i ate a bunch of things

Glitter During a Magic Show was the Real Crime

My party has just escaped from jail, where they initially met each other, and are trading backstories (which for some reason I let them make up themselves). 

Barbarian: I just was in for a drunk & disorderly; it happens to me kindof often, ha haa! What are you squares in for? 

Bard: I was arrested for performing street magic. 

Barbarian: That’s illegal? 

Bard: My performance involved magical rope and a ton of glitter. I guess it was too fabulous for them? And they had to arrest me. I also might have killed someone, but that’s not important. 

Cleric: … What? 

Bard: Well, see, one time during a performance, I accidentally got a bunch of glitter in a guy’s eyes.


Bard: … And then purposefully ate him. 


its 3:37 am what the fuck am i doin

ANYWAY, raise your glass for the new chapter of BATIM. gotta say, im quite surprised by our alice, but goddamit, this is way cooler than some bobble-head looking thing with big eyes and lips just wanderin around. also can we all just acknowledge that boris took henry to his little safe house and the two stayed ther for a while, played a bunch of rounds of cards, ate soup, played the banjo, henry probably sat down with boris and spoke out all of his worries and thoughts.

also the fact that bendy hates whenever alive destroys the cutouts, according to her.

also recently i found out that sammy’s hair might’ve been blonde

second also, jacksepticeye’s in the game yeeeeeeeeee


Lucas Friar x Reader

Request: (Girl meets world)could you do an imagine where they’re all in Texas and it’s like the brother and sister thing except it’s the reader not Riley but Lucas likes the reader and he gets jealous especially when Vanessa comes along and they do that girlfriend thing but expect for maya it’s reader(sorry confusing)and then Lucas admits his feelings for her?Thank you☺️

Warning(s): Long, fluff, jealous!Lucas + I watched girl meets texas while writing this to be accurate lmao

A/N: So to summarize, (i changed the request up a bit) Reader, maya and riley like lucas, reader is doubtful of lucas’ feelings for reader and thinks he likes riley but then reader hears the ‘i love you as a brother’ thing. Then at the hoedown, reader, farkle and zay are the ones at the table +Plus I live in texas and i’m pretty sure Farkle ate a whole bunch of ribs lmao

Masterlist + Request

You liked Lucas Friar, and he was one of your best friends, and now the 6 of you were in Texas because of Riley and Maya. You had followed Maya after she found out that Lucas was gonna ride the bull. “…because you like him.” You concluded as the both of you watch as Riley, Farkle, Zay and Lucas celebrate. “You make fun of him because you like him.” You mumble, reality slowly sinking in. You knew both Riley and Maya both liked Lucas and you knew he didn’t like you. “Maya you could’ve told me.” You shrug, the both of you getting up and walking back to the house.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t know i liked him.” She said sincerely and you smile. “Don’t worry Maya, I still love you.” You grin, wrapping an arm around her. “And I love you Y/N.” She smiles. The two of you arrive at Lucas’ house and sit down on the couch. Maya sitting on the arm rest and you sitting next to Farkle and Zay.

The two of you sit and talk then you see Riley come in. “Lucas can I talk to you?” she asks then Lucas stands up. “Actually I have something to say to you Riley. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know if I would have got on that bull, and if it wasn’t for you I don’t know if i would have survived in New York. You’re really important to me.” He smiles and you feel your heart ache. You knew he didn’t like you, he liked Riley and he liked you as a sister.

“You are really important to me too, Lucas.” Riley replies then keeps talking but you zone out. “I want to know that you’re always there to talk too. You’re my brother, Lucas and I’m your sister.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing and everyone else was shocked as well. “I love you Lucas and now I know how.” Maya was shook

The six of you were on the way to Chubby’s Famous Barbecue Pit. When you arrived, all of you sat down and ordered food. Farkle surprised the five of you, finishing the whole plate of ribs. Music started to play and Riley and Lucas went to dance, Maya soon following behind. You sat between Farkle and Zay. “Why so down Y/N?” Farkle asked, scooting next to you.

“Nothing, just kinda shook about what Riley said.” you reply, shrugging. The three of you continued to talk until you hear someone speak up. “Zay?” You hear a girl say. You guys look up to see Vanessa, the girl Zay always spoke of.

“Unbelievable.” You heard Zay mutter and you tried to hold in your laughter. The two began to talk until Vanessa asked to be introduced. “Yeah, um, this is Farkle and this is my friend Y/N.” An idea popped into your head, and you stood up, lightly hitting the table. “You did not just do that.” you speak up, Zay letting out a quiet “what?” You move to sit next to him, “You did not just introduce your girlfriend as your friend.” You pointed out, Zay scoffed as you sat next to him, clearly confused. “Isaiah Earl Babineaux…”

“Your middle name is Earl?” Vanessa asked and Zay replied with “No.”

“The next time you introduce your girlfriend as your friend, we are through. Do you hear me?” You asked sternly, and Zay continued to be confused. “I mean, I hear you, but I…” He moves his hands for emphasis but you cute him off. “Put your arm around me.” You demand and he listens and puts his arm around you. “Twirl my hair. Call me honey nugget” Zay doing each of your demands. “Hi, honey nugget.” he says quietly, “hi hunkalicious.” You smile, putting your chin in your hand.

“A little possessive, no?” Vanessa asks and you nod, “Well the good ones you don’t let get away, you know what I mean? With all the girls chasing him around New york city, you have to swoop right in or he’ll be gone.” You swat his hands away, you sit there waiting for Riley. “I said ‘You have to swoop right in or he will’–”

“Isaiah Hank Babineaux.” Riley swooped in, putting Zay’s arm around her. “No–”

“I don’t care.” Riley cuts him off. “I only care that you don’t let Maya get her hooks into you when you know you are mine.” Riley smiles. Zay takes his arms off the both of you and continues to speak, “This is my friend, Riley–”

“How do you like it when he calls you a friend Riley?” You ask looking at her. “I like it.” She smiles and you sigh, “no, you do not like it.” You say, Riley understanding. “I do not like when you call me just friend.” She says loudly and Zay looks at her. “Well, what would you like for me to call you?” he asks.

“I would like for you to call me cotton candy face.” She smiles, you put your hand on her arm, “good girl. I know that was hard.” and Riley nods. “Zay, is it possible I’ve misjudged you?” Vanessa asks and Riley speaks up. “It’s possible, Vanessa.”

“How do you know my name?” She asks, followed by you, Riley and Farkle realized you fucked up. “Too much.” you mutter. “Too much.” Farkle confirmed before you, Riley and Farkle get up to go to Lucas and Maya. What you hadn’t known was that Lucas and Maya heard the whole Vanessa situation, and Lucas felt angry and jealous. “Hey Friar.” You smile, putting your hand on his arm, he was stiff. “What’s up with you?” you ask and he relaxes. “Um, I’m fine. But can I talk to you outside?” He asks and you nod, following him.

