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Hi! This blog is a life saver haha! I have a little question; I'm going to be looking for apartments soon and it's my first time ever being away from home,,, is there anything I should look out for in general? Thank you!

Hey I’m so glad I’m helping! I have been meaning to write a post of this nature for a long time, so thank you for asking. Here. We. Go.

Apartment Hunting 101

Overview: There’s no getting around it, apartment hunting is a stressful process. The waiting and wondering gets the best of everyone, so give yourself a break and remember not to be too hard on yourself. The more prepared and decisive you are, the better off you’ll be!

1. Step One: The most important step in this entire process is coming up with your list of “Need and Won’t”. This list can always be adjusted in the spur of the moment, but will act as a baseline to help you easily disregard impractical apartments. Before you even start your search, sit down with any roommates (SO or otherwise) and come up with a list. Here is my list:

  • Need: Dishwasher, pet friendly, heat included.
  • Won’t: First floor apartment, all or mostly carpeted apartment, no closet space.

2. Step Two: Decide your price range. The paycheck to paycheck life is not a great one to live, so try to find an apartment that still allows you to put anywhere from $100-$500 into savings every month. Figure out how much you make monthly, with taxes taken out. If you’re paid every other week, this is two paychecks. If you’re paid every week, this is four paychecks. Start with your total monthly income, and subtract the following expenses. Let’s say you make $1,000 with taxes taken out:

  • Rent - Let’s say you’re living with a roommate, and your rent is only $500 per month.
  • Electric - My electric expense is $60 a month for a one bedroom. Once again, you’re living with a roommate so let’s say that you pay half of that. $30.
  • Internet - $30 a month internet only. Please don’t waste your money on cable. Just use your mom’s Netflix account.
  • Travel expenses - I spend about $85 a month on gas. Let’s say you use public transportation and spend around $100.
  • Food - Figure you’ll be spending $100 per person each month. So that’s another $100.
  • Misc expense: Let’s just add an additional $50 worth of expenses on. Because you never know what’ll happen.

That leaves you $130 a month extra to put in savings or to use in the event of an emergency! That’s awesome. Substitute your own numbers in, and figure out how much you can afford for rent. Immediately disregard any apartments that do not fit in this budget.

3. Step Three: The best way to find dependable apartments is to consult with your fellow apartment renters. Consult with coworkers, friends, family- anyone who is currently renting in the area that you would like to rent in. Get the inside scoop on potential apartments, both their advantages and their pitfalls. If you don’t know anyone who is renting where you’d like to rent, here are some other apartment hunting options:

  • Craigslist: Obviously
  • Drive-bys: Literally drive around until you find a cool looking apartment complex. Find their rental office and go right in, this is how I found my first apartment.
  • Your college: The Dean’s Office will have a list of apartment offerings to give kids who don’t qualify for on-campus housing.
  • This Site: A list of the top ranked apartment hunting sites.

4. Set up an appointment: After finding a potential apartment, consult with the landlord or apartment representative to set up a date and time to see the apartment. Respond promptly to any email or phone call they leave for you. On the flip side, if they aren’t prompt in their response to you RUN.

The first apartment I ever looked at, my boyfriend and I showed up on time and the landlord wasn’t there. We called her and she said that she was running late, and told us that the apartment was open and we could show ourselves inside. Serious red flag, but we gave it the benefit of the doubt and went in. Long story short, she never showed up. She gave us a tour of the apartment over the phone and kept saying that she was five minutes away, but never came. We later found out that her rental office was two minutes from the apartment we looked at. Talk about flakey! We told her we weren’t interested, if she can’t even show up to show us the apartment, how the hell can we depend on her to fix any problems we might have? Because you’re young and inexperienced, some landlords will try to give you the run around. Your age is no concern of their’s, and has no bearing on how you will act as a tenant. Here are some red flags for flaky landlords:

  • Not contacting you within one day of leaving them a message. Disregarding the weekends.
  • Not showing up when they say they will.
  • Repeatedly telling you that you’re “young” or “inexperienced”.
  • Telling you that the apartment “is good for college kids” or “a good first apartment” (that just means it’s a shit hole).
  • If they tell you that the apartment has a large turnover (people are leaving for a reason).
  • If you speak with one person on the phone, and meet a different person who shows you the apartment.
  • If they can’t or refuse to give you the exact rent amount.
  • If they tell you that have to “run some numbers” based on your history. An apartment’s rent should be the same for everybody.
  • If they can’t answer basic questions about service providers for the apartment.
  • If you get a weird vibe from them. Listen to your intuition! This is the person who is going to be responsible for fixing all your apartment related problems, you will be dealing with them every month at least. If they seem unreliable, don’t sign the lease!

5. Step Five: Find your appointment buddy! Never, ever, EVER go to look at a potential apartment by yourself. I don’t care how friendly Wendy seems online, she may be a serial killer. There’s no way to tell. Here’s a list of people who can accompany you:

  • Your older brother
  • Your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your Aunt Meredith
  • Your second cousin
  • Your friend who can scream really loudly
  • Your Mother
  • Your Step Mother
  • Your old nosey neighbor who smells like cats
  • Literally anyone you can trust

Bribe them with chocolate, I don’t care. Take someone with you! If you absolutely cannot find anyone to go with you, then you need to take additional precautions. Here are some options:

  • Kitestring
  • “Share My Location” on your Iphone
  • Pepper Spray
  • Posting to Facebook the address you are going to and when you are expected to arrive and leave.
  • Rescheduling your appointment to a date and time when you can be accompanied


A mental checklist is good in theory, but will you remember it when you’re actually at the prospective apartment with your Aunt Meredith? I think not! Make a physical list of some of the following points, and feel free to add your own. my list is super extensive, but that’s just who I am. I am detail oriented.

Tuck this list in your back pocket and consult it when the person showing you the apartment is not looking.

Expense related

  • How much is the rent?
  • Is the rent just the rent, or are there any amenities included? Some apartments include heat, hot water, or electric expenses.
  • Is hot water included (if the apartment has a washer/dryer in it, then the water is probably a separate expense)?
  • What Internet service providers are available?
  • What electric service providers are available?
  • Do I have to pay for garbage removal?
  • What is the average electric expense that other renters deal with?
  • Ask when rent is due. Find out what the rent check procedure is.


  • What type of heating/cooling is provided?
  • What appliances are in the kitchen? *If there is no oven or fridge and you are required to buy your own then run*
  • What is the apartment complex turnover rate?
  • Do you have a choice of carpet vs. hard wood floors?
  • Will window blinds be provided? *If the apartment complex won’t pay for something as simple as window blinds then the landlord is a cheapskate and can’t be trusted*
  • Is there a “curfew”? Most apartments have a time of night when all the tenants are supposed to be quiet. This is generally not enforced.
  • What will your address be?


  • Is any furniture included?
  • Is there a Laundromat in the complex? If not where is the closest one?
  • Similarly, is the Laundromat in the complex card operated or quarter operated? Do you have to pay a fee for the card? Is there a quarter dispensing machine?
  • Will you be given a free parking permit? *If parking is not free then run*
  • Ask about local shopping and gas stations.
  • Ask where your mailbox will be.
  • Ask what their pet policy is. (some apartment complexes charge an fee)
  • Ask what their policy on repainting/decorating is.
  • Ask what their maintenance request policy is.
  • Ask where the nearest dumpster is.
  • How often does the complex loose power?
  • Is there a nearby police station or fire department?

General check

  • Check all cabinets (for bug infestations or mouse droppings or that they open properly).
  • Open all the windows and check to see that there are screens installed. Especially important for us cat owners! If there are no screens- are they going to install screens before you move in?
  • Check that all the light switches work.
  • Check that the water turns on.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Check all the closet space (for size, mold, and water damage).
  • Check how all the doors are set (some apartments will put doors in incorrectly and they’ll never close properly).
  • Check the outlets (bring a phone chord and plug it in).
  • Check any balcony access.
  • Take a look at the paint- is it chipped? Is it stained? Will they be repainting?
  • Knock on the walls to see how hollow they are (hollow walls require studs if you want to hang anything up).
  • Open up the oven and make sure it’s clean. If it’s not clean make it clear that it should be cleaned if you want to move into the apartment. It’s not your job to clean up after the previous tenant.
  • Check that none of the floorboards are sticking up/creaking.
  • Check for nails and screws in between hardwood floor, tile and carpet (I’m not even kidding).
  • Check your phone to see how much cell service you have.
  • Can you hear any neighbors? Could you hear them in the hallway?

Final Decision

If the apartment you visited fits all your criteria, feel free to tell the landlord that you’re interested in pursuing this apartment. This way they can advise you of the next steps. Before you sign ANYTHING, visit the apartment complex twice more to make sure that everything is kosher. Do NOT tell the landlord that you will be coming by.

  • During the day: Do a drive-by of your prospective apartment to see what it looks like during the day. Is it safe? Are there lots of people standing around outside? Is it loud?
  • During the night: Come back another night to check the safety of your apartment. Ask yourself- would I feel comfortable taking the trash out late at night? Having friends over? If the answer is “no” then run…

Additional Resources

Apartment Setup: My post that briefly outlines locating, checking out, and setting up a new apartment. Also has some next steps that I’m not going over in this post. It’s pretty good if I do say so myself!

Apartment Hunting 101: A list of helpful resources all relating to locating and checking out potential apartments. Some of the links aren’t set up correctly, so you will need to copy and paste them into a new browser.

NYC Renters: This post is designed for NYC Renters, but the points are still valid even if you’re not renting in NYC. A must read!

Stuff Nobody Tells You: I love love LOVE @hipdomestic so much! They haven’t posted anything recently, but this blog is an incredible resource. Check out this post that really goes into depth about apartments.

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Yes!!! Do you have any interest in writing a NurseyDex continuation of your Sprezzatura 'verse? If not, hit me up with some competence kink - Dex POV of Nursey, or Falcs' POV of Bitty, or Jack, or whomever strikes your fancy; I'm so easy. :D

So, uh, this one got long. Here’s a continuation of the Sprezzatura ’verse.

Derek consciously told himself to unclench his teeth and relax his jaw. He hated calculus. So much. His brain simply refused to work the way the book and the professor seemed to think it should and he just needed to get through this class and then he’d have completed his stupid math requirement and never have to worry about it again. But first he had to pass it.

He was going to have to ask for help.

He hated asking for help.

He was going to do it anyway. You don’t have to be perfect at everything, he reminded himself. He was still clenching his teeth again when he texted Dex, though.

Ice: Yo, can you help me with calc?

Fire: Be there in ~15 mins. Need help with English anyway.

Derek sat back in his chair and scrubbed his hands over his face, then rolled his neck from side to side a few times and shook out his arms, trying to just fucking chill already. He found one of his wordless playlists to put on and tried to at least review the examples again before Dex got there so maybe he wouldn’t seem like a complete idiot. Ugh, he hated math.

Well, no, he just hated calculus. Or rather, the way calculus made him feel. He had never found a way to make calculus appear effortless for him, and he was getting really tired of grinding his teeth.

He was glad to get up and answer the door when Dex knocked. “C’mon in, man, you can sit wherever. My roommate has a new girlfriend, so he won’t care.”

Dex frowned at the thought of sitting on someone else’s bed without permission and dumped his bag on Derek’s bed instead. Which Derek had known he would do. He bit back a grin.

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so i was just casually thinking about michonne’s reaction to rick’s apparent death for the millionth time, you know as one does, and while i think i understand why people thought her reaction was out of character i can’t say i agree. tbh, i think it’s the exact opposite: it’s the natural culmination of all the character progression she’s gone through over the last few seasons.

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I meant to ask Feysand fluff fic I'm made you a cake

See my favorite thing as a writer is to write something totally off base of what might be expected from these prompts… I think I did that with this one… hope this is fluffy enough, friend. I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Feysand + “I made you a cake”


“Mor, have I ever told you how much I completely and totally loathe you?”

“Oh quit being dramatic,” Rhys’s cousin snapped from where she stood between him and Azriel, her hand in his. “You’re the one who said you wanted a night out downtown with all of us!”

“I meant a night out drinking, Mor. Drinking. Alcohol. The cheap kind. And lots of it, preferably.”

“There will be alcohol!”

“Yeah Rhys, didn’t you read the pamphlet?” Cassian sauntered up to his friend, hooking an arm around his shoulder. “‘Wine and Canvas Painting.’ Sounds delightful, right? A real party. I mean I personally am gonna get so– ow! Quit it!”

Mor leaned over and pinched Cassian in the side to which he yelped.

“Don’t make fun,” Mor hissed. “My friend Feyre is still in the early stages of starting her own business, and I want to support her. And you guys support me, thus, we’re going to drink wine and paint some damn canvases or so help me you two will–”

“We’re here,” Azriel cut in smoothly.

Mor gave Rhys and Cassian one last glare that would have sent other men running before sauntering up the steps and opening the door to a little shop with an overhanging sign that read, “Velaris.”

“That’s a weird name,” Rhys grumbled to himself as he followed after his friends.

Once they were inside and had taken off their coats, Rhys glanced appreciatively at the space inside. It was… nice, he would give it that. Spacious and warm and full of light.

Mor’s friend - Feyre - apparently owned this little studio and taught art classes all throughout the week. And every other Friday she taught a 21 and up class where they served wine while doing canvas paintings.

And Mor, being Mor, thought it would be a great idea to do that this very weekend instead of going out to their favorite bar, the Illyrian, like they usually did.

“Well where is this friend of yours?” Cassian grumbled. “And where is the wine? If I’m doing this I need to be drinking.”

Rhys and Azriel laughed, but quieted instantly when Mor glared at them.

“She’s probably setting up or something. But her sister and Amren are over there, come on.”

“Amren’s here?” Azriel paled. Mor ignored the other two as they snickered and walked ahead.

“Amren! Nesta!” She called out. Two girls in the back row whipped their heads around.

Rhys recognized Amren, the terrifying woman that Mor had introduced him to a few times. The other one, Nesta, must be Feyre’s sister.

Amren just looked the boys up and down and huffed before turning back around in her seat.

Nesta rolled her eyes at Amren and gave Mor a forced smile. “Hey,” she said without much enthusiasm.

Mor went to reply and sit in the open seat next to Nesta, but the next thing they knew Cassian had practically shoved her aside and was careening to sit beside the young woman.

“Well hello there,” he said in his charming voice. “I’m Cassian. And you are?”

Nesta just stared at him, completely unaffected.

