i ask myself this same question every single day


* Hello there my gorgeous fans! I hope you’ve been well today. If not, I’m terribly sorry.

* But if I may, I’d like to make an announcement about myself, my co-hosts, and our blog!

* We get messages… every day. Every single day! And whenever we answer those messages…

* We get even more back! Tenfold, even!! The inbox is sitting at over 400 messages right now!!!

* That’s simply too much for us, darlings. Another big problem is that they aren’t all unique either. Many of you are sharing in the same struggles, and as heartbreaking as that might be, I can only answer the same question so many ways.

* Not to mention the matter of multi-part asks. We’ve received some in 5-6 parts… please be aware that, when the 500-character limit isn’t quite enough for you, fanmail is still available.

* Although for the time being, I’m going to have to ask you to refrain from using it. Because… simply put, we’re closing the inbox. There’s just too much to go through currently.

* Previous messages won’t be deleted, so please don’t be alarmed. But many have been sorely neglected due to the uncontrollable influx of messages we get. Whenever we answer one ask, we get about 5-10 more messages on top of it.

* So, since we can’t keep up, we’ll be closing down the askbox until we’ve cleared out some of what’s already there. I do hope you understand, darlings…!