i assume there were better scenes

i think one of the biggest plot twist that could possibly happen at this wedding, besides Luffy actually sticking to the plan, would be if Pudding ends up aiming the gun and shooting at Big Mom instead. although if she does end up shooting Big Mom, i believe it will be because of a separate agenda of her own, not that she’s trying to help Sanji and co. 

just think about it for a minute here… she shot Reiju to test out the gun’s abilities, and discovered that the bullets could easily pierce through even the ‘iron bodies’ of the Germa soldiers. then in this latest OP chapter, Bege compares Big Mom’s tough exterior skin to an ‘iron balloon’… perhaps i’m reading too much into this, but i feel like there’s more to the reason as to why she shot Reiju than we’ve been led to believe. 

and i can’t quite put my finger on it, but after the revelation of her twisted personality, this scene here of Pudding having such thoughts to herself about Big Mom and Lola also seemed rather out of place…

i guess it seemed to me like the fact that these were thoughts she had to herself might actually give us a better glimpse of her true feelings regarding this whole situation compared to any other scenes with her and other characters present. maybe she desires her own freedom and choice like Lola, who was brave enough to seek it.

i also think it’s fair to assume that the majority of Big Mom’s children and/or subordinates serve Big Mom simply out of fear, not out of love or any similar reason. so, Pudding’s actual loyalty to Big Mom may be pretty questionable as well…

with that said, i’ve been 100% behind evil Pudding from the very start, and would be glad to see it going either way… whether she tries to shoot Sanji at the wedding or ends up double-crossing Big Mom.

Lance used to talk to Hunk about Keith

Hear me out…

After rewatching ep 1 of Voltron for the nth time, I just started to think about something.

So basically I relate a lot to Keith, and one of the things I noticed is that in ep 1, is that Keith tends to stay close to Shiro and/or Lance. I’m assuming because those are the people he is more comfortable with. I mean, If I got stuck in space with a group of random people I would totally stay close to those I know better. Thank you very much.

Point is, I never saw Keith show he knew Hunk. Even during the bike chasing scene he calls Hunk “Big guy”

Which makes me think that Keith doesn’t know (or remember) Hunk.

Now there are two options here.
1) Keith and Lance were in a different class from Hunk’s
2) They were all in the same class

I personally believe more in the second option since in Pidge’s flashbacks, when we see Lance and Hunk at the garrison, they clearly knew each other, and from the “hasta la later, Keith” we know that they both knew Keith. 

Either way, Hunk wasn’t around Keith enough time for him to remember him but
on the other hand, when Keith appears and Lance says “It’s Keith” Hunk immediately replies “Keith? You sure?” while pidge goes “Who’s Keith!”
which leaves you with the idea that Hunk knew exactly who Keith was.

And how did he know that?

Definitely not because he was friends with him because Keith would have remembered him for sure. But because Lance talked to Hunk about Keith.
It’s pretty canon if you ask me.

Just want to note that Lance probably only talked about how he was going to beat Keith’s ass or kept declaring his rivalry. But point is, he certainly talked a lot about Keith, for Hunk to know exactly who Lance was talking about in that split moment.

To everyone complaining about Al protecting Ed from Roy’s flames “instead of” Hawkeye in the movie: It’s ok. There’s no need to get so worked up, and I’ll tell you why.

First off, let’s examine the footage we’ve seen so far. Here’s a little breakdown of the scene everyone’s losing it over:

  • We see Roy, facing away from the camera, letting loose a huge amount of flames. The background is all smoke, making it impossible to identify the location.
  • We see Roy’s face, looking angry.
  • We see a top-down view of Al grabbing Ed and protecting him from flames that pass by overhead. The partially destroyed floor seems to be stone or brick, and they seem to be behind a wall.

That’s it. That’s literally it.

The problem here is that everyone is assuming that this is supposed to be the scene from Death of the Undying where Al protects Riza from Roy’s flames, and that thus Riza has been “replaced” with Ed. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that this is true.

The footage we’ve seen doesn’t show Roy’s target. It doesn’t even show where they are. For all we know, this is just a generic scene of Roy torching someone, and Al protecting Ed like the good brother he is.

Lust’s death doesn’t even happen until chapter 39. As it is, we know that the movie probably covers only just before the Lab 5 arc, or right around chapter 10. To repeat that: Lust’s death doesn’t happen until 29 chapters after where the movie almost certainly ends. We also know that the movie team would very much like to make a sequel. Were they to put Lust’s death in the first movie, that means that in the future they’d have to cut out the entire “fishing” arc, one of the most intense and action-packed arcs in the series.

