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february 2017 - dan and phil


first week (1-7): still up on the isle of man for phil’s birthweek! phil goes on a pleasant walk on the beach. accompaniment confirmed by dan howell (and martyn and cornelia). dan fell or something while trying to be an aesthetic hoe (a sprained wrist and knee? sorry my honeybee). dan posts another pic from iom and i don’t know why i’m crying in the club right now? (also he posted a flop of it on twitter…whatever). phil liveshow! (highlights: birthday present haul includes cool shoes from martyn, sock book, rewined candle, cool beetle jumper from parents, sushi gummies from dan (nostalgia from tatinof uk), firefly on blu-ray, terrarium, big lava lamp from dan, basically just spent a lot of time walking on the seaside and stuff for his bday celebrations, dan falling was hilarious and also genuinely concerning, “He’s a tall guy so it’s a long way to fall,” magic 8 ball predicted that a dog is on the horizon ???!!!!???!!!, if he does anything interesting he’ll do more day in the lifes??!!!!?!). another seaside walk picture plz stop. new gaming video: Dan vs. Phil: QUICK DRAW! phil gives us a relaxing video of the lava lamp dan gave him. nailbaiting occurred by phil. dan and nathan zed interacted and i ascended. phil takes pictures of dan a lot and dan likes posting them (aka dan lays on the floor trying to script). new danisnotonfire video: MY EVIL PIANO TEACHER (aka dan playing the piano thank god). phil still has jingle bells stuck in his head. dan liveshow! (highlights: sweaty and sensual dan ://, they help each other film because setting up tripods is for losers when you have your own person, they cried laughing filming the piano video, dan was excited about this sext marcus butler sent him from this video but then realized it was a joke, phil’s birthday week has extended until forever, dan dramatically fell and talked about it for five minutes, has hamilton tickets, he might rebrand to Dan Howell on youtube wow plz, he went to the dentist :/). 

second week (8-15): dan and phil hang out with zoe and meerkats as her wish for make a wish foundation! new gaming video: IS IT PAINFUL TO DIE?! - Dan and Phil play Google Feud #2. phil liveshow! (highlights: dan got phil a signed nude of david boreanaz, when they saw manchester by the sea a man tripped into dans popcorn oops, wow! there were three gas leaks in their house! it’s like the universe is trying to say something! *cough* move, if there are more gas leaks they will have to leave the house for three weeks and they would probs go on holiday…japan plz.., phil has pretty houseplants with pretty flowers, he bought a fluffy coat, loved the meerkats, petbaiting). cute australia pic (i wish i was that kanga). new phil icon which has effectively made me dead? (also accompanying pic) new gaming video: DIL GETS A FREEZE RAY. dan gets wet and sticky with phil in phils bedroom. new amazingphil video: Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (i dont know how to feel? i have been overwhelmed). also dan calls phil hubby but like not really but also really and… why. phil wishes us a happy valentines day with a sloth. dan liveshow! (highlights: i don’t really know dan destroyed gender roles and wore a grey wig and a flower crown and tried to scrape off his tattoos just watch the video plz). another australia selfie :( another belated birthday meal for phil but he ate moss that was attached to his drink (is he just gonna keep turning 30 forever jeez). 

