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patroclus is a really exceptional character in the whole iliad. at the time the only recognized virtues of heroes were strenght and physical ability while;

1. patroclus’ dominant qualities are goodness kindness n sweetness

2. he was good friends with everyone (XVII, 669-672, XXIII, 252)

3. when he dies, during the fight his body is protected by like, everyone, included menelaus, ajax, meriones, antíloco n all those heartless warriors (XVII)

4. guys can you believe even some gods feel bad for him (XIX, 340-348) this is fucking zeus feeling pity for crying achilles who didnt even eat

5. briseis cries for patroclus too when she remembers how sweet he was: when achilles n his fellows destroyed her city and killed her husband and all her brothers, patroclus never left her alone and promised she was going to marry achilles soon (to not become a slave) (XIX, 287-300) we need to talk more about this

6. evEN his horses !!! cry !! for him because he was such a sweet charioteer (XVII, 426-440, XXIII, 283)

7. after patroclus dies achilles says he prefers the death of his father or his son than the one of his bf(f) (XIX, 321-327) + in the iliad achilles crying on patroclus’ body is compared with a lion crying for his pups (XXVIII, 314-322),,,, ,,well this is not about the goodness of patroclus but still important (actually we can add a lot here)

and did i mention he was homer’s fave??

guys patroclus was one of the very first Cinnamon Rolls™️

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only you can go from thirsting over jimin to quoting salinger to hating donald trump in one set of tags, i'm amazed and very amused

Lmfao! Sometimes I forget that people actually read my tags.

Also I saw this after answering an ask where I confessed my undying thirst for jealous Jungkook and I assumed it was you calling me out for trying to swerve….I was sweating. 😅

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Hey! I have a question for you. I currently have a story up on AO3, it's kinda angsty, and it doesn't end happy - meaning the two main characters don't get together. I don't have it tagged as unhappy ending or bittersweet or anything because I don't want to spoil the ending, and someone left a comment telling me it was really rude to not have that tagged. Do you tag to avoid upsetting people? Even when you spoil your own fics? I kinda don't know what to do. ❤️

Hey there! Tagging is one of those difficult things, in my opinion. It’s such a delicate thing, and everyone’s opinions seem to vary. Some people never want to tag while others tag every little thing, and a lot fall in the middle. I’m not very good at tagging because it’s something that really only started happening in fic archives in more recent years. I remember when we’d only warn for the Big Things, such as rape/non-con, incest, character death, etc. If something was particularly smutty/kinky, there’d be warnings sometimes if it wasn’t the standard kind of kinks (or more common kinks). So I still tend to think of the big warnings whenever I tag or warn for a fic I’ve written, and there are times when I might not tag something that turns off a reader. 

I got a rude comment once for having a reference to Scott/Lydia in a Sterek fic, which was a brief mention in one sentence, and not an actual ship in the fic, but it was assumed that I should have tagged because one reader disliked that ship. In cases like that, my general attitude is honestly fuck it. There are chances we take as readers when it comes to the content we read, and fanfic writers already provide a lot more warnings than you get in published fiction, where sometimes rape or incest or character death just happens with no tag/warning at all. I think warning for the most common things that might trigger someone is totally appropriate, but sometimes there’s going to be something that only a few readers might be offended by that is more of a personal squick/trigger that no one could really ever predict needing a warning. I mean, I have some random ass squicks, myself, and I can’t really expect authors to tag for those things that likely wouldn’t bother anyone else.

That being said, something that is an unhappy ending is more of a common squick/trigger for fandom, in general. A lot of people use fanfic as a nice escape from whatever RL world they want to forget for the length of an awesome fanfic. Unhappy endings for a ship can be like character death, in a way. I know that I will usually skim to the last paragraph of any fic that gives me hesitation on it being happy just to ensure the two leads end up together & no one dies or breaks up. 

When I’ve written a story that has a plot twist or something that I don’t want spoiled in the tags, I’ve added a tag that basically says ‘check A/N for spoilers if you have any squicks/nopes’ then I put a note in the Author’s Note part that states what the spoiler is. In Livejournal times, it was easier because you could hide the spoilers and those who wanted to make sure nothing was included that might bother them would just highlight to read. That way, you could warn for unhappy endings or bittersweet or hopeful endings without spoiling it for the readers who don’t care. 

