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2/3 and didn't let them mine my mind. i don't know if it was also my adhd and the fact that i was bullied that influenced my 'open-minded' view, but i also had a very strong sense of justice and i informed myself and in the process not only i came to understand more about how transgender works but about how i am on the ace spectrum and thus part of the lgbtqia community too. people often are ignorant and choose to stay it out of fear, when they could get to know others & see how wonderful people


Respect Her "No"

As a 19 year old girl, I was shy and meek and very bad at standing up for myself. I worked at a Denny’s with a lot of creepy and rude customers, and one day a regular customer came in and he asked to borrow my pen. I was the only hostess on duty at the time, and the host stand only had one pen, which I very much needed almost constantly. We usually had more pens but servers would often lose theirs and come raid the host station for replacements. This particular pen was very excellent and I guarded the thing with my life… you all know the kind of pen I’m talking about, super ergonomic design and never runs out of ink and writes on any surface. This pen wasn’t going anywhere, not if I could help it.

Well anyway I told the customer, “oh I’m sorry, I’ve only got the one pen right now and I need it”. He said “don’t worry I’ll give it back when I’m done” and just took it. Well I sucked at standing up for myself and they drilled all that ‘customer is always right’ nonsense into our brains pretty well so I just resigned myself to having to track down another pen. (Not an easy task in that restaurant, there was some kind of black hole for pens there.)

Well another customer, a woman in her 40’s, saw the whole thing go down. After the guy had seated himself, the woman pulled a pen out of her purse, I thought she was just going to give it to me but she actually walked over to the guy, snagged my pen out of his hand, and smacked her pen down on the table and said very audibly “Respect her no.” And then she brought me my pen back. I was so touched by this simple gesture of coming to my defense that I paid for her lunch myself. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes but it honestly taught me so much, it taught me the importance of standing your ground, defending other women, and not letting men get away with ignoring your No. If a man can’t even respect a no on something as simple as borrowing a pen, how could he be trusted to respect you on even bigger issues? Anyway I just think about that incident a lot, the importance of standing your ground and not letting men feel entitled to take whatever they want. Bless that woman, I hope she is having a really excellent life.

Putting Lipstick On A Pig

by reddit user Pippinacious

Except for the whole murder thing, Courtney James seemed like a lovely young woman. She was bright, articulate, a dedicated college student and well liked waitress at a popular restaurant.

I met her when she was sitting in an interrogation room at the precinct. She was a bit on the larger side, dressed conservatively in pastel colors and minimal makeup, and when I came in, she introduced herself with a polite smile, as if we were meeting for a job interview as opposed to a police investigation. She had declined to have an attorney present, so I got right to business.

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“Very often this year, when people asked me what I was working on, and I answered, ‘A book about Jewish lesbians,’ my answer was met with startled laughter and unmasked surprise bordering on disbelief, 'Are there many?’ — as if the juxtaposition Jewish/lesbian were just too much. To me, these responses had the force of warnings. I got the message. Or rather, it got to me. While I fought against silencing myself completely, I did begin to hesitate before answering, to assess the safety of the terrain. I began to understand the limits that the dominant culture places on 'otherness.’ You could be a Jew and people would recognize that as a religious or ethnic affiliation or you could be a lesbian and some people would recognize that as an 'alternative lifestyle’ or 'sexual preference,’ but if you tried to claim both identities — publicly and politically — you were exceeding the limits of what was permitted to the marginal. You were in danger of being perceived as ridiculous — and threatening …

"Combatting invisibility. At first it seemed an easy task. I would talk to Jewish groups about homophobia. I would talk to lesbian groups about anti-Semitism. I would talk to both groups about the need to affirm and accept difference. I would remind each group that invisibility has a trivializing, disempowering and ultimately debilitating effect on its members. And both groups would remember and understand. But it hasn’t been that simple, for each group has absorbed some of the myths and distortions about the other without any apparent consciousness of irony …

"I was pained but not surprised to feel invisible as a lesbian among Jews. I was terribly disappointed and confused to feel invisible as a Jew among lesbians. While lesbian-feminists have increasingly begun to acknowledge diversity, anti-Semitism is still not taken seriously in the lesbian-feminist movement. Anti-Semitism has not been included by name in the important litany of 'isms’ against which the movement has pledged itself to struggle: sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, ageism, able-bodyism …