third week (16-23): phil’s parents come to london to visit (no phil liveshow) but during their next liveshows they confirm they saw book of mormon again with the in-laws *cough* parents. new gaming video: IS THIS THE END? Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #6 (twas a good one). there are seagulls outside phil’s windows (side note: hector aka shitty watercolour made a painting of it and the livestream of it was good not that anyone cares). phil spent his weekend watching time lapses of cats when they are home alone. dan threw an entire salad out (aka his agenda to force phil to eat pizza and not get healthy even though phil has signed up for the gym and gone jogging i hate him). new gaming video: HORSE BOYFRIEND SIMULATOR?! - Dan and Phil play: My Horse Prince. phil is a bad lurker irl #confirmed as he tried to watch a couple argue but it didn’t work out that well. dan said chicken instead of ordering coffee at starbucks and now he can’t go to that one anymore. also on the same day someone spotted dan and phil out on a bus wow. dan and phil were watching a property show (moving? stay woke) and saw their merch. dan liveshow! (highlights: pastel beanie: on, curly hair: worn, dick: out, i am forcibly removed from the liveshow, he said chicken because of the cow and chicken theme song stuck in his head what a weirdo, he has a cheeky idea for a video thats important but not really and he doesnt know if hes ready :), he has realized he could murder someone because he just spaces out aka the salad event, they forgot to paint their nails and put in earrings for the pastel edits video wow thats great, asmr, he loves moonlight thank god, he and phil play sing star and are only good at toxic and muse, his reblogs on tumblr don’t mean anything, he had a very long shower). phil keeps buying weird things for their home. phil liveshow! (highlights: storm doris, had a haircut in his house again and it goes without saying dan got one too, liveshow haul, he froze younow is philphobic, seven exo planets and countless universes! phil is so smart, final fantasy is too long for dapg, excited for the oscars, and then that’s it because phil likes to keep his liveshows short). 

week four (24-28): oops i counted the days wrong this week is too short, dan is a sad pimp, new gaming video: BATTLE OF THE BALLS - Dan vs. Phil: Golf With Friends. phil had a cozy day and ate cookies. dan believes moonlight should win for best film as it is the most important (thenks dan howell for my life). phil tries to stay up for the oscars but fails and dan lets us all know. “at least i didn’t fuck up as hard as the 2017 oscars envelope guy”, new gaming video: DIL BURNS THE PANCAKES - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #36, dan didn’t have a liveshow because younow was broken

a nice month. what in februation


“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]

[LN] Something’s there (w/speedpaint)

I was a bit late to this, i was thinking to upload this video on Thursday but oops no time to do it..

i’m actually really proud of this, i never draw feet before and i hate drawing them but i still did it  -v- d

I gotta say my favorite characters are the Janitor and the Gnomes, even though i like most characters xD

And Tobias Lilja did a great job doing the OST

Art © @scribbleshadows

Little Nightmares © Henrik Larsson, Oscar Wemmert, Emma Mellander

Is It Odd for Somebody who is a Fe User to Have a Hard Time Expressing Their Feelings?


I’ve been trying to figure out if I am an INFJ or an ENFP by studying the differences between all the functions and then seeing if I can recognize that style of cognition within myself. 

What is stumping me is whether I am an auxiliary Fe or Fi user. I know I lead with intuition, and I lean more towards me being an INFJ, but I have a really hard time expressing my emotions verbally. Aren’t Fe users supposed to be able to express themselves emotionally, where as Fi users usually express their emotions through action? I usually do better writing out or demonstrating my feelings, for example, giving a love one a card telling them how I feel or cooking them something rather than just coming out and saying it. But, then on the other hand, I feel like I readily recognize others emotions and feelings, regularly absorbing them, and but when it comes to my own feelings about something, I have to take time to really sift through everything and sort them out. I generally intellectualize my feelings and feel them later, not when their happening. Based on this, would you say I’m an auxiliary Fi or Fe user?

Thanks for your help!

Why is it hard for you to express yourself emotionally?

Is it that you literally can’t easily put things into words – or because you feel safer expressing love in nonverbal ways? Has someone in the past made you feel insecure in being emotionally expressive? Did you open up and get hurt?

There are many reasons we do and don’t do things. Cognition is our preferred mental process, which manifests in certain behaviors – but others are taught, learned, preferred, chosen by the user, and become part of us, regardless if it’s our natural state or not. Even so, the core motive of the basic functions remains the same – Fi is more focused on the feeling impressions, and how they impacted or struck Fi, than in shaping the external emotional environment; and Fe desires to shape the external emotional environment, in order to accomplish things. Fi is looking inward for feeling impressions; Fe is more easily able to work within the external environment.

