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You can all blame @smuttine and @kurogoesinthedas for putting the idea of merpeople!Inquisitors in my head, and of course I had to draw Tae as one as well. And of course I got totally carried away, this was supposed to be only a doodle. XD

Instead I ended up soft shading it, which I rarely do because it takes forever and I have little experience with it, but all those scales on the tail wouldn’t have looked as nice had I cell shaded it. Sooooo… yeah. Having said it I do really like how it came out. ^__^ The background is this photo courtesy of Tigers-stock.

Taerel here is based on a betta fish, though not any one in particular. I looked up a bunch of them and mix and matched.

okay but how about an AU where Keith is a magician. not one of those lame ones you hire for kid’s parties. he’s like the cirque de soleil of magicians. he doesn’t need cheap tricks because he’s probably actually magic. lance is burdened with taking his little siblings to what he thinks is gonna be a boring show with tricks even he could do but instead he watches this mystery man in a sparkling red jacket do tricks that actually boggle his mind. nobody knows the magician’s real identity, and we watch lance pine after him for ages until a big reveal that mystery magic man is actually keith kogane, his friend who’s been pining after him for ages. lance is just like “i should’ve known, that magician had white fingerless gloves.” they kiss, and suddenly mystery magician man starts bringing his “lovely assistant” on-stage during his shows and it’s so clear that they’re totally in love

IF IT’S OK TO SHOW YA, I made a thing inspired by you,, Because like I love ya style, and it’s a big inspiration, and all your Kira AUs lately really fuel me to draw more things for him and I dunno.
I dunno if this is even close to ya style,, god knows ya still motivate me to draw tho!

But I guess this is an AU where DMQ!Kira ends up having to deal with a “faceless man” who has a lot of very angry questions. If only Kira knew what he was asking about.

!!!!! oh my god???? oh my god this is so nice! KICK HIS ASS KOSAKU

i went on a drawing rage today and drew a lot n i happened to draw a lil seb so here it is 

sorry for not posting much!! ive been all over twitter its rly comfy there but ill try to post here more too!!



“And you love like you’ve always been lonely.

Oh you love him with all of your body.”

Eclipse!AU Mob : A Neutron Star. ( Original design by @stickydoona )

What inspired me to include him in the Eclipse!AU was this : 

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( Neutron star are so dense they pull material from everything that surround them) 

And this afterward : 

Plus a myriad of little things ~ 

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Just read/misread the mari prompt. So ok, soulmate au where the words on you are the first words your soulmates family says to you because you are already family. (But this is terrible for yuuri because viktor has no family.) (alternate: yakov is his family)

omg I love this

Victor has kanji and hiragana and katakana on his back, neatly printed and formal. When he is seven, his mother pulls up a katakana and hiragana chart online. She can’t translate the kanji, but ヴィクトル was his name, and at least he’d know that his soulmate’s family would say his name. He knows that they are Japanese, but other than that, he’ll have to wait, someday, to find someone to translate it and tell him what the rest said.

Years later, when he moves out of his parent’s empty home, his father long gone and his mother dead in an accident, he asks Yakov’s Japanese neighbor for the rest of the translation. “Welcome to Hasetsu, Victor Nikiforov,” his neighbor reads, “You’re here for our Yuuri? He’s not here right now, but you must have had a long travel! Please, soak in the hot springs.”

He’s twenty-seven when he chases Katsuki Yuuri to his hometown, Hasetsu, his soulmark burning all the way, and when he first walks into Yu-topia Akatsuki, it feels, strangely, enough, like coming home. It’s not so strange though, when he’s greeted by a warm-faced woman and told words he’d been waiting for his whole life.

It’s a little bit hard not to cry, because ever since his mother passed away, Victor hasn’t had a family. But now… if Yuuri is willing to accept him, there’s a chance he may have a new one.

Yuuri has no soulmark.

This isn’t uncommon. There are plenty of people without soulmarks — it used to be more uncommon, when people would die younger and the chances of meeting your soulmate’s family nonexistent because they could be dead before you met them.

But still, it could also mean that you.. have no soulmate. Yuuri doesn’t know what’s worse — to have no soulmate, or to never know, for sure, because you’ll never meet their family and confirm. But he is twenty-three, and running from his worries, and having a soulmate is not something that he’s dwelled on through puberty like most of his friends; insteaad of wanting to meet his soulmate, Yuuri wishes to meet Victor Nikiforov on the ice, an equal. 

