i ask this because i want him to

Drunk in the Drive thru

Had a guy come through the other day. When I took his order I struggled to understand through the slurring. Finally got his ridiculously specific drink that he wanted blended and extra hot at the same time.

So I make his drink, and ask my coworker to please ring him out because I am not fond of drunk drivers. My brothers were nearly killed by one who has yet to see a single court date two years later but that’s another story. Anyhow, the dude asked for a 30% discount. Well no I’m not giving that. But apparently ’re manager knows him’ and D the manager at another store knows him.

And he’s am admiral in the navy. :/


And ill give him he knows the name of another manager at a different store, but I hate that bitch anyway so fuck her if she knows anyone anyway.

So I tell him eight fucking times I can’t give the discount since I don’t know anything about this asshole.

Man has a 24 pack open and two open containers in his passenger seat. Open containers are illegal in public and in vehicles in my state. So against policy I had my ride call the cops since I’m not having this shit.

So I keep closing after my coworker gave my ride the plate number. She called three different departments.

Apparently it was none of their business and wasn’t their jobs.

Great, thanks, assholes.

Before I go… I just wanted to tell you guys.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking a free Python class at a local library, thanks to a recommendation from the awesome female computer science professor at my college! Which is cool in and of itself. I need to work on Python so I can apply to some Quantum Computing internships next year.

But I convinced my dad to come with me!

I’m really excited that he is willing to learn. My dad will be turning 60 later this year. Most people I see that are his age or older don’t seem to want to learn new things. They just want to stay in their lane. So it’s great to see a desire for learning and change.

It more so happened because I asked him, he casually said yes, later tried to back out, then I encouraged him to please come and participate anyway. But I’m really happy he wants to come because it’s also just good bonding time with my dad.

i can’t believe i’m going to comment on this, because it’s ridiculous, but for all the anons asking about this aaron cheating bullshit and/or hoping for it

you do realise what cheating on rob would do to aaron right? what the guilt would do to him? how much he’d hate himself?

why would you want to do that to your fave?

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Could you please give me a better grip of a First Lieutenant character? His commanding officer is a Captain. I would like to know possible routines and/or errands a man in such position would get. Even small things that could get me to understand the character better. I am also aware it's not that high of a ranking, but still..?

First lieutenants will typically either be platoon leaders or company XOs. In either case his commanding officer will be a captain, (because that’s just how the army works) but if you want him working closely with/associating with the captain, you’ll probably want him to be the company XO. You can read a post I did about XOs here, though it is a little small so if you need more info than that you can always ask for more specifics! Without knowing exactly which position he’s in there’s only so much I can actually tell you about lieutenants. 

I guess the easiest thing is the thing you already know: as far as officers go, it’s not that high a rank, so other than the automatic respect they’re guaranteed as officers, we don’t care about them that much. It’s not uncommon for a PFC or a specialist to have been in longer than a first lieutenant and to therefore have more practical/applicable knowledge. In my experience lieutenants are in purely supportive roles and it’s uncommon for them to really act as stand-alone leaders; even as platoon leaders they’re really co-leading with their platoon sergeant, and tbqh the platoon sergeant is doing the bulk of the work imo.

And in our job it was exacerbated because the lieutenants in our section weren’t required to know our jobs, but they had to oversee every aspect of our job, which made them unbelievably annoying when we were trying to work and they were trying to stick their noses into our business and worse yet when they were trying to tell us how to do our jobs and they were just like…so flat out wrong you wanted to face desk every time they spoke.

 So for me, the ideal lieutenant was one who was aware of what their role was, did it competently without either micromanaging or overdelegating, and didn’t feel the need to throw their rank around to feel important. Oh yeah, and it’s not uncommon for us to just call them LT, like the letters L-T. Certain lieutenants might not like that but when we were working in a room with a lot of officers, it was a lot easier than saying “Sir?” and half the room looking up at you.