“What’s up?” you ask, and Lucas holds your hands in his. “What are you doing?” you ask and Lucas gets all shy, looking down at your intertwined hands. “Um, I don’t know if you feel the same but I like you Y/N.” He admits. You were shocked, “What?”

“I like you Y/N. I’ve always liked you, I was just scared that you didn’t like me back. I just had to let you know since I saw you with Zay and how you did that. I just got so jealous and I’m sorry and i hope you feel the same way. I just really like you Y/N.” Lucas rambled, you cupped his cheeks and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He was frozen, he didn’t know what to do. “Lucas, I like you too.” you smile, interlacing your hands again.

He had the biggest grin on his face as the two of you both walked inside holding hands. You had a big smile on your face as well and you happy, knowing the guy you liked, liked you back.

Play fighting// Jack Maynard imagine

Summary: a play fight between Y/N and Jack might lead to something more

A/n: This is just a fluffy imagine. It’s very short, I know but I quite liked it like this. Xoxo

Requested: Can you write an imagine about play fighting with Jack? Thank you so much anon for requesting! I hope you like it!   


“WHO THE BLOODY HELL ATE MY CHOCLATE?”, you yelled through the apartment you shared with the Maynards and Josh. You met Conor and Jack at school in Brighton and you’ve been best friends ever since. Even when they moved to London. What nobody knew, was that you had a little crush on the youngest brother so you felt heartbroken to see them leave. But a few years later, you too moved to London. That’s when the brothers asked you to move in with them and their roommate Josh. Of course you said yes. Who would say no to living with the boy you’ve crushed on since you were 15?

You love living with them, but you also wanted a bit of privacy. That’s why you came up with a few rules: the most important one was to not touch YOUR food. And may that now be the rule someone decided to break.

Since nobody answered, you went to everyone’s room. “Conor did you ate my food?”, you asked the boy who was still in his dressing gown. “Nope. I wouldn’t even dare to touch your food. You can be a scary girl sometimes Y/N”. Smirking you asked:” Do you know who it was then?”. “I’m pretty sure Josh is even more scared of you, so my money is on Jack”. “I knew it! Thanks Con”, you said while closing his door.

You crossed the hall and opened Jacks door, not even bothering knocking. The first thing you saw, were a bunch of wrappers laying on his bed. “You bloody bastard. That was my chocolate!”. Jack looked up from his laptop when he heard you. “Well then don’t just put it on the counter. How am I supposed to know it’s yours if you don’t put it away?”, he asked innocently. “You’re going to pay for this”, you said with a glare. He just smiled. “Oh yeah? And how did you plan on doing that?”. “Oh I don’t know. Maybe by doing … THIS”.

You jumped on him and started tickling him. But of course he had grabbed you before you could even touch his stomach. You always forgot how strong he actually was. “Dumb move Y/N, dumb move”, Jack said while pushing you on his bed and straddling you. “Don’t Jack. I know that look. Don’t you dare!”, you said just before he attacked. He tickled you so bad, your stomach actually hurt from laughing.

“Please! Jack! Please stop!”, you tried to say. “Are you going to apologize for accusing me?”, he asked with a smile. “But you did it!”. He kept tickling so you just yelled: “I’m sorry for accusing you!”. He stopped. “That’s better. What are you going to do to apologize?”. “Nothing… ?”. his hands already went back to your sides. “No wait. Whatever you want! I’ll do whatever you want!”.

“You sure about that?”, Jack asked with a smirk. Suddenly you were very much aware of Jack and yours position. He was sitting on top of you, his face inches from yours. You could even see every color in his eyes. Those beautiful, baby blue eyes. You were so taken away that you couldn’t bring out any words, so you just nodded.

“I only want two things from you”. “And what are those?”, you asked. “A kiss and for you to be my girlfriend”.  

shady-teenagers  asked:

Question: is it rude to ask about how a chronically ill person is treating their illness and suggest stuff? Not in a- "hey I know what would be good for you more than u do" way, but in a "I know someone with the same condition as u an they tried this thing and it really helped them"

Holy fuck Batman I wrote 12 paragraphs with links and sources and tumblr.fuck ate everything. If this seems rushed or disjointed, please direct your complaints to @staff for not making a stable and usable app.

So, anyway. The short answer is, it depends on the person and your relationship to them and some other stuff. I’m going to go ahead and give you a long answer and cover a bunch of information so this can be kind of a resource post for everyone.

  1. It depends on how well you know them.
    Disabled people are constantly treated like our bodies are public property. Everybody and their dog has an opinion on what I should and shouldn’t be doing, and most of it directly contradicts my doctors’ orders and my personal experience. I get that most people mean well (not all, though), but this is still deeply upsetting. Especially when their advice boils down to “you’re not sick, you’re just shit at taking care of yourself!” So yeah, if you know them pretty well, it’s probably fine, but most of us are really, really tired of people we barely know making suggestions.
  2. It really, really depends on how well you know them.
    Here on tumblr, we’re encouraged to share information about ourselves that is, in all actuality, deeply personal. If you don’t have in your bio that you’ve been professionally diagnosed with, say depression for example, and write a post about how petting your cat makes you feel better, you’re automatically a neurotypical Karen who has no idea what depression is like. If you’re 99% sure you have depression but can’t get a professional diagnosis, you have to explain every last part of your life situation to prove you can’t access a diagnosis, or else you’re just an edgelord pretending to have it to be cool. It couldn’t possibly be that you didn’t put your diagnosis in your bio because you don’t want your personal medical information on the internet, right? Or maybe you want to keep the details about why you can’t access mental health care private because it’s a deeply personal situation.

    Imagine meeting someone at the library who walks up to you like “Hi, my name’s Melissa and I’m a CSA survivor. I’m still kinda messed up about it, I’ve got PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Wanna be friends?” While none of those things are bad things to be, having a complete stranger dump that on you all at once out of the blue is pretty overwhelming.

    Now imagine the inverse. “Hi, my name’s Kimberly and I couldn’t help but noticing your cane. Can I have your complete medical history and a list of your current medications and treatments?” That’s hyperbolic, but it sure feels like that’s what happens when people we barely know feel entitled to our private medical details.

    I’ve noticed that abled people usually don’t mind giving out their own medical information, though, so here’s some added perspective. Think about the power of choice. It’s so easy to wait 5 seconds to skip an ad on YouTube, but a 5 second long unskippable ad is pure torture. There’s a similarly huge difference between “by the way, check out this cool scar from my surgery!” and having every single person you meet demanding an explanation whether you wanted to talk about it or not.