In this case, I’m really sorry you experienced a rude comment! Those are always tough to deal with, especially in a situation like this where it’s sort of gray when it comes to tagging/warning for an unhappy ending. You might consider adding a spoiler note in the author’s note section then tag for a spoiler if you’d like to avoid spoiling the ending. You can also use some keywords like Angst and Bittersweet because those not accompanied by a ‘happy ending’ type tag tell me as a reader that it’s not likely going to be a happy ending without outright tagging unhappy ending.

I’m sorry if my ramble doesn’t help at all but I’ve got my fingers crossed that maybe it will! I hope you don’t take the rude comment to heart and let it bother you, though. Just keep writing & enjoy what you do because that’s what fandom’s supposed to be about! <333

There are so many fics about Welcome to the Madness that make it seem like Otabek is all awkward with Yuri after the exhibition or like he’s frustrated with him or like he had no idea what Yuri was gonna do with the song.
Do you honestly think
That Otabek
Did not have
A hand
In that striptease
Of a program
He gave him the song. He knew full well what Yuri was gonna do with it. Yuri was probably like: “I’m gonna fuck with everyone, you in?”
And even if Otabek didn’t agree with what he was doing, he would still help him. We see him rink side (perhaps he’s on the ice even??) in the clip, and he does the finger gun thing as well. So we know he was there for the whole thing and Yuri probably asked him to be part of the routine. So are you telling me
That Otabek freaking Altin
With the leather
And the motorcycle
Who DJ’s at rock clubs
The guy who willing
Chose to be friends
With the Russian Punk
Is going to actually get upset
About that program?

Also Kubo never said that Otabek is the one who wouldn’t let Yuri go to the club. All that was said was that Yuri tagged along but was too young. So I think it’s safe to assume that he probably convinced Otabek to take him and the bouncer carded them and was like: “whoa wait, no way, kid.”

I dunno, that’s just me. I just hate to see Otabek turned into some overly sensitive guy, y'know? His character just doesn’t strike me as someone who would read too far into things like that. I think, even if he hadn’t known what Yuri was doing, he would still take it at face value and appreciate the work that went into something Yuri was truly proud of. (Or, y'know, something he’ll be proud of until he’s about twenty five and someone goes “hey remember when you were sixteen and channeled your inner stripper?”) Maybe they would talk about why everyone was being so weird, because let’s be honest SOMEONE got turned on by that that shouldn’t have and everyone’s gonna be in a state of “what the motherfuck just happened?!” Except Chris who is probably just incredibly proud. And Otabek’s gonna have to be like: “You know how everyone feels watching Chris skate? Now imagine that, but add illegal on top of it.” Obviously not in those words but you get the point.
And Yuri will probably feel bad for like a second and then be totally proud because he got his point across that he isn’t some little kid anymore.

This turned into rambling, I’m sorry, but like…you get the point? I hope?
All of this is just my take, and obviously everyone is going to see it differently, so I’m not trying to sway anyone or be like “NOPE YOU ARE WRONG”
I’m just giving an opinion based on my view of things and I’m sure someone out there agrees with me.

Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. - ACOMAF Chapter 42. 

I’m going to assume I’m jumping on the bandwagon very late and that someone has already pointed this feyrhys quote out with regards to the Snow White story that’s going to be woven into ACOWAR but on the off-chance no-one has…

Tips for Baby Witchlings

As a newfound baby witchling myself, I feel like I am in a good position to make this post because I have just kinda figured out where I am headed and as I go I wanted to share some tips for VERY beginners.

1. Make a witch blog and a word document titled “tags”. Follow tons and tons of witch blogs, go through witchcraft tags, follow blogs that the people you follow reblog from. Continually do this until you follow like 200+ witch blogs. Then start reblogging and tagging things. Everything you reblog that isn’t aesthetic should be tagged as something. Everytime you tag something, write in your word document list what that tag is (make sure you are consistent with if your tags are plural like ‘sigils’ or singular like ‘sigil’ and keep that similar with all tags). Don’t know which category a specific thing goes in? tag it with multiple things!

2. Get a notebook or binder and start your grimoire like immediately. Don’t make it fancy, just don’t. You will spend too much time planning and no time actually writing. I suggest just taking notes on EVERYTHING until the ontebook is full, then if you want a fancy grimoire, go back through the full notebook and pick out things you for sure want in a fancy copy, then you can reoganize and decorate with only your most important notes and summaries. This way you have a working grimoire for everything and a fancy one for if you want to “pass down to your children”

3. Read the posts you are reblogging and tagging. Don’t just assume you will read it later, because you will probably put it off and not actually learn a lot. If it is a big post full of tons of links on every subject, I tag it as reference and put that one off. Everything else gets read all the way through (or at least skimmed and certain small things focused on for the long correspondence lists)

4. Learn about everything but don’t be afraid to let yourself focus and narrow down as you find things you want to learn more about. For me I started out thinking I would never really care about tarot and now I am obsessed and starting a tarot journal, you never know until you try! Once you find areas you are really into you can calm down with your huge expansive search, no witch has to be good at everything, you can pick and choose a few small things.

