i assume it is a virus

So... lemme try to explain what’s going on, here.

It seems to be taking it all very seriously, so here goes.

There’s a monster, with no nose, who’s allegedly a computer virus that’s escaped into the real world…

…who can literally suck the ones and zeroes out of monitors, not the computers themselves…

…and who – if you try to use a landline phone next to a coffee cup that’s plugged into a TV – will…

…possess the phone with its virus-ness, I guess, physically tearing it apart, and…

…um… and then ‘program’ the ten feet of wire inside the phone to leap out and attack you…

…because, uh… because it, um…

…because it can do that.

I mean, sure, not everyone had the best grasp of technology, science, and science fiction in 2001, but still, I can only assume the writer based this all on a 10-minute inebriated tech support call he had with his nephew last spring.

BSD Chapter 53 (51.3) Summary

This  is part 3 of Chapter 51 “Echo”. Well, things happened quite fast and out of everyone expectation I guess. I myself think that it’s the calm before the storm but the storm itself might not happen so soon. 

Anyway, here’s some summary as usual… Trust me the kanjis in this chapter are killing me. So I skipped a lot of parts, as a lot of things can be understood just by looking at the picture already.

I most likely will make mistakes here and there, both English and Jap are not my mother tongue, but I hope I help explain something. I have seen people either getting excited or criticizing the chapter and I hope I can help pointing out some good things after all. 

                                               SPOILERS AHEAD

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I've been following your blog for a while and I've noticed that you are very rude when answering asks. Please, when you are typing out a response, look over what you are saying and it it could come out as rude or entitled. Your art is magnificent and it would be a shame to unfollow someone with such great artwork over their lousy mouth. This ask is not to be taken as an insult; this is constructive criticism that is needed.

try to understand how tiring it is when I’d like to interact with people but most of what l get in my inbox is faq questions I can’t reply because I already replied a million times plus people assuming I’m trying to make them download a virus when I’m only giving you a link to free program over and over, so I usually just read and delete, but it’s /tiresome/ and I can’t even give a sassy reply because then I get asks like this.

Chanyeol || As your Boyfriend

Three people requested this! I hope you guys like it!! (Sorry if the layout looks weird, I’m typing this on my phone.)

- I don’t know really. A lot of people portray Chanyeol as being super shy at the start of the relationship. Personally, I disagree but that’s just my opinion. Assuming you two were friends before you started dating, I’m sure he’d still be the happy virus we are used to!
- This man is a toddler trapped in a grown man’s body.
- You honestly sometimes don’t know who is harder to put up with at times. (But it’s okay bc you love him.)
- He definitely uses his height to his advantage.
- “Chan, can you get that for me?”
- “Hahaha, you are so short, it’s kind of adorable~”
- “Mock my height one more time and you are not getting head for a month.”
- by giving you back hugs. If anyone is a fan of back hugs, it’s Chanyeol (and he would nuzzle his nose along your neck and inhale the scent of your hair and–)
- *ahem*
- He is so playful. His dates are spontaneous compared to the other members.
- He is a fan of picnics after hiking and then messing about outside.
- When he’s writing songs, he always allows you to listen to parts of them first and even seeks your critique if you have any. Takes any considerations seriously.
- “JagiYYYYYAAAAAaaaaa.”
- “I am right beside you, Channie.”
- Loves making you laugh because your laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world to him.
- Carrying you to bed when you fall asleep.
- Sends pictures of you to the other members because he is so thankful to have met you.
- You picking out his outfit and him doing your hair. He has an older sister so he has some instinct.
- When he’s out rehearsing, you wear his shirts because they are so long and his scent makes you feel at home. He leaves shirts behind him that he sprayed with cologne a few times when he is out of the country.
- That sounds weird but I’d totally love my bf to do that.
- Watching k dramas or movies or cat videos with him because sometimes that’s all he has the energy to do.
- You watching over him. He has to look after his voice and body.
- Kissing him and being pulled close to him when he’s at the airport. Th sight of you crying makes his resolve falter. He has his thumbs wiping away any tears and gives you a final kiss as he begrudgingly walks away to board.
- He respects your privacy. As such, he doesn’t tag you in his insta photos but he always has blurry pictures up of you with cutesy captions.
- Face times you twice a day.
- He has the time difference memorised for some countries.
- Wearing his couple ring on that leaves people going bat-shat.
- Sends an ‘I love you’ every day, regardless of how tired or stressed he is

