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dhksjsns do you think you could draw scott malkinson (in a flowe r crow n??) please? it’s okay if not, i just wish he’d get more appreciation :’)

I literally dropped everything I was doing and started drawing when I got this ask because YES APPRECIATE THIS SWEET BOY MORE PLEASE

also a headcanon that he is a huge reptilelover and owns two leopard geckos - they’re named Sugar and Coke (believe me, he totally makes a lot of jokes about needing insuling due loving them so much)

True Mate

This is Part One in “Heat Timing”
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1878

Warning: Smut, badly written A/B/O dynamics

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

          You were lucky that you hadn’t been in your apartment when the fire happened. Lucky that your apartment hadn’t been touched by the fire. Unlucky because you weren’t allowed to be in your apartment while it was being repaired and renovated.

           Jensen was amazing enough to let you stay with him during that time. He had a two bedroom apartment and offered you the guest room without hesitation. You were thankful for a friend like him.

           “Do you have everything you need?” Jensen asked as you dropped your bags in the guest room floor.

           “Pretty sure,” you nodded, “I really appreciate you letting me stay, J. You’re the best. I’ll find a way to repay you. I promise.”

           “You don’t have to do anything,” Jensen said, “I’m just glad I get to help you out. I hate that your apartment is inhabitable right now.”

           “I got lucky,” you sighed, “Just can’t wait for them to open it back up to the rest of us again.”

           “Well, you can stay as long as you need,” he smiled, “I’ll order something for dinner,” he said, “Any preference?”

           “Whatever you want. I’m not too picky,” you said.

           “Okay. I’ll figure it out. Make yourself at home.” 

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Imagine Spock helping you when you have period pains?

Requested by Anon~

Your muffled groans is what attracted Spock’s attention; a sound he wasn’t expecting to hear in the early hours of the morning. And as he approached the bed, the Vulcan watched your curled-up form lie in the middle of the mattress for a few moments. “Is everything alright?” Spock asked.

“No.” You replied, voice curt enough to warrant a raised eyebrow from the science officer.

He decided to come closer, examining the situation; you, lying in a fetal position, with a shorter temper than usual. Spock exhaled, carefully sitting on the side of the bed beside you. “Is there anything I can do to help alleviate the discomfort?”

Barely pulling your face out of the pillow, you watched him for a moment. And if not for the situation, you would have appreciated the sentiment. “Not much you can do.” You answered before shrugging. “Except for….some tea?”

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ever just think about how nothing really matters and i'm really alive for no reason at all

i disagree.. i think people think nothing matters because everything matters. you holding the door a bit longer so someone behind you can walk in may not seem like it matters, but in that moment the person appreciated it, so it has to matter a little. you gave that person a sense of thanks, so that person felt a real emotion! in your own tiny way you gave someone a new emotion and that matters so much!

each existence matters! because no one will ever impact the world in quite the way you do. i think people exist to help and love each other. if we can spread even the tiniest bit of happiness, then that means the world.

years from now my writing will probably mean nothing and be lost to the internet, but if it was able to give even one person a smile or giggle or make them feel something, then i’ll consider it a success. just because it doesn’t last forever doesn’t mean it didn’t matter.

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You’re just a little ray of sunshine that I can turn too whenever I feel depressed or alone. Thank you for your contagious giggles and your kind-hearted personality! We all appreciate you and everything you do! Thank you 🖤

That’s the idea! Contagious giggles and happiness! I hope everyone catches it!!!


Tis a day of celebration. First I find out the Canadian supreme Court looks like a bunch of santa cosplayers.

(do you think I’d like about this????)

Now, I discover that we have hit 300 followers!! Which is amazing, considering everything.

Those that follow me for writing, thank you for your patience with me, I appreciate yall so fucking much.

Those that follow me for fandom posts, hell yeah!!! Y'all are awesome!!!

Those that follow me for me, why??? Jk I love y'all too!!!

In short ilysm and I will be posting the headcanons shortly. Hope y'all love some batkid!!!

Some of the lovely people I see in my notifications almost daily and wish to recognize: @aggressivelyartsy @vermelian @talkingoveralls @milkywayheartcupcake @perforabuntsaggittis @writing-yj @fangirlnova / @hyp-oh-critical @feithera (whos other account I already tagged lol) @thesiqnal

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Are you alright? Would you like to talk to someone? In any case, I'm sorry you're feeling so low, and I hope that you will feel better soon... I don't know what I can do to help, but please know that I'm wishing you the best.