    So yeah, most of us are burned out on having people ask private medical questions.
  3. It depends on what you plan to suggest.
    Please don’t ever suggest basic health common sense like staying hydrated and eating balanced meals. No matter how well meaning, these suggestions are deeply patronising. We’re doing literally everything we can to get better, and yet people think we’re only sick because we drink more soda than water and eat more candy than vegetables.

    Please don’t ever suggest yoga. I’m sure you only want to help, but this is another one that is just suggested so often that most of us are ready to burn down the nearest yoga studio. Also it goes back to the whole thing about people suggesting things based on “you’re only sick because you’re too lazy to exercise” and that’s just. Even if you don’t mean it that way it’s still hurtful.

    Also, please read about all the lies, bad science, and outright harm caused by the PACE Trials. Almost every treatment for multiple chronic illnesses, not just CFS/ME was influenced by a study literally designed to gaslight and disenfranchise patients. If you’re about to suggest something that stemmed from that research, be aware that more than half the participants were harmed by it, not helped. If you know someone who benefitted from it, I’m glad for them! But they’re one of a very lucky few, the exception not the rule.
  4. Are you sure they haven’t heard of it already?
    I have had fibromyalgia since I was roughly ten years old. Even before my family had internet access, I was scouring the library for something - anything - that would make me better. I’ve gone without food so I could buy my very own copy of the newest editions of any and every book about fibromyalgia (and more than a few about DBT, back before we knew about the PACE scam being a scam). I have apps on my phone like FibroMapp, Fibromyalgia Magazine, and more that keep me up to date with the latest research. From what I know of other spoonies, this is not unusual. Most of us spend several hours a week, if not every day, dedicated to researching our illnesses. Very few of us are willing to go “well, guess this is my life now!” without a fight. I really don’t want to come across like I’m picking at you, I know you’re asking in good faith, but there is a real problem with people who don’t mean well accusing us of wanting to be sick either for attention or so we can mooch off benefits without having to work. We are constantly being accused of not trying hard enough, and many suggestions are things from the first page of Google suggested in a tone of “you don’t have to be sick, if you’d just try to help yourself for five minutes there’s a simple solution that you just can’t be bothered to do.”
  5. Can we trust you to take no for an answer?
    For me, the biggest reason why I am wary of accepting suggestions, not just from strangers but also from able bodied friends is because I don’t trust how they’ll react if I tell them that it won’t work for me. One person was convinced that going gluten free would “fix [me] right up!” Sadly, I informed her, I had tried going gluten free for three months and only gotten worse. In the end, my doctor advised me to get a sandwich on the way home and go back to my previous diet. Her response was to begin screaming at me that I was ‘obviously’ not cutting out all the gluten because it absolutely would fix me if I’d done it correctly. ‘Clearly’, she surmised, I was swallowing handfuls of flour in secret so I could stay on government benefits. This is not limited to casual acquaintances, either. I lost a friend of many years because I refused to follow her advice - advice that my actual doctor told me would have hospitalised me. Many chronically ill people would rather not gamble our friendships on the chance of whether or not your advice will work.

    Would you still be our friend if we simply said “No, I just don’t want to.”?

    Please don’t think I’m picking on you. This is an overarching trend in our lives, not a personal accusation.
  6. Be aware of how accessible what you’re suggesting is.
    You may or may not be aware, but government benefits have been cut so far that I am literally begging strangers for underwear. Despite that, someone recently recommended I try a newly developed treatment that is not currently available on the NHS because it’s highly experimental and not yet proven to help. It would involve taking a train to the complete other end of the country - not cheap, and not easy when I struggle to make it to the other end of town - rent a hotel room for six weeks, and then pay the low, low price of £25,000 for treatments that may or may not help and have not been scientifically proven. And then accused me of wanting to remain sick when I said I couldn’t afford that.

    This is an extreme example, but it still bears considering. Some treatments are so far out of reach that it feels less like help and more like we’re being taunted with something we can never have.
  7. Sometimes, suggestions are harmful, even if it’s a good suggestion.
    This is leaning very heavily on personal anecdotes, but oh well. Here’s another story. I’ve been sick since I was around ten. I don’t remember exactly when it started. I’ve been properly “disabled” by it since I was 16 and had to abandon my education because I couldn’t physically handle it any more. That was 14 years ago. I kept telling myself “They’ll find a cure this year, and then I’ll go back to school next year and pick up where I left off!” But I was so focused on the mythical 'next year, when I’m better’ that I stopped living my actual life. Everything was on hold until a 'next year’ that never came. Each time I found a new theory, I put my all into it thinking this one would, finally, be my lucky break. Each time it wasn’t, it nearly killed me. Think about the worst time you had your hopes let down, and imagine that happening over and over and over, and that it was your entire actual life on the line.

    I was suicidal. A lot.

    Know what got me out of it? The day I said, “Fuck it. I’m alive now and I’m going to live. Now.” For almost ten years I was barely alive, doing nothing more than eat / sleep / search for a cure. Just a couple of years ago, for the first time since I was a teenager, I started making friends. I have a fiancé. I’ve become a professional quality knitter and I make lace so fine it’d make you cry. I still look for treatments, I still try the newest research if it looks at all promising, but I had to put up boundaries. I want to get better, but I need to live the life I have instead of waiting for a better one that might not come.

    Another chronically ill person’s perspective.
  8. Meaning well isn’t good enough.
    I know you mean well. Most people do. Few people set out to be unkind, it just happens somewhere along the way, by accident. But let me show you a hypothetical situation. It’s super windy, and you are headed to a coffee shop. Just ahead of you, someone is trying to open the door, but it seems to be stuck. Wanting to be a good and helpful person, you step forward. “Allow me,” you say, dashingly, and pull the door open.

    Just then, a powerful gust of wind whips by and rips the door from your hand. It swings out of your grip and SLAMS into the other person’s face. They scream, and you can already see blood.

    Record scratch, freeze frame. This was an accident. Nobody in the coffee shop thinks you tried to whack this person with the door. Everybody saw that you were opening the door for them to be nice. You couldn’t have predicted that gust of wind.

    Nonetheless, the first thing you’re probably going to say if you’re not a complete asshole is “oh my gosh I’m so sorry, are you okay?” It’s off the charts how much self centred dickishness is necessary to say something like “well I was TRYING to open the door for you, it’s not my fault the wind blew! Aren’t you going to thank me for opening it?”

    Nonetheless, most chronically ill people get the second response rather than the first. We know people mean well, but it still hurts when they say things that indirectly blame us or dismiss our problems. If people would stop saying “but I MEANT well” and start saying “sorry that hurt you” I think we’d all be a lot happier.