“You literally just heard her say my name,” she deadpanned. She looked back over at Mor. “Mor, who the hell is this guy?”

“I’m sorry.” Mor just rolled her eyes. “I told them to be on their best behavior, but I only have one of them trained.” Azriel narrowed his eyes at her but she only giggled and moved to sit down beside Amren and Azriel followed suit on her other side.

“Oh I can be on my best behavior,” Cassian continued, clearly not taking the hint. “I can be on whatever sort of behavior you want, sweetheart.”

He leaned in close to Nesta, giving her his best seductive look.

She was thoroughly unimpressed.

“Get your face the hell away from my face before I break it.”

Cassian’s brow shot up in surprise and Azriel and Rhys both snorted in laughter. His surprise soon turned into wicked delight.

“Oh just wait sweetheart, you’ll learn to love my face. In fact I’ll bet you’ll be painting it before the night is over. Or perhaps if my charm really sways you, you might even be s–”

“Do not finish that sentence and do… not… call me sweetheart,” Nesta seethed.

Rhys was just about to go sit on the other side of Azriel to avoid all of… that, when someone bumped into him from behind.

“Oh, oh I’m so sorry! I just… well I can’t really see right now so…”

Rhys turned to the voice only to be met with a stack of canvases stacked way too high for one person to be carrying. The stranger’s face was hidden behind the stack and it was clear she couldn’t see anything in front of her. He chuckled.

“Do you need some help there?” He offered.

“Nope!” The female voice chirped brightly. “Nope I am perfectly fine. Just fine.”

“Really?” He drawled. “Well then by all means, continue your trek.”

The person froze.

“Right. Yes. Continuing now.”

The woman turned slightly to the left, then slightly to the right. She took a small step forward only to bump into Rhys’s other shoulder.

“Dammit,” she hissed under her breath.

Rhys laughed openly, reaching forward to take half the stack off of her hands.

“Here, allow me.”

When the stack was considerably lowered, Rhys finally saw the stranger’s face - and felt like he had been sucker punched.

With her eyeline free now, the girl blew a stray strand of messy hair away from her face. Her eyes were blue-gray and absolutely stunning. She had a single purple streak of paint on her cheek that he had a feeling she had no idea was even there.

And then she smiled up at him.

“Thanks,” she said, clearly not noticing that he wasn’t even breathing. “Are you here for the class?”

“I uh…” he stumbled, unable to tear his eyes from hers.

What the hell was wrong with him, he didn’t get nervous around girls? Especially not ones with paint on their face and a stubborn attitude to boot.


“Feyre!” Mor shouted suddenly, and the next thing Rhys knew his cousin was shoving him out of the way to give the woman an awkward hug over the canvases she held.

“Hey, Mor,” she said in a strained voice, giving Rhys a look that said ‘save me’ over Mor’s shoulder.

“I told you we would come.” Mor pulled back with a grin. “I brought Az, who you know, and then Cassian is the one over there about to get his balls ripped off by your sister, and it looks like you’ve already met my cousin, Rhys.”

“Yeah we… ran into each other,” Feyre said, smiling over at Rhys.

He could’ve died a happy man right then.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to get the class started,” she continued apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine,” Mor said quickly as Feyre started to make her way up to the front of the room. Rhys followed awkwardly with his half of the canvases. “Oh and happy birthday!” Mor shouted suddenly.

Feyre froze, whirling towards Mor but running into Rhys yet again.

“It’s your birthday?” Rhys asked, his head cocked to the side.

Feyre paled. “Yes, but don’t say anything else please. I hate celebrating my birthday, it’s just so awkward.”

Rhys grinned, his earlier awkwardness melting away and turning into his usual suave because now he had an in with this girl.

“My lips are sealed Feyre, darling,” he said softly as he sat down his stack of canvases and stepped closer to her. She looked up at him a bit nervously.

“Allow me to formally introduce myself since my cousin thought she needed to do it for me,” he said smoothly, extending his hand. “I’m Rhysand.”

He noticed her shiver and grinned a bit wider.

“Feyre,” she replied, taking his hand. “Feyre Archeron. And please don’t call me darling.”

Rhys laughed, walking backwards towards his seat.

“Whatever you say, Feyre, darling.”

“You know if you keep calling me darling I’ll have to come up with a name for you too. How about prick?”

Ohhhh, he liked this girl already. His smile said as much.

He finally made it back to his seat, plopping down next to Azriel. Cassian and Nesta were still at each other’s throats.

Rhys was watching Feyre as she set up her own easel when Mor leaned across Azriel and pinched his arm.

“Ouch! What, Mor?”

Mor grinned like a fox.

“I knew you two would hit it off.”

“You… you planned this?”

Mor only laughed, leaning back in her seat and grabbing the glass of red wine in front of her as she spoke to Amren. Rhys looked at Azriel incredulously.

He just shrugged as if to say, ‘what can you do?’

The class started, and Rhys found himself captivated by Feyre yet again. She spoke about painting reverently, it was clear this was her passion. Her eyes lit up and her voice took on a tone he could listen to for the rest of his life.

Then when the actual canvas painting began, she walked around the room and answered questions, helping here and there. She stopped by Rhys’s row a couple of times, but only long enough to chat with her sister, Amren, or Mor before skittering off to another place in the room.

Rhys huffed as she avoiding his gaze for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

Mor giggled. “The chase not working out how it usually does for you, cousin?” She teased.

“Neither is his painting,” Azriel murmured.

Rhys cursed his brother, elbowing him in the side.

“What do you mean?” Mor asked. “What’s wrong with your… Rhysand!” She shouted, leaning across Azriel and smacking him in the chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Stop hitting me!” Rhys hissed. The rest of the class - and Feyre, he observed - was watching them. “And mind your own business. I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh do you?” Mor drawled. “Well then by all means, show us your wooing skills.”

Before Rhys could say another word, Feyre had sauntered up right next to him.

“Everything okay back here guys?”

“Oh yes,” Mor said before Rhys could get a word in edgewise. “Az and I were just observing how wonderful Rhys’s painting is.”

Oh Rhys was going to kill his cousin.

“That’s great!” Feyre said enthusiastically, meeting Rhys’s eyes finally.

“Yeah, super great. Go ahead, Rhys.” Mor propped her chin in her hand with a sly grin. “Show her.”

“Well, Mor,” he seethed, turning his easel so Feyre couldn’t see his painting. “I actually wanted to show Feyre darling here my painting when the class was over.”

“Oh but it’s just SO good Rhys, show her now.”

“Yeah, show me,” Feyre jumped back in. Rhys melted at her soft smile, feeling a bit like a prick now. “I bet it’s great.”


“Oh for goodness sake.”

Mor leaned across Azriel for a third time, turning Rhys’s easel towards Feyre herself.


Feyre’s jaw dropped when she saw that Rhys had painted a… cake.

A terrible looking cake with blue frosting and candles that looked like sticks. And in black paint he had written across the top, “Happy Birthday, Feyre Darling.”

She was silent for a few seconds and Rhys thought she might have stopped breathing.


“I made you a cake,” Rhys finally said. It sounded infinitely stupider when he said it out loud. “Since it’s your birthday and I just thought… you’re smiling. Is that a good thing? Did I do something right or are you showing me pity?”

Feyre snorted, covering her mouth with her hand.

“I love it,” she said in between her laughter. “I mean it looks… utterly horrendous–”

“Hey now, this is exquisite.”

“But it’s very sweet of you,” she said, meeting his eyes with a genuine smile.

Rhys felt his own lips tilting upward at the corners of their own accord.

“Anything for you, Feyre darling.”

Feyre’s smile dropped and she rolled her eyes.

“You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you, you prick. Call me darling one more time tonight and I won’t go out with you when you ask me after class.”

“Oh I’m asking you on a date now, am I?” He asked, mouth turned up in wicked delight.

“Well you better. You already made me cake,” she gestured to the painting. “Now you have to buy me dinner.”

He met her teasing eyes and realized he was already in deep shit and he didn’t mind at all.

“Anything you want.”

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Hi, if you don't mind could you explain what that means because I'm lost, also what trend where you talking about here: "me, being kicked out of school for plagiarism: um you’re not entitled to my emotional labor? find the sources yourself"

um, you’re not entitled to my emotional labour.

No, I’m joking, of course I will explain.

This is a joke about an exchange you might see rattling around tumblr, usually in regards to social justice topics. Someone will ask for an explanation of or clarification on a topic, or advice on how to handle something and they’ll just be told to “educate themselves”, and sometimes told directly that asking is demanding emotional labour of minorities.

(in case you’ve not run across the term, emotional labour originated in describing the extra emotional theatre service workers are expected to perform for customers, but nowdays gets used more broadly to demands for emotional support and processing and free domestic and similar labour which is disproportionately demanded of women and other minorities).

So the joke is about the differing epistemological standards between Tumblr, where that’s appropriate and academia, where you’d actually be punished because you are, quite legitimately, expected to back up your statements.

And the reason that I reblogged it specifically in the meanest way possible is that I do not like the concept of “just educate yourself”. I really, really do not.

This is an idea that comes from a lot of good places, which is what I’m going to start with. But it also gets used in a lot of ways I find at best deeply suspect and at worst fairly toxic, which is why I was reblogging the joke in my nastiest voice.

1. I do think that if you’re going to ask someone for advice directly the polite thing to do is to exhaust your own resources first. The idea that Dr. Google should be your first stop is a good one and I don’t want to bash on it.

2. A lot of this arises from people who get deluged with questions, often invasive, and often repeatedly exerting the right to take a break. AND THAT’S DEFINITELY AWESOME. No one should be compelled to do activism. When someone says “hey can you answer my question” unless you’re actually being paid to educate them, “no” is definitely an excellent and reasonable answer. And if someone tells you their not doing the question answering thing, the only polite option is to gracefully go ask someone else.

3. Some people get tremendously picky about how other people offer them free time and effort and the call to educate yourself comes, in part from people who’ve been offered summaries and curated reading lists and demanded, instead, private lessons. Which is just bloody rude.

BUT, even though “go away and educate yourself” is a totally reasonable idea in many circumstances, as I’ve listed, there are some really icky ways I see some of this getting used.

1. I find the idea that dropping an ask in someone’s open ask box is a “demand” very suspect. Its certainly a request, but there’s no force associated with it. If I’d decided not to answer this, for instance, I could simply delete it. If I kept getting too many asks I could even close my ask box, or turn off anon. You can’t compel me to answer your ask. You can’t punish me for not doing it. (I am perfectly happy to answer this, fyi). Now, the nature of Tumblr means that searching is very hard and its easy to end up deluged with the same basic question over and over. I’m not an education blog, I get few asks and I’ve still been asked what image captions are for 5-6 times. So I get that it can be very frustrating… but its still not a demand.

2. It often seems to carry the idea that finding information is a lot easier than it actually is. Really basic information can be readily googled. But there’s huge amounts of ideas I’ve encountered during fandom conversations, or just floating through tumblr threads, or on ask blogs that I have LITERALLY been unable to find via google, even after a good few hours looking, and that’s for information that I already know. I don’t think this is malicious a lot of the time. When you’re an expert its very easy to loose track of what is and isn’t easy to find for a non-expert. But its still pretty brutal to exhaust your google-skills, go ask something and be told in so many words to “just google it stupid”.

These two aren’t so bad, they’re mostly just a case of conflicting experiences and that happens. But.

3. Even though “go do it yourself” is a great thing to say if you’re looking to avoid activism (and I’ll reiterate I think that’s everyone’s right and you should never feel bad for saying ‘no I’m done/not doing this’ about activism, God knows I do it enough) I see it being used as activism instead. And it gives me a case of the nopes. Because the person who does the educating sets the curriculum. And when you say “go educate yourself” you’re rolling the dice on if the person who does educate them is on your side or not. Especially because it is virtually impossible to fact-check something you’re unfamiliar with. There’s also often a HUGE effort imbalance. Like, sure, it takes me some effort to dig up my “here’s why image captions are a thing” post. And it took me a bit of effort to write it in the first place, but It would probably take the asker a lot longer to google it all up. And that’s a pretty simple topic. I’ve asked activist friends for reading lists before and realistically getting 20-30min help from them has saved me probably 2-3 hours. And the information quality is better on top of that.

4. While this doesn’t happen a huge amount, I see this sometimes attached to very complex issues, or or topics where opinions are very diverse and then it, quite frankly, creeps me out a bit. Because when I see “just educate yourself omg” attached to a post with a strong opinion element, even though it might not be intentional, I cannot help but perceive an undercurrent of “if you were truly educated you’d agree with me” and “how dare you ask for sources, don’t question me, just shut up and do as I say”… and those… those are not good dynamics.

anonymous asked:

Hiya gorgeous! I'm sorry that you're so stressed, but it'll all be okay! Can you please do a Gotham one shot where Jerome's girlfriend is so sweet and innocent, and he lies to her and tells her that he works at Gotham Gazette to keep her from his world but she finds out that he's a murderer? Thank you so so so much!

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x reader

Warnings: cursing and Jerome himself

A/N: YAY it’s my first request!!! AndI actually reallyyyy enjoyed writing it! I named Jerome James cause reader doesn’t know who he is! And at the middle of the text quote s started acting weird and I’m too tired to do anything about this (it’s honestly 2:25 a.m. and I reallyyy wanted to show(?) you this oneshot) I’ll edit this text tomorrow morning I really hope that you enjoyed this and if you did let me know!

You woke up cause you felt something moving in the bed. You opened your eyes looking at the ginger sitting at the edge of the bed.
«J?» You asked sleepy. «It’s so early»
«Yea sorry dollface, have to go to work early today» he placed a light kiss on your forehead «Go back to sleep, Y/N»
The last thing you saw before falling asleep was his smile.

You woke up couple of hours later and had to get ready to go to your own work. You worked at the art studio with disabled children. Art was your passion and you loved helping people so that was a perfect work for you.

«Hey Y/N!» It was Y/F/N. Your friend from work «Kate was looking for you, wanted to show you her drawing. By the way have you heard about that psycho that tried to burn the bus wit teens today?»
«What? No!»
«How can you not know about him? Your boyfriend works in Gotham Gazette!»
«We don’t really talk about his work» you mumbled
«Whatever, well his name is Jerome Valeska, he was in Arkham cause he killed his mother, but then he and several other psychos broke out, still can’t believe you haven’t heard of him!»