"I have been distressed to find that many gentile lesbian-feminists with otherwise highly sensitive political awareness, are reluctant to give attention to anti-Semitism, to understand how it operates, and to consider seriously their participation in it. For it seems unlikely that any individual can altogether avoid internalizing the prejudices of the dominant culture …

"It seems incredibly ironic that the strong presence of Jewish lesbians (many with radical activist backgrounds) in the lesbian-feminist movement goes essentially unrecorded and unnoticed in any positive way by Jews and gentiles alike. Few lesbians have recorded the Jewish lesbian presence to any extent, and they are all Jewish writers: Nancy Toder, Elana Dykewomon (Nachman), Melanie Kaye, Irena Klepfisz, Alice Bloch, Ruth Geller, Harriet Malinowitz, Martha Shelley. The near invisibility of Jewish energy in the lesbian-feminist movement may itself be a result of anti-Semitism, real or feared: a response to the fear that if Jews were more visible as Jews, they would be accused of controlling the movement …

Again the nagging question. Should I make a fuss? … Then I remember. Whenever I 'made a fuss’ (i.e., raised the issue of lesbian invisibility) at a feminist session where the speakers failed to include lesbians in their presentations, I had the support of the lesbian community. It was understood that the discomfort was to be theirs, not ours. Speaking out now, as a Jew, would there be the same lesbian support?”

Evelyn Torton Beck, from the introduction to Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology (1982).

Critique, the oily beast

Hi, it’s me again.

Below is a text of personal opinions that I’ve decided to share, concerning a downside of constructive criticism, and it might read as an angry rant. I apologize for that. Before I begin, I also want to point out that I’m not targeting anyone specifically. What I am doing is sharing my views on a behaviour that I’m not fond of. Parts of it is tongue-in-cheek, but the subject might be touchy. Wall of words after the cut, if you want to read it:

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a bird.
I often ask myself:
can I fly like a bird?
and here I am now…
in water
perhaps that was the very last thing I remember
I was…
I’ve failed
I don’t exist anymore
a little bird
most people…when they fail
they just give up and don’t challenge themselves
but I’m different
I will never ever give up
I am not afraid of anything
because you were there
I am ready to fly
—  GOT7 (Flight Log: Arrival)

So a thing I read a lot on tumblr & twitter is that supercorp is a small but vocal minority of viewers. You know, that there actually aren’t a lot of us; we just never shut up.

While the latter may well be true (I’m talking about myself here I never shut up), the former…. isn’t. We’ve seen how big it is on tumblr (see the fandometrics posts from every week SG was on), and though I don’t really use/get twitter the way I do other social networks, I’ve seen plenty of evidence of us trending and winning poll after poll.

But what about a male-dominated social network? What about a space that is often very anti-ship and anti-supercorp, at least at first glance? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Two reddit users put together polls; one asked for the demographics of the SG sub, one asked for opinions on controversial topics. Here are the results.

First: over 80% of viewers fall between the ages of 17-35. Makes sense given the type of show and how it’s marketed. More importantly, however, nearly 60% of users who filled out the poll identify as male, and ~66% are straight. That’s probably a very different audience than you would get with a tumblr poll.

So let’s talk about the controversial opinions here.

  • In response to “Did you like Kara’s storyline in season 2?” nearly 75% of people answered “No/What storyline?”
  • 72.7% of people do not like the Kara/Mon-El relationship. Only 15% do. 71.8% felt it was rushed, and 52.38% felt it was “not toxic but not completely healthy either” (25.11% felt it was toxic, 22.51% felt it was not toxic at all).
  • Similarly, 49.78% of people do not like Mon-El, and 19.05% report feeling “meh” about him. 58.01% believe the hate Mon-El receives online is justified.
  • 58.44% of people think the Supercorp fandom is not “toxic/annoying/etc.” and 29.87% believe we are.
  • 59.31% of people would like to see romantic Supercorp, and 22.51% wouldn’t mind if it happened. 79.65% believed Kara and Lena’s friendship was not rushed or forced in any way.
  • Finally, 83.55% of people like Lena.

