i ask myself this very often

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How do you cope with being lonely? Love your blog btw.

Thank you and I’m not really sure as I’m not very good at being lonely a lot of the time I just keep myself busy with running this blog. But I think you should try organising times to hang out with friends more often so you aren’t lonely, keep yourself busy. I hope this kinda helps a bit :)

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For the ask thingy: 12 & 13 & 31 please?

12: Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?

my driving instructor haha!

13: Would you rather have a poodle or a Rottweiler?

hmmmm probs a poodle!

31: Have you ever had the feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?

yes very often, i think i jinx myself -_-

Putting Lipstick On A Pig

by reddit user Pippinacious

Except for the whole murder thing, Courtney James seemed like a lovely young woman. She was bright, articulate, a dedicated college student and well liked waitress at a popular restaurant.

I met her when she was sitting in an interrogation room at the precinct. She was a bit on the larger side, dressed conservatively in pastel colors and minimal makeup, and when I came in, she introduced herself with a polite smile, as if we were meeting for a job interview as opposed to a police investigation. She had declined to have an attorney present, so I got right to business.

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I’m laughing so hard. 

Okay, so Burky (which I check up on because I’m forever curious about these things) had been following Niall Horan on his Twitter account for a long time. No other One Direction members, no one even associated with 1D. Just Niall. 

When I realized this a couple of months ago it had brought a smile to my face. He must genuinely like Niall as a person. Like, aw Andre. Same.  

WELL he must have changed his mind, and very recently, because he no longer follows him. Why would that be? It is a question I asked myself and at first I had no clue. Niall doesn’t tweet often and when he does it’s nothing obnoxious or spam like. So I dropped it as “eh”. Life. 

But then I remembered Niall’s Instagram post from last week. 

He went to the Kings/Caps game and decided to root for the hosts. Most likely wearing a Kings jersey while doing so.

Now I’m not saying that Burky was feeling some type of way about this, but if it’s true then he’s my level of petty and I love it.

I promised myself I’d keep drawing and practicing, so here’s a quick sketch of Link receiving a letter from home.



Hello, sweetheart. How are you? I hope you are well. The kids ask about you often. We all miss you very much. Please stay safe and give Epona my love.

Yours always,

PS: Hi, Papa! I miss you!
Me, too! Come home soon!
I drew this picture for you.

Kara, Ayelle, & Linden”

Why is diversity important in the practice of law?

A couple of months ago, I applied to a scholarship that asked me to answer the previous question. It was angry, it was honest, and I thought it wasn’t going to be PG enough for the committee. Yesterday, I found out I DID get the scholarship. While I am very thankful to have received it (it means I can afford to buy my textbooks next semester) I have often come back to the essays that I wrote in order to remind myself… why the hell I’m doing this in the first place. So as usual I thought I’d share

Why do you believe that diversity is important in the practice of law?Despite many advances, our country is still confronting an incredible dissonance of identity. We call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave; yet we quantify how much “freedom” our citizens deserve based on their skin color, religion, and income, and refuse to let some of us call this our “home” even when crossing oceans and borders just to get here was the bravest thing we’d ever done. No one understands a struggle, as well as the ones that live it. Who better to understand our country’s issues than those that live in a dissonance of identity every day like minorities in this country do? Who better to shape the definition of America, than those that struggle with being “too” American and American “enough” every day of their lives?

Our laws, regulations, and public policies are the framework in which our society is built on and lives through. The law is words put into action. Those with the power to make law, decide what it means, and what it should be, determine who our country is and who our country will be. We need more diversity in the practice of law so that when those important decisions of policy and law are made, our experience and issues are taken into serious consideration without being dismissed, not simply for ourselves, but for the future prosperity of our country. A fragmented community cannot grow, and without resolving our issues with race, immigration, religious differences, and income disparities, we will never be united enough to prosper.

What can we do to promote and support diversity in the legal profession?

Give us examples to follow. Give us a lot of examples to follow. Help more minorities get to and through law school. Then help them succeed even after law school. We can expose our children to what they could dream to accomplish every day, but without seeing themselves in a concrete example, in someone that looks like them, and speaks like them, and has experiences like theirs, those ambitions will remain abstract dreams and not realities.

