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IMAGINE: Steve and (Y/N) getting into a fight and her doing something for him that she hates. 

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She stepped inside the compound, the brown bag held tightly in her hands. (Y/N) took a deep breath and opened the door. She locked eyes with the Avengers, minus the one that she was looking for. “Where is he?”

Tony gestured towards the door to the gym, “Might want to not go in there. He’s in a bit of a mood.”

(Y/N) sighed and walked towards the kitchen counter. “Tell me about it.”

“What happened?”

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  • Laughing 24/7 because this boy loves the sound of your laugh.
  • So many kisses, on your hands, thighs, cheeks, neck, collarbone, ect.
  • Skinship.
  • Him singing to your when cuddling.
  • Rubbing circles on your hip bone.
  • Playing with Snow/Snapchat filters.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • “You’re aren’t getting out of bed until i do so lay back down.”
  • Going on double dates with Chanyeol and his partner.
  • Beak being so excited to show you off to the world.
  • “This is my Jagi and i love them very much, i hope you will too.”
  • Him hiding his face in your neck when he’s upset or sad.
  • Petting his hair and telling him that everything will be alright.
  • Running around the house because Baekhyung wants  kiss but you wanna play hard to get.
  • Stupid arguments about small things.
  • “Jagi you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Loud ass sighing coming from him because you are mad at him and ignoring him, but then you’ll get annoyed and forgive him.
  • Him looking at you with the biggest heart eyes ever.
  • You memorizing all of EXO’s songs and him being so proud of you.
  • Singing with him all the time.
  • Silly snapchats.
  • Him calling you and the two of you ending up falling asleep on the phone.
  • His family loving you more than him.
  • Purposely making him jealous because you love the cute little pouts he flashes you.
  • Him wanting you to go to the gym with him as “motivation” but really just uses that time to show off his strength to you.
  • Asking him to taste things you have cooked and him saying it’s the best thing he’s eaten even though you know it’s pretty bad.
  • Matching EVERYTHING.
  •  Him waking you up early because he got up early and gets bored when alone.
  • Having to try on a whole bunch of lingerie because he buys them for you.
  • Him letting you braid his hair and do his make up.
  • “Don’t i look pretty jagi?”
  • Owning a couple pets together and end up calling them “kids”.
  • Playing so much video games together and trying anything to win them.
  • Having a score board in your living room recording everything you had won and everything he had won, because he’s competitive.
  • Hiding the hickies he leaves all over.
  • So much teasing.
  • Forcing Baek to wipe off his makeup when tired. 
  • Going on cheesy cute romantic dates.
  • Him going on and on about his day before going to sleep knowing that used probably go to sleep mid conversation.
  • Smiley Baekhyung.
  • The other members loving ho nice you are to them.
  • Over all a sweet little (kinky) fluff ball that must be protected 100% of the time.

Don’t you just love Baek :’)



54 and 64 with jungkook please pretty please ?? ><

I really enjoyed writing this so please please please give me feedback :) Good or bad don’t hold back I take criticism really well ♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Jealous & Possesive Jungkook

Word Count: 955

“Do you like him?”

“You’re mine and only mine.”

You doubled over in laughter, hand clutching your stomach while tears blinded you. You giggled like a little girl, you did that a lot whenever you were happy. Your laughter wasn’t loud or obnoxious but it was beautiful, it seemed as everything would quiet down and still when your laughter emerged in the air, the gorgeous sounds coming from your chest. 

You plopped down on the couch wiping the tears from your eyes. Your stomach still ached and you were slowly gaining your breath back. 

“Do you like him?” Your head quickly snapped to Jungkook, his arms were crossed over his chest but he was staring at the television that was playing some new variety show.

“What?” A scoff only escaped his lips, his body and eyes stayed in place as they were before. “I don’t know why you’d have to ask that, he’s just-”

“Just a friend. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.” Jungkook’s voice dripped with aggravation.

“Why?” You looked from Jungkook and back to Jimin to see him with the rest of the boys in the kitchen. They were all laughing and talking but Jungkook seemed to have nothing but discontent running through his body. 

“It just seems like you do.” His eyes glanced at you before returning them back to the television. “The way you always throw yourself at him makes you seem desperate.”

It took you a few moments before it resignated in you. Your eyes narrowed and your eyebrows scrunched up. “What the fuck is your problem?” You were steaming. How dare he talk to you like that and for what? You didn’t do anything different today that you would’ve done yesterday or the day before. You laughed at your friends joke and played around with him, like you always do. So why is it that he’s so mad and has the nerve to call you desperate.

Jungkook stayed silent, no emotion expressed on his face except for a simple roll of the eyes. “I have no problem (Y/N), by all means throw yourself on him to get the attention you so desperately need.” He put much more emphasis on the word desperately and you just about lost it, you managed to keep calm, not bringing any attention to the two of you while the others were having a good time in the kitchen.

“You know what, fuck you.” You grumbled getting up, you turned your back on him and began walking to the kitchen. You were at the door to open it before you were yanked back. A small yelp escaped your lips and before you knew it you were soon being dragged up the stairs and thrown into a room. 

The door slammed behind you and you saw a raging Jungkook in front of you. Almost by instinct you took a step back, not liking how angry he looked. But he had taken a step forward closing the distance that you had once made. 

Rolling your eyes you push him back a little. You yelped when his hands snapped around your wrists and his grip tightened around them. You didn’t dare say anything, you knew Jungkook was one of the boys that became the scariest when mad, but you never thought you’d see it.

His grip was tight and his eyes were sullen, they stared down at you and you swallowed hard. “Why are you mad at me?” 

“You cursed at me.”

“Well you called me desperate.” You countered, eyes narrowing up at him. His grip only tightened and it soon began to hurt a bit. Groaning at the sudden pressure you tried moving your hands, but it was no use. Jungkook was the strongest of the seven boys so you knew you had no chance. 

“Do you think I like it when you’re all over the guys? Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi-”

“I’m not all over them I don’t understand why-”

“Just shut up.” He cut you off, a low growl rumbling from him. His grip loosened but there was still no way you could have gotten out of his hold.

“Jungkook! Why are you being so rude? You’re never like this with me. Why does it matter if I’m messing around with Jimin? Why does it matter if I hang out with any of the other guys? You’ve never called me desperate before, you’ve never been so, so…so jealous.”

His face hardened instantly and you wanted to take it back right away. Your breath caught in your throat when he let out a laugh, it was a sarcastic kind of laugh but it still scared you a bit under the binding of his hands. His eyes locked down on yours and you realized how dark they really were. “Jealous? Of course I’m jealous.” His face grew tense and his eyes were scanning yours, you decided to speak after the moment of silence but Jungkook beat you to it. “You’re mine.” Jungkook paused catching the reaction of your face, your eyes grew big and your eyebrows raised in shock. “You’ve always been mine, everyone knows it, the guys knew it-”

“I didn’t know.” You quickly spoke up. 

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes briefly before opening them up again. “You’re mine and only mine.” His words came out in a statement, like it has already been decided for you, but you never shook your head, you never refused his words, you simply nodded up at him, eyes still big but they had softened from your shocked expression.

“I’m yours.” The words came off as a whisper but they were loud enough to knock the breath out of Jungkook’s lungs. His grip loosened and he pulled you in kissing the top of your head.


Holmes killing Holmes

I find it interesting that Eurus said “Jim Moriarty thought you’d make this choice. He was so excited. Holmes killing Holmes.” I think for once Eurus got it wrong. Though she and Moriarty are alike, just as Sherlock and Eurus are alike, Jim is closer on the spectrum to Sherlock. He shares the emotional context.

Remember when Sherlock backed him into a corner: rather than lose, Moriarty shot himself. 

So when we cut to that clip of Jim saying “Holmes killing Holmes,” I 100% believe he knew Sherlock, if put under the same circumstance, would do the same. And by choosing those words “Holmes killing Holmes,” I think it also put the idea in Sherlock’s head in that moment.

Talk about prophetic self-fulfillment; talk about good writing because if you still think the episode is poorly written and has no meta I don’t know what to tell you; and talk about theme fulfillment of good and bad being social constructs, Jim Moriarty just had Sherlock Holmes’ back.

I could write a thesis if I had the pages. (PS I didn’t use the exact images that I referenced because they are graphic, but if you screen shot 2x3 and 4x3 you will understand)

You’re Mine

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: Smut, Slightly Jealous Dean

Word Count: 2,600

A/N: For but-deans-back-tho because she said she needed some more.

