i appreciate izzy and love him a lot

What is wrong with 2x08 you ask?

Listen I liked the concept of people facing their worst fears and what was tormenting them. I love the way Jace was forced to face Maryse telling him he wasn’t her son, that if she knew he was half demon she would have killed him sooner; I loved the fact that Alec had to face the guilt he was feeling towards killing Jocelyn and being scared that Clary blamed him (which leaded to their making up and Alec getting that weight off his shoulders); You know real problems that did not add up to the build of a ship that, right now, made absolutely no sense to introduce (yeah I’m talking #Climon. Sue me!).

Can we all agree that Clary’s worst fear is not having Simon cheat on her? Please!! We are talking about a girl who lost everything she ever knew and thought was certain, her world has been turned upside down, a few episodes back she wanted Jace and feelings like that just don’t go away (please just give me the Seelie Queen meeting!!) plus the way she looked at him when he said he wasn’t leaving her alone because of Valentine (also appreciating the fact that he said it, and didn’t just do it, because that way yayyyyyy!! We get informed Clary and Jace not acting like the creep he really isn’t but lots of times is lead to act like).

Also the Izzy and Raphael interaction (And note this, because I want you to, that I didn’t use the ship name). I love Raphael. He is a deep, meaningful, dense character that we should get to dismantle in the show! I loved the fact that we got a bit of his backstory, I loved that he made a Magnus reference and the importance he had to his life. I get he had to give her motives to get out of the dangerous way she was heading…. BUT NOT LIKE THAT!

What the hell mate? They never had a positive interaction! NEVER! She burnt his hand with sunlight, always being condescending towards vampires and other downwolders (don’t hit me with the “They’re a new type of Shadowhunters”! Maybe another time I’ll try and explain why I think this isn’t true), freeing his worst enemy because it was in their best interests (I see you Simon). They don’t have a positive interaction!

I LOVED the fact that we got a beautiful, yet short, dialogue on his backstory. I’m just sad it was wasted with Izzy. Because he deserved alone time, or with Magnus, to tell his story. That’s how much of a deep and important character he is to me! He deserves to have his own screen time, alone, that’s just not for plot furthering.

Also the way Izzy forces her blood in his mouth after he said no is cringe worthy and don’t try to justify it to me. It’s the equivalent of saying “no” to something and having it done to you anyway, which was exactly what happened!

Moving forward to the 2x09 trailer, Alec, I love you, but don’t be a dick. Your sister knew what she was getting into.

The Iron Sisters warned her, Magnus warned her, Raphael warned her, everybody warned her!

Is she is going down a dark path? Yes! Is it anybody’s fault but hers? Probably Aldetrees but not Raphael’s. I don’t think he can be blamed for the first time he bit her. I’m not saying It is correct, I just feel like he knew she would go find another vampire who didn’t know the significance she held to someone he cared about (She’s Alec’s sister, meaning she must mean something to Magnus as well, and Raph owes Magnus his life).

Which brings me to that scene of Alec punching Raphael. 

First don’t tell me Raph wouldn’t win in a fight with Alec, that’s bullshit and you know it. He had time and time and time to prefect his fighting skills while Alec wasn’t even born, he is a clan leader, he is strong. He probably isn’t fighting back (at least in that scene) beacause of Magnus probabily. Second, if Magnus doesn’t do anything about it- and do something I mean stoping Alec, probably throwing him out of his house- I am going bananas on this show. You know why? Because you don’t get to call someone your “child” and ust have your boyfriend of what?! A few episodes, beat him to a pulp! CAN YOU SEE THE EVIL STEPMOTHER REFERENCE?! Third, Shadowhunters never do anything wrong now do they?! I bet it never ran through their minds that Izzy went looking for trouble, that she found a way to him! Not the other way around! Raphael just wants the best for his clan (and since when is an “arrangement” with Shadowhunters means that precisely?).

I don’t want Alec to be vilanized. He and Raph, along with Simon and Magnus are my favorite characters – and I feel like Magnus is the only one being treated with the respect he deserves (let’s not even go towards Simon or I’ll flip my shit).

Galavant Appreciation Week: Day 4: Favorite Relationship/Dynamic

Again, I’m a day late with this one and I seem to be stuck playing catch up, but better late than never right?  There are a lot of gifs and none of them are mine, I’m just using them to illustrate my point and because Gal and Izzy are super lovely to look at.

Galavant and Isabella: 

I’m sure it’ll come as a surprise to absolutely no one that my favourite dynamic/relationship on the show is the relationship between Galavant and Isabella. Isabella is “small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down” and Galavant has  "a face most chicks have a thing about"…basically these are two uber attractive people. 

Not only are these two undeniably gorgeous (I mean, duh and as Jean Hamm would say “Well, well, well. Hello there.”), but they also subscribe to one of my fave relationship tropes which is the love/hate relationship.