There are a lot of other statistics that are interesting–reddit doesn’t like J’onn/M’gann or Winn/Lyra; they do like Alex’s arc in s2 and Sanvers, but they don’t like Maggie as much; they’re pretty divided on James; they like season 1 more than season 2 and don’t mind the “girl power” and political references. I’m happy to summarize those in more detail if people want, but I wanted to focus on the stuff above at least for now.

Now, of course, the people filling out these polls are the people that still visit a show’s subreddit even in the middle of its hiatus, so they’re probably more into the show than the average fan. That said, the demographics poll demonstrates that the audience is different than the tumblr audience, and the percentages I cited are quite absolute; it’s not like these are 51%-49% splits here. Because of that, well, I feel comfortable making this post.

Basically: lol. So much for “sc is just a bunch of teenage girls.” On every site, for every demographic… Supercorp is rising.

(Also, fwiw, please don’t search out these polls and take them. They’re intended for the reddit audience, and I def want to help maintain that as best as possible. So unless you frequent the SG subreddit, pls help keep the data accurate!)

10,000 - 11,100 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “I took your memories for a good reason, but I shouldn’t have.”
  • “Is it too late to come over?”
  • “Hey, let me in. It’s so cold out here.”
  • “I wasn’t sure if you could understand my language, what with you being ancient and all.”
  • “When I told you that you could come along, I meant silently.”
  • “I’m the opposite of flexible.”
  • “You’ve been talking for eight months and you still don’t know their name?”
  • “You wanted to stand out, so now you do. Is this not what you meant?”
  • “I can’t sleep at night anymore. I don’t like closing my eyes.”
  • “You stood there and let it happen. You get to face the consequences.”
  • “I can’t say this was one of my proudest moments.”
  • “I figured that I could mold myself into someone you could admire whilst you were gone.”
  • “You stop me from making bad ideas all the time. Of course I got a little dependent on that.”
  • “Take a look at what I have to do and now tell me it’s easy.”
  • “They were conducting experiments here. I was a part of that.”
  • “You can teleport! Surely you can get us out of this mess, right?”
  • “Even a master such as I can make mistakes.”
  • “I’ve been patiently waiting, but I can’t do that anymore.”
  • “Sometimes change only happens when we make it.”
  • “Whoever put you on my team is getting a stern talking to.”
  • “Even after all the evidence I collected, you don’t believe me?”
  • “You said it was rare, but that means it’s happened before, so there must be someone else who knows about it.”
  • “Rock, paper, scissors solves everything.”
  • “I was trying really hard to listen to you, but I’m so bored.”
  • “I won’t forget this.”
  • “After a lot of confusion, I think I’ve finally figured this out.”
  • “If being honest is all I have, then so be it.”
  • “Why am I here? Why, that’s easy! You asked for a miracle, remember?”
  • “We’re already fifteen minutes into the project. Why are you trying to stop me now?”
  • “I can practically taste the disaster.”
  • “I promise you that you don’t want to stay around here for long.”
  • “If you find a way out of this, take me with you.”
  • “None of this was my idea.”
  • “You were the stone and we were the birds.”
  • “It wasn’t hopeless. Look at what you’ve accomplished.”
  • “I never minded when you were around me. Why would that change?”
  • “Hate to break it to you, but you’re turning into an alien.”
  • “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”
  • “Duck your head and follow me.”
  • “Thing is, if I continue to think about it, I’ll only get more anxious.”
  • “I never wanted this for you. For any of you.”
  • “Do those marks look like they were made by an animal to you?”
  • “If I had said something else, would it have made a difference?”
  • “It’s garbage night. That means we lay here and feel like trash.”
  • “Maybe if I turn the music up louder, I’ll be able to ignore it all.”
  • “I wonder if it still qualifies as a problem if it doesn’t affect you personally? Hm?”
  • “Take a look around. This is our world now.”
  • “Were you expecting the aliens to be hostile?”
  • “Let’s break the rules and take over the world.”
  • “It’s time you knew where you actually came from.”
  • “Truth be told, you’re not the first one I would have chosen for this.”
  • “If it was easy, don’t you think I would have changed already?”
  • “I’ve been dead for so long, I’ve forgotten how to live.”
  • “Making you mad is so easy. I’ve been trying to see if I could set a new record.”
  • “Why do you always assume everything is my fault?”
  • “We have a special guest. Go clean up.”
  • “Together, we can find a way.”
  • “You can call it anything, but that was love right there.”
  • “I know you’re headed in the right direction.”
  • “If I hadn’t held you back, who knew what would have happened?”
  • “I like it when you sing to me. Why’d you stop?”
  • “Can you blame me for my excitement? This is huge!”
  • “I didn’t need you to come along. You messed everything up.”
  • “What’s the interrogation for?”
  • “Can you imagine how boring an endless slide would be after the thirty minute mark?”
  • “We can make this work.”
  • “It’s like all I can ever do is make you unhappy.”
  • “You could have talked to me if you needed it.”
  • “Why would I turn you? You don’t want this life. I promise you that.”
  • “I can see the end. Hurry!”
  • “Getting lost in a maze with you was a nightmare that I can only hope to never experience again.”
  • “I don’t know if I should trust you to get us there safely.”
  • “Did you finally have enough of me?”
  • “Believe it or not, I’m actually tired of people comparing me with them.”
  • “I’m tired of you doubting me. At this point, what do I have to do to prove myself?”
  • “I don’t say it often, but I do love you. Very much so.”
  • “I like the friendship we have, but I want something more.”
  • “Well, the vision I had was pure chaos. Let’s prevent that, shall we?”
  • “I’m proud of you. That you moved on.”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, I am actually a mind reader.”
  • “I didn’t know how to ask.”
  • “I don’t want to bring you down, but sometimes I need your support.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of living here. It’s so bland and boring.”
  • “I don’t want to be alone for the vacation, so come with me. Drop everything and pack up.”
  • “I’m way too nice to do that, sorry.”
  • “You can’t pick and choose which parts of me you can fix.”
  • “There’s no reason to be so cold.”
  • “Wishful thinking is a blessing in disguise.”
  • “Look! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of you.”
  • “We got this far and it’d be a shame to turn back now.”
  • “I can’t just leave it here. It was all cold and alone. Come on, please?”
  • “You look over there and I’ll look over here.”
  • “I’ll do all the chores for two months if you do my paper for me.”
  • “I thought you liked my stories?”
  • “Can you remember how nervous you were? Now look at you!”
  • “I am glorious, admit it. Maybe it’ll rub off on you.”
  • “I wasn’t afraid. I was just… Concerned.”
  • “Your heart was in the right place. It’s the thought that counts.”
  • “I was ten minutes late. There’s no way they didn’t notice.”
  • “I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss.”