You and Dean were not a couple. There was something about him that drove you crazy. But you couldn’t deny the fact that you were attracted to him. And you knew that he was attracted to you. I mean, you couldn’t miss the looks that he would give you or the suggestive comments that would come out of his mouth. But the two of you never acted on it. He slept with every blonde, brunette, and red head that he could lay his hands on and you slept with every Tom, Larry, and Joe. You and him had that agreement. The two of you could flirt with anyone and sleep with anyone and the other would be okay with it.

And you tried to be okay with that. You pretended that it didn’t feel like a knife in your heart when you saw him with yet again another blonde that was wearing way to little clothing in the first place. And sure, the men that you would sleep with would numb the pain a little but they were never Dean. They didn’t have the stories that Dean had.

But there was one way that you found that you could get back at him.

You didn’t really want to be mean to him but you noticed that he always seemed to give you more attention whenever you were around Sam or Cas. More specifically, whenever you would sit close to them… or hug them… or press a kiss to their cheek. A memory that always brought a smile to your lips was one a case that didn’t happen to long ago.

The motel that the three of you had to stay at was small and old and looked like it was going to fall in on itself at any time but somehow all the rooms were sold out but one. But you didn’t really believe that. You truly believed that the owner didn’t want to clean two rooms. So he gave you the “last room available” that had two queens.

When you got into the motel room, Dean had offered to sleep on the floor so you and Sam could have a bed to your own. It was a sweet gesture but you knew how he always complained about a stiff back whenever he slept on the floor so you said that you were going to sleep with Sam. The look Dean made when you said that was priceless. Hell, he actually looked hurt.

Then you grabbed your bag and went into the bathroom to take a shower before you hit the hay. And since the walls were paper thin, you could hear everything that was happening on the other side.

“So help me God Sam, if you try anything with her,” Dean growled as he sat down on the squeaky mattress.

“I don’t know, Dean, I might. Unlike you, I’m not scare to admit my feelings,” Sam teased.

“I’m not scared, Sam. I’m just…”

“A chicken.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle to yourself as you climbed in the shower. And from that day on, you made it your personal goal to make Dean squirm and as uncomfortable as you could whenever he was in the same room as you.

You see, Dean could flirt and literally get anyone he wanted. He just had this certain air about him that made women throw themselves at him. You on the other hand, well let’s just say you weren’t as smooth as Dean when it came to flirting. Mind you, you had gotten better at it but you were nowhere close to where Dean was. And that just made you mad. He didn’t do anything other than breathe and he had someone to lay. You had to sacrifice your left leg it seemed to get laid. Although if you asked Dean, he would say otherwise.

The three of you were in the Bunker looked for another case. Well, Dean was. Sam had his head stuck in yet again another book that the Bunker had an endless supply of.

Sam knew about Dean’s crush and he loved to see his brother squirm just as much as you did so he played along with your awful flirting and lasting touches. Just like now, you were seated in Sam’s lap skimming the book that he was reading.

Every few minutes, Dean would shift in his seat and sigh loudly clearly annoyed at the affection that you were giving his younger brother.

“Why can’t you just sit in your own chair, Y/N?” Dean asked. “It’s weird seeing you climb all over my brother.”

“But he’s comfortable,” you whined. “Isn’t that right, Sammy?”

“Yeah, I mean Y/N’s right. I’m more comfortable than a chair…or a bed,” Sam replied and even though you couldn’t see his face you knew that he was grinning from ear to ear.

Dean slammed his laptop shut and swung his legs off the table and climbed to his feet.

“Why don’t you go ahead and make out,” Dean mumbled as he walked off towards the kitchen angrily.

He was barely out of earshot before you erupted into laughter.

“That was mean, Sam,” you giggled as you transferred from his lap to the chair.

“It’s funny to make him jealous and I’m tired of all the sexual tension between the two of you. One of these days he’s finally going to grow a pair and fess up.”

“Yeah, but if you keep flirting with me like that he’s going to think that you and I are a couple and then all that we are going to achieve is making him pissed off. I don’t know about you but I don’t like a pissed off Dean.”

Sam was about to say something but he was cut off by Dean coming back into the room looking even more pissed off then he did before he left. His hands were empty.

“Apparently we are completely out of anything that contains alcohol,” He grumbled as he picked up the keys to the Impala that was lying on the table. “Do y’all want anything or…”

“You know what, you made the last supply run,” Sam said standing up. “I’ll go and get some. Give me the keys.”

Both you and Dean stared at the younger brother. Since when was he jumping on going on a supply run?

“Okay,” Sam sensed the reluctance in his brother. “That wasn’t a question. Give me the keys.”

Dean placed the keys into his brothers open hand and Sam left moments later.

Sighing, Dean plopped down in his chair and reopened his laptop but you could tell that he couldn’t focus on the words that were on the screen. After a few moments, Dean shut his laptop again and sighed. He crossed his arms and looked at you. You glanced up at him from the book that you were reading but quickly looked back down. His arms were crossed against his chest, his eyes roaming your body.

“Why don’t you and Sam just go ahead and make it official?” He finally spoke.

This time when you looked up from your book, you kept your eyes on him. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play dumb, Y/N. I have eyes. I can see. You and Sam… there is obviously something going on between the two of you.”

“Or, you know, we could just be two friends.”

You watched as Dean rose from his seat and slowly approached you. You sat up straighter in you seat. Once he stood behind you, he placed his hand on the back of your chair and turned you around. You squealed at the unexpected movement.

“We’re friends and you don’t touch me like that.” You swore that his voice dropped several octaves in the time that it took him to walk the short distance towards you. “Why?”

“Maybe because we’re not friends,” you tried to speak above a whisper but your voice wouldn’t go any higher.

Then he placed his hands underneath your arms and lifted you out of your chair and set you on top of the table. You screamed but not in fear. No, this scream came from excitement. Then he spread your legs apart and stood between them.

“Right because we’re more than friends.”

“I’m not too sure about…” but he cut you off by pressing his lips to yours.

You were frozen for a moment but instantly melted under his touch. His hands landed on your hips. The kiss started to grow into something more. His fingers inched under your shirt, gripping the exposed flesh.

His tongue pushed itself passed your lips and he started to roam your mouth.

Then he briefly pulled away to take off your shirt. You pushed him back from you and hopped off the table. He looked at you, his eyes drawn in confusion but it disappeared when you found the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. His shirt feel in a pile on top of yours.

You started to unbutton your jeans and Dean grabbed your hands and pulled them away.

He pressed another short kiss to your lips before he started leading his lips down your body stopping above the top of your jeans. He finished what he made you stop doing. Your jeans slid down your legs and you lifted you feet so he could pull them off completely. Next it was your underwear. You were almost completely exposed to him now.

He worked himself back up your leg, biting the flesh on the inside of your leg. His hands gripped your thighs as his lips traced your folds. You took a step back and gripped the edge of the table.

His fingers teasingly stroked at your folds until one slipped a finger into your throbbing core while his thumb rubbed your clit. Your back arched and you let out a loud moan.

“I watch, every time we go to a bar, men that look you up and down like candy. You have no idea how much I want to push you up against the bar and show them that you’re mine.”

You were about to say something but he slipped another finger inside, slowly stroking you and he froze the words in your mouth but instead a moan passed through your lips.

“That’s right. Moan for me, baby,” Dean growled. He continued his slow torture. “But you know, I can deal with that. I know that you won’t turn your head for those men. Hell, they don’t even know your name. But you know what I can’t stand?” He pressed another kiss to the inside of your leg. “I can’t stand the way you flirt with my brother. Now that…that makes me mad.”

He removed his fingers from your body and nearly cried out at the lost of contact. But he quickly made contact again. Only this time it was with his mouth. His tongue flicked out and teasingly licked your clit. Your hands racked themselves through his hair, pulling at the short strands. He then started to tug with his teeth your folds. Another moan ripped through your body. His name fell from your lips.

He looked up at you and smirked before he continued to give your wet sex even more attention and you couldn’t help but find him incredibly hot. The lust and desire that he had in his eyes would have turned you on if you weren’t already so turned on.

His tongue worked past your folds and he once again bit you.

The heat that was pooling in your stomach was starting to become unbearable.

You grabbed his hair again and pulled him away from you momentarily. “Dean, I need you inside me. Now!” You growled.

Another grin broke out across his lips and you were almost certain that he was going to return to his agonizing biting. But he didn’t.

He slowly stood back up, making sure to press as much of his body to yours as he could, his hands landed on your hips and placed you back on top of the table. Your heart fluttered. You were going to do this on top of the table. How many times have you dreamed of this to happen?

Dean slid the rest of his clothes and they helped grow the pile that was on the floor.

He pushed you back down on the table to where you were lying on your back but he didn’t seem finished with his fingers.

