closed my eyes.

“I’m – fuck – I’m coming.” I said quietly, my nails making red marks on his skin. I ran my hands up and on each side of his face, looking him in the eyes as he grabbed my hips and lifted himself up to fuck me harder.

I leaned over and let out a loud moan into my crochet pillow. He moaned under me, his mouth catching my breast. He licked my skin, helping me move against him.

We both stopped and I pulled away from my pillow, meshing my mouth with his wet one, hair in both of our sweating faces. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and my mouth opened to it’s full capacity.

He jerked up into me once more and I came as he did, his hips twitching. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, sighing shakily and getting off of him.

It took a while of laying on his arm there to get my breath in order. He pulled my bunny comforter over our bodies and played in my hair with his long fingers.

“You’re in love with me.” Kai said. I smiled a little, twisting his nipple lightly in between my fingers.

“Am not.” I denied weakly.

“You’re the worst liar.” He repeated.

Cupcake Wars

pairing: Tony x reader

warnings: none, just a whole heap of fluff

* * *

Tony couldn’t help the smile creeping onto his face as he saw his girlfriend dancing around the kitchen blaring Salt n Peppa.

“Tony! Oh my god you scared me!” Y/N screamed as she turned around to see Tony staring at her from the entry way to the large kitchen.

“Please, don’t stop on my behalf.” He said making Y/N smile as she skipped over to him.

“Come and bake with me. I am making cupcakes for the team.” She grinned up at him and he wiped his thumb over her cheek where she had managed to get flour, and she giggled realising what was there.

Tony sighed happily looking after her as she waltzed away from him singing along to ‘Push It’ and doing a terrible running man impression, “Okay, let me help before you hurt yourself.” He laughed and she giggled knowing she had won.

* * *

Y/N screamed in shock as she felt something cold on her head after putting the cupcakes in the oven, turning around she saw Tony with a handful of brown cake batter.

“Tony Stark. You are so screwed.” She said before grabbing an egg and throwing it hitting him in the chest and he faked hurt holding his chest.

“Okay honey, it is on.” Tony said seriously before getting more batter and Y/N was trapped in the corner of the kitchen with two eggs in hand and cracked them on his head as he smeared cake mix over her face.

The pair didn’t realise that they were tickling each other on the floor until they heard someone clear their throats and they looked up seeing Steve looking down at them with crossed arms.

“Stevie! I made cupcakes.” Y/N said innocently and he couldn’t help but fight a small smile at the bubbly girl.

“Make sure you clean this mess up, Fury will be here later today.” Steve said and Y/N nodded as she struggled to stand up slipping in the cake batter and egg mix covering the floor.

“Aye aye Captain.” She said making him raise an eyebrow before leaving the kitchen leaving Tony and Y/N giggling as she slipped back down to the ground but was caught by Tony.

He leant down and capture her chocolatey lips with his, “Mm chocolate.” He said making her giggle.

Favorite Things-chapter 1

(Max- The Resident)

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max has a new tenant. Can he win over his new resident without her discovering his secret?

Author’s Note- We’re gonna go ahead and pretend that Juliet doesn’t exist, which is pretty much my head cannon anyways. I love Max. I don’t care if I shouldn’t. Lol. This will eventually be a multi chapter story. Probably not very long and will get eventually really smutty and explicit. I’ve had this idea running through my brain for a long time…this prompt finally gave me the push to start. Lol. Prompt is Red Velvet from Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rarechar Content Event. This chapter is just creepy stalker fluffiness.

Word Count- 1688

Tag List- Let me know if you want on or off! @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @ninjacuddlepile @neganscatleesi @thatwriterizzy @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar

Tag List is only people who specifically requested to be tagged in everything I write or people who said anyone can tag them in anything. Lol. If you are on my Sunny Days tag list and want to be on my “everything tag list” just let me know!

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Max had first seen her in a coffee shop down the way. She sat next to the window with her laptop and latte. She looked so serene as she watched people walk by with her brown eyes. Every few minutes she would smile to herself and her fingers would tap furiously against her keyboard. Occasionally, she’d pause and twirl a curl of her caramel locks or nibble on her plump rosy lip. She never looked at him. Why would she?

He came back the next day and every day after that. She was always there. She quickly became the highlight of his day. He watched her for 2 weeks. She was always happy and polite to those around her. He wondered who she was and what she did. He wanted to get closer. Smell her perfume. Brush up against her skin.

He didn’t work up the courage to speak with her until he saw her frowning at her screen one day. He walked by and saw that she was scrolling through a real estate site. Maybe this was fate. She was supposed to come into his life for a reason. To give his life reason.