As always I recommend taking a look at the notes to see if anyone has different experiences with lieutenants you can apply to your character. 

Also I’m being mean: I liked most of my lieutenants. They were usually a lot more chill than the other officers and were self aware and were more willing to listen when we had an issue. Some weren’t, but that’s just how some people are in the army.


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Hello ^^ so.. I saw that you're in the mood to write something and I might have a plot in mind :D remember the mission when jk was supposed to make jimin say "Stop it" so he's all over him, but Jk still fails the mission? Well I was thinking about Jimin finding out it was just a mission and sulking because Jk was playing with him just for the mission. That until Jk finally finds the courage to confess or something.. I probably make no sense so please message me if you want me to explain myself.

omg once again i’m so sorry for not doing this for so long. but i am going to do it now. i hope headcanons are okay?

~jungkook was thinking this mission would be easy, like how the ‘thank you mission’ had been. sadly, that wasn’t the case. 

~he had been botherin jimin all day, expecting him to lash out like he normally would’ve done after he got too fed up. 

~he was expecting jimin to at least tell him to get away. 

~but jimin just took all of it. and jungkook really wanted to win the mission so he continued to mess with jimin. lifting him up, playing with his hair, he even sang stop it stop it by got7 and nothing. 

~jimin didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t really mind. it was weird for jungkook to show so much affection on camera. off camera was a different story. but he never did this much in front of cameras. 

~(jungkook didn’t realize that he could’ve just complimented jimin and he would’ve said stop it)

~it was after filming that jimin started to suspect jk for what he was doing. he went up to namjoon and asked him what was going on with jk. but rap mon said he didn’t know. 

~jimin was walking towards the car when he heard some staff members talking. “yeah, we gave jungkook a mission to make jimin say stop it. but he’s not achieving. it’s so funny to watch, jimin really loves jungkook huh?” 

~the staffs weren’t wrong, jimin did love jk a lot. but he didn’t love that the only thing making jk pay attention to him was a mission. 

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In an au where Yuu is the one to be a vampire, the demon taking Yuu's form in front of Mika would be more believeable because Yuu wants revenge, but Mika would bee too smart to be fooled by dat :)))) (also, Mika talking about Yuu-chan 34/7 (wether he's a vampire or human tho), so Shinoa teases him a lot)

I want Shinoa to tease Mika and that’s what I would have looked forward to from an au where Mika was the human one tbh.

Don’t Cry

The stories will be short because I want to write a lot in a day so if I write long, it won’t happen. As always though, enjoy!


Sylvie and Gabby walked back in the Firehouse after a call. Before Sylvie could sit down, Chief Boden walked in the room.

“Dawson. Did you get any calls from Chicago Med?” He asked.

Gabby looked at him confused. “I’m not sure. My phone is on silent and I haven’t checked it.” She took out her phone to notice a few missed calls.

“Well, Antonio was shot.”

Both Sylvie and Gabby looked at each other. Sylvie was the first one to speak. “Is he okay?”

“He was heading in surgery when they called me.”

“Chief, I know we still have a few more hours on shift but I need to go.” Gabby said in a pleading tone.

He nodded his head. “Both of you go. I have relief paramedics coming in. Let us know what’s going on.”

They nodded their heads and walked out of the firehouse. Sylvie was grateful that he let them leave because she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on anything. Her mind would have been constantly on Antonio and wondering if he was okay.

Although Gabby was worried about Antonio, she was used to getting a phone call that he was hurt. However, this was all new to Sylvie. “Let me drive.” Gabby offered.

Sylvie nodded her head and she walked over to Gabby’s car. She got inside the passenger side and buckled herself.

Sylvie was loss in thought, wondering if he was okay. She was praying that it was a simply gun shot wound and he would be okay. He had to be okay, she wasn’t thinking of anything less than that. Before she knew it, Gabby pulled up to Chicago Med.

“He’ll be okay.” She reassured her. “I have been here plenty of times before, and he always made it through.”

