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“I heard what you said about me back there,” Lucifer took a step closer to you, but you instinctively backed away.

“Did I say something wrong?” Your voice was barely above a whisper as he reached up and cradled your cheek in his ice cold hand. 

“Not at all, lamb.” You tensed up at his touch and his slightly offensive nick name, “In fact, it was your stubborn insisting that I am, in fact, God’s second born that prompted this.”

You were about to question him as to what ‘this’ is, when you felt his cold lips pressed against yours. You melted into his stinging touch on your face and moved your lips against his.

He moved his free hand behind your back and pulled the angel blade from your hand. He didn’t even disconnect your lips as he chucked it across the room.
With both his hands free, he rested them on your hips. His lips worked against yours, your teeth gently clashing. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he trailed his lips down your jawline, then your neck. 

He stopped right above your shirt collar.

“I’ll be sure to proclaim your angelic nature more often.” Your breath was heavy.

“Scream it to the whole world, lamb." 

(sorry my doodles are not so great I am no arteest ;w; )

  How dare you, @arrt-jim-lad / @ask-the-skele-household. How dare you find out my weakness is this sort of carrying style. How dare.

  But really, was fun to draw! I also love drawing Papyrus in this pose, whoop. So he has a fun friend to take to ~adventure~! (Which is probs some simple puzzles he made to simulate adventure!)


i am arteest.

Li with short hair looks fucking weird and I kinda prefer him with long hair. Also, Nick with a kitten. Because I’ve seen this headcanon around a LOT and I would like to contribute to it even if I’m terrible and probably won’t write it.