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well this phandom’s been pretty dead recently so i decided to do a lil thing to spread positivity and make us more,,, como se dice,,,,, Alive 

so yeah basically rb this post and give me a follow and send me an ask with your name! (if we’re not mutuals feel free to tell me a bit more about urself !! maybe we have the same interests Who Knows) hopefully this way i can get to know more people and make new friends! 

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Heeelp me i need to make my (male) protagonist and the secondary protag (also male) have this slow burn relationship but even though i am gay i cant seem to visualize the relationship right and sometimes it feels over sexualized or flat please help.

First and foremost, ask yourself this:  are your characters actually friends?  Do they do things together?  Enjoy each others company?  Support one another emotionally in ways that don’t involve sex?  Spend more time doing all of the above more than they do fighting/having sex/performing grandiose romantic gestures? 

It may seem obvious, but this is a key step that a lot of authors miss when writing relationships.  And as a result, a lot of relationships fall flat and have all the fizzle of a glass of stagnant water.  

Before anything else, write your characters as friends.  And I’m not saying, “show them as friends before they got together,” I’m saying, “show them as friends WHILE they’re together.”  In my opinion, the best relationships are based off of strong, mutually supportive friendships. 

For added reference, check out my post on how to write a healthy romance.

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

waiting rooms

Pacing about the room
I wonder if magic could exist.
What else could have the power
to slow a clock like this?
A symphony of broken sounds;
a beep a cry a laugh
this place is like another world
one with ghost-like matching staff.
Coffee cups hold the drink of Gods;
it’s powers are unequaled
with every heated sip you’ll see
zombies become like people.
If you stay there long enough,
try to name the fish
there’s a secret I once heard;
each bubble is a wish.
Just be careful with the prayers
you send in watered spheres
the fey that run this sterile place
will play with words unclear.
Don’t ask for things like silence
because for some of us the sounds
have come to be a comfort;
they mean you’re still around.
Do you know of where I speak?
The place of fluorescent lights?
If not you likely will someday
because health and life are finite.
Good luck till then, my unknown friend
I hope we never meet
anonymity is better than
a waiting room, agreed?


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My friend (an aerialist with cds) just texted me from italy asking "what the fuck is lance's rope dancing, are there hooks on his boots? Did I miss a transition? It doesn't work out." And i love her but tbh she needs to suspend her disbelief

The lions have no seatbelts and everyone is still somehow alive, I’m pretty sure Lance being able to do that is the least of things to wonder about the show at this point.

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this is a vague question, but do you have any tips for a first-time synagogue goer? I'm going to be visiting my local temple for the first time ever in November and I am very nervous...

Hi anon!

That’s exciting!! So, some advice I would offer you is this: 

