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Jeon Jungkook + Kim Yugyeom

**REQUEST: heyyy i was wondering if you could do a smutty smut with yugyeom and jungkook where they both like you and they ask you to choose one of them but you can’t and so they both fuck you??? it’s ok if not, i know it’s weird but idk i just have a thing for maknaes 😏

Type: SMUT

Word Count: 3378

It was Namjoon who introduced you to Jungkook, and Namjoon who introduced you to Jackson who introduced you to Yugyeom. Your friendship with each of them was different, but equally as important to you.

Jungkook loved to make you laugh. He was always right by your side whispering silly things in your ear, laughing as your cheeks turned red from his words. You found yourself with him a lot, always watching movies and sneaking around with black baseball hats and masks just to see how long the two of you could goof off before someone recognized him. You spent your Sundays  in the dorm with him, legs draped over his lap watching what ever movie he chose- he always chose the movie. He had cried to you a few times, you were a sense of comfort for him and he wasn’t scared to tell you how much you meant to him.

Your friendship with Yugyeom was similar, but different in so many ways. You made him nervous despite how close the two of you had become. He’d listen to your problems and tell you all of his own. It was always late nights with him, sitting around a wooden table with your hands being warmed by the coffee he would place in front of you. It wasn’t all serious though. You found yourself at his practice a lot, you didnt care if he knew how much you loved to watch him dance. You would be the one to make Yugyeom blush by telling him how great he was all the time which was usually followed by you telling him how cute he was with the way he would smile with rosy cheeks.

You were sat there in your favorite cafe reading the latest book for a class you were taking, completely oblivious to the world around you. The only thing that was able to pull your attention from your book was a coffee cup that was being placed down on the table. You looked up and smiled, Yugyeom standing over you looking nervous.

“Hi love! What are you doing here?” You said checking your phone. He should have been at practice.

“I uh,” He sat down, his long legs caused his knees to touch yours. “I wanted to ask you something.” He said sliding the cup over to you.


“So you know how I asked you to the award show the other day?” he said nervously kneading his hands.

“The award show that I said I would go to you with? You’re not dumping me are you?” You joked making him blush.

“Oh, no never Im really excited.” He started with a smile. “Its just… I wanted to know if maybe you would want to get dinner with me another time… You know.” He said avoiding your eye contact. You smiled and bit your lip.

“Are you asking me on a date?” You said, smiling at him with excited eyes.

“I guess I am.” He said. Before you could answer your phone began to ring, Jungkooks name flashing on the screen. You smiled reassuringly to Yugyeom as you answered the phone.

“Hey, y/n I need to talk to you.” He said in kind a panicked tone.

“Whoa, hey are you okay?” You asked, your eyebrows pushing together.

“Is Yugyeom there?” He said. You looked up to Yugyeom who looked like he was going to be sick with nerves.

“Um, yeah he just sat down why?”

“I wanted to take you out. Like on a real date. I want to be with you, y/n” He said. You squeezed the bridge of your nose and ran your hand through your hair.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You said looking to Yugyeom who looked at you with concerned eyes.

“Its Jungkook. Asking me out.” You said.

“Where are you?” You said into the phone sternly, trying to keep your cool as best you could as a thousand things started to run through your mind.

“The dorms.”

“Up. Now.” You said to Yugyeom, before hanging up on Jungkook.

You loved the boys and you would be lying to yourself if you say you hadn’t started to grow feelings for them. As you walked quickly with Yugyeom you tried to push your thoughts out of your head but you couldn’t.

You loved the way Jungkook made you smile. How even when you were crying hysterically he was still able to make you laugh. But when you were with Yugyeom in that state the way he’d hold you close to his chest made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. You loved the way Jungkook would tease you, chasing you through out the dorm to get something you had taken, and the way he would wrap his arms around your waist and spin you around playfully. But you also loved the way Yugyeom would wipe the frosting of your favorite cupcake on your nose, something he always had plenty of just for you. You loved the way Jungkook held you when he said goodbye, but you loved the way Yugyeom held you when he said hello.

You were so caught up in trying to figure out what you were going to do you didnt even realize you had made it to Jungkooks dorm.

“Why did you bring me here.” Yugyeom said, looking torn.

“I… We will talk about it upstairs.” You said punching in the code and pushing the door open.

It felt like the most awkward intervention ever. The two boys sat on the couch, awkward and hands folded in their laps as you sat across from them on the coffee table. You sighed a few times thinking you were ready to start talking but nothing came out. Finally, you spoke.

“I love both of you.” You said, watching as both of their breathing increased.

“I love both of you so much.” You laughed to yourself while shaking your head. You rubbed your face once before looking back to them.

“Why would you do this to me?” You said wrapping your arms around your self.

“Im crazy about you, y/n. I have been for the longest time.” Jungkook whispered, scared he might say the wrong thing.

“You know how I feel about you.” Yugyeom said even softer.

“I literally can’t think of one thing that makes one of you better than the other.” You said looking up, you knew at the end of this you were going to lose one of your closest friends and that broke you heart.

“You both are such assholes.” You said sternly looking back to them. “What gives you the right to ruin the relationship I have with my two favorite people.” You said getting loud.

“So you don’t want to be with me?” Yugyeom said looking at you with sad eyes.

“Are you stupid? I want to be with you so bad. Both of you. I just.. I can’t choose.” You said shrugging.

“Y/n, please.” Jungkook said reaching forward to put his hand on your knee. You looked over to Yugyeom and your heart broke. He looked like he was going to be sick.

You stood up and with arms still crossed left the room. Out of habit you started to brew yourself coffee, you needed something to help you think, coffee was good at that. Your fingers drummed on the counter as you started to weigh your options again. But once again for every good thing about Jungkook there was something that met it for Yugyeom.

“Y/n, Im sorry about all of this… I didnt think it was going to be this hard.” Yugyeom said walking into the kitchen, his hand rubbing nervously at the back of his neck. You looked at him and your heart melted. He was so sweet for wanting to care for you. You wanted that in your life. But Jungkook would take just as good care of you.

You were striding across the kitchen before you could even realize what you were doing. Your hands rose to take his cheeks and you didnt hesitate to bring his face to yours. Kissing him felt like everything and nothing at the same time. Your heart raced and the tips of your body tingled, but you couldn’t hear any thing. His lips fit yours perfectly and he didnt hesitate to wrap his arms around you. Being this close to him made it hard for you to step away, the want to deepen the kiss strong, but once you did all you could think about Jungkook. Maybe he was the one.

The coffee forgotten you walked away from the stunned Yugyeom and into the living room. Jungkook stood quickly, but before he could say anything you were kissing him. The actual feeling of kissing Jungkook was so different than Yugyeom, but the feeling it gave you was so similar.

You pulled out of the kiss and groaned, stomping your foot and crossing your arms. The two boys looked at you both confused and worried.

“I thought that would clear things up for me.” You said looking at both of them.

“Thought?” Jungkook said.

“It was the same…” You said before making a ‘poof’ noise along with a hand motion to indicate they had both blown your mind.

What happened next caught you off guard. Yugyeom had looked over to Jungkook before stepping forward and kissing you again. You were taken aback by his forwardness, it was a side of him you didnt see very often, but loved when it came out. You would have been mortified to be kissing Yugyeom the way you were in front of Jungkook, but the feeling of strong fingers on your waist and another set of lips on your neck made you shiver.

“Let us prove to you how much we want you.” Jung kook whispered against your neck as Yugyeom nodded, his lips brushing yours.

You shocked yourself when you nodded. Having the two boys you loved the most at the same time scared you and was something you’d never think you’d be doing, but to justified this you just told yourself it would be the best way to choose.

They led you to the bedroom not talking, your nerves exploading, both in the scared sense and the heat that started to pool between your legs. One in the room and sitting on the bed, Jungkook was the first to kiss you, his hand reaching up to meet your cheek as he sat next to you to deepened the kiss. It surprised you when his tongue touched yours, but it was something that was alot easier for you to melt into than you realized. You gasped into his kiss when the feeling of a hand running up your thigh made you jump. Thinking it was Jungkook you pulled away, only to be surprised to see the hand belonging to Yugyeom.