me, on my deathbed: son, lean closer

my son: *leans closer*

me, whispering in his ear: nature. wind. flight. a bird. i often asked myself,, can i fly like a bird? and here i am now… nothing. in water perhaps was the very last thing i remember. i was… trapped. ive failed… i dont exist anymore… a little bird. most people… when they fail, they just give up and dont challenge themselves but im different. i will never give up. i am not afraid of anything, because u were there i am ready 2 fly 

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do you realize that harry potter and the philosophers stone is vintage and i’m in tears because it’s vINTAGE (vintage is often used for things that are 20-100 years old)

this means that mod h (and also very nearly myself) is classified as vintage too holy shit we are OLD


Nature, wind, flight. A bird. I often asked myself, can I fly like a bird? And here I am now… nothing. In water… perhaps that was the very last thing I remember. I was… trapped. I’ve failed… I don’t exist anymore. A little bird. Most people when they fail they just give up and don’t challenge themselves but I’m different. I’ll never ever give up. I am not afraid of anything because you were there. I’m ready to fly. - Flight Log: Arrival Trailer

Why I became a feminist

When I started going to middle school, my father told me that I should stay away from boys, because they’re “disgusting and dangerous”, according to him.

I disagreed with this, and thought to myself: “No, men can be good as well!”

So when I was doing some research on my old phone, I found this huge movement called feminism, which strived towards equality for men and women.

“This is it,” I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

So, I was a liberal feminist for a couple of years, not knowing that there were other types of feminism. I didn’t call myself a liberal feminist either; just a feminist.

When I started posting about it on my little Instagram page, I was being tormented by boys who also knew about the feminist movement, and HATED it; I got death threats, rape threats, I was being ridiculed, all that.