In my experience, Fi’s are the types who need to go be alone for awhile, to fully process, figure out, comprehend, and put into words their emotions – but introverts cannot always react quickly in external situations (one exception possibly being the ISXPs, who have Se to help them adapt quickly), so there’s some “down time” required for them to respond. Generally my IXFJ friends might go into hiding for awhile, to decide what to say or do about something, but then they come out of hiding guns-loaded and share their feelings – and expect the other person to react in a timely manner, because now it’s out in the open (Fe) we need to deal with it! (Which… yeah, as a bratty teenager, rather than deal with one argument as it happened, I gave a friend the silent treatment for a week – I ignored her calls / refused to pick up, didn’t answer her e-mails, and finally only caved and said, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow” because she was escalating into a full meltdown – but I was still trying to figure out how I felt, if her accusations had any facts behind them, if I wanted to make up, and how to handle this situation days… weeks, even years later; after a break with a friend, it took me – no joke – eight months before I broke down and cried when I realized I actually missed her).

I had lunch with three FJs and a TJ yesterday – and watching the Fe’s bounce off one another’s emotions, escalating in hilarity, egging one another on, encouraging ever more vibrant, emotionally-driven dynamics, was fun – each woman set out to “engage” emotionally (entertain) and did so, and the more they did, feeding off one another’s energy, the more excited and happier they got, because everyone was having a wonderful time, everyone was on the same page, and that’s when Fe is most delighted – because it’s about us now, not just me. They laughed and cried together. I saw their emotions, I absorbed them from a distance, happy that they were happy, but I’m never quite “in the group” – I’m generally, indeed, more preoccupied with how I feel about things. I’m sure they find me (and the TJ) puzzling, since we’re not emotive in the same way – and often, they misread my feelings and assume I’m not having a good time when I actually am – it’s just that their Fe is “blocked” by my Fi, in a sense.

Several years ago, I had rather a bad afternoon – when I’m in a mood, I cannot bring myself to socialize in my usual fun-loving, sarcastic manner, even to keep other people happy. I went somewhere with friends at the last minute, and we were seated with several people I immediately disliked at a table. I watched the INFP and ISFJ I was with socially engage – and I sat there in a reserved, cold, sullen silence for most of the meal, because I saw absolutely no reason to talk to these people, whose initial behavior and attitude offended me immediately. I was, essentially, a stone cold bitch and they probably went home thinking of me as one. I beat myself up for it later, like, “Could you just be a LITTLE nicer once in awhile?” (you’ll notice I didn’t care what they thought about me, but turned that razor-sharp criticism on myself for not being A BETTER PERSON) but I was having such internal NOPE going on, both based on their initial behavior and my own inner angst (related to other things) I couldn’t get around the internal FEELS in order to fake it, like I’ve done (badly) before. As it turns out, ISFJ didn’t like them either, but her Fe made her “play nice.”

I have a hard time, as a Fi, playing nice, or faking anything I don’t feel – as a child, I had such a I’M MY OWN PERSON, DON’T TRY AND FORCE ME INTO GROUP EMOTIONAL CONSENSUS attitude that I would actually sometimes be rude, in an attempt to be polite, but on my own terms. For example: I was at a friend’s house, eating a meal; one person remarked that it was good, then another, and everyone agreed – except me. Now, I thought it WAS good, but that’s before I learned how the world works – that everyone says it at the same time, the hostess beams, and conversation moves on. My silence earned me my friend’s dad looking at me, rather pointedly, and asking in a warning tone, “Do you like it?” I swallowed, and nodded, and said, “Yes, it’s VERY GOOD. =)”

Saying it in a group, to me, made me feel like it was just an automatic response – and that she might think I wasn’t sincere, since it came amid a general collective consensus of YUM. Having everyone say it together diffused it. For me, going up and telling her after the meal (shyly, of course) how much I liked it would have been real – a gesture of the heart, potentially seen by her as truly meaningful, rather than agreeing with a group, which to me might seem insincere – like one person says it, and everyone rushes to agree. If everyone is in emotional agreement, I feel disturbed or troubled.

I felt robbed of that experience, and like my agreement didn’t mean as much as it would have done, if I’d been allowed to say it when I wanted to. I was thinking more of my own authenticity, and less of how she might feel, if that one little blonde chick on the end was staring at her plate, silent, while everyone crowed, “Yay, it’s SO GOOD, Mrs. ______!” Oops.*

What’s the big deal, you might think – just say it!