Let’s take it downstairs

- Hehehehe
- He thicc™
- Sex with Chanyeol thrusting into you , like Sehun, are hard and deep but only with the intention to please you.
- Lives to hear your moans, they are the sound of honey to him.
- D I R T Y T A L K
- “You like the way I have you squirming about underneath my fingers?”
- “Yes, babe, more. Give me more.”
- U G H
- Wall sex. Sometimes you two don’t make it to the bedroom. If no one is at the dorm, he may take you up against the kitchen worktop.
- He just seems a bit kinkier than the rest of the boys.
- Into soft sex, if that is what you want. You are his main priority.

Dating Chanyeol is honestly so great, I’d buy 12

11/10 would recommend.

ASE Theory (brain farted while I had a cold)

So Jack’s mentioned on one of his social media accounts that he’s finished his first drumming cover of a song and that’s all good and we’re all happy he’s gotten back into something he loves. However, like most of the community, I over-examined and, as a result of this, I think I might have an idea as to what could go down on October the 31st, the 1 year anniversary of when Antisepticeye ‘killed’ Jack.

Take a look at this: (whited out the comments btw)

This is the most recent activity on Jacksepticeye’s Instagram as of the 27th of August. You can see that the caption refers back to what I said above about the drum cover and in the picture you can see the drumsticks in Jack’s hand and what looks to be a crash cymbal. Just an ordinary picture of our favourite green bean.

Until you take a look at the corner of his mouth. Some of the Instagram comments say that maybe he hit himself playing the drums but it seems to be that he’s cut his lip on something, judging by the red, angry skin. To me, it looks as if it has only stopped bleeding a couple hours ago and guess which Septic Side has a love of drawing blood?

Originally posted by milomumbles

Our favourite psycho fluffball:

Originally posted by catsandr0ckmusic


Also, for those of you who think that maybe Schneeplestein is the one that loves the idea of drawing blood, I just don’t think that’s right. After all, we know that Anti tried to make Schneeple hang himself and after the doctor fails to save the in-game Jack, the screen glitches to Anti’s turn in the spotlight. There is no direct evidence we’ve seen which suggests that Schneeplestein survived the encounter with the Septic Virus (or whatever name is being thrown around for it) which means that, judging by what happened in the video, we can best assume that the doctor that tried to be a surgeon is dead.

Originally posted by claxiauramaki

Something that set of warning bells was Jack’s shirt in the Instagram post. The shirt in the activity is a black, round neck design, which I’m more than sure is either Anti’s signature shirt or one of five or so shirts that Jack owns.

Another thing that rose red flags in my head was Jack’s facial expression. I don’t know if it’s just me but that just doesn’t seem to be the usual smile Jack wears. When I first saw the smile, my brain screamed I was looking at Anti before it took in any other details of the photo.

One final thing piece of evidence is the hand gesture that Jack’s making. I understand that it’s commonly associated with rock and music but when I put a name to the gesture, I couldn’t help but wonder if Jack making the devil horns symbol was a coincidence or something more.

Looking at all the evidence and the fact that the whole post was meant to be about drumming, I’ve decided to conclude that Jack will not do Pumpkin Carving, breaking his 2 year tradition. Instead, he will play the drums, performing something to do with Halloween that we all most likely know (so it’ll be P!ATD, TØP or FOB knowing the fandom). However, playing the drums is an exhausting thing to do so by the time Jack finishes, he will be too exhausted to save himself from Anti, which by no doubt he will strike since that will be when he is weakest.

Originally posted by storystein

Then again I am sick and I could just be saying shit. :|

Anyways, enjoy my theory.

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You should take down the sai download you have posted. I just tried to download it and downloaded a ton of viruses instead.

step 1: use adblocker

step 2: if an ad opens when you try to download, you usually don’t download whats in the ad (which I’m assuming is what you did) /that/ is a virus lol

all I can think about is all the paladins getting the same cold and whining about feeling bad but I can’t decide which I like better:

a) Lance is trying to take care of them and suddenly they’re all sitting on the couch in a big cuddle puddle and he’s got a raging fever and it takes them a long time to notice

or b) everyone else recovers but maybe has some lingering symptoms, like a cough or some fatigue. So Lance is self-conscious when he doesn’t get better as fast as the rest of them, assumes he’s just experiencing the lingering cold symptoms when his virus turns into pneumonia, and starts training with the others when they feel up to it after a few days of down time. Does Not Go Well.