You lent towards him, kissing him again and loving the way he tasted as Jungkook took ahold of your other leg. Out of instinct you let your knees part, and soon Jungkook’s hand went from just stroking the length of your thigh to adding in a little teasing to your clothed core. The moment the teasing earned a breathy moan from you Yugyeom started to undress your top half, only stoping his kiss when he pulled back to make sure this was okay. You bit your lip and slightly nodded letting him slip the shirt over your head. The two took a second to take in your body before Jungkook was guiding your chin back towards him.

He laid you down and intertwined his fingers with your hair as he deepened the kiss. The feeling of another set of lips meeting the skin of your stomach made you moan again, a tingling feeling erupting through out your stomach. You hooked one arm around Jungkooks neck while your other hand placed softly to Yugyeoms neck, his own hands making quick work of unbuttoning your jeans. You bent your knees and rose your body so Yugyeom could pull the pants from your hips and chuckled accidentally at his eagerness to get them off of your body. Your chuckle was immediately silenced by the placement of Jungkooks tongue. Now there were three hands on you. Both of Yugyeom’s were slowly running up your now bare legs as his mouth kissed along the hem of your underwear, as Jungkooks free hand traced along the top of your breasts.

You wanted to moan a name as their fingers set your nerves on fire but you weren’t sure who’s to say. In stead you just gasped, your body sitting up slightly as Yugyeom placed a kiss right over your center. Though jealous Yugyeom got that reaction out of you, Jungkook took this opportunity to unclasp your bra and lay you back down so he could take it off. His lips started to kiss your skin, gently at first but then with such passion and sucking that you knew there were going to be marks later. Your hand took ahold of his hair as a silent plead for him to let up but it only make him kiss and nip harder.

You gasped again when Yugyeom pushed aside your underwear and slipped two fingers along your entrance. You didn’t even realize how wet you had become until then and the feelings of his fingers slipping easily up and down you made you even wetter. You felt his lips on your hip as Jungkooks left your skin. Your eyes opened slightly to see him stripping of his shirt and you smiled. You always loved seeing him shirtless, he was just so beautiful. His lips returned to yours and held yours for a while before a new feeling was erupting through your body. Some how Yugyeom had pulled your underwear off and now had his hot tongue pressed to your core, trailing it upward at an agonizingly slow rate. You sat up again slightly with another gasp as he did so and tilted your head back, just the sound of your wet against his tongue made you squirm. Jungkook took this opportunity to undress himself.  If Yugyeom got to do this first than why shouldn’t he get to enter you first?

What he didn’t expect was at the sight of his naked erection your hand would find his member and start to pump. His breath would hitch and he’d chuckle lightly, not expecting you to be that forward, but as Yugyeom intensified his licking and sucking your pumps where becoming nothing more than a tightening grip around him.

You couldn’t catch your breath. The way Yugyeom’s tongue flicked and rolled against your core seemed to hit  sensitive nerves every time. You couldn’t fight the natural way your body arched and your eyes closed as his arms wrapped around your legs so you couldn’t get away. From their position one of his long fingers found its way to your sopping clit and started to work it. Your body arched again, the familiar tightening feeling you only ever got by yourself threatening in the pit of you. You breathed hard once, trying hard to get air flow back into your body as you gripped his hair with one hand and Jungkooks arm with the other. Jungkook brought his lips down to your neck again and traced his hand up your side till his fingers were brushing along your erect nipple. You moaned at that making him smile and in a swift movement he gave it one hard pinch, and you came undone. You pushed your hips up as your thighs shook slightly, by far one of the hardest orgasms you’ve ever had. You held on tighter to Jungkook as Yugyeom swallowed every last bit of your juices, so proud that he had made you feel so good.

Your hands immediately covered your face as you realized what had just happened. You were ready to give yourself to Yugyeom completely, just tell him he had you and all of you, but soon Jungkook’s lips pressed to your neck again and with a hot breath he whispered. ‘My turn, baby.’

Yugyeom stood and stripped his shirt and began to undo his pants when he noticed you looking at him, your head rolled to the side as Jungkook pushed your knees in a way that he could better line up with you. He crawled onto the bed and placed a kiss on you, your taste heavy on his lips. He pulled away too soon for your liking but your attention was brought back to Jungkook who had just started to tease your core with his member, your breath hitching as you were still over sensitive from Yugyeom. You couldn’t look away from Jungkook. His eyes had darkened and his bottom lip was taken between his teeth as he watched intently to his member sliding into you. You moaned once as you gripped to the sheets on either side of you. Everything around you disappeared as your eyes closed and the only thing you could think about was the feeling of him inside of you, slowly pumping as you adjusted to his length and width.

It wasn’t until he thrusted once hard into you did your eyes open back up. His hands on either side of your waist you pumped into you harder and harder each time until the feeling of Yugyeom getting on the bed next to you made him slow down. You looked up to Yugyeom and bit your lip, his member standing proud and soon you were pulling Jungkook out of you and flipping around to face Yugyeom. You took his member in your hand before wiggling your behind at Jungkook to resume, which he did immediately, the thought of you choosing Yugyeom right then wiping out of his mind as he committed to taking his claim on you.

You smiled at your shy Gyeom before taking his whole in your mouth, allowing the heavy pounding of Jungkook behind you create a forward and backward motion. You groaned around Yugyeom making him moan at the vibrations. His hands now finding their way into your hair to hold you as close around him as he could get. You tried to focus on pleasing him, but soon the feeling of your g-spot being hit as Jungkook figured you out made you suck in a deep breath of as and pull yourself away from Yugyeom. You turned slightly to look back at him, his eyes set on him entering you while his fingers dug into your butt. You hid your face in your shoulder, biting slightly as he hit the same spot over and over again. Your hands gripped onto Yugyeoms thighs as you tried to brace yourself for what you knew was coming. Your knees started to slide together as you felt yourself tightening around him. He lent forward, his chest now pressed to your back as his hand found your clit, just to help.

'Cum for me baby girl.’ Jungkook said into your ear as he let out four last hard pumps.

You tried to hold on but the constant nagging of his finger and the pounding that hit you just well enough to make you squirm made the coil tighten quicker this time. You gripped tighter to Yugyeom and let out a shaky 'ahh’ as you came undone around him. His arms supported your body as your arms began to shake, your second orgasm just as intense as the first. Your head fell forward into Yugyeoms chest as Jungkook softly pulled himself out of you. Your eyes were watery and your mouth was dry. Jungkook chuckled lightly as he flopped down next to the two of you. You rolled off of Yugyeoms chest to sandwich your naked body between the two boys. You could hardly keep your eyes open as you fought for some thing to say.

“So, Y/n… Who do you chose?’ Jungkook said.

'Kook, not now.’

'I choose…’


Hello, love bugs! 

Dan x Reader 

warnings- swears, smut

Hi I was wondering if you could make a fanfic where you fall out with Dan (who’s like away somewhere) and he’s like spam texting you and you keep ignoring him, and then he turns up at your door and um… After argument sex!! Haha thanks, ly xoxoxo -anon

“I feel smothered by you. Can I not have one night where I go out with friends and not have you check up on me every five minutes? You’re not my mother Daniel.” Your fingers were quick on your phone as you texted your reply to Dan. You and Dan hadn’t seen each other for nearly a week since he had been gone seeing his parents. Normally you would be at home waiting to see him as soon as possible but it was your best friends birthday and you never get to go out and let your hair loose. Dan didn’t have a problem with you going out with friends. His problem was the picture he saw you post on Instagram of you in a risky type of outfit. Dan doesn’t like to share and he absolutely does not like the thought of a bunch of men looking at you or trying to hit on you.

Your phone beeped back the familiar tone you set only for texts from Dan. You almost didn’t want to read it. His words were probably dripping with sarcasm and sass even if it was only in text form. “You’re right Y/N I'm not your mother but I expect you not to go out like that.” 

“I thought that it doesn't matter what a girl wears. It’s her body and her choice and I don’t need to cater to a man’s opinion.’ Thankfully you were still in the cab going to the club with your friends. You may just go and give him a piece of your mind in person if you weren't already on your way to the party. This was the only thing Dan and yourself ever really fought about. He trusted you with his life. Dan’s problem was trusting everyone else. 