He slid two fingers inside you rubbing the inside of you. You were screaming on the internally. You needed this to stop. You needed him.

“Dean!” You screamed out pleading without so many words.

“I hear ya, babe. I just like hearing you scream my name,” he said, moving his fingers away from you. Before you could complain at the lost of contact again, he lifted one of your legs so your ankle was resting on his shoulder, opening you up more for him and pulled you to where you were hanging halfway off the table. He positioned himself above you and locked eyes with yours, raising an eyebrow as if asking for permission. Like he really needed to ask. You were already a wet, hot, needing mess. You groaned out a plea and his name and he slammed into you, beginning his rough, fast rhythm.

The only thing that escaped your lips was now moans and he didn’t seem to appreciate that. He slowed his rhythm to an agonizing slow pace and you screamed in frustration.

“Dean!” You screamed. “Dean! What the hell are you doing?”

“I like seeing you come undone underneath me,” he growled.

You groaned in frustration when he didn’t quicken his movements. What the hell did he want from you? You were already screaming out his name.

“Dean, please!” You begged.

He pulled you back up to a sitting position making sure that he was still inside of you and pressed a kiss to your lips. You groaned against him.

He trailed his lips down your face again and settled in the crook of your neck, his teeth slowly biting. Then he started to suck the soft skin and you knew that he was going to leave a mark and you didn’t care. It was about time for everyone to know that you were his. Only his.

He returned to your lips.

“That’s right, you’re mine baby,” he growled against your skin.

And then his pace quickened. You threw your head back and screamed out in ecstasy. He attacked your neck again leaving yet another mark.

“Scream for me.”

And you did.

All too soon you felt yourself approach your climax and you could tell that Dean wasn’t too far behind you.

Stars exploded across your vision as you came and Dean did seconds after you. He slowly rode his high and sat next to you. You were both breathless.

“Why the hell skip around our feelings for so long?” You asked.

“I don’t know,” Dean replied and pressed another kiss to your lips. You moved from your spot on the table and straddled him. He grinned up at you. “Round two?”

“Hell yes.”

He gripped the back of your legs and lifted you and carried you to his room.

The two of you were wrapped in each other’s embrace when Sam’s voice echoed around the Bunker.

“Really guys? We eat here! I’m not go to clean this. You know what, I’m leaving. When I get back, this better be cleaned and when I say clean I mean fucking sanitized.”

Our Story - Fred Weasley Imagine


Could u do Fred one shot where the reader likes him and it’s really obvious but he’s super clueless about it but it comes up in a convo and someone finally tells him and realizes or just knows already that he likes her to plz? Thx! LOVE UR BLOG!!!! (Maybe read some of mine sometime? If u want. I’m new) THANKYOU

A/n: Thank you! I know you sent this a while back and that it’s taken me soooo long to get to it, I apologize. I also apologize to my new and old followers. I know that I haven’t been posting for a while and that I keep making excuses. I know it’s very rude to keep you all on hold for a long period of time but I hope you accept my apology.

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~(Y/n)’s POV~

“I know… I do try!” I exclaim slamming my ‘Hogwarts: A History’ book and turning in my chair to look at my friend who was laying on my bed.

She was laying on her back and had her head over the edge so I was upside down in her view. She was giving me one of her daily lectures about how I should try and talk to my crush and no matter how many times I say that I try and talk to him. She doesn’t believe me.

There’s this boy that I’ve liked for a while now, I’ve been friends with him ever since I met him on the Hogwarts Express on my first year. We were like two peas in a pod, you can say, we always had classes together, sat next to each other in the great hall… Everything was fine just until last year when I realized something.

I loved Fred Weasley and it felt like a fact I couldn’t deny. I don’t know what it was about him that got me but there were so many possibilities as to why. Maybe it was his ginger hair, his big brown eyes or maybe it’s that infamous smirk that girls faint over for.

“Oh really? When?” She questioned turning over.

“Yesterday! During Herbology! It’s…” I shake my head before sighing and turn back to face my book, I open it slowly to find my previous page.

“He’s either oblivious that I like him or maybe he’s denying it.” I heard my mattress shift and heard a few steps before I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

“(Y/n), don’t think like that” she whispers

“Why shouldn’t I? It’s probably true. He doesn’t want me, I should’ve seen that earlier”

After a few more hours of talking, she leaves. Maybe it was true, maybe he is denying my feelings for him because he doesn’t like me back. I close my book and walk downstairs, I was famished for hardly eating anything all day. As I reach the bottom of the staircase, I freeze in place as I hear someone call out my name.

“(Y/n)!” I turn around with my mouth open like I was expecting a giant man eating spider to come out and attack me.

It was Fred. He came up to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I put my head down in hopes that he wouldn’t notice my embarrassing blush.

“(Y/n) are you okay?” He asks me grabbing my chin in between his thumb and forefinger, he makes me look up and I make contact with his beautiful brown orbs. Our faces were so close, it felt like his lips were only inches from mine. My voice gets caught in my throat so I nod softly instead. He gently lets go of my chin and smiles down at me.

“Where were you heading?”

“I - I was heading to the great hall” I mumble

“Me too, I’ll take you” he whispers and grabs my hand. Okay, he probably knows that I like him. I feel like he’s taunting me for liking him. Him putting his arm over my shoulders, the chin hold, lips merely inches apart and his hand holding mine. Maybe (Y/f/n) told him that I liked him. No. She wouldn’t do that to me, I know her to well.

“How’s your day going?” I finally get the courage to speak up.

“Great now that your with me.” He smiles, my heart stops beating. “How’s yours?”

“Good, good” I awkwardly blurt out, he chuckles at me before looking forward. I smack myself in the face. I can’t even form a sentence when I’m around him.

The meal throughout was quite unpleasant until Fred started making conversation with me, I couldn’t help but laugh at his really bad jokes. I accidentally snorted and my face reddened in embarrassment. He just laughed and said that I’m “too cute”.

He then started talking about the game that happened yesterday and that if it weren’t for him they would lose. I kept smiling like a fool as he laughed explaining the whole story.

“I hit the bludger with my bat and then thank Merlin, it hit flint’s broom! I-” he stopped talking as Lee Jordan came up to him and asked if he can talk to him for a minute, Fred looked at me. He shouldn’t have to ask me if he can talk to someone else.

“Go ahead” I say it like a question. It’s not like I’m his girlfriend and that he has to ask me. He stands and walks away from the table to a less crowded spot in the great hall. Just in time, (Y/f/n) swoops in and sits next to me.

“Oo! Having a date I see” (Y/f/n) teased me.

“Shut up” I mutter “I’m actually quite comfortable talking to him”

“Have you been flirting?” She questions, I roll my eyes at her.

“(Y/f/n), I already told you. He doesn’t see anything in me.” Now, she rolls her eyes at me.

“Whatever” she mutters, whenever she says that it reminds me of class because when a teacher scolds her. She usually says the same exact thing. I soon remember that I have to finish chapter 7 of ‘Hogwarts: A History’ for a quiz on Monday.

“I- I have to go! I have to finish reading chapter 7 of that book” I say quickly before standing. “Uh… Tell Fred I had to go and that I’ll want to hear the rest of that story.”

I walk out of the great hall and towards my dormitory. It makes me a little sad that I had to leave but I know that I’ll have to spend another day with him to hear the last of that story.


~Fred’s POV~

“They’ll want to recruit someone new for that position and-” Lee’s voice seems to disappear from my mind, I glance back at Gryffindor table and do a double take as I realize that (Y/n) is no where in sight.

“Will you help him?” Are the words that snap me back.

“Sure” I said hesitantly “Whatever you said” I mumble the last words before walking over to (Y/f/n).

“Um. Where’s (Y/n)?” I ask.

“She had to leave and read a book. Also, she said that you’ll have to tell her the rest of that story.”

I stand and was about to walk away to go find (Y/n) but (Y/f/n) stopped me.

“Not so fast, ginger! Sit!” She scolds me. I sit and sigh. I really wanted to go see (Y/n) and finish that story, I liked watching her smile and snort.

“Are you dumb?” She questions me, I scoff. (Y/f/n) and I have been friends for a while and I feel that she hates me more than homework, which is scary.

“What kind of question is that?!” I exclaim

“It’s a question! Answer it!”


“Are you sure?”


“Then why are you so oblivious to see that (Y/n) likes you, you arse!”

I stay silent and process her words in my mind. (Y/n) likes me? (Y/n) likes me!

“What?!” I stand and she stands too.

Why haven’t I noticed this before? Maybe it’s because I was so busy watching her laugh and smile.

