i asked permission to put her art on tumblr since she also has an account


This original post was taken down by the time I got to it, all I have of the post are these screenshots my friend sent to me as soon as she found out what Chris (jean-fandoms-horse-kirschtein) was doing/saying.

This tumblr user, Chris,  exposed the biological names of myself, my trans* Brother and several other of my close friends who identify as non-binary. NONE OF US WERE COMFORTABLE WITH IT OR GAVE PERMISSION.
The following post will contain actual quotes.

Their argument starts by saying that everything started when I was being  "a know it all smart ass" Because I was doing research on abuse laws because there was alot of that going on at home between my siblings.

They claim they only “insulted them [me] twice” When they have been actually harassing me in real life, online and in the cosplay community since this all started. They’ve been caught making fake accounts of me several times to the point of where my mom is going to call the cops if they do it again. They’ve even been caught sending anon hate to blogs belonging to my friends. All these events have multiple witnesses who can all vouch for the events that have occurred.

The Topic of Shay and Art Theft. This tumblr user asked Shay if they could draw her some stuff and Shay said yes. It was never mentioned before or during that it was a commission. When Chris informed Shay it was a commission AFTER giving her the art, it came as a total shock. Chris expected Shay to pay 45$ for art she didn’t even commission and was told was a gift and now is being harassed because she doesn’t have that kind of money, due to the fact that SHE IS ONLY 13.

They next tried to smear our Cosplay Group.
Linking to our cosplay groups blog and claiming the group focuses on bullying them. Our cosplay group is made of generally older cosplayers,(out of high school) who are attending college, getting jobs and trying to move out, all while trying to make sure their Cosplay is done by con, its more than a bit ridiculous to think they’d devote time to bullying this one person whom almost none of them have ever met or even spoken to, either online or in person. Chris then linked to some of the member’s blogs as if trying to have them sent anon hate for things that they have not done and things there is no evidence of them doing. One of the members has suicidal tendencies, which are triggered by high-stress situations like online bullying and anon hate.

Chris Omitted several things, including the time they told everyone I was bullying them and said to kill themself, when I have lost many people close to me and almost lost others to suicide, something I would never do is tell someone someone to do it. This is also an event they have no evidence of me ever doing other than his word against mine, and when his friends were talking about KILLING ME for something I didn’t even do. They also consistently misgendered me throughout the whole post, despite knowing my preferred name, pronouns and what gender I identify as.

[At the time, the name on Chris's facebook was Lindsay]

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Ryan contacted me soon after. I asked him to retrieve the messages I supposedly sent to Chris , which was peculiar because I had Chris blocked at the time this was posted because of harassment on facebook, I wasn’t even ABLE to message them. 

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Ryan was never able to gather ANY evidence I sent anything to Chris , because simply, there was none. When asked why there were no messages from me to them, Chris said they “deleted” them. If someone was telling you to kill yourself and bullying you, wouldn’t you keep them somewhere as proof they were doing it?? It just doesn’t add up.

Chris mentions in the post that they tried “apologizing” to me before I blocked them. The apology was condescending and insincere and went exactly like this:

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When you start your apology with “I honestly don’t know why I have to do this again,” it negates the entire damn thing. The only thing I could do was reply “Don’t talk to me." because I’m tired of Chris trying to screencap my messages and use them out of context to try and paint me out like some sort of bully when I’m the one being harassed.

Its gotten so bad to where I cant even attend a cosplay meetup without supervision because of this harassment. I can’t walk around town by myself. I have to have my facebook locked up tight because my posts are screenshotted and used out of context. I cant even hang out with cosplayers of my own fandom at conventions anymore because Chris goes ahead of me and tells them the same shit they’re trying to bring to tumblr. 

I’m really sorry for the long post.

Tumblr User jean-fandoms-horse-kirschtein revealed biological names and genders of people who identify as non-binary without permission and several people, including me, feel violated and hurt by it. Though I have put their URL here, please do NOT SEND THEM ANY HATE FOR THIS. The purpose of this post is to only dispel any tarnish to my reputation, not have hate sent to this person.

They’re trying to paint me out like some big bully and I’m not one. I’m literally a huge squishy pushover who cries if I upset someone. I’d like to think my followers know me pretty well and you guys certainly know that I’m not the big scary monster this user is trying to make me out to be.

I’m not going to expect you to reblog or signal boost, this was a very long post, but if you would do so, I would greatly appreciate it. At the very least, if you see any nasty rumors going around about me or Lavaflower Cosplay, would you please step in and dismiss them? I can’t be everywhere at once, but tumblr is supposed to be my safe place away from things like this.