After work you headed home. When you came James (yes James…just keep on reading and you’ll understand) wasn’t there. You cooked dinner and ate it alone leaving a portion for your boyfriend.
You were sitting on the couch, watching tv, when you heard the door unlocking.
Your boyfriend quickly closed the door, locking it.
«James!» You stood up and ran to kiss the ginger. He was a bit angry but when you hugged him, expression on his face softened and a cruel smirk turned into a caring smile. «Is everything okay?»
«Hiya cupcake, yes everything is fine, did you leave some dinner for me or did you eat everything by yourself?»
«Nope! Nothing left for you! Should have come earlier!» You laughed a bit «it’s on the stove» you jumped on the couch again and switched to the news channel.
«On to the news. The infamous Jerome Valeska…»
«Hey J! Have you heard about this Valeska guy? He was sent to Arkham cause he murdered his mother, but then he broke out and…»
Ginger interrupted you «Of course I’ve heard of him, horrible case! Why don’t we watch something else?» James ran to the couch and sat besides wrapping his hands around you and grabbing the remote from your hands, quickly switching the channel.
«No! I want to be in the loop!» You tried to get the remote back but James didn’t let you
«And I’m already int the loop, have heard enough about it at work, and now I just want to do something else» He groaned and roughly pushed you down, kissing your neck. You instantly wrapped your legs around his waist «Think we should move to the bedroom, doll» J lifted you, going to the bedroom and then put you on bed.
You heard James’ voice through sleep «Right now? Are you fucking kidding me Galavan? NO! Just try and you will regret this decision…I’m coming» he put the phone down.
«Is everything alright?» You mumbled
«Mhm. My boss…told me to…to go to work» James looked angrily at his feet
«What? It’s like 3 a.m.!»
«There…there is an…incident»
«Is it Valeska related?»
«Yes…it is, I have to go there and…ask witnesses…questions» he crunched his nose for a second, anger and hate still in his eyes, few ginger strands of hair falling on his forehead
«It’s okay James, just…just be careful»
«I will be, dollface» James hugged you tightly

It was your day off. You slept till nearly 12 a.m. When you got up were too lazy to make breakfast so you decided to go to the cafe. You put on a sweater and jeans.
You bought waffles and started going home. When you were passing by the store you decided to buy Gotham Gazette, but when you came home you totally forgot about the newspaper.
You were sitting on the couch watching tv and eating a waffle with ice cream when the news came on.
«Maniax and their head Jerome Valeska are responsible for another terror that happened today in the morning. We remind you that Jerome Valeska and other participants of the Maniax escaped from Arkham several months ago. GCPD set a reward for any information about these people…» you didn’t listen any further. You were looking at the photo of ginger on the screen. It was your ginger. You dropped the waffle in to the bucket of ice cream. You ran to the newspaper that was lying on the dining table. You started flipping through the pages until you found the one you needed.
There was the picture. The same picture that you’ve seen on tv.
You felt a lump in your throat and tears starting in your eyes.
How could he? How could the only human that you cared about lie to you? Wait! No! He’s dangerous! You have to think about that! What if he finds out that you know who he really is? He will kill you! Of course he will! He killed his own mother! You have to run! You can’t stay here!
You ran to your room and started to pack your stuff. Your hands were shaking because of fear, but you still managed to pack everything rather quickly.
You opened the front door and got out of your flat, but then you saw red hair coming from around the corner.
«Hey gorgeous!» James…Jerome waved at you a big smile on his face, several strands of hair on his forehead.
You slowly shanked back, fear in your red from crying eyes.
«Y/N? Is everything okay?» Happy expression on his face changed to worried.
You quickly ran back into your flat and shut the door closed, locking it. Moments later ginger banged on your door.
«Y/N! Open the door!»
«No! I’ll call the police!» More tears started coming out of your eyes.
«Y/N OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!» Another loud bang «LET ME EXPLAIN!» His voice was frightening
«What do you want to explain Jam…Jerome? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE!»
«Fuck Y/N! Please! Open the door!» Jerome’s voice cracked a little bit.
«I will break it» Jerome groaned and banged once again, but ten times harder than before.
You grabbed a knife from the counter and crawled to the couch in fear, praying that the door will survive the attack, but it didn’t and a few bangs later you heard scary cracking noise.
You shrank into the couch, trying to disappear. Your eyes shut.
«Hey! Hey Y/N. Look at me doll, just look at me» Jerome knelt near you, cupping your face with his hands. You squeezed the knife in your hand. «Look at me!» He shouted and you swung the knife in your arm. «Come on doll, you won’t stab me» He giggled, taking the knife out of your hand. “Look at me Y/N…please” he groaned quietly under his breathe.
You slowly opened your eyes and looked at him. “You’ll kill me?” You asked stuttering
“What? No! I wouldn’t kill you, cupcake! I love you!”
“You do?” You asked shocked.
“I do” Jerome smirked
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I knew that you would be scared”
“You killed your mother?”
“Yes I did, but that bitch deserved it!”
“Nobody deserves to be killed”
“Maybe you’re right, Y/N” he looked at the floor with mad fire in his eyes. “Will you forgive me?” He slowly looked at your face.
“I don’t know J… I’m…I’m so confused right now” you sobbed
“Please” Jerome touched your hand but you pulled it away. Ginger looked at you with pain in his eyes.
You hugged your knees and shook your head.
J stood up tears glistening in his eyes. He walked out saying absolutely nothing.
He was so angry at himself. He should’ve told you. Should’ve been more careful. Now you’ll break up with him. He will lose the only person he cared about, the last anchor keeping him sane.
He sat on the roof. Waiting for you to make a decision. Giving you some time to process everything that happened to you.
When sun set he decided to come back.
When he entered the flat it was dark there. He thought that you left and disgusting lump appeared in his throat. He went to the bedroom and saw you there. Lying under the blanket curled up in a ball.
He lay besides you hugging you tightly and burying his nose in your h/c hair. He closed his eyes and started falling asleep.
“I forgive you” you mumbled sleepy
“Thank you, cupcake…I love you” there was long silent pause
“I love you too Jerome”

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So I was wondering about your opinion on the whole girls don't need Nice Guys thing? Sometimes I see stuff that is literally just simple good manners and somehow a girl has to ruin it with self-proclaimed feminism that "totally" proves why said dude is trying to get into her pants and rape her and I'm so annoyed over it and wanted your thoughts.

There’s a difference between guys who are nice and Nice Guys™. 

Same for anyone else really.

Nice Guys™ usually expect to get something. They think that because they are doing something deemed nice, they should be rewarded how they want to be.

Problem is, we have people who are genuinely nice, and people are are boot lickers who just want things. Boot lickers get better and better at passing off as genuine people, which makes it harder to determine if they are Nice People™ or just people who are nice.

However, there are other people out there who like to cause drama and make everything about them. There are women who profess to be feminists, but all they do is spout hatred against men and wish death and bad health on men. They are not real feminists. That is not what feminism is. They are toxic and everything about them is problematic most of the time.

So it takes discretion.

I’ve seen many women blow up on men for acting courteously. And I can’t tell if these women were just fucking stupid, or if common kindness is so dead they can’t recognize it when it happens.

When a guy holds a door open for the group he’s with, plus my mother and myself, and waits for some woman who’s a few feet behind us, he isn’t doing it to be a creep. He’s literally helping 8 people with a small act of kindness. I was the last person to the second door and decided to hold it for him as thanks, only to find this bitch standing a few feet from the first door, giving him a hassle for ‘being a creep’.

He just wants to go inside, and asks her to get in the restaurant, but she spouts off this BS about how ‘she’s her own woman and can do everything herself. She doesn’t need some fuckboy trying to perv on her. He should go screw himself and stop being such a creep or she’ll call the cops on him’.

I got pissed and told him to just get inside and ignore the bitch. Once he was in and she apparently deemed it safe to press onward, I closed the second door and proceeded to hold it so she couldn’t get into the restaurant. And when she bitched at me to open the door, I said that she ‘can do everything herself’ and that she didn’t need my help. She proceeded to scream and hiss a fit for several minutes until she finally stomped back to her car and left. I am that petty.

^THAT is absolute bullshit and people who do shit like that are pathetic. Plain and simple. She wasn’t the only person he was holding the door open for, and it was obvious that he wasn’t interested in her. And with her attitude, who would be anyway?

Frankly, if someone is just doing the decent thing like helping you pick up something you dropped, holding a door open for you, or offering a napkin when you spill something, blowing up a small situation over some assumption that has a low probability of being true, is ridiculous. And people should probably stay out of public areas if they are so worried about people creeping on them when they grab a napkin or hold a door.

As for Nice Guys™, they are annoying. And if someone proves to actually be such, and it’s not you overreacting to your own assumptions, ignore them or tell them to fuck off. Simple. But don’t go around being ass to someone just because you think they are a certain way and you have no proof of your claims.

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can you please do a really fluffy supercat thingy where mon-el fucks off and Cat just like lives with kara and is really happy because that fuck boy went back to where he belongsssssss (which is hell)

Hi anon, this was such an amazing prompt I got carried away. It’s not exactly “very fluffy” but I hope it’s satisfying enough. I totally enjoyed writing it so let me know if it suits you ♥

CatCo plaza looks oddly unfamiliar ever since Cat left.

It’s like coming into work in a new place, one where she doesn’t exactly belong anymore. Snapper doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him and even though they apparently respect each other enough, it’s not a work environment she likes.

She drags her feet across the lobby, all the while remembering a time when she was happy to come here. It seems like a lifetime ago and she thinks that maybe it is. The elevator brings her to a floor she knows like the back of her hand and she sighs, clutching to the pumpkin latte she’s bought at Noonan’s before coming here. It’s warm enough for her to drink it but she finds she doesn’t enjoy the taste as much as she used too. It saddens her, really.

Finally, she steps out of the elevator and starts walking across the bullpen. People stop her to say hi and she smiles at each and every single one of those people she used to work with. They’re happy to see her and even more when she remembers their names and has a nice comment for kids or wives or companions, sometimes even pets. She feels conflicted and anxious, torn apart the warm feeling of being truly appreciated and the sad one of not having any place to this micro-universe anymore. She feels like a familiar stranger and she hates it.

Her old desk is still at the same place and it’s empty for now. She notices the new desk computer, the sophisticated phone and the brand new tablet set, ready to be used for work and only waiting for Eve to arrive. She likes Eve Tessmacher, she’s nice and competent enough and she sees a great deal of herself in the young and lovely blond assistant.
At first, they sometimes shared an anecdote of when they used to work for Cat Grant but Kara has put an end to that when she realized it was hurting her. Thinking of Cat always pains her.

She’s about to make her way towards James’s office when she hears an unsettling and familiar noise.

It’s the characteristic deep and low purr of an elevator and the reason she knows the sound is because it’s the private lift Cat used every single day to come into work. The noise becomes louder and louder and the elevator approaches the current floor and she doesn’t even think of using her powers to either look or hear inside. It’s so strange and wrong so she just stands here with her latte getting colder and colder with each passing seconds.

Finally, the lift reaches the floor and the doors open to reveal the one and only Cat Grant, dressed to kill in a black pencil skirt, a white fitting blouse and a designer black and asymmetrical jacket. She’s wearing her Louboutin and a pair of sunglasses that hides almost all of her upper face but the smirk on her lips is smug and proud.

She steps out of the elevator with a sway in her hips that makes Kara’s mouth go dry as she just stares, completely dumbfounded and utterly confused.

“Oh, Kiera. Fancy to see you here, I thought you were a reporter now.” 

Keep reading

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Do you do SHINee? Could you do a bodyguard AU with them too like you did for BTS? If not I'm so sorry and please just disregard this!!

i usually don’t do shinee but my ult bias is onew so a lil special thing for u


  • is the only one with probably a license to be a bodyguard. as in like he took classes to be able to do this
  • is usually just a friendly dad. likes motivating the other bodyguards with pep-talks 
  • greets you every morning with the same phrase and it’s kinda weird kinda endearing ??? 
  • wears the all black suit, but his ID badge is yellow with pineapples drawn on it and it’s honestly like the cutest thing
  • insists that carrying you over small puddles of water is a must
  • thinks he looks cool with the sunglasses on and it’s true you’re like “onew, you look so serious and suave” and he’s like thank you…….but then does a corny smile in secret 
  • you caught him trying to calm down a crying child but he really didn’t know what to do like it was obvious he was getting nowhere
  • so you went over and scooped the kid up in your arms and just petted their hair and soothed them with your voice
  • and onew watches you with like complete enchantment because he’s like hOW did you DO THAt ………what is the magic trick
  • and you just giggle and you’re like there’s no magic!!!
  • and in that moment onew is pretty sure he’s meet the love of his life (you) and that hopefully in the future ………..this cute impromptu family is…….a real family


  • hums the james bond theme song in inappropriate situations 
  • winks at you whenever you ask him to do something and he’s like “you got it captain *wink wink wink* *finger guns* *failed attempt at backflip*”
  • the other guards are like sT O P being embarrassing but you love it honestly you applaud jonghyun for always having so much energy no matter what
  • bodyguards aren’t allowed to have piercings but jonghyun (if he did have one and let’s say for the sake of this au he does) would totally be like “im not taking out my eyebrow piercing. or another piercing on a part of my body none of you can see”
  • jonghyun turning around to look @ you “unless the boss wants to see-” key probably: “THEY DONT CALM DOWN”
  • switches his ear piece out with his headphones during long meetings or whatever and tries not to be obvious about it
  • but everyone can hear the usher playing at full volume jonghyun please
  • “can i finally have my own gun?” “no jonghyun.” “why not?” “we gave you a baton last time and you bedazzled it” “it was blingbl-” “NO. IT IS A WEAPON.”
  • you were up all night writing up documents for a big official treaty and jonghyun was your overnight guard and at some point it’s 4 am and you’re like i CANt…..do this anymore
  • and jonghyun appears with some tea and snacks or w/e and he’s like “i know what will help.”
  • and you’re like …….??? and jonghyun’s like “it’s my super secret super special talent show”
  • and he proceeds to literally….touch his elbow with his tongue. and that’s it. 
  • and you’re sitting there, tired out of your mind and there’s bodyguard jonghyun licking his elbow and yoU SWeaR ITS THE FUNNIEST THING
  • you laugh so HARd you fall off your chair and jonghyun rushes over worried but you’re just laughing as he holds you and soon enough he’s laughing too and you two are just being so loud the other guards come in like ???? but it’s just you two laughing and …….maybe after you’re literally sick of laughing you lean up and kiss jonghyun as a thank you for making you feel better and jonghyun may or may not does a victory dance