Yeah, I’m not feeling 100% right now. I’m getting a cold or better I HAVE a cold and I have some things on my mind. But I’ll be fine. I’ll just need some things to distract myself a little, like spending time with friends or reading some books or stories.

I think everything will be better soon. Some things start looking better and I’m positive everything will be fine soon.

To be honest, anon, showing your concern and wishing me the best is the best thing you can do! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You actually made me smile!

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i'm late but.. why is everyone so pressed about some of the members not posting for jin's birthday? not everything they do has to be publicized online, it doesn't reflect on their relationship at all. yes it's a tradition but maybe this year they did something so special for jin there was no need for a post. how would we know? it's just a twitter post, we all know bangtan's bond is way stronger than that. sending you some support 💕 and happy birthday!

Hey there ‘there was no need for a post’ anon,

Tkx for leaving your thoughts on my asks. 

True. We do not know the reasons behind their online presence-absence therefore I think we shouldn’t be judgemental. And I agree, not everything has to be publicized online and it most definitely does not affect their relationship. 

I really appreciate your message of support and thx so much for the birthday wishes. 

Lots of love. 

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hey I jus t wanna let u know that I rlly appreciate everything u do. all your encouraging good morning and good night messages mean the world to me and I hope that whatever is going on passes quickly so u can feel better soon. we're all rooting for u buddy! !! remember that it's okay to not feel good all of the time

aa aaa thank you so so much.. that mwans so much to me i rlly want to help people as much as i can… im rooting for you too i believe in you thank u for sending me this and being alive

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Admin Emma can I just say- thank you for everything. Like seriously all this stuff was crazy and it's so good that you keep a level headed opinion about it ❤️ Seen so many people saying different things and love how collected you are about the situation!love you always xx

This was so lovely to hear, thank you so much!!💕I appreciate stuff like this so much bc I really have little other way of knowing what you guys are thinking so it means a lot that you care enough to do so💕

-Admin Emma

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I don’t know how this net thing is gonna play out but I do want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed following you for about the last two years of my life. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pay for websites like this but I want you to know that I loved hearing your opinions and your life stories, and reading your scripts and everything. You’ve been such a kind and wonderful person and you try your best to respond to rude people in a kind manner and I appreciate that so yeah. 😊

This is so heartbreaking and lovely at the same time. This isn’t goodbye! Not yet! I refuse to believe that! Xoxo

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hi Beka! I just wanted to say I read literally all of your fics you post, I’ve been through your masterlist at least a dozen times, and really appreciate your writing. I noticed a lot of fic writers have been feeling down about a lack of notes on their fics and I just wanted to say, I’m here 100% and love reading everything you post. So if you get shit likes or feedback on something you post, hey, at least you have 1 highly appreciative and dedicated nonny who liked it :) xoxo

This is incredibly sweet. Thank you, really. I do appreciate this. 💖

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You "cannot see anything but fetid delour" because your cynical head is shoved so far up your still-teenage angst ass that all you can see and speak is shit. You talk and act like you're 16. Nature is connection and if all you see is where we came from in a negative light, then you may actually have no soul or it's so suppressed that you aren't even aware of it. You're so devoid of any vision that you can't connect that everything you have ever appreciated or used came from nature.

You sound like you’ve never gotten a superb blowjob on top of a skyscraper and I genuinely feel sorry for you. 

C+ on the hate mail, though. Not very original, clearly steeped in impulse, not terribly observant in an interesting way. Not a “manchild” or a “emotional cripple” in the mix. 

You can do better. I believe in you. Next time I have an experience in nature and find it completely pallid, you can come back and try again. Suggestions include “crippling insecurities” and “obvious dissembling”. Read a little Kenneth Burke before hand. You’ve got this! You’re a strong, proud anon sending mean messages to a sad man. Really rip into it. 

There’s all kinds of nooks and hollows of the psyche to exploit; after all, you’re never going to be able to get me in my “soul”. 


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


I only have one weapon: my serve. The chance I received is just one service chance. I’m going to fight putting my pride and the flow of the game into that shot. I am…a pinch server.

—for my beautiful su @atsushisnakajima ♡

Don’t Freak V

Steve Harrington x Reader




Jonathan sat like stone, emotion vacant from his face while Y/N paced the living room.

Please say something,” She begged. Jonathan shrugged.

“I don’t know what to say,” Y/N sighed and nodded. A few moments passed before Y/N spoke again.