Fi sighs and says… can’t.

Why do you do what you do? Don’t look at behavior, look at motives, and THEN how they impact your behavior.

- ENFP Mod

* Also, I find it pretty hilarious that out of all the times I ate there, was around that family, etc., I most clearly remember and am still irritated over that moment – probably because it made such an enormous dent in my emotional impressions (Fi).

@greenjimkirk did this and it seems fun, and they tagged all their followers (of which I am one :D )…so.

  • Last Song I Listened to: “Ex Girlfriend” by No Doubt. Don’t remember where I first heard it buuut I’m obsessed oops.
  • Last Book I Read: First Frontier, a Trek novel. It was super fun.
  • Last Thing I Ate: Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! Mint chip is my fave, but I wanted a change.
  • Where I Would Want To Time Travel To: umm oh gosh. I love history but the historical event I’m most interested in (black death) is NOT something I’d want to be physically near. uh…in fact the past just. doesn’t seem that fun. lol. Maybe the roaring 20s? ;) I think I’d rather go see the future…only if it’s Starfleet, though!
  • Fictional Character I Would Like to Hang Out With For a Day: Oh!! I’d love to spend a day going to museums with Spock. ;__; or go looking at flowers with Jim. or hang out with Bones. cries doing anything with any of those three would be lovely.
  • If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now I Would Be: on a road trip? I love road trips. I want to leave home so bad.
  • Current Fandom Obsession: Star Trek, of course! orr for a less permanent or newer one, Neopets. (yes, that virtual pet site you remember from your childhood. yes, it’s still around.)

Gonna cheat a little and also just. tag all my followers. lol. if you do it @ me so I can see! this is fun.

Not-So Silent Night

A/N Merry Christmas @the-dancing-squirrel !! It is I! Your Secret Santa! …Although I think you already knew that from the first week when I could not contain my Jerza feels…oops…XD

And I would like to thank @itschildofthefairies who helped me IMMENSELY with the idea and proofreading…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Anyways…AS PROMISED! Here is a Nalu ‘Hot Chocolate’ FLUFF for you <3

It has been a pleasure being your Secret Santa (even if tumblr ate most of my messages…)

“Whew! It is freezing out here!”

The celestial mage rushed back towards her apartment with Plue wobbling beside her. Overall, it had been a very cold and frigid day in Magnolia, and Lucy could not wait to get home and take a nice, hot bath. 

I feel warmer just thinking about it

She smiled at the thought as she walked up the steps to her apartment and fumbled with her key. Finally, the door burst open as the blonde rushed inside.
Finally home! Where it is nice and…warm?

Lucy realized, contrary to her belief, that it was not nice and warm in her humble home. It was in fact, COLD.

Wha-what? Why is it so DAMN cold in here?!

She flipped on the lights and looked around for the reason why she came home to an igloo. 

Aha! Found it! My heat lacrima ran out?…I didn’t even know that could happen. And it’s too late to get a replacement. I guess bundling up under the covers is my plan for the rest of the night. She grimaced at the thought.

After finding every blanket she could hoard, she bundled up on her bed with a box of cookies she had grabbed from the counter.

“Christmas Eve and I am spending it bundled up on my bed like a loser…At least it can’t any worse, right?” Just as soon as she had spoken those words to herself as a comfort, her lights had all went out with a CRACK!

A string of curses flew out of her mouth, just as a box of cookies sailed through the air and smashed into the wall.

“Ready to head home and eat some cookies?!” The Dragon Slayer looked over at his partner eagerly.

“Aye, Sir!” The fire mage and his flying companion trudged through the freshly fallen snow back to their house after returning from a mission.

“Hey, Natsu?”


“What do you think Lucy’s doing right now?” Natsu stopped to think.

“I dunno. Probably out with Levy or Mira somewhere.” 

“Hey, hey! Let’s stop by her place and see if she has cookies! I bet she has TONS! Probably homemade too!” The Exceed started drooling at the thought, as did his partner.