“I- I like her too!” I blurt out loudly. The great hall goes silent and all eyes are on me.

“I’m in love with (Y/n) (Y/l/n)!” I say breathlessly and laugh. I can’t believe, I didn’t notice this before.

“Then go get her mate!” George yelled. Everyone clapped and whistled yelling my name and encouraging me to go get her. I run out of the great hall to find (Y/n).


~(Y/n)’s POV~

“The ceiling is bewitched to look like the night sky” I repeat, it’s probably going to be on the quiz tomorrow.

I stop reading as I hear running footsteps and then a thump.

“Ow!” The running steps begin again and then the next thing I know, Fred is in my room. He’s panting and holding his side.

“Fred, are you okay?” I stand and rush over to him.

“Yeah, just fell down.” He smiles and I can’t help but smile because with the look of pain and the forced smile on his face, it was something I had to laugh at.

“Sorry” I laugh “but why were you running up the stairs?”

“I… I had to tell you the rest of that story”

“Oh” I smile “Right now?”

“Um… Yeah. I wanted to tell you the ending.” He grabs my hands in his and my heart begins to race.

“What happens?”

“In the end… The guy kisses the girl” He then presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back and put my hands on his face to deepen the kiss. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer. I detached our lips, completely out of breath.

“I think I want to hear the ending again” I laugh breathlessly. He smiles and then kisses me again. Now that’s the end of our story.


REQUESTED: “Hi, I’m sorry but could you please write something where Credence is lying in bed with reader the morning after sex?“

Warnings: Mentions of sex, mentions of scars

Word Count: 1,068

Credence woke up and just…couldn’t believe it. He could feel you radiating warmth next to him, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at you just yet. Instead, he remained on his back, letting his eyes flutter open to rest on the ceiling as he remembered the events of the previous night—your first time being intimate with one another. He felt a blush creep up his cheeks at the thought of it—of finally feeling ready and looking into your eyes and sharing that moment of This can happen tonight. You had looked so wonderful, and things had just…fallen into place. Credence had felt completely wrapped up in the warmth of your kindness and your love, and suddenly he just…wasn’t afraid anymore. To touch, to be touched, to solidify what he knew was between the both of you already.

And now here he was, the following morning, feeling content and loose in his own body, rested in a way that he didn’t know he could be rested, next to the person he was so deeply in love with. He couldn’t help a small, shy smile from forming on his lips despite you not being awake to see it, but he liked that happiness seemed to find him at any given time now. And he loved that he was happy now, here, next to you. That such a soft and light morning could be a part of his life when before he never would have thought it possible. So he shifted his eyes over to find you, the one who had helped make this life possible for him and who had shown him that happiness was inside him to find and that he could have it any time.

You were on your side, breathing slowly, which accentuated the rise and fall of your chest, with both arms curved neatly under your pillow. You looked younger like this, Credence noticed, and vaguely like an angel with the sunlight filtering across your face and making your edges glow. He wanted to trace the curve of your jaw, but… The thought of waking you was too unpleasant, so he shifted as gently as he could to face you, simply gazing at your features with a kind of child-like awe. He was able to observe you quietly (reverently) for a few minutes before you woke under his steady gaze.

Credence kept smiling as he watched your eyes open slowly, revealing you to be in a kind of groggy haze, but his smile widened bashfully at seeing the contended, lazy grin spreading across your face when you met his eyes sleepily. You brought a hand from under your pillow to find his, tangling your fingers with his at first contact. You couldn’t seem to quite catch your breath right, what with the morning sun framing Credence’s dark head and giving him a hazy halo and with those eyes of his peering at you and just seeing…everything. “Good morning, Credence,” you whispered, voice rasping uneasily in your throat.

You were dazzled by his answering bright smile, so open at this early hour, so free, and felt him squeeze your hand affectionately. You noticed the way his scars peeked out from between the joining of your hands and brought his wrist up to your mouth to place a soft kiss there and along the lines of his hand. “Y/N…” You looked up at the gentle question in his soft voice. “Was that…okay? Last night… What we did? Was that okay?”

He looked so nervous when you looked up to his face, so concerned, but you just grinned widely at him, all teeth and crinkled eyes, stunning Credence momentarily with the brightness of it all, before you spoke. “Yes, Credence. It was so good; we were so good together. I’m so happy that…we did this. Together. That we were good. And that we were both ready.” You knew you were hardly coherent and that your words were stringing together haphazardly, but you had never felt closer to Credence, emotionally or physically, which made you feel vaguely giddy and more than a little elated.

Credence turned a brilliant red at your unabashed praise and curved toward you to rest his forehead on your shoulder. You felt more than heard his breathy “Really?” asked into the slope of your neck.

“Really,” you whispered back breathlessly, pressing a gentle kiss against his temple with a slight turn of your head. You could feel him exhale a shaky breath before he began to pepper his own tentative kisses against your throat. “I love you, Credence.” You weren’t quite sure if you were saying it for yourself, to make this feeling really real, to acknowledge it specifically, or if you were telling Credence, so that he knew the depth of what you felt for him. Either way, the words clung to the air, filling every space between your bodies.

You could feel his lips curl up into a sweet smile, one you could picture in your mind without having to see it at all, after a moment of just letting the words rest between you both. “I love you too, Y/N.”

Credence closed his eyes to feeling—the way your bodies were still naked and pressing together in the morning light, to the brush of your eyelashes fluttering against his hair, to the trail your fingers were making along the raised scars on his back, to the chill against his ear where your breaths touched. The intimacy of this closeness was dizzying to him, and he couldn’t help but cling more tightly to your frame, pressing you impossibly closer and tangling your legs together. “I never want to let this go… I trust you…so much,” Credence couldn’t help the frantic whispers coming from him. He hoped you could hear him clearly.

You must have, though, because you clung tighter to him, drawing his face closer to you with a hand pressed to the back of his neck and your fingers curling in his hair. “You won’t have to, Credence. I trust you too. And you can have me like this, always.”

Credence liked that your voice had begun to sound like the truth and that you were equally afraid to lose him. He knew he wasn’t alone in his affections. He knew he wasn’t alone in his anxieties. He knew he wasn’t alone. And it was nice to really accept that.


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Anger Management

Imagine getting into an argument with Damon and you two end up having angry sex.

– Anon Request

Btw, guys, to me, ‘imagine’ requests are like long drabbles, so unless you want like a long fic, specify one shot or just write ‘fic/fanfic/fanfiction’ and don’t mention imagine in it :)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“You are so stupid!” You screamed at him, throwing your arms up in frustration. “Me?! Stupid?! Who’s the one who attacked without a plan?!” He screamed at you. “I know what was I doing! And frankly, I can save myself!” You yelled back. “So you’re calling me weak?!” Damon asked, anger flaring up his face. “I’m not calling you weak! I’m calling you reckless!” You screamed, annoyed at him.

“Well I’m sorry for pushing you out of the way in getting fucking stabbed!” He screamed. “I’m an Original for fuck’s sake! I won’t die but you will!” You screamed at him. “You can’t follow a simple task and you could’ve ended up dead for real!” You screamed, fear in your heart as you spoke those scary words.

“If it means that you’re alive then why the fuck do I care?! I fucking love you,  (y/n)! You’re the only one I ever think about! Can’t you get that in your head?!” He asked. You sped, pinning him to the wall. “If you love me like you say, you’re not going to risk your life for me when I know I can live no matter what and you can die!” You seethed.

He sped, switching places so he pinned you on the wall, his hips firmly against yours, his hand tightly keeping both of yours above your head. “I’m sorry princess, but no can do, you’re always the first one I will save no matter what you are, even if your a fucking immortal, I will save you no matter what.” He said, staring down at you, and the neck second, his lips were attached to yours, fiercely kissing you.

He let go of your hands and they dropped to your hips, pulling you against his hard member. In his excuse, angry you never fails to turn him on.

You both sped, hitting wall per wall as your kisses grew hungrier and intense, clothes getting ripped from the other in a matter of seconds. You ended up in the living room, Damon pinning you down the couch as he kissed down your body, sucking marks that’ll last for a few seconds, feeling your skin heat up even just a tiny bit to his touch.

You flipped the two of you and you straddled his lap, pushing yourself down his entire length, moaning at the feel of him filling you up, making you feel as if it was your first time with him.

He held you close and tight, fingertips digging into your soft flesh, his other arm sprawled across your back, his hand tangling on your hair as he pulled, exposing your neck to his lips. You raked your nails up and down the expanse of his back, eliciting a hiss from him.

You two then moved around once again, ending on top of the rug on the floor, him pressing you down the ground as he thrusts into you hard and fast, making you scream his name so loud the whole Mystic Falls probably hearing you two having intense angry sex.