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“I will never let anyone hurt you. Do you hear me? I will always protect you. I promise.”

Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader, Sam x Sister!Reader
Warning: Attempted Rape

Another hunt well done. You, Sam, and Dean just finished taking out a nest of vampires. Something easy, yet thrilling. Another hunt to take your minds off the real problems your family is facing at the moment.

Dean swerved into the parking lot of a strip club. Sam turned his shoulder to look at his older brother, “Uh, dude.”

Dean looks back with a smirk, “What? Hey, you know what? We did a damn great job on that hunt. Came out with barely any scratches. Now to me, that deserves a night out in the town.”

“Sorry if watching other girls shake their ass is not my cup of tea,” You roll your eyes.

“You won’t be disappointed,” Dean winks, hopping out of the car like a bunny rabbit.

The club is dark, dusted with smoke from men’s’ cigars and cigarettes. Loud music playing provocative music blared through the speakers, bouncing off the walls. Half naked women walk around the place in high heels and panties, serving their customers like a normal restaurant.  Men goggle at the women as they strut by their tables.

Dean pulls me to a small round table for four. A woman wearing a very small bikini top for her large breasts asks us for our drinks. Dean’s smile is so big. I would smile at his happiness if I didn’t have a large set of boobs staring back at me.

Sam is trying not to enjoy himself as much. Whether it is for my benefit or not, he is failing. He shifts in his seat every other minute and bites down on his grin.

“Cheers, brothers,” I raise my glass of vodka soda.

On the stage in front of us a woman performs her pole dancing routine. And I have to give to her, she is so talented. And strong. To be able to hold your body weight like that seems impossible.

Dean stuffs a couple of bills into her top, keeping his cool. Sam claps his hands, licking his lips.

The woman points her finger to me. I point to myself too, me? Was she really trying to talk to me? She nods her head and motions for me to get on stage with her. I shake my head. I feel my face turning tomato red.

Playfully, Dean is pushing me to go up there. I’m fully clothed, uncoordinated…he was going to use this opportunity to make fun of me.

I take the lady’s hand and follow her on stage. Beyonce’s song, “partition” plays and I playfull sway to the music. Men holler. For me? Doubtful. But I have fun with it. You do only live once…well maybe multiple times if your last name is Winchester. But from what I’ve learned growing up, you should always live in the moment.

The song ends and I take my seat, hiding my face as my brothers chuckle in their seats.

The end of the night comes a lot sooner than I expected. As Dean, Sam, and I are walking to the Impala around 3 AM, we hear a man call out Dean’s name. On instinct, all three of us turn around. Protectively, yet curiously.

The man is about Dean’s age. Tall, muscular with wavy brunette hair. He wears a usual hunters outfit: jeans and T and a leather jacket. He’s cute. But if he was just in the club then he saw me dancing and that’s humiliating.

“Chris!” Dean’s demeanor softens. His smile widens and he goes in for a bro hug. Sam and I stand back, confused. “How have you been?”

“Not bad. Fancy seeing you at a place like this. Just like old times, right?” Chris smacks Dean’s chest lightly and turns towards Sam and I. “Hey guys.”

“Oh,” Dean coughs, motion towards his younger siblings. “This is Sam and YN. This is Chris. We met senior year in high school, found out we were both hunting the same thing. He helped me out on a salt n’ burn.”

“Hey,” Sam says. I wave.

“YN, last time I saw you, you hadnt even hit puberty yet….now look at you,” Chris looks me up and down. I shrink and become suddenly aware of how uncomfortable his gaze is. I give him a polite grin back. But he doesnt stop looking.

“What are you doing here?” Sam interrupts his personal moment, stepping out a little in a protective manor.

“On my way to the Carolinas…just thought I woudld take a small detour if you know what I’m saying,” he smirks playfully.

“Well, it’s getting late now, but hey, maybe tomorrow we can meet up for a beer or something. We can stay in town for another day.” Dean says.

“Yeah that sounds great,” Chris says. “I’ll see you then.” Chris turns around to walk back into the strip club. He looks over his shoulder one last time and I feel his stare on me.

The next afternoon Dean tells us of all the fun and daring things him and Chris used to do when they were kids like sneaking into bars, college parties, all the girls they got, etc. The whole time he speaks he has a smile on his face.

“You guys were really close then, huh?” Sam laughs taking another bite of his sandwich. “How come you haven’t seen him for so long?”

“I dont know… he had his own family troubles and we had ours. We kind of just dealt with our own shit separately. You guys coming tonight?”

Sam looks at me, waiting for me to answer first. “Um, I dont think so,” I shrug. Its nothing I have against Chris, but he gave me weird uncomfortable vibes. I would feel a lot better just doing my own thing tonight.

“Oh come on, dont be a downer, YN. It will be fun. Sammy, you can come too.”

I give Sam a look and finally agree. Its been a while that I have seen Dean this happy and I didnt want to ruin his night.

We meet at a bar that met in the middle of our two motels. Chris is already there, sitting on a stool. His beer bottle is halfway done. He makes eye contact with me first. His smile grows.  

“YN, you look lovely.” He wraps me in a hug. I’m surprised at first and dont hug back. He stays there for a couple of seconds too long.

“Thanks,” I look down as we step away from each other. I wave my finger to the bartender to start whipping them up.

“So tell me what you’ve been doing,” Dean says to Chris. “Are you still in the business?”

Chris nods his head. “Yeah, I’m on my own. My father passed away a couple of years ago. Heart attack. Can you believe it? Never thought he would be going down with something so…normal, you know?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that. We lost our father too. Its tough, but thats why we got beer.”

“So, YN, you have a boyfriend?” Chris asks. Straight to the point.

“No,” I say. “Can’t get too close to anyone with this life.”

“You can always take risks.”

“Not with other people’s lives,” I narrow my eyes.

“Feisty…I like it.” He winks.

“You got a girl around you arms?” Dean asks.

“I dont like being strung down. You out of all people should know the feeling.”

“YN, wanna play pool?” Sam asks finding a way to squeeze me out of there. We are able to slide of conversation.

“Thanks,” I whisper.

“Don’t worry about. I don’t like him either. I remember him too. He was always talking about girls and drugs….not a dude to be friends with. I didnt like the way he was looking at you either.”

Two rounds pool, Sam beat me both times. “I need a break,” I smile.

“Dont be such a sore loser,” Sam teases.

“Oh, we’ll see who the loser is when I get back,” I point. “I’m going out to get some fresh air.”

I walk outside into the cool November air. I can see my breath as I exhale. I take a couple steps away from the door.

A couple of minutes later, I hear the door open and close again. I dont look over my shoulder to see who came out. And I dont have to cause whoever did, grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me up against the wall.

I push away from the man holding me up against the wall. I come face to face with Chris. He is smiling. “You dont know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He forces his lips onto mine. I try pushing away from him, but he is ten times stronger than me. He grabs my twisting wrists and holds them over my head. His leg parts mine.”Your moves last night were so hot,” he says referring to the strip club. I try kicking him away. He steps on my foot, crushing bone with his hard boots on my flip flops.

I cry out for help. But no one hears me and those who do are drunk.

His free hand slides up my shirt and under my bra. His grimy hands squeeze my breast. Tears fill my eyes as I continue to be violated. Chris is moaning, enjoying every minute of this. His hand slides down my stomach to my jean zippers, undoing the button. Then he undoes his. His hand trims my panties. I bite down on his tongue. He pulls away in shock. He slaps me across the face. Hard.


Chris is ripped off of me. Im pulled into a tight embrace. I fight it at first. But I look up and see Sam. He looks down on me with so much concern. I squeeze his arms, wanting to be safe, wanting the sense of safety.

Chris stumbles, pulling his pants back up. I hear his zipper. I shutter, digging my fingers into Sam’s biceps. Sam whispers in my ear.

Dean stands there. Dumbfounded. He and Chris stare each other down. After a couple of moments Dean finally says, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Dean, its–”

“Are you actually fucking kidding me?! My little sister? My fucking sister? You were going to try and fuck my sister?” Dean takes a step closer with every move. “And without her consent? You think you can actually force yourself on my sister.”