  • Definitely go with a friend who is familiar with the liturgy already, and/or reach out to the rabbi ahead of time and ask to be seated by someone who will guide you through it. You may want to do the latter anyway, even if you have Jewish friend who will go with you, because each congregation tends to do things slightly differently and it’ll help to have someone who is familiar with that congregation’s conventions guide you through it . While plenty of people visit other congregations and do things their own way and it’s fine, that may not be ideal for feeling comfortable your first time. 
  • Do be aware that even in Reform congregations, there’s usually still quite a bit of Hebrew. This may feel daunting at first, but the same prayers get repeated a lot, and you’ll get the hang of it (or simply memorize it) if you keep going regularly. 
  • A siddur is just a prayer book that contains all of the prayers for the various different services. A chumash is a copy of the scriptures organized by weekly portions that are read on Saturday mornings. A machzor is a special siddur for the holidays. All of these are read from right to left, because Hebrew is read from right to left. Ergo, if you want to look like you know what you’re doing, make sure you hold and open your siddur correctly. (But don’t worry if you mess it up - it took me several weeks to get it right instinctively, and no one looked at me funny.) 
  • There may or may not be a paper program in addition to the siddur. Because the liturgy is usually pretty fixed, there’s not as much of a need for it. The service leader may call out page numbers occasionally to help people get back on track if they got lost, but if you need to, you can quietly ask a person near you what page you’re on. (If it’s during the silent Amidah, wait until the leader starts speaking/chanting again to ask.) 
  • Especially in Reform siddurim*, but also in the Conservative siddur I’ve used (not sure about other branches’ siddurim) a good bit (but not all) of the words are printed three times: in English, in Hebrew, and transliterated Hebrew. (Siddurim = plural of “siddur”)
  • There are motions/choreography that go along with reading the prayers, such as bowing, sitting or standing during different parts, and rocking up on your toes. Some people have the custom of bowing slightly to the left and then right in certain parts, of taking three steps forward and backward during the Amidah prayer, and some people rock or sway. This is all optional as far as I’m aware, and eventually you’ll develop your own preferences and practices, but for your first time, it’s easiest to just follow what the person next to or in front of you does, or your guide. 
  • Read this carefully, especially if you’re planning on going to a more traditional shul: http://www.jewfaq.org/liturgy.htm. This will give you an idea of what prayers there are, how the choreography fits in, and other useful things. 
  • A common custom for Friday night (”kabbalat Shabbat”) services is to have an “oneg” afterward. “Oneg” refers to joyousness, or happiness, and is a shorthand way of referring to the mitzvah of celebrating Shabbat. What this means in practice, however, is food! An oneg after services is just a little reception with snacks and sometimes more substantial food. If you have food sensitivities and wish to attend (which you should if you’re comfortable doing so!) you should reach out to the rabbi ahead of time about making sure there are things there you can eat.
  • People will likely greet you with “Shabbat shalom!” or “Gut Shabbos!” It’s 100% okay to respond in kind, and will actually garner less attention than an awkward, “um… hi?” [I am speaking from the voice of experience on this one, btw. :)] 
  • Look up the dress code for the congregation you’re planning on going to, or ask if it’s not on their website. Most Reform congregations are pretty laid back about formality and covering up, so long as it’s appropriate and respectful. More traditional shuls, however, may have specific rules. You may also want to ask about what their custom is for non-Jewish men wearing kippot and/or women wearing pants if you’re going to an Orthodox congregation. Most congregations have a basket of kippot for men who forgot or who don’t own one themselves. 
  • Some people may be wearing tallit (Jewish prayer shawls) on the Saturday morning services, but those are specifically for people who are already Jewish (and in more traditional shuls, for adult/married Jewish men.) It’s okay you don’t have one and won’t for a while. 
  • Try to show up on time, but not so early that you accidentally get counted in the minyan! If it seems like they are counting you, you need to politely inform one of the leaders that you’re not Jewish. 
  • If you’re going to a traditional enough congregation, they may have a mechitza - make sure you respect their space and stick to your gender’s side of it. (If, like me, you’re trans and/or non-binary, I strongly suggest having a discussion with the rabbi about where you should sit before showing up.) 
  • Something to just know going in is that lots of times, people have their own way of engaging the prayers and so some people may jump in ahead of time and read faster than other people or read along with the service leader. This can be unsettling if you’re used to WASPy churches where people listen silently, but it’s totally normal and you should just ignore it. 
  • At various different points, the leader will sort of drop out of chanting aloud or chant much quieter before picking up later in the prayers. The understanding is that people are supposed to just read along at their own pace. I recommend reading the marginalia until the leader resumes unless you somehow already know Hebrew. 
  • You probably won’t know the melodies, but that’s okay - a lot of people don’t, or don’t sing. You’ll pick them up eventually! 

That looks like a lot - sorry it’s so rambling. Followers, any other advice? 

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i identify as genderfluid and i really want a binder, the thing is, im only 13. if i get money for christmas do you think i could just ask my mom to get one for me and say it’s for cosplay? ( she still doesn’t know that i’m genderfluid)

Lee says:

You can give it a shot, yeah! Why not? If she says no, you can try to get a binder a different way.

How do I buy a binder if I’m not out?

How do I ask my parents for a binder?

This is also a Mod Post and I did not want to make it boring, so here’s a picture of something cool that will be coming up soon! Spoilers: A lovely film friend of mine helped me record my inking process so there will be a vid, eventually (whoah!)

This is also a long prelude to just say: there are several Asks sitting in my Inbox that I will be getting to tonight…

But especially to the Anon who asked, and for anyone out there who wants to make their own daily dog art challenge blog, please please go for it!!!

I started Daily Dog Doodles for a variety of reasons, but in the year and a half of doing it, it’s been plenty helpful for me as an artist to keep on producing art. Because in the words of Jack Kirby: Finished is better than perfect.

And if doing a daily challenge like this will be what helps you, challenges you and inspires you, then by all means get going!

;’) Like, I do NOT OWN the idea of drawing a dog a day, haha. I was very much inspired by @dailycatdrawings and @dailybirddrawings, and there are other daily dog blogs out there, like @dailydogart! Plus, all the Pokemon dailies and other fandom themed daily art blogs. I picked dogs as a theme because I do love them, drawing dogs is a comforting habit, and with all the variations there is an endless source of inspiration and references to work from.

