i ate so much popcorn

The First Date

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you

Posted on Instagram: 3rd of July, 2016


Justin’s POV:

I knocked her door and she came opened it with a big smile on her face. “Hey! Are you- are you ready, Y/N?” I asked and felt how my heart started beat faster like it did every times when I saw that girl. She nodded and locked the door of her house behind her before I lead her to my car.

I opened a door for her like gentlemen do and she thanked. I ran to the driver side and stepped in too. “Where are we going tonight?” she asked and looked me. “I-I think that we.. we could go to watch some movie and then maybe go eat somewhere after that” I suggested and noticed that I didn’t slurred anymore in the end. “Sounds good” she smiled and I turned the car off her yard. “Let’s go then”

I parked my car in front of a cinema and rushed to open a door for Y/N. “At least you have good manners and you know how to treat girls right” she giggled and stepped out. I looked her scared. “What do you mean with that “at least..?” I asked carefully.

What if she didn’t like me that way, I thought and all those terrifying pictures of her leaving me alone middle of the street or something like that filled my head for seconds before she answered: “Nothing, just forget it. Now which movie we’re going to go watch?” I looked the list outside of the threater. “Do you like horror m-” I was about to ask but she shook quickly her head as no. I chuckled because I already kind of guess it.

“What about.. ” I searched movies with my finger on the list. “The Neighbors?” I asked and she nodded accepting my choice. I bought tickets and box of popcorns. We walked in the theater and sat down on our seats. Movie started after few minutes and we both gave our full attention on it.

However middle of the movie our hands touched when we were taking some popcorns same time. Y/N giggled lightly but made a man behind her to make ‘shhh’ sound and we went back to watch that movie. Her hand was warm and her heat burned the place of my hand which she touched during a whole movie. When the movie was over we walked out of the cinema and walked back to my car.

“Where would you like to go eat?” I asked her and she thought a while. “I’m not so hungry actually when I ate so much those popcorns there” she told. “But maybe we could go drink cup of coffees somewhere” I drove and parked my car in front of a cafe and we walked inside.

“Two coffees, please” I ordered and a seller women made two coffees in the mugs. I paid them and carried our cups to the table where Y/N was already waiting. “Here you’re, gorg- I mean Y/N” I mumbled and blushed lightly. “It’s okay” she calmed down and moved her hand over my right hand.

I raised my gaze on her and smiled her. She smiled back and moved her hand away quickly. “Sorry, we shouldn’t be moving too fast” she mumbled embarrassed and took a long sip of her coffee. I looked out of the window, there was already pretty dark.

I wait since she got her coffee to drink. Before we walked out of the building. We walked to the bridge to look at how beautiful the city actually looked when it was full of lights. “It’s beautiful” she sighed and I nodded. “Like you” I mumbled and she looked me. I was able to see a light blush coming to her cheeks.

She didn’t say anything but turned back to look at city lights. We spent pretty long time there before we walked back to my car and I let her in. The car drive was pretty silent between us. Music played in the background softly and I tap my fingers against the wheel.

“This is my favorite song” she suddenly told and turned the music louder. Tenderly she started sing with it and suprised me of her singing skills. I stopped the car in front of her house.

“Soo.. I had fun night with you, Y/N” I mumbled and looked her in the eyes when we were standing on her door. “And I hope that we could take sometimes this again but only if you want. I don’t wanna push you to be with me if you don-” She told me to stop and giggled.

“I had fun too and of course we can go out again sometimes” she told and smiled. I felt that warm feeling on my chest. This have to be that how you feel when you fall in love, I thought.

We stared each others a while with no idea what we should say anymore. I leaned closer to her and tried to kiss her on lips but she pushed me away. “Not yet, dumbass. It’s just our first date” she giggled and made me a bit embarrassed.

However she have a light kiss on my cheek before I left and told me to call her when I would like to go out again. I nodded and made her show that beautiful smile again of hers to me again. “See you soon, Justin” she yelled after me and waved for me. I waved back before I started drive back to my home, my stomach full of butterflies.