I strongly do not believe that they would do that. To assume that a vague, generic-looking two second clip portrays that scene specifically is jumping the gun a little.

Could it happen? Yes. I’m not denying that it’s possible. But I think it’s unlikely, and we just don’t have enough information to say at this time. Isn’t it better to give them the benefit of doubt and be excited for what we do see than to get upset over what might be nothing?

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So Jared was the one who changed Castiel's heaven from pictures of Dean? Did no one else see a problem with this scene? I assume Jensen was not there to protest as he wasn't in the scene, but it is very telling that Misha said nothing against it.

Yes, my dear anon, Jared put a halt to that trash, give me a second…
Found it. JIB Con 2014

I found something better the actual video. \o/

The question is around 1:33.

Jared says ‘we’, so I would assume that ‘we’ were JENSEN and Jared, since THEY are the ones with the power to say HELL TO THE FUCK NO. 

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but. a thought for you. what if the finale is magnus going to/getting taken to edom. we have that scene we saw them shooting, which didn't include magnus. and wouldn't that be a great cliffhanger for the season.

BELIEVE ME I HAVE THOUGHT ABT THIS PLENTY but i don’t see it happening at the end of 2x20. My guess is that what’s actually happening is the end of City of Glass, where Jace “dies” and is resurrected. Magnus is actually present for the shooting of 2x20, just not in that scene where they all go through Clary’s portal (I assume bc Magnus has better things to do).

I have my fingers crossed that we’ll eventually get Magnus in Edom at the end of S3, but who knows. that’s the only story line in the books i remotely give a damn about because it revealed so much about Magnus’ father. But we were really robbed of its full potential; there was way too much focus on the straights making out, and not enough on Alec who’s boyfriend was actually in danger?? We had hardly any insight into how Alec felt throughout the whole thing. It was a waste. So I’d kill for a rewrite of this.

Also, Luke was taken with Magnus and Raphael. In the books, their dynamic was boring so it wasn’t that fun, but for the show oh my god?? this is the hilarious “locked in the same room together” trio we deserve because Raphael is Magnus’ son, Luke is Magnus’ good friend, and yet Raphael and Luke barely tolerate each other. It would truly be amazing.

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Could i have an angsty madara scenario pretty please?

Is this okay? I don’t really like it??? Also it’s modern if ya cant tell

Originally posted by umbranitri

Mindlessly lighting a cigarette, you held the gentle killer close to you, allowing the small escape to invade your chest as you looked out onto the city below you. Though it was getting rather late, the scene under you was still in constant motion, the sounds car engines and overzealous voices and humming machinery never ceasing to fade. There was something you liked being above it all, pretending that you weren’t victim to the same life that those beneath you led; it had always been nice escape from the world around, a moment to pretend that you weren’t as pathetic as you actually were.

Though, as everything in this world, it didn’t last.

“This was alway the most disappointing thing about you.” a voice commented from the doorway, watching as the smoke left your lungs.

For the most part you ignored the remark, turning your phone on and glancing down at the small screen, but you did give the acquaintance the recognition. “And what makes you assume that I am here to you proud?” you countered before kissing the cigarette again.   

He didn’t respond at first, too aware of your defense mechanisms to actually give a reply that wouldn’t result in an insult of a similar fashion being thrown at him. There was also the small fact that he knew better than to say something as such, but he still liked to think that he had sway over you, years after his control had been relinquished. And so, all he did was walk out onto the balcony and stare down at the same scene that you were gazing down at, almost as if you two were still tolerant of each other.

Side eyeing him, you raised an eyebrow at his presence. “I thought you would have already gone home by now?”`

Never allowing his gaze shift from the city, Madara answered, “There’s nothing to do there. Might as well kill some time here.”

Almost snickering at his reply, you rolled your eyes. “Kill time here? You work here, aren’t you sick of this place yet?”

“It’s all the same. I could ask you the same.”

“I just wanted a smoke before I went back to my place.” you replied, looking back down to your phone, your lips pursing as you saw multiple small notifications of a text continuously dropping down. Shaking your head, you followed through with your statement with a murmur. “If I wanted some peace and quiet away from everyone, is that really something that should be taken away from me?”

Hearing that shift in tone, Madara glanced over to you, seeing your eyebrows knit together as you stared down at the small screen in your hands and read through the different message from the same person. “So it’s come to this already?” he asked, having a rough idea of the relationship that you were currently in and all of the various texts, accusations, and threats that were being displayed across your screen at that very moment. He was a smart man who knew you more than you would have liked to admit, so he knew exactly why you were stalling up there on the rooftop before leaving.

“Hmm?” you shifted your view away from the phone. “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.” you lied.

“You sense of denial was another thing that always disappointed me.”