“He came by today,”

“What did he say?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t let him in,” Jonathan took a good look at her face, then laughed. “He tried talking to me through the mail slot in the door,” This had Jonathan full belly laughing. “Why are you laughing?” He had a grin on his face and shook his head in disbelief.

“You’re scared,”

“Of what?”

“The prospect that someone actually has feelings for you that aren’t platonic?” Jonathan shrugged as if it made perfect sense. “You’re so used to it just being me and you that the thought of someone actually spilling their guts out to you freaks you out. And he actually did it,”

“Shouldn’t it freak me out?! This is a normal reaction! I am reacting normally!” She grabbed a throw pillow off the sofa and smothered her face in it, screaming.

“And from the fact that you’ve been cooped up in your house all weekend, missed school today, and you’re now screaming into a pillow, I’d say that…this is effecting you as more than a freak out,” Y/N took the pillow off her face and glared at Jonathan.

“I do not like him,” Jonathan raised an eyebrow. “I don’t!”

“Okay,” He shrugged.

“He’s a jerk!” Y/N went back to pacing, her arms crossed tightly against her chest.  

“Uh-huh,” He nodded.

“He’s completely full of himself,”


“And don’t get me started on that stupid hair,” She pointed at Jonathan, who just sat and watched his best friend unravel before his very eyes. “Stupid, perfect hair,” She muttered to herself, but was loud enough for Jonathan to catch it.

“Anything else?” She looked like a wild woman before him as she held her arm out on either side of her.

“Literally everything about him is bad!” Jonathan rolled his eyes.

“Come on, you know that’s not true. I mean, yeah, he’s a dick, but after everything you told me he said, it makes sense. And…he’s a person with feelings?”

“What are you doing?” Y/N pointed accusingly at Jonathan,

“Nothing,” He put his hands out in surrender, “It’s just that from a guy’s perspective, it kinda makes sense,”

“It makes sense that he’s treated you like shit for three years? That’s what you’re saying? Now he suddenly has feelings?”

“Yeah, for you -a girl- who is not me.” Then Jonathan sighed, “Do I appreciate that he’s treated me like shit for three years because he has some kind of neanderthal complex? No, but you’re not seeing it the way I’m seeing it.”

“Then maybe you should date him,” Jonathan gave her a pointed look.

“Don’t deflect,” Y/N shoved a pillow into his chest, “Listen, I’m the last person that would defend him to anyone, especially you, but he just had a look when I talked to him at school.” Y/N sat back down. “Do what you want, but now that I know he came to check on you when I told him you weren’t in class, it all adds up. Do I like that it’s him that’s making a move on you, no, but he seems…genuine? And if he can make you happy…” Y/N flung herself back onto the cushions and groaned.

“I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before and I’m uncomfortable, and I don’t like it. I don’t know what to do,” Y/N looked to Jonathan for any kind of direction.

“You could do the normal human thing and give him a shot? Talk to him without clamming up.” Y/N’s face scrunched up.

Who are you?”

“I can’t do this,” Y/N stared at her garage door from the driver seat of her car. She sat there in the freezing car for at least a half hour. The key wasn’t even in the ignition and she felt like she was going to throw up. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back against the seat and took deep, calming breaths.

A sudden knock on her window caused her to punch the horn in freight.

Shit-fuck!” Y/N screamed, her body sliding awkwardly to the floor space of the Jetta. Her head and shoulders were on on the seat and she could see Steve’s petrified face looking down at her.

Y/N, even more awkwardly, cranked the window down.


“Are you alright?” Y/N nodded

“Yeah, I’m fine, great actually,” Steve raised an eyebrow at her tone. “I was actually on my way to find you,”

“Really?” He asked skeptically. She awkwardly nodded. “Going nowhere fast?” He nodded to the keys sitting on the passenger seat. Y/N rolled her head to look, then back to Steve.

“I would’ve made it there…eventually,” She sighed. “I’m sorry. I was incredibly rude this morning. This isn’t…easy…for me,”

“Uh, apology accepted, but are we going to do this, like this?” Steve motioned between the two of them.

“Can you…turn around or something? So I can, at least, keep some of my dignity?” Steve chuckled and humored her. With his back turned, the door opened with a squeak and Steve heard a grunt and a plop on the pavement behind him. He snickered to himself, not wanting to piss her off.

“Alright, I’m somewhat presentable,” Y/N was stuffing her keys into her coat pocket as he turned back around.

