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Hey everyone! Its finally time for PeggyNet to take off again! I attempted this in the past, but due to my hiatus nothing ever came of it. Now that I’m firmly back in the tumblr world I wanted to establish a network for Peggy fans so that we will have people to talk to about Peggy!

How to join:

  • Consider following me*
  • Reblog this posts (likes won’t count)
  • Please send me a message or an ask letting me know why you want to join the network!
  • Love Peggy! ❤
  • That’s it!

What I’m looking for:

  • Very friendly bloggers
  • Hate free and positive blogs! :)
  • People who love Peggy Carter
  • Fandom blogs (marvel/multifandom everything is welcome ❤)
  • You must tag all your posts in some form so that other members can follow you even if they’re just there for Peggy!

I’ll be adding members continuously, and adding them to a page on my blog, as well as creating a chat page where we can share everything with each other!

*You don’t have to, but one of the things I hope for this network is that we can make some friends who love Peggy as much as we do!

If you have questions feel free to ask!

And there he is. The most resilient man in the Commonwealth.

                          ❝ Fine, we’re damaged…
                                        ( really damaged )
                    But that does not make us wise. ❞

Given that I’ve written for the beautiful Natasha Romanoff before, I decided that this would be the best choice for a one-shot out of those given to me by the user kapulobo. I was a little nervous about writing this at first but I think it’s turned out okay, right? There are a fair few innuendos in here courtesy of my imagination and also some implied smut so enjoy that my lovelies. My computer is only just up and running again so apologies for the hiatus. Next request is the sequel to Bedtime Stories.

Prompt: Hello! Can you do a Natasha X Reader or a Maria Hill X Reader? Thank you!

“Sweet and Sour” (Part 1)

It had been a long day. A really long day. Though it wasn’t the crime-fighting, world-saving long day that Earth’s mightiest heroes were used to, it still felt amazing to get into bed and crawl up under the duvet. Quickly, you felt yourself drifting eerily close to the land of nod.

You weren’t part of the Avengers – most of them didn’t even know you existed – but having been Natasha’s roommate for several years, it was only a matter of time until you found out about her “day job”. Natasha used your apartment as a safe-house and, for as long as possible, kept your knowledge of her occupation to a minimum. However when you’d seen the Battle of New York and your red-headed roommate fighting in the worst of it, you’d put two and two together – Natasha Romanoff was the Natasha Romanoff.

Only Agent Clint Barton knew about you, apparently. According to Natasha, it was difficult to keep secrets from her best friend. However, even after you discovered her true identity, nothing changed. Nat would still come home most days, pay rent, clean the bathroom – all the things a good roommate should do. Every now and then she would offer to cook dinner but you never let her (her Caesar salad had forced you to take a week off of work and as a result you hadn’t let her back in the kitchen since).

Today was no different and just as you were drifting to sleep, you heard the familiar sound of Natasha kicking the door in. Somehow she always managed to have both hands full when coming home and, after unlocking the door, decided that opening it with her boot was the most practical solution. The resounding thud of two shopping bags hitting the floor, no doubt containing groceries that you didn’t need, signalled her arrival.

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COMMENTS; I just fell in love while writing this. It was so fluffy and cute and aw okay I’m just going to let you read this one and see what you think of it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; Crazy children, AoU spoilers, seriously fluffiness and swearing

As I sat down, covered head to toe in peanut butter, I couldn’t help but question everything.

Like, why the hell was I surrounded by the world’s largest candy explosion, with the faint soundtrack of Thomas the Tank Engine in the far distance.

And, mostly important, why the hell was Captain America wearing a bra on his head.

I would’ve laughed at the expression on his face if it wasn’t for the small burst of yellow dress as the energetic bundle, known as Lila Barton, churned past knocking into my chair. The small girl grinned at me wickedly as she clambered up onto my lap, her eyes- the same colour as Clints, with the same mischievous glint- gleamed and sparkled. My cheeks twitched as she reached out a finger, dragging it across my left cheekbone, before lifting it to her mouth, smacking her lips together dramatically. My eyes squinted at her as she let out a squeal, her fingers sticky from the peanut butter that had pasted my features.

“Yummy!” The miniature she-devil exclaimed, her cherub face shining with delight. As she marvelled over her “masterpiece”, I couldn’t help exchange a look with my boyfriend, who was looking rather distressed.

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Imagine Dean’s face during one of your arguments. “Y/N, I wasn’t looking at at her,” he argued back. I wasn’t going to hear it. Nikki was always flirting with Dean and this time she went to far. “Then tell me why your arms were around her?” I growled crossing my arms. “Do you know how you sound right now? You know what she’s like!” He replied standing up to wrap his arms around me. I pushed him away. “(Y/N) why are you being like this?” He questioned. I felt a tear slide down my cheek, “I’m going to my hotel room,” I rushed out before he could say anything else. “(Y/N)!” He yelled. I shook my head I’m not giving in. I’ve had my heart broken too many times to want to go through something like this again. It hurts too much. “Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in,” Brie sneered as Nikki giggled. I rolled my eyes and I attempted to walk around them. Which was stupid because the twins got in every direction I wanted to get through. “Piss off twats!’ I cussed pushing Nikki so violently that she fell backwards and hit her head badly on the floor. Brie rushed to her sister’s side and she looked up to you. “You’re a jealous slut!” She yelled. I rolled my eyes. I attempted to walk off but again I was stopped. Brie grabbed my leg causing me to fall backwards. I rolled around and I kicked her in her pretty little face. I pounced on her and I punched her once. Twice. Three times… till I lost count I kept hitting her till someone pulled me off of her. “Let me at her!” I screamed trying to get back to her but it was impossible. “What the hell (Y/N)? Dean’s been looking for you everywhere! What is it with you and these two morons?” That voice can only belong to one person. Roman Reigns , Dean’s beat friend. “Roman let me at that fucking whore!” I yelled trying to push past his grip to get to the other Bella twin but he wasn’t going to let that happen. Nope no he wasn’t because he slung me over his shoulder and he started walking me away from them. “Roman!” I yelled punching his back and kicking his chest. Let me kill that bitch!“ I yelled. Roman had no reply he continued carrying me back to mine and Dean’s hotel room. He put me down and he gave me a stern look. "Get in there and talk. Don’t fall for Nikki’s tricks… just concentrate on what’s important,” he said pointing to the door before walking off. I sighed. He was right. I opened the door and I ran into the bedroom where I last saw Dean, he sat on the bed facing away from me. I pounced on him and I crashed my lips onto his. He wrapped his arms around me as he stood up, me legs wrapped around his neck. I wasn’t letting him go. I moaned as he bit my lip, he knew how I liked it. “Dean. I’m. Sorry.” You moaned between kisses. “Forget it babe,” he smiled squeezing my ass causing me to squeal. And that was the beginning fun evening with my boyfriend.