    Better still, what if the manager put up a sign that said “this door sticks, please use other door”? Then nobody would get smacked with the door any more. And that’s why I’ve spent so much time on what not to do. I know you mean well, here’s how to avoid the road to hell paved with good intentions.
  9. What are you hoping to accomplish?
    This may seem like a strange question to you, but it’s one I always think about whenever people try to give me advice. How I react to suggestions is very heavily influenced by this. See, when my partner offers me suggestions, what he wants to accomplish is a lessening of my pain. This is good. But when the social worker comes and starts making suggestions based on Pinterest crafts “that will totally help [me] do more stuff independently” rather than medical science, what she wants to accomplish is getting me to force myself to do things whether they’re safe & comfortable or not, so she can reduce the amount of care I need and tell her boss I’m “doing better” thanks to her. This is not so good.

    When casual acquaintances start suggesting treatments to me, I find myself asking if they’re truly interested in lessening my pain, or if they’re suggesting a treatment so that I’ll stop being chronically ill because they can’t be bothered dealing with the inconvenience of knowing a disabled person. This becomes even more apparent when we’re constantly being asked if we’ve 'gotten better yet’. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to find a cure, but right now one doesn’t exist. Having people constantly suggest things feels less like they genuinely care about us, and more like “I’m irritated with you being sick and I’m tired of having to accommodate you. Can’t you just be normal?” And that is the number one reason why almost every chronically ill person I know has an “all my friends get tired of me and leave” complex.
  10. Is a suggestion what they really need?
    So with all of that in mind, let me get to the heart of the matter. Because I do think you mean well, I think you genuinely want to help. So I want you to consider that maybe the best way to help isn’t by offering suggestions at all. Most of us have several doctors working with us to find the best available treatment. But some doctors suck. Medical gaslighting is a thing. We are, routinely, treated like shit, sometimes with horrifying consequences. All that on top of actually dealing with our conditions, which are painful, exhausting, and constantly belittled by abled people. The kindest thing you could say to a chronically ill person is “I believe you. I hear that you’re in pain. It’s not fair that you have to deal with this.” We don’t need suggestions, we have doctors to give us treatments. What we need from our friends is, well, friendship. If we ask for suggestions or ideas, that’s one thing. But most of the time, we just want to be heard and treated as people. Let the medical team worry about treating us as patients.

Sorry if this was way too long and covered way more than you bargained for. I was hoping to make this a useful resource for anyone reading my tumblr, not just you. I know this ask was sent in good faith, please don’t take it as lecturing you or picking on you. I just wanted to cover the major pitfalls while I was on the subject. I hope you find it useful!

Spoonies, chronically ill folks, ND peeps, NTs, able bodied people, everyone is welcome to reblog this.

okay but a happy AU of Batfam just using social media like their Facebook pages are open to the public to like and watch them do funny stuff:

Dick uploads a picture of Damian curled up on his couch and tags Bruce in it with a caption of “Is this yours???/Are you missing something???”

Tim uploads pictures of his coffee order on Instagram, his name always spelled wrong because Jason bribes the guys at Starbucks to do it.

Jason always tweets his brothers for the littlest things, like “@dickgrayson21 why did u leave the bathroom lights on” or “@timmydrake i know u ate the last of the Captain Crunch u little shit” and “@theonetruewayne get ur cats out of my room for the last time jfc”. His bio is probably just a bunch of emojis and Halsey lyrics.

Cass’s snapchat stories are legendary, as she always has her phone at the ready. She caught the moment Dick fell of the banister and broke his arm when he trying to surf it, and the time Tim fell asleep at breakfast and his face landed in his breakfast, and when Damian and Colin ran past in the living room and a vase began to fall but Alfred caught it without even looking. Her most revered snapchat is the one of Bruce’s room when the boys all fell asleep in his bed- Tim drooling on his adoptive fathers chest, and Damian’s little fist clenched in his shirt, and Jason using Damian as a human pillow and Dick just spread across everyone. 

Just, the batfam being the Kardashians of their Universe but more cinnamon roll like.

cutelymi  asked:

Craig..? You okay?

CRAIG: Yeah, I know it’s been a while. I’m fine.
CRAIG: I went to go see my dad over the summer- my real dad. It was alright. He’s pretty cool.
CRAIG: Tweek went with me. We ate a bunch of nasty road food and had a good time. We put stupid bumper stickers on Stan’s car before we gave it back too.
CRAIG: I’d say, six out of ten. Wouldn’t do it again but it was fun.
CRAIG: Go back to asking things now if you want.

anonymous asked:

I just read a really sad angsty story... can u write something fluffy for me please... i love all of your stories

A cheeky bit of fluff huh? Sure thing!

“What’s this?” Chloe asked in a surprised tone as she walked into the Bellas quiet kitchen, and saw a bouquet of flowers sat in a vase, still in the packet, with a tag hanging from it. On the tag in scrawly handwriting was the name “Chloe” then an “x”

Tuesdays were her long-days at college. To her surprise she’d got home to a relatively empty kitchen, save for Beca, who sat at the kitchen table, looking at something on her laptop while she ate a bowl of cereal.

“I thought you’d know a bunch of flowers when you saw them Chlo..” the brunette said in her usual sarcastic tone and the redhead rolled her eyes.

“I know they’re a bunch of flowers, I meant why are they here?” She asked with a soft smile, pulling them out of the vase and unwrapping them from the packet.

“I saw them in the campus store today. They were reduced to clear so I thought I’d get them for you.” Beca said with a shrug, not taking her eyes off her laptop while she maintained a straight face, clearly distracted by something on the screen.

“Y-you bought me flowers?” Chloe asked in a sweet voice and Beca shrugged.

“It’s no big deal dude. They were reduced.”

“Yeah but…FLOWERS, Beca! You saw them and thought of me!”

Beca looked up from her laptop as she finished the dregs of her cereal and shrugged again, “They’re your favourite kind. I figured you’d like them. Especially as it’s Tuesday and you hate Tuesdays..”

The brunette stood up from the kitchen table to walk over to the dishwasher that was beside Chloe. Chloe, however, was busy staring down at her bunch of flowers, completely overwhelmed by how thoughtful her best friend was. She had a soft smile on her face as tears began to well up in her bright blue eyes.

Beca tugged the door of the dishwasher, placed her bowl and spoon in it, then closed the door again. As she stood up straight she furrowed her brow at Chloe’s expression, “Are you okay?”

Chloe looked up from the flowers in her hands and into Beca’s eyes, “Uhuh” she muttered quietly, the sound getting caught in her throat a little. Beca forced an awkward grin onto her face, raising her eyebrows and shrugging. It was the sweetest thing Chloe had ever seen.

The redhead suddenly dove forward and placed a huge kiss on Beca’s cheek. Beca let out a chuckle, placing her hands on Chloe’s hips to push her best friend away from her gently, “Alright you weirdo! They’re just a bunch of flowers..”

Chloe beamed at Beca who beamed back at her, “I love them!” and Beca rolled her eyes at how mushy Chloe was getting.