“You know how it is, Dean. We got to get whatever we can on the road. Your sister was testing me all night. Her at the strip club last night! She was begging me to get in her pants. If you should be blaming anyone, blame your whore of a sister!”

That was when Dean threw the first punch. “I’m going to kill you, you son of a bitch. You hear me?” Dean hits him again. “I should have known. I should have known you never changed. All you want is some ass. And you’ll ruin anyone’s life to get it.”

“Dean,” Sam says softly. Dean turns around. Sam motions to me shaking in his arms. Dean looks back at Chris and drops him to the ground.

“I never want to see you again. Do you hear me?” Dean turns around, throws the keys to Sam. “You drive, all take care of her.”

Sam transfers me into Dean’s arms. He carries me to the car bridal style. In the back seat of the familiar I cry wanting nothing more than to take a shower.

“I am so sorry,” Dean holds me close, stroking my hair. “I am so sorry. If I didnt make you come tonight-”

“It’s not your fault,” I hiccup.

“I will never let anyone hurt you. Do you hear me? I will always protect you. I promise.”

01 | apartment 124

Word count: 1,486

Summary: Yoongi is apartment 124, and you live in 125. One day, his little brother finds his way into your apartment on accident. (big brother!yoongi)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6

A/N: ignore any mistakes! I’m really excited for this series! It’s basically a big jumble of fluff and a tiny little problem that works itself out over time. Get ready, I’m SO EXCITED! Leave me an ask if you liked it and I may update sooner than I would normally!!


When you’re a student, working an unpaid internship, some things seem harder than others.

It had been exactly two days since you had left your house; simply because you had a huge ass final due for your art major class and you were only half done.

You truly wanted a break, maybe a coffee to ease your nerves; but the last thing you wanted to risk was spilling a cup of brown liquid all over your most recent project.

At this point in the day, tired wasn’t a part of your vocabulary. You were beyond tired, sleep deprived, even.

So when your front door creaked open, you had let it slip your mind. Not only because you were tired, but also because at this point, your music was louder than your thoughts, and you were too busy to and too far into your project to stop just yet.

Though you let it slip your mind, when your art room door opened, you froze directly in your spot, not even picking up your brush from the wet canvas.

When you turned around, you definitely were surprised to see a person; not even, a small child stood in your door frame. He had to be no older than seven or eight, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to even begin to form any sort of sentence.

You stuttered in breath to try and find words, but could find nothing to describe the situation that was in front of you. “W-Who…”

And right then, out of nowhere, the boy screamed.

It was only then that you had realized how you looked.

Your face was smeared with paints that ranged from blacks to blues, and your hands an aprin were anything but pretty.

“Hey! Please! Just don’t.. Don’t yell,” you reasoned, standing up and rushing over to the small boy that stood in front of you.

It took minutes for this child to gain back control of himself, and you had finally been able to fully relax when he had done so.

You had so many questions to ask this child, but all you could do was stare. He was small, and his hair covered his face in an attempt to make him look younger. He was cute, probably one of the cutest children you had ever seen; putting aside the fact that you generally didnt interact or like children too much.

“W-What are you looking for? Where are your parents?” you finally found your words, kneeling so your height was the same as his.

“My parents?” he repeated, looking down at his hands. “My parents are in america.”

It took everything you had inside of you not to freak out. Everything. This child was in your house, and his parents were in america?

“Well… “ you closed your eyes, trying to think of something to get your mind back in check, “where’s your.. Owner?” You yelled at yourself for your choice of wording, but you quickly moved passed it again when he started to speak.

“My hyung is at work.” he mumbled. “I was supposed to go to apartment 125.”

Relief flooded over you when you realised that you lived in apartment 124. He had only gotten lost. Not only that, but it also concerned you that this boy was alone in an apartment for who knows how long. You had a little brother yourself, and this child definitely reminded you of him.

You had definitely seen the man in apartment 125 more than once. He owned a cat, and it often found its way through your apartment window. You had texted him many times before telling him it was there, which would often lead to you ‘borrowing’ for days at a time. It offered you stress relief, what else could you say?

But no, this was much different than a cat slipping through your window. This was a child, a grown, human being, that had wandered aimlessly into your house.

“Do you want me to call your hyung?” you had offered him, when you noticed he had started to get a little red in the face, tears threatening to tear their way through the corners of his eyes.

He nodded vigorously, wiping the ends of his eyes as you fumbled with your back pockets, pulling your phone out and attempting to unlock it with paint covered hands.

You pulled up the contact quickly, pressing call without a second glance.

You handed the small boy the phone, and watched as he clicked the speaker button so you both could hear.

it took two rings before the phone was answered.

“Did my cat find its way through your window again?” He questioned after the second ring. You could literally hear the smirk that played on his lips.

“Hyung!” The small boy yelled, gripping the phone tighter.

“Hyuk?” Yoongi hesitated, his voice suddenly becoming stern. “Where are you?”

“Apartment 124,” he answered calmly, shrugging his shoulders to himself.

“125,” you corrected.

“Yah,” he sighed, shaking his head. “Hyuk, go home.”

“How old is Hyuk?” You question, cutting Yoongi off.

“I’m seven.” The small boy answered for him.

“Hm,” you hum, glancing down at the phone screen, and leaning your chin into your hands. “It’s not very responsible of hyung to leave you home alone, now is it?”

“Well, I guess not…” Hyuk says, looking at you with big, opened eyes.

“Hey!” Yoongi yells.

“Well, what do you expect? Leaving a seven year old alone!” you laugh. “What time do you get off of work?”

“Eight? Eight thirty?” he sighs, giving in to you obvious plans of keeping the boy for the night.

“And you were going to leave him alone until then?” you gasp at the metal phone in your hand. “What was he supposed to eat?”

“He’d eat when i get home!” he says. “I liked it more when you were borrowing my cat, not my brother.”


Hyuk had granted you the well needed break you had been dying for.

The small boy lifted your spirits, and allowed you to cook for someone besides yourself for once.

You were fascinated by how much he could eat, plate after plate of food being given to him until he told you ‘Noona, i really can’t eat anymore’.

The clock had struck 8 when Hyuk had finished eating. You had just assumed Yoongi was working until 8:30, which didn’t bother you at all.

You felt at home again when you watched Hyuk, and it made you happy.

You decided to put on a move while you waited for Yoongi go get back.

Hyuk told you about his parents, and how only his mother was alive at the moment.

“She had to go to America.” Hyuk frowned at you. “I don’t know why, though. So I’m staying with Yoongi hyung until she gets back,”

You didn’t know Yoongi personally, but you knew what type of person he was.

He got a cat because he can’t take care of a dog. Cats basically take care of themselves, anyways- how was Yoongi supposed to look after himself, a cat, and Hyuk?

You knew few things about your neighbor, but one of them was that he worked at a bar; which also meant that he worked nights. You knew it wasn’t your place to butt in, but this little boy being alone at night until whenever Yoongi got relieve from a shift didn’t sit well with you.

It wasn’t until someone knocked at your door, that your thoughts had ripped from you.

Hyuk shot up from your couch, making is way to your door from the living room.

The door was pulled open, revealing very worried, very tired Yoongi.

“Hyung!” He sounded relieved, yelling and bringing the larger boy into a hug.

“Thanks for watching him,” Yoongi sighed, looking down at the boy. “It’s his first day here, and I wasn’t sure if he’d get home safe, and all of that,”

“No problem!” You smile. “I liked seeing him a lot. He reminds me of my brother.”

Silence grew between you two, as Yoongi scratched the back of his neck.

“Hey, if you don’t mind, could you check on Hyuk whenever you’re home? As you know, I work nights, and sometimes-”

“Yes!” You answered excitedly, smiling down at the boy. “That’d be amazing!”

“Really? You don’t mind?” Yoongi chuckled. “Just if you’re not too busy with school.”

“No, I was actually going to ask you if you needed help. Hyuk told me you’re moms in America, and-”

“Yeah, yeah she is.” He cuts you off, a smile pursing his lips. “Well, thank you. I’ll text you later tonight about details for tomorrow.” He says, redirecting Hyuk to the apartment across the hall.