In the end though, what matters most is sticking to it! And I hope to see your blog and your art soon! I’m over here cheering you on!

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Tell me your favourite things about Butch!

i relate to him a lot. he’s a huge momma’s boy. he really wants to be cool even though he’s a giant dork. he kinda has a fragile masculinity. he’s a hairdresser barber and i also cut my own hair and my parents’ hair. he was a bully. i have been both a bully and been bullied. i know how much it sucks and i also know that a lot of bullies are deeply insecure themselves. i’d like to think butch sincerely regrets bullying the lw and was just trying to seem cool to impress the rest of his friends. i think as a kid he was very insecure and wanted to find someone “”worse”” than him to pick on. which is wrong and him having his reasons doesnt make it okay at all but it’s one of the reasons i can relate to him. 

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I asked my friend about a**hole thing,, they said it wasn't a joke and they meant it then calling me it again... I don't know how to respond, if I should cry or say it back.. Their still my friend, creator what do I do? I'm lost

ask her why?

I mean if you figure it out maybe you can fix it >w<


- Ban and Nab

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Abbie, do you ever feel like youre outshined by Chels? Because youre parents treat her like a princess?


Nooooo I don’t feel out shined by my sister! We both have our own things and hers just happens to be vlogging, shopping and imaging there’s a tiara on her head. That’s not really my thing; I’d rather nap, dance and hang out with friends.

My parents give the both of us, and Ethan, all we need and treat us all fairly. The whole princess thing started when Chels was a toddler, cause you know how parents are with their babies, like “come here my princess,” “my baby girl,” blah blah. 99% sure that Chels’ first word was “princess,” except it was like… “pwincess.” I don’t even think it’s so much that they treat her like a princess, but that she thinks she is one and they still call her that like from her childhood. 

But yeah, I remember my parents always calling me “sweetie pie,” so I guess that was my “princess.” 


Ask my sims questions!

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So i have a few 'friends' right lmao? So im a switch, i can be very dom one minute and sub the next and im bi. So im with this girl whom ive known for a while and we start to watch movies and stuff like that and i decide to ask if she wants to do stuff. So getting down to it she was grinding and getting off on my thigh while i was whispering dirty things in her ear. She looked so cute and her little whines still get me off till this day- whimper anon (thats what im called on another blog 😂)

- Bear

just-an-akward-fangirl  asked:

I have separation anxiety and my mom’s been at the store for two hours (it’s almost 9:00) got any anxiety attack advice so I don’t freak out

My best friend has severe anxiety and when we talked a bit more I would need to calm her down, I’m not very good, but just try to remember that she is coming back, I know it’s late and it feels like times ticking on but it’ll be okay. I promise. Just take deep breaths, and try to do something calming to try and relax your mind? Maybe message her and ask when she’s coming back, that may ease things a little! Mums tend to just wander around the shops for hours trust me mine does that, so please try not to panic sweet! x

What it means to be ready...
  • "So you think you're ready?"
  • In the whole course of my life until now nobody asked me if I'm ready or not. In every contests I was in, in every test I took, in every decisions I make, nobody asked me if I was ready. Not my former coaches, not friends, not even my parents. All these people just believe that I am more than what I do, except that feeling insufficient always lingers in my head. They don't know I got scared in those times, they probably won't know because telling them won't make any difference since they always trust me with all their heart. Which is I guess a bad thing for me. I wanted to feel their concern about me except that I didn't felt it before. Kids wanted to feel safe yet they always throw me to the fire and leave me there until I get out for myself. They think I am strong, that I can handle myself always, except that kids are not meant to be left alone and needs assurance that they are safe, always. Yeah, those are my former coaches.
  • I always need people. I always want friends. Someone I can talk with what I am feeling except they only talked to me for their own benefit. This always happen like it's the most common thing in my life. They became friends with me because they want something from me, not because they cared about me. After they got what they want, they left me. Without notice or anything. They tossed me into the darkness alone. Yeah, those are my friends.
  • Asking for advice is a common thing an undecided person do and get all the words that assure them of the consequences of their decisions to further their cause. I always ask for advice except that they always tell me "you can do it" hanging in the air between me and them. I couldn't get the assurance that what I'd do will not end up hurting me except that it always did. I felt like a failure. I became a summary of little successes and constant failures except that they don't see me failing, they still see success in my failed attempts to become successful because I always fall short with the target in my mind but they couldn't see it. So each failure-success attempts of me made them push me to do harder things in my life except they didn't ask if I am ready to do it. They just said that I can do it every time I ask them. They have full confidence in me except that I don't have any for me. They always kept on pushing and pushing me to my limits that it became a constant drill in my life. Yeah, pressures were all mine. I lived with it until it became nothing but part of myself. A pressured boy wanting nothing but escape from the life he was into. Yeah, that's me.
  • I smiled at her and said, "Yeah, always." And I never felt this assured in my entire life until now.