Chloe didn’t care though. To her they were so much more than a bunch of flowers. Beca had seen them and thought of her. None of the other Bellas. Just her. And not only that, she’d bought them! Beca had bought her flowers! And had even put an ‘X’ on the tag!

Chloe had been so overwhelmed by the sight of the flowers that she’d not noticed the way Beca’s cheeks had flushed bright red with embarrassment from the kiss Chloe had placed on her cheek. Because Beca HAD seen those flowers and bought them for Chloe. And no they hadn’t been reduced to clear. And it had taken her ages to have the balls to write that ‘x’ next to her name on the tag.

And yeah maybe just maybe she had a secret crush on Chloe.

Just like Chloe had a secret crush on Beca..

im Tired and i just ate a bunch of rice (mm) so consider the following; trans boy thor as a Youngin’ growing up in asgard

• trans boy thor teaching loki how to do more “feminine” things that he was always expected of as the first born (or so he thought dun dun dunn) and the only girl (OR SO THEY THOUGHT!!! DUN DUN DUNN!!!! actually hela and loki were the only girls surprise)

• trans boy thor wanting to spar and fight with the other boys and odin says no in fear of thor becoming like hela but frigga convinces odin over time… loki is happy to teach him what she knows!

• loki and thor being the first to tell each other their secrets; “sometimes… im a girl. maybe all the time. i dont know.” “[relieved huff] well im never a girl ever! so we can just trade off, right?” “[loki-brand giggling]”

• thor struggling to be close to his mom because she thinks she has a daughter and he feels guilty that hes not

• loki becoming closer and closer to frigga because magic but also because she’ll let her be a girl when she’s a girl and still let him do magic when he’s not

• thor wanting to be a valkyrie but getting sad that he cant because hes not a girl and even if no one ever knows, he will and he doesnt want to disgrace their order that way

• thor trying to convince loki to become a valkyrie “because theyre so strong and incredible!!” …loki looks into it but doesnt think it would be a great idea

• loki using his illusion magic to let them trade places whenever loki needs to be a girl around town or the palace and thor wants to attend loki’s fighting lessons

• i cant think of any more because that rice was really filling but!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Can I have some embarrassing noctis moments pleasse. Honestly I’ll take anything. Weird things he’s done, times he’s driven regis through the roof, anything.

  • Well he’s sharted in front of Regis before, so there’s that
  • And while we’re talking about Regis, he’s walked in on him naked a bunch of times. And Clarus. And Cor. Noctis should learn to knock
  • He ate a pretty heavy breakfast before going on a run with Gladio once, and there were press pictures of him throwing up in the bushes the next day. Gladio keeps the clippings around because they make him lose it
  • When he was sixteen, he stole a bunch of flavored condoms from the doctor’s office on impulse. Later that day, he was walking back to his place with Prompto and when he pulled out his keys, they all tumbled out of his pocket
  • “Dude, I love you, but–” “Prompto it’s not what you think.”
  • When he got his wisdom teeth removed, they didn’t use enough anesthetics. He woke up in the middle of the surgery and shrieked until they were able to put him back to sleep
  • Once when he was sitting in on a meeting with his dad, he sneezed really hard and slammed his head on the table
  • He thought that the bacon Ignis brought from the deli were cold cuts. Ignis was mortified to learn that Noctis had been eating the bacon raw

I have had such an amazing journey losing weight and getting healthy. There were many ups and there were many downs but boy has it been one of my favorite chapters of my life.
 Weight has always been a problem for me since I was a little girl, it’s one of those strange things where I don’t remember not being concerned for my weight and I have
one of those bodies where if im not working hard at it it’s very easy for me to gain weight, which happens often, I’ll lose 20 pounds and gain back 10 i`ll lose 50 pounds and gain back 20.
 But the key is to not obsess about it. I know that`s one of those things where it`s easier said then done, but i remember obsessing so much that if i ate one bad thing I
would legit cry and feel like i failed myself. The journey can be hard like that, but you`ll enjoy it so much more if you have a better understanding of balance.

I used to be very overweight and I worked really hard and lost a bunch in a short period of time and I have gained some of it back, and people ask me if that upsets me,
and truthfully it doesn`t, not one bit does it bother me because it`s life, it`s going to happen and I enjoyed my journey so much that it`s exciting to be doing it again, and I`m still
happy with myself and you should be to. I have been having a lot of messages of people telling me how they have gone through a weightloss and have gained some of it back.
YOU GUYS, IT`S OKAY believe me, it`s okay because we`re not perfect and we sometimes slip, weather we gained a little weight or we spend too much money or let our
rooms and apartments become a mess, it`s life and we pick ourselfs back up and start all over and by doing this you appreciate your journey so much more.

 I know being on tumblr or pinterest there is a ton of amazing weightloss photos and stories and they are truly inspiring, but we also need to talk about the ugly side to
that sometimes, because the fact that no one talks about weight gain after a weightloss makes people feel discouraged and makes them feel worse about themselves and makes them feel alone because
no one talks about that. I am here to talk about that, coming from someone who has lost a lot and has gained some back I`m honest about it, I`m not ashamed of it, because
I`m working on it now, and so can you! And everyone gaines weight back for various reasons, like if they were pregant and haven`t been able to have the lifestyle back
because they no longer have the time, or maybe you were in school and had a little more time to lose weight and now you`re too busy balancing 2 jobs and can`t seem to
find the time like you had before. It`s a common issue and I`m here to go through it with you guys, because it`s okay and we`re going to work on it together!

I have already started my journey again and I feel great, and i`m not ashamed to have to lose weight again because LIFE HAPPENS sometimes, and we can`t all dedicate 2
hours in the gym and cook a healthy meal 3 times a day and so this post is for you guys, because we will find ways to overcome the challenges that stop us from being the best
we can be for ourselves !
If you have gained weight, or even if you haven`t even begun a journey at all, just know i`m here for you and know that I have exsperienced it all, and i`m here to tell you it`s okay.
If anyone ever needs to talk or wants advice on anything please do not hesitate to message me!

I`ll be sharing a lot of tricks and exercises and food ideas for those of you who just don`t have much time in your day and things that are working for me!


mazuru7  asked:

Can I have HCs of Hitoshi and his fem!s/o, who is from another country living in Japan and she loves to cook/bake, but she mostly knows her country's food, so she makes him lunches and picnics with her type of food, while trying to learn how to make Japanese meals.

