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God I really LOVE your prompts!! Would you write one about the "I Love you" scene in TFP but where John hast to say/ admit it? It would make me soooo happy. :-))

John wakes, head throbbing, and breathes in the pungent smell of chlorine. His eyes open at the awful familiarity of it. The Pool.

He looks around frantically, and sees Sherlock slumped against the wall, groaning and rubbing the back of his head.


Sherlock starts, his eyes widening as he takes in John. “Are you al-”

A dialing tone. Five pips. And then, a ghostly voice echoing off the tiles:

“Hello. My name is Jim Moriarty. Welcome to The Final Problem.”

Sherlock looks very pale, and John wants nothing more than to run to him.

“That’s… that’s not possible,” Sherlock says. His eyes scan the place, searching.

And John’s blood turns cold. “Sherlock-”

Sherlock stops, and his eyes follow John’s. The red light dances on his chest.

And then, the voice of Jim Moriarty again, distorted and filled with static, the words sounding wrong and edited, spliced together: “Fill in the blanks, Johnny boy!”

A new voice: “You need to get it out.”

John must make some sort of noise, because Sherlock is staring at him, stricken. He prays and prays that the recording won’t continue but-

“My- my best friend. Sh-Sherlock Holmes. Is Dead.”

Sherlock’s eyes are beginning to fill up, and John wants to scream; he doesn’t want- Sherlock can’t hear him like this- this isn’t-

The tape jumps. And John knows each word off by heart.

“The stuff that you wanted to say… but didn’t say it.”


“Stop it,” Sherlock says, abruptly. “Would you just- this is cruel. Stop it.”

The tape continues: “Say it now.”

And Sherlock’s reaction breaks John’s heart. His face is still showing his fury, but he’s undeniably holding his breath, as if hoping against hope, waiting to hear-

But John already knows he has let him down. His past wrecked voice fills the pool. “No. Sorry, I can’t.”

John is shaking his head. “Sherlock, I…” But he doesn’t know, has never known how to finish that sentence.

Sherlock blinks and some tears fall, and John feels sick.

Suddenly, they are plunged into red light. Moriarty’s voice returns. A count down.


Sherlock is shaking. The aim of the sniper is still on him. “John, I- I’m sorry.”


“What are you apologising for, you idiot? We need to think, we can-”


“John. It’s okay.”


What? Of course, it’s not okay, how can you just sit there and think that, that- tell me what to do.”


“I- I think- I think there must be a- a release code. Some…”


“Some what? A word, a number? Think, Sherlock.”

But, oh John Watson, he berates himself. You already know.

Fill in the blanks, Johnny boy.


The stuff you wanted to say.


But didn’t say it.


Say it now.

“I loved him!”

The words are wrenched out, as if something has been scooped out of his very chest. They echo and rebound off the walls, and once they’re out, John can’t stop himself, like something has finally been freed: “Alright? Is that what you needed to hear? That’s what I was going to say. I loved him. I loved him.”

Sherlock is still shaking. “Why- why would they want you to say that?” he whispers. As if it’s a lie. As if he can’t quite believe what he’s hearing.

John’s throat closes up. “Because it’s- it’s true, Sherlock.” He pushes past the tears. “It’s- it’s always been true.”

John swallows and looks Sherlock right in the eye. “I love you,” he says, and it feels like the only sure thing in the universe.

The lights flicker to normal. Sherlock is staring at him. Staring and crying, his lip trembling, desperately trying to speak but he can’t quite get the words out.

A new voice, sharp and crystal clear.

“I applaud the spectacle,” says the woman known as Mary Morstan.

I took a bit of creative licence with this scene, so I hope it still fits the bill for you! ;) <3

I’m taking ficlet prompts. <3



Tang Shen appreciation post

Lets take a moment to appreciate Tang Shen here, because she SO deserves it. Like, oh my God. We’ve known about her since the first episode but we didn’t know how incredibly badass she was! SHE SAVED HAMATO YOSHI! She was so in love with a man, she was so brave, she couldn’t just stand by and watch her husband get killed, she decides to take control, she is in control the whole episode..

I am so sad we didn’t know before what a great character she is. First, she is kind. She took 4 mutants into her home and fed them, made them feel at home, took care of them, even trusted her daughter to one of them. 

Second. She is a great mother. She doesn’t think of her own interests but what is best for her daughter, she does not take shit from a man, she is trying to convince her husband that the envirment they live in is not the best for their child. She’s considering leaving her husband, the place she knows the best, just so her daughter would be safe.

Third. This line “I can take care of myself. I always have” What an amazing line. She always has. Why? When? What happened to her before? We have no idea but this line tells us that this woman is a warrior, she doesn’t need a savior, she has been through a lot in her life and those things made her strong. Seriously, i don’t know what she mean by “I always have” but I am so fascinated by her, by her past, by who she is. Just from that one line. 