  • “you see this manicure? you see how nice my nails are? it’s because it makes it easier for me to CLAW OUT YOUR EYES YOU DIPSHIT GET AWAY FROM MY BOSS” 
  • is always the voice of reason, but also the voice of crippling criticism 
  • designer suit, designer shoes, designer gun if that’s possible idk but imagine
  • people underestimate his strength as a bodyguard, but rather than being strong physically key is really smart and always makes sure to have three-four back up plans if anything goes wrong. that and he has good aim so if anything he’ll pick up the nearest object and throw it at an attacker if necessary 
  • this once happened and the nearest object was taemin’s phone. you can imagine how that turned out
  • you and key have inside jokes about everyonE like EVERYONE because key gets all the gossip from all the other bodyguards and he’s just like “heY did you hear what the prime minister of france did, well let me tell-”
  • there was once a time where you were almost kidnapped for ransom and key was the only guard closes to you and for a second you doubted how safe you’d be with only him, but key literally shielded you with his body
  • and even though the other person was stronger, leaving key with a bruised face, key refused to move out of the way and all he did was turn and smile at you, bloodied lip and swollen eye and he promised he’d keep you safe
  • and luckily you were rescued before anything fatal happened but you had run to key who was being taken to the hospital and had cried and he’d only held your hand in his and told you that he didn’t regret anything
  • afterwords, when he returned with some bandages and stuff, you were like really worried and hovering over him all the time and he was laughing about it because you’re not the bodyguard, he is
  • but tbh he liked having all your attention to himself~ 


  • is famous for his suit pants always being too short because he’s so tall
  • “choi why can i see your ankles?” “sorry, i keep getting these pants tailored but……there still too shirt”
  • jonghyun voice: “gimme some of that height there brother”
  • is like slightly oblivious when it comes to anything because he gets enchanted by your presence 
  • like literally you guys will be going over a plan and you’ll take a sip of water or tuck your hair behind your ear and all of a sudden it’s like minho is fixated only on you and key has to literally snap his fingers in front of minho’s face to get him back to attention
  • always says the bodyguards should do a soccer match against one and other but literally no one else wants to and it gets minho all sad
  • is the only one who can probably aim a weapon the right way. is even better then onew who took classes smh
  • got a tramp stamp on his lower back that says flaming good looks with the hot wheels flames and no one lets him live it down
  • you found out at the annual christmas party where jonghyun got (a BIT) tipsy when he shouldn’t have and blurted it out to you
  • and minho, who was staying by your side that night, turned cherry red and was like jONGHYUN and you were like ohohohoh let me see that tattoo
  • and minho got even more red because he’s like,,,,,,it’s on my lower back,,,, and you’re like “oH……well if you ever want to show it to me~~”
  • and minho was like wait. what. you’re .flirting ……….with???? me????
  • and you just giggled and minho went into a trance for like a week because oh my god you flirted with him and it took onew literally coming up to you and telling you to please ask minho out otherwise minho would be stuck in that state of shock for literally The Rest of His Life


  • who even let him get this job 
  • none of the other bodyguards trust him enough to like let him have a solo duty like everyone is like @ each other don’t let the boss out of your sights……….or taemin
  • got his hands on someones gun once and onew was like “everyone on lock down code red someone catch that boy”
  • taemin didn’t get it though like aren’t cool bodyguards SUPPOSED to have guns why does no one trust him is it because he keeps waving the gun around????
  • tbh he doesn’t even need a weapon his sheer presence sometimes scares people away because he has this one smile. that like. looks /off/
  • like he’ll turn and look at someone, tilt his head, smile and just stare deep deep dEEP into their soul
  • and that person will feel like they’ve been dragged into hell itself so they wouldn’t even think twice of messing with taemin
  • which is funny because on the otherside he’s a big giggly kid who stops to pet every puppy he sees
  • you once said you were stressed and taemin was like “do some dance exercises with me to unwind” and you were like omg and the other bodyguards were like no taemin you can just ask our boss to dance with you
  • and taemin, who was going through his playlist to pick a song to dance with you to was like excuse me why not
  • he picked brittney spears’s toxic and ………..well…..
  • you ended up dancing, taemin ended up ontop of your desk dancing, jonhyun ended up singing into your stapler, key caught the whole thing on his phone, minho tried to make sure taemin didn’t step on any important documents, and onew considered writing a resignation letter
  • taemin once did end up alone with you, on accident really because you meet him off duty when you had snuck off to be alone and taemin recognized you instantly and you were like SHHH and he was like “????? oH you snuck out???” and you’re like oh my god
  • and taemin’s like don’t worry, here take this
  • and he like took off his hoodie to give to you and he was like “if you ever wanna go out just tell me ill distract the hyungs for you”
  • and you put his sweater on and it was cute you were like thank you taemin,,,even tho a bodyguard really shouldn’t conspire to let me do something like this
  • but taemin just took your hand in his and was like “let’s have some fun before the hyungs find out and literally try to kill me (—–:”
  • that was the first of many cute sneaking out dates 
Draco Malfoy x Muggle Girl
  • Draco x Muggle Girl
  • Draco Malfoy walked the streets of London. He was far away from the Malfoy Mansion and his family.
  • The boy had a lot on his mind, he was torn between what is right and wrong. Draco was sure he is a bad person, doing terrible things and that he is just like his father. He didn't realize he couldn't be someone else even if he wanted to. Lucius and Narcissa tried their best to raise him in a proud pureblood wizard, worth of his family name.
  • But Draco Malfoy wasn't a bad guy. No one who doubts in his actions and questions if he did a right thing or not could ever be a terrible person.
  • The truth was, Draco wasn't the saint, not even close, tho he tried his best to be better in the past few weeks.
  • Why? Maybe because he felt this guilt inside him.
  • One can only imagine what Draco went through his years. He couldn't betray his family name, his father and aunt Bellatrix were both Death Eaters and Draco knew long ago, he will be asked to join them once. Not like he had a choice, if he turned them down, he'd not only risk his own life, but his parents too.
  • And now Draco was wondering, he knew the day of him becoming a Death Eater was coming close.
  • He made a few steps down an empty street. The houses were nothing like those of the wizards, muggle's have quite of a strange taste, he thought.
  • It was a beautiful and peaceful day in July, the weather was perfect and it seemed like everything in the world is going just fine. But it didn't.
  • Draco took a deep breath as he sat on the bench in the park. He was looking at his feet, while his hands rested on his knees.
  • Silence was broken by a laughter which made Draco look up from the ground.
  • His eyes searched across the trees until they landed on a girl, not far away from him. The girl was smiling, her eyes were full of happiness, something what Draco's missed for a long time.
  • Everything on the muggle girl spoke she wasn't a witch. She wore short jeans and white Chuck Taylor's and Draco couldn't help but admit the red shirt she was wearing really complimented her long (y/h/c) hair.
  • The girl laughed again, as a dog brought her a tennis ball. She picked it up and threw it in Draco's direction.
  • And then it hit Draco's head. It didn't hurt pretty much, but still Draco rubbed the side of his head while he stood up.
  • The girl's eyes widened.
  • "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She shouted as she rushed to Draco.
  • "Are you okay? I really didn't mean to throw it at you." She spoke softly.
  • As she was closer, Draco noticed her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes and a few freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.
  • She was pretty, he thought.
  • "Um, it's okay." Draco blurred out. He picked up a green ball, turning it around and watching it closely.
  • He saw that for the first time in life, until then he only knew for the Quidditch balls.
  • He went to pass her the ball, but before he could do that the dog jumped on him.
  • "Marley! Stop it, leave him alone." The girl shouted as Marley winged his tail, looking at Draco.
  • Draco smiled and patted his soft fur.
  • "I'm (y/n)." The girl spoke suddenly and Draco looked up from Marley.
  • "..I'm Draco." He smiled.
  • "That's your name?" She questioned and then Draco reminded his name wasn't used in the muggle world.
  • "Yeah, um it's kind of a nickname.."
  • "Oh..cool." The girl said and smiled again.
  • From her eyes to her mouth there was this positivity she had, the kind Draco has never seen before. Like she was smiling all the time and couldn't stop.
  • "Is this your dog?" Draco asked.
  • "Yes, I found him two years ago on Christmas. Someone must have had abandoned him and then I took him home. We're inseparable ever since." (y/n) said.
  • Draco smiled. "Do you live near here?"
  • (Y/n) nodded. "Just around the corner. But I never seen you around here."
  • "Yeah, well I'm from Wiltshire." Draco replied.
  • You nodded. You looked up at him, in his eyes. He was different from you and all others you have met. He smelt of peppermint and warm ocean breeze. Draco, even his name was strange, beautiful, but strange just as him.
  • "Are you visiting someone here, or..."
  • "No, no I just wanted to get away from.."
  • Silence. Draco was out of words, should he tell a total stranger about his family? What he feels? Would she judge him? Think he's a coward and arrogant?
  • As his gaze fell, your lips curled in a slight smile. He wasn't shy, you thought, he was more of a thinker and a loner. The one who keeps their mind for themself and reveals nothing to the world. You suddenly realized he was hurt. In his eyes you could see the sadness and despair.
  • "I understand," you spoke, "I to get away from time to time too."
  • Draco looked up at you and smiled.
  • "Care to join me and Marley on a walk?"
  • Draco nodded "I'd be glad to." He replied and you two continued on walking.
  • Draco told you about his strict parents, about his doubts and fears. You realized all people he told you about had strange names and it felt like Draco lived in another world. Yet, you understood him. You could feel what he felt. Fear or letting other people down, fear of disapproval and not becoming what you want to be. The person who you really are.
  • "Sometimes," Draco said "the greatest fear of mine, is being myself."
  • His eyes were staring up in the sky, like they were looking for something.
  • He then sighed and gave you a broken smile.
  • "You shouldn't be afraid of who you are and what you fear, Draco. Even if you did bad things, that doesn't make you a bad person."
  • The two of you continued on walking, talking about your families, friends and the world around you. Draco was very sweet and nice person and even if he told you he wasn't you truly believed he was.
  • It was getting darker, you and Draco forgot about the time and stars already appeared in the sky.
  • "I'm really glad I met you." Draco said.
  • Marley sat at his legs, looking up and begging for his attention. "Both of you." Draco added and patted your dog.
  • "The pleasure is ours Mr. Malfoy." You said and he chuckled.
  • "I hope I see you around (y/n)."
  • You nodded slightly. You too, hoped on seeing him again. But there was this feeling that you won't.
  • Again Draco's gaze fell, but this time he wasn't silent.
  • "You are the only one that thinks there is something good in me. I appreciate that, (y/n), really. You are the kindest person I have ever met."
  • That gave you chills. It wasn't the typical compliment one gives you when you first meet him. You smiled at him before you spoke "I'm sure I'm not the only one, Draco. And you really are a good person. I feel...I feel like I've known you for years. And I believe there is more good than evil in you."
  • The street lights went on and there was only you, Draco and Marley. It was like a dream, standing there, looking up at Draco who looked like he was made in heaven.
  • You couldn't believe how someone like him felt so bad about himself. Why couldn't he see what you saw.
  • "There should be more people like you. At least there where I come from. But today, here with you, I felt so much better. Like I'm in another world." Draco spoke.
  • His eyes were telling he was being completely honest to you and you were honored.
  • You took his cold hands in your warm ones and your heart was no longer the center of your body, but in that moment every conscious part of you was in the hand that Draco held.
  • "We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm - yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine." You said, before you let go of his hands, knowing well you will never see him again, even tho every single inch of you hoped that you will.
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  • E.M.Forester,A Room With A View

aofenis  asked:

So about the Voltron Family AU, we already know how Shiro and the kids react when someone is flirting with Keith but how would it looked like the other way around? I'm really curious to know (*≧∀≦*)

HOHOOHOHOH Previously on The Voltron Family, Shiro reacting to someone flirting with Keith. Always the opposites, aren’t ya? :)))

They were at the Parents-Teachers meeting in school. Shiro handled Pidge’s because it was at the same time with Hunk’s to which Keith attended to. After the meeting ended, Shiro and Pidge went out of the room holding hands.

Single Mom: Hello, Mr. Shirogane. *taps Shiro*
Shiro: *turns* Hello. Mrs. Harrington, right?
Single Mom: Yes, well. I’m divorced so Olivia is just fine.
Shiro: Apologies then, Olivia.
Olivia: Why, aren’t you quite a charmer. I’m sure your daughter here finds it troublesome.
Pidge: *shakes head* Not really no. *tightens her grip on Shiro* Daddy Shiro, we need to go to D–
Olivia: If it’s alright I’d like to talk to your daddy just for a second regarding something from the meeting, sweetheart? *smiles*
Pidge: *pouts* Okay.
Olivia: I was interested in your proposal on making cupcakes to raise funds. I think it’s a really good idea and I was wondering if you’d like to talk more about what cupcakes to bake for next week? I’m a baker myself.
Shiro: *smiles* Oh, that would be lovely. I have a few ideas up in my head. I’m pretty sure kids might like them.
Olivia: I’m pretty sure they will. *smiles*
Shiro: My lil chipmunk here loves cupcakes herself and helps decorate them at home with her Daddy. *squeezes Pidge’s hand*
Pidge: I do. It does get messy though but it’s alright.
Olivia: *smiles* It does. Cupcake decorating is messy and fun. I’d like to invite you both to my house so we can get started on them? Is that alright? 