Request/Prompt(s): Could i request a high tension sam x reader with 39 and 66? just like enemies to lovers kind of thing where one of them gets injured or a little too risky with the mission and the other gets pissed and the argument just escalates.

39.   “No, you’re tall and bossy, and you keep doing that thing with your eyebrows.”
66.   “Put the gun down.”

Warnings: swearing, typical mission violence, nothing too intense

Word Count: 2181

A/N: Okay I dunno if this is exactly what you were after, but hopefully? It’s tough to fit enemies to lovers into a one shot, man! Hopefully I captured it okay for you.

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Standing behind the desk, you leaned over to reach the keyboard when you heard your name over the wire in your ear. Steve sounded out of breath. That’s never a good sign.

“You about done in there?” he huffed over the muffled grunt of what you assumed to be a guard he’d taken out trying to keep your exit clear. “We’re coming under some fire out here. We need to move out soon.”

“Yup,” you answered quietly, eyes darting to the door. “All downloaded. Just need to activate the virus now… Tony where’s the virus? I don’t see it on the drive.”

“Yeah, that’s because it’s on the second drive,” he snapped, “Were you even listening during the briefing? Or was it really more important for you to get those peanuts into Wilson’s coffee?”

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If we assume that Dirk Gently takes place on a world that’s a giant computer trying to work out the question to the answer (42) then I think the Project Blackwing subjects are crucial to that function. Dirk finds problems in the programme solves them and sets everything back on track, Bart removes people interupting the programme and the Rowdy 3 remove excess energy that might led to a crash in the other psychics.
Dirk Gently is Earth’s anti-virus software.

Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 54: Lost Days/Daze VI

ロストデイズ VI

Comic GENE 9月 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

…This kind of feeling is like
…The world I believed in betrayed me

※Permission for large use/reUP of scans is highly appreciated.
Please message (through ask). Off-anon is replied to privately.

Please support the series when you can!

Comments: Angst from the past and Angst during the present! Two-in-one in this chapter! :D

@fuyuyuu did the summary and I used it to try translating!

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Hi! I'm writing a story where people develop abilities through their genetics. I was wondering if it would be realistic for the ability to be expressed in a recessive gene?

Hey there!

First off, I really should turf this to my friend @scriptgenetics (who has the most adorable logo ever), but this ask struck my fancy, and I’m in the mood to touch on scifi a little bit.

It’s worth revisiting the Rule of Reality here (and there’s a post on just what that means going up later today!)

I’m not exactly clear on what you meant by “develop[ing] abilities through their genetics.” I assume you’re talking about superpowers, but I’m not sure if you’re talking about someone being born with their abilities (ie they can levitate things – very badly – from the cradle and get better as they grow older), or if you’re talking about genetic modification later in life that “unlocks” their abilities. (This is accomplished in most stories with “hand wavey radiation goodness,” but a virus to implant genes into DNA is a much more interesting and potentially realistic cause.)

When you say “I was wondering if it would be realistic for the ability to be expressed in a recessive gene?” you’re implying the former – that the traits are inherent, that they’re passed down from parents to children. So that’s what I’m going to talk about!

As a quick basic genetics lesson, a recessive gene requires 2 copies (one from each parent) to express itself. The gene for blue eyes is recessive; to have blue eyes both parents must have at least one copy of the gene, and the child must inherit both. (Yes, that means two brown-eyed people can have a blue-eyed baby, because the brown allele is dominant to blue; someone with both will have brown eyes.)

Similarly, both parents could be “normal” – without abilities – but the offspring could still gain them.

I think powers would almost have to be genetically recessive, unless you wanted your average everyday businesswoman to be flying to work with her latte (or whatever ability you describe).

Keep in mind, though, genes encode proteins, and a single protein being expressed won’t be enough to cause whatever ability you’re thinking of. You’d need multiple genes working together to achieve most things that we associate with “abilities”. So if you want your character to be the “only one”, they could be a perfect storm of mutations X, Y, Q and L that allow them to [effects].