“Alright! Sounds like a plan to me,” Natsu yelled to no one in particular as he and Happy ran through the streets of Magnolia towards an unsuspecting blonde mage’s apartment.

Once the fire mage arrived at the all too familiar structure of his friend’s apartment, he wasted no time in climbing up the side and through the window with Happy on his shoulder. 

Huh, that’s weird. Its really dark in here. The only light’s coming from outside.
Natsu was about to call out for Lucy, when WHAM! All he felt was a searing pain down his spine as he face planted on the floor.



“Natsu—don’t die on me!” Happy cried as he tried to shake his best friend. 

“Lucy you killed Natsu!”

Natsu moaned in pain and rolled over to find a livid Lucy standing above him, frying pan in hand. 

“What’s with the frying pan, Luce?…And WHY is it so cold in here, huh? Is that Ice Bastard around here somewhere?” Lucy sighed as Natsu looked around.

“Gray? Nope, not here. Just some broken heat lacrimas is all…well and lights too.”

Natsu looked behind Lucy to see a dim heat lacrima laying out on the counter, and one lit candle next to it, providing a small source of light.
Lucy observed the pair. “What exactly did you come here for?” Natsu and Happy glanced at each other.

“COOKIES!” They both shouted out in unison.
“Wha—I don’t have any” Especially not the box that just met its end against the wall.
The pair looked betrayed.
“Hey, Natsu?”
“Do you think Erza made some?”
“Dunno. Could go check?”

They started to make their way to the door, as Lucy stood there, astounded at the sight.
“Wa-wa-wait! Why are you so desperate for cookies?! Don’t go…” The last part coming out more like a whisper. Natsu stopped and turned around, a big smile on his face. 

“You didn’t think we would leave you high and dry and…uh…cold? Did you? Nah we are here to stay.” Natsu’s grin was contagious as Lucy found herself smiling.

“Happy! We need some hot chocolate! Pronto!”
“Aye, sir!” Happy saluted as he flew out the window. 

Lucy watched, amazed, as Natsu gathered up all of her blankets that were strewn everywhere and placed them on the couch and beckoned her over.
Lucy took her place on the couch and pulled the blankets over her.
Warm. It’s so warm. More than before. Where is this heat coming from?
She looked up as the blonde realized she was currently leaning on the fire mage’s shoulder.
Ah, found it.
She didn’t even notice the heat flowing to her face as she fell asleep.

“NAT—” Happy flew back in to the sight of Lucy sleeping on Natsu’s lap, while the Dragon Slayer locked eyes with Happy and put a finger to his lips. Shh

Ohh he lllllikkes her. Happy snickered and landed on Lucy’s stomach before falling fast asleep.
It wasn’t long before the last member of the party dozed off to sleep himself.

Natsu slowly opened his eyes to find it completely dark outside, and the only light source coming from Lucy’s candle.
He carefully slid off of the couch, trying not to disturb either one of his partners. As he reached for the hot chocolate Happy had brought in earlier. 

This’ll do. 

Just as he finished making up the three cups, the celestial mage opened her eyes.
“Here for you,” Lucy took the warm mug from Natsu as the Exceed started to wake as well.
“And for you, buddy!” Happy took it excitedly and started to gulp it down.

Meanwhile, Lucy looked at it questioningly.
Natsu turned and looked, “Did I forget something, Luce?”
“What? Oh no…I was just thinking some roasted marshmallows would be perfect with this. But its not like we can have a campfire in my house…” She started to laugh as she picked up the marshmallow to eat it. Just then, a small fireball overtook the marshmallow and set it on fire.
She yelped and dropped it back into her hot chocolate.
“What! I was just trying to help! You said you wanted a roasted marshmallow! SO I gave you one.”
She fished for the drowning marshmallow, now burnt to a crisp, to show the Dragon Slayer.
“Its black! And now burnt! You can’t just—”
Natsu leaned over and took a bite out of it.
“Eh, tastes the same to me. What’s the fuss?”
Lucy stared at her half bitten marshmallow in bewilderment.
“SAYS THE ONE WHO EATS FIRE!” Lucy chucked the marshmallow back at Natsu who simply caught it between his teeth and ate it.