Sylvie looked out the window, processing her words then she turned to Gabby. “Is this why Laura left?” She asked softly.

Gabby sighed and she nodded her head. “But you are stronger than Laura.”

Sylvie sighed and she unbuckled her seat belt and got out of her car.

As they walked in the hospital, they noticed a group of people waiting in the waiting room, including Laura and the kids. ‘Great’, she thought. As much as she loved seeing the kids, she hated seeing Laura.

“Before we go in there, let’s see what’s going on with Antonio.” Gabby suggested as her eyes followed where Sylvie was looking.

She nodded her head as they walked over to the nurses station. As Gabby talked to Maggie, Sylvie thought this wasn’t how she expected to spend her day. Last night she was with Antonio, and even before they departed from each other this morning, they said their usuals ‘be careful’ to each other. Because although Antonio’s job were much more dangerous than hers, it was still dangerous and he still worried about her.

“Sylvie.” She heard Gabby calling her name to get her attention as she snapped back to reality. “He’s out of surgery and is recovering. He isn’t awake yet but go see him. I’ll go check on the kids.”

“Are you sure?” She questioned. “I know you want to see him too.”

“And I will. But I think he’ll wake up faster if he hears your voice so go.” She urged Sylvie and she nodded her thanks to Gabby.

A few minutes later she stood outside of Antonio’s room. She always considered herself a strong person, especially after moving to Chicago. She didn’t feel like she would last in this city if she wasn’t strong. But at this moment, she felt so weak.

After composing herself, she walked in his room and walked over to his bed. Why the hell did she feel so weak? Maybe it was because the love of her life was laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life. or because she realized how dangerous his job was. Of course she would never pull a Laura move on him because she knew he loved his job.

As she sat down on the chair beside him, she took a hold of his hand. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this on my own.” She fought back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“I think it’s pretty clear that I can’t do this on my own anymore, Antonio. I didn’t realize how much I depended on you, even just for the little things. You need to wake up because you have so much people who loves you and who needs you, so please, wake up.” At this point, there was no use trying to fight back her tears because they were just falling.

Sylvie let go of his hand as she placed her hands on her face. With her hands covering her face, she didn’t realize that Antonio opened his eyes until he started speaking. “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t cry.” He said in a hoarse tone.

Sylvie moved her hands off her face and looked at him. She knew deep down inside he would be okay, but seeing his eyes open and him speaking made her happy. It made it more realistic.

“Don’t cry?” She repeated. “You got shot, of course I’m going to cry.”

“But I’m fine.” He promised. “No bullet is going to take me from you.”

Sylvie smiled and she leaned in and kissed him softly.

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Do spirk!!! I love my gay space husbands

  • proposes - probably jim because he’s a romantic at heart
  • shops for groceries - they go together honestly because neither can be trusted going alone. spock ignores what jim wants and jim ignores what spock wants. going together balances that out
  • kills the spiders - jim, while screaming because the spider definitely tried to move and eat him. spock sighs somewhere in the background
  • comes home drunk at 3am - LOL jim is a clear choice here but i wanna imagine jim being the DD and spock having, like, several cosmos and jim having to help him inside or else spock will fall on his face
  • remembers to feed the fish - spock. jim can hardly care for himself on a good day
  • initiates duets - JIM
  • falls asleep first - spock probably has a sleep schedule while jim just. doesn’t.
  • plans spontaneous trips - they go to space and that’s fuckin it. sometimes they try to do trips on shore leave or when they’re waiting for their next mission but they give up a lot of the time. idk. jim would take spock to canada probably
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - jim. he’s hungry 80% of the time. spock probably ignores him 
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - LOL JIM but spock does it once when jim’s at a boring meeting and jim fucking CHOKES
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - they are both Tough and know their shit
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - SPOCK
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - jim because spock never does ridiculous shit (according to him. jim thinks otherwise)
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - it was a joint effort
  • wears the least clothing around the house - jim obviously, he walks around in his fucking underwear
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - spock the big baby aw. jim always smiles Real Big when this happens

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I'm a NB femme, and my male partner describes himself as straight. This bothers me literally 0%. What bothers me is everybody and their dog jumping to scream "he's disrespecting you!!!! he's fetishising you!!!!!!! DITCH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Like, you don't know the complexities of our , and you don't get to declare my partner a transphobe just because of one thing. How do I make people stop trying to butt into and/or invalidate my relationship?