“Oh, uhm, okay,” you nod. “And again, no problem.”

You shut the door slowly, pushing it closed until you hear the metal hinge click.

Only at that moment, do you remember your art final.

Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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It Hurts: Part 11

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

A/N: Its official. It Hurts will end with 12 parts ^^ 

Originally posted by taestylips

After you left him that afternoon, Taehyung continuously tried to reach out to you. He called countless times, sent you twenty messages a day, and even showed up at your school on multiple occasions. Luckily, you were in the lab room most of the time, and wasn’t present when he searched for you in your classroom.

But on the second day he came to look for you, he almost found you.

You were walking in the empty hallway, taking your time during the end of your lunch period. But before you reached your room, you heard his voice and stopped yourself. Hiding behind the door, you listened as he talked to himself.

“Damn it! Where is she?” you heard on the other side of the thin walls. He slammed his fist on the wall, and hissed at all the mistakes he made.

“Why are you so fucking stupid? How could you let her go again! Your one shot at happiness, and you blew it again!”

This made you feel bad for not responding to his messages. This made you realize how sorry he actually was. But you didn’t move from your hiding spot.

You knew you loved him. You knew he loved you. But for some reason, it wasn’t that simple. You couldn’t just kiss and make up, and go on to live the rest of your lives together.

He was the one person you trusted, the one person you loved. But he betrayed you. You didn’t know how he was supposed to prove his worth, prove to you that you could trust him again, but you knew you weren’t okay with being…okay yet.

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i cant believe what a childish delusional pig this guy is ( from my understandment this is a guy)…ladies and gentleman take a look at this massive amount of retardism and be amazed

you cant hold a decent argument with these kids because they are blindingly ignoring and excusing every negativity and atrocity with bullshit reasons who make no sense…then this pig amitds blocked me so i couldnt reply back…can this be even more childish and cowardly ?ok so im going to refute every single little piece of delusional shit he said

1.first of all,there wasnt any instance of sasukes body moving on its own…..while naruto was  worrying about sakura and kakashi’s safety after they fell to the lava,sasuke ignores them and is focused on saving only naruto.. he  tells naruto  ‘’to look ahead …if either one of us dies, the world ends ‘’ ….. sasuke  instinctualy shows he doesnt care about anyone other than him and naruto because they are the only ones who can save the world,others do not mather…and if one of them dies or gets distracted ,their plan will fail..he is so set on this mindset that he tries to convince naruto of it ,to make him more focused on their plan and less worried about what sakura and kakashi are doing….he was basicaly trying to prevent naruto from saving them lol…..sasuke then proceeds on admiting he only ‘’saved ‘’ kakashi and sakura from infinite tsukuyomi because they happened to be close to naruto..naruto of course does not agree to sasukes mindset.

he is clearly  comparing his actions ‘’my body moved on its own ‘’ towards his teammates to how sasuke acted while saving him  in part 1 to drive a point on sasuke ..any person with a half of brain would figure  this out …where is naruto saying sasuke is lying? naruto was talking about himself when he said his body moved on its own ,while using sasukes words..he did not make a refference to sasuke  since sasuke’s body didnt moved at all to save either kakashi or sakura…basic logic ..its even implied that since sasuke’s body didnt moved on its own then it shows he simply does not care ..this was reinforced when sasuke didnt even react when kakashis scroll burned down and both him and sakura began falling into the lava…naruto had to save them because its narutos body here who moves on its own,sasuke could barely give a fuck 

2.  this made me laugh …how is ‘’ he told kakashi that he doesnt have a reason to love her ‘’ any better than  ‘’he is not interested in her ‘’? pls stop youre pathetic right now… at least i wasnt making shit up ,this is exactly what he said  in the manga just with a different translation

3.it was implied 2 times that sasuke did not kiss sakura..first when sarada asked her if she ever kissed sasuke ,she made a sad face…why was  such difficult to say yes to her daughter  if this was true? …then before sasuke left them again,he blew her  off ,refusing to kiss her … sakura lamented that he is going to keep her waiting forever…keep in mind this word ‘’FOREVER’’

4.where the hell does it say in the manga that sasuke was with them for a few years ? youre  making up shit again

sure lets forget that sarada said on two instances that she does not remember him and hasnt meet him at all…lets pretend sarada’s imaginations of sasuke helping her walk and her embracing him are 100 % real..sure …sarada has never met her dad before ..she knows nothing of him..and if that wasnt enough proof for you fucknuckle ,sasuke even has 2 arms in her imaginations you could see his elbow..again ,your reading comprehension is zero

5. ‘’sasuke left for a mission to save the world ‘’  …….i think i already refuted this in another post…..the so called mission to save the world only occured when naruto was already hokage at the kage meeting..according to the boruto one shot naruto became hokage when boruto was 7 or 8 ….so before this important mission what was sasuke doing in the forest ?ya thats right visiting his side chicks from village to village ..he could care less about contacting his family for all those years..he sent letters to naruto but none to his daughter or wife  and only met them because sarada found him by accident and he had no choice

6.again, how pathetic can  someone be to pick on a crackship but at the same time to brag his ship is canon?its like acknowleging your so called canon ship is so shitty and garbage that any ship with interaction which didnt became canon is far superior than yours,so youre rather atacking crackshippers than atacking ships who have substance ,because you know you cant deal to be on the same level as them.. .because lets face it…ss is a collosal amount of trash…even crackships shine next to it

7.again sheeple is excusing parental neglect and murder attempts from this manga using ‘’ its a shounen’’ argument…im speechless at this level of stupidity

8.sasuke said that the only connection he has to sakura is sarada….a child is not an ultimate proof of love between two people…..if that was the case nobody in this world  wouldnt be divorced ,and rape children would not exist..not to mention sasuke hesitated when sarada asked him if he has feelings for sakura and answered with a half assed ‘’’…yeah’’..he obviously did not   want to make the child feel bad  because its not her faulth for being brought into this world,and having  parents so distant to eachother 

9.ok ..i dont even think i need to respond to the last paragraph..im already imagining you were in this state of retardism  while you were typing that with foams around your mouth corners

lol go treat yourself you have severe mental issues  and reading comprehension of a retard…i drew conclusion its not good to argue with the  insane so this is my last post to this maniacal asshole

{Requested by EVERYONE xD}

{Part 1}

Andy woke up alone yet again, the sun shining brightly through the window, the sad part was that it was shining right on the spot where you used to sleep.
He sighed, hugging the pillow that surprisingly still smelled like your sweet perfume. Andy was completely miserable without you, the more days he had without you, the more heartbroken he was. You leaving to him was like someone roughly cutting his chest open with a knife and stabbig his heart until it didnt beat anymore. It was really this bad for him. But little did he know that you were also miserable.
You were sitting in your bedroom alone as well, just staring out at the city, it was night time where you were, it was getting late but you didnt want to sleep.
It has been days of just being awake and crying. You didnt want to leave Andy in the first place, he had grown on you, but you just couldnt get yourself to see him as your boyfriend no matter how hard you tried.

“Andy…” you softly whispered to yourself. You flinched a little when you heard a light knock at your door. You turned your head and saw your mother comming in.
“Hey mom…” you dully greeted, looking down on the floor. Low key you were hoping to be Andy comming through your door.
Your mom sat next to you and rubbed your shoulder, “Sweetheart, I know this is very hard on you, but you seriously need to get some sleep.”
“How come I dont remember him mom?…”
“Can you answer me that? Can you please tell me why I cant remember the person that gave his heart to me? I want to remember him so bad and I fucking cant!!” You yelled.

“(Y/N) please dont get frustrated youll get a headache.” She begged.
“I dont care!! I want to remember him! I dont want to see him as a stranger anymore! All this time I have been wondering who he is, how did I meet him? How did I even fall in love with him?!!”
Tears started to well up in your eyes, and soon enough they made their way down your soft face. “I want to know the man who loves me mom…” you whispered.
Your mother didnt say a word, instead she just pulled you close to her and placed a kiss upon your forehead.
“I know honey…I know..” were the only words that she could reply.