“Good thing I don’t need to prove myself to you any longer…” you murmured, bringing to square to your mouth. And as you did that, you felt your phone begin to vibrate, as the signal of an incoming call came into view. Looking down, you saw it and simply locked the phone and placed it in your pocket without a second thought, ignoring the call, not yet ready to hear the voice on the other end.

Seeing this small action, Madara raised his eyebrow again at you, “So, is he not enough for your demands either?” he questioned.

Instantly snapping a glaring, you hissed.“Be quiet.” you demanded. “The fact that you feel you have the authority to compare yourself to those I am with now is incredibly ignorant. You were replaced when you made the decision that you wanted something more than me. When you placed a job and an image above me, you were replaced. Simple as that.”

Hearing the statement, his gaze sharpened. “Don’t blame me for all that. You were at fault too-”

“Bullshit.” you snapped. Shaking your head, you continued your glare. “I don’t want to get into all of that, and I know that you don’t either, so I don’t understand why you do this, Madara. Just leave me alone. Don’t act like we were ever anything. You destroyed that, and so I left. I don’t know how else I can make it clear that I don’t want to be anywhere around you.” you continued.  

“What even happened to you? You never used to be like this-”

“Right, there was once I time where I adored you. You were absolutely everything in my eyes; I would have done anything for you, cared for you, loved you, anything. You were everything that I wanted, and I don’t know where I went wrong with you, because one day you just broke my heart like it was absolutely nothing at all. You threw aways years of a relationship like it was nothing at all. So I left, because even though I still loved you more than anything else, I am not someone who comes second to anything, and that was something that you should have realized.” you admitted, recalling the truth.    

And as you finished, you were certain he was angered that you were pinning the entirety of your relationship failing on him as he combated harshly, “Well, it’s obvious that you found someone else. So I don’t know why you are still so bitter.”

And while that was true, you weren’t about to tell him that you were still in love with him and that you were simply with others to fill that void that he had left. Your pride wouldn’t allow you that. You weren’t about to tell him that every time you were with another man, you thought of him. If you closed your eyes, everyone looked the same in the darkness, and so you could pretend. It was pathetic, but that was truth- a truth that you would never admit to him no matter what chance at redemption if gave. And so, you just shook your head at him. “He won’t stay…” you murmured, taking one final drag and that cigarette before dropping the brunt end down to the garden below. “They never do, just like you…”

I fuckin love you - Chris Hemsworth

May I have a Chris Hemsworth x reader where he refuses to admit he has feelings for her because of the age gap between them, but at the same time he can’t stay away from her, maybe some smut at the end?



You marched in firm and angry steps to your dressing room in the same second that the director shouted that would have a 15-minute break. At the time you were so angry that paid no attention to your force, closing the door with an almost violent beat and making people outside look at each other confused. This behavior had begun five months ago, more exactly when Chris Hemsworth was asked to be the older brother of your romantic couple… Which in the end, Chris would be your true romantic couple. It was an intriguing drama film, a family dispute to gain the power of the company and the hand of the maiden in marriage, with death and violence too, something pretty cliché to your eyes but at the same time inviting. And it would be even more perfect and dream being realized if your life had not turned upside down in such a sudden way.

“(Y / N), you can’t let him get into your system that way…” Josh Hutcherson, the younger brother, and your romantic partner in the film and your longtime friend, muttered as he walked into your dressing room without warning, already accustomed to doing such a thing “You know that’s just bad for you.”

“Joshua, don’t start.” you said between teeth, removing the long dress that you had used for the last scene and staying only in underwear, but soon felt the robe cover your back and you laughed weak “Sorry, you can now open eyes.”

“You have to stop doing this, please, I’m still a man… And Jennifer’s already enough acting crazy.” He smiled awkwardly, shaking his head and sitting on the small couch, crossing his arms thoughtfully “But back to the reason I’m here: he has said anything since that scene? ”

You have finished close your robe and sat in the chair opposite the sofa, getting sulky when you remembered what Josh was talking about exactly. After three months of recording, you had your first romantic scene with Hemsworth, the first intimate contact with the characters and the two of you… It was pretty intense. It was a scene after a new year party, where his character takes your character to the deserted beach at the Mansion background, there they discuss, exchange a warm kiss and then gets the clothes off to then enter into the water with only their underwear. You had to pretend to have sex in the night and in the icy water, everything was under control until you started to feel that the scenario was becoming too real. You never thought you could have such an effect on a man like Chris, but you had. And after that, he started acting strange to you, but at the same time, he didn’t get aways from you.

“Nothing, just things about the film.” you sank into the chair, throwing your head back and grunting irritably.