“Butthankyouforeverything,” Lucy mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Thanks…for everything,” she gestured towards the hot chocolate and the blankets. Natsu smiled.

“Don’t mention it.”

Happy watched the two with a knowing smirk and grabbed the three mugs to take to the sink.

“I got this if the two LOVEBIRDS wanna cuddle again—oomph,” Happy cried out as a shoe made contact with his face.

This time, the blush was apparent on both mages’ faces as Natsu eyed an interesting spot on the wall and Lucy hid her face under the blankets. The pair stayed like that for a while as the night crawled on.
Once again, sleep took over as the blonde fell asleep. Natsu looked down at the sleeping blonde and smiled.

Merry Christmas Lucy

Suddenly, he heard a faint hum come from the other side of the room. Scanning the room for what could be making the sound, his eyes fell upon the forgotten heat lacrima, its once dim light now came to life.
Guess it’s not completely broken.
He looked down at the sleeping blonde once more, who was now curling towards him for more body heat.
An idea started to form in his head…


anonymous asked:

I had sex with a girl. Oops. I'm not bi but I couldn't resist. Me and two of my best friends were all watching a movie on my bed, all squashed together. One of them fell asleep, so the other one started to tickle me. We started rolling around and fell on the floor. She got on top of me and took her shirt off. We then made out and then she ate me out. I had to bite a pillow so she wouldn't wake up. I returned the favour of course. One of the most eventful sleepovers of my life ;)


“One Band
One Dream
One Direction”


Okay so I figured now would be a good time to write this since I’m gonna be crying my eyes out watching the video diaries later….

Anyway. Four years? Four years since these five boys started me on the amazing journey of One Direction.

Four years since I fell in love with these five boys and the blonde one stole my heart ((I haven’t got it back yet thanks Niall)) or ate it as I would say then oops.

Four years since I realised what it was like to fall in love with people I will probably never personally know or meet.. ((I saw them on TMHT and WWA but does that count???)) which is absolutely wonderful and terrible okay? I feel sorry for the people who will never understand.

Four years I spent loving and obsessing over one single band and started talking to some of the most amazing people. ((You guys know who you are!))

Thank you boys. Thank you so much. It’s hard to even write what I feel because it’s all just a crazy mess of emotions but I’ll have a go.


You five have honestly changed my life in the best way. I really can’t remember what I did before you guys came into my life, but I do know it couldn’t compare to this.

Then will never compare to what it’s like to love you five, it won’t even come close if I’m honest. Not only have you guys shown me what it’s like to completely be in love and dedicated to someone. But you’ve also shown me that, even if other people don’t, you care about me. You may care about thousands all over the world, but I know I’m part of that and it just makes me so happy.

Over the past four years I’ve sat waiting for music videos, announcements, voted for awards and watched crappy live streams for awards shows ((let’s not forget sitting from 6pm-2am watching 1DDay)) and do I regret it? Hah nope.

My walls are plastered in posters or your faces and there’s so much merch that I’ve bought. ((I think my merch and posters cost more than my entire room tbh, and most of it is things that I don’t even need don’t get me started.)) and so many times the only thing I wanted was concert tickets just so see you guys for two hours. Do I regret that? Still no.

The past fours years I’ve watched you five grow up, growing along with you in the process, sitting watching you from my living room, bedroom and even my arena and stadium seat. The past fours I’ve spent being so damn proud of you and never stopping because hey? Look where you are now. On top of the world.

I love you so much boys. Thank you for four years and let’s look forward to hopefully a few more..💗

Walker Stalker Atlanta 2015

Okay so, this is going to be a ridiculously long post. No like, RIDICULOUSLY. In addition, it will probably make no sense whatsoever, because my brain is nothing but a giant pile of overstimulated mush after the explosion of amazing that was this entire experience. So if all of that sounds like your jam, definitely click the read more, but I don’t blame anyone who can’t make it through more than three sentences. Lulz, onward!