Ultimately, though – and this traces back to the Rule of Reality – as long as you’re consistent in how you handle the ability for powers to come into being, you can go with a lot of things. Just establish the rules – preferably on paper – of how they work and where they come from, and then don’t deviate from it. Disbelief can be suspended so long as the rules – however weird – aren’t broken.

I hope this helped!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty



Mulder remembers when Scully came back from the dead the first time.

They were so young then. It had seemed impossible, at thirty-three, to contemplate the rest of his life without her, and really he’d barely known her at all. He’d signed the paperwork that told the doctors to pull the plug, never imagining that it would come to pass; he remembers the regret, thick like bile in his throat.

He remembers the phone call, how all the air left his body at once. He remembers hovering at the threshold of her hospital room. He remembers how blue her eyes were, and how wide.

He holds her wrist in his hand, lightly, feeling for the pulse that beats there. There is more gray in her hair now, she is thinner, she is stronger.

“I didn’t think you’d be here,“ he says. He shifts just a little, and the couch groans under their weight. "I was looking for a message. A letter. Something.”

She snuggles up against him. “I wanted to wait here for a few days. Just in case.”

“What about Will?”

“He’s safe,” she says. “We’ve been living in a settlement not too far from here. He’s still there. With Matthew.”

He whistles low. “Matt’s alive? Good kid.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” she admits. “I’d left messages for him in a dozen towns, but I never thought he’d find them.”

It makes him wonder who else is out there, old friends or enemies. There is still so much they don’t know.

“If this isn’t where you live, where are we?”

She swallows. “Hell.“ She looks around the living room and he follows her gaze, takes in the wood paneling, the slipcovered furniture. It all looks pretty innocuous to him. After a moment she adds, “There’s a field of bodies behind the house.”

She says it the way you might comment on an unusual decor choice, like something worth noting, but not worth thinking about.

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                 Gotham: This is Your Brain on Drugs

1. Season One: Dr. Crane invents his “fear serum” and uses himself and his son Jonathan as test subjects. Dr. Crane dies in a shoot out with Jim and Harvey. Dr. Hugo Strange later uses a modified version of the drug when conditioning Oswald with shock treatments.

2. Season One: Stan Potolsky invents “Viper” for Wellzyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. The drug creates super strength and mania, then causes the victim’s bones to disintegrate, resulting in death. Stan dies while trying to expose the truth to the public, and we hear no more about Wellzyn.

3. Season Two: Victor Fries perfects his formula for agents that can be used to put a person into cryogenic sleep, and later revived. Both he and his wife, Nora, commit suicide, but Fries lives on as Mr. Freeze. Dr. Strange obtains Victor’s  cryo-formula and uses it in his own research.

4.Season Three: Alice Tetch escapes Arkham with Fish Mooney. Alice’s blood is infected with a virus that affects everyone differently, bringing out their worst traits. In Mario Falcone and Captain Barnes, it produces super strength and homicidal rage; but doesn’t seem to impair intelligence. Her brother, Jervis Tetch, uses the Tetch Virus as a weapon for revenge.

We know Dr. Strange had access to Crane’s fear serum, Victor’s cryo-formula, and the Tetch Virus. Since Viper was produced by Wayne Enterprises, which also ran Indian Hill, we can assume he had access to it as well; and therefore, The Court of Owls has possession of all four. I wonder what they plan to do with them?

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90% of the world's population has herpes.

It is a comforting thought, but that’s the combination of HSV1 and HSV2 worldwide. In the US, according to the CDC, 56% of people have HSV1, about 1 in 6 have HSV2 (it’s more common in women than men, about 1 in 4 for women and 1 in 8 for men). So that’s 16.6% of people ages 14+ with HSV2. 

There really isn’t much of a difference between the strains other than HSV2 evolved an extra genome that allows it to infect people infected with HSV1. Most people with just HSV2 are protected from HSV1 unless their immune systems are severely compromised. 

So, given that there is some overlap of people having both, that means that there is about 60-70% of people in the US with either type of herpes, whether they know it or not.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know this. Historically, HSV wasn’t listed in medical text books. It wasn’t until there was a marketing campaign to advertise Acyclovir, a compound only found to inhibit the replication of herpes simplex viruses, was created, that a campaign of doom was also created. This is around the time the Time Magazine issue titled, “The New Scarlet Letter: Herpes, an incurable virus, threatens to undo the sexual revolution” came out. 

