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Michael: I’ve liked him since what? Forever? I can’t just tell him, he probably doesn’t see me that way…

Jeremy: and risk ruining our friendship??? CHRISTINE ARE YOU INSANE??

One of my greatest annoyances is when people accuse me of not liking a female character but I’d like them just fine if they were a man because then those traits would be fine.

No??????? I wouldn’t?????????????? There are traits I hate no matter what you are. Vicious, vindictive, violent people. Power-hungry, condescending people. Someone who thinks they can avoid the rules cause they’re special *AHEM*. So on and so forth.

I can like them as a well written character if they are that, but it doesn’t mean I have to LIKE them. And their gender certainly doesn’t impact that.

Zude Recap (3x10):

It’s going to be Zude moments but also just Jude and Zero separately. (SPOILERS)

Oscar gave Jude three months to prove to him that he’s worth the EVP job. (So, yay, he’s not jobless!) 

 Investigator found more on Zero’s sister, like that she’s in her senior year of BU, drives a hybrid, is with a great family and other things I didn’t catch. (He was so happy when he told Jude!) 

 James came in as a TMZ reporter claiming they know about the PI, but they believe it’s because there’s “trouble in paradise,” Zero blew it off. 

 Zero got Laura’s number and with Jude’s encouragement, he was going to call, but he realized he didn’t want to ruin what she already had…a happy family. Then he goes and says something like this: “…besides, I have a family…you.” (like what??) 

 Zero bought his childhood home, under both his and Jude’s name, so they can both renovate it together!! Zero was all like, “only if you want to,” and Jude was like, “of course, stupid!” (I died) 

 Jelena traded Zero!! 

Jude “needs” to stay for Lionel, but it jeopardizes their relationship if he does. Zero had everything taken from him in literally a few seconds!! (fuckity, fuck, fuck)

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I wanna see fahc Ryan meeting Mad King please. Could you imagine how that would go down??

I feel like they wouldn’t get along all that well at first.  Mad King being his usual manipulative self, Ryan seeing through the bullshit, and being all “listen, what you do with your morons is your business, but these ones are mine, back the fuck off.”

When they’re on the same team though, pulling heists, it’s a glorious bloodbath with chaos reigning supreme and the snark levels going off the charts.  Unfortunately for Ryan, it turns out super villains don’t really have downtime, and between heists he’s stuck babysitting.

“What are you… what is this?  Okay yes, I applaud your engineering skills, but around here the giant death machines aren’t necessary.  No, we mostly just shoot people.  With guns.  No you can not have a gun.  …Is that the tv?”

“The Lads are bitching to me that you stole all of their jell-o, and I don’t wanna know why you took it, but I’m here to get it back.”

“Could you just… could you drop the dramatic tone for like an hour?  You’re eating lunch, not everything has to sound like a Shakespearean sonnet.”

“Can somebody else take Mad Monarch duty for a little while?  Please?  …what do you mean a taste of my own medicine, I’m not… I am not that bad.  Stop laughing.  Stop it.

  • me: *sees everyone freaking out*
  • me: ???
  • me: *reads the richonne spoilers*
"As soon as we talk, it's over"

Might be unpopular opinion, but really liked how it was Felicity that walked away. It was painful to watch, of course, with Oliver hands lingering in the space where Felicity’s face was during the kiss. Still, it was nice to see that she wasn’t standing there trying to convince him to not break things off. (Not that there is anything wrong if she was.)

I’ve said this before, but it’s because she already talks Oliver into a lot of things on almost a daily basis – make him believe in himself, make him understand he can do good, make him see he is good. He’s thrived on that. Even in that episode, she kept pulling him away from self-doubt when it came to acquiring QC back, and we see him have the courage to try because of her faith in him.

“Stop dangling maybes”– she’s saying she’ll accept all the “nevers” but that he has to make that decision and say it. She essentially tells him it’s either push or pull, because she can’t stand to be on the edge of the cliff waiting and waiting and waiting to either be pushed off it or be brought back to safety. And I completely applaud that. Yes she’s in love with Oliver, yes she wants to be with him, and yes she may be a superwoman in our eyes, but she’s entitled to self-preservation too.  

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While it's admirable Malala is using her prize money for such altruistic means, giving money to a terrorist-state which routinely drags the bloodied corpses of suspected spies through the streets is just perpetuating a cycle of violence carried on through the systematic brainwashing of Jew-hatred straight out of the Inquisition. It's going to go straight to more weapons. We're all exhausted from the bloodshed, but supporting Hamas will just make it worse.

Malala isn’t donating her prize money to Hamas, she’s donating it to United Nations Relief and Works Agency to rebuild schools (source).  Malala is a smart young woman who is decidedly anti-terrorist and wouldn’t donate to a terrorist organization.  What’s more, Palestine is not a terrorist state. They have a democratically elected government and many of it’s people do not support Hamas. At all. They want peace. They want Israel to stop building settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. They want their children to be able to go to school without fear of them being blown apart.  Israel has suffered little to no damage to their infrastructure in any of the recent conflicts. They are more than capable of defending themselves. The force they are using is entirely unnecessary and the behavior of the Israeli government is unacceptable and frankly, un-Jewish.  

Education— particularly secular education— can only be a good thing in fighting the influence of Hamas in Gaza.  So, yes, I applaud Malala’s actions. They are as good for Israel as they are for Palestine.