When I was 16 I saw Elle Woods graduate from Harvard Law School in the film Legally Blonde and I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. By 18, despite having graduated as a National Hispanic Merit Scholar, at the top of my class, and with a full scholarship, I also knew that I could never go to law school. I didn’t know any lawyers; my parents didn’t know any lawyers. Elle Woods was blonde and rich and I was brunette and poor. That’s what life had taught me in those two years, that’s how strong and pervasive the lessons of inequality continue to be in our country.

It wasn’t until ten years later that my high school students would finally help me unlearn that terrible lesson. My students were refugees, immigrants, band geeks, cheerleaders, gang leaders, mothers, fathers, orphans, and poets. They would come into my classroom tired and sleepless because they were working all night, because the baby hadn’t stopped crying all night, because they hadn’t stopped crying all night for the mother they left behind in El Salvador. But when I told them that education would help them reach their goals, that they could go to college and most importantly that they could graduate from college, they believed me. They believed me because I look like them, and speak like them, and I can never say no to a bag of Takis or a plate of pupusas just like them, and I had done it. With my braids and Spanish accent, I had graduated.

My last day in my classroom, I sat on the floor and cried because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them, until Guadalupe told me, “Miss D. if you can’t do it then how do you expect us to do it? You said we could and we can, so now you have to, too.”

I’m a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, Mexican-American woman and English is my second language, and in 2019 I will be a law school graduate. Because underneath every single one of my identifiers that I am so proud of, there is an entire population of Americans that didn’t have the privilege and blessings that I did to be able to overcome the obstacles that every single one of those identifiers puts before us. Because I cannot let the world say that any part of who I am limits me; I cannot say it for myself or for all my students that inspired me to fulfill my dreams. That’s what keeps me up at night, even after 12 hours of studying, even after ramen noodles and no sleep. To be a more diverse law community, we need more diverse students becoming lawyers, because once we do we will never forget that this is not just about us… this is about everyone like us that couldn’t and everyone after us that should.


Here they all are! Decided to nix the last one and just go with six, because I really wasn’t feeling it. Here is the artist statement, if anyone is curious. 

Hauntingly Depicted

This body of work is a series of moments; pivotal snapshots of an individual’s existence where the world stayed the same, yet everything changed.

All people experience life-altering instances that burn themselves into our psyche permanently. Often, they are moments where we ask ourselves difficult questions, such as ‘What have I done?’ or ‘Was it all a lie?

Other times, we find ourselves coming to profound conclusions in the midst of an otherwise simple interaction, having sudden epiphanies like ‘I really am talented’ or ‘I’ve wasted so much time.

These moments, both the painful and the beautiful, are the ones which shape us. This series of drawings is meant to embody such memories and to visually represent these soul-shattering, indescribable realizations.

And though I know it is unlikely, these drawings are technically for sale… So if any of you are interested in one, I’d be happy to sell it to one of my party people for way less than I am to the general public. Just shoot me a message if you’re considering it (the fifth one, ‘Before the Pyre’, is already on hold. So not that one, ha).  

I find that when I think I am asking God to forgive me I am often in reality (unless I watch myself very carefully) asking Him to do something quite different. I am asking Him not to forgive me but to excuse me. But there is all the difference in the world between forgiving and excusing. Forgiveness says “Yes, you have done this thing, but I accept your apology, I will never hold it against you and everything between us two will be exactly as it was before.” But excusing says “I see that you couldn’t help it or didn’t mean it, you weren’t really to blame.”…

Real forgiveness means looking steadily at the sin, the sin that is left over without any excuse, after all allowances have been made, and seeing it in all its horror, dirt, meanness and malice, and nevertheless being wholly reconciled to the man who has done it.

—  CS Lewis | The Weight of Glory
Some people do get very excited when they meet you and I feel vaguely confused by that because I don’t think I’m very exciting – I get into a panic because I think I mustn’t disappoint them. Doctor Who is exciting, but I’m not. I don’t know what to do. I can’t be myself because that will disappoint them. Often people ask for hugs and I can feel them shaking. Sometimes people can’t speak. I just hope that I give them a good time by talking to them.