5. You don’t have to immediately start off with huge spells and crazy magic. I just started by making my own little sigils when I was nervous about something to help me feel better about it. I offered to make sigils for my boyfriend when he was having family troubles. I also light a candle every night for at least 20 minutes while I am in bed on my computer. No specific reason, I just light a candle, it feels good and ups my magicky-ness. Eventually I bought a second-hand tarot deck and cleansed it how I thought was best, some smoke and water and mint. 

6. Don’t reblog and save every single spell you see. Look into the spell first, see if it is actually something you would see yourself doing. If you can’t imagine actually doing it, don’t bother reblogging and tagging it. I reblog spells that I know for sure I will adapt and use. I am not one for chanting, so many times I cut chanting out of it entirely.

7. Keep a draft and as you think of questions about specific topics, add them to the draft. Then watch for popular witch blogs to make a post saying their ask box is open and ASK ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! Don’t overload them, maybe split them up or only ask a couple at a time, but don’t just let a question flit through your mind and be forgotten.

8. Stop sending asks saying “help I’m new what do I do” and expecting everyone to do all the work for you. Starting out is the hardest part and nobody can do it for you, you just gotta dive in. You will feel like you are drowning in information, but slowly you will start to gain your footing, don’t fret, just jump in.

pretty boy - model!luke (pt. 2)

a/n: shoutout to everyone who sent all the kind ask messages and left cute tags on the first part of model!luke! :) (which i recommend reading before this one!) nonetheless, it motivated me to write a part two, as promised :) it’s actually longer than part one too! thank you for patiently waiting while I seriously procrastinated on this. 

gif credit to my love rachel (aka @fucklukes) who also motivated me to write the rest of this!

It wasn’t abnormal to see a man wearing a suit fast-walking through the streets of New York and pushing past other pedestrians - most of them assuming he may or may not have taken a few minutes extra on his lunch break. Many just think that it’s a wealthy, hardworking businessman on his way back to a normal day at the office. But no, they’re deceived, because this, of course, was Luke.

Being the gentle giant he was, he maneuvered through the crowd easily with many stammering apologies, phone in hand, frantically trying to text his photographer friend (now turned “manager”) that he’d be late for today’s photo shoot. He knew he’d be ticked off; he was already twenty minutes off schedule. His long, slender fingers frantically typed on the small screen as he stammered out a mumbled “sorry” to the couple he just bumped into. He hated to keep people waiting. 

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Friendly Fire (pt. 3)

part two • part four

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Word Count: 1,200

Warnings: some cursing here and there, + almost nude buckster

Notes: at this point, i don’t even know if its considered a drabble. i love details too much to keep it short and simple. sue me. anyways, these pranks are getting intense. i’m not saying someone might actually get hurt…. but i’m also not saying that someone won’t. makes sense? no? well its 3:44 am so my brain is mush. apologizing in advance for typos, and mistakes. enjoy this cute war ~ let me know if youd like to be tagged :)

With your cheeks burning, you caustiously made your way back to your room. You closed your door, leaned your back against it and slowly slid down. First your phone, then your clothes… Whats next? God knows what else Buck has planned.

You sighed, rolling your eyes to the ceiling.

How did he even get my phone to stick to the ceiling like that? No tape, glue or string could have held a piece of metal like that. Unless…

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. run a scan on my entire room for any differences within the past two days” you called out. You got up, changing into your favourite black yoga tights with a worn out grey tank. As you dried your hair, the A.I replied back.

“It appears that you have a magnetic field coming in from above. Seems like the source is a-”

“Let me guess; electromagnet”

“Yes, that would be correct, Miss Y/N.”

So that’s how he did it. I should have known.. But where did he get one? Doesn’t matter. Answers aren’t a priority anymore. Revenge is. He wants a war, I’ll give him one.

You left your room only to find Nat and Tony in the kitchen.

“Oh hey, Y/N” Nat chuckled out, “I’m glad to see you found your clothes.”

Tony tried not to laugh, but you can see the ends of his lips poking out into a smile.

“Where is everyone?”

“They all went on a last minute scout mission, except for me, Tony and Wanda. We’re staying here to test out this new thing Tony has been working on.”

