i ate one of these and then went and jumped off a cliff that was stupid

Two Truths & a Lie | 6

A/N : Just a little fun and short thing I wrote for a post I had earlier.

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The oasis of the woods had always been a place Ethan and I found ourselves at any given time of the year. We grew up exploring everything inside, from the river that ran right through the middle, and even right down to its secret hiding spots. It was like time was altered there when we would spend hours losing ourselves within its twisting paths and shaded greenery. It was the place we first met, 10 year olds full of immaturity and energy. It was also the first place Ethan ever kissed me, short but sweet and much unlike the kisses we shared now. And when he’d dragged me there at 20 years old, I’d thought we’d grown a little too old for it; that was until we spent the day dirt biking and cliff jumping, just before the sunset and he had asked me to marry him.

It seemed that these woods would always be the place for our most intimate and special moments, so I figured now was as good a time as any. It was muggy and hot, the middle of June, and even the shade couldn’t keep my shirt from sticking to my back like a second skin. I felt so nauseous and woozy, politely declining to ride the dirt bike clutching to Ethan’s back, although he did look almost too good to say no to. He knew that, even at 22 years old, wearing a fucking snapback was an automatic turn on for me. Sometimes I think he did it just to spite me. I clutched the college lined notebook paper in my hand as I maneuvered around fallen branches and patches of poison ivy. They’d somehow rangled me into filming with them, a stupid game of two truths and a lie, not to mention I’m horrible at lying. The loser would be sleeping in the woods, so I was banking on my final round to crush them. No one would see it coming, and even I hadn’t seen it coming when I’d learned the truth. 

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