Keith was just done with Hunk’s meeting so he was making his way to Pidge’s classroom when he sees Shiro talking to this beautiful tall blonde woman who was perfect for Shiro’s height. Keith knew that Shiro loved him but sometimes he just couldn’t help but think he deserved someone better. Someone who could actually give him kids his own blood. Keith can’t give that and he deflates at the thought so he slowly pulls Hunk and Lance away when–

Shiro: *shouts* Keith! Over here!
Keith: *silently curses himself* *turns around and smiles at Shiro* *grabs his kids so they can walk towards him*
Olivia: *eyes widens* *smiles* Oh, who might this handsome man be? *looks at Shiro* A friend of yours?
Keith: *winces*
Shiro: *seems to have muted Olivia* *IS ONLY LOOKING AT KEITH* *smiles at him and kisses him on the lips* I’ve missed you. *breathlessly* So How’s the meeting with Hunk?
Keith: *shocked at the boldness* Uh…
Hunk: *smiles* Daddy Keith proposed to have a book sale!
Shiro: *smiles* That’s wonderful.
Keith: *gulps* Yeah… *looks at Olivia* 
Shiro: *suddenly realizes that he was talking to Olivia* Oh, apologies. This is my husband, Keith. And that’s our children Hunk and Lance.
Lance: *smiles* Hello, pretty lady.
Keith: Lance. 
Shiro: *chuckles* Sorry about my kid, he can be pretty bold.
Olivia: *chuckles nervously* *looks at Lance* Oh that’s alright, young man. *turns back to Shiro and Keith* I don’t want to disturb you much further. I’m sure you and your family have somewhere else to go. I’ll have to attend to my son myself. *smiles* I’ll see you around then?
Shiro: Yeah, sure. Goodbye. It was nice meeting you, Olivia.
Olivia: *smiles genuinely* Likewise. *turns to Keith* You have a wonderful husband. You’re quite very lucky and the kids. 
Shiro: I’m the lucky one to be honest. *laughs* *pulls Keith closer*

As soon as Olivia left…

Keith: *pinches Shiro* You totally knew she was hitting on you.
Shiro: *grins* Yep. And I totally knew it was making you uncomfortable that she thought we were friends. So I thought of setting the record straight.
Keith: *smiles* You’re just so—
Shiro: I honestly get offended when people don’t think we’re married! I mean, why wouldn’t I marry you?! You’re the most wonderful per–
Keith: *rolls his eyes* *hugs* Thank you.
Shiro: *smiles down* You need to stop thinking that I’d rather have someone else than you, you know? Even the kids know that.
Pidge: Yep. Daddy Shiro’s totally lovesick with you, Daddy Keith.
Lance: Don’t be so blind.
Hunk: Daddy Shiro told me one time he misses touching your hair when you had to work overtime.
Lance: While he was hugging the pillow you usually slept on!
Keith: *so amused* *kisses Shiro* So, you  miss touching my hair?
Shiro: *rolls his eyes while smiling* Don’t flatter yourself. *kisses Keith back*

onsereverra  asked:

Apologies if this is something you've talked about in the past and I've missed it, but would you be willing to talk a little bit about being single? I'm not in a relationship and don't foresee entering into one anytime soon, and some days I'm totally comfortable with that, but some days I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out, even though I feel like that's not right for me right now. I would love to hear your thoughts on being okay with being single when a relationship feels like the default

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile, but today I’m in a comfy pajama-wearing hockey-watching beer-drinking rewrite-working kind of mood so I’ll take a stab at it.

There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely, and the Venn diagram where they intersect is different for everybody. You can be surrounded by people and in a committed relationship and be crushingly lonely, but you can also be alone and not lonely at all.

I am single. I have always been single. I have never been in a long-term relationship. I don’t know why this is, I mean I think I’m fairly awesome and reasonably attractive. Between you, me and the lamppost, I could have had a relationship a number of times if I wanted it, but my standards are probably unrealistic. It’s just the way I’m wired that I FAR prefer being single to being in a relationship that isn’t up to my standards but I’m in just to avoid being single. I have never in my life felt a drive to be coupled, or felt distress because I didn’t have it. So perhaps I’m not the best person to ask, because I really have never felt like I was missing anything. I don’t know if that’s a result of the way I was raised, or just an accident of my personality.

A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that the people around me have never made me feel like being in a relationship WAS the default. My family have NEVER given me the “so when are you going to get a partner” talk, or wondered when I was going to “settle down” or asked for grandkids or implied that I was somehow lacking because I was single. I never got that pressure from them. They have always valued me and the life I’ve made for myself on its own merits. (Part of me wonders if they never thought I COULD have a relationship since I’ve been fat my whole life, so they set about valuing other things about me just assuming that nobody would ever want me, but that’s another discussion)

My father once told me that he admired that I’m so comfortable in my own company. I think that’s a big part of it. I have worked hard to make the inside of my own head an interesting place to live, and myself a rewarding person to hang out with, since I am the person I spend the most time with. 

I have days when I think I’d like to have a partner, someone to share things with. I have other days when I think I wouldn’t want to up-end my entire routine and my life the way I have it. Nothing is without downsides in life. In general, I love my life.

But I definitely sometimes think…why has nobody ever loved me? Why do other people get to have that, but I don’t? Do I not deserve it? Am I just unlovable and hopelessly unattractive? Part of it, I’m perfectly aware, is that I don’t put myself out there for it very much. I might not be an easy person to start a relationship with. I’ve had a lot of first dates that I thought went great and then I never heard from them again. I shrug it off, mostly.


It’s important for all of us, I think, to separate ourselves from the idea that we are not enough by ourselves. I require nobody to complete me, I am a complete person in my own right. I have a lot to offer, but I don’t need a partner to be the recipient. I am not alone in life and I can honestly say that I very rarely feel lonely (if ever). I value myself, my own company, and I don’t let not having a partner keep me from doing anything I want to do.

I’m honestly not sure right now how well I’d deal with having someone constantly in my life all the time, or sharing my living space. I’m so set in my ways at this point. But if I were to meet someone who was worth making those changes, I’d do it. But if I don’t…it’s okay.

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Could I please request an Isaac x Reader one shot? (If that's okay?) They're close, and one night they're having one of those 3am convo's about anything/everything and they somehow get on to the topic of first kisses and y/n keeps on trying to change the subject (cause she's never kissed anyone before) but Isaac notices and finally gets her to admit it. He finds it funny and cute and she's all like 'omfg shut up I hate you' etc. and then it's all fluffy and they maybe end up kissing? (1)

(2) It’d probably be Isaac’s idea, y'know pfft “just for practice purposes” (😂) so she knows what it’s like or what she’s supposed to do or whatever and she’s all nervous about it but it’s all fluffy and they like each other?

A/N: First of all, I’m so sorry that you had to ask for this twice because it takes me so long to write things. I loved the idea and I hope I did it justice. Not edited. (It’s 5 am, I’m ready for bed now.)

Word count: approx.1.6k

Musical Inspiration: “Close” - Nick Jonas (ft. Tove Lo)


“First… taste?” You ask, tilting your head back from where you lay opposite your best friend.

The clock’s just ticked over to 3am and you and Isaac are spread out on your floor, head to head. It’s been one of those lazy Saturdays where you didn’t really do anything other than hang around your living room. Sometime in the afternoon, Isaac had joined you and it’s just been a blur of sappy movies and easy conversation ever since.

Right now, you’re playing one of your favorite games together as rain taps lightly at your window.

“Wait… do you just mean the first thing I remember tasting in general or something specific?” He asks, twisting his head so that he can look at you too.

“Let’s go general,” you decide. “We can get more specific later.”

“Okay, um…,” he captures some air in his mouth, puffing out his cheeks before releasing it in a heavy breath. “This one’s hard. I don’t really remember. Probably milk?” He says.

You can feel your forehead scrunch, your eyes narrowing as you try to remember the first thing you ever tasted. It’s difficult. You can barely remember tasting lunch let alone something from years ago. “Okay, we’ll go specific. First… ice cream flavor you remember.”

Isaac scoffs. “That one’s easy. Remember the first day of summer after third grade?”

You do remember and a laugh falls from your lips. “Yeah. You remember that?”

“Of course I do. You tricked me into trying Pistachio ice cream. You said it was the greatest thing you’d ever tasted.”

“Is it really a trick if I was being serious?” You ask, reaching up to teasingly tug at his hair.

“If I had realized at the time that meant you had horrible taste in literally everything, I probably would have stopped being your friend right then and there,” he says, playfully.

“Totally. I have such horrible taste. Especially in friends, have you noticed that?” You joke wryly.

“Oh, yeah? First person to save your ass from a werewolf?” Isaac asks with a smug grin, knowing full well whose name will be announced.

“To be fair, if you weren’t actually a werewolf yourself, I probably wouldn’t have been in the woods in the middle of the night anyway,” you deny him his answer.

“Answer the question,” he goads.

“Are you sure? Because this seems like a waste of a question to me.”

Isaac only glares at you, waiting.

You sigh heavily and give in. “Fine. It was you.”

“Thank you,” he grins, showing his teeth.

“First lie you ever told your Alpha?” You jump right back into your game before Isaac can get too full of himself.

“Derek or Scott?”

“Hmm,” you hum thoughtfully. “Scott.”

“I think it was something like, ‘No, don’t worry, Scott. (Y/n)’s perfectly capable of staying out of trouble’.”

You can hear the smile in Isaac’s voice and decide immediately that he must pay for picking on you. You sit up and crawl over to his side. “Like I said,” you say trying to fight a smile as you start poking him in the side with your finger, knowing it tickles, “it was probably your fault to begin with.”

“Hey,” he cries, laughing as he tries to fight you off. “Knock it off.” His gasps for breath mixing with more laughter as your finger digs in again until he captures your wrist to hold you off. You move to use the other hand but he traps that one too and his hold is too strong to break away from. It seems you’re at a stalemate.

“Truce?” You offer when it seems your only option.

Isaac studies you with suspicion but finally seems to decide that maybe you can be trusted. He lets go of your wrists and you flop down on the floor beside of him, squirming to try and get comfortable because the floor is anything but. He puts his arm out for you to lay your head on and you accept with a pleased ‘thanks’.

“So, your turn,” you remind him.

“Oh, uh. First kiss?”

“You know what, I think we should postpone the game for later. Who wants snacks?,” you say suddenly, abruptly trying to get up again but Isaac rolls over so he’s hovering over you, your head falling to the floor when his arm moves.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” he teases, staring down at you. “You seem to forget my enhanced hearing capabilities. Why did your heart go crazy when I asked that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you tell him, staring back with as straight a face as you can muster. “I just get really excited about snacks.”

Isaac chuckles. “Liar. Was your first kiss really embarrassing or something?”

You stare up at him and say nothing.

“What? Was it gross, really sloppy and wet?”

You huff in irritation, wishing that he’d just drop it. “No, wtsembersngsthtivnvrhdwn” you mumble, speaking really quickly.

“What?” He asks, confusion clouding his eyes because you’d spoken way too fast for his sensitive little ears.

You sigh in defeat. “What’s embarrassing is that I’ve never had one, okay?” You say through a grimace, pushing him off of you. “Are you happy now?”

“What?” He repeats, sitting up at your side.

“You heard me, you dick. I’m not saying it again,” you cover your face with your hands so that maybe he won’t see the blush you can feel burning across you cheeks.

“No, I just mean… never?” He asks, seeming dumbfounded.

“Yes, never,” you answer losing patience. You sit up too, feeling too vulnerable laying down all spread out on the floor before him like that.

“Do you…” Isaac pauses, licking his lip. “Is there someone you want to kiss?”

“What difference does it make?” you shrug. “There’s no one who wants to kiss me.”

“You don’t know that,” he immediately disagrees, scooting closer in a way that he probably thinks is inconspicuous. “Maybe we should… I mean, I could help you prepare. Like practice, for when it happens.”

You raise a brow at him. “So, what? Practice kisses don’t count?”

Isaac just stares at you and gives you a minute little shoulder shrug. You laugh, suddenly nervous and throw yourself forward to press you lips against his just for a second before you’re sitting back again but he reaches out before you’re too far away, cupping his hand around your neck to pull you in once more. He moves slow in case you don’t want to do this and firmly presses his lips to yours but it’s softer, more intimate this time. Your lips part and Isaac tilts his head a little to the left, making your lips interlock with his rather than simply pressing against his own. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip and you open wider, allowing him inside, his tongue grazing yours as butterflies erupt in your belly.

You don’t even remember doing it but the next thing you know, you’re in Isaac’s lap, fingers laced in his curls, licking deeply into his mouth. His hands are on your lower back, holding you close.

When you break apart for air, you look down at his kiss swollen lips and can’t deny anymore how much or how long you’ve wanted them on yours. “I think I’m ready for the real deal, what do you think?” you joke, not expecting it when his face falls at your words.


How is it possible he can be so utterly oblivious?

“Isaac,” you bat your eyelashes, playfully because you’re pretty sure the two of you were never really ‘practicing’. “Will you be my first kiss?”

He breathes a sigh of relief. “Don’t scare me like that.”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

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Hi, love ur blog! Btw, I'm gonna ask a really stupid question (so plz don't get mad) Did it ever came across your mind that SM is playing mind games with us? (involving chanbaek) Like for example, as anon-dream said before, we, firelights believe in chanbaek because of the secret and stolen glances etc. But, do you think that everything was/is a set up? I mean, I love chanbaek as much as any firelights out there, but this problem had been worrying me for a while. Plz tell me what you think ily


No no no that question is not at all at all stupid. I will say I have thought about it, actually i’m forced to have thoughts like that, being an analyzer I have to see every little perspective even the fact that they might be set up. 

And it’s very very likely that they might have been set up, like you know SM decides that these two are visually compatable as well as two adorable fellows which would make a good otp, and well they would be right. 

But I genuinely do not think that these two’s relationship is not at all set up, their glances and touches? Nope nope. 

A lot of their touches and stares are in places where they shouldn’t be the center of attention, like award shows,  oh and airports, can’t forget that, and they do it sneaky too, why would they do a set up moment in a place where there are so much more people to focus on. Of course they do stare and stuff at concerts too, but…

Look at how far away they are, lol. Plus the only actual ahem touches they do it either randomly grabbing each others hands and hi fiving, and I’m pretty sure something as small as that is not set up, anyone can do that especially friends (but for some reason it’s only a thing between them two wheehehehehehehe)

And yes they make a lotta eye contact during interviews too

I just realized that Chanyeol makes the same face looking at baekhyun, yass. But his face, UGH I love it! I seriously don’t think the script was like [say this random line] *look at baekhyun at the word “the”* and it’s not like again something small like this would need the effort to be planned. 

And I want to clarify that protective Chanyeol is not at all for fan service.

LOOK AT THIS MAN! CHANNEL DID IT SO INSTINCTIVELY THAT YOU ARE JUST LIKE 0-0 like he has this internal radar going like “wheeowheeo Baekhyun is in a life threatening position help him” and I though they practiced it so much it just happened, no Chanyeol genuinely wanted to protect Baekhyun, and whether SM tells them to anyway, I got a feeling that Chanyeol would do it anyway.

*cough* not fan service *cough* cuz big words *cough* were covering it *cough* plus Chan’s reaction *cough* is something to think about *cough* 

Like dude he swatted I forgot who but the person’s foot away which was like barely even near him but he decided to let Baekhyun softly stroke his shin.