Peter on facing fan excitement.

I guess this is where Malcolm came in handy - verbal abuse was always an option.

Let the Game Begin

(not my gif)

Dan/Reader Smutt - 5,751 Words

“Right, as many of you may know, Phil isn’t going to be here for a week, which means I’m left to maintain the gamingchannel all by myself.” Dan shrugs his shoulders and sighs. “But! Luckily, I have a very special guest with me today. Iiiiit’s,” Dan gestures to his side, signaling you to pop into frame, “Y/N! From Y/C/N! Yaaaaay!” Dan is cheering, his hands in the air.

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Hey so I recently started my journey with an eevee that my cousin gave me... And I'm a bit worried about him, because he keeps pawing at his ears, and is often skittish for no reason. He will accept food but only if I leave it for him and remove myself from the immediate area(he starts whining when he can't entirely sense me tho). I think that my cousin was doing something ill-advised, who do I ask for help with this?

It might be abuse (call a Pokémon center if you suspect anything), but, personally, it sounds more like canker (still call a Pokémon center–this time for an appointment).

Canker is pretty common and very uncomfortable for long-eared Pokémon. The ears itch, causing pawing and rubbing. Since the Pokémon can’t hear well, they become skittish and nervous. They will often cling to their trainer, since they represent safety. Eating becomes a fretful process, since ducking the head to grab some food further irritates the ears. A quick visit to a Pokémon center should help, and with proper treatment, it will clear up in a week or so.

MCL boys Headcanons: Their way to write messages (and how them uses emojis)

(I have for some time wanted to try to write something like this, so here it is. I choose to an easy topic because this is the first time when I write something like this so I am not yet so sure of myself (or my skills) and because also this thing english is not my native language, so I just tried my best but i hope u like it!) 


Nathaniel write often very civilized and he is accustomed to the fact that everybody asked about lot of the issues relating specifically to school etc. He can sometimes add emoji(s). He mostly uses emoticons especially this :) or these 😄🙂. He used sometimes to tourism and objects related emojis also and can sometimes be a little more romantic and use some of the heart emojis. 


Castiel favors a mostly of very dirty emojis. He likes teasing via messages also and also writes it in accordance with the. He uses emojis especially 😏👌🏻🍆 etc. Sometimes he can add 🐱 emoji when he calls you by his kitten. 


Lysander likes writing yes but emailing messages is not his thing, because he favors more writing letters etc. but sends messages when there is a need. He doesn’t really understand always to emojis but he can add sometimes some of especially nature etc. emojis. He likes to add 🐰 emoji too because he just think it is so cute. 


Armin uses emojis a lot and a much! He does not use many letters as emojis replace to for him the words, and he loves emoji quiz and especially to make these for you. He uses a lot a “weird emojis” and game emojis especially 🤖👻👽 etc. 


Kentin uses a lot of heart emojis and some of emoticons. He likes emailing messages as much as the rest of the social interaction, the main thing is just that he just can get to talk to you! He loves when you send to him 🍪🐻 emojis because well he loves when you calls his to be her cookie teddy or something like this.