I’ve been looking at this ask for a while, trying to figure out a way to answer this without being dismissive and disrespectful to your relationship. Your relationship is important, and I can see how invested you are in it and I don’t want to downplay that.

First off, I’m sorry that people haven’t approached this gently with you, and instead have been very blunt. That’s not right.

But, people are not wrong to say that if you are not a nb woman (femme doesn’t tell me anything), your boyfriend identifying as straight and still agreeing to date you is still transphobic/cissexist on his part, regardless of the fact that you don’t care.

Straight means you’re a binary gender attracted only to the “opposite” binary gender. i.e. men to women, and women to men. For any straight person to willingly date a nb person after knowing they are not binary aligned is fetishizing. It is the same as saying you’re “essentially a woman”. It is transphobic. I’m sorry this isn’t what you are looking for in an answer, but as an advice blog we are looking at your best interests.

You do you. But people will call it like they see it. As for getting people to stop, you’re never obligated to listen to people who are rude and abrasive. But the people telling you these things are trying to protect you. -Mod Dave

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For me, the 3rd picture looks as if she either has her own prisoner clothes in front of her face, maybe, because she tries to hide her blush or, more likely, she's hugging a prisoner. I (sadly) don't think it's Charioce. That doesn't mean she didn't see Charioce in the first shots or at least was confronted about him. Maybe it's Favaro who wants to hinder her from turning into a dragon in the face of Charioce, or Jeanne for whatever reason? Apparently, though, not successfully. (1/2)

I just hope she doesn’t return to the days when she turned into a dragon whenever some handsome guy was close by. Then again, I have to admit that Charioce has been wearing grey tops, so maybe it’s him after all. Just imagine him coming to her cell and unabashedly hugging her. <3 But, alas, it’s in my nature to prefer the less optimistic.(2/2)

It is! And it has more sense if you watch the actual PV, but I don’t think she’s hugging someone, it seems she’s talking with someone next to her. I do really think can be anyone, but she’s definitely thinking or talking about Charioce and I have no doubt about it. About Favaro and/or Jeanne taking part of the scene… I don’t really know. 

Personally, I don’t think she’s gonna back to that days at all, there’s no reason why at this point, and it’s gonna be really bad for her character in many ways. Plus, this episode give us hints about it thanks to that scene with Favaro.

I hope everyone remember that he looked her naked awhile ago, when she was younger, so this joke is about that but Nina is replying to it very different. SHE IS BLUSHING about Favaro’s comment about her body but she managed it in a very good way imo. YOU GO GIRL!  

So, I know people have their own ways to see the same thing, we already have seen many cases around tumblr and our fandom, but that’s how I see that scene with Nina. Not a hug, but a talk is waiting for us in the future. And maybe some dragons. *wink wink*

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Awww! Aren’t you the sweetest thing! Thank you Anon!! This ask made my day! I am so happy you are enjoying the blog! And thanks again for the compliments. Norman really makes the smut writing easy so you can thank him too. ;)

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Those asks make me want to cry. They don't even try to understand any of it. Things between China and Korea have been weird lately, idk the details but there are many changes in the entertainment industry because of what's happening with the two countries. I've even seen Chinese exo l trying to tell everyone else about it and how yixing is in a bad position because of all this. Support him instead of putting all the blame on him. What is their thought process like it makes no sense to me


I think some ppl haven’t realized that xing literally hasn’t been able to participate in ex o’s schedule the past 6 months due to the political situation between China and s.k. He hasn’t been able to go to s.k. cuz he wasn’t allowed.. Like?? What part of that don’t they get?