Meanwhile, Andy was looking at pictures he had taken with you through his phone.
The more his thumb swiped to the left, the more tears he shed. He honestly did not want to live without you. “(Y/N)…” he whispered, he roughly wiped away his tears with his arm and grabbed his hair tightly, “Its all my fault…this is all my fault…” he kept telling himself.
Flashbacks of the accident kept popping in his mind, there was not a day when he didnt think about what he saw. The way your head banged against the window, the way your dark blood oozed onto the dashboard, the way he cried out for you when the parametics took you away, when the doctor told him that they were pieces of hard glass that were difficult to remove from your head, and the worst part ever, the confused expression you gave him when he was happy to see you awake. And when you asked those three horrible words, “Who are you?…”

Andy cried even more, getting up from his bed and hitting his fist against the wall so hard that it created a hole.
If only he knew that you were just as miserable as he was.
Crying almost every night for him, wanting to remember him so badly. But the more you tried, the more headaches you recieved that hurt like a bitch.
Life was hell, and it something that the two of you couldnt do anything about.
The next day, you didnt want to leave your room, you had never left your room ever since you moved in. The only time you would step out was to shower or just use the bathroom, other than that, you didnt go out at all, even when your parents begged you to. As always you just sat on your bed, staring out the window, looking at nothing but birds fly by and tall buildings. From sun rise to sun set, this is all you did.
Your parents were looking at you through your door which was slightly open.
Your dad pulled your mom away into the living room and sighed before he spoke.
“How long is she going to be doing this? This cannot be healthy for her…”
“I know this looks bad but-”
“No! It doesnt LOOK bad IT IS bad!”

Your mother raised her hand to make him be quiet. “Stop it, she’s going to hear you. Now listen, I have been giving this situation some thought, and I think the only way to end her misery, is to call Andy up and tell him to come over here.”
Immediately your dad became outraged and shook his head, “No! Hell no! That bastard is not comming near my daughter again! Its his fault this whole thing happend in the first place!”
“I know that! But please! Do you really want to see your daughter all depressed like this any longer?!” She yelled.
There was dead silence for a moment as your father gave this idea some thought, and finally he came to a very harsh answer.
“Id rather see her like this than have that dumbass come back into her life.”
Your mom’s eyes widend at his words. She could not believe what she just heard.
“So you dont want your daughter to be happy?…”
“I dont want my daughter getting killed.” After that was said, he walked away and slammed the door of their bedroom.
On the other hand your mom DID want to see you happy. She would be taking a huge risk at a big disaster, but she was going to contact Andy anyway. She walked inside your bedroom quietly, her eyes wondering around for your phone.

She finally saw it on your vanity and as she was about to take it.
“What are you doing mom?” You asked, your head turned, staring at her with with dark and puffy under eyes.
“Well um, my phone is dead and I cant find the charger so can I use yours?” She lied.
You just nodded your head, letting it turn back to the window and signaling her with her hand to leave you alone.
She understood and left the room closing the door behind her.
Immediately she went to the laundry room and locked herself in it. She scrolled through your contacts and found Andy’s number. “Got cha…” she muttered.

You were still inside your room, not at all curious as to what your mom was up to.
You kept thinking about Andy, his smile, his sweet and funny personality, and the feeling of his arms around you at night.
You tried to remember at least one thing you shared with him in the past. But then pain striked again. “Ugh!!” You groaned, massaging your head.
You banged the lamp table next to you in frustration, you had enough of these headaches getting in the way of you remembering.
You stood up from your bed and walked over to your vanity, looking at yourself in the mirror.
Right then and there as you were feeling your head, an idea hatched.
“Well…if injuring my head made me forget…then maybe injuring my head will make me remember….” you mumbled.
You quickly went to your door and locked it, that way your parents wouldnt interrupt you.
You glanced at your lamp table, there stood a hard coffee mug on top. It was perfect for your head to break.
Slowly you grasped it in your hands, and raised it up a little. Your breathing became very heavy and shakey, what you were about to do was not easy, but at this point you did not have a choice.
Tears ran down your face once more, and your eyes shut, your teeth grinding.
The next thing you knew…you were seeing black again…

A month had passed since that night, you were in the hospital for quite some time. You were very close to dying, but fourtunately the doctors were able to save you, they had even said that it was a miracle that you were still alive.
When you mother was talking to Andy on the phone, right when she was about to tell him to come over, she heard glass breaking and huge thump on the floor.
Her first instinct was to hang up on Andy, so unfortunately, he couldnt come over.
Since you were such a strong girl, your recovery was pretty quick.
“She really is a brave girl isnt she?” Asked your dad.
“Yeah..she is…I wish she couldve stayed with us…” said your mom. The two of them were in your now empty bedroom, you had moved out two days after you fully recovered. You had worked things out with your parents, but you had to go away. They wanted you to stay with them, but you thought that this was for the best. After all, you left for a very important reason…

As Andy was walking out of the concert him and his band just finished, he was making his way to his car, he was suprised to see a very familiar face standing next to his vehicle.
“Hey handsome…” you greeted him with watery eyes.
He just stood there shocked, like if he was seeing ghost. “(Y/N)?….no way…” he muttered.
You laughed a little and nodded, “Yeah its me…Ive really missed you Andy…”
“Ive missed you too…” he whispered.
He was about to go and hug you but he stopped himself and stepped back.
“Sorry…” he dully said. You shook your head, “Why are you sorry?”
“Because…Im just a stranger to you…”
“No your not, how could the man Ive met and fell in love with two years ago in warped tour be a stranger to me?” You asked. Andy looked up and became even more shocked.
“You remembered…that?”
You came closer and more tears fell down your face, “I remember everything…” you whispered.
You placed your hand on his faced and caressed it with your thumb.
“I remember you…” you whispered once more. Now Andy began to cry, but this time, it was out of happiness.
He pulled you and held you close like never before. The two of you crying in each other’s arms. This moment truly felt like a dream.
“I have my baby back…” Andy sobbed.
You held him tighter and attacked him with kisses until you got to his lips. You kissed for a very long time, embracing the beautiful of each other’s lips.
He leaned away for a moment, “Do you have any idea how happy I am?…”
“Yes I do…because Im happy too…” you said. You started to giggle and wipe away his tears, “Look at us blubbering like babies.”
He laughed and pecked your nose.

“I love you…” he muttered. You smiled huge, “I love you too…” you replied.
Another memory came back to you and you smiled even more.
“Hey…before the accident I remembered you telling me that our anniversary was comming up…and that you had something special planned…” you remind him.
He grinned and reached into his pocket.
Your eyes widened as you saw him get down on one knee.
“It was this…” he tells you, opening the black box and revealing a princess cut diamond ring.
“(Y/N)…will you marry me?…”

(So sorry Ive been inactive you guys, school was being a bitch, but I hope this was a good continuation ^-^)

Friends with benefits

Pietro x reader

Warning: swearing

Prompt: slightly, the movie, friends with benefits (if you havent seen, it i highly suggest it)

N/A: this is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy. Also all the wonderful pj pants mentioned are all ones i actually own, just a fun fact for ya. 

Part 2- 



I’ve always been told purples my color, not like Barney purple, but lilac purple. So it’s ironic that that same color is the one that comes out of fingers. That’s the only reason SHIELD wants me, no not because of the purple vapor, because of its abilities. I have never really told anyone about my gift, only my dad, who also happens to be a well known SHIELD agent. As some as he found out he was on the phone with Nick Fury. I had wished he would have given me time to adjust, if he would have maybe I wouldnt have ran. I needed to find myself, as clitché as that may sound, and becoming an asset to SHIELD wasnt going to help. I moved in with my grandma who lived two states over and had no contact with my father. I never explained why I randomly had shown up but she didnt question it, only opened her doors for me. I was always thankful for the fact she probably just assumed my dad had scared me off, she always did hate him even, when he was married to my mom.

My grandma was very low tech, not even have so much as a house phone. So I took online classes, at the library, and focused on working with my powers and combat skills. My grandma never noticed, she was too busy knitting or scrapbooking about her dog.