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • When Shinsou first met his S/O, he was very impressed with how she was an exchange student. It took a lot of nerves to go to school in another country and she got into UA at that.
    • More so impressed that she spoke the language nearly perfectly.
  • So as the two began to date, he really did learn how great it was to not only have an S/O from another country, but also one that really loved to bake and cook
  • It started out with her giving him little treats but soon grew into him getting more and more meals as time went on. And for Shinsou, trying all these new dishes was very interesting.
    • He loved his Japanese food, but he was always up to try something new if he was given the chance.
  • Sometimes it would be a nice homemade lunch, other times she’d present him with an entire cake. And if he was really lucky, she would make him and all their classmates breakfast
    • And who would ever deny a tasty meal? Not a bunch of teenagers… that’s for sure.
  • His S/O would always appreciate his feedback, telling her the things he liked, didn’t like and such. Shinsou was always nice about it, of course, making sure she knew he appreciated her.
  • Shinsou’s S/O started to notice at one point that despite how he always ate her national food… he seemed to prefer Japanese food. And as a result, she decided to try and make him more food he’d like.
    • First though… she had to figure out how to make it…
  • As time went on, he began to notice her making him Japanese foods he ate often. And while they were not exactly authentic to his national cuisine, he loved to eat her take on them
    • Especially when she used different spices and ingredients to get the same food in the end.
  • His S/O often asks him what this certain Japanese recipe would need or if it looks right because she honestly has no idea. Shinsou always helps, even at times showing her how to cook it himself.
    • Turns out he’s quite good at cooking too.
  • And now knowing he can cook as well, but he and his S/O have made a habit of cooking things together. It was a great way to spend time together and also to cook themselves.
    • With Shinsou teaching Japanese recipes and his S/O teaching her national recipes.
  • In the end, they always have more food then they can eat so their friends are always lucky an end up with some tasty food as well. Baking was fun… especially when you can share with others.

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the most accidentally IC thing that happened at the Bonfire Bash was when Illidude was given several stacks of darkmoon fish as a runnerup prize with his bassball team.  I didn’t know why he was being given fish, I just thought they were for eating so I ate a bunch of them throughout the day not realizing they were meant to be turn-ins for one of the darkmoon mounts LOL

i already have that mount so it’s fine but omg Cory… that’s exactly what he would’ve done lmao 

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What's the worst binge eating episode the chocobros have personally ever undergone, and what food/sweet did they each binge on?

When Ignis was 19, he drank an inhuman amount of blue 7/11 slurpees for about three days. It only stopped because he threw up and it was just blue, and it scared the shit out of everyone. His lips were stained for like a week

Before their trip, Ignis bought a pack of noodles on sale. Not only did Gladio eat the whole pack of 50, but he drank the broth from every cup. By the end of it, he was sweating and slightly dehydrated. Yes, he ate more a week later. No, he hasn’t learned a thing.

The hotel in Lestallum has amazing room service. Prompto ordered a bunch of biscuits and gravy, and he ate all of them. He still hasn’t pooped since then. He thinks he’s dying.

Noctis once bought out a corner store’s whole stock of Hot Cheetos, ate them, and chased it down with a two-liter of pepsi. A little later, Ignis found him sitting completely naked on the toilet, sweating. All Noctis could manage was a tiny, “Help.”

amazing things that have happened in my first three days of uni:
- met a girl who shouted YOU ARE SHINING at me from a doorway and then vanished for hours
- about a day later, I taught her how to use a toaster
- “how many freshers does it take to make a piece of toast”
- made a pasta bake and ate it all at once
- danced with a million people
- made friends with the coolest people ever
- found out i’m not the only not-hetero in the flat and there is a BUNCH OF US and we feel so comfortable now
- a girl almost cried last night because she loved us all so much already
- i almost cried because i love them all so much already
- life is fucking GOOD

 KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 5.5 (Valentine’s Day Special)

A/N: So, I’d like to imagine that in the SWU there is Valentine’s Day…but we all know how unlikely that is. Therefore, I made it an AU, because we all know how lovely that would be if they had such holiday. Consider this a flash back that will coincide with part 6! Happy Valentines Day and may the force be with you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.6K+

Warning: None


“This is ridiculous…” Eyeing yourself in the body mirror, you felt your lips purse as your nose scrunched up, “Why in the galaxy…How in the galaxy do they have time to throw a damned Valentines Day ball?” You questioned, speaking to thin air as you tugged at the straps of the white dress you had been wearing. The dress wasn’t the problem, nor was the red lipstick and matching heels, the problem was you weren’t a fan of attending such massive gatherings. “All they ever do is talk politics…how am I supposed to enjoy myself when the topic is as dull as the ground underneath?” Blowing a strand of hair away from your face, you let out a deep sigh while placing your hands on your hips. “Might as well get this over with…”

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Father to be! Soonyoung

Inspired by @cheollies your drabbles r so cute OMG I wanna die!