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Random Dogma headcanon; He would probably be excellent at baking, because it's a precision driven art and he'd probably find it relaxing. I also really just like the idea of Dogma stress baking to calm down.

I fully support this. Dogma would be so precise in the kitchen. and I think he would make everything super complicated. Like imagine him baking tiny cupcakes, with really elaborate decoration from icing, candies, marzipan, etc. He would spend hours doing so, and in the end Hardcase could just eat his long work in one bite :D Though I think Dogma would give away all the food he made, because he feels he is loved the most when he gives something. And he really craves love.

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I love Underswap Sans

I love the berry so much. I want to cuddle him and show him love and affection.

There are times I lie awake thinking about how I want to cuddle him and wrap a blanket around him. I wanna get him some new soft pajamas and bunny slippers so he can be comfortable and sleep well.

I wanna sing for him even though I don’t think my voice is the best but I know he wouldn’t care.

I want to draw pictures of him and show him how I see him. How even though he never actually got into the royal guard, I still think he’s amazing.

I wanna bake him stuff like cookies and brownies and cupcakes. Wrap him in a blanket and cuddle him while we watch movies and eat some brownies or something.

I just wanna sleep with him and cuddle up with him because he sof like a pillow and very squish.

I wanna smooch him and I just,, hnnnnnnnnngggggggg,,,

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Captive Prince for fandom thingyyyy

omg ily that was quick lol

Send me a fandom, and I’ll tell you who I’d:

  • Want as my mentor: um i mean damen could teach me a lot but the Beefiness TM would make it kinda hard to concentrate so i’m gonna go with good ol’ nikandros.
  • Bake cupcakes for: Laurent!!! i just wanna bake for him and tuck him into bed!!!
  • Lend my books to: Laurent lmao. i love that hc that laurent enjoys trashy romance reads and honey i’ve got recs
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: i’d put them on the r*gent’s chair and then i would pick it up (like laurent did) and smash it over his fugly head.
  • Have a crush on: damen!! those lips, those curls, the muscles,,, amazing
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: the r*gent ew
  • Follow as captain of a ship: laurent aye aye captain
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: laurent cuz i wanna be friends w him and in a movie it might happen lol
  • Marry: i’ll take one for the team and marry nikandros, JK I LOVE THAT MAN
  • Want as my boss: like jord? someone who’s not gonna give me a lot of shit lmao
  • Sue: damen bc he can get out of any trial with The Power of Love, so he’s unbothered. Otherwise the fucking r*gent
  • Want as my best friend: laurent!!!!my king!!! my bestie!!! but also on a reread i’ve realized that lazar lives for the gossip and i so can fuck with that @ lazar spill the tea

crispin-cas9  asked:

ok and you know what,, I know you want to do hamlet so do that one too lol

PSH what makes u think THATTTT (yes i do)

  • Want as my mentor: Honestly if the First Player could teach me how to act like he does where he is like apparently so amazing that he moves himself to tears, then like…I’d like to learn from him
  • Bake cupcakes for: Much like Marina, Ophelia deserves something nice
  • Lend my books to: Joint lending the my queer scholars so they can study together and be cute
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Eat shit, Claudius
  • Have a crush on: Uhm…I mean who do you think? Obviously it is our queen, our savior, real life goddess Horatio
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Ngl it’s Polonius can you imagine him calling you up to borrow sugar that conversation might go on a while and pretty soon he’s saying you’re attracted to his daughter which???
  • Follow as captain of a ship: Is it cheating to say the pirates tha actually sailed a ship? Because otherwise probably Laertes? Idk I trust him
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: HAM SR AND I STARRING IN A PARANORMAL BUDDY COP MOVIE OMG PLS
  • Marry: Like…I mean obvi it’s horatio. and hamlet. i wanna marry them both. poly girls ahoy.
  • Want as my boss: Fortinbras would probably be okay? I trust her. 
  • Sue: Eat shit, Claudius (part 2)
  • Want as my best friend: like…i just really love horatio okay leT ME LIVE

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٩(*❛⊰❛)ʓਡ~❤ Saiyuki ~! [[I hope it sends this time!]]

Send me a fandom, and I’ll tell you who I’d:
— Want as my mentor: Koumyou (*/ω\*) I’d follow him everywhere tbh, I love him so much—!!! Teach me your ways~ 💕

— Bake cupcakes for: Hakkai! I’d say Goku but I am fairly certain a dozen isn’t nearly enough and I refuse to bake my life away.