You nodded, and headed upstairs to find the room above you. To your surprise, it was Visions. At first, you felt bad about creeping around, but you had to find this magnet thing. As you crawled around the floor, you spotted something under the chair.

“Ah ha! Gotcha no-”

“You’d think that after years of intense training, you’d be better at snooping around.”

Nearly hitting your head on the chair, you sat up to meet eyes with Natasha. You could see she wasn’t mad, but rather curious and amused. You got up to walk towards her, holding the magnet in your hand.

“If you really want to know, Bucky and I have a war going on. Have any info on where he might’ve gotten this?” you asked her, hoping that she would know something. She let out another chuckle and grabbed your arm, pulling you downstairs to Tony’s lab.

“Wait, so you have a whole bunch of these magnet things?? For what?” you questioned Tony as you opened a few boxes, full of more magnets.

“If you’re that curious, I’ve been working on a new suit that uses these magnets to lock into place, causing more fluid mov-”

“Okay, okay I get it. How many would it take to cause someone to be stuck in place? As in, they’re not going anywhere?”

Tony gave you a questioning look, only to move his gaze towards Nat, who just shrugged.

“Y/N and Bucky are engaging in a prank war”

“Well in that case, be my guest Y/N. This is enough to keep that old popsicle in place. Here’s a remote that controls the strength and power. Just remember to turn the things on.”

You beamed as Tony handed you a medium sized box, placing the control on the top. Thanking Tony and Nat, you took off.

Alright, the magnets are in place. Now I just have to get him in here.

Deviously laughing to yourself, you awaited for Sam and Bucky to meet you in the gym. Once you finished setting up the magnets in place, you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to notify the both of them to come down to the gym for a little training. You had placed two sets of magnets; one above the ring and one above the door frame. This was going to be good.

“Alright Y/N, you ready to get your ass handed to you?” Wilson called out from the door. You let out a small laugh, and hopped into the ring.

“Bring it, birdboy.”

Within ten minutes, you managed to pin Sam down twice. You got up, lending your hand outwards to help him get up. He waved your hand away, and rolled out of the ring.

“Honestly, I’m just tired from the mission. Give it a go with grandpa over here” he said, nudging Bucky into the ring. You maneuvered your pointer finger at him, signaling him to come at you. He gave you one of his famous smirks before hopping into the ring.

“I’ll try to go easy on you, doll” he said in that sarcastic tone.

“Oh please, Bucky dear” you stepped towards him, getting rid of the space in between. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and leaned dangerously close, whispering into his ear.

“I got you right where I want you”

With that, you quickly pressed the button on the control, and a low hum began. You pulled away from Bucky’s grasp, watching as his arm swung upwards to the ceiling.

“Wait wha-” he barely managed to say, as he zoomed up to the ceiling. He was just a few feet off the ground, so there was no harm.

“Y/N WHAT THE FUCK” he yelled out, as he tried to pull his arm off the ceiling. You and Sam were officially on the ground, dying of laughter. The both of you were laughing so hard, that you’d probably have an asthma attack.

“Sam hurry! Let’s get out of here before Buckaroo kills us” you choked out.

“Us? You mean, YOU! I have nothing to do with this” he said between gasps of air.

As you two made it to the door, you pressed the button again, releasing Bucky. He landed upright, only stumbling to the side before jumping out of the ring, heading straight for you. You quickly stepped into the hallway, making sure to keep a safe distance from the door.

“You are so dea-”

“Ah, ah, ahh, not if I have something to buy me a few extra minutes of life” you amusingly replied, pressing the button once Bucky reached the door.

Once again, the low hum rang out and within a few seconds, Bucky was hanging on the door frame. You couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the world’s deadliest assassin, hanging helplessly from a door. Stepping closer, you decided to take your prank further.

“If I recall this morning, I was missing my clothes” you smirked at Bucky, “it would be a shame… if..”

You rapidly grabbed ahold of the elastic band of Bucks short, pulling them down carefully and off his body.

“Jesus Y/N sTOP” he said, raising his voice “you win! okay? let me down!”

“Oh no, I don’t think so. You wanted a war, and now you got one.”

You let out a playful evil laugh, walking away as you swung his shorts around and over your shoulder. Leaving Bucky hanging out in the open, revealing grey boxer briefs with red, white and blue stars. Once you were clear, you pressed the button to let him down.

“This is far from over, sweetheart” he mumbled under his breath.