And lastly, she goes into a burning house to save her husbend. To shield him. She risks her life, not thinking of consequences, what might happen to her. SHe just sees the house burning, knows her husband is there, knows these 2 men will not stop fighting if she doesn’t stop them. She knows how it is dengerous, she is just that couragous. 

I am blown away by how much i fell in love with this character from just ONE EPISODE! That was a fantastic character finally opening up before us after 3 seasons. I applaud the writers for making this woman, who we’ve known so little about so freaking BADASS! They couldn’t have made her a passive wife, a victim, but they took an opportunity and made her truly one of the best characters in the show. BRAVO!. 

To love an artist:

love is tricky, even more scary is the love of an artist. we have the ability to make your soul jump outside comfort and if you’ve never felt anything alike, you’ll be too late trying to rescue a body once your heart falls. the love of an artist is pure, unconditional. breathtaking, and some days full of fist. frustrating but understand floating has consequences, being taken to the moon has a prize. we’ll write your hurt and sing your pain. we’ll paint your flaws gorgeous and make your bones recite poems in love letters, only so your skin can feel us. mornings will feel like sex and nights you’ll pray the moon longer so the sun is late. this kind of love is sacred, confusing sometimes impulsive but worth every turn. i’ve been told, scary is to love a man whose heart is indicisive, and i often am but understand where i’ve been. my mind clutters and my thoughts win. i tend to ‘feel’ everything. therefore, i am 'here’ and everywhere else as far as emotions go, please understand. being in love with an artist is not easy and not just anybody can do it. being a writer, or a lover of words rather. we can write hurt and cut details with such eloquence you’ll forget who made you bleed, and maybe that’s where the fault is but find me a human being with minimal to no desire for a fantasy and i’ll stop writing. we’ll make you believe everywhere your mouth been was filth and heaven is where our tongues are. i say, blame the angels for trumpets they forgot and we stole without permission but only survive because of god’s mercy. being in love with an artist is to become one with fear, the understanding on induced energy. falling off buildings is more thrill than loss only for this time, wings grew. the love of an artist is pure, unconditional, impuslive but hesistant, scary and unknowing yet breathtakingly beautiful. which would you rather settle for?

sidenote: i applaud every woman whose ever grew a feather for me.

I have to applaud Martha Jones. Badass, resourceful, and strong. She has the strength to go, unlike past and future companions. She knows being with the Doctor is dangerous and mad and amazing, but her love for him was devastating. And while he loved her, it wasn’t the right way. Not in the way she deserved it.

So, I applaud you, Martha Jones.

You are one hell of a woman.

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Today another female fingerbanged me. She has a boyfriend... I feel guilty. Help.

If my wife told me a woman did that to her, and she consented to it/enjoyed it, I would applaud her.

A woman being with the woman I care about is not a threat to me, it is an opportunity to be part of yet another beautiful moment.

Like, on one hand, I can look at Kira Nerys being violent and see what is literally happening on screen, that she has a very complex and uneasy relationship with her violence, and I’m like, “This is an excellent and realistic characterization, and I applaud you for the nuance with which you treat this woman and her frequent use of physical force, Deep Space Nine and Nana Visitor.”

And on the other hand, I look at Kira Nerys being violent and it blossoms into this beautiful visual metaphor of resisting oppression, whether in a larger sociopolitical context or just in the context of me fighting my own internal demons, or anything in between, and I’m just like, “FUCK YEAH YOU BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THAT GUY TWICE YOUR SIZE YOU FUCKING BADASS, AW YEAH I'MA REWATCH THIS SCENE TWENTY TIMES NOW.”

Toph As A Police Chief, Leader, Mother, and Person.

You know, after three seasons of Legend of Korra and a fourth just a week away, I find myself pondering on my all time favorite character: Toph Beifong. Her role and persona on Avatar The Last Airbender was brilliant and the fact that we get to know her daughters as well in Legend of Korra has me itching to know what kind of parent she was. Of course, like everybody else in the fandom, imagining Toph yelling at her daughters, pushing them to be their best, calling them names, being an unconventional mother by standards is funny to see through fan art and read through fanfiction. But really. How was Toph as a single mother raising two girls in addition to a very demanding career?

