i appreciate your sass

Dave inconsistently calls Roxy by her name or “mom” from sentence to sentence or even within the same sentence. Roxy thinks it’s “max adorbs.”

Rose will sometimes jokingly call Dirk “father,” especially when he asks her for something and she’ll respond with, “yes, father dearest.” Which annoyed him at first, but now he plays along with some silly fatherly dialogue like “I don’t appreciate your tone, daughter. None of this back-sass or it’s off to bed without supper.” And both of them play it completely straight leading others to wonder if they’re serious or not.

Rose will do it constantly if Dave’s around and Dave hates it because they always drag him into the mix. Rose will be like, “Dave, you mustn’t use such foul language in front of father.” And Dirk’s like, “yeah, I’m super fucking offended. Why can’t you be well-mannered like your sister?” And Dave just lets out the biggest groan. Roxy loves when she gets to play along. “u better listen to ur hunkilicious mom and dad, kids. and maybe you’ll be as hot as us some day” And Dirk takes the dadly pipe that he didn’t have a minute ago out of his mouth to say, “damn right.” Dave pirouettes off the handle through the open window. 

Walk Me to Class: Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request:  hi! could you write a draco x reader imagine where the reader is a hufflepuff, so he’s secretly dating her because he can’t ruin his reputation, but since it’s a secret a lot of people still bully her and lowkey draco does too just so its not suspicious, and one day draco finds pansy and the reader fighting so draco yells at pansy and stuff and then ends up telling everyone that they’re dating and it ends all fluffy :) thanks so much sorry this is so long

A/N: Hope you like it! Requests are officially open now that I’ve finished all of them! 


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“You better leave before I cast a bat bogey hex on you, (Y/L/N).”

“Oohh, I’m so scared, Malfoy,” you rolled your eyes at the Slytherin boy, a hint of playfulness hidden behind the gesture that no one but the two of you would pick up on. As much as you hated having to pretend that the two of you weren’t dating, the fake fights we’re sometimes amusing for you. That was, when Draco was involved. As long as he was there, you could count on him to make sure that nothing ever went too far. But if you were alone with the others, there was no telling what they’d do.

You made your way to your next class, wondering for what felt like the millionth time if Draco would ever make your relationship public. You doubted it- it would completely ruin his reputation. The thought did tend to upset you; you weren’t sure anyone would want their boyfriend to pretend like they hated them when in public. But the way he was so sweet to you when you two were alone together was enough to cancel it out.

As you turned another corner towards Divination, you were surprised to feel someone put their hand on your shoulder, swiveling you around. You expected it to be Draco- the halls were empty now and it wouldn’t be too dangerous for him to walk you to class- but were met instead with the angry eyes of Pansy Parkinson.

You sighed, shrugging the girls hand off your shoulder. “Can I help you?”

“I don’t appreciate all the sass you’re constantly giving Draco,” she huffed. This was another reason you were tired of hiding your relationship- Pansy was constantly thinking she had a chance with Draco, and was always flattering him and trying to romance him.

“Fine, I’ll be sure to direct it at you from now on,” you replied, pushing her aside gently. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get to Divination.”

You were a couple strides away when Pansy shouted a spell at your back, causing you to fall over and hit the ground harshly.

“You can’t talk to me like that!” she argued, marching over to you as you quickly stood up. Her wand pointed at you threateningly and you pulled yours out as she backed you against the wall, cornering you.

“Alright, fine, I’m sorry. Would you just give it up and let me get to my class already?” you asked, not wanting to get into a fight. You had a way of making the Slytherins angry, and as much as you hated fighting with people who Draco considered friends, you couldn’t help it. They irritated you constantly, and firing cheeky remarks was just the way you naturally responded to their attitude.

“Don’t think you’re getting away that easily!” Pansy shouted at you as you made to go around her. “Barri-”

“Expelliramus!” Draco shouted from the end of the hallway, sending Pansy’s wand flying and stopping her from turning your head into that of an elephant. You breathed a sigh of relief as Draco came rushing towards the two of you.

“Draco!” Pansy yelled angrily, “What are you doing?”

“I-Uh…” It was quite obvious to you that Draco hadn’t clearly thought this out, and as Crabbe and Goyle made their way towards the situation, you quickly decided to cover for your boyfriend.

“He probably wants to finish me off himself, is all,” you said, and Draco looked towards you with shock in his eyes. In all the times he’d pretended to bully you, he’d never fired a spell at you. He’d never want to hurt you, but you knew that- that was why you were okay with him doing it. You knew that whatever happened, he didn’t mean it.


“Well, get it over with, I don’t have all day,” you urged him, knowing that if he didn’t do something his friends would become suspicious.

“Right,” Draco mumbled, drawing his wand and pointing it at you. He watched as you drew back, preparing for impact.

“Furnun…Fur…” he stumbled over the jinx and you winced, preparing for your skin to break out in ugly boils once he got it right.

“Furn…” he sighed, shaking his head. Guilt had filled him as he looked at you, preparing to be hit by a spell from your own boyfriend. “No, (Y/N) I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Your eyes widened in surprise as Draco broke the act, all his friends looking on in confusion.

“I didn’t come over here to hex her,” he said, turning to Pansy, “I came over here to help her. Because she’s my girlfriend. I love her, and I’m tired of seeing all of you pick on her.”

“What are you talking about, Draco? Have you gone mad?” Pansy accused, looking back and forth between the two of you in disbelief.

“No, but you’re mad if you think you’re ever casting another spell, or even just shooting another harsh name at (Y/N) anytime soon. From now on you’ll treat her with nothing but respect, understand?” Draco demanded, looking between his friends.

Crabbe and Goyle nodded, too afraid to go against their leader. Pansy however, continued to argue.

“Draco, she’s not even a Slytherin!”

“And?” Draco asked, not seeing the point. “I don’t care or obviously I wouldn’t’ve asked her out in the first place. Now if you’ll excuse us, I’d like to escort my girlfriend to Divination.”

Pansy gaped as Draco took your hand and led you down the hall. You didn’t speak until you two turned the corner. “Draco you didn’t have to-”

“But I did, (Y/N). None of this has been fair to you at all and it’s about time I realized it,” he insisted. “I haven’t been treating you right, letting them get away with stuff like that.”

“Thank you, Draco,” you smiled, squeezing his hand.

“Thank you,” he said, smiling, “for not breaking up with me even though I was being so difficult. I promise, I’m done caring who knows about our relationship. Whether people do or don’t find out, I don’t care anymore. All I care about is us being together.”

“Does this mean you’ll walk me to my classes now?” you asked coyly.

“Actually, I was hoping you’d walk me to mine,” he joked, smirking playfully.

He leaned down, kissing your forehead as you two continued to your classroom. And when you finished Divination, you couldn’t help but grin when your eyes met Draco’s. He was propped up against the wall smiling at you, ready to walk you to your next class, no matter who saw.