i approve of this au

You can all blame @smuttine and @kurogoesinthedas for putting the idea of merpeople!Inquisitors in my head, and of course I had to draw Tae as one as well. And of course I got totally carried away, this was supposed to be only a doodle. XD

Instead I ended up soft shading it, which I rarely do because it takes forever and I have little experience with it, but all those scales on the tail wouldn’t have looked as nice had I cell shaded it. Sooooo… yeah. Having said it I do really like how it came out. ^__^ The background is this photo courtesy of Tigers-stock.

Taerel here is based on a betta fish, though not any one in particular. I looked up a bunch of them and mix and matched.

ok i hear your arguments for a victuuri/disney little mermaid au where you cast yuuri as the mysterious merperson who captures the heart of unsuspecting prince victor (who has a big fluffy dog) with his beautiful talent

but this is wrong- yuuri is the prince who forgets his first impression of the disillusioned merman and victor is 100% the impulsive prince of merpeople who sells his talent immediately in order to go off to a strange place and see the cute boy of his dreams again

@sharkkisser said: “(I’m sorry that this was the only thing I could think of when I read their quirk descriptions)”

You frickin KNOW they sometimes use this as a battle cry before surprise attacking someone–once during battle training they try using this on Tsukki but with absolutely zero hesitation he just pulls up his shield and doesn’t even flinch when Hinata slams into it face first  (#rekt)

(For those who don’t know, Hinata’s quirk ,  Kageyama’s quirk)

IF IT’S OK TO SHOW YA, I made a thing inspired by you,, Because like I love ya style, and it’s a big inspiration, and all your Kira AUs lately really fuel me to draw more things for him and I dunno.
I dunno if this is even close to ya style,, god knows ya still motivate me to draw tho!

But I guess this is an AU where DMQ!Kira ends up having to deal with a “faceless man” who has a lot of very angry questions. If only Kira knew what he was asking about.

!!!!! oh my god???? oh my god this is so nice! KICK HIS ASS KOSAKU

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For the RPO AU you said Michael is already planning on proposing in a few years. Would Jeremy start to plan to too? Do they accidentally propose at the same time or does Jeremy somehow propose first? "Will you marry me?" "I mean holy shit yes but also I'VE BEEN PLANNING ON PROPOSING TO YOU FOR Y E A R S HOW DID YOU PROPOSE FIRST"

Did I say that?? Oh well it’s accurate anyway lolol but YES GOOD…

IT WOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN THAT WAY OH MY GOD? Michael would spend months preparing and talking with Christine and Rich on how he’s gonna propose and how perfect it’ll be and then Jeremy BEATS HIM TO IT and he’s like “Fuck I love you but you just ruined all of my plans oh well whatever get over here so I can kiss you senseless”

And they just get even worse around everyone, even more flirty and romantic and Rich fake gags when he finds them making out on the couch lolol

And I like the idea of Michael wearing his wedding ring everywhere, like he absolutely refuses to take it off, even when he has to wear his haptic gloves he either wears the ring over the gloves or under them, and it messes up the sensory system but he doesn’t care he adapts to the lag in-game and learns to fight with a disabled glove just because he CAN

Zeke made hot cross buns for .D and Marcus for Easter but like…he’s a Demon and a symbolic cross is somewhat intimidating so…

It’s the thought that counts XD

i went on a drawing rage today and drew a lot n i happened to draw a lil seb so here it is 

sorry for not posting much!! ive been all over twitter its rly comfy there but ill try to post here more too!!


@sleepyeule I was just drawing some sweet jamilton kisses and then Then…. Well your vague!au has taken over and destroyed my life I hope it looks ok?? I’m actually really proud of it so like cough pls approve senpai cough

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(Okay let me first say AUs in which any of les amis are royalty weird me out since, yknow, monarchy, so let’s assume Enjolras happened to be born the crown prince of Camelot and absolutely hates it and is determined to dissolve the whole notion of a kingdom when he’s supposed to ascend to the throne or something like that)


We all know how the story goes: everyone hates the current king for his ban on magic throughout Camelot. Enter Grantaire, a powerful (though he doesn’t realize it) wizard new to the kingdom who hates the king for the exact same reason, and his son by extension. 

A vengeful witch tries to kill Enjolras. Grantaire saves his life, though he doesn’t understand why at the time. The king makes Grantaire Enjolras’ manservant as a ‘reward’.

They can’t stand each other at first. Grantaire’s never been that well-off, and he’s uncomfortable in a ridiculously lavish place like the castle. He throws snark at Enjolras every time he’s forced to dress him or pull his bath water or whatever. Enjolras, for his part, hates Grantaire’s attitude and snaps back every time he prods, saying things like ‘the size of my bed/stable/army is beyond my control’.

The Great Dragon tells him it’s his destiny to protect Enjolras and stay by his side. ‘Two sides of the same coin’, the Dragon calls them. Grantaire wants to serve Enjolras even less, after that.

Then he starts to notice things. The sparseness of Enjolras’ chambers compared to the other rooms in the castle. Enjolras paying the merchants for far more than their goods cost, then distributing it to the children of the town. His camaraderie with many of Camelot’s knights, yet his disdain towards the ones who talk down on the poor. Arguments that happen between Enjolras and his father behind closed doors while Grantaire stands outside (”No one person should be allowed to decide who lives or dies!” “It’s the way we’ve lived for centuries.” “Then the way we live must be changed. When I become king…”).