— Lend my books to: Tenpou! My dearest bookworm, though I can’t help but think he’d misplace it inside his book nest.

— Put thumbtacks on the chair of: That teacher in Ibun that stepped on Genkai, like holy shit I’ll put razors in his food too, I’m gonna murder ( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ ).

— Have a crush on: Houmei/Koumyou ♪( ´▽`) I’m in loooove. 🖤

— Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Ukoku, he’s hot and all but no thank you — I’m not gonna take any chances. ( Dougan is right up in there ) ಠ_ಠ

— Follow as captain of a ship: Jikaku ! Captain my captain~! I love him so much~!

— Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Sha Gojyo! I feel like he’d be a good partner, I feel like I’d enjoy his company has.

— Marry: KOUMYOU PLEASE, I’m gonna fight Ukoku for him tbh, I’d cockblock Ukoku so hard. Yasss, he’s the one! My one and only!

— Want as my boss: Genjo is my boss man, my sir, the one I’ll bend over for~!

— Sue: Dougan :/ for stalking and various other weirdness.

— Want as my best friend: JYOAN. I love his style, I love his looks, I love— let’s be aesthetic bffs my Jyoan. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

holysmoaksoliver  asked:

Veronica Mars


  • Want as my mentor: Veronica, because yessss.
  • Bake cupcakes for: Wallace Fennel. I would never make him snickerdoodles because that’s Veronica’s thing. 
  • Lend my books to: Keith Mars.
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Sheriff Lamb, either, both. Doesn’t matter
  • Have a crush on: Logan Echolls. Is there even a discussion there?
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Aaron Echolls. No way am I living next to a murderer.
  • Follow as captain of a ship: again Veronica
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Deptuty Sacks!!!!
  • Marry: Leo D'amato (because I’m sure Veronica would kill me if I tried to marry Logan… or well she’d at least put me in jail)
  • Want as my boss: Mac. I would work for her and it would be awesome.
  • Sue: Vinny Van Lowe. I’m sure he’s done something wrong.
  • Want as my best friend: Weevil Navarro. I mean it can’t hurt to be best friends with the leader of a gang right? … though i am marrying a cop so….. oh well.

send me a fandom

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Can I request for an angsty scoups scenario? Like a breakup or a misunderstanding? :U

Title : Missing You (Choi Seungcheol) 

Hope you liked this :) 

He wasn’t answering my phone calls. Or my messages. My eyebrows furrowed with worry, and I chewed on my bottom lip. I understood if he was busy. Hell, I more than just understood. Him being an idol and all that… But still, he said he’d meet me at 9, and it was already nearing 10.

I jabbed at the ‘On’ button on my phone, and a smile tugged up at my lips. 2 Unread Messages from seungcheol<3. I quickly unlocked my phone with a simple swipe and went to the messaging application.

Sender: I can’t make it, y/n, I got held up!! I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to you?

Sender: I’ll go over to your place, jagi, how’s that? :)

My heart flutters in my chest. I had waited for a whole hour, and I was feeling slightly irritated but Seungcheol knew how to make me feel better. He always did. He was my boyfriend, after all.

Still, I had baked some cupcakes for him and the rest of the members, and I decided that maybe I could just drop it off before going. I sent him a quick text message.

User: I’m coming by to drop off some food! Just a small power boost

Whether he read it or not, I couldn’t tell because I didn’t get a reply. I pushed the glass door of the building open, and nodded at the security guard. I had come by so often that the security guard recognized me by now.

I walked through the halls, knowing exactly which corner to turn from all the times that I had been here.

I halted at a door with the number 7 on it. It was the dance studio that Seungcheol and the rest often practiced in outside of the company doors. Resting my hand on the doorknob, I slowly turned it. I hadn’t seen Seungcheol in ages because his schedule had been so packed. The thought of seeing him made electricity run through my veins, a little restless, from excitement.

I missed his puppy eyes, his warm cuddly hugs and his soft fleeting kisses.

I didn’t quite miss, though, the girl wrapped up in his arms with her lips just a breath away from his. The whole studio was empty, quiet and spotless, save for the 2 of them standing right smack in the middle of the dance studio.

Oh, god no…

His hands were wrapped around her waist, and the girl was inching closer. He seemed to be in shock, frozen even, but it never registered in my mind.


My throat dried up at the sight, and I slightly felt my knees shaking. My jaw slackened, and the tears burned at the back of my eyes. I parted my lips to speak, maybe even yell, but nothing came…


They hadn’t even realized I was there. The plastic bag that contained the cupcakes I had baked dropped to the floor with a soft thud. Soft…but loud enough for them to turn to look at me. The girl’s expression was lazy, unamused even while Seungcheol’s eyes went wide with shock.