As a kid, Toph was never the nicest person per say. Well actually, that’s not true. She is actually fiercely loyal to her friends and she fights for what’s right. She can be very mature at times and the voice of reason for Team Avatar. However, she showed these characteristics by being rude, sarcastic, mischievous, and very, very blunt. But I mean, come on, she was only twelve years old. She could have her ups and downs, she hadn’t even hit puberty yet. But what happened when she grew up? I’m sure there are certain aspects of her character that stayed the same because Toph is Toph. She will always be sarcastic. She will always be straight forward. She will always be rude. But Toph matured for the sake of her position. Not only was she a war hero, but she started her very own metalbending academy (before she made up with her parents - where did the funding come from?), she taught enough students effectively to make a police force, she helped Aang and Zuko establish Republic City (something never been done in history - a unified city?), and she became Chief of Police (a beyond stressful career). Toph became a very significant leader who had worked to create the world we see in Legend of Korra today. Is it perfect? Of course not. But I’ll say it again: she was twelve when she started all this. Twelve year olds aren’t supposed to be worrying about politics and city state building. I am very impressed by the capacity that Toph has to take on all this at such a young age. Her and Aang both. They didn’t get very much time to just be a kid. They had worries that even older people can’t handle on a daily basis and these two took it on. I applaud both of them.

External image

Toph Beifong is a woman entering an atmosphere mostly handled by men. She can’t be dainty or helpless. Toph really had to take control to get the respect of the people she worked with and she succeeded. And what does she do to tip her responsibilities over the limit? She has kids. Two daughters to be specific.

External image

I’m not going to get into the separate father thing because in the end, it didn’t matter. They had no influence on how the girls grew up. I’m not saying that the lucky fellas were good for nothing quitters (because they may or may not be). For all I know, Toph could have married twice and just…things didn’t work out (whether from death or divorce). Nonetheless, Lin and Suyin’s upbringing is all on Toph’s mothering which I don’t believe was influenced on the absence of a father figure. Out of every single character in ATLA, Toph was the last person I thought was going to have kids. I'm really glad she did though because it just shows how strong Toph really is. Lin and Suyin don’t seem like accidents to me. Toph wouldn’t be that stupid. I think Toph wanted kids because she wanted to provide them with a lifestyle she never got to experience as a child. She never got to leave the house, she was strictly told how to act and what to do, and it caused her to rebel against her parents. Don’t get me wrong, Lao and Poppy Beifong loved their daughter very much (seeing that they split in The Rift Part 2 because of Toph’s resistance to return home - it just shows that Toph was such a vital part to their lives, regardless of their family title.), but they were way too overprotective. Unfortunately, this steered Toph down the opposite path regarding her daughters’ upbringing. Total freedom obviously did not work as well as she thought it would. I’m sure she wanted to be there for Lin and Su, but all these responsibilities just buried her and every night, she probably went to bed regretting not going home to play with Lin and Su, or tickle them, or play pranks with them, or just watch them grow up day by day. When we finally got to see the backstory to why Suyin and Lin were so bitter towards each other, the flashback showed Toph very angry. But I don’t think most of that anger was directed towards Lin and Suyin. I think she blamed herself most for how things turned out between her daughters. Toph had the perfect career, perfect reputation, but her daughters not getting along must have been the biggest failure for her and probably outweighed the rest of her success. So what does this mean for Lin and Suyin?

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Lin follows in her mother’s footsteps and becomes chief of police. But she isn’t exactly…happy. She even told Opal she only did these things to please her mother and I can’t imagine how Lin felt when she realized that her mother wasn’t happy with her life choices at all. I wouldn’t be either if my child was pushing her self to do something just to make me happy. Toph let the girls have their own freedom so that they could choose what they wanted to do with their life. I have a feeling that Toph would have been happy if Lin decided to become an artist if it was something she really wanted to do. But if anything, Lin was probably the best person to take over the police force. She is focused, determined, very loyal, and a prodigious bender. And the one thing that both blows me away and irritates me is her quick decision to sacrifice herself. It saddens me and I’m sure it did Toph that her life didn’t work out as it should (losing Tenzin, falling out with her sister, burying herself in work). Nonetheless, Lin deserves a lot of recognition and Toph is proud of her now wherever she is in the world.

Suyin’s greatest folly is not when she is an adult, but when she is still growing up. She was a rebel and caused a lot of strain on the Beifong sister’s relationship. But, Toph sending Suyin away was probably one of the best decisions she could have made. I fully believe that Toph’s personality was split between Lin and Su, Lin getting the loyalty and stubbornness while Suyin got the mischievous and free spirit of their mother. And I think Suyin needed to explore the world, just like her mother. When she finally let out her sense of adventure, Suyin finally figured out that she wanted a home and a family, things that lacked when she was a kid. She loves her mother and sister very much, but now its her turn to provide for her future family. Suyin becomes just as successful as Lin and as we know, she is very proud of Suyin.

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External image

Toph may have not been a great mother. But Lin and Suyin turned out to be two of the fiercest, respected, and courageous women we have gotten the privilege of watching on the Legend of Korra. There are a lot of things that Toph could regret about her children, but she will never regret having children. She loves these two so much and Toph couldn’t have lived the life she had without them. Lin and Suyin may not always see eye to eye, but it is obvious that both sisters care for each other very much, even agreeing that things should have been different growing up. The important thing is that they are in each other’s lives again. If Toph could see them right now, I would crumble into pieces if she cried. The Beifongs may have not had the happy little family life that Aang and Katara tried to provide for their children, but when it comes down to it, Lin, Suyin, and Toph are a family and that’s all they need. 