I felt bad about myself, so I started including men more. I posted about bathrooms for men and their children, I posted about men being raped by women, I was a huge trans activist, I have thought about whether I was trans, I called myself pansexual (I was caught in the “hearts not parts” superiority complex), I thought about being “agender” because I didn’t “feel” like any gender… I was the ideal intersectional feminist.

I wasn’t a fan of certain things though.

I hated the makeup industry and the sex industry and the pro hoe culture and the pro-islam/anti-christianity behaviour, but I really didn’t understand why. I started posting stuff about me disliking it, vaguely, because I didn’t get it myself, so maybe someone would be able to explain that to me.

I got loads of hate, again, primarily from liberal feminists this time. They told me the key to equality was freedom of choice.

Then I started to think. Men had asked me very often whether they are able to hit women, since I preached “equality”, and that had me confused. Maybe equality wasn’t the thing I was looking for.

A couple of months ago, in December, I made a Tumblr blog. Everyone told me to do it, because I apparently looked and behaved like someone who uses Tumblr on the regular. After hearing this for a couple of years, I decided the time had come.

I followed some tags, including “feminism”. I’m not sure how it happened, but by the time I found ONE small post about radical feminism, I immediately agreed.

Radical feminists had such a thing for putting things down logically, with sources and all, and I was… impressed. I started to feel less hopeless and lonely.

And after all this time, I let my dad know that I hate men. For some reason, this got him very mad. Wasn’t he the one who told me men should be avoided, and hated? :) Why is he mad that I will never marry or come close to any non-gay man? :)

Mind you, my father was and is very abusive, mentally and physically, pro-patriarchy, and a full on misogynist.

Men KNOW their kind is evil. They don’t want US to know. They only want their close ones, their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, to “know”, but not really KNOW. They want them to believe that men can be very dangerous, but not that men are actually extremely dangerous. They want them to hide and be polite, rather than get mad and fight for their rights. That would be… disadventageous to them as well. That’s why they’re so anti-feminism.

My father is a conservative man, though. Leftist men would be better, right? Wrong.

I once read a post saying: “The difference between liberal and conservative men is that liberal men want women to be public property, and conservative men want them to be private property.”

This helped me so much. I forgot whose post it was, but thank you so much. This is why covering yourself up and exposing yourself both feel so… oppressive. I felt uncomfortable about both, but I always failed to realise.

Thank you, radical feminists, I now understand everything so much better. Thank you.

I promised myself I’d keep drawing and practicing, so here’s a quick sketch of Link receiving a letter from home.



Hello, sweetheart. How are you? I hope you are well. The kids ask about you often. We all miss you very much. Please stay safe and give Epona my love.

Yours always,

PS: Hi, Papa! I miss you!
Me, too! Come home soon!
I drew this picture for you.

Kara, Ayelle, & Linden”

Big Bang reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date

[GIFs not mine]

He was one of the idols who fell in love with you the moment he met you, he was lucky because you liked him too. You were sweet and had nice manners, you sang well and you were friendly to everyone. You had all the features of the perfect type of girlfriend. He knew you were popular with other idols and he made your relationship public to let all of them now you were just his. He didn’t like if you spent too much time with another guy, but he tried to give you enough personal space so you won’t think of him as a creepy person.
“Don’t go out with other guys unless it’s for business, okay? I want you for myself.”

Originally posted by endlesstabi

He sometimes hated the fact that your relationship wasn’t public, so he got little jealous when he saw another idol flirting with you. You were often on variety shows and most of the MCs were men, who were idols or entertainers, so they were all very friendly and sometimes even too friendly. He knew he can’t just open up about his girlfriend to the public because he was jealous. When he was with you and you were on your phone he would always ask you who were you talking to and he would be very interested if you talked to another man.
“Who are you talking with? Oh, Bobby… Wait, you are talking to him? Why?”

Originally posted by ceokwons

If you ever talked to another idol he would make sure he was there and heard everything you talked about and even held your hand to let him know you are his girlfriend. He was really jealous if you went out with male idols and he called you every 2 hours, he knew you would never cheat on him with other idols, he was just concerned they might have some weird intentions. He tried not to be very jealous, but sometimes he just couldn’t help himself and made it too clear that you were his gf. You liked it when he showed how overprotective can he be because you saw how much he cares about you.
“Look. I don’t mean to be rude or something, but you should really stop flirting with my girlfriend.*stares at him with his kind face*”

Originally posted by daesungstrash

He didn’t know you were that popular in male idol’s company, so he was surprised when they just circled around of her and started offering you drinks. He went to you and dragged you away from there to girl’s company, where no male idols could get to you. He didn’t try to stop you from talking to other idols, he just preferred if you talked to female idols more. If you went on variety shows and there were other male idols there he wanted to know everything about what you did and what questions did they ask and if they wanted your phone number.
“Jagiya, let’s go say hello to them, *points to a group of girls* okay?”