In an instant, he had the girl off him, and she scoffed, offended. I hadn’t even realized I was crying until Seungcheol stepped forward, reaching up to thumb the tears away as he whispered, “y/n, do- don’t cry, I – I can explain…”

There’s nothing to explain…

I couldn’t speak. The sudden urge to get away from him overwhelmed me, and I took a hasty step back, averting my gaze to the floor. Go away, Choi Seungcheol. “Don’t touch me,” I snapped, voice clipped and my heart squeezed as I saw him flinch. Even throughout our arguments together, I had never ever used this tone on him. I’m sorry.

His eyes begged me silently, but he didn’t dare move forward. “y/n, it – it’s not what it looks li-”.

I blocked out his words, every breath I took in staggering as I fought to get a grip on reality.

It hurt… god, it hurt so so bad.

“Get away from me, Seungcheol,” I breathed out, looking up from the ground into his dark orbs. The ones I had missed staring into for so, so long. The same ones that had been gazing into the eyes of the girl that was tangled up in his arms, just a few moments ago. I loved you, Choi Seungcheol, I-

“I trusted you,”

I pivoted on my heel to walk away but suddenly, I felt a pair of strong sturdy arms wrap around my waist, and my breath hitches in my throat as Seungcheol pulls me into his embrace. His warmth was everything yet nothing right now, and I wanted to push him away, cry, scream… but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

“y/n,” He pleads, voice soft as his head dips into the crook of my neck. I felt his tears on my skin as his voice cracked, “Hear me out, please,”

I stay silent, letting him continue. “It’s not what it looks like, you know I would never do that, y/n… I love you too much, I would never let you go, believe me, please…”

His words cut through my heart, making it bleed open, but even then, my eyes didn’t betray me, did they?

“I don’t know if I can trust you anymore,” I reply, enough for only the both of us to hear.

His grip tightens as I try to struggle out, but I manage to. As I take one last look at him, I see the lost, scared look in his eyes. I knew it’d last in my mind…

And with that, I left, the tears that cascaded down my cheeks silently saying the words I could have never brought myself to say…

I’m done. With this, with us.

It kind of made sense, honestly, why he was always so busy but the other members wearn’t.

I wish it never happened, god, I wish…

It was funny how suddenly every small thing now reminded me of Seungcheol. The man I used to love, heck, the man I still love. If I was curled up on the couch, waiting for the pain to ebb away, I’d be reminded, of the way he used to love movie night. The way we’d cuddle together on the couch, our legs tangled haphazardly. But it didn’t matter, because he had his arms around me and I felt all kinds of safe and warm and secure. Because it was Seungcheol, and nobody could make me feel happier than he could.

y/n… it’s coming, it’s coming!” He would yell if it was a horror movie and I had my face hidden behind a pillow. “Don’t tell me!” I hiss, clutching the pillow closer to my face. He still did it, but his grip on me tightened in reassurance.

1…2…3…” He counted down and I braced myself for the cliche horror movie scream, but there wasn’t any. “What-” I mutter, pulling the pillow away from my face only to have Seungcheol shove his face near mine while letting out a, “BOO!”

It was incredibly lame, but I got scared and screamed anyways, whacking him in the chest as I scrambled to get away. He burst out in laughter, wrapping his arms around my waist, not letting me move as he pulled me into his chest. “No monsters gonna get you y/n, cause I got you first,” Seungcheol would tease, and I would roll my eyes, but still seek comfort in the warmth of his chest.

If it was the kitchen, it’d be the stain on the kitchen rug that Seungcheol had left after trying out one of his crazy fruit smoothie concoctions. It had ended up in a whipped cream fight when he had been trying to put some whipped cream on the smoothie but I had wisely intervened…

Yah! Seungcheol, that’s not fair!” I yelled, laughing as he threw handfuls of whipped cream in my direction. He ignored me anyways, laughing as I splattered him with a mountain of whipped cream. He looked crazy. His hair was stuck up in odd directions with streaks of whipped cream in them, and he had a huge blob on his cheek. The rest got on his clothes.

Seungcheol,” I manage out in between my laughter, “You look…”

He pouts, folding his arms, mock offended. Then suddenly he perked up, pointing at his face and using a high pitched voice, “Handsome? Cute?”