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"You Seriously" - Preference

Ashton: “Need to stop” Ashton huffed, crossing his arms in annoyance. “What is it?” You asked, tilting your head curious, removing your foundation filled hands away from your bare face.

You were in the bathroom working on your makeup when Ashton walked in on you. “You look fine without makeup. I don’t understand why you wear it all the time.” He breathed, leaning against the doorway.

“Well I like it, so I mean whatever I like to do I should do, right?” You retorted, as you began to apply the foundation onto your face

Ashton’s eyes lit up at the sound of your confidence. “Wow, I didn’t realize it meant so much to you, I’m sorry.” He admitted as he scratched the back of his head feeling quite guilty.

“It’s fine, Ashy.” You giggled, as you walked over and kissed his cheek.

Ashton looked down at your bright eyes, and shot you a grin as his arms tightened around your waist.

“Thank’s for always being here for me (Y/N).. Even when I say silly things like that.” He chuckled, as he fiddled with his hands.

“And thank YOU for saying those silly things. So I can be there for you when you say them.” You smirked, as your eyes slowly lifted to his.

You stood on your tippy toes, as you gave him a quick peck and went back to your usual everyday makeup routine.

Calum: “Are the one for me.” You admitted, as you glanced at a grinning Calum across the restaurant table, admiring every move he made.

“Really?” He asked, as he slowly put down the glass of water from the purse of his lips.

“Really really.” You joked, laughing at the dumb Shrek reference you made. You watched as Calum rolled his eyes over dramatically, causing you to laugh again.

“Well, if I’m the one for you, you’re the one for me!” He sang, taking your hand which was resting on the table and squeezing it before putting it back on his lap.

You couldn’t stop smiling, as your eyes were locked with his. You watched his fingers as they began to twitch a bit. Your eyebrow lifted, as you gestured towards his hand

“Calum Hood? Nervous? I must be special then eh?” You laughed.

“You must be.” He beamed, as he fiddled with his fingers.

“Well, happy four month.” You laughed brushing off his remark, as you raised your glass, clicking it against his.

Luke: “Are so adorable and innocent.” Luke giggled, as he did his famous teeth grin. You both were out sitting on a rusty park bench.

Your cheeks began to flush, which you covered with your sweater paws.

“Oh stop.” You giggled, as you bit the inside of your lip, glancing at the ground nervously. You could feel Luke staring at you, pursing his lips at you mysteriously.

“No! I’m a tough girl.” You snorted as you puffed out your cheeks trying to give Luke a frown, but you knew you couldn’t hold it forever.

Your face went back to your lovable laugh once you saw Luke, make his entire head go into double chins. You couldn’t keep still from laughing so hard, as you kicked your leg up to your chest, trying to keep it in.

“Whats got you in this happy mood now?” He asked, feeling quite excited over your happiness and silly attitude.

“Just happy to see you.” You told, as your eyes looked him up and down playfully.

Luke raised an eyebrow, looking at you like you were delirious. “What is it?” He asked, starting to get a little serious.

“I just really love you.” You sighed, as you rested your head on his shoulder. You felt his body ease into you, with his head slowly resting on top of yours.

“And I love you, (Y/N).” He answered, sighing as he rubbed his eyes, feeling the rush of it all. Just like you, feeling young, and feeling free.

Michael: “Got to be kidding me.” Michael sighed, furious as he pushed through the back of the kitchen cabinet. “What is it babe?” You asked, feeling slightly curious at this angry Michael.

“You ate all the fruit loops!” He cried, looking at you with the most distraught puppy dog eyes you’ve seen in a while, “These frosted flakes will have to do” He retorted, grabbing the box.

“Oops.” You smirked, shrugging your shoulders sarcastically. Michael glared at you, as he began to place everything back neatly. “You’re lucky I love you.”

“Oh am I?” You recalled, as you slowly began to walk over to him, slowing your pace with every step. “Yep.” He smirked, pushing the cabinets door close with his back.