Originally posted by daengerous-af

He knew you were basically called the prettiest girl in South Korea and he knew what came with that title. He was very happy when you said you’d like to date him and because of that he never doubted you. He knew you would never go out with other idols on a date. He hated seeing you performing with other male idols tho. He wanted to be the only one you collaborated with. Since you were popular with other male idols he posted a lot of pictures of you both enjoying, to make them jealous.
“No, you can’t do a collaboration with WINNER. You can have me.*aegyo to the max*”

Originally posted by seungrisbrain

i’m not okay, but i’ll smile anyways. because, although, i hate getting flashbacks of things i don’t want to remember; you can’t seem to find it in you to care anymore. 

you won’t ask me, so i won’t tell. if you don’t want to call me, that’s fine - just don’t expect me to hold on to you for very long. 

isn’t it funny how you can’t tell when i’m hurting but i ask you whats wrong every time i feel you change. 

i wish i could dive back into a pool of gasoline and light myself on fire. maybe then you might notice me. 

you think i’m boring because i’m ugly. yet you don’t understand me why i argue that we’re falling apart.

i wonder if you find me dumb for falling apart at the simplest things. i wonder how often you think about how life would be if you never met me.

i’m alone in a world full of people, but i’m better off that way. i might be okay.

My experience with the signs

As a Taurus sun/ stellium, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising w/ Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius dominance

Ares: You guys are great. Ares guys are very sweet and GENUINELY caring. Protective of their friends/loved ones and loyal.

Taurus: Well we tend to group up and herd. No kidding. Love Taureans a lot. Kind, chill, & caring but also determined and practical. PS we are not all food obsessed! Type to have a tight-knit group of friends, but also outside friends. Mysterious in that we are open, but you have to ASK for the info. Usually artistically inclined and/or an art lover. Stubborn with certain things. It is INCREDIBLY hard to change a Taurus’s opinion on personal beliefs.

Gemini: Love/Hate relationship & very hit-or-miss if I like you as an individual. Typically either emotionally sensitive or not at all. Fun but chaotic energy. Often lacking tact and will sometimes ignore personal boundaries. Having said that, one of my best friends and my mother are both Gems, and I can easily say that they are both v positive influences on myself. Personally, half the time hanging out with Geminis (less so with the Geminis I love) feels like herding cats. Likely to have energy projection, i.e. if they’re mad/upset they can get quiet and you can FEEL the anger (Gemini mars too).

Cancer: Soo incredibly sweet and wonderful. Somewhat easily confused. Honestly you guys are wonderful and I usually just want to take care of you. Very cuddly. Friendly to the extent of accidentally joining a gang by being sweet.

Leo:Basically giant chill cats. Pretty affectionate and Leo guys are cuddly. I like you guys, they’re very confident (outwardly). They like attention, but positive attention like compliments or one-on-one attention and conversation.

Virgo: So very lovely. I just love you guys. Wonderful aura, with similar vibes to Aquarius. 10/10 get yourselves a Virgo in your lives. Practical and caring. RELAXED Mercurial energy. Into weird or interesting things.

Libra: Pretty cool, sometimes with a beautiful singing voice. Tends to get super into a CERTAIN field interests. Artistically inclined and really interesting to talk to.

Scorpio: Easy to spot. I really like you guys, but you also kinda scare me. They have a snarky, somewhat catty sense of humor. Too many Scorpios cause annoyance and drama-causing behavior, even if the Scorpios in question like each other. Don’t make them hate you, they’ll make sure you regret it. Also very passionate like Libra, but in a different way.

Sagittarius: Chill and interesting. Fairly adventurous and gregarious. Can come off as a weird combination of really attached but also unattached. I’m fascinated by you guys.