Genre: fluff/angst
This ended up being so much longer than I intended fml

- the way he approached you when he wanted to ask about having kids was so cute
- You were just spooning in bed under a pile of blankets
- He was stroking your hair softly
- At first he whispered it , so you couldn’t really hear
- Then he used his free hand to intertwine his fingers with yours
- And he mumbled
- “Do you think we’re ready to have children?”
- And soonyoung is a very forward person so it surprised you that he was nervous about it
- You squeezed his hand and told him your were pretty much ready if he was by your side
- (Oh my god the cheese)
- Let’s say y’all had a pretty great time that night
- But obviously things don’t happen instantaneously
- And fast forward 9 months later, there are still no signs of a baby kwon
- The stress was taking a toll on you and even though Hoshi was v v EAGER to do bedtime stuff with you
- It was getting pretty exhausting for you and it was creating tension in your relationship
- For the past few months, you’d brush the negatives as just another trial
- But worries had built up in your mind that you never told him
- So after seeing another negative sign on a test, you just broke down crying
- And Soonyoung was there beside you immediately, at least on the other side of the door banging on it, to make you let him go in.
- You eventually opened the door, to see no traces of his usual smiley gaze on his face
- Instead he furrowed his eyebrows, eyes flitting to the test and back to your face streaked with dried tears and made a connection
- He engulfs you in a hug, rubbing circles on your back soothingly
- “There’s always next month, right?”
- But his voice is wavering, as though he’s unsure of it himself
- Because like you, he’s pondered before his dance classes, when he gets there early, If the reason why you were so unsuccessful was because there was something wrong with him.
- What if it never happens?
- the unspoken question between the both of you was voiced out.
- You were so sick of keeping quiet that you told him out right.
- The outpouring of feelings kept to yourselves took place and by the end of the conversation, you sighed and said.
- “Jagiya, let’s take a break. This stress isn’t good for either of us.”
- And it was a very relaxing break
- The both of you spent more time concentrating on each other than any potential new additions to the family
- Your anniversary just so happened to fall in the same month and you and soonyoung managed to have a get away (budget) mini holiday to an onsen in Japan.
- There was a private bath in your suite ;)
- The both of you forgot about your little break and decided to just let loose.
- Who knew that letting loose actually worked.
- That day you had just taken a test because you’d felt a little off for the past week but surely you couldn’t be
- Obviously you were proved wrong as a few minutes later you were staring mouth agape and heart pounding ferociously against your ribcage
- You swung the door open with a slam and yelled
- “SOONYOUNG-AH, come here, I think my eyes are fooling me.”
- “What is it?” He asks when he reaches the bathroom door, already grinning from ear to ear.
- You tilt the test so he can clearly see the indicator and you swore you saw a tear escape from his eye.
- Actually you did see at least a thousand slip from his eyes as he began bawling, tightly embracing you and twirling you around.
- And you thought you were going to be the emotional one.
- He practically yells it everyone he sees
- “Soonyoung-ah, you’re embarrassing meee….”
- Pregnancy wasn’t easy on your body to say the least
- Emotionally, you were easily irritable, getting frustrated with Soonyoung whenever he came home a tad late from the studio, or if he made a harmless joke about you.
- Physically, you were hit by a massive wave of morning sickness that didn’t not dissipate after the first trimester. There were also several scares that made Soonyoung speed to the hospital as fast as possible in panic. And you were put on partial bed rest due to genetic problems.
- This made you even more furious at everybody, being cooped up in the apartment most of the time. Though Soonyoung made sure that at least one of the boys came to visit you from time to time, especially when he was working late
- All this made you an extremely nervous wreck as well, on edge that something might happen.
- This also made Soonyoung take more time off work to baby you because if anything happened he’d blame himself the most.
- He just wanted to keep this baby so bad
- He always unconsciously has his hand on you belly at all times, especially when you were further into the pregnancy.
- Every time he found you hunched over the toilet bowl, retching your guts out, he’d rub your back and make sure you felt better.
- Horny asshole tried to keep it in his pants as much as possible but you tried it once and boy was it an experience for the both of you.
- Cried at the first ultrasound
- Carries the photo in his wallet
- Constantly shoves it in Wonwoo’s face whenever he gets the chance to
- “Look at their teeny hands”
- “Soonyoung shut up, I’ve seen that like seventeen times,”
- “I KNOW, but that’s my little bean you’re looking at.”
- Comes up with the cutest motherfluffing nicknames for the baby
- Bean, star, tiger
- He accidentally called them beanie once and then started laughing because he thought of wonwoo
- Goes along for birthing classes because he thinks they’re really cool.
- *starts imitating breathing exercises* isn’t this what you’ll have to do during labour
- You want to punch him but can’t because he looks so adorable with his puffed up cheeks and squinty eyes
- YOU BET he wants to know the gender as soon (young) as possible.
- You guys have a gender reveal party cos why not?
- Any excuse to gather all the guys in one room, is a valid excuse for a get together
- Even though they’ll be extremely rowdy and extra
- Cheol, MINGYU and Seungkwan can’t keep their hands off your slowly growing belly
- Seokmin starts doing anything to make you laugh cos he’s highkey scared of you in mood swings because of what he heard from Soonyoung.
- Jeonghan low-key hints that he wants to be like you because he wants to lie around all day too
- You highkey want to slap him cos having constant back aches and feeling uncomfortable 24/7 is not fun
- Joshua is trying to claim the godfather spot
- Chan and Hansol r slightly weirded out by it and would much prefer when the baby can crawl around so that they can play with them
- But chan’s excited cos his favourite Hyung is having a baby and the baby will practically be his niece/nephew
- Jun, Minghao, Jihoon and Wonwoo are so indifferent because they hear about it all the time and are so used to it that they just hold normal conversation with you.
- you and soonyoung already know the gender before revealing the answer to everyone else in the room and it’s
- Soonyoung is already planning everything he’s going to pass on to his son
- Sebongies r shook as they’re going to have a mini sebongie running around
- That night is when you felt the baby’s first kick, at night whilst lying in bed trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in
- You put a sleepy soonyoung’s hand on your belly to feel the baby’s movements and immediately he’s awake when he feels a jolt
- But instead of him feeling in awe with his eyes full of adoration like you are, he looks worried.
- “Doesn’t that hurt?”
- And you almost burst into tears because holy shit does this boy care about you
- “It does a little,” you admit. “But if you rub it, it’ll feel better.”
- Tbh you only said that because you LOVE his belly rubs
- And his hand stayed there the whole night
- You guys go baby shopping together one weekend and suddenly he becomes the fashion advisor of your son.
- Picks out the cutest dungarees and even a matching beret (sorry not sorry) for him
- He sees the baby carriers and prams and drags you there, immediately begging to get the coolest one there
- You oblige but only because you can’t say no to him
- There was one night after you binged ate a bunch of unhealthy snacks, you felt incredibly insecure about all the weight you gained and refused to change in front of him, even though you usually weren’t self conscious around him.
- He immediately noticed as you stared yourself down in the mirror, and backhugged you. Whispering all the things he loved about your body.
- “And I especially love, the fact that you’re carrying my son in there.” He mumbles holding your tummy in his hands.
- Istg this boi
- He will always without a doubt get you the food you’re craving, you don’t even have to say it and he’s already on it.
- He’s basically the sweetest.
- Talks to your belly so so much, about anything and everything. You pretend to sleep just to hear him promise to give the world to your son, sometimes bringing tears to your eyes and exposing yourself
- “JAGI that was only meant for him to hear!”
- Remember when I said you were always on edge for something to happen
- Well something did happen
- You woke up in the middle of the night feeling slightly crampy and crappy, adjusting your legs slight, you felt something wet between them
- You bit your lip hoping for the best but when you turned on your bedside lamp , you saw that your fingers were slightly stained red and so were your sheets
- Panicked, you shook soonyoung awake, speaking in a hushed tone.
- “Soonyoung, I’m bleeding.”
- His eyes shot open, terrified, like his worst fear was coming through