This was soon overshadowed by AIDs panic, but regardless, the stigma stays well-ingrained.

Rumor has it that support groups were even created by  Burroughs Wellcome Co., the pharmaceutical company that invented Acyclovir, in an effort to further stigmatize and separate individuals, while raking in billions a year in revenue. 

Anyway, you probably already know all of this, but I’ve filled my brain with just about everything to do with HSV since I was diagnosed this June, and I wanted to share this with some who follow me, because I know that I had absolutely no clue.

All I learned about HSV were images of swollen sore covered mouths and genitals in middle school sex ed, which I didn’t give a quarter of a thought about.  I was a dumb gum-smacking kid, probably day-dreaming about how cute kittens are or wondering why my best friend was being a cunt.

Here are some IMPORTANT things that I learned about HSV that everyone should know:

1. People can transmit the virus even if they’re not having a noticeable outbreak, which is why so many people have it.


I have never seen anything of concern on Barren’s genitals.


I have never had a noticeable outbreak.

2. 16.6% of adults have HSV2, that’s just the kind that “prefers” the genitals, but either strain can swap locations. There are plenty of people with HSV1 genitally, because their first exposure to HSV1, the commonly called “cold sore” variant, was through oral sex. Ella Dawson is a herpes activist that has HSV1 genitally (Watch her TedTalk sometime, it’s great, and she’s adorable), and I have met more than a few within support groups both online and in person with HSV1 genitally. 

But, to put HSV2 into context alone, 16.6% of people have HSV2. According to the 2015 US Census, 14.3% of the TOTAL American population is African-American. 

Basically, if everyone walked around with a little SIM’s tag above their heads with their HSV type/types, there wouldn’t be a stigma. Or, at least, not nearly as big of a one as there currently is. 

However, for reasons listed above, most people infected with either strain are not aware that they are.

3. Although billions of people have either virus, only 2% of them suffer horribly. In the past, before IGG testing was a thing, these were the people who “had herpes,” the ones whose immune systems were unable, for whatever reason, to control it. Now 2% seems like a low number, but when you factor in BILLIONS of individuals have HSV, that’s millions of individuals who suffer recurrences.

Whether an individual has noticeable symptoms or not, due to the social stigma and fear of transmitting to loved ones, people contemplate suicide and even take their lives over this diagnosis (Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend being one of them, if you don’t want Jim Carrey ruined for you, do not Google more about this). 

So it’s important to support research into better treatment options and even cures.

People are using CRISPR tools to try to access the latent genome and clear the virus for good from people’s bodies, but that is currently only in animal studies, and is an estimated decade down the line- IF it works out. So what’s the next best bet?

There are a few companies in phase II trials for herpes therapeutic vaccines, this means individuals would only need a few shots instead of a life-time of medication. Genocea’s Gen 003 is the one closest to market in the US, and will likely be made commercially available by 2020. The most promising one, Bill Halford’s Theravax, made by the company Rational Vaccines, has sent some participants into full remission of symptoms. He will be entering Phase II soon, but he is side-stepping the FDA and going overseas to conduct his trials. He has developed a preventative vaccine as well. For more information on Bill Halford’s work go to liveherpesvaccine.com or rationalvaccines.com.

Another possible therapeutic,  Pritelivir, was haulted by the FDA due to it showing liver toxicity in monkeys at 100x the dose. This was heart breaking to many sufferers, because in earlier trials it was shown to be way more effective than Valtrex, and could also be used in combination with Valtrex due to it having a different mechanism of action. The company is striving to lift the ban for further studies.

So, there are things in motion, and those things should be supported. It’s a needless infection that we should do away with globally, because I believe unfortunately, no matter how many times people say “90% of the world’s population has herpes,” the stigma will not go away until the virus itself does. It’s sad, but it’s appearing to be true.

4. Condoms do not protect fully against HSV. It is a skin-to-skin contact virus, and condoms do not cover all of the skin involved during sexual intercourse. Think of Ross from Friends when he realized condoms do not fully protect against pregnancy. It’s a little like that. That said, there are other STDs, and condoms do cover SOME surface area, so you’re better with one than without.

