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Izuocha Week Day 3: Quirks

Hello, I’m doing a lil different thing for the Quirks prompt for IzuOcha Week (which is also why its so late sry) 😅


We both know the otps quirks and their capabilities but I wanted to explore their future kids. Given Inko’s, her husband’s and Ochako’s quirks, I find it very interesting how I can pick apart and create quirk mutations; Sort of like a quirk within a quirk that would happen naturally…
Ok well, let me introduce my otp children OCs *cry* pls don’t judge me.

More art, doodles and descriptions below the “Read More”

I’m going to go backwards and introduce the youngest one first: Reiko “Rei” Midoriya


Reiko is the youngest child being 3 years younger than her older and only brother, Hiroaki. She is daddy’s little girl and shares his freckles on her cheeks as well as a few on her nose. Reiko has her mama’s eyes but the rest is her dad (or so he likes to say so). Her hair is a combination of both her parents where, when long, it’s straight and then gets busy and curly towards the ends. Her bangs are uncontrollable and she likes to wear headbands.


Reiko is a very bright and happy little girl. She is bubbly and energetic but she can quickly turn a 180 and “spit fire” (pun intended) and can have a sassy attitude when things don’t go her way. Ochako blames Deku for spoiling her too much… overall, she’s mostly sweet and loving and a big pacifist and will often times protect her older Brother from some of his bullies he encounters.


Fire breath/Fire manipulation/Pyrokinesis
Though she never met her grandfather, Reiko ended up getting his fire-like quirk. She can emit fire from within and, in her later years, when she experiments her abilities she finds she also has a fire manipulation ability (it takes her years to be able to keep her fire aflame for a certain period of time). Only downfall is it has to be her own flames; however, later, depending on how big of a fire and with enough training, if she mixes her fire with another’s she can be able to manipulate the entire thing. Her highest level is when she is able to create blue fire and manipulate that.

Alright next we explore the eldest kiddo.

First child: Hiroaki Toshinori Midoriya


Hiroaki has a lot of his mama in him. He shares her eyebrows, the round face (in his younger years) and her hair color. He has his dads freckles just around his nose. His hair texture is a cross between his parents…Oh and he also shares his mama’s “cat” like pads on his left hand only. 

^^some older “cool” hair Toshi when he enters high school


Toshi is a sweet, smart, and shy boy. Very similar to his father in his days of school. He is a very loving and affectionate kid and would do whatever he can to help anyone in need. He inherited his mother’s quirk but for some reason he has the pads on his left hand only. Because of this, he’s struggles emotionally and has a lot of self doubts into becoming a hero of his parents caliber (since both his parents are elite pro hero’s and high standards are placed on his shoulders). He is also bullied because he only inherited “half” of his moms quirk, nothing from his dad, and also because he’s “too weak his lil sister has to save him”. In his teens, he discovers something about his quirk and that’s where his boost of confidence into heroism starts.



When Toshi’s quirk first manifested he only understood that he received his mom’s quirk. The only difference was he only has the pads on his left hand. This in turn led to him believing he was given the short end of the stick for most of his youth until he discovers a small but very vital detail; alongside pulling an objects gravitational force, he can also pull or push objects kinetically (with the exception of living things). So he ended up inheriting a mutation/hybrid of his mom’s and grandma’s quirk and it carried a potential far greater than he could ever imagine. His telekinetic ability was very minor at first and takes a LOT of energy both mental and physical because it takes a lot of focus, concentration and a strong, confident will to use it efficiently; He cannot perform correctly and is weakened if he is in distress, distracted,and at a loss of willpower/confidence. It’s pretty common to find him “napping” in odd places and positions around the high school (He is often mistaken as a lazy and unmotivated by his peers). Overall, he possesses a pretty powerful quirk that he will have to learn to control (just like his dad with his quirk).

I can go on and on with these two but I’ll save you the time. Lol also my brain is pretty fried typing this all out. I hope you like these two, they are my babies too 😳

Thank you for reading this far. <3 <3

sorry i haven’t uploaded a drawing in a while. College is taking up literally 98% of my time. Here’s an 80s kacchan bc i’m always a slut for 80s aesthetics

anonymous asked:

What physical thing would Penny turn into to scare you? For me it'd be a giant cricket. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Tbh all of my biggest fears are really abstract (betrayal, failure despite your best effort, the ever looming threat of depression :I etc) so Penny would probably hate me because of how much effort it would take to scare me. 

However, I imagine walking down the familiar hallway to your bedroom at night, sleepily thinking to yourself about you know each step even in the dark because you’ve lived there for twenty years, but then running full-body into a warm, sticky, fleshy, wall of something that mewls when you make impact with it would be pretty terrifying.  

ribbonroad  asked:

taakitz but that parks and rec scene like "every day you come home and its like 'its you! i love you! youre my sexy roommate and we love each other'" "whoo hes talking about me" (i can like. send it on twitter or somethin if u have no idea what i mean lol)

Ok I wasn’t gonna draw anything today but this request made me so immediately and profoundly happy I couldn’t ignore it, and it was a good idea bc I was making myself laugh the entire time I drew it. You are knocking it outta the fuckin park w these prompts


“Come see my broken pleasure
Come take away the cold
Don’t leave me staking ruthless
We are damaged, take control
We are damaged, take control
We became violence when we were young and our light
We can’t last through the fire
Let things burn to survive
Let things burn to survive
We are damaged, take control”

Hi im gonna write something so maybe i feel better…

  • Keith couldn’t get a binder for the longest time
  • He always wore gigantic t shirts and hoodies and stuff because ya know if u can’t see ur chest is it really there??
  • He absolutely hated showering because he had to see himself
  • He tried to use sports bras but they didnt really work
  • I didn’t specify but he isn’t out yet ^^^
  • He tells shiro because he can’t take it anymore
  • They just hug and keith cries into shiro’s shirt for a little while
  • Shiro loves his little brother rmore than anything and be immediately used the right pronouns and name for him
  • That night while Keith was asleep Shiro went online and ordered him like,,,4 binders
  • He express ordered those bitches and they arrived 2 days later
  • Keith tried it on for the first time
  • It was one of the best days of his life
  • He just stood in the mirror and touched his chest and cried more… but he was happy now
  • He couldn’t stop thanking Shiro and like,,, he is literally the most supportive big bro you could have
  • Anyways keith starts wearing t shirts that are his size and Shiro gets his school to put in a name and gender change
  • Hes a happy trans boy and oh god i love him

u buds r so s we et…..!! i’m taking care of myself so i can keep drawing for u guys..!! and danganronpa is such a big part of my life–has been since i was much younger, so i want to share these years worth of love and thoughts i have for this game with a bunch of people..!!

is that being selfish and pushy? hmhm, well, i hope u enjoy ur time here at the blog either way..!! don’t mind me–let’s keep having fun!!