When Isabella and Galavant first meet each other, they can barely stand each other. Isabella finds Gal in a perpetual state of drunkenness in his hovel and she’d probably agree with her parents at this point in time if they called him a “waste of space”. She tells him of her woes and he says, “That’s terrible, just terrible. But you have a nice way about you I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Nice meeting you, doors on the wall.” Isabella then begs him to save her people but Gal completely tunes her out and says:

 Isabella is utterly exasperated with him and Galavant finds her annoying and bossy and is this the beginning a beautiful relationship? I think so! 

Galavant eventually agrees to help Isabella reclaim her kingdom once he learns that King Richard is the one who invaded it. It is at this point that the audience discovers that Isabella is leading Galavant into a trap, but we still can’t help but love this precious cupcake because she is clearly wrestling with guilt about it…and this is before she even gets to know our hero. The angst is built into this relationship from the get go and it is absolutely delicious. 

Over the course of season one, Galavant and Isabella grow from being strangers to reluctant teammates to friends to a couple that is meant for each other. Isabella trains Galavant and teaches him how to be a knight again.

 She becomes our hero’s hero and “brings him back to himself”.

 Galavant becomes more considerate and caring around her. She’s always on his mind 

and he defends her when she isn’t there to defend herself (“Call her a mouth breather one more time!”). Because of his feelings for Isabella, Galavant learns that it’s not always about him, he’s not just “the hero that gets the raisins”…sometimes other people get the raisins too…like when Galavant stashes some trail mix aside and gives them to Isabella “raisins intact”. 

The relationship development between these two is so well done that you can go back and rewatch it and track it episode by episode. Galavant goes from “seeing [Isabella’s] mouth start moving and…needing a drink” in Joust Friends (1x02) to telling her that he doesn’t always listen when she speaks but he’s going to work on that in Comedy Gold (1x04) 

to telling Isabella that speaking to her is one of his favorite things to do in My Cousin Izzy (1x07). 

Likewise, Isabella learns to see Galavant in a completely different light. In the pilot she thinks of him as a bumbling buffoon and she tells him, “You’re no hero”, and in Joust Friends, she constantly questions him and his abilities

 until she gradually starts to trust him and becomes his biggest fan in It’s All in the Executions (1x08) when she tells him, 

Similarly, Galavant’s heroism is directly connected to his relationship with Isabella and as their relationship blooms so does Galavant’s heroism. He becomes the hero we always knew he was.

Galavant realizes that they only kind of hero he wants to be is her hero 

and he goes from saying “Nice meeting you, doors on the wall” and giving zero shits about her and people in general (mostly because Maddie seriously did a number on him) to putting her safety and the lives of his friends above everything else. Galavant promises Isabella that he’s going to save all of them in Dungeons and Dragon Lady (1x06),

then in My Cousin Izzy, Galavant says “I’m going to save all of them, especially her” and he races across the banquet hall to save Izzy from eating shellfish. 

Lastly, in “It’s all in the Executions”, Galavant flat out refuses to leave Isabella behind until Gareth promises to to take care of her.

We’ve come quite a long way since, “You have a nice way about you, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet”. 

Of course I’d be remiss if I failed to mention their heavenly duets and how well their voices blend together and how their love songs are so honest and refresh and true to them. 

And then there’s how attractive they are and how attractive they find each other and Isabella going “damn” when she sees Gal pour water on himself because she’s found “the abs the poets praise" 

and Gal saying: 

Oh and there’s also the way Gal calls Isabella’s mom, "Mummy!” and says:

 which is simultaneously hilarious and squeeworthy because this means that he envisions a future with Isabella even in his extremely drunken state.  I mean, don’t they just look perfect together here:

Also, I can’t forget the eyesex and how they had eyesex babies in that monastery and how Isabella was hoping beyond hope that Galavant would live and he could forgive her for betraying his trust and how she had to be the one to remind him about Madalena and how he was like, “Oh yeah right her. Sorry I forget about her because of the stunning, amazing woman in front of me” and basically it all adds up to complete perfection.

“[Galabella’s] the complete package and I, for one, am finally throwing my arms in the air and giving into it.”

Oh who am I kidding? I’m Galabella trash. They had me at “I’m sorry, what is that smell?” and I’ve grown to love them more with every episode and I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC THAT MY BABIES ARE COMING BACK AND WE’RE GOING TO GET MORE FOREVER KISSES 


Can I have season 2 now please?

                         HAPPY BDAY TO OUR JEFFREY (using it just because I think is a very cute! )

He is undeniably talented. He sings, he plays and he sure has a heart of gold and I don’t think that is appreciated a lot. He was the most quiet of the band - in terms of the media talk- and I guess that’s one of the reasons why people tend to think is underrated.

To me he isn’t. His song lyrics were INCREDIBLE and even though he was low key he complimented GNR incredibly well. He was really missed when he left and everyone in the band made sure fans always remembered him. 

He still rocks till this very day and his writing and singing skills are better than ever. 


Keep rockin’ man and I hope you have one amazing bday! Cause you sure deserve it! <3