Xing has been in the worst position. If he joined ex o then, his c-fans would’ve been pissed and called him a traitor. And since he didn’t, other fans cursed him anyway and called him selfish.

The situation is better now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe they thought the conflict would go on for longer, and perhaps that’s the reason why he can’t join the comeback cuz he agreed to other schedules thinking that he wouldn’t be able to go to s.k. (I’m just speculating).

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Hello, i wanted to know your opinion about jinmin I know this blog its all about jiikook and is especially because of that, that im asking. Im totally against downplaying other relstionships to favor one ship, but what its bothering me lately its the amount of jinmin we've been getting. Jimin is all over him lately, with the selcas, complements and hugs. Like, that's good and all, but dont you get the feeling that jikook is growing apart and jimin is gravitating more and more towards Jin?

Naaaaaaah, you can talk to me about whatever you want. Despite the misleading and slightly trash URL I’m pretty open about everything–this is my little online bubble, and I do what I want within it, and that includes talking about any ship ^^

It’s funny that you mention jinmin because I was actually seeing a lot of jinkook recently–you know the quarrels between the eldest hyung and the maknae. You all know what I’m gonna say, and what I’m gonna think, and that it is all hyung bonding. At the end of the day, they’re all friends, and they all want to show their love to one another and perhaps they simply enjoy hanging out with Jin a lot nowadays, which is great. I mean, we know out of everyone else they’re the two that laugh at his jokes the most soooo….

And believe it or not, couples sometimes could use a break from each other and hang out with other friends–you really don’t have to cling to the other person’s back every single time in a public area to be a couple. And if you do, well, good for you, you have it better than a lot of us so stop rubbing it in our faces ;)

Ashton's birthday!! 😭😭

First off, I’m sure this is gonna flop, but it’s worth a shot :“) So I saw this hashtag (#WhyWeLoveAshton) going around Twitter for Ash’s birthday coming up in two weeks or so. I really wanna make a tumblr version of this soooo… I thought we could each write just something we love about Ash, whether it be a whole paragraph, or a few sentences and maybe a picture of him. If you wanna contribute, you can message me or send me whatever you want to add in an ask. You tell me your name, country/state or city, or if you want to be anon when I put the whole post together.

If this doesn’t get like 20 notes, we pretend the attempt was never made. Because, let’s be honest, I can barely make it to 10 notes sometimes :”)
Let’s try though please?? ❤️

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I feel like you probably answered this question several times but i still can't help but want to ask, why did sasuke choose sakura instead of karin? I understand that sasusaku had important history together and Sakura was always trying to save sasuke but even when karin didnt do anything to save him from hatred, she WAS there for him during his worst. So in the end, what made Sakura so special and different from Karin to sasuke?Was it just because of gratefulness? No hate to sasusaku btw.

I answered similar questions over here, here and here. So you can check those out of you want ^_^

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it's sad how everything good you've done in life dissipates because of one mistake. I have never seen an idol who would help his troubled fans like TOP. I don't know if it because he relates to their problems but his answers were always... so accurate. He always wanted to protect his family from the chaos that surrounded him and it saddens me even more how the only thing he values so much, their/his privacy, got snatched like this right in front of his eyes and he couldn't do anything about it.


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okAy but jeremy hates getting his hair cut because he doesn't like strangers being so close to him and also he has a lot of trouble trying to figure out how he wants it cut, so he usually has michael cut it

that’s exactly where i thought this was going and i Love It So Much Yes Perfect

Also uhhh I LOVE jeremy with colored hair so what if michael dyed it one day and Jer became ~pastel boy~

Under my Skin. ( Namjoon/Oc)

Chapter 4

The morning after the show, i wake up to incessant buzzing from my phone. I punch in the passkey and squint into the brightness , groaning when i saw who it was from.   