And I’m just going to add this but Jealous Chanbaek is also not planned. 

Like buh, how can you fake an expression like that, that is pure jealousy. PURE I tell ya, and to make things more clear for those people who do think CB is pure fan service look at where they are usually placed when they get that jealous face, the less obvious places, like at airports, sitting during at award shows or one of them is at the very back, except for one gif where Chanyeol was talking. 

And if it was set up, why would Sehun make such a face when he sees them interact. Do you think SM told him to? Well then did he tell D.O, Xiumin, and Kai to act the same way? All four of them? 

If anything I would believe if Kai set these two up!

Kai caused this thing which made my heart die!

And look at what happened when Kai was not there to help them.

Kai and Sehun are the masterminds, not SM. SM made baekyeon (my opinion only plz I’m not at all bashing baekyeon MY OPINION) get together, but here Chanbaek is still going strong, do you think SM would still want to set these two up into the cutest otp they are now after baekyeon? Naw.

Of course I’m not saying these two are a fan service free ship. Oh no. 

Remember this? Oh yeah this was definitely meant to be fan service, but the way Chanyeol reacted even shows you it was not set up, Chanyeol was genuinely shocked, then he laughed it off after. Oh you~

*whispers to the CB non believers* oh and such perfect synchronization is very hard to set up so perfectly.

Shows that they actually are close.

But all in all, I do think that Chanbaek is a genuine ship, I feel all their moments are set up free all on their own because they carefree they don’t need someone else telling them how to act, their stares I feel are genuine their touches are for them not for the fans.


I loved this one

Because being in a tinted car is totally set up.

The manager apparently even told the fans not to follow them! If this moment was set up I’m sure the manager was would not say a word.

But yeah, I from the bottom of my heart don’t think they are set up, even if I am forced to have to look through that perspective.

Don’t worry sir anon! This was not at all a stupid question, no question is stupid especially when it’s to purge your curiosity, so don’t be afraid to ask again!

This blog loves you too~

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Hii, I have a request please. Could you do how bts members would help you feel comfortable in your body? (I'm very skinny so...) Thanks!! :D

Of course and I’m sorry it took this long ;-;

BTS Helping You Feel Comfortable In Your Body

He has been noticing that you haven’t taken care of yourself lately. You didn’t realize you were doing it too, but you’ve been skipping meals, and getting less exercise than before. He would try to make you lots more of your favourite food but you just turn him down and tell him you weren’t hungry. He decided to do something about this, “Y/N?” He called from the kitchen, “Can you come out please?”
“What is it?” You sighed, getting off your bed and made your way to the kitchen. You noticed that the lights were off, but you continued into the room Jin was in. You opened the door to find him smiling in front of you, you glanced behind him and noticed the candle light dinner he had prepared for you.
“Come on, let’s eat!” He took your hand and sat you down.
“I’m not hungry you told him.” You told him about to get up. He places his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back into your seat.
“Too bad, I made it and I don’t want it to go to waste.” He answered, making his way to the seat in front of you. You sighed, knowing that he was lying because he could totally eat all of this food.
“I just want to say that I think you’re amazing and you should keep your body healthy no matter how hungry you are. Eat something and keep yourself healthy.” He smiled.
“Thanks Jin.” You smiled hearing his words and started to dig in your food.

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

“There’s only one way to make you comfortable with your body.” He smirked. “And what would that be?” You asked annoyed. He has been noticing how uncomfortable you’re been getting about your body. How you would try your best to cover yourself and no matter what you do you just don’t feel comfortable. Is it because you don’t like your own skin? You’ve stopped caring about the way you dressed and that’s when he decided he had to do something about this. Your thoughts were broken when you felt a hand squeeze your behind. You gasped and looked at him with widen eyes.
“Yup, I was right. You’re sexiest girl I’ve ever met.” He smiled, pulling you closer to him.
“You’ve ever met huh? So you haven’t met the sexiest girl ever.” You told him, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh you know what I mean!” He exclaimed, hugging you tighter.

Originally posted by taestylips

“What are you talking about?” He said, getting mad at your comment. He knew you weren’t as comfortable with your body as others but hearing those hurtful words you’ve been saying about yourself makes him so mad. You rolled your eyes and walked away, but you were stopped by two arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled you closer towards him, placing his head on your shoulder.
“You’re beautiful.” He whispered in your ear. You felt him dig his face in your neck, tickling you with small kisses, “Don’t say those hurtful words anymore because they’re not true and you know that.” He continued to trail kisses up from your neck, your jaw, your cheek until he suddenly swung your around to face him.
“You are beautiful no matter what others say.” He said in a serious tone, staring in your eyes.
“Thanks Jimin.” You smile. He smiled back, placing on kiss on your forehead.

Originally posted by eyehealyou

“You’re overreacting.” He sighed annoyed, still looking at his phone. Sometimes you feel like one of the reasons why you’re like this is because of him. You sighed and walked to your bedroom. He glanced back at you feeling worried, he stood up and followed you close behind.
“Y/N.” He called out.
“Yea-” You were interrupted by his lips against yours. Before you could kiss back he pulled away.
“I’m sorry, I love the way you are now and you shouldn’t be uncomfortable with something that I love so much.” He said, giving you a gummy smile.

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“JAGIIII!!! YOU’RE THE CUTEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET. YOU’RE THE CUTEST PERS-” He screamed on top of his lungs, you quickly covered your hand on his mouth to shut him up.
“Taehyung! It’s like the middle of the night. You’re going to wake the neighbours.” You scolded him but couldn’t keep the smile off your face. He took your hand from his face mouth and gave it little kisses.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. I just felt like I had to say something despite the way you’ve been feeling.” He smiled, “I love you.”
“I don’t think I’m the cutest person on this planet.” You smiled back, he frowned at your words. “Because I think you’re the cutest person.”
“Well then you’re the cutest girl.” He laughed.
“So you agree that you’re cuter than me.” You looked him rising an eyebrow. “Of course not! You’re the cutest.” He smiled again, put his hand on your cheeks. “Just the cutest.”

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You were doing your own business when suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your waist.
“Y/N.” He mumbled on your shoulder.
“What is it Hobi?” You smiled. He placed your favourite flowers in your hands. You were confused by his actions.
“I’ve noticed the way you’ve been acting and I just want to talk you that in my eyes, I can only see how beautiful and perfect you are. No matter what you think about yourself. You’re just beautiful.” He mumbled again, releasing you from his hug. He turned you around, placing a kiss on your cheek. “Just beautiful.”

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“Y/N! Don’t say that.” He whined.
“You wouldn’t understand. You’re too young.” You sighed, walking away. He suddenly pushed you against the nearest wall, staring at you.
“I know I’m not too young to know that you’re look gorgeous all the time. You should see the way other guys look at you. But wait you wouldn’t know because you don’t feel comfortable.” He said in a serious tone.
“Jungko-” He interrupts you with a kiss, but quickly pulled away, leaving you hanging.
“I know you may not see how beautiful you are and I love the way you are now. I’ll make sure you’ll see how comfortable I am with your body.” He smirked, picking you up, heading to the bedroom.

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I’m sorry for making you wait this long!! Hope you liked it!
~Admin Ari (Edited by Admin Luna)

Oh yeah, I'm a lesbian

Pairing: Natasha x reader

@captainblackhill request: the reader overhears Natasha confesses to Clint that she’s a lesbian and she’s in love with the reader but she’s afraid the reader will reject her. Later on the reader calls Natasha into her room and confronts her about what she heard and tells her she has feelings for her. Natasha rides the reader who is wearing a strap on.

“Sharon you are a lifesaver ! ! ! ” I hugged my best friend as I slipped on the flats she brought me.

“Don’t mention it y/n, I know if I was in your position you would help me out as well” Sharon leaned against my desk as placed my heals in my bag.

“That’s true”

“What happened again if you don’t mind me asking”

“I was running down the hall and tripped” I replied

“Hahaha your are the clumsiest avengers ever” Sharon started to laugh

“Hey don’t go there Carter, you haven’t seen your boyfriend in the battlefield. 99% of the time he smacks his face with his own shield when we’re out on missions”

“He’s not my boyfriend ! ! !” Sharon complained

“Sure hun whatever you say”

“Alright missy let’s bring up your love life then” Sharon challenged me

“Ha what love life” I huffed out

“What happened to Carmen from accounting, I thought you two hit it off?”

“She’s too high maintenance and indecisive” I sighed “I just want a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty and knows what she likes”

“That came off dirty” Sharon snickered

“I know. I want someone like-”

“Like Natasha?” Sharon interrupted

“Exactly like Natasha, sadly she not into girls so that’s why I’m still on the search-”

“For your tomboy Cinderella” Sharon finished my sentence.

“Yup” I finally looked back at my desk and noticed I had paper work to do. “Ah crap I forgot I needed to have these mailed in tomorrow. I’m sorry Sharon I need to get back to work”

“That’s alright I was going to go have lunch with Steve” I watched as the blonde made her way to the door.

“HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE” I shouted and she stepped out.

“ITS NOT A DATE ! ! ! !” Sharon shouted back as she closed my door. I nodded my head knowing fully well it was a date but frowned when realized the paperwork was going to take up the rest of my day.

*Time skip Natasha pov.*

“Clint I need to tell you something” I started tapping my fingers on my knee as I sat on my bed. I’ve been hiding something from the entire team and its eating me up inside to the point that I need to reveal it someone.

“Nat what’s wrong, I’ve never seen you this nervous before in my entire life” Clint had a concern look on his face.

“I’m honestly scared to say it because once I do it’s official.”

“Natasha tell me please what’s going on” I looked at him.

“I’m gay” I sighed as I finally told someone one of my deepest secrets.

“Oh nat come here” he made me stand up and gave me a tight hug. I hugged him back just as tight. “I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you told me”

“Thank you Clint it feels so nice to actually say it. I’m gay, I can be who I really am now” we spend the next hour talking about why I’ve been keeping my sexual preference a secret.

“So has anyone from the team caught your eye, you know there are a lot of hot women on the team” Clint was already going back to his old self.

“There is someone, I’ve actually fallen quiet hard for them. To the point where it’s love now” I started bite my lip.

“Well out with it woman, who is it”

“It’s y/n” I smiled at the sound of her name.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” Clint shouted.

“Clint shut up ! ! !”

“Noooo you love y/n ! ! ! Oh my gosh you two would be perfect together ! ! ! When are you going to tell her and can I be there”

“I’m not telling her Clint”

“Why ! ! !” His excitement disappeared

“I barely acknowledged that I was gay and that I’m in love with y/n. I don’t need that progress to end if she says she doesn’t feel the same way.”

“I understand I’m not going to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. Especially if it took you a lot to talk about it to me.”

*y/n pov*

The paperwork took longer than I thought and before I knew it it was 9:00. I dragged my feet down the hallway of the compound to get to my room when I heard my name being mentioned.

“It’s y/n” I realized I was in front of Natasha’s bedroom. I know it is wrong but I pressed my ear against her door to hear what she was saying.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” Clint shouted and I muffled my laugh.

“Clint shut up ! ! !”

“Noooo you love y/n ! ! ! ” oh my gosh Natasha’s in love with me, I didn’t even know she was into girls.

“I’m not telling her Clint”

“Why ! ! !” I noticed clint’s excitement disappearing.

“I barely acknowledged that I was gay and that I’m in love with y/n. I don’t need that progress to end if she says she doesn’t feel the same way.” With that I went straight to my room to think of ways to get Natasha to admit her feelings.

*time skip*

It’s been a week since I overheard Natasha telling Clint that she was in love with me. Since then I’ve been thinking up ways to get Natasha to admit her feelings for me. I ultimately decided to just sit her down in my room and tell her I heard her the other day. I know it could totally backfire and she’ll never want to be near me again but it’s worth the risk. It’s worth the risk because we both clearly like each other she just needs to know that I feel the same way. That’s why I told Friday to let Natasha know that I wanted to talk to her when she got back from training, which wasn’t until late at night.

“Y/n? Friday said you wanted to talk?” Natasha voice came from the other side of my door.

“Come in” I shouted as I put my hair in a ponytail before I watched Natasha enter my bedroom.

“What’s up”

“Um there is really no way to transition into what I want to say so I’m just going to say it.” I took a deep breath. “I overheard you and Clint the other night”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Natasha was trying to avoid eye contact.

“Nat it’s ok, I know and I want you to know that I feel the same way.” I confessed.

“You know it’s rude to eavesdrop”

“Yeah well I couldn’t help it when I heard my name I had to listen. And before you say it I know you were talking about me because I’m the only one that is named y/n here and at work” I reached out and held her hand. “I really like you Natasha and I would never reject you” I cautiously leaned in and kissed her cheek. I felt her tense a little bit but soon felt her hands slipping from mine and landing around my waist.

“I am in love with you y/n y/l/n” Natasha whispered before I felt her her lips on mine. It was a slow and cautious and it felt so right. One of my hands rested on the back of her neck while the other was on her lower back.

“I am in love with you too Natasha” I managed to say against her lips before I felt her slide her tongue in my mouth. I slowly started to walk backwards towards my bed until my back hit the mattress. Rolling us over I was on top her and started rolling my hips against her. I slipped my hand under her shirt before lifting it off her body.

“You’re so fucking hot nat” I moaned as I removed her bra, revealing her beautifully round breasts. Soon all over our clothes were tossed off the bed and we were making out. I started playing with her clit as she was biting my lower lip. “Tell me what you want nat” I inserted two fingers inside her before I circled my tongue around her left nipple.

“I want to fuck with a strap-on” she moaned as I rubbed my thumb over her clit.

“I’ll be back then” removing my fingers, I got off the bed before I made my way into my closet and pulled out my double sided strap-on. I put it on and moaned as I inserted my end inside me. Turning around I noticed Natasha was on her elbows and looking at my direction. I smirked as I strutted my way over to her, her side of the strap on was swinging back and forth as I walked. Once on the bed I spread her legs I began to tease her entrance but her hand stopped me from entering her.

“Wait can u be on top?” she asked, I got off her and laid down before she got on top of me. “Oh I like this view better” I watched as she guided the fake cock to her pussy and lowered herself, causing my side of the strap on to go further inside me.

“Fuck” we moaned as she started to rock her hips, slow but rough.

“Oh fuck” she dug her fingernails into my waist as she began to get rougher, her breasts bounce gloriously. I massaged them tenderly as our breaths began to get shallow.