Grantaire sees a glimmer of hope through Enjolras. Maybe, just maybe, he’s someone who could change Camelot for the better.

Grantaire stops complaining about having to prepare Enjolras’ breakfast or polish his armour, even after Enjolras says he doesn’t have to. Grantaire tells himself he’s only doing it because it takes no effort with his magic. 

If it were up to Enjolras, he wouldn’t have a manservant, but he can’t bring himself to tell Grantaire to leave. He doesn’t understand why–Grantaire is loud, insufferable, pessimistic, and often shows up late in the morning reeking of the town’s tavern. 

But sometimes Enjolras catches a glimmer in Grantaire’s eyes. When he’s reading, or caring for Enjolras’ horse, or when he’s laughing with the knights on the training grounds. The grass seems to stand up taller where Grantaire walks through it. Enjolras knows that’s a ridiculous notion. 

One day, Camelot is swept up in a mysterious drought that left it with barely any water and food (hint: it was magic). Enjolras steals the food that the king has been hoarding away in the castle stores and distributes it to the people. 

It’s the same day Grantaire realizes he now has two secrets to keep: that he’s a sorcerer, and that he loves Enjolras.

Another day, a great beast which seems impervious to Enjolras and his knights’ attacks (hint: it was magical) knocks Enjolras unconscious on his back. When he comes to, it’s only to see an armourless, weaponless Grantaire standing alone in front of the slain beast. Grantaire’s eyes are golden when he turns around and fixes them on Enjolras. 

It’s strange. He could swear on the life of every citizen in Camelot that Grantaire’s eyes are a deep brown.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire keeps asking Enjolras. He asks when he wants to leave the castle, or assist one of the knights, or borrow a book. Enjolras tells him he doesn’t need to ask for permission to do anything. Grantaire is his own person, after all. Not that Enjolras could refuse him anyway. Still, Grantaire keeps asking. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with a roll of his eyes, when Enjolras asks where he’s going. He’s only going back to his own chambers. Enjolras reddens. 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, shyly, holding a tunic that Enjolras has gifted him for his birthday (which Enjolras went through a lot of trouble to discover). 

“Do you permit it?” he asks, with thinly veiled panic behind his eyes as he holds a letter from his mother with shaking hands. He needs to return to his hometown for a while. Enjolras never wants to see that look on him again.

“Do you permit it?” he asks one day, when he stands beside Enjolras as a dozen archers aim their arrows at him. Enjolras takes his hand and smiles. He wishes they had more time together.

They aren’t shot. As if propelled by an invisible force, all the archers are knocked off their feet and their bows broken. Grantaire holds his free hand towards them. His eyes are golden. It’s all the confession Enjolras needs.

“Do you permit it?” he asks, wanting permission to leave Enjolras’ service. They avoided each other for a week after the incident. Grantaire’s use of magic broke Camelot’s highest law, which Enjolras hates. He doesn’t understand why Grantaire wants to leave. The thought makes his heart clench. 

Enjolras permits it, on the condition that Grantaire stay by his side. It’s not an order, but a plea. No one should be forced to live in the servitude of another, after all, least of all someone like Grantaire.

Grantaire wants the reason for his condition. Enjolras gives it to him in a rush of breath. Grantaire’s eyes go wide.

“Do you permit it?” Grantaire asks, laying a tentative hand on Enjolras’ cheek. 

“Yes,” Enjolras says. Grantaire’s eyes close. Maybe they’re golden. Somehow, when Grantaire’s lips touch his, he can’t bring himself to care.

Grantaire never asks for permission again.

BTS Reaction to a big age gap

request: This might be bit weird but could you do BTS scenarios where their S/O is like 9 years younger (just a big age gap) you don’t have to but it would be nice XD

[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin would be a bit weirded out when he realized that you were only sixteen. He didn’t want to be considered a pedophile, so he would want to wait until you were legal before making things official between the two of you.

“Let’s wait till your legal okay?”

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-Kim Namjoon-

I don’t think Namjoon would be one to date someone that young, so he wouldn’t really want to try anything. It’s not that he wouldn’t love someone that young, but he just didn’t want to risk anything.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea right now, I’m sorry.”

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-Min Yoongi-

Yoongi wouldn’t care about your age much  what matters most to him is that he actually loved and cared for someone. He’d didn’t want either of you to get in trouble so he would make sure the both of you were very careful.

“We just gotta be careful alright?”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoseok would try to end things between the both of you before things got messy. He didn’t want to end it at all, but he knew that it was for the best. He would assure you that things would go back to how it was before.

“It’s for the best. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off later in life.”

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-Park Jimin-

He wouldn’t really know how to react after finding out your real age. He would be upset that you lied and worried about what others would think. Jimin didn’t want to be looked down upon, so he would probably take a few days to figure things out.

“So you lied? What are other people gonna think (y/n)??”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Just like Yoongi, he didn’t care too much. Besides love had no age right? Taehyung wasn’t going to end things just because it was looked down upon, so he would want to keep things a secret until he felt it was a good time to tell people.

“Let’s just keep it a secret for now.”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would also be one to wait until you were a legal age. He didn’t want to get in trouble and also didn’t want your parents to be mad at you for dating someone 6 years older than you were.

“I’m sorry (y/n) but we need to wait. I don’t think your parents would approve.”

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“And you love like you’ve always been lonely.

Oh you love him with all of your body.”