(That dream is like ice on the old sting of the thought that Yuuri may end up alone in this world where people have perfect matches. The wound has been long numbed by the ice of the rink and the song of skates.) 

But after he flops at Sochi and loses his dream of meeting Victor on the ice, he somehow meets his apparent soulmate instead — waking up to shovel snow and passing the family dining room, strangely boisterous at this hour. He peeks in an almost drops the shovel, because Victor Nikiforov is sitting with his parents and talking, and Mari is staring at his back and smoking a cigarette and smoking with intense thought. 

The morning after his skate of Victor’s FS has gone viral, Yuuri wakes up to Victor being welcomed into his family as another son. Potential son-in-law.

“He’s definitely not mine,” Mari mutters, side-eying her brother as he sits shellshocked from Victor’s declaration that he would coach Yuuri. “Careful brother, mom and dad love him already.”

“O-Oh,” Yuuri croaks, and Makkachin licks his hand.


aos au: endless skye + ward “quake puns”  [4/?] [officially approved by brett dalton]

rocked, faults 

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anon medi: fuk I don't remember all of it but I'll do my best. I'm thinking about writing a fix based on this, but imagine a royalty AU where Patrick is a bratty slut of a prince, Andy is a knight, and Joe is a knight. Usually Patrick would have Andy fuck him on request, but one day, Andy is out hunting down a rogue named Pete, so Patrick demands that Joe does it in Andy's absence. Joe refuses at first, but ends up fucking him in the dungeon bc the prince is kinda hot.

(2/?) They didn’t notice Andy walking in with the rogue. They finish and Andy is just like “?? You couldn’t wait a few hours???” but he isn’t actually mad bc it was kinda hot to watch. Meanwhile the rogue, Pete, is just dumbfounded with a rlly impatient boner but they throw him in a cell anyways and let him solve his own problem. The next day, both Joe and Andy have to go find the rest of the rogue circle, so Patrick starts throwing a fit but then he remembers the handsome criminal

(3/3) from yesterday and he politely asks his dad (the king) for the dungeon keys. He ends up getting fucked raw by the prisoner and he brags about it to the knights. Well, of course this upsets them bc he’s a criminal, he doesn’t deserve to have sex with the pretty little prince, but patrick is just like “well then don’t leave me next time.” They aren’t about to argue with him though. This cycle repeats a few times and then yay gang bang. Idk I need bratty whore patrick in my life rn
Literally all I can think about now is Royal au. Patrick wearing cute tights, Patrick running around the castle teasing people, Patrick abusing his powers (if ya know what I mean)


Kimi ni mune kyun! (KYUN!!)

This has to be the most cliched, overdone thing I thought up ever and I apologize greatly for it orz Judge me as you so wish. But hey, it’s cute, right? And that’s what matters? XD;; orz

(Also I wasn’t able to fit them in, but I imagine Dekapan and Dayon would be in it too. Hooray for the couple of old men with an ambiguously romantic/sexual relationship :P)


au where ford is horribly disfigured from his time spent on the other side of the portal so he hides his face behind a mask so he won’t scare away the children (or stanley)

Apparently there’s a fic called “Inventing Shadows” by Gwyn Rogers Stark about Loki being the Herald of Andraste and Solas, well, Solas being Solas…

Used one of Loki’s  promo posters because, god, I love the way Hiddleston poses his left arm on his leg.


Original sketches for Ranger Iwaizumi based on Allie’s “I Followed Fires” (which you should totally read if you love yourself).

My plan was to draw the scene in which we first meet Iwaizumi in the story.
But I also felt bad for hiding his face, while simultaneously dying to draw exactly this?!!
So, in the end I added the 2nd one. Typical.

I decided to focus on the one showing his face, as this was a birthday present for Allie who is basically responsible for all of this (curse you.. bless you), so I had some kind of deadline to meet and just knew I’d never finish both on time.

While drawing the one you already know, the picture/atmosphere changed quite a bit and it doesn’t fit the exact scene I had in mind before, so I will just leave these design sketches at this!!

I like the sketchy-style as well :>
I gotta learn to /leave/ things be anyway!! è v é)9


AU where Eren has a Skype job interview but his cat keeps popping up and blocking the screen. 

He doesn’t expect the interview to end up half an hour longer. Nor does he expect the call the next day for an in-person interview.