“I think we will resolve it soon enough.” Josh hummed, getting up and tapping on your knee to get your attention, you looked at him confused “You looked the script for today, right? Well, get ready, because we won’t only act out today. ”

You rose sharply, looking for the script of the day and listening to Josh laugh disappear after the door is closed. You squealed while reading and understanding what would happen today. Damn you, Joshua. Or should you say blessed? Anyway, he really deserved a kiss for trying to help you. If after this Chris continue with the idiot thought of “I will not assume what I feel because you are 10 years younger” you really would kick him and finally give up.

Returning to the set, you felt your hands shaking slightly, you were looking forward to the scene. It would be the first where you would have to take half of your clothes in front of several people, with enough lighting and camera… And it was better not to think about it. You just stood in the scene where Josh awaited you, he smiled and winked at you making you laugh, relaxing. You quickly began recording, Josh would appear to discover that your character was engaged and he would demand an explanation, he attempts to seduce you - with plenty of real kisses, thank you Josh - but Chris’s character appears on time. The two brothers fight, Josh’s character goes away and then Chris and you end up having angry sex on the couch, complete with spanking, loud moans, and groans. Of course, all false. But the kisses were more real than the ones you had changed with Josh, they were possessive kisses and Chris hands would leave marks on your skin, you just end up getting into character even more.

“What the hell was that?” Chris muttered, practically invading your dressing room and locking the door so that no one could get in the way.

“Huh?” You looked at him confused, closing the robe in a hurry to hide your clean lingerie “What happened?”

“You and Josh-” he began again, the harsh and angry voice, approaching with big steps to the couch where you were sitting.

“Listen, Hemsworth, you have no right to say anything” you interrupted, pointing your forefinger toward him and scowling “You’ve made it very clear that we will never have anything, so stop getting over me trying to control everything I do!”

You stared at him challenging an answer, you were at the same time angry and horny. You wanted so much hate that man, he was making you go crazy. But the answer did not come, Chris stared at you frowning and heavy breathing, you sighed defeated turning back to open the door and ignore him. But then you felt his hands on your hip and then his body was against yours, holding you against the wall. Oh shit.

“I’ll show you with who you’re talking.” He muttered husky in your ear.

Shoving his hands in your robe and holding your thighs tightly so you could wrap your legs around his hips. He then attacked your lips in a possessive and needy kiss, you corresponded with desire, holding his hair firmly with one hand and using the other to hold on his shoulder. You moaned between the kiss when you felt him grinding against you, making you wiggle in response. Oh, you needed him so much… But then something came to your mind as a cold water bath. You suddenly pushed him from you, standing with the help of the wall and taking a deep breath trying to compose yourself. Chris looked at you confused and when he tried to approach you raised a hand preventing him from getting close.

“I really want to fuck you, I really want to show you my kinks. But first, I demand to know what you want from me. Because you know very well my great interest in you. You know that I fuckin love you.” you said quickly, fixing your hair and then finally going to the door and opening the same “Come back when you have settled with your head that has a brain, and not with your other head.”

“(Y/N)… Don’t be like that…” He ran his hands through his hair in exasperation “Please.”

“I’ve made up my mind.”

“Alright, I’ll show you that I fucking love you and that I’ll not stay away.” Chris yelled for everyone to hear, getting out of your dressing room with long steps and still screaming, leaving you stunned at the door and drawing attention from everyone over the set. “I love this girl, damn it! Why is she driving me crazy? Someone call the press!  I will tell everyone that I’m in love! Someone record me saying I’m in love with (Y / N)!" 

“Oh my God, come back here, Chris!”

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Maddy, with the upcoming animation of Gaiden, do you have any worries or expected quirks regarding the animation? Because given the previous lack of fan service and SP's preference to NH, I'm quite scared and, sadly, prejudiced. I've kept my expectations low because assuming they'd be better just hurts, you know? Sometimes, if one assumes something good will happen, they just end up getting hurt. :(

Well, I’d say the animation would be the least of my concerns. I mean yeah they’ve often given higher quality animation to certain scenes, but as long as they don’t go below their standard quality for the adaptation then it should be fine. If they were to mess up on anything, I don’t think it’d be on the animation.

Oh Brother (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)


(Basically reader is Ham’s lil sis and we all know what happens after that…)

Warnings: cursing, violence (there’s a fistfight)

“An arrogant, selfish, goddamn son of a…”

You stirred your drink with your straw lazily, barely hanging on to your brother’s words.

“I swear, one day, Thomas Jefferson will get it. I’ll kick his ass.”
“Mhm, Alexander. You do that,” you said, taking a quick peek at your phone, which was resting on your lap beneath the table.