Whatever you say,” I drawl, pivoting on my heel to wash the whipped cream on my hands when I suddenly yelped in surprised. Seungcheol had wrapped his arms around my waist, tugging me in despite the whole thing being a big mess. He was spontaneous sometimes, and that’s exactly what I loved about him.

He nuzzled his face at the back of my neck, and I felt my cheeks burn at an alarming rate. “Seungcheol!! Let go, ohmygooood,”.

But he only chuckles, whirling me around to face him before pressing our foreheads together. I couldn’t help but let out a breathy laugh, “You idiot,”

I know you love me,”

I do,”

Love you too,”

It had been a few weeks since I broke up with Seungcheol, and to say I was doing okay was an understatement. In fact, I was doing horribly. I could barely sleep at night, and most of the time it would end up in me crying myself to sleep. Soonyoung had called me numerous times, my best friend… but I couldn’t turn to him, not even now…

Part of me wondered miserably, if Seungcheol missed me at all. I knew he did, but… did he already have someone? Was he already halfway to moving on?

I wanted to patch things up, but the memory of him with… her… a dull throb stabbed at my heart, and I swallowed down the lump forming in my throat for what seemed like the 100th time.

My phone buzzed, and the screen lit up. It was a call from Soonyoung. I cursed as the tears sprang to my eyes, and I hurriedly wiped them away roughly. It’s time I faced up to reality…

With shaking hands, I swiped the green button, and was greeted with Soonyoung’s voice.



“y/n! Holy lord, thank god you answered! I- I’ve been trying to get you for days now! How are you? Are you okay?”

A small smile cracked on my chapped lips, but it didn’t quite meet my eyes, “How is…” Seungcheol? “I-I mean, I’m ok,”.

“You don’t sound ok y/n,” His voice is solemn, and it makes me want to end the call right there and then because I just can’t take it, “y/n… about that break up, Seungcheol isn’t taking it too well…”

Is he okay? What’s wrong? “What does this have to do with me if he isn’t taking it well?”

“I know you still love him, I know you do,” The words hit me hard, and it’s not a surprise, but hearing it out loud… well… I choke on my tears as I bring a hand up to wipe them away.

“y/n? Y/n, are you okay? Hey look, I’m sorry, I just wanted to tell you that he’s extremely sick right now… He had trouble keeping up with practice ever since the break up and he overworked himself, stopped eating too…And the whole thing with the girl-”

Stop,” I pleaded, because if you go on any longer, I don’t think I can take it.

“No,” Soonyoung’s voice is firm, unrelenting, and I know he won’t take no for an answer, “That whole thing was an accident! She launched herself at him, and Seungcheol was too surprised to react so he just let it happen!! He was gonna push her off, but he was so shocked he couldn’t even move. Y/n, you know him, you know what he’s like…”

I hung up the call without a word. My head spun, and I placed a hand on the dresser to keep from falling. Maybe it was due to the lack of sleep, maybe it was because of the rush that was happening…

Either way, I looked up, into the mirror. Shadows clung under my eyes, and my hair was a tousled mess, reminding me of the heartbroken look in Seungcheol’s eyes as I left him,

“What should I do?”.

I’ve thinking lately that Case is an artist in this AU. Specifically a tattoo artist, in terms of career. Some reasoning/thoughts:

  • It’s a tropey sitcom AU. Of course one of the dudes with ink all over his face should be a tattoo artist. (Actually it was one of my thoughts for Jesse waaaay back when I first decided to use him, but I decided to go with the inverted cliche instead and make him bake adorable cupcakes. XD)
  • I feel like I’ve passed a few posts in the night about headcanons of Hardcase’s tattoos continuing on under his armor. I can dig it. I don’t draw it because I’m not design-minded that way, but in an existential way I can see it. 
  • I find it easy to picture Case flinging neon paint everywhere to create abstract expressions of his excessive energy.
  • I find it equally easy to picture his bedroom wall papered in intricately detailed and highly geometrical pencil drawings of robots, architecture, and random circuit board-like designs. 
  • He could have little notebooks from when he and Dogma went bug-hunting as kids, full of sketches of wildlife (including Dogma).
  • BUT I don’t see him as like… idk, a total cliche “fine arts student” sort? Not the way other tumblr artists seem to depict people in art student AUs, anyway. He’s not wearing purple skinny jeans and a fashion scarf and piercing his face eight times and getting into arguments about art history. He just seems like an average “woo sports!,” “woo COD!” bro. But then you catch him doodling on his arm with a ballpoint pen and you’re like holy shit that is a photo-realistic pegasus, how?? 

Questions? Comments? Scathing rebuttal?