Capricorn: Oh you guys. My Dad and another best friend are both Caps. Kinda emotionally stuck, but you guys make it work. Family oriented. May be workaholics. Very much a my-way-or-the-highway type. Good social skills (they can work a room) even if they don’t necessarily care for socializing. Can be really stubborn and sarcastic if the mood strikes them.

Aquarius: You guys are WEIRD and I am HERE for it. Have an eccentric energy to them, and are fascinating to talk to. None of you ever come off the same either, so getting to know you is an experience. Such a pleasure hanging out with you.

Pisces: Typically nice and fairly sociable, I really like you all. Idk why, but without a doubt Pisces men always seem to have something sketchy or semi-sketchy going on with them (in my experience). I tend to be kinda wary of Pisces men.

Essays in Existentialism: Greencard

Clexa greencard marriage? Lexa is an Australian working in the u.s. When she forgets that her visa is up, she is forced to find a quick solution to be able to stay. She rants to Clarke, a girl from another department she has been running into during lunch, when Clarke offers her a way out.

“Well, aren’t you more dour than usual?” the artist asked as she refused to look up at the sulking editor.

“You know I prefer surly.”

“You are both dour and surly, and you’re raining on my nice lunch.”

“I’m sorry.”

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w4w guide to kissing girls

shucks howdy. so i guess if you’re reading this you’re either a) in immediate need of girl kissing advice because you are unprepared (the sign of the grasshopper) or b) preparing yourself for possible future girl kissing (the sign of the ant). well, in either case, this guide should help you figure out why, when, how to initiate kissing girls, and what to do when and if it goes down. 

why kiss a girl?

girls are cute. they are also tough. they are also frightening. these are good reasons to kiss anyone or anything, but they are especially true if you are attracted to girls. if you’re a girl yourself this means you’re not straight. if you’re straight don’t let the post hit you on the way out. kissing girls is a great way to let them know you like them (aka to “take things to the next level”). there are a lot of reasons to kiss girls. maybe you just want to be friends that kiss. maybe you want a big pile of girlfriends. maybe a wife. maybe as part of a blood ritual.  maybe to pass a microfilm carrying incriminating information about a counterrevolutionary between your mouths. maybe you just want to do some kissing today. there are a lot of good reasons and it’s all no big deal except for when it is totally a big deal. if you’re reading this you probably think it’s a huge deal. i am inclined to agree. kissing girls also just feels great.

when to kiss a girl

when she likes you. how do you know this, though? well, maybe she’s flirting with you. maybe she’s dancing with you. maybe she has spread her fell wings and enveloped you between them to whisper an important spell. even if she is doing all of these things there is also the possibility that she’s just being friendly. it’s up to you to figure out what these signs mean. one way to tell the time is right is when she looks at your eye or eyes and then at your mouth or mouths. that’s a pretty direct signal. the girl you want to kiss may not posses sight, however, so this isn’t always a sure way to know. mainly, you only want to be making the decision to kiss a girl when she’s wants to kiss you, too. there is only one way to be sure of this.

how to kiss a girl

ask her. ask, “would you like to kiss?” this is great because no one gets an unwanted kiss and you don’t invade her personal space. asking is super important with a first kiss and often following kisses. sometimes you both make a move at the same time or one will lead and the other will follow, however, these are not 100% and could very well go wrong. consent is paramount in kissing. i know when i’m buying artificial flowers at Walgreens and a drunk woman forces herself on me at the register i find myself very upset and confused. it sucks to have your space invaded. there are a lot of reasons for a girl not to want to kiss you. she could be in a monogamous relationship, straight, not into you at all, carrying a communicable disease, or holding bees in her mouth. all of these are valid, so you need to ask. 

what if she says no?

then it’s time to find someone else to kiss because this is not the end of the world and there are most assuredly girls out there who will be all about kissing you. i swear.

what if she says yes?

then lay it on her!!! i wouldn’t recommend tongue on the first go, but that last girl that kissed me made that move and it was pretty great so maybe you could try it if you’re feeling bold. if the girl you’re kissing stops you at any time then you need to let her. if she has decided she no longer wants to kiss or doesn’t like how you’re kissing or needs to breathe or wants to focus on your neck for a minute those are all valid reasons for her to stop. you need to communicate your needs and comfort levels. if you both enjoy it and get along there may very well be future kissing sessions. 

hope this was helpful. kissing is really nice and kissing girls is amazing. if you’re an adult don’t kiss minors or else you’re a fucking creep. keep it real. bless.

