i appreciate the thought behind the campaign

So my DM has been texting with me today about a new plot arc he’d like to pursue in our Pathfinder campaign.  Basically he wants my character to get kidnapped and mentally dominated by the enemy faction, becoming evil (though possibly redeemable).   I’d play as my character’s cohort in the meantime while also occasionally making key decisions for my primary character behind the scenes.

Anyway, I thought his ideas were pretty cool, but I mostly super appreciate how he’s checking with me first about this.  In his words, he wants to make sure he doesn’t “kill the mood for the game” for me.  

I think it’s always a good idea to have this conversation with a player before you do anything that could fundamentally alter the nature of their character like this.  I, for example, do not enjoy playing evil characters, so I would not like it if I was made to roleplay someone with a forced alignment switch.  But playing through a storyline as a different character while the party attempts to save my primary?  Totally excited to see how this goes.

Communication is key!  Make sure you understand what kind of game your players are interested in. :) Especially when trying new things.

I’m trying to get the boys to show their appreciation to Anna (buscandoelparaiso) for getting Project No Control started by setting her up with some excellent seats and a meet and greet at a show in London. This is a note I tweeted to each of the boys (just once each - I won’t disrespect them by spamming them) plus Anne, Jay, Gemma and Lottie. My twitter name is @fluffyyorkshire if you’d like to retweet it.

I don’t have a lot of hope that my tweet will get noticed so I’d be grateful if you could give this post a signal boost through your blogs just in case the boys are visiting :) And as I mentioned, if they don’t come through, I’ll work on a gofundme campaign or something to raise the money from the fandom. If we all chip in a little, it wouldn’t take much to show Anna how much we appreciate her idea and action.

IMPORTANT: I know that a *LOT* of fans got behind the project today and made it a success - I don’t mean to diminish the efforts of everyone who blogged, tweeted and Facebooked to make this happen. I just thought it would be nice to recognize Anna for her brainwave and do something nice for her because this was my best day EVER in this fandom, and we’ve had some shitty days lately.


Note: The Jay/Anne version of the note says “truly stunning” instead of “fucking stunning” vocals…gotta respect the mums!