i assume there were better scenes

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I was rewatching the trailer, and the bit where they show the romances of the show, and it's clarke's bit with the grounder and how everyone assumed it was lexa. It made me think if clex_a did indeed have a romantic/sex scene together during this season they would have showed it in the trailer instead of the red herring scene. Or atleast used parts of the scene.

Hmmm…you think? I don’t know. I tend to generally think that whatever they put in the trailer isn’t the best part, that there’s gotta be more/better. So I’m not quite sure I agree that they would have shown any of that in the trailer if it were going to happen.

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33, 80, 99

33. what’s your fave pastry?

i don’t really think i have a favorite pastry but my favorite pastry filling is raspberry or cherry

80. what color are your bedroom walls? did you choose that color, if so, why?

sadly my house is a rental so the walls are a light brown color, but at least that’s better than the last two rentals where my bedroom walls were just plain white

99. list some songs that resonate to your soul whenever you hear them

I’m going to assume resonate in my soul means they deeply emotionally affect me by making me feel hollow: 

Thank you for asking! I had a lot of fun doing this especially the music bit I love music so I love when people ask me about it

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i saw that u got anons asking u abt a sex scene and since ur icon is mgg i assumed they were talking about a mgg sex scene :/// but no i'm not lucky enough for that

OMGGGGG but Sebastian in a sex scene is just as good if not slightly better aesthetically lol