Pleasure quickly built in your systems and with one hard thrust, he hand you coming hard and hot around him as he spilled into you, coming as your walls clenched around him.

You two breathed hard, chest heaving against each other, still on the floor. He gently pulled out of you and he sped the both of you back on the couch, resting you on top of him. You shook as he soothed you by running his hand up and down your back. “I’m sorry for being reckless, (y/n).” He started, not looking down at you. You closed your eyes and sighed. “And I’m sorry for calling you stupid.” You replied.

He looked down at you and slowly brought your face to look up at him. He softly pressed his lips to yours. “I love you.” He murmured against your mouth. “I love you too.” You said, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the feel of his lips moving with yours.

Needy (Calum Imagine)

Thanks for the request! I love some needy Calum!

“Cal, just a second,” you murmured to your boyfriend, nudging him off of you slightly. He had been like this all day, constantly clinging to you and whining softly into your ear. You loved him lots, but you wished he would just give you some space. 

He let out a huff, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. “I’ve just missed you a lot is all.” 

You smiled at him, running your hand lightly through his curly locks. “I’ve missed you, too. But we’ve got a lot of time together now, yeah? You are done with tour now and we’ll be in Sydney for a bit together. There’s no rush.”

“Yeah,” he breathed against your neck, standing up and stretching afterwards. 

“If you’ve got stuff to finish, I think I’m gonna call Ashton over, okay?“

You nodded, slipping your computer into your bag. “I’m going to head to the library for a bit. I’ll bring something back for dinner. I can take your car?”

“Sure.” Calum sounded a little dejected, so you pressed a quick kiss to his plump lips.

“Once I finish this paper, we’ll have all week to do whatever we want,” you promised, grabbing his keys and leaving, hearing his mumbled goodbye before shutting the door behind you.


You were being really productive. In all honestly, you couldn’t get anything done when Calum was around you, so it was nice to just sit in a quiet space and do your work for once.

You had just finished and were packing up when you finally checked your phone, which had been on silent. Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head when you saw four missed calls, two from your boyfriend and two from Ashton. 

Shoving the rest of your things into your bag, you quickly exited the building, calling Calum. It rang a few times, and just when you thought no one would answer, Ashton’s voice boomed in your ear.

“Ash? Is everything okay? Why’d you call me?” You fired at him immediately. Your question was met with a slight pause. “Ash?“

“Everything’s… okay,” he said, but he sounded strange.

“What’s wrong? Is Calum there? Can I talk to him?”

“He’s here. He doesn’t really want to talk right now,” Ashton’s voice dropped in volume to a whisper. “Can you just come home? He, like, needs you.“

“What do you mean?” You started your car, ready to take off, zooming out of the parking lot faster than you should. “He needs me?”

Ashton sighed. “He just had a breakdown or a panic attack or something. He’s okay, just pretty upset. Has he been acting normal to you?“

You thought back, his clinginess making sense now. You should have known this would happen soon. Calum always had a tough time adjusting from the hectic schedule of touring to the boredom of an average life. You felt bad that you hadn’t shown him the attention he had so desperately been craving.

“I’ll be back soon,” you told Ashton, pausing at a light. “Just stay with him until I get there.”


You said goodbye, hanging up and concentrating on getting home safely. You shut the car as soon as you pulled into the driveway, opening the door and stepping into your home. All was quiet, but as you ventured further in, you could hear Ashton’s soft voice coming from the family room.

“I know it’s tough,” you heard Ashton console. “I talked to Luke earlier, and he says he’s struggling, too. Remember how hard it was last year? It takes a little while to get back into the normal swing of life. You’ll get the hang of it soon, though, and you’ve got Y/N to help you out, too.”

“Talking smack about me?” You teased softly, stepping into the room. Your heart broke as you saw Calum sitting on the edge of the sofa with his head in his hands, shoulders shaking. Ashton’s hand was rubbing his back as the older boy looked at you sympathetically.

“Just a bit of post-tour depression is all,” Ashton smiled sadly, his own clear in his eyes. You sat down on Calum’s other side, brushing your hand through his hair softly like you know he likes. You sat like that for awhile, Calum not moving and only a soft humming from Ashton breaking up the silence. After a bit, Ashton stood up, glancing at his phone and stretching.

“I’ve got to head home and pick up Harry and Lauren. Promised them I’d take them to the movies later,” he said, mostly to you.

“Sorry,” Calum mumbled, still not moving.

“Hey man, it’s cool, we all get down sometimes. I’ll text you later to check up on you, sound good?”

Calum nodded, and you mouthed ‘thank you’ to Ashton and he smiled sadly, escorting himself out of your home. You spent the next couple of minutes gently rubbing Calum’s back, trying to gather the right words.

“I’m so sorry,” you finally said. “I should have been paying more attention to how you’ve been feeling. I forgot how difficult it can be to come back from a nine month tour.” Silence. “It’s okay, you know that right? It’s okay for you to need me. How many times during the tour did I call you in tears? That’s why we have each other. For the good times and the bad. It’s-“

Suddenly, before you could even figure out what was happening, you were crushed in a bone crushing hug, your boyfriend half in your lap, his face pressed into your neck as salty tears wet your collarbone. You wound your arms around him tightly, wishing you could stop his shaking shoulders and shuddering breaths, wanting more than anything for him to feel okay. He was like a beacon of light to you. He deserved to know how loved he was.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped into your skin. “I j-just don’t know who I am when- when I’m not on st-stage.”

You hushed him, rubbing his back and trying to keep your own tears at bay. “It’s okay. You do know who you are. You’re the same person, Cal. Just gotta find your footing again.“

“I don’t remember it being this hard,” he mumbled, sniffling.

“It might not have been. You were in a different place last year. That’s okay.”

“I’m sorry I’ve been so clingy.“

“I’m sorry I haven’t been paying attention to you. Besides, you know I love your cuddles.” You poked his side gently, eliciting the smallest of laughs. It was enough, though. You pried him off of you but kept him on your lap, leaning back a bit so you could wipe under his puffy eyes gently.

He sniffled. “Gonna blow my nose for me too?”

You laughed, pressing a kiss to his red lips. Just a short one, so he knew you loved him. “Whatever it takes, babe.“

He paused, looking at his lap and playing with your hand. “Is it okay if we just stay in tonight? I’ve done nothing but I’m just so tired and I miss you so much. Can we just order take-out or something?”

You nodded, loving that concept. “Totally. I’ll ring up the pizza place.“

So you did, and when the pizza came, you and Calum ate on the couch watching reruns of your favorites comedy show. The whole entire night, Calum didn’t venture more than two feet from you. When you went into the kitchen, he went. When you went into the bedroom, he went. The night went on like that, but you didn’t mind. Not when you knew he needed you. And when it was time to go to bed, you both climbed under the covers, his body immediately finding yours, a gentle whining coming from the back of his throat as he nuzzled your neck.

“It’s alright, Cal,” you murmured, rubbing his back, knowing his emotions always spiked at night. “I love you.”

“Promise you won’t leave,” he mumbled, voice gruff and raw.

“Promise.” You pressed a soft kiss to his wild hair, holding him as close as possible. You felt him relax at your touch, breath quieting down until it evened out completely, his body mostly on yours. But it was okay. You would do anything for him. That’s what you do when you love someone.

Mine (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: “Be mine.” he gasped, and I thought I’d heard him wrong before he repeated it, “Be mine, baby.”
Word Count: 1,675
Warnings: None.
A/N: Hi, have this fluffy ball of fluff while I work on getting all the requests done. It’s kind of like a small imagine, so hope you like it. Requests are open xxx

My dress swung back and forth as I walked in a quick pace, my heels clicking against the dry pavement. I could hear Ethan’s footsteps quicken behind me which made me pick up my pace, giggling as I almost began running.

“Stop running so fast. Christ!” He breathlessly yelled, letting a little laugh escape his smiling lips. I couldn’t see his smile, not really, but I could hear it in his voice as I was running. “How the hell do you manage to run so quick with heels?”

We were about to reach my neighborhood when I felt his arms circle around my waist, letting out a little squeal as he picked me up easily and swung me around to the right. I couldn’t stop giggling, felt like a little girl on a sugar rush, and apparently my laughter was contagious because Ethan began laughing along with me. Hot little puffs of air hit my bare neck as he hugged me close.

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Little John

Anonymous said:

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to” for the possessive thingy. I would pan. But can you make the reader sassy back to him?😂 please and thank you in advanced!

