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I’ve just gotten around to replying to most of the messages I’ve gotten over the past couple of days. It’s been both heartbreaking and heartwarming to see how many of you have cherished my silly little blog over the years. If you haven’t gotten a reply from me, then either A– the fanmail function isn’t working (use the ask function please) or B– I want to double check your blog before sending out my new info. Remember, I’m not replying to anons. Don’t take that personally– you’ll understand once I’m able to explain. Some of you got general copy-and-paste replies, but that’s just because I’m working through an over flow of inbox stuff right now, not because you’re not special or important to me. I want to be able to talk more one on one with everybody after everything gets managed and switched over, so please stick with some impersonal answers right now.

That said. It is absolutely destroying me to delete this blog. If you messaged me for sideblog info, you got more details, but for those of you who don’t know what’s going on right now, please don’t assume this has been easy or lightly-handled. This blog has been my outlet and haven and safe place for four years and I’m absolutely crushed to have to walk away. It’s been incredibly difficult for me and I’ve been surprised to see that some long-time friends/followers think that I could be so casually callous. 

The one good thing to come out of this whole disaster has been having the opportunity to see some of my followers that I don’t hear much from coming out of the wood work. A lot of you aren’t sure you’re allowed to ask for my side blog or feel unsure about messaging me because we haven’t communicated much, but please don’t. I’ve watched my notes for four years and learned many many of your names. You are all more precious to me than you know. 

I know this is an unpopular opinion

But I have two thoughts about the “banwave”

For background I work for a large social site and although I am not a moderator (I am on the art staff) there I have several friends who are or were at some point (mostly back in the site’s heyday).

The first thought is that several times we were accused of something like “banwaves” on that site–there was this impression that suddenly a great many more accounts were being handled than average, all at once. This was almost never true, and when it was, it was during times of peak activity when more people were playing so we had more reports to handle–during events, for example. Things like NotN. The actual percentage never really fluctuated much, aside from sometimes brief spikes when we hired new mods to plow through a backlog or something.

The second thought is that every single time, without fail, that I ever saw anyone loudly complaining about their ban–not just sending in an appeal, but going out in public loudly lamenting how unfair and incorrect their ban was–it turned out to be that the ban was in fact deserved; sometimes they even have a history of warnings and several other banned accounts (as the site I’m talking about allows multi-accounting). Sometimes the people sending in an appeal and maybe making one or two posts on a new account to tell their friends where they’d gone off to were in fact wrongly banned and the ban was overturned and we never heard anything about it again, but literally without fail every time there was a “public outcry” over an unfair banning it turned out to be deserved. This is true on several sites–a Runescape drama thread about exactly this recently went /r/bestof on Reddit, lol–and I just have to raise an eyebrow. And often the mods aren’t allowed to refute this publicly because we have privacy rules in place to protect our users where we’re not allowed to air their history unless they start posting specifics first.

I am not going to sit here and say that no one has been wrongfully banned because I frankly have no idea and to be honest any moderator who’s been around for a while, especially during a high-traffic time, has accidentally handed out a wrongful ban and had to reverse it. I was once banned on /r/ladyboners on Reddit because someone misread the comment above mine as having been posted by me! It was overturned.

I haven’t seen any posts by anyone banned so I don’t know what’s going on here; I don’t know who has been banned or why or usernames or any specifics. I only follow a couple of FR blogs directly to avoid flooding my dash as this is my non-FR account as well; the rest I visit the tag for and occasionally click over to that blog to read it. So I’m not trying to actively discredit anything that’s happening. I’d just say that before you leap to the conclusion that a “banwave” is happening that you consider that maybe the bans aren’t escalating: maybe it just seems that way because there are more active users and more botters afoot in the wake of NotN.

I should also add that last time there was a “banwave” scare I messaged the mods about the fact that three people in my household played FR actively (I’ve since moved so now it’s two in that house and me by my lonesome) and they sent me a very nice personalized message about it and I was never banned even though my step-dad and I traded his coli team back and forth on the regular. And then, a week or so later, it turned out there hadn’t been a “banwave” at all, it’s just that it so happened that two of the routine bans had been people who were especially active on Tumblr and therefore had a platform to publicly discuss their bans, totally by coincidence.

So, IDK. All I’m saying is remain skeptical and do not panic or witch hunt. I do wish that pet site staff in general, on FR and elsewhere, were more transparent and communicated better about moderation tactics, but I have also worked for a social gaming site and I get why sometimes that just isn’t the case, so I’m just gonna sit tight and wait for more info before assuming that some mods are running around hammer-happy and panicking.

                                          Tumblr Messenger

Eh…it’s less of a guide I think, and more of a info session with the new Tumblr Messenger. I was already seeing some concern from people I follow about this new feature, and wanted to take it on and explain what it does and doesn’t do so that people can decide whether they want it or not (assuming there’s not a forced upgrade in a few weeks.)

Regardless of your view on instant messaging, I caution you to be courteous and kind with each other regarding this new feature. Send an ask to someone before messaging them, asking if they would like the feature before forcing it upon them; don’t bully or be mean to one another on messenger (I know this is a pipe dream, but we can all hope for a little kindness now and again…it’s a dream at least). There are people out there that have issue with this type of communication – you’re not being asked to accept it, but you are being asked to be understanding to it.

(please excuse the unintended Dollhouse Shameless self promotion, I’m using my character’s account and this RPH account for testing)

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{~†~} – Aoba was laying comfortably on one of the rooftops in Eastern District. He was just relaxing after a long day of kicking some ass in Rhyme. But he still had an itch that he wanted to scratch. He wanted to find someone else to break. 

Ren, scan for the closest, toughest Rhyme player. I wanna fuck someone else up.” He chuckled. Ren responded and located someone new. Aoba looked at his info and smiled. It was that Noiz kid with the Rabbit Cubes. He smirked and headed down the side of the building. He wanted to make this kid hurt. He followed him from behind for a little while till they were alone in one of the alley ways. Starting off by using Scrap would be fun.

“ – Hey kid, remember me? Let’s have some fun again~ – ” He smirked.