The bar was nearly empty, just you and Alex, and a couple college students playing darts in the corner. The bartender, behind the counter, leaned against a shelf stuffed with drinks yet to be opened, scrolling through his phone. The entire place stunk of stale beer, and a lightbulb flickered grimly somewhere in the room.

For whatever reason, Alexander loved this place. He had been drawn to Liberty Bar from the moment he stepped on American soil, using its uncomfortable wooden booths to write essays for his pre-law degree, go out with his friends, and, in this case, rant to you, his sister, about his sworn enemy.

“Honestly, Y/N, I don’t know why Professor Washington likes him to begin with. Why he even lets him speak in class, I don’t know.”
“Chill, Alex. Everyone knows you’re Washington’s favorite.”
“True, but…”
Alexander trailed off, suddenly slack jawed.

“Fuck!” Alex shouted, banging a fist on the table and rattling the drinks.

“What?!” you asked, turning around to find what Alex was so angry about.

Thomas Jefferson stood at the bar door, sporting a vibrant purple jacket. He walked casually over towards your table, taking long, confident strides.

“What the hell are you doing here, Jefferson?” Alex snarled through gritted teeth.

“Oh, just touring the neighborhood a bit. And what about you, Hamilton? Just languishing over your devastating loss in Politics today?” Thomas Jefferson taunted, eyes lit up. He turned, catching a glimpse of you. “And who are you?” he asked gently, his entire demeanor softening slightly.

“Y/N Hamilton,” you smiled.

“My sister,” Alexander said to Jefferson pointedly.

“How you could be related to him, I will never know. You are much too beautiful,” Thomas said, not taking his eyes off you.

“Jefferson, keep looking at my sister like that and you won’t see tomorrow.” Suddenly, Alex’s phone rang, the blaring ringtone the only noise in an otherwise silent room.

“John? Wait, what? No, I’m with- Okay, okay, I’ll be right there.”
Alexander stuffed his phone in his pocket, standing up and gathering his things. “Y/N, let’s go.”
You rolled your eyes at your brother. “You never stop, do you?”
“I can escort you home,” Thomas said, a soft smile resting on his face.

“I’m fine, thanks.”
“It’s late night in New York City,” Thomas continued.

“There’s no way I’m leaving you alone with Y/N,” Alex told Thomas, crossing his arms.

“Jesus, Alex, I can make my own decisions. It’s just a walk home.”
Thomas smiled triumphantly. He’d had two victories over Alexander Hamilton today.


You had decided to sit in on Alexander’s Politics class today. You wanted to see what he was always talking about, perhaps witness one of the debates he always came home fuming about.

That, and you wanted to see Thomas again.

But you didn’t tell Alex that.

You took a seat in the back of the lecture hall, pulling the hood of your sweatshirt over your head. Better to not make a scene at the moment.

Thomas and Alexander were already fighting with each other at full force, their voices echoing through the lecture hall, wrestling each other.

“Jefferson, the national banks were a good idea, created to-”

“Oh yeah, just tell that to the Great Depression!”

“The decision on the founding fathers’ part to assume state’s debt made the most fiscal sense for the nation at that time! Creating a national bank established financial stability for the nation in years to come. Jesus Christ, Jefferson, I swear-”

“Hamilton,” Professor Washington warned.

“Yeah, Hamilton,” Thomas Jefferson smirked, obviously pleased with the reaction he’d gotten out of his enemy.

“Goddamnit, Jefferson!” Alex shouted, breaking away from his argument, his face red and contorted with anger.

“Oh yeah, Hamilton? What are you gonna do?”
“I’m gonna kick your ass, Jefferson!”

“Well, I fucked your sister last night!”

The entire room went completely silent. You let out a small gasp.

Alexander wasn’t supposed to find out this way.

Your brother stood there, shaking with anger, fists clenched and ready.

“And Jesus, did we-”
Thomas was cut off by your brother’s fist. Washington had to hold him back as he swung again for Thomas, who was cupping his jaw in his hand.

You rushed down the aisle to where they both stood, Thomas on one side, blood gushing down his face, and Alexander on the other, being restrained by Washington.

“It was worth it,” Thomas smiled slightly.

“Fuck you! Both of you!” you shouted, and stormed out of the room.

“You already did me,” Thomas mumbled as the door slammed behind you. He shot a glance towards Alex. “And it was fucking fantastic.”


The knock on your door only punctuated your terrible headache.

“Did you invite anyone over?” you asked your roommate Eliza Schuyler, who was hunched over her laptop, trying to write an essay.

“Nope,” she said, not looking up.

You trudged over toward the door.