I stare at the text, willing myself not to smile. Min Yoongi was shameless but sweet, a confusing combination by all accounts. i try to ignore the little pang of misery that bubbles up inside me , knowing that namjoon apologized only because Yoongi asked him to. I wonder how much angrier it must’ve made him being asked to apologize when he didn’t want to.  .

Fuck. Honestly, men aren’t worth the package of trouble they come wrapped in.

My phone pings again and it’s him again.

i toss the phone away, feeling very anti-sexy at the moment.

I glance at the clock. It still wasn’t 6.00 Am. Middle of the night honestly. But this was the time i used to edit my photos and get work done. The peace and quiet of pre-dawn , acting as  a soothing balm to my bruised brain. I flip through the photos of the show and smile when it starts out with the photos yoongi took of me on the bed. They’re actually tastefull, no flashes of lewdness and the entire collection offly tasteful considering the context. The fucker was clearly talented.

Smiling faintly, i run through the whole set, heart lurching when i see the first pic from the show.


i stare at him, shameless and unrestricted. He looks beautiful, of course he does and in the darkness of the room, with the entire city sleeping , i didn’t feel guilty, tracing the line of his jaw with my forefinger. He looked beautiful. As a photogrpaher , I enjoyed seeing handsome guys. That was it.

Sighing, I move to keep my camera down when my phone pings again.

Min Yoongi was relentless. Maybe i could just sext him for a while? Get myself off? Morning orgasms feel great anyway.

I grab the phone and move to the bed, slipping off my shorts and grabbing my phone. i haven’t sexted in years but it can be fun, done right.

i flip open the message and type in the message quickly.

i choke on air, toppling over the side of the bed and hitting my head on the table as a whimper gets torn out of my lung.

Fuck,fuck, fuck, fuck….

How the hell did I not see that the number wasn’t Yoongi’s??

Oh shit. Oh crap. Embarassment flooded me like hot air and i knew my ears were steaming. How the hell do I undo this?

i stare at the phone…trying to get my breathing under control. Don’t be a little bitch. Tell him it was a mistake. You’re both adults here.

And make him forget about taking off your panties with his teeth, holy hell, he’s going to think you’re a depraved slut…

Before I could get my head on straight, the phone pings again.

i stare at the message, heart pounding. i feel like I’m doing something really really bad. But what could i do , really ? Ignore him? He was Yoongi’s best friend. it isn’t like I’ll never see him again. I would have to see him eventually. Maybe this could be a way to get over this awkward start that our relationship got to. I could be friendly and then we could just be… normal. Normal friends.

I consider the words carefully. It could be inept flirting. It could be. But this was Namjoon. And Namjoon was Yoongi’s friend. So, i would not make that assumption.

No matter how much my body thrummed .

I feel my heart thump at the words. I wasn’t Yoongi’s girlfriend in any sense of the word. Definitely not in the sense that Namjoon was using. Girlfriend in Namjoon’s vocabulary was probabaly someone , sweet caring and responsible and … classy. I had been a horny college student getting off with an equally horny idol. And yet, i felt weirdly guilty. Swallowing the irrational feeling, i quickly typed back a response.

I sit up a bit and realize that i’m actually grinning like a fool. I quickly swallow the smile. , feeling a bit like i was having an out of body experience. There was odd sort of excitement inside me. A sort of anticipation. I really want to meet him, i realize with a pang.

You better not screw things up for yourself.

i tamped down the voice in my head.

We were just friends. And it was clear that Namjoon respected Yoongi. He would never jeapordize his relationship with Yoongi and well, i could do the same. I loved the cafe in gangnam. Had dreamed of one day being a part of the presitigious exhibits they put up there. I could go out tomorrow and have fun. I’d done nothing but work the past month. i deserve to indulge myself, once a while, right?