Anonymous said:

“I don’t like when they touch you” for the imagine thing?? Thank you!! I love your writing😁

Anonymous said:

Previous anon!! Oops lol Pan sorry😂😂


Warning/s: possessive Pan


Summary: Pan is very possessive lol duh

Character: Peter Pan

John, one of the younger lost boys, laughed as Y/N attacked him with her fingers, tickling him nonstop.

“Y/N! Please stop!” little John pleaded, happy tears clouding his eyes.

“Not until you tell me who the best person on Neverland is” Y/N chuckled as John continued to laugh.

“You! You are, Y/N! Now please stop!” John pleaded again. Y/N laughed and stopped tickling little John.

“Who’s the best person again?” Y/N teased. Little John glared at her playfully and muttered a “You are”

Y/N smiled cheekily and tapped her right cheek. “Give the best person a kiss on the cheek then”

John grinned as Y/N bent down to kneel in front of him. He stood on his tip toes and pressed his lips on Y/N’s cheek.

“There” John chuckled and stepped back. Y/N stood up and looked down at little John, reaching down to carry him but stopped when Pan called out for her. Y/N looked behind her to see Pan motioning for her to come.

“Y/N. May I have a word?” Pan said through gritted teeth.

Y/N nodded hesitantly and walked over to him, entering his hut.

When the two of them were out of sight, Pan glared at her.

“What was that?” he spat.

“What was what?” Y/N asked.

“You know what I’m talking about!” Pan yelled.

“Actually, no.” Y/N sassed, not liking how Pan is acting.

Pan looked at her with a sinister look.

“Fine. I’ll tell you what. That boy was all over you and you were just letting him touch you!” he yelled in anger.

Y/N looked at her with a confused look.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“That John kid! You were basically flirting with him!” Pan yelled.

“What?” Y/N asked in disbelief.

Pan rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t even try to deny it, Y/N. I saw it with my own eyes.” Pan stated in a matter of fact tone.

“What the hell, Peter? He’s 6!” Y/N yelled, growing frustrated over him.

“I don’t care! I don’t like it when they touch you” Pan glared.

Y/N just stared at him in disbelief.

“And I’m making a new rule. No one gets to touch you or talk to you but me!” Pan said in a dangerous tone.

Y/N was about to protest when Pan cut him off.

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to” And with that, Pan disappeared into thin air, leaving Y/N alone with a mix of emotions.

Secret Photographer (Dan Howell x Reader)

Originally posted by arophan

(Not my gif oops)

I am sorry in advance this is my first try and it is straight shit so prepare yourselves.



The gleaming winter sun shone through the windows as my tired eyes fluttered open. The daggers of light shot in my eyes causing me to hiss slightly and turn my back to see a pair of sleepy big brown eyes staring back at me. A petite smirk was plastered on his lips and his arms wrapped around my small figure as I nuzzled my face into his bare chest.

“Good morning baby.” His raspy morning voice filled my ears as I felt a kiss placed on my forehead. I pulled away slightly as Dan ducked down placing his forehead on mine closing his eyes softly.

“Hi.” I yawned out causing him to chuckle slightly and pulling me even closer to him as his eyes soon met my Y/E/C eyes. His hand reached up for my cheek and he caress the soft skin. We were completely focused on each other, gazing into each other’s eyes until there was a slight knock at the door.

“Let's see if Danisnotonfire and Y/N are awake yet!” Phil’s voice was slightly heard through the door as Dan groaned turning his face into the pillow mumbling

  “Another Day in the Life video?I giggled gently combing my fingers through his hobbit hair as Phil slightly peaked in the door to make sure the coast was clear

  “Ah! And here they are everyone!Phil announced before turning the camera and filming Dan and I. I waved shyly at the camera as Dan side smirked and did his “Hello Internet” salute. I hd under the covers slightly as Dan and Phil both laughed.

“She’s a bit shy everyone.” Phil spoke as I felt Dan lean over towards me whispering in my ear 

 “The camera is off angel.” I got off from under the covers slightly as I saw Dan standing up picking out an outfit for the day and Phil staring down at his camera watching the footage over making sure he got some decent shots for the video. I curled up in the comforter as Dan and Phil tried to make a decision on what to do for video. The conversation was cutting in and out as I drifted back off to sleep as I hear Dan.

“Y/n do you want to come with us today sweetheart?” I opened my eyes slightly as I saw Dan smiling down at my tired state. I yawned quietly as I mentally compared going out and dealing with the cold weather or staying indoors with the fire and coffee. I had already make my choice. I shook my head a little causing Dan to nod understandingly. “Alright baby we’re gonna get going. I’ll text you later and we’ll be home in a few hours. I nodded as I lifted my head puckering my lips receiving a goodbye kiss from my loving boyfriend. After pulling away I smiled gently at Phil saying goodbye as the two giants strolled out of the room. A few seconds later I heard the front door close signaling they had left. I reached for my phone on the bedside table as a text from Dan had already lighten up on my screen

           I haven’t even been gone for 2 minutes and he is already annoying the shit out of me by sticking a camera in my face as we speak xx Dan 10:43a

 I giggled a little as I typed a response

          You haven’t even been gone for 2 minutes and you’re already paying more attention to your phone then actual people xx Y/n 10:43am

I clicked out of messages as I tapped on Twitter checking recent tweets as I received a new text from Dan

    Being out here totally beats being cuddled up next to you right now(; xx Dan 10:44am

    Wow feeling the love right now. Now FOCUS ON YOUR JOB AND STOP TEXTING ME YOU SPORK!!<3 xx Y/n 10:44am

    Good cause I love my princess so much and she deserves to feel the love<3 and I’ll try to stop thinking about you rn(; xx Dan 10:45am

     Good Luck Howell. I love you<3 xx Y/n 10:46am

     I love you more baby cakes<3 xx Dan 10:46am

I turned my phone off as I stood up from the large bed stretching. I then walked to the kitchen where I ran into the glass door.

“Shit!” I shrieked  as I grabbed my nose groaning in pain. I had lived here for a good 5 months now and yet I never fail to forget the glass door that blocked the kitchen from the hallway. I open the door as I reach the cereal cupboard. I stand on my tippy toes to reach some Lucky Charms as suddenly a box to my left catches my eye. I tilt my head to the left as I read the writing written on the side of the box.

Y/n and Dan’s relationship

I knitted my eyebrows together as I curiously walk towards the grayish shoe box. I lift the lid up as I peek in. Scattered in the box are hundreds of pictures of Dan and I together. Pictures of us kissing each other, playing games at 2 am, holding hands, dancing, gazing at each other but one picture in particular. I picked up the photo as I stared at a small girl and a tall boy staring at each other laughing. I could recognize this photo anywhere. It was the day Dan and I had first met. The small corner coffee shop stood in the background as I remembered the day as if it was yesterday. I had been sitting out on the patio sipping my iced mocha as I heard two voices caught my ear.

“Phil you can’t just say “all or nothing” after you lose every game anymore!” A tall brown haired spoke to his even darker haired friend.

“But Dan it leaves an element of surprise.”

“It’s not a surprise anymore if you do it every single time!” I giggled covering my mouth slightly as the two turned towards me. I blushed rapidly as I saw Dan looking at me as though he was in awe. He claims it was “love at first sight” which causes me to roll my eyes every single time but yet I couldn’t agree with him more. It had been love at first sight. I quickly picked up the box as I spread the rest of the pictures on the table. I looked over all of the pictures smiling and picking up every one remembering the 2 am arguments over a Mario Kart race, the time he had dropped his cup of coffee all over my favorite white shirt, the slow dancing with no music playing, the kisses where snowflakes covered our beanies and our slightly red noses were visible. Tears of joy brimmed my eyes as I recalled every memory before the question finally hit me

Who was the mysterious photographer? 

I hadn’t realized I had been looking through the photos all day until I heard the front door slam shut. Footsteps quickly scampered up the stairs as Dan rushed into the kitchen spotting me grinning and rushing towards me hugging me tight

“You didn’t respond to any other my text why weren’t you responding I was so wor… woah.” He spoke as he stepped back looking at the table which was filled with the photos. He eyes scanned over all of the photos as a grin appeared on his face as he picked up the photo that also first caught my eye. The coffee shop.

“Where did you find these?” He asked almost speechless as I whispered, still in awe of all of the photos of us,

“I’m not sure.” He gazed at me slightly before Phil walked in the kitchen finishing his outro.

“Bye guys! So Y/n how was your boring day at….” He stopped questioning as he glanced down at the table before blushing slightly. A lightbulb lit up in my head as I glanced at Phil in amaze.

“Phil..I..Did you…. Are you the secret photographer?” I whispered as I felt Dan slowly interlock his hands with mine missing my touch. Phil smiled slightly looking at the ground as he spoke.