“You uh, want to go for a ride?” Steve did a side nod, motioning to his car, hopeful that she would take him up on his offer. It took everything in Y/N to not bolt for the door to her house, but she nodded and followed him, getting in on the passenger side.

They drove in silence, only the cassette playing softly as background noise. Y/N recognized it, more than recognized it.

“Escape?” Y/N asked. She knew which album it was, but she was trying to initiate the conversation. Goddamn it, Jonathan. Steve smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, it’s a great album,” Jonathan actually bought her the album as an early birthday present when it was released in ’81 because she was absolutely obsessed with Steve Perry for a short period of time. She wasn’t going to tell Steve that though.

“It’s a favorite of mine,” She admitted. Don’t clam up. Y/N had to hold her hands in her lap to keep them from shaking.

“Me too!” Steve nearly shouted, then immediately looked horrified at his outburst. He was just happy they could agree on something. One of Y/N’s hands covered her mouth, but he saw her smile before the mittens on her hands covered it. “There it is. I finally get a smile out of you and it’s because I’m an idiot,” Steve muttered shook his head, but blushed all the same causing Y/N to actually laugh. Unfortunately for Steve, it was gone as quickly as it came. Y/N was soon back to her nervous, quiet self.

Steve drove through Hawkins and passed through the town limits. There were miles of hills and flatlands outside of the town. There was a gravel turn off of the two lane highway. They drove with Journey filling the silence until he parked facing the town. The sun was starting to set over the mountain at the backside of Hawkins, casting a pink glow over everything. Steve unbuckled his seatbelt and shifted to face Y/N.

“So,” Steve started, “Were you actually going out to find me?” Y/N turned to look at him. She nodded.


“Okay,” He pressed for Y/N to continue.

“It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t been entirely fair to you. I never considered that you were actually serious, serious. Like, I knew you were serious, but there’s no way you could’ve actually been seriously serious? You know?” Steve’s brain tried to compute what Y/N was trying to say, but he ended up with -Y/N would never admit- an adorably confused face.

“No?” Y/N sighed and looked down to her hands.

“No one’s ever really shown interest in me, which is fine, but then you came whirling out of nowhere, confessing that you’ve been pining after me for years. To be blunt, Steve, it fucked me up.”

“Not the reaction I was hoping for, just so you know,” Y/N took the mittens off her now warm hands and set them on her lap.

“I guess I’ve never really been interested in relationships to actually care that I’ve never had one. I never imagined myself in one. It just…wasn’t a thought. My parent’s relationship was incredibly shitty, so I guess that played a part in it. I figured if that was what a relationship was, I didn’t want any part in one. After they got divorced, my mom seemed happier, so why even go through it in the first place if you could bypass it and just be happy? Then you came along and now I don’t know what to think anymore. What I do know is that what I’m feeling right now isn’t something I’ve ever felt before, and if I don’t give this a shot, I’ll regret it.” She partially mirrored his words during their last car ride. Steve’s eyes held hope. Give him a shot.

“But now that you’ve come back, turned night into day. I need you to stay,”

Y/N grabbed every ounce of courage she held within her and reached over to Steve. She gently cupped his cheek and pulled him towards her. The song playing over the stereo gave her some extra needed encouragement.

“So now I come to you with open arms. Nothing to hide, believe what I say.”

When their lips met, it was like fireworks were erupting behind Y/N’s eyes. It was short, but it was sweeter than anything she could’ve ever imagined.  

“So here I am with open arms. Hoping you’ll see what your love means to me with open arms,”

This…really just happened. Y/N kissed Steve because she wanted to. She wanted to.

As they pulled apart, Steve had the goofiest smile stretched across his face.

“Thanks,” Y/N bursted into a full laugh in Steve’s face. It was like music to his ears. Her forehead hit his chest and he could feel the rumbles of her laughter. He brought his hand up to the back of her head and held her to himself as she tried to calm down. Once she could form words again, she pulled herself up. Steve’s hand moved to rest at the base of her neck, his thumb rubbing just under her ear.

“You’re welcome, Steve.” Y/N said with a shy smile and a darkening blush on her cheeks.

There it is; the meat and potatoes y’all have been waiting for because I’m a creature that thrives on angst and suffering. I had the dumbest look on my face while I tried to write this.

I don’t know if I want to post more to this? It seems like a good place to end it? Idk, I might do a few parts of moments throughout their relationship??