After I got my powers under control I decided to join society again with a high school diploma and powers stronger than ever under my belt. I started locally, stopping thiefs and small town gangs. I also helped farmers with their fields and grow fruit and veggies for soup kitchens. I somehow worked my way onto SHIELDS Radar, maybe it was somewhat intentional.

Nick didnt even ask me to come, he only send plane tickets and enough money for a cab to the airport with a post it note stating someone will be there to pick me up. Of course I took the somewhat offer, not hesitant to pack my bags and leave the boring town. It is only a two hour flight so I pack a book and my music and am on my way.


I look around for someone that looks as if they’re here for me. I see white hair jumping around, chasing something, but he was so fast the wind he made only pushed the paper farther away. I run over to him, my speed matching his, scaring him a tad. I notice the sign he is chasing has my name on it, I pick up the page , holding it to my chest.

“You’re Y/N?” His accent is thick and very cool, almost soothing. My name rolls off his tongue beautifully.

“In the flesh.” He nods, slightly smirking while checking me out, probably looking at my mint green panda pyjama pants. I ignore it and head to grab my bag. He tries to take to carry himself. I use my super strength, not allowing my grip to budge. He sighs and walks in the direction I’m guessing is where the car is. He opens the door of the all black SUV for me, I have never experienced such gentlemen ways before. Grandma always said thats how Grandpa was, her eyes would light up because of the memories, it was always very sweet.


Third person P.O.V

“We have a new recruit coming, she is probably the most dangerous of us all.” Nat speaks up, catching everyones attention, they all look uneasy. Bruce the worst of them all.

“Worse then Banner?” Nat slowly nods answering Tonys question.

“NO ONE IS MIGHTIER THAN ME. I AM A GOD.” Thor says, unnecessarily loud. Nat looks down at her feet as Steve is lost in thought.

“Do you honestly not remember when greeny whipped Loki, who is also a god, like a rag doll?” Bruce looks ashamed at himself even if he cant control what he does it that form.

“Nick thought it would be best if she was here with us. I happen to agree with him. Just make sure she feels welcomed and she is to train with each of us. Each day someone else. They are already working on new schedules.” Nat is interrupted by she phone beeping, it was Pietro. “They will be here in 15 minutes.”


“I have to ask, why is Nick so obsessed with you? He hasnt quit talking about you since you appeared.” His blue eyes are focused on the road, one hand tightly gripped on the steering wheel.

“Im guessing its an ego thing, if Im being honest. Hes known about me since I was 13 but I went into hiding. I needed to work on my powers, being thrown into SHIELD wouldnt help me at all. So, I suppose when he found me again, he needed me to join.” I shrug, putting my feet on the dash, stretching my muscles that are still tired from the plane ride.

“You must be something else if he’s this anxious to get his hands on you.” I chuckle at his words. I wish I wasn’t.

“You have no idea.”


“You must be Y/N!” Tony Stark cheers while shaking my hand, theres a falseness to his tone. I focus my powers so I can get into his head, the only down side is he will know what I’m doing, my eyes will turn purple. It was a dead give away.

‘Stark, be nice. You have to. Nat said she was more dangerous than Banner. Watch yourself.’ His thoughts said

Wow, how sweet. I already have a reputation. Tony looks startled, this causes Steve to step forward.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.” He says genuinely, it was a nice change from Tonys Demeanor. He shakes my hand and I smile at him which he returns. This continues with Nat, Bruce, Sam, Scott, Wanda, and Thor, whom was probably one of my favorites. Although they were all great, A smile never left my face. That hasnt happened in a while. Pietro quickly takes my bags to my room, I follow him at his same speed.

“How did you?” He looks confused, yet intrigued. I shrug and run around quickly, unpacking my bags in minutes.

“I’ll race you to the common room.” I smirk, he did too. He counts us off and I run as fast I can. Down the hall around a corner. Pietro and I neck and neck until he trips over the rug.

“Wow, I didnt think you would be falling for me this soon.” I smirk, helping him up. He smiles at me and the team is laughing behind us.

“I hate to interrupt but Nat never told us your, ah, qualifications. I was thinking maybe for dramatic effect.” Tonys attitude was bearable but It still rubbed me the wrong way, I think I may have been his tone. Though, He was decently entertaining.

“I doubt my shitty qualifications are to your standards Mr. Stark. I’m probably just a little farm girl compared to you or anyone else in the room.” I was trying to downplay it, not that Im full of myself because of my gift, I just remember Tonys thoughts and decide to have some fun with it. Nat laughs at my statement and at Tonys eye roll, I smile at her which she returns while also cocking her perfectly arched eyebrow. I sigh and wave at Nat telling her just to tell him and everyone else.

“Y/N is from Brooklyn, Her father was Nicks right hand man. Her mother was killed when she was two because of her fathers position, which also led to his death a few years ago. She discovered her powers at age 13, thats when he dad told Nick and he wanted her to join SHIELD. She then ran away to her Grandmas, from there working on controlling her powers and getting her high school diploma. After 6 years she started to use her powers to help with thiefs and gangs in her community, leading us into now. The newest Avenger. She has the power to mimick other powers.” Nat spills my file, the part about my dad stings. Yeah, I knew about it but I was too caught up in school and training to grieve. It was easier to ignore it. Still is.

“So you can steal powers?” Tony questions.

“No, I can mimic them. Stealing would mean I keep them. I can only hold certain powers for a little bit. Some longer than others. It helps if someone near has the power I’m trying to get.” Everyone looks somewhat confused. I can feel Wanda in my head, searching around.

“So, could you mimic me?” Bruce says nervously, probably hoping the answer is no.

“Id have to try to know for sure, which Id rather not, but probably.”

“I don’t believe you. You probably just have speed like me.” Pietro spoke up.

“She’s telling the truth.” Wanda sticks up for me. I smile at her thankfully.

“Prove it.”


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librarian/avid reader au TsukiYama please!

Libraries are quiet on Monday afternoons. Still, that’s how Tsukishima prefers it. No children coming in and getting the picture books sticky, no middle-aged women trying to make forced, casual conversation to cover up the fact that they’re checking out erotica, and no old people who are in denial of their need for glasses putting books back on the completely wrong shelf. Tsukishima was completely free to wander shelf to shelf, putting back the returned books dropped off this morning by people on their way to bigger, better things for the day, and fantasize all he wanted about his favorite visitor.

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"Why do you believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship?” Survey Responses Part 6: Reponders and the Fandom

This post is Part 6 of a multiple part presentation of the results of the survey, “Why do you believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship?” which was open from Sunday, May 4, 2014, until Sunday, May 18, 2014. These results the selection of the 2380 survey responders on the following topic A) their favourite member of One Direction (Q.11), B) the amount of time they have been in the fandom (Q. 12), C) the amount of time they were in the fandom before believing Louis and Harry were together (Q.13) and D) whether or not they have ever broken the fourth wall regarding relationships (Q.20). As this survey represents only a small sample of the One Direction fandom, despite trying to reach as many people as possible, these results can not be fully extrapolated to explain the fandom at large.

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“Hurry up, ask that special someone and Get your tickets for Homecoming this Saturday! All grades welcome! You don’t want to miss this!”

I groaned loudly shutting my locker and leaning against it. I fucking hate dances and shit. No fucking point. You got to get a date, get her a stupid ass corsage, pick her up and drop her back at home. Nigga, gas is not cheap these days. Bitch better ride the bus.

I peeped my crew walking through the school doors and just when I’m about to go over there to dap them up, I see they’re with their girl. Trey with Amber, Trell with Heather, and Chris with Jasmine. Everybody in the crew cuffed except my ass and August too but he got the “don’t love these hoes” mentality so who cares about him?

“Hey y’all.” I dapped them up and hugged the girls.

“Hey. So you got a date for homecoming?” Trey held back a laugh as he kept his arm around Amber.

I squinted my eyes. “Nigga, fuck you. You know I hate those shits.”

“Why?” Heather questioned furrowing her eyebrows.

Trell spoke up. “Because Ty’s a bitch.”

I sucked my teeth. “Nigga shut the fuck up. I ain’t no bitch. Homecoming are for bitches.”