“Yes yes yes oh nat just like that” I was pulling on her hair as she started to bit my collarbone.

“I’m going to cum y/n, I don’t think I can hold it” I had a firm grip on her hair as she held onto my ass if her life depended on it. Her movements were becoming erratic and I knew she wasn’t lying.

“Cum for me nat” I pulled her hair so she would look at me. There was a fire in her eye that was turning me on so bad. Her lips were on mine once again as she fucked me harder, making me moan into the kiss. Not to long after did I feel my orgasm coming. “NAT ! ! ! ! ! YESSSSSSS AHHHHH FUCK” I arched my back in ecstasy.

“Y/N ! ! ! !” Natasha shouted as I watched her cum. After we both came down from our high Natasha got up and laid down while I got up and removed the strap-on. Tossing it to the side and joined Natasha under the covers where were still trying to catch our breaths. “Oh I could get used to this” Natasha pulled me into an embrace.

“Me too, I never thought this would happen but I’m glad it did.” I peppered her jaw with kisses. “I love you nat and if you want to wait until you’re comfortable enough to come out we can keep us a secret.” I wasn’t sure if she was going to come out to the team yet so I want to reassure her it was ok.

“Thank you y/n but I’m so tire of hiding this part of me. Tomorrow I’ll tell the team, and I love you too” we continued to kiss until we fell asleep.

*the next day*

I woke up to the feeling of plump lips against my naked shoulder. I turned around and noticed Natasha’s green eyes looking back at me.

“Good morning y/n”

“Good morning nat are you ready?” I replied

“As ready as I’ll ever be” we got out of bed and started getting dressed. When I turned around I realize Natasha was putting on my clothes, leaving hers on the floor.

“You look good in my clothes babe” I rested my hands on her waist before pecking her lips.

“I know, now let’s go get breakfast” we stepped out of my room and made our way into the kitchen to breakfast before joining everyone in the dinning room.

“Morning guys” I smiled at the team, Natasha following closely behind.

“Morning” they all said while they eyed Natasha.

“Um Natasha, why are you wearing y/n clothes?” Vision asked the question everyone but Clint was thinking. He already knew and he was smiling with pride that his best friend is happy.

“We’re dating now” Natasha started causing everyone to stare at us confused. “Oh yeah I’m a lesbian by the way” Natasha finished and I kissed her lips.

“I did not see that coming” Tony whispered

“Hey that’s my line” Pietro glared at Tony as Natasha and I sat down with everyone who were still in shock of our news.

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Hey I just wanted to say I've been kind of bummed out about my art, I feel like I'm not improving. I was wondering if you could show me a comparison of your old artwork to your recent artwork and maybe some advice? Thanks c: PS your art is so beautiful

Hi! That’s actually a really interesting ask (ʘ‿ʘ) Everybody prepare yourselves bc it’s time to laugh. I’m gonna show you a few of my older drawings to prove that you can achieve a lot only if you work hard uwu

As i said several times it was really, REALLY hard for me to get used to my tablet. It was so different from a normal pencil and a sheet of paper. D; (if you want to see more of my older traditional art visit my deviantart here) For a long time i couldn’t even finish a single painting because i knew from the beginning it was total crap. If i finished something and was actually pleased with the piece, that was usually just a happy accident lol

I bought my tablet (Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch) in 2014 and started working in Corel Painter 11 because that was one of the softwares my art senpai was using (shoutout to @petite-madame​ your amazing tips and tutorials helped me a lot back then, thank you!)
I tried really hard to achieve that oil painting texture so i experimented with different brushes all the time.

This is one of my first paintings. I have no idea what was that to be honest. It’s from May 2014.

Another painting is just a perfect example of a huge happy accident. It took around 15 hours to finish? :’D It was a nightmare. And now I think it would take me probably 2 hours because it’s not even a full portrait haha

The next one is a proof that if you’re a beginner you probably don’t want to paint anything with complicated lighting without a decent reference. That was probably my biggest problem because I really wanted to paint full illustrations but had no basic knowledge about lighting, colors and anatomy. Baby steps, that’s the point. Start with simple things and try leaving your comfort zone slowly, step by step. This is also important with art block (at least for me). You probably noticed that I haven’t uploaded anything complicated recently. That’s because I’ve been trying really hard to get rid of that horrible art block and for me only simple paintings can do the work and help me in this situation.

Another painting (again not finished just like 90% of things i’m showing you now) is from December 2014 and you can see I already improved a lot. Stopped messing around that much with different brushes and started using only 2 or 3 (here basic round ones). Also at this point I started using Photoshop CS6.

Yes, yes. Like I told you, I was a Supernatural trash.

When it comes to kpop fanart I started at the beginning of 2015. A lot of experiments with brushes again:

And this happens if you have no idea about colors and still struggle with blending. (April 2015?) Again not finished because I saw it was going nowhere.

The last one is my first ever Jin fanart. Poor Jin, how could I do this to him :’D Again I had no idea how to blend colors. I don’t wanna mention the fact that it doesn’t even look like Jin.

I think this painting was my breakthrough moment when I finally learned something about blending and brushes. After uploading this one and getting positive feedback I finally had more motivation to finish my paintings. I finally noticed the progress after a year of sweating and crying over my tablet. :’D

And some of my recent artworks here (PLEASE DO NOT EDIT/REUPLOAD):

So basically my advice for beginners/art blocked is start simple, watch/read tutorials and speedpaintings that might inspire you or let you to discover something new.

I really hope that my answer motivates and inspires you a bit, my dear anon! I’m sure you’re improving, just look back at your paintings and think about all of the things you’ve learned in the process on your own mistakes and from other people! <3

Thank you for loving my art and good luck! ^^

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(au) Ian as the ROTC leader of the school and Mickey being a pissed off parent so he goes down to the school to have a "talk" (threaten) him. He could be single, married, whatever you choose. Do with this what you will.

// ok so just for background: Mickey slept with Svetlana as a drunken dare, years ago, and she got pregnant. (She’s still a prostitute). He’s still gay but he hasn’t really ever acted on it (some casual sex maybe) and he’s closeted, but not as severely as he was on the show. He and Svetlana aren’t together, nor have they ever been. They raise Yev together but they don’t live together. And they don’t hate each other! Mickey and Ian have never met before //

// this is a total oneshot with no relation to any plotline or story I’ve written before //

Mickey was reading the paper in the kitchen when he heard the front door open. Yev always came by after his ROTC sessions on Thursday afternoons to see him. His son was usually in a good mood, but today he entered the room looking pretty downcast.

‘What’s up kid?’

Yev shrugged, opening the fridge and grabbing some juice. ‘Session was shitty,’ he said dully.

Mickey immediately got on his defence. ‘What happened? Somebody say something to you? Somebody hurt you?’

Yev came to sit opposite his father. ‘Just…these guys. It’s like they always have it out for me. I don’t expect them to be really nice or anything, I mean, it’s ROTC. But this is…something else.’

'What do they do?’

Yev’s eyes flickered to the table.

'They say stuff. About Mom.’

Mickey frowned. ‘What the fuck do they say about her?’

'They call her a - a whore. A slut,’ he said sadly. 'And they said I was an accident. They said I was a - an actual son of a bitch.’

Mickey sighed. ‘You know they’re just stupid idiots, right? Bored with their own dumb lives so they have to pick apart yours? We both know your Mom’s not a bitch.’

'That’s what I said. I said, don’t call my Mom a bitch. And then,’ he looked at Mickey, 'they said they didn’t mean my Mom when they said that. They - they meant my Dad,’ he said quietly.

Mickey didn’t say anything. He froze.

'Dad, I know you’re gay,’ Yev said gently.

He still didn’t say anything. ‘I, uh, I gotta go out,’ he said, voice tight and monotonous. He stood up to leave, to run away from this. Just like he did when he was seventeen. But Yev tugged on his arm and made him sit down again.

'No, we have to talk about this. Please,’ Yev begged. Mickey finally made himself meet his son’s eyes. They were full of worry and care. So Mickey sat down again.

'How did you know? Your Mom say something?’

Yev shook his head. ‘I’m sixteen, Dad, I’m not stupid. I see when guys come here, and I know they’re not ‘checking the pipes’ like you used to tell me. I see random shit lying around the house that doesn’t belong to us, and I know a guy left it here. I understand the innuendo-laced jokes that Mom and Mandy throw at you. And last year I - I accidentally found your DVDs,’ he said, embarrassed.


'The porn, Dad. All guy-on-guy. I watched a bit of one, I was curious. Didn’t really do much for me, but if it does it for you, that’s fine, Dad. It’s cool. I don’t care as long as you’re alright. And you’re happy. I’m still your son and I still love you,’ Yev told him.

'Kinda feel like it’s the parent who’s supposed to say that stuff when their kid comes out to them. Not the other way around,’ Mickey said. But he pulled Yev into a firm hug. 'Thanks.’

'So anyway. I couldn’t stand to hear them talk about you and Mom like that. They called you…all sorts. But then they just kept chanting the same stuff over and over. Same word. Faggot’ He mumbled, hating the word.

'Well it’s not like I’ve not heard it before.’

'Well I hadn’t. Not in that context,’ Yev said glumly. 'It was on the walk home. They live a few streets over so it’s mostly the same route. They just kept shouting it, about you. And I hated it, I hated hearing them talk about you like that. It’s not even bad, it’s not one of your faults…why do they call you out on that instead of for something real?’

'People can be really fucking awful, Yev,’ Mickey told him. 'Believe me.’

'And it was that, along with everything about Mom. I started crying. I couldn’t help it.’

'I told you to never let people see you cry. They use it against you.’

'Yeah, they did. They kicked me.’

'They fucking hurt you?’

'Yeah because I - I tried to stand up to them.’

'Well that was never gonna work. One of you and how many of them?’


'Exactly. What’d you do, try and hit them?’

'No. I wouldn’t do that. I - I told them that my dad liking what he likes don’t make him a bitch,’ Yev explained.

Mickey felt his heart glowing with pride and almost felt tearful. He couldn’t think of what to say. He just clasped his son’s hand and laughed. ‘You really are my fucking son, aren’t you.’

Yev smiled. They were quiet for a moment. Then Mickey stood up. ‘Ok. I’m going to get Indian for dinner.’ Yev grinned. ‘Yeah yeah, I know it’s your favourite. You deserve it, kid,’ Mickey said, leaning to kiss him.

'Get samosas too?’ Yev asked.

'Sure. Back in a bit. Hey, do your homework, yeah? I don’t want your Mom saying I’m too easy going.’

Yev laughed. ‘Like anyone could ever think that.’

Mickey smiled and left.


He did go to the Indian restaurant and place an order, but they told him it wouldn’t be ready for nearly an hour. So he sat in the waiting area for a couple of minutes, flicking absently through a magazine. Then he knew he had to do something about those fucking neighbourhood assholes. So he pocketed his order number and was out the door, charging back the way he’d come.

He wasn’t intending on going after the kids directly. Sure when he was younger, he’d have gone straight to their place and bashed them a little to show them who was boss. But now he was an adult and he wouldn’t get away with it. And he didn’t want to set that kind of example to Yev. He didn’t want his son to grow up thinking that violence was always the solution like he himself had done for a long time. Too long.

So instead he headed for the ROTC centre, hoping that someone would be there he could talk to.

It was pretty empty. Most of the staff had left. The receptionist was still there though. ‘Can I help you?’

'Yeah, I need to speak to whoever runs the 16-18 group. My son’s in it. Yevgeny Milkovich.’

'Let’s see…you need Ian Gallagher. I don’t think he’s gone home yet. Try the office down the hall and to the left. His name’s on the door.’

'Thank you,’ Mickey nodded at her and made his way to this Ian Gallagher’s office and knocked on the door.

'It’s open,’ came his voice. So Mickey stepped inside. 'Can I help you?’ Mickey was initially taken aback by how young he was. He thought the young army guys were all fighting in some war somewhere, and the old ones were left here to run youth programmes like this. And not only was Ian Gallagher young, but he was fucking gorgeous. 'Sir?’ Mickey realised he’d just been staring at the man in silence for maybe a little too long.

'Yes. My son is a member. Yevgeny.’

Ian smiled. ‘Yes, Milkovich. He’s fantastic. Dedicated, loyal, talented. He could have a real future here. One of the best we’ve got.’

'That’s great, but he got home an hour ago and turns out he’s having a rough time.’

Ian raised his eyebrows. ‘Well I’m sorry to hear that. Something I did?’

Mickey shook his head. ‘No, it’s nothing to do with you. He thinks you’re great, actually. Really respects you. No, this is some other kids in the group. Messing with him. Giving him shit he doesn’t deserve.’

Ian couldn’t help but smirk at his cursing. ‘And what, ah, shit would that be?’

'They’re saying things to him. Mean things.’ He paused. 'Look, his Mom used to be a prostitute. I don’t know how they found that out, but either way, they’re insulting her, and him. Calling her names. And obviously he’s upset. It’s his Mom.’

Ian nodded. ‘I’m sorry. Clearly they’re doing it out of earshot but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel responsible for it happening. You and your wife must be very annoyed.’

Mickey hesitated. Normally he’d just go with it or lie by omission. But not this time. Not to this guy. ‘Actually I’m gay. We’re on good terms but she’s nothing more than a friend. Although yeah, she’s gonna be pissed when she hears.’

Ian nodded, taking it in stride, but Mickey didn’t miss the way the corners of his mouth turned upwards ever so slightly.

Mickey continued, ‘and the kids know too, and when they stopped using Yev’s mother to torture him, they moved on to me. Look, I can handle it when it’s said to my face, but when they’re saying it to my son? That’s not ok. At all.’

'I understand. Truly. I’m going to do something about this. You’re right. No-one should have to deal with shit like that,’ Ian smiled at Mickey as he swore.

'Yeah. Well. Forgive me for not having a great deal of faith. From experience, I guess you’re just gonna give them a slap on the wrist, if that,’ he said, getting up to leave. Ian swiftly walked around the desk, blocking Mickey’s exit.

'I’m absolutely not going to be apathetic about this. I take sexism and homophobia very seriously,’ Ian told him, gradually closing space between himself and Mickey.

'And how do I know you’re not just saying that?’ Mickey asked, also drawing closer to Ian.

Ian paused, and then grinned as he leaned in to kiss Mickey, hard. They kissed roughly for a moment, before Mickey broke away. ‘Seriously?’ Ian nodded, and Mickey laughed, taking off his shirt.