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Treasures of the Multiverse: Session One

Treasures of the Multiverse is a Magic themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I’m running. People have expressed interest in doing the same thing, so I’m documenting the campaign as I go. I may even write up a full campaign guide when it’s done, but that comes a long time in the future.

Last post we got character creation out of the way. Now we’re finally ready to get the layout of what happened in the first session!

The very start of the campaign might differ depending on your players. For instance, I had three veteran Magic players and one who had never played. Rather than making him read lots of lore, I decided to start with the new player’s Spark igniting. The other three had time to put any last minute touches on their characters, while I did a short solo-session with the new player.

A lot more details under the break!

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Actually, I Do Make the Rules” series by @jenroses (Tumblr didn’t let me tag but her blog should be linked)

I read the first four parts of this six part series as they were published but the summary of part 5 scared me off. I’m not a fan of angst and it seemed to plotted around the angst. But when part six was published and promised a comfort for the hurt/comfort that I needed, I read the last two parts. 

…and then within the same week I reread them. (and have since read them again…)

They definitely deal with some tough subject matters but it’s all handled with grace and respect. The entire series is emotionally fulfilling and puts Jack and Bitty in situations that we haven’t seen before (both in fic and canon) and consequentially reveals parts of their characters we haven’t seen. 

(more after the cut, linked here for android mobile users)

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  • A: ALSO OKAY WHY EXACTLY is writing out an accent phonetically problematic? People are doing it with Eggsy ALL THE TIME and it's a pain in the ass to read and I want them to STOP because we know how he talks we need to use the actual words he's saying, but I also don't really know like, WHY it's a shitty thing to do that.
  • Sam: TO ME it's like, it's othering them. People don't speak exactly how words are spelled phonetically even if they speak in the most ~~~~standard US or UK accent but we don't bother phoneticising their dialogue when their natural pronunciation is not the same as a word looks, so why do we do it when someone's accent differs from the ~~stated norm~~~? It immediately otherises and therefore sets apart their accent as being different which has, even if unintended, a slight judgement value on it.
  • Jay: ugh it's such a shitty thing sob. :/ It's a really horrible manifestation of classism whereby you're othering Eggsy by phonetically writing out his accent, even though of course Standard English spelling is in no way a phonetic representation of anyone's accent, because it implicitly suggests that Colin's English is 'better' or 'proper' English because it's Queen's English. It devalues the working class/the Irish/Jamaican immigrants etc etc whenever it's used, and I can't believe it's still so widespread. The whole thing just shows the continuing trend of classism in English and the idea of Prestige Language. I read a really good post on Tumblr once about AAVE that explained it well and in a way that would be perfectly applicable here, except replace 'african-american' with 'working class'. America is racist where Britain is classist etc etc even tho of course both are both.
  • Jay: OR WHAT SAM SAID much more concisely sob
  • A: and GOOD see I was getting the classist thing but I don't think it was hitting me just HOW shitty it is, because I see it in literature I read in school etc., but it is a REALLY shitty thing to do esp as, like you said, it assumes a correct pronunciation and that the correct pronunciation is queen's english etcetc
  • Jay: DO IT
  • Jay: and give as a comparative note for people to think about: modern copies of many old books about the Deep South removed the ~ol man ribber' dialect stuff because THAT SHIT IS RACIST

*hums* mashima didn’t ever kill gajeel off, pls remember the “if there’s no body…..” rule lmao……….we all just assumed he was dead but mashima never actually killed him off so pls stop clogging up the tag with how mad you are that mashima “brought him back” because it “ruins the plot” (which is a whole other rant i could go on but no saff, stay positive girl, you’re only allowed one salt rant a week) he never actually died lmao did you read the chapter it was pretty thoroughly explained that he Did Not Die because of irene’s magic so can you…..stop *stops humming*

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So male Daryl Dixon enthusiast, I'd like to get your perspective on all this "Daryl is asexual" or "Daryl is demisexual" (what does that even mean?!) crap. I call it crap because I don't believe an unwillingness to screw everything that moves makes a person uninterested in sex. It seems to me that if a sexually attractive woman 1-makes an emotional connection with Daryl and 2-makes a definitive move to indicate interest, the sexual floodgates will open, so to speak. What's your take?

I’ve actually been surprised nobody has asked about Daryl’s assumed sex life yet. So i’ll kill two birds with one stone here. Let’s look up terms to be clear.

Demisexual : a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone

Asexual: the lack of sexual attraction to anyone or low or absent interest in sexual activity

Read more tag cuz I ranted and rambled and it got long.

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