All the girls turned and glared at me. Even Jasmine who was too busy cupcaking with Chris.

“Excuse me. We aint no bitches! You’re a bitch for even thinking that!” Heather got in my face and Trell pulled her back.

“Ladies, chill. He’s just mad because he never had a date.” Chris finally interjected.

“Fuck y’all. I can get a date if I want to.”

“Ok so ask a girl out.” Jasmine spoke up.

I turned to her smirking.

“Jaz, you can speak with my man’s dick in your mouth?”

Everyone laughed even Chris and Jasmine mugged both of us.

“Chris, aren’t you going to defend me?!” She hissed nudging him.

I placed a hand on her shoulder. “Chill, girl. I’m just joking.”

Heather nudged me. “Ty, ask Honey out.”

I looked over at Honey who was at a locker talking with that Karrueche girl.

Trey spoke up.”Karrueche’s all looking good and shit. Can’t believe she was Kangaroo back then.”

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped as I looked at Trey. Trell and Jasmine were shocked too.

“That’s Kangaroo?!?!? From 7th grade?!??! Oh shit! Chris, did you know?” I exclaimed turning my attention on him.

“Why would he?” Jasmine interjected like I was talking to her ass.

I got in her face. “Because those niggas were best friends back then. I don’t know nor care what happened. Im gonna go holla at Honey.”

I turned on my heel and walked in Honey’s direction. She can’t say no to me.

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“Girl, you need your license. ” I stated as Kae got into the passenger seat. She buckled her seatbelt and glared at me.

“No hi? No good morning?”

“Don’t get smart. You would be riding the crusty bus if it wasn’t for my ass.” I put my Nissan Altima into drive and peeled off.

“Yeah yeah yeah.”

Once we rolled up to school, we walked straight instead just in time to hear the announcement about homecoming. Ugh fuck homecoming. I mean homecoming is fun and live as fuck but it sucks not having a date. I would know because I have spent 3 years going to homecoming dateless.

“So who are you going with to homecoming?” Kae wiggled her eyebrows as I turned the dial on my locker.

I opened it. “I don’t know. I got asked by a couple guys but they’re all asses. You?”

Kae sighed looking away. “Same. “

“Tell you what, if neither of us have dates by tomorrow, how about we just have a girls’ night that night? Just you and me because the rest of my friends have dates.” I scoffed realizing I’m the only single one in my group. Come on, Honey. You don’t need a guy.

“Will there be food?” She pouted with puppy dog eyes causing me to laugh.

“Yes fatass there will be food.”

She smiled. “Then I’ll be there.”

“Excuse me, Ladies.” A deep smooth voice interrupted us. We looked over to see Tyga standing there looking down at us.

“I’ll leave you guys alone.” Kae stated with annoyance about to exit when Tyga grabbed her arm.

“Before you do, I’d like to apologize for my behavior in middle school. I’m sorry for bullying you, Karrueche. Same for you, Honey.” He turned to me keeping his eyes on me.

“Wow, that’s very mature of you. I accept your apology.” Kae whispered which shocked me. Kae could sense my shock and looked at me giving me a small shy smile.

“Ms. Simmons’s therapy really works.”

I smiled at her and she walked away and I looked at Tyga.

“I accept your apology too.”

He smiled. “Good. So about homecoming-“

HOLD UP! Did this fool just apologize because he needed a date?

“Hold up, player! I know you did not apologize to me for a date for homecoming. Can’t find any other bitches to go with? Fuck out of here.”

“Honey, you’re the first person I’m asking. I apologized because it was well deserved. Give a nigga a chance. I’ll show you I’m not the same guy from freshman year.” He spoke with so much promise in his eyes.

As much as I wanted to turn him down, I couldn’t. For some reason, I felt like he did like me and my feelings for him never disappeared. I silently hoped I will not regret what I’m about to say.

“Yes. I’ll go to homecoming with you.”


I looked at Karrueche laughing and smiling with Honey. I remember when I used to be the cause of that. The dream I had about her had me thinking. Chill, it wasn’t that kind of dream you nasty asses are thinking. It wasn’t sexual nor romantic. It was a dream of us playing video games and eating pizza like we always used to do and I told how much I missed her and our friendship. She said she missed us too. I hugged her but as soon as I did, she disappeared just like that. The dream confused me yet I understood.

“Chris!” Jasmine shouted snapping me out of my thoughts. I didn’t even realize I zoned out until she shouted my name.

I looked at her. “What?”

“You knew all this time Karrueche was Kangaroo from Middle School and didnt tell me?”

“It wasn’t important.” I shrugged looking away from her.

“Acoording to Ty, it was. You guys were best friends.” She spat staring me down even though she was shorter than me .

“Yeah. That was the past. We’ve grown apart since then, Jaz. She’s just someone I used to know.” I replied trying to not scoff at her unnecessary jealousy.

“Then why the fuck were you staring at her?”

Oh shit. I was staring. Why was I staring? Jaz is my girlfriend so I have to answer that question. Not truthfully. If she found out I’ve dreaming of Karrueche, she’ll put a nigga 6 feet under. Quick, Chris, speak. You can’t take too long.

“Babe, calm down. I just wanted to see Ty get rejected.” I quickly saved myself. “Girl, you’re my girl.”

She smirked pecking my lips. “I know. So are you not gonna ask me?”

“Ask you what?”

“To homecoming!”

I sucked my teeth. “Why should I? You’re my girl so you’re my date.”

“Not until you ask me.”

I sighed deeply and put on my best white guy voice. “Jasmine, will you do me the honor of accompanying me to homecoming?”

She giggled. “Why, yes, Christopher. I would love to accompany you to homecoming.”

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My dream of Chris had me a little freaked out. I don’t know why I’ve been dreaming of him so goddamn much. I certainly don’t like his ass. What is it that’s bugging me so much?

“Kae!” Trey cheesed as I walked into homeroom.

I gave him a small wave and made my way to my seat. I pulled out my iPhone to text, thankful that that bitch I call a homeroom teacher isn’t here. A text from Honey came

From Honey Boo Boo 🐻:

So no girls’ night! 😅

From Coochie 😻:

Tf u mean? You got a date? Who?

From Honey Boo Boo 🐻:

Yeah 😅 Tyga asked me so I said yes.

“This motherfucker!” I said unintentionally too loud. Amber looked at me and came up to me.

“Kae, are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. It’s just that everyone got a date to homecoming and I don’t. ” I sighed deeply locking my phone. “It’s whatever.”

She rubbed my shoulders and August walked over to me.

“Hey Karrueche.”

I looked at him with a “what do you want?” face.

“Do you want to go to homecoming with me?”

My “what do you want?” face quickly changed into a “Are you kidding me?” one.

“No. Don’t you got other girls to go with? Like one of your hoes?”

He chuckled. “Come on, ma. It’s just homecoming.”

I rolled my eyes scoffing. He snatched my phone and began dialing a number.

“Give me my shit back!” I hissed hitting his back. He turned around handing me my phone.

“Just text me if you change your mind, ma.”

I looked at my phone to see he made a contact tor himself. “Daddy August 👅💦” I gagged erasing the Daddy and the emojis. Nigga thought.


“Ok so for the remaning 10 minutes of class, you guys shall discuss your projects with your partner.”

I threw my head back groaning loudly when Mr. Walker said that. I was doing such a good job avoiding Chris and keeping our text convos strictly about the project. Now that we’re face to face, there’s more he’ll say.

“Hey.” I spoke sitting next to him.

“Hey.” He replied.

“So I looked online and found a really good idea for the project since the old one didn’t work out.”

Chris nodded. “So are you mad at me?”

I sighed avoiding eye contact. “Chris….” Fuck, Ms. Simmons didn’t help me with this.

“Breezy! You turning up at homecoming with Jasmine?”

“Yeah nigga.” Chris smiled dapping the guy up. Wow. I sighed deeply as the bell rang and quickly picked up my things avoiding Chris from noticing. I don’t know what got me so angry, but I just suddenly felt so much anger at the moment. I calmed down and as I made my way to the bus, I sent August a text.

To August:

I changed my mind……yes. I’ll go to homecoming with you.