On Being Quiet

Somedays the silence rings
so loud in my head
I almost scream.

The weight of being quiet
is heavy.
Very very heavy.
It weighs you down.
I think maybe that is why
I never grew tall.

I stay quiet because
I am a people pleaser.
My mind is a chaos but
at least no one hates me.

But no one loves me either.

I am just there.
Never drawing too much
attention to myself.

I say what is necessary
to get me through the day.
It wasn’t always that way
but I’ve been told
to shut my mouth so often
that I forgot how to speak.

And now they ask me
why I don’t

and I don’t know how to answer them anymore.
I choke on my own words.

One of the side effects of
being quiet is that
people assume
you are rude
or dumb
or uninterested
or egotistical
or superior
or just zoned out
or maybe all at once
when all you’re really doing
is framing responses
in your head that will never
leave your mouth.

I am sorry but
I never wanted this to be a
sad story.
just a true one.
A one that hits home
to everyone who knows
how lonely it gets
in your own mind when
your damn mouth won’t

Sometimes it gets so quiet
I can hear my own breath
sighing at the disappointment
I have become.

- C 

Human resources

this summer I had a small party at my home on lake minnetonka
this was a group of people from the company I run.
i was a nice turn out. I was very happy to see that our HR lady and her husband had come.
She is the cutest girl next door type. 27years old, Mom of 2 (very much a milf) Blonde, killer body, very sweet and very good at her job.
I question myself often why i hired someone so sexy
Her husband and I found each other talking over a couple of beers.
He leaned in “ i have to be very bold and ask you a question and i may be too forward ?”
i was a little puzzled “ok..shoot”
“Tina says the rumor is that you and your wife are swingers”
i smiled and took a drink of my beer “well .. that is a bit forward… and as long as this stays between your wife, you and me”
i chuckle at that .. it sounds a bit far fetched, but am very curious to see his reaction
James was nodding
“yes” a pause “yes we take part in that sort of lifestyle”
“ i must ask… do you and tina also enjoy swinging?”
“well .not yet.. we have just started exploring. for her sweet innocent look her has always been a kinky girl”
he takes a long drink of beer “She has admitted that she has found you attractive”
i smile"I will admit also i do find her awfully sexy" adding 
“My wife and i would be happy to help the 2 of you explore..any questions and help we can provide”
being he host I am in need a mixing and excuse myself
the rest of the day goes by filled with sun, fun, food and drinks. and a few glances from the HR lady 

Monday comes and as i walk down the hall Tina enters the building. smiling as usual.
“good morning Tina”
“good morning Mr C.” smiling
then a bit quieter “can you come see me in my office?”
crap i think to myself .. she and james talked and things are gotten messy
i smile “ of course”
i watch as she hurries down the hall to her office.
i notice she is wearing a skirt. we have a relaxed dress code and normally she wears jeans or leggings
i knock at her door and enter.
Tina steps to me. reaches past and locks the door
she looks down a bit .. her cheeks flushing.
“james sent you a thank you for the party”
relief “oh ok..but why the door?”
she lift her skirt a bit and takes my hand “he sent you a pie”
my hand touches her soaked panties “ a cream pie” she moans 
my cock rock hard at this moment
“well… i would be rude of me not to enjoy it”
i back her to the edge of the desk. kneeling in front of her i can see her panties are a mess.
she pulls them down for me
oh her pussy is lovely. shaved bald and covered in cum.
dripping cum
“this looks delicious” i moan as i start to enjoy the pie brought for me
and did i ever enjoy. her juices and his cum tasted wonderful.
and it wasn’t long until her hands were on the back of my head holding me to her pussy.
her hard clit in my mouth as her hips bucked. My HR lady trying to stifle the sounds of her climax.
both of us regaining our composure as i stood.
“tell james he makes a wonderful pie”
i turn to head out the door “Tina .. please stop by my office at the end of the day.. i really should send a thank you back to James”

So the days i see Tina come to work in a skirt i know she has brought a wonderful fresh pie from james
which i am happy to enjoy and repay at the end of the day by send his wife home with a nice pie for him