“It was supposed to be an anniversary present for you two but I guess I forgot to hide it.” I looked up at Dan who was smiling like an idiot and stepped forward giving his best friend a hug as he whispered something in his ear. Phil smiled and nodded as they both turned to me. I raised an eyebrow in confusion as Phil stepped towards me softly pushing me to the lounge.

“Hey y/n let’s watch Buffy together for a while hey?” I nodded unable to say no to Buffy as I plopped down on the couch before yelling out

“Hey babe wanna watch with us?”

“Actually baby I have to go edit a video in my room so I’ll see you in a little bit.” Dan shouted back from the kitchen. I nodded to myself as I turned my full attention to the screen. A few hours later Dan had emerged from his room as he stood in front of me grinning.

“Yes?” I asked as I looked up at him confused as he reached his hand out for me.

“Come here angel I have something to show you.” I took his hand gently as he guided me through the hallway to his closed bedroom door. He then softly opened as I walked in and gasped. They were everywhere. Hanging all other the walls. The pictures. Tears filled my eyes gently as I turned towards Dan who was staring lovingly at me.

“Dan it’s… wonderful… why would you…”

“Because you remind me of a dream baby. I mean you are way too good for me to think I’m not dreaming all the time. So now when I wake up in the morning, I have all of these. To simply remind me that our relationship isn’t just a perfect dream, but actually a perfect version of reality.” I reached up to his face and smashed my lips on his out of pure affection and passion. His hands found their way to my hips as he pulled me closer to him before whispering in the kiss

“All thanks to our secret photographer.”

Jily The Walking Dead AU

“I was a fucking pizza delivery boy! This is not how I thought I’d die,” James shouted, firing off another shot into an approaching walker. 

“What the hell did you assume? Something more cheese related?” Lily paused as she pulled her hammer from a newly caved-in skull, throwing a dubious glance toward him. 

James scowled, slung his shot gun back up over his shoulder, straightened. “Meth head stabbing, actually.” Lily raised an eyebrow. He shrugged. “Meth heads love pizza, too.”


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At first it was as if you were looking at a ghost, but you knew it was him. You growled at him getting ready to turn him into an actual ghost until Liam grabbed your waist holding you back.

“Let me go! He tried to kill Stiles! He tried to kill me! He tried to kill all of us!” You screamed, fighting against Liam’s grip.

“I don’t think a sorry is going to make you feel better is it?” Theo says wittily only enraging you further.


Look, Ben didn't care, and I don’t, either.


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A/N = this will be told entirely from a third person POV without any dialogues. It was supposed to be a draft of a plot but I got lazy and just made it a one-shot. Hope you enjoy. GIF not mine. credit to original owner.


Sehun sat up with a gasp waking from his nightmare. He looked around frantically trying to find the girl he was dreaming about. He was in his own bed in the dorms. Suho was asleep on the other side of the room. It felt so real.

He knew that tonight, he won’t be able to go back to sleep so he went out of the room quietly and dragged a blanket with him to the couch. No need to wake up Suho. Morning will come soon enough. They have enough things to do to keep them busy later.

For the past five months, he had been dreaming of her. This fantasy girl who seemed made for him. He never met her in real life so he was wondering why consistently dreamed of her. Slowly, in his dreams they became friends, then confidants, a month ago he realized he was falling in love with her. He fought hard against it. Why would he fall in love who doesn’t exist?

But the heart wants what it wants. Not loving her was not possible. She’s his soulmate. His heart was her from the very start.

Tonight, they got into a stupid argument. How was it possible to argue with someone in your dreams? Sehun grimaced as he recalled how he acted like a spoiled brat once again, expecting her to apologize and console him. In his dream, he walked away from her, surreptitiously checking to make sure she’s following him.

That’s when it happened. A big black car suddenly came out of nowhere and slammed into her sending her flying yards away. His breathing stopped when he saw her broken and bleeding. He was running towards her when he woke up. She needs to be alright. She needs to be.

He dozed off in a dreamless sleep. Exhaustion taking over his will. He was shaken awake by the other members a few hours later. They went to a scheduled appearance at a nearby university for a program called “Guerrilla Date.” It was fun and noisy. He slipped into his role as the sexy maknae like a second skin. His smiles were genuinely friendly. He loved his EXO-Ls.

They stopped by a popular cafe on the way back to the company. Everyone wanted to try the new cronuts the place was advertising. The members were all seated in a large corner booth near the counter eating the warm pastry and drinking their choice of drinks when the door jingled and a pretty young girl walked in.

Sehun lost all color on his face. It’s her, the girl he’d been dreaming about. She was walking with a slight limp and her right arm on a cast and sling. She’s thinner than in his dreams but there was no mistaking it. It is her.

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Mr and Mrs Shades (pt. II)

(Shades Alvarez x OC)

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“Honey, I’m home.” She called out as she filled the two glasses. Picking them up she turned around, smirk plastered on her face.

Taking a sip from her own glass as she held the other out.

“Well welcome home Mrs Alvarez.” Said Shades taking the glass from her offering hand.


“Still with the Bourbon I see. Although it has clearly gotten more expensive.” Shades remarked swallowing the two fingers worth she had poured him.

Sighing at the comment, she rolled her eyes and tossed back her shot. “We here to play catch up or talk business?” She asked pouring herself another shot.

“Well I thought it might be nice to know what my wife has been up to since she abandoned me to rot.” He said casually setting his empty glass on a side table.

His words set her spine straight and her grip began to white knuckle around the tumbler. “I abandoned you?” She asked anger seeping into her tone as she turned to look at him.

Standing there he ran his right hand over his left rubbing the tips of his right fingers over his left ring finger. Making a frown with his mouth his eyebrows raised over the tops of his glasses and he shrugged.

Huffing and shaking her head at his gesture she tossed back her second shot, slamming the empty glass down. “What do you want Hernan?”

“Like I said, to know how my wife has been?” He remarked finally taking off the glasses and putting them in his breast pocket.

“Cut the shit.” She seethed. No one on earth could actually piss her off. Sure she would pretend to be angry when a client would make a stupid remark, but honestly she could care less.

Hernan ‘Shades’ Alvarez though? He could enrage her with a look. And oh how he loved to use that look on her.

Sighing he complied “Fine, as usual you win.” He smirked rewarding himself with another eyeroll. “You’ve been hired to kill Diamondback.” He walked around the room. “I work for Diamondback.” Shades turned his back to her as he walked looking around the parlor. “He wants me to kill you before you kill him… so.” Shades drew his gun but when he turned she was gone.

“Andreanna!!” He yelled out. From her spot in the hall she listened to him storm the house. Creeping down to the hall table she reached under it. ‘Shit’ she thought to herself, he found it.

Making her way to the spare room she hoped he hadn’t found all of her hiding spots. Entering the room she shut the door quietly before heading to the wardrobe in the corner. Opening the doors she removed the false bottom to reveal the safe underneath thanking God, she used her thumb to open the lock and pulled out two Smith and Wesson 9mm’s, and screwed on their suppressors. Shoving the extra magazines into her thigh holster for her knife. She got ready to stand when she heard movement from above. He was in the room upstairs.

Listening carefully she pointed the guns at the ceiling. 'Step step, stop.’ She fired four rounds from each gun up to the room above. When she stopped firing she was met with silence. A moment of sadness began to settle in as she thought she had just killed him but when she looked up through the holes he was looking down gun in hand.

She ran out of the way just in time as he rained his shots down from above. Running to the kitchen she listened with her ear to the wall for him to come down the stairs.

Anticipating her move he fired at the wall as he came down the stairs. Running she dodged the 12 Guage blasts as they came through the wall.

Halting his assult Shades listened for life.

Catching her breath she spoke up “I see you found my shotgun?”

“Yeah it’s nice. Little heavy in the butt, but it seems to help in a way.” He commented.

Lifting her head she saw the barrel pointed at her through on of the holes in the wall. Ducking quickly as another blast shot over her head. Rolling back down the wall she stuck her gun through another one of the holes and fired.

“Ahh!” Shades hollered out dropping the shot gun and holding his arm where she grazed him.

Peaking through the hole she just shot through she expected to see his body, but was met with an empty stair case. Huffing her disappointment she stood and began to creep around the house.

Using the shadows and his dark suit to his advantage Shades moved easily around the house. Watching out for where she may be. From the dining room he saw movement out the corner of his eye. Drawing his gun he stepped forward. “Ya know I gotta give it to you Dre, I didn’t think you had it in you.” He said. Causing her to take a sharp breath at the use of his nick name for her.