Standing before you were Thomas and… your brother.

You crossed your arms. “What are you two doing here?”

Thomas held out a bouquet of flowers. “For you, my dear.”

Alexander was not able to hide his eye roll. You shot him a glare.

“Um. Thank you, Thomas.”

“We both wanted to apologize. I was wrong, Y/N…” Thomas elbowed Alex. 

“And… and so was I,” Alex conceded. “I’m not saying we’re going to get along but…”

“But, Y/N, I know we’ve only known each other for a little while, but I feel like I’ve known you for so much longer. And I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me.”

You smiled and took Thomas by full force, sweeping him in a massive kiss. He fervently kissed you, wrapping his arms around you. He put his hands in your hair, and in that moment you seriously considered fucking him right there. Finally, however, you broke away from each other, breathlessly you said, “Friday night, 8 o’clock. Liberty Bar.”

You couldn’t help but notice the distinct look of disgust on your brother’s face, but right now, as you looked into Thomas’s eyes, you couldn’t care less.

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One of my favorite things about Michiru and Haruka is how the show treats them like they're so much older than the Inners when they're like a year older than them at best, assuming they were in their first year of high school in S.


I personally headcanon them as significantly older (I never settled it for sure, likely Seniors), but they lied about their age to better infiltrate Mugen and slip under the radar as they poked around.

Which is even funnier when you consider what a smooth liar Haruka is.

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When did the executive producer say there were "issues" with this scene?? They better release it omg.

just today.  someone asked him why that scene was cut, and he said, “there were issues…”

i assume it didn’t fit in with the narrative they ultimately ended up going with.  but still, it could’ve been included as a deleted scene or alternate ending or something.

we just want to see it.

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Hey! I love your blog and your gifs are amazing! I'm a bit new to the fandom and I was wondering if you had any tips on how not to whitewash Bellamy in Becca's lab? Cause I've never had to gif something like this before and yours looks just perfect. Have a wonderful day!

Aw, thank you so much! Coloring gifs is something you get better at with time, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I’m assuming you’re talking about the 4x13 scenes, right? They were frustrating for me to color because I’m not fond of green/cyan or green/yellow tones. When I gif POC, I generally pay attention to the levels of reds when adjusting the coloring, and I increase the vibrance. This is the process I usually go through if you want more detail.

Keep reading

That time I met David and Gillian (and lived to tell about it)

We didn’t show up to the park until around 7pm, and we could see the same tents and trucks and crew mingling as we did on Friday.  We ALSO saw around 6 female fans lingering around (with paparazzi style cameras), talking to some young crew member (was anybody on tumblr there?). So we immediately decided to separate ourselves from them (they were hanging by the entrance) and to just act like we had the right to be there, and walk right through all the crew.  Some of the dudes recognized us from Friday (embarrassing), but at this point we were done pretending and were determined to see some shit.

 Everybody was super friendly, “hey girls! Hey Mulder” (to the dog).  So we kept walking and approached the same set up we saw on Friday.  Immediately I SAW NELSON.  My heart was racing (because I knew Gillian had to be close), so Jen and I were trying to casually scan the park to see if we could see her (nothing).  Nelson was running around with Mulder and they were jumping on each other and playing and Nelson was jumping on us and we were petting him and he was SO sweet.  So after our doggie fix, we decided to see if we could walk the trail and get a better look at the scene. 

We assumed that both David and Gillian were IN the scene (to our right, within the brush), so I totally had my guard down as we followed this crew member along the trail.  And BAM.  David.  Sitting in his directors chair talking to some dude (also in a director chair) – maybe an interview? When he saw us and the dog, he stopped talking and looked at us and smiled.  I mumbled “Hi” but mostly was in SHOCK I was looking at him immediately after we entered the trail (he was totally out in the open).  So the crew walked us a bit further and said “have a nice day” and let us go.

 At this point we were both hyperventilating. I tried like 7 times to update you all on tumblr but I was legit shaking.  Jen’s like “put the phone down, be IN the moment”.  So I listened to her and put it away and we tried to make out the scene but it appeared to be much of what we saw before.  Jen was like LET’S ASK DAVID FOR A PHOTO NOW, but when we walked back we were walking against traffic and other people and dogs and cyclists and crew so we chickened out (not one person stopped to talk to him?).  And as we were passing him I noticed a black tent (like a party tent you’d get at Costco) AND I HEARD HER.  I heard Gillian and I swear to god I almost fainted.  I slowed my walking down and saw her in the tent facing my direction, sitting in a chair talking to someone else (total interview).  I heard her laugh a little and I swear to you I was done.  I was like “we’ve got everything we need now, let’s go”. But we weren’t, and Jen was my rock.  So we legit set up a picnic on a little hill overlooking crew and the park – we had a blanket and wine in solo cups and salads; cos we thought we’d be bunkering down for a while.  This part’s a blurr. But I saw Gillian exit the tent WITH REDDD HAIR, turn her back to me and walk up the trail.  She presumably did a couple of takes with David, as we heard “rolling, action… cut” maybe two or three more times.  We downed wine, I tried to eat 2 bites of salad but couldn’t.  And without any warning we saw Gillian walking down the trail towards us with Nelson. 