i worked hard on this

my name is izzy

and it is promo hour

do not fret friends

you need not be sour

i merely seek mutuals

of the highest grace

such that i shall not be

lacking in face

i blog about a variety of things

such as art, games, gays, and cats

and if none of these please you

to you, stranger, i simply tip my hat

but if i have won you over

then please follow me

and let me assure you, my good fellow

i will make you as happy as you can be

so my dear friends


promo me

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Hi,Nissi. My friend wants to propose to his gf. He's 29,she's almost 50 with three children(22,14,12). He asked me if I would help him pick out a ring and to help plan the engagement party. I mean,she's nice and chill but I think he's making the wrong move. I don't want to start anything and I want him to be happy but I don't know what to do. Even though I don't agree,I don't want to leave him high and dry and not help him out since he's my bestie. Can you give me some advice about what to do?

He’s an adult. It’s not your life or your choice. He asked you to help pick the ring, not to tell him if he should marry her. Unless you think he’s in danger, be a friend and help him. If you can’t do that then take a step back. Don’t ruin things with a sour attitude

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Are there any pics/videos from behind the scenes or something of Martin and Bill? Cos I really loved them in Simple Simon! Do you know if they are good friends?

I don’t know if they’re still in contact, I haven’t really seen pics of them together except for the time they were filming Simple Simon (but I would seriously fucking die if for example Martin tweeted a new pic of Bill and him reuniting hjhjhjhj)

Aaand about the BTS stuff. 

1. Here is my favorite fucking thing in the world, this pic:

idk what the fuck this is btw lmfaohfj but Martin lowkey looks like Jake Gyllenhaal here hjhjhjhjhjhjh.  

2. this video saved my life, seriously, just watch it. 

3. and let’s not forget this. fuckin. picture. I am in love

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CONGRATION FOR 600 FOLLOWERS U DONE IT <3 <3 for the prompt thing, i put my spotify on shuffle and the first song that came up was "under pressure" by queen :P

more X-Men coming through, maybe not so “soft” anymore @linneakou

He could be doing a gig in DC at the 930 Club right now, but Ciao Ciao and his teammates are playin’.

An old friend of Celestino’s, Dr. Mireya Thomas, mentioned during a lunch date to check in and catch up her close neighbor’s son disappeared six months ago. She’d been searching for him—Leo had confided in her that he was a mutant, having moments where flames would appear on his body. Leo was a kind kid, she told Celestino—went to mass every Sunday, was in the church band, good grades in school, helped his local Kiwanis chapter—but he’d come to her because Mireya is a leading geneticist in the field of human mutation.

He prayed every night for a cure, he said then. 

Celestino handed her a tissue to dry her stoic tears and said he would try to find out what he could, keeping an eye out for posters or social media posts.

Keep reading

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lmao so this sorta relates to the tit thing: my mom told me she had a dream one time that she was friends with 1d and zayn came up to her one day all upset and he was like "I need advice from a girl" and she was like okay so he took his shirt off and he had one of those pink marks bra underwires give you and he was like "do u know if this is a rash? do bras give u a rash?" and my mom was like ???? and he was like "leave me alone bras are pretty" and my mom was like "it's fine, they are cool"

Hi friends! It’s been a few days since I’ve been here, but I have had a lot of fun with family and now am in a hotel for the night for my layover in Phoenix. I’m pretty tired after the almost 3 hour plane ride, and now I just wanna fall asleep.

But before I do, know that writing is coming! I’m going to give myself most of tomorrow to recoup and put things away and spend time with my husband. Then I will be writing commissions and maybe a bit of a nalu/gruvia kid AU on Wednesday 😊

Hope you all are doing well, and stay safe out there!! ❤️

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i started a blog hoping it would help me figure out what's going on with me and idk if i actually have an ed? i won't self diagnose bc that's disrespectful to those who actually have one but i've hated my body since i was 7 and i'm 19 now. as much as i want to lose weight i never stop eating and i get angry/sad while i'm eating bc i know it just makes me fatter. i don't have self control but when i read things about ed's or what the blogs i follow say i relate to it. idk if you have any advice?

it sounds like you need some help. ask a parent or friend to see if they know how to help. struggling with an ed is hard but its even harder doing it alone