As a child everyone always used her full first name it wasn’t until she started high school and met Hernan Alvarez had anyone thought to shorten it. Only he called her that, ever.

Closing her eyes she tried to gather herself, unprepared for what emotion the sound of his name for her would bring up when spoken from his lips after all this time.

“You always seemed like the type to love and never let go. But you did let go. Didn’t you?” He knew that would push her and cause her to act out.

It worked.

Turning from her position she slid across the hall into the living room firing down the in his direction. Only he wasn’t there. As she slid into the living room she was met with a small grenade rolling towards her. Her eyes went wide and she leaned back kicking her legs out from under her and at the small bomb, effectively knocking it into the fireplace across the room.

Scrambling to her feet she looked for her guns just as she heard steps approaching from behind. Ripping the rope from the curtains she stepped back.

Walking in, gun raised, Shades looked around the charred room only to have his gun knocked from his hand. Using his disorientation to her advantage she jumped on his back wrapping the rope around his neck. She held tight as he tride to fight for air.

Shades ran backwards slamming her back into the wall. Once, twice, on the third blow she lost her grip and he spun her over his shoulder and to the ground. Landing one, then two kicks. On his third strike she caught his foot, twisting his ankle causing him to fall onto his back on the floor.

Quickly, she climbed on top of him strattling his chest. She drew back and punched him. Jab, Jab, cross. Jab, Jab, caught.

Shades grabbed her wrist pulling her down and flipping them over. Practically nose to nose he pinned her arms down over her head. Panting he couldn’t resist looking down to her lips then back to her eyes. Neither one seeing the others action as she too did the same.

“It would appear you found all my toys.”

“It was just a little bomb baby.” He smirked

“And this is just my little knee.” She smirked back, at his crinkled brow. Drawing her leg up she kneed him right where it would hurt.

Groaning he fell forward releasing her arms. Now free, Red elbowed him across his cheek and pushed him off of her.

Groaning as she rolled over she spotted one of her guns on the floor and crawled to it. Shades tride to catch his breath from the shock of the low blow he had received.

He saw something black and shiny just infront of him. Crawling over he picked it up. It was one of Red’s 9mm’s. Checking the mag he saw two rounds and turned to stand.

Just as she turned and stood. Facing off they each held a gun on the other. Wanting nothing more than to end this, Shades squeezed his gun but couldn’t do it when something gold caught his eye.

Somewhere in the fight the mesh of her dress had torn and out fell a gold chain. With a gold men’s band hanging over her breasts, hanging over her heart.

Seeing him notice it her eyes began to gloss over.

“I can’t… I can’t.” He said dropping his gun.

“No!” She yelled thrusting her gun forward. “Pick it up!” He stared into her blue and red rimmed eyes shaking his head no. “You don’t get to leave me then act like you give a shit a decade and a half later you son of a bitch! Now PICK IT UP!”

He couldn’t do it. After all he put her through she still carried a torch for him just as he did for her.

Stepping forward the barrel of her gun touched his throat. She kept the gun on his neck even as he stepped closer. Wrapping his large hand around the back of her soft small neck he tangled his fingers in her silky onyx tresses. The cold barrel dug in as he pulled her to him and he crashed his lips to hers.

Melting into the man that she has waited nearly 15 years for felt like nothing short of a long lost dream. Dropping her gun to the floor she wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands made their way to her ass. Squeezing he lifted her up and slammed her into the wall behind them.

Both still frustrated over unanswered questions, but too caught up in the moment to ask them. They took it out on each other.

Biting down hard, Red caused a growl to leave his chest and blood to drip from his lip. Pulling her back he slammed her into the wall again, harder than before. Forcing a picture to fall from its place and shatter to the floor.

Pulling her from the wall again he slammed her down onto a side table just inside the hall way. Reaching down Shades grabbed either side of the slit she had cut in the cab to allow her to fight freely, and pulled it apart. Ripping the dress in half.

Taking a moment to look down at her he saw shear nude colored lace covering her chest and black lace boy shorts down lower. She was just as perfect as he remembered her. It was as if time stopped just on her so that he could have her as she had always been in his memories. Wrapping her legs around him she pulled him to her as he ripped off his suit jacket.

Reaching between them she forced open his shirt, buttons flew every where. Pushing him back a bit she looked down at his sculpted body the same way he had admired hers. He was all seemingly smooth lines but to the touch he was all hard, with edges.

Giving her a moment to appreciate him he met her eyes as she drew her gaze over him and back up. Once they locked stares he applied his hand to her throat and pushed her back against the wall, kissing her fiercely. Tangling the fingers of his other hand in the black lace of her underwear, Shades ripped it from her body.

Her fingers worked at his belt and slacks pushing them down so he sprung free.

Before she could even touch him he slapped her hands away and grabbed ahold of himself. There was no teasingn no few pumps of his hand, or a check if she was ready. He just lined himself up to her center and thrust forward. “FUCK Dre” He moaned.

Feeling the power of him shock through her body a tear slipped from her eye. Weather it was from finally being with the one person she had ever loved after all this time. Weather she just had debris in her eye from the fight. If it was just that powerful of a thrust, she didn’t know but she did know she wasn’t letting it go again.

Looking at her face leaned back he wiped a single tear from her cheek never letting up his pace. He rocked into her hard and fast. Watching her bite her own lip to keep from screaming out drove him to an edge he had not reached in 15 years.

Picking her back up she wrapped herself around him. Walking while still inside of her she would lift her hips to slide along him as he made his way to the spare room of the downstairs hall, where just moments before they had tried to kill one another.

Entering the room he threw her off of him and onto the bed. Kicking off his shoes and shoving down his pants the rest of the way he watched her. She rolled over and watched him finish stripping as she bit her lip and pulled off what was left of her dress and her bra.

Once the tattered material he once called a shirt was finally gone he dove for her.

Seeing her there layed out on the old quilt of the bed. Her hair fanned around her, her beautiful eyes looking at him the same way they had their last night together over a decade ago. He couldn’t help it. Running his fingertips over her cheek and his thumb over her lips he mumbled “I still love you.”

Tears filled her eyes as she took a shaky breath “I never stopped.” She whispered out.

Kissing her slow and deep he pulled away and pressed his forehead to hers trying and failing to catch his breath he panted. “I am so sorry baby, I am so damn sorry. Fuck, I love you.” He sounded so lost and broken as he positioned himself to enter her again.

Sucking in a ragged breath when he thrust forward. She let it go with a barely audible “I love you.”

This time taking it slow and savoring the moment he took still strong, but slower, deeper strokes while he worked his lips and toung over every bit of her they could reach.

She tasted like a life thought to be lost to him. He felt like a life long awaited by her.

They loved and returned to one another long into the night before collapsing into the first real nights sleep either one had been able to have in half a lifetime.
  • Thor: The truth is, I don't know if you can trust Loki to have your back but well, he has tried to kill me, and I have shot him, and imprisoned him and I wouldn't be surprised if our paths again cross in such a manner. He has had my back on two occasions. Once was the last day I was in the mine, and the other not so long ago.
  • Jane: My, sounds like a love story.
Tony Perry: She’s Like a Bullet Through An Ocean


Warnings: Blowjobs lawl

Word Count: 793

Featuring: Tony Perry of Pierce the Veil

Your name: done [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: Ha this took waaaaay too long to write. I’m sorry. I didn’t to to what extent you wanted the pet names to go, so I did my best.

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.:Imagine Luke coming back to you after his fight with Vader:.

Request for anon:

“Luke x reader before he goes to Vader… Reader gives him a bracelet or something as a tradition from their home planet to wish them to come back…”

GIFs aren’t mine

Let’s see how this one goes.

“Will you come back?” Y/N asks Luke, curiosity in their eyes. He takes their hand in his, giving them a small squeeze.

“I don’t know.” He gives them a small smile. Y/N nods then proceeds to take the leather bracelet ,wrapped around a small blue bead, off their wrist. “Please take this.” They place it into Luke’s gloves hand.

Luke raises his hand and observes the object. “But it’s yours. I can’t take something like this from you.”

Y/N closes his hand around it with theirs. “Well, how about when you come back, you can return it to me. It’s a tradition of my planet to give it to someone you hold dear to you. Please take it.”

Luke nods his head respectfully and places a kiss on Y/N’s forehead.

Luke spots Y/N sitting around the fire chatting with Han. Y/N looks up and sees Luke. They excuse themselves and walks over to Luke.

They embrace each other in a tight hug. “Tell me Y/N, how does someone from your planet ask someone out?”

Y/N smiles. “Well remember how I gave you the bracelet earlier? I was kind of asking you out first.”

They both laugh.