At this point I heard in the distance “Nelsonnnn… NELSONNNNN” and out comes David jogging a little bit towards them.  Gillian turns around, laughs, and says “Nelson, you know your name. He knows his name” and looks up at David (who had his dress shirt untucked – clearly done the scene), they talk a little (again I was in such shock watching them interact in front of us IN COSTUME as Mulder and Scully but AS David and Gillian - too much to absorb).  Side note: Wardrobe. So David was wearing a suit (a different one than Friday), it was like dark blue with a white/light blue dress shirt and a burgundy and white striped tie – I think. I know there was burgundy in it.  Gillian was wearing dark grey/black dress pants, a light blue/white top and a navy jacket (I think, I mean… from what I remember. I just kept thinking HAIRRR). 

Okay so they clearly saw us, and at this point we were like “this is it, let’s get that pic”, so we stood up, and a crew guy literally ran at us “please don’t” and shushed us away from taking a pic. But they were leaving so were SO bummed. So we waved and David waved back and pointed at Mulder and said “that’s another cute dog”, for some reason I said “they’re everywhere tonight” (why? What was the point of that? What is wrong with me? - there were lots of dogs on the trail BUT WHY), so he laughed a little and then Gillian started walking in front of him, and he followed her.  As they walked away I heard her laughing all the way to where she got in her car (HER LAUGH NEEDS TO BE OUR PHILE CALL).  And then they got in their cars (the exact same cars, but different colors – with drivers), and they were driven down the road to where their trailers were.

We just sat there, in shock that we had an interaction with them; that they looked at us, we all spoke, they were in costume LIFE IS COMPLETE.  So Jen and I walked out by where my car was parked and laid on the grass and laughed and decompressed (AND I CALLED KELLY thetvmouse  TO TALK ME DOWN), and then Jen was like “we know where their trailers are…. We have to do it. This could be our only chance.  It’s down the road LET’S GO”.  So the story doesn’t end here COS WE WENT.  And I get that this is stalkery.  Like I’m embarrassed by my actions BUT I’M ALSO NOT because… We got to see them IN costume and OUT of costume and I got to squeeze David’s waist and he touched me back SO DON’T ANON ME THAT YOU THINK I’M CRAZY. I get it.

So we drove literally 1 minute down the road and saw all the trailers set up (also in a very public area with lots of people walking and jogging and walking their dogs – and no one seeming to notice THAT THE REVIVAL WAS BEING FILMED right there!?).  I was super shaky but Jen bullied me to get out of the car (bless her), and we just started walking towards the trailers, and like an angel appearing before us THERE WAS GILLIAN.  Jen didn’t even notice her (because she was out of costume), but I grabbed Jen’s hand and squeezed so tight and said “that’s her”, laughing and smiling, talking to two guys. Wearing the plaid shirt that’s my avi!!!! And black capris and her tan wedges(!!).  And her blonde hair was slicked back in a super high pony.  And she had a full face of makeup on and looked beautiful and teeny and taller than me (with those heels).

We realized we interrupted her talking to some dudes, but now or never, right? So I said “Hi Gillian, I hope this isn’t super inappropriate, but is there any way we could have a photo?”, and she sort of looked down, and then looked at the guy she was facing, so Jen and I both looked at the guy she was talking to AND THEN WE REALIZED IT WAS DAVID.  We were soooo focused on Gillian that we couldn’t even CONCEIVE that she would be chatting with DD. HE TOO was out of costume (except he had all his makeup still on so you could see the powder on his face), and both Jen and I laughed and said “we didn’t even recognize you!” and so we were frazzled and Gillian’s car was running with Nelson in it (and a driver), and we were like “so no photo?” and Gillian was like “No, I’m sorry” and she smiled and got into the car.  And I felt heartbroken and Jen could see it in my face and I was thinking “abort abort let’s go lets go Gillian hates us, I’m out”, and Jen just went right into “this is Mulder” (the dog – she was holding him) and David immediately approached him and grabbed his face and ears and started petting him and saying “he’s really cute” and then Jen showed him his beaten up collar that says “Mulder” and David seemed flattered, and then I said “he’s 9.. this isn’t a newww thing” and he laughed and said “oh, he’s got a bit of grey, that’s the only tell he’s not a puppy” and then I said “and his eyes aren’t the greatest” and he said “oh I can see some glaucoma” and then he went nose to nose with Mulder… Like went in to kiss him and said “he won’t bite” and Jen said “oh no”, and it was ADORABLE looking at them just staring at each other, and then I said something about “he’s meeting his namesake!” and Jen said “it’s a really full circle moment” and we all kinda laughed.  And then Jen said some things and I said some things and David said some things AND IT WAS A BLURR.  And then at some point I said “k so we’re Vancouverites and big fans and we just haaad to see if we could get a photo…” and he goes “sure”, so I hand the phone to some dude and David says “from the waist up” lol and looks at me and pulls me around so that his arm’s around me, grabs Jen too, and I put my arm around his waist.  And the dude took like 5 photos, bless. All the while I’m like “remember this, rememmmber this.”  And then I think David said something about Mulder again, and then we said “thank you so much” and sort of… skipped away.