5. Finally, my last point which goes without saying, there are people evil enough in this world to lie about their STD status. Let me repeat. THERE ARE PEOPLE EVIL ENOUGH IN THIS WORLD TO LIE ABOUT THEIR STD STATUS. If you’re afraid of catching either strain, make sure to include a type-specific HSV blood test in your testing with new partners. You may have to fight for it, as most doctors don’t like to administer these tests due to how common the infection is in contrast with how drastic the social stigma is. Don’t feel like you’re invincible. Don’t feel like it can’t happen to you .Like I pointed out in my last post, some will acquire it through their partners cheating as well. I’ve met more than a few that acquired it this way, so even doing blood work pre-relationship is no guarantee.

Thank you for the prompt for this novel.

@pipedreamprayer:  something on the aliens reactions to the oddities of the human body maybe? like, wisdom teeth, or dominant handness or something?

Here’s the first of my 900 Followers Prompts.  Hope you like this!

Title: Beauty Sleep

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Shiro, Allura, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Keith

Summary: After being away for three days, all Shiro wanted to was sleep.  However, the was a problem he needed to fix before he could.

Shiro really wanted to climb into his bed and sleep for ten hours or possibly a whole day.  After spending the last three days assisting Coran into hunting down those crystals they needed from that Galra guarded mine, his whole body craved to do so.

Between hiding from the Sentries, and fighting off the local wildlife, Shiro barely got any sleep while there.  However, as much as Shiro wanted to visit dreamland, he couldn’t.  As leader, he had to check in with his team who should be on the training deck.

Thus, as Coran went to install the new crystals, Shiro yawned and made his way there.  Yet, any sleepiness he had was tossed aside as the yelling from inside bolted him awake.

“Hunk! Can’t you shoot straight!”

“I am shooting straight!  You need to move faster!”

“I am moving fast!”


Shiro froze.  Was that Keith..and Hunk?  Arguing?  Shiro scratched his head.  That was rare.  If it was Lance and Keith fighting he wouldn’t think much of it, but Keith never got into an argument with Hunk…Well, except for that debate about if muffins were considered cupcakes or not.

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Here’s more affirmation that we won the war, but after last episode, things just don’t line up. 

“But the records say that gems were wiped out on Earth!”

It’s pretty clear that Homeworld is keeping information from its civilians. But the gempire must know themselves that the CG’s are still chilling on Earth, right? As one of the asks pointed out, this was probably/potentially a pyrrhic victory. Homeworld lost, but the CG’s weren’t left in too great of number. All that survived were Pearl, Garnet, Rose, and Amethyst, who wasn’t even part of the war to begin with. Lapis apparently fits in there too somehow, but I’m not sure where she sides - not with our group, of course, but I’m not certain she’s a Homeworld supporter, either. 

So this doesn’t quite add up. If all that was left during the war was Rose, Garnet, and Pearl, Homeworld could have easily cleaned up. So that must not be the case - the war ended in favour of the Crystal Gems, whether that meant greater number or similar, but certainly not 3 against Homeworld. 

So…corruption. That’s where the rest of the gems are. That’s what happened to the remaining Crystal Gems, I guess. That’s the only explanation. With the war over, what could possibly cause the gems to die? They are nearly immortal. But what caused corruption? I first assumed it was some sort of, I don’t know, virus, maybe? But that wouldn’t really be applicable to gems, I guess. So it could be something akin to PTSD, perhaps, and our crew were the only ones unaffected? But that’s a stretch. 

I think Homeworld is responsible for corruption. Maybe it is some sort of biological warfare, whatever the equivalent of that might be for gems. Homeworld saw they were fighting a losing battle, cut their losses, and fled, but not before they’d released whatever “virus” to corrupt the remaining rebels with. And somehow our group survived - probably due to Rose’s healing powers, maybe? - and so Homeworld doesn’t realize there are still gems left on Earth.

I’m probably way off mark, but what else would explain all of this so neatly? Homeworld thinks the CG’s are long gone, so they don’t see the need to explain this to newer generations of gems - in fact, they make a point to suppress as much info over the war as possible as a means to try and keep the possibility for another revolution low. 

Please let me reiterate that I am watching this show blind, and I’d like to remain unspoiled. Thanks!