Your eyes were locked with each other, as you gave him a kiss on the cheek, teasingly. “Enjoy your breakfast.” You giggled, taking the box of cereal away to pour your own.

“You’re going to pay for that, (Y/L/N)” He sneered, giggling at your wits. “Yeah yeah yeah.”

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You all want to learn the story of how I learned I was for sure allergic to grapefruit?

Alright.  Idc if you said no, you’re getting it, because I’m craving grapefruit and this awful memory is the closest I’ll be able to get.

SO.  I’ve known I was allergic to most fruits since I was a wee child eating oranges at a soccer game.  Oranges were my first major loss.  (What a loss it is, as I crave that vitamin D mineral.  …that was a weird attempt at two very bad memes.  I apologize.)  I was around… 10? 11? At the time. Over the next few years I learned that lemons were out.  (Lemonade.  Lemon squares. MOST CLEANING PRODUCTS.)  Then Limes.  (Key Lime Pie my precious it’s GONE I CAN NEVER HAVE IT AGAIN NOO)  Some berries are out.  I can have strawberries, but too many and oops.  So I limit myself to 2.  Grapes?  I can have handfuls but I once sat and ate a whole bowl because I have no impulse control and I was down for the count for a week.  Grapefruits, however, were a lovely breakfast for the longest time before all this.

BUT after all the fruit allergy scares, I just was like MOM NO I CAN’T RISK IT ANYMORE.  APPLES AND BANANAS ONLY. And she agreed because like. I was miserable.

Anyway.  I can’t have lots of fruit.  It’s sad.  

I haven’t eaten a grapefruit since I was 12 okay?  Up until I was 20, I had ZERO idea if I could or could not eat grapefruit.  I just… didn’t chance it.

BUT I have tasted the glorious forbidden fruit because I had a boyfriend at the time that had a grapefruit for breakfast every now and then (he had early classes MWF and it was usually on those days.)  Usually at this time, I didn’t see him until after he had had lunch, breakfast long since gone from his person, but there were mornings I saw him.  He was aware of my allergy (orange juice, for example, is a no go for me) and adjusted accordingly. 

But as all things are woe to be, one morning was the perfect storm.  Finals tests are on different days than regular classes, seeing him in the morning, him having a grapefruit, him picking me up after his morning class, him kissing me good luck.

Do you see where this is going?

Okay so he picks me up, takes me to the weird building my test had to be at, and I go in to take my exam.

A final, okay.  Stress inducing, anxious ridden final classroom surrounded by about fifty other students.  

I kinda feel like my lips are funny, so I put on chapstick before the test, making my lips taste a bit… vaseline-y.  Then as the test is passed out, I’m having trouble swallowing.  SO I’m pretty sure it’s anxiety at this point, right?  A little more time passes and I’m feeling over heated.  Small room, winter heaters on full blast, nerves galore from fifty 20 year olds. NBD.

And then like an hour and a half later I’m handing in my exam, average time finished, and my teacher kinda looks up and she does this major double take.  

“OH MY GOD” she says.  Everyone left in class looks up.  Maybe 20 people.  Each and every one of them have a reaction to my face.

“Whad?” I ask.  THat is not a typo.  My mouth and tongue are swollen.  A girl pulls out a compact mirror.  My face has broken out in red hives all around my mouth below my nose and above my chin.

“Om ma gob” I say.

I go to the on campus health clinic.  That’s like.  For getting band aids and crap.  Maybe an ice pack.  But I walk in and the chick is like “oh my god.” 

And I was like “yah I knoe helb me” 

They called my bf and he took me to an actual clinic where I had the cream crap and a pill and they monitored my vitals all afternoon and he felt so bad about making me sick I was like “it’s okay bf it really is” and he was like “NO IT’S NOT I’LL NEVER EAT GRAPEFRUIT AGAIN”

And then we broke up beginning of next semester so.

I wonder if he kept his vow. 

L-looks like I’m going to do a con report for my first big con ( ´ ▽ ` ) It’s not much though, mostly photos from the KNB meetup! If you see yourself, feel free to have me add your url under the respective pic, or to take down a pic with your face in it!

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