And that is the story about how I died.

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People are saying Stiles and Lydia came out of nowhere because there's no chemistry. ZERO chemistry between Holland and Dylan and it REALLY shows. I don't even think they like each other in real life. Dylan has turned into a cocky jerk anyway.

Okay, saying they came out of nowhere doesn’t translate to zero chemistry? Like they mean two completely different things. And umm since when did Holland hate Dylan? Since when have they had zero chemistry?

But yeah, she totally hates him and they totally have no chemistry. Lmfao that’s definitely why they are the most popular ship on the show and on MTV for that matter… oh and can’t forget these beautiful quotes:

“My scenes with Dylan are my favorite. There’s just a chemistry there and we don’t know why” - Holland Roden

“The looks they give each other. They were magic.” - Jeff Davis on Stydia

“Narrative structures indicate Stiles and Lydia will wind up together. That’s what i’d assume.” -Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instrument series

“I love doing scenes w/ @/dylanobrien i miss him!! Stiles and Lydia 4eva” - Holland Roden on twitter

“Stiles and Lydia’s have always been filled with romantic subtext.” - buddytv.com

“Simply put, there is no one that works better together on Teen Wolf than Lydia and Stiles.” - buddytv.com

“I think they have amazing chemistry together. I can see that happening. They’re just so good together.” - Jeff Davis to eonline.com

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Really? The plot didn't make sense. The girls were simply being lazy and then all of a sudden the men were the bad guys. It annoyed me so much. Other than riarkle moments I think it pretty much sucked at a jab at feminism. Respect though

How does the plot not make sense? Yes, some of the girls were being lazy (like Maya), but in the Farkle/Riley plot, Farkle was being narrow minded- he automatically assumed he should do the work and that Riley wouldn’t want too, because he is better at Science than she is and girls don’t like science anyway. I think that he was supposed to represent the overall “general consensus” of the boys. 

And the girls didn’t get off scot free, which is why it’s so important. The entire bay window scene with Topanga was a lesson in scolding the girls for NOT caring and for BEING lazy and teaching them that they have to care about these things in order to break the patriarchal constructs we live in. 

And it wasn’t failing at feminism at all, it showed a woman having a voice and speaking out for what she believed in and making a difference and opening the eyes of BOTH males and females ALIKE. The bay window scene gets glossed over in that aspect and I would strongly urge you to go back and watch it again. 

Plus, the guys weren’t the “bad ones” for long. Farkle learned pretty quickly that he was seeing things with tunnel vision and quickly jumped aboard the Riley train. The rest of the guys weren’t being blamed for patriarchy, but they WERE being just as stubborn as the girls, refusing to work with them just as much as the girls were refusing to cooperate with them. 

See, the whole point is equality. Look at the last scene between Riley/Maya and Cory/Norton- the girls want to buy pizza for the teachers who are in fact, men. The men are receptive to this. It isn’t about making women better than men, it isn’t about discounting mens contributions to society. It’s about breaking the binary gender roles and the violent oppositions that go along with those binaries. it’s about equality, it’s about working together as one, about not SEEING gender as part of our identity and attempting to challenge that specific ideology. It goes way deeper than a boys vs. girls mentality. 

We need to understand what feminism is trying to do, in order to fully understand how well this episode was crafted. 

*And of course I don’t need to go into the Farkle/Riley & Maya/Lucas subtext that streamlined so damn flawlessly with the surface plot of the episode, probably better than any other episode that has been written. It didn’t even have to try and reach even a little bit, and was clear to even casual viewers that “something is going on beneath the surface”. That’s just great writing.*