- He helped you to car as much as he could, hastily driving to the hospital where he frantically tried to get medical attention for you.
- The doctor delivered the news, the baby was healthy and alive but you had placenta previa ( where the placenta is blocking the cervix ) causing the slight bleeding
- Bad news was that you most likely wouldn’t be able to deliver naturally and would probably have a caesarean. Which was fine with soonyoung because he just wanted a healthy baby but hard on you because you’d heard about the magical birth stories and wanted one like that
- You were kept in the hospital overnight so that they could monitor you, and on full bed rest now which dampened your mood even further.
- “So no more sex for now, eh?” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.
- But you just turned away from him and shut your eyes so you wouldn’t have to think anymore
- So you spent the whole night sleeping on the bed alone while he squeezed himself on the couch in the room
- When the time came for you to be discharged, he grabbed your hand quietly and led you back to the car where he drove back home in silence.
- After getting back home, you shut yourself in your room and cried into the pillow. He tried coaxing you out but to no avail, he only saw your face during meal times.
- He got advice from Jun to just give you some space, and that’s exactly what he did, only talking to you when necessary.
- It created a rift in your relationship, some nights with him just sleeping in the half built nursery cos he couldn’t bare to be on the same bed but not be able to cuddle you.
- It was a week after where he couldn’t take it anymore, venting out his frustrations on Chan during dance lessons earlier that day.
- He didn’t deserve to get yelled at but Soonyoung couldn’t help it
- Not talking to his closed off wife was killing him.
- He stomped home, flinging the door open.
- “Why the fuck are we not talking about this?” He yelled
- Which probably wasn’t the best way to address the elephant in the room.
- You were sitting on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through the tv channels, spaced out
- You jumped when you were abruptly snapped out of your thoughts by a vehement soonyoung.
- “About what,” you cowered in slight fear.
- His features softened as he saw the scared look on your face.
- “Everything? You? Me? Our Son? You’re supposed to be able to talk to me y/n, not push me away.”
- “It’s only this once, jagi…”
- “That’s not true and you know it. You were doing it when we weren’t able to conceive.”
- “That’s because I’M AFRAID!”
- He kneels down, pulling on bunches of his black hair.
- “I know you’re upset about everything that’s been thrown our way, and you have every right to blame me because it was my idea in the first place. But please, don’t block me out.”
- You start weeping, wailing and shrieking about everything that’s happened so far and he just envelops you, calming you down and stroking you hair.
- “It’s going to be okay.”
- The both of you fell asleep on the couch, soonyoung hugging you close, never wanting to lose this feeling again.
- he starts making sure he spends more and more time with you at home, making chan, Minghao and Jun to take some of his classes for him, even asking jihoon to pitch in from time to time.
- When he really couldn’t be at home, he makes wonwoo go over and hang out with you just because he can’t trust you to make sure you were only doing light work.
- And wonwoo is so chill about everything
- Drops random facts about pregnancy
- “Soonyoung made me read that for him”
- Finally finishes the nursery in time for the doctors appointment that will decide the birth of the baby.
- Unfortunately, the placenta was still stubbornly over your cervix, so an elective caesarean was necessary.
- Soonyoung held you for the rest of the day, whether it be around your waist, or a full on embrace, consoling your sobs and kissing you on your cheeks or mouth, murmuring about how strong you were.
- It got a bit insufferable seeing him every hour of every day and he tried giving you space for you to breathe, but he couldn’t help pampering you and doting on his son.
- You couldn’t even put your two feet on the ground for 30 seconds before he started complaining.
- When your first contractions started, you freaked out because your c-section wasn’t scheduled until next week.
- You screamed for soonyoung and in an instant he was there.
- The cramping started again and you cried out, clutching on to your belly, some blood trickling down your leg
- “It hurts so bad. I think I’m in Labour, jagi help.”
- Soonyoung who had been briefed beforehand, when the doctor pulled him aside, instantaneously picked you up in his arms without a word and carried you to the car.
- He continuously checked on you as he once again hurriedly drove to the hospital, your eyes squinted shut, face contorted into one of pain
- He wished that he had every power in the world to alleviate the pain but this was one of those times where he was completely helpless in the situation.
- He had informed your consultant before he got into the car about the situation and she was already waiting there for your arrival.
- They whisked you away in a wheelchair and shoved some scrubs into Soonyoung’s hands, ushering him to go and change.
- You wished soonyoung was there to help you get your spinal block but you couldn’t complain as it relieved your pain immediately.
- It wasn’t until you were being prepped for surgery did you finally see him push his way through the doors and rush to your side.
- He looked so ridiculous wearing those medical garments that you wanted to laugh.
- The laugh was muffled though, due to oxygen mask over your mouth
- The corners of his eyes crinkled as he saw you giggling at him
- Hoshi tried not to reveal his inner feelings as to not scare you even more, he knew that the caesarean was a major surgery that came with complications that could occur
- He just let his excitement to see his son override the rest of his emotions
- He grabbed your hand began talking to you non stop as a distraction as they were about to begin the incision.
- He asked if you were okay when you instinctively scrunched up your face
- “It just felt weird that’s all.”
- You dared him to look over the curtain and he immediately paled and sat back down, gripping your hand with two hands now
- He’s pretty sure he saw one of your organs, yikes.
- The both of you definitely cried when the baby first cried.
- You both saw him and knew you couldn’t love anything else more than him in this entire world.
- Tears in your eyes, you looked at soonyoung and smiled, mouthing “he’s finally here.”
- Soonyoung got to hold him first, while you were still being sewed up and in recovery.
- You requested for skin to skin contact much to his dismay, so he had to embarrassedly take off his shirt in front of a giggling nurse, before holding his son close to his chest.
- He felt the warmth blooming inside of him and protective instincts immediately coming into play as he cradled his son.
- He fell asleep with his son on his chest.
- Isn’t that the fucking cutest thing you could ever imagine
- Half an hour later, you were wheeled in and almost burst into tears again, seeing your husband cuddling with your son.
- You stared at them lovingly, observing the rise and fall of Soonyoung’s chest as he rested.
- He slowly awoke, a few minutes after you were in the room and smiled sleepily at you.
- “He’s perfect.”
- He was reluctant to let go of his son but he knew he couldn’t say no to you so he passed the baby over to you and watched you with absolute adoration on his features
- You were a natural.
- He supported your back as you held your son, smiling excessively as you cooed and brushed your fingers against the baby’s cheek.
- It wasn’t until evening that visitors started streaming in slowly, your parents, your in-laws (who came bearing food) and finally the Seventeen boys who had to be shushed several times by nurses passing by.
- They basically played pass the parcel with the baby boy as he travelled from one uncle to the other
- “I can’t believe hoshi’s the first one out of all of us to have a child.”
- Seungcheol announces to everyone in the room
- “I’m taking no offence to that.”
- There was a point where no one could stop the baby from crying except for Chan, who pacified him so easily it was like he was born to do it.
- Seungkwan , Jisoo and Mingyu couldn’t stop cooing over him
- And Minghao was just constantly complaining that when the baby was to go to the studio, they would be the ones to hear annoying crying all day.
- When all the sebongies filtered out of the room, Jihoon leaving last, and the baby was wheeled off to the nursery was when soonyoung squeezed himself into the hospital bed
- You leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep, knowing that you’d made the right decision in starting a family with him

Bonus round (cos this thing was wayyy more angsty than I planned):
- after your scar is healed, soonyoung loves kissing it and your stretch marks, constantly mentioning how proud he is of you.
- Him fumbling with feeding the baby for the first time because he didn’t want to drop the child
- Him immediately wanting another one when your child begins to struggle out of his grasps because he misses cuddling a little baby
- but you’re like “hold your horses, cowboy!”
- Him snuggling with his son more than you and you get jealous but the sight is so cute that you can’t complain
- Just an overall fluffy as hell dad.