Ian quickly undressed too, reaching around Mickey to lock the door. He kissed him again, moaning. ‘Shit, I can’t get enough of your lips,’ he murmured between kisses.

'You ain’t seen nothing yet,’ Mickey said, as he dropped to his knees and practically ripped Ian’s boxers off. 'Fuck,’ he whispered, before taking him in his mouth. Ian’s hand rested on the back of his head and they settled into a rhythm. But before Mickey could finish him, Ian pulled away. Mickey looked up at him questioningly, but Ian shook his head.

'I want to fuck you,’ he said breathlessly, pulling Mickey up and pinning him against the desk in one motion. He leaned back, reaching for his wallet and retrieving a condom. Mickey barely had time to focus before Ian was inside him. He didn’t ease in or prep him, nothing. Just right in all at once. He knew what he wanted and Mickey liked that. A lot.

'Shit, Gallagher,’ he groaned, feeling Ian hit all the right notes. This guy, this damn guy…Mickey knew it was the best sex he’d had in a long while. Maybe the best sex ever. Ian had an arm wrapped around his waist, and Mickey grabbed his hand, mashing their fingers together as Ian stifled a yell by biting his shoulder.

When he came, it was fucking glorious.

Their movements slowed, as Ian kissed Mickey’s neck, then jawline. It was softer now, gentler. He slid out so that Mickey could turn and kiss him properly. ‘That was…pretty amazing,’ Mickey whispered. Ian smiled. ‘You do this with every pissed off Dad who comes in here?

'Of course not,’ Ian said. 'Only the gay ones,’ he added with a grin. Mickey laughed. 'Which is, so far, just you.’

'I’m glad about that.’ Ian cocked his head curiously.

'Why are you glad?’

Mickey shrugged. ‘Just am.’

They slowly began putting their clothes back on. ‘Hey, Ian. You think maybe…maybe I could see you again?’

'I’ll see you in your dreams,’ Ian replied, grinning. Mickey looked blank. 'You never watched Queer as Folk? What kind of homosexual are you?’

'The kind that fucks guys.’ Ian laughed.

'Look, do you want to get a drink sometime or not?’ Mickey asked.

'I thought that usually happened before intercourse,’ he said.

Mickey laughed. ‘Who the fuck calls it intercourse?’ Ian smiled.

'A drink sounds good. Here’s my number,’ he said, grabbing a scrap of paper and scribbling down his digits. 'Call me?’

Mickey took the paper. ‘Yeah. Definitely.’ He opened the door and glanced back at Ian, who kissed him lightly. ‘Later.’


Mickey walked into his house and dumped the bags of food on the table. ‘Sorry it took so long. They had a lot of orders.’

’S'fine. Mandy’s here,’ Yev said.

'Hey big brother,’ his sister waved from where she was perched on the kitchen counter.

'What are you doing here?’

'Nice to see you too. Jesus. I was returning your toolbox.’

'Oh, yeah. Thanks.’ Mickey said, going to hug her and greet her properly.

'So Yev tells me the cat’s out of the bag. The cat being you.’

'Turns out he already knew. But…yeah.’

'It was still great that you admitted it to him. And talked about it. I know…I know you could never do that with any of our family.’

'Did you never tell them?’ Yev asked.

'Oh, I told them alright. It was your christening. I fucking yelled it across the Alibi.’

'So…your whole family was there?’

Mickey nodded. ‘Whole family and then some. Aside from Mandy. She was at work.’

'Don’t fucking remind me,’ she said. 'I’ve always regretted taking that extra shift.’

'What happened?’ Yev asked.

Mandy looked at Mickey sadly.

Mickey looked at his son for a second before answering. ‘My Dad beat the shit out of me. He just started screaming and charging at me. Like a fucking bull. He pinned me down on the floor and hit me, and he kept hitting me. He was so much bigger than me. I couldn’t move. And there was nobody there to get him off of me. Eventually he knocked me unconscious.’

'And then I get a call from the police. They’d taken Dad away and Mickey was I’m the hospital. I get there as fast as I can. He’s in a coma. Broken arm, fractured collarbone. Nose totally smashed. Face covered in bruises and blood. I just sat there, crying over him, wondering why Dad would do this to him. Eventually I realised. I know what made Dad fly off the handle. And I’d had my suspicions about Mickey but never dwelled on them. But then it all made sense.’

'When I woke up, the police came to talk to me. They told me what had happened. He’d kept beating me even after I blacked out. And he wasn’t sorry.’ Mickey looked up at his son. Yev was pale and his eyes were heavy with tears. Mickey was about to go hug him, when Yev stood up and came over to him and stood beside him.

He wrapped his arms around his father, crying into his shoulder. ‘I can’t believe that happened to you,’ Yev sobbed. Mickey held on to him, trying not to cry himself, trying to be strong for his son. He hadn’t seen Yev cry for years. ‘Dad that’s…horrific. I know why you always changed the subject when I asked about your family. I can’t - Dad - you could’ve died,’ he choked.

'Yeah but I didn’t. I didn’t. And I’m so fucking glad he didn’t kill me because I got to raise you. You’re the most important thing. You’re the only important thing I’ve ever had in my life. Everything else before you were born was just buildup. I know I’m not father of the year or whatever but I try my best. Because - I know what it’s like when your dad doesn’t give a shit. I know what it’s like when your dad makes your life a living hell. That’s why I hate it when you’re annoyed or upset with me, even over something small or stupid, because I hate the idea that I’ve made you feel even remotely how my dad made me feel. And ever since I can remember, I’ve just been so fucking scared, Yev, that I’m going to become my father,’ Mickey said quietly.

His son pulled back and looked at him. ‘Dad, no. You’re the best Dad. Ok? It doesn’t matter that you’re not rich, that you never finished school, that you’re not some cookie-cutter doctor or lawyer father with a wife and white picket fence. You’re the best Dad because you’re always here for me, no matter what. I can tell you anything. You help me with schoolwork, you come to my parent teacher conferences. Even though you and Mom aren’t together, you make sure that this is never a broken home. But most of all, Dad, you have never hurt me, and I never question the fact that you love me. And I - I love you too.’

'Shit,’ Mickey muttered, wiping away his tears. 'Come here,’ he said, hugging him tightly. Yev was almost taller than he was. 'I’m sorry I never told you. I was worried it would fuck you up. And then as you got older I was worried you wouldn’t respect me or you’d hate me.’

'I understand why you couldn’t tell me. It’s ok. It’s not about me. This is who you are.’

They all stood in silence for a minute or so. Then Mandy offered to reheat the food, and they all ate together, laughing and joking like usual.

Afterwards, as Mickey was clearing the table, Yev suddenly spoke. ‘Where is your Dad?’

Mickey paused, and looked at Mandy. After a moment, he spoke. ‘He’s in prison. He got twenty years.’

Yev frowned. ‘So he’s getting out in four years? If it happened when I was a baby?’

'He got five more years because of bad behaviour, a few years back. But then that got reduced to two and a half. So he gets out in about six years. Provided it doesn’t change again,’ Mandy explained.

'Are you scared?’

'Yes.’ Micky’s single word hung densely in the air.

'Will they give him a restraining order or something?’

'Probably. But knowing him, that won’t work.’ There was a pause. Mickey saw the angry, determined look on his son’s face. 'Hey, do not go looking for him. Under any circumstances. Ok?’

'I won’t,’ Yev agreed. But that was one promise he probably wouldn’t keep.


A little over a week later, Yev rolled out of bed. Saturday morning was when he went running, and he immediately pulled on some clothes. He’d shower when he got back, but he needed to pee. He walked down the hall towards the bathroom, but saw it was locked. He could hear his Dad peeing, so he leaned against the wall and waited. After a moment, he heard the toilet flush and then the door opened. His mouth dropped open. He was face to face with his ROTC instructor. His shirtless ROTC instructor.

'Morning, Milkovich,’ Ian said simply, grinning at him cheerfully.

Yev just watched him walk back towards his Dad’s room, still in disbelief. His instructor was gay? And he was dating his Dad? His head was spinning.

But then he smiled. He realised that his Dad wasn’t hiding this stuff from him anymore. And that was fucking great.

// the end. Hope this was ok. It ended up being longer and deeper than I originally intended. (plus you’ll notice I planted the seeds for a potential follow up…let me know if you want me to write that! Otherwise PLEASE keep prompting me!! //

Word Count: 1163

Triggers: Child abuse mention

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You had known Hardison for what felt like all of your life. His Nana lived in the apartment next to yours and your home life was…less than stellar, so you spent a lot of time at his. Over the years, you two had grown close. You had different interests, but you were always interested in whatever new thing Hardison had found. But then something happened. Your life got too hard to handle.

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I toast to the groom

you looked over at Newt he was smiling excitedly. His bow tie was tied too tight but he did care. You heard the music playing and looked down the aisle. Her hair was beautiful and her vail covered her face. But you knew she looked beautiful. She reached the top and took Newts hands.

To the bride

She smiled at you as he took her vail off her face. You knew that smile, it was something you loved for. Anything that made your sisters happy, that was your job to be there for them.

From your sister

You smiled back putting on a happy face. You looked at Newt he was looking so awe struck at her. Your heart sank a little bit deeper as tears pricked his eyes.

Who is always by your side

You pushed that feeling away, it wasn’t your day it was Tina’s and Newts. You didn’t deserve to feel this way it was your sisters wedding and you weren’t going to mope.

To your union

Once they said their, “I do’s” you knew it was over. You and Newt had no chance and you had to get over that. It was no longer Tina Goldenstein it was Tina Scamander. You still couldn’t help that pain in your chest when he kissed her. Queenie gave you a small smile and you smiled back.

And the hope that you provide

You wanted them to be happy and successful. You really did. But you wanted to be happy with newt and you never could.

May you always be satisfied

But if you got Newt by breaking your sisters heart you couldn’t live with yourself. You wanted her to be happy, and if it meant breaking your heart in the process you were ok with it

I remember that night I just might regret that night for the rest of my days

You were cleaning up the house with Queenie when Tina opened the door with two men. She sighed throwing the men inside, you saw the taller and was instantly smitten. He walked around the house looking at things that made no sense. Almost as if looking for hidden traps.

I remember those soldiers tripping over themselves to win their praise

The shorter man, Jacob, was complementing you and Queenie all night. Kissing your hands, laughing at your jokes. So did Newt and you were head over heels.

I remember that dreamlike candlelight like a dream that you cant quite place

It was a beautiful starry night and the way the candles reflected Newt’s face was beautiful

But alexander I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face. I have never been the same intelligent eyes and a hunger pained frame. And when you said hi I forgot my dang name set my heart aflame every part aflame this is not a game.

He walked over to you, “I can’t help notice that you’re putting away a book about bowtruckles?” He asked you smiled letting him see it. “I love these little guys they’re so- Oh my gosh do you own one?!” You said as you saw Picketts head stick out of his pocket. He smiled, “Yes this is Pickett,” He said pulling the small creature out of his pocket you smiled petting its head. You smiled looking back up at him

So this is what it feels like to match with someone that’s your level what the hell is the catch

You two were perfectly synched. You understood each other so perfectly, you talked about magical beasts for what seemed like ages. You couldn’t believe what was happening to you, it was like meeting your soulmate.

Its the feeling of freedom of seeing the light its Ben Franklin with a key and a kite you see it right

He was blabbing on about everything and anything. You both were in your element, you impressed him with your knowledge. He impressed you with his looks.

the conversation lasted two minutes maybe three minutes everything we said in total agreement

He told you about his case, him promising to show you before he left for London. You told him about your notes about thunderbirds, and you promising to give them to him. You loved the way the words just flowed out of your mouth like an open facet. You loved the way his eyes gleamed when you spoke about his beasts. It was perfect. “I cant stop collecting these beasts, I’ll never be satisfied!”

Its a dream its a bit of a dance, a bit of a posture its a bit of a stance. 

You were in love it was as easy as dancing, trusting your instincts. He was easy to talk to, you felt as if it was meant to be. You knew it was meant to be.

Hes a bit of a flirt but I'm ‘a give it a chance

You knew the lingering glances the way he touched your hand as you gave him your notes. The way he smiled and blushed when you got really excited about his beasts, and his stories.

Handsome, boy does he know it

He kept brushing his hair out of his face smiling when he caught you looking at him. He was doing it on purpose, and how you loved it.

I wanna take him far away from this place

You fantasied was he talked about London and his many travels. You wanted to be with him forever, you wanted to travel with him. You couldn’t stand him leaving you alone. “Promise me you’ll write, when you leave.” “Everyday I can,” He replied smiling

Then I turn and see my sisters face and she is helpless

You looked at Tina across the room her small smile and glossed over eyes told you everything you needed to know, she was head over heels.

And I know she is helpless

The way she messed with her hands, the way she bit her lip.

And her eyes are just helpless

The way she smiled with her eyes, you knew that it was over. You loved your sister more than anything and you would do anything to make her happy.

And I realize three fundamental truths at the exact same time.

“Hey Tina loves nifflers you should go ask her about it,” You said smiling he nodded walking over to her.

I know my sister like I know my own mind you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind

When you were younger she would always wait till everyone had had snacks before she ate hers. Whenever you were sad she would do anything to make you smile. When you had no date to the ball she told everyone no so she could go with you. You loved your sister more than anything in your life.

If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned he’d be mine

You knew she would put your feeling above hers, you couldn’t tell her. You couldn’t stand to see her upset.

she would say I’m fine she’d be lying

You imagined yourself with Newt, his lips on your lips, your hand in his hair. His arms around your waist. Then you thought of your sister, she would be alone. She wouldn’t look at anyone the same way. She’d be in a loveless marriage.

But when fantasize at night its Alexander’s eyes as I romanticize what might have been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly

You looked at Newt as he had tears in his eyes as he walked down the aisle with Tina.

at least my dear Eliza’s his wife

She kissed him before they excited the church, your shoulders slumped as you walked out your head down. Queenie took your arm squeezing it, “Its ok darling you’ll find someone.” She smiled. You nodded trying to hold in the tears.

At least I keep his eyes in my life

you sadly smiled as you thought about the first time you met him. His beautiful eyes which rendered you speechless. The ones you got lost in so quickly, the ones which adored your sister…

And I know she’ll be happy as his bride

She loved Newt with all her heart you could see it in her eyes, the way she clung onto his arm.

And I know he will never be satisfied I will never be satisfied.

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