Twinning: Fred Weasley

So hey👋🏼 it’s Lindsey!! So I wrote this a while back and I thought I would fix it up and post it here! Hope you enjoy
You were making your way back to class, you had forgotten one of your books and Professor Flitwick said it was fine for you to go and get it. As you were walking down the corridor you noticed Fred sitting on a step.
“Shouldn’t you been in class?” You ask.
“I could say the same to you.”
“Touché, my dear friend. Where’s your brother? Not very often I see the two of you apart.”
“He is currently setting up a prank further down the corridor whilst I keep watch but I find myself distracted by a certain someone.” Fred smiles. As I madly blush at his comment
“Well Mr Fredrick Weasley I shall leave you to carry on with what you are doing then and I shall see you at lunch.”
“Hey Fred, ready to go. Oh hello there y/n.” George says.
“Hey George. Finished setting up your prank.”
“Yes I have and in a few minutes we shall hear the yells of Flich.”
“What have you done?” You ask.
“We’ve set up a few dungbombs near his office.” Fred tells you.
“You two are terrible. Well I’ll see you later. Bye guys.”
“Bye.” They both say. Which makes you smile since you always tease them about twin telepathy.
You had been friends with the twins ever since you started Hogwarts despite, you being 2 years younger than them. You were in the same year as their brother Ron and he was the one who introduced you to them and you hit it off instantly, you would sometimes even help them with their pranks although not very often. Little did you know that the both of them had a crush on you.
Fred never bothered asking you out as he thought you liked his brother more as the two of you seemed to get on much better but the truth was that you liked Fred and this was why you were a bit quieter around him.
*Later on in the common room you are sitting in between the twins trying to get them to do their homework which was turning out to be a failure. “Come on boys just do a little bit and I’ll even help.”
“Y/n, we don’t want to do it.” George says. “We’d much rather come up with more inventions for our shop.” Says Fred.
“Fine, whatever.” You Lie back on the sofa and cross your arms. The guys infuriated you sometimes but you still loved them.
“Aww what’s wrong y/n. Are we annoying you?” George laughs. He goes to pinch your cheek put you swat his hand away.
“Oh it’s on y/n.” You quickly run round the sofa but George being taller than you he managed to catch you up, he then begins to tickle you, which he knows you hate. “George please, stop, Fred help me.” George carries on tickling you, you fall to the floor and George finally stops. You look up at him and he is smiling. “What was that for?” You ask breathless.
“I was bored.” He replies. You stand up and notice Fred is no longer in the room.
“Where did Fred go?” You ask George. “Dunno probably got a bit jealous of us.”
“Why would he be jealous?”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know.” George says. “What, I don’t know what you are on about?” “Fred likes you and so do I.”
“You both like me?” You ask.
“Yes. We agree not to make a move on you because we didn’t know if you liked either of us plus we didn’t want to fall out over you, but I know that you like Fred more.” George smiles sadly.
“Oh George, I’m sorry. I love you but only as a brother and before you ask I don’t know what it is about Fred and why I have feelings for him.”
“Y/n its fine, honestly. Go and find Fred and tell him how you feel. Besides I’ve been seeing someone in secret.” He grins. You hug George and smile at him.
“I want details about the mystery lady when I get back. Don’t think you can get away that easily mister.” You leave the common room in search of Fred, having no idea where he could be, you just walk, hoping to find him before curfew. About 15 minutes later you find him sitting on a bench in the courtyard. You slowly make your way over to him. “Hey Freddie.” Fred looks up and smiles at you.
“Hey love.”
“What you doing out here. I needed your help and you were gone.”
“Sorry I just needed some fresh air. Let’s head back to the common room before we get in trouble.” Fred stands up, you close the space between you. “
"George told me everything. Fred I really like you. I just didn’t know you felt the same way.” I tell him sheepishly
“What? Seriously? I thought you liked George more.” He asks genuinely surprised.
“Don’t be stupid George is more like my brother. This is why I’m more quiet around you, I get really nervous when we are close together and left alone, as all I want to do is kiss you.” You whisper the last part.
Fred cups your face with his hands and forces you to look at him.
“Then kiss me y/n.” You don’t need asking twice, you place your lips on his and kiss him. The kiss was soft yet full of passion, you didn’t know how long you were kissing but when you pulled apart, it was getting dark.
“Come on let’s give your brother the good news.” You say.
“Okay. But I just need to tell you. I- um i love you.” Fred smiles. “I love you too.” You make your way back to the common room hand in hand and it felt so right finally being with the guy you’ve had a crush on since your first year.

Questions for magicians, witches, etc.:

1. How well did you research the subject you are discussing?

2. How much practical experience do you have with the subject you are discussing?

3. For how long have you been pursuing the subject?

4. How well do you understand how people in the past are thought to have approached this subject?

5. On a relative scale, how biased are you about the subject? (This can be very hard to judge for some subjects, and relatively easy for others.)

6. Have you alerted your audience towards potential bias, lack of experience, or lack of understanding?

Asking for Help

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[Shareable] Due to the, quite frankly, unmanageable/unmaintainable living situation in NYC for us, we have been working tirelessly to make a transition to a less stressful, less expensive, and much calmer environment not very far removed (geographically) from our home, Philadelphia. To raise Yalah and to more realistically pursue our passions as artists, going back to school, and to be happy. Between going back & forth to Philly facilitating finding a suitable home, working here in NYC, smoothing out final details, both of us coming down with Influenza today, all the high living expenses that have come up (a huge reason we are trying to leave) making enough money for the deposit (securing our move to Philadelphia) has come increasingly down to the wire, as our deposit is due March 1st. I’m reaching out for financial assistance/donations for our family to help us get to a better place. Between our own income from my driving with Lyft, Juno & Gett, some assistance from our family, we’re still uncertain about making the necessary deposit money ($2600) by March 1st. While we have a bit over half of this money together saved, we don’t want to leave this up to chance although we’re working tirelessly to make this very necessary move happen. The laundry list of reasons to leave New York has only become longer, especially the cost of living. So, anything you can do, donating, sharing this with others would mean the world to us, as we work towards accepting that often my very best in NYC in the two plus years i have lived here is almost never enough, so reaching out, as hard as it is to ask for help in such a public way, it is a necessary part of us getting to a better place. Paypal: delaisaiah@gmail.com paypal.me/itszay Cash App: $ZayZayMoneyBags Google Wallet: delaisaiah@gmail.com (If none of these options are available to you and you are willing to donate, message me and we’ll try to figure something out) Thanks for giving us your time, love and consideration.

Today’s gif is from a shaky video I took over nine years ago, back when you actually had to bring a camera to record things. This is my friend Caitlin, during her “individuals” performance. She was killed in a car accident nine years ago today.

Caitlin taught me rifle, back in 2006. Rifle is my favorite piece of equipment, but the truth is I am very slow at learning it. Unlike anyone else, especially myself, she was always patient. It was the same way with any drama in the guard - she was always fair.

Over the years, I’ve tried to emulate her approach, both with my students and with the asks I get from you guys. I never got to thank her, so it’s the best I can do to pay her back. I know that when you’re young it often feels like nobody cares about you, but that is incredibly untrue, especially if you’re in colorguard. Just over 3,600 people follow this blog, and I want each and every one of you to be successful. And I especially want you to appreciate the presence of your fellow humans, and to be happy.

Love always,

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Working in a discount optical chain means I meet weird people very often. One of my favourite head-scratchers was trying on frames, had a large one on with lots of visual room, and decided the price sticker was in her way. Asked my coworker if she could take it off, he kindly asked her not to. Less than 60 seconds later: "Hi, I took the sticker off and now there's sticky stuff left on the lens, can you clean it so I can see myself? It's in the way." Ofc I put up sings that day.

Oh my god

Pisces Sun and Libra Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

I’m very creative and super affectionate. I often find myself loving too hard and a lot of the time it’s loving the beauty of things and beauty in others way too much. I always seem like “the life of the party” and all my friends say that after they get to know me I’m a lot more sensitive and introspective than they think. I constantly contradict myself and I’m always at least 3 minutes late for everything. In class I’m either constantly asking questions and talking or totally zoned. Besides, I’m the embodiment of that “You are the saddest happy girl I’ve ever seen” quote in the Marilyn Monroe movie. I try so hard to be perfect and everybody likes being around me because I make them feel good about themselves but for some reason I’m still seen as weak and it drives me crazy. I am strong. The pain builds up inside me and nobody has no idea about it so I cry alone once in a while and the next day I’m stronger than ever, ready to put up with shit again. [info on sun and moon signs]

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yurio's eyes are not blue. they are green they are blue on your art for some reason i like your art very much but this is weird

Nah, Yuri’s eyes are green in the anime but they’re leaning on the blue-green spectrum. I like blue a lot so the green I use for Yuri’s eyes is always tinted blue! That’s just my artistic preference, just like some artists make Yuri’s hair darker or lighter blonde than it actually is. I think it’s pretty heh ;)))))