Mama badgermole is proud of you Lin and Su. 

A Scandal At Appledore - "But look how you care for Irene Adler..."

Author’s Note: Irene Adler is one of Sherlock Holmes’ pressure points. So, how would the scene in His Last Vow have played out if pressure had been applied to it? This is an alternative scene at Appledore featuring the Woman.


“You’ve worked very hard, Mr. Holmes. I applaud you. But despite all the effort you’re still so tediously obvious.” Magnussen’s sighing drawl was like cold breath on the back of Sherlock’s neck.

“Obvious?” Sherlock kept his voice casual, though he longed to slap the smirk off Magnussen’s thin face..

“Yes, well,” Magnussen spread his arms out on the lounge and pressed a button. A screen appeared behind Sherlock and John, “Opium and John Watson are two pressure points of yours for sure, Mr. Holmes. But I find the most useful pressure points, the most effective, are the ones that people try to hide.” Magnussen sneered as the screen flickered to life and Sherlock felt his heart drop into his stomach.

Irene Adler’s execution in Karachi played before their eyes in shaky, pixilated vision. Though, the picture quality wasn’t poor enough to hide her less than subtle escape from her death and, to Sherlock’s horror, the clear identity of her savior.

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just happened at the debate
  • hillary clinton: i want to snuggle up with wall street but let me remind u that i am a woman
  • crowd: *applauds for 12 hours straight*
The rebuttal and my final word

So, essentially, I threw together some surface level thoughts on a subject that irritates the crap out of me and tossed it up here on my “entertainment blog” that no one reads expecting no one to read it because no one reads anything I post here and instead created a shit storm where women of color are insulted that I am glad to see a man and woman working together in a mutually respectful partnership without a lot of romantic gunk getting in the way. My interpretation of the ire is that you are arguing with me that because black women are never the main character in the story and never the object of desire in the story, that a show like Sleepy Hollow needs sexual tension to make it less racially biased.

Maybe I mistook your meaning (you clearly mistook mine, so there’s that) and maybe it’s my white privilege speaking and I just don’t recognize it but to me, reducing any female-male partnership… let me say that again, only louder… PARTNERSHIP to something sexual reduces the woman to a sexual object who can’t have the respect of a man without him being physically attracted to her and/or to an emotional damsel who can’t be “respected” (see previous definition) by a man without falling in love with him. The tendency toward these relationships is insulting, as far as I am concerned, to women everywhere, be they white, black, or green.

I was specifically chastised for using Bones as an example of this ridiculous practice because it is a fresh, currently relevant example of a show that has suffered from the male and female leads being forced into romantic involvement. I haven’t polled a huge number of fans of the show but everyone I do know hates the Booth-Bones couple scenes and many stopped watching because of it. It was merely an example… ONE example… of a situation where the romance element muddles the meat of the story. It’s called “jumping the shark” for a reason.

Honestly, you have a case. But your case is only tangently relevant to the point I was making. The thing about writing a critique is (besides there being no right or wrong answer, although you seem to be trying to apply right and wrong to this) you don’t always have to include everything. You approach the work from one standpoint - maybe offer other sides for comparison and contrast but that’s not 100% necessary - and offer your thoughts from that perspective. You can take it to a micro level and address all of the different sects of a particular viewpoint (here, feminism by color) or offer a more surface level critique that addresses the issue from the base general perspective (feminism). To put it another way, a religious scholar can dig into a creative work and find all of the religious symbolism and discuss it that way. Or they can take those religious symbols and explain how a Catholic would view it differently from someone of the Jewish faith, even though they have similar symbols in their two different religions (and please don’t go all crazy, explaining why Catholicism and Judiaism are different and don’t believe the same thing and whatever else you can come up with - I know that, that was the point of the example). The point is, not everything has to be broken down to the micro-interpretation. I understand and accept that, despite what media and politicians want people to believe, the US (and other first world countries that claim it) has not yet achieved racial equality and I understand that to ignore that and pretend equality does exist is harmful and forgetting the struggles (and triumphs) of the past is what causes us to continue the cycle. But I also accept that any movement has a macro and micro and there is “feminism” with and without “racial feminism.”

I applaud the writers for creating Abby Mills as a strong, authoritative woman who is also vulnerable without being pushed into either bitch or damsel label, who can work side by side with a man and be seen as his equal - especially considering the historical context of their relationship - without either of them seeing the other as a romantic interest. I am not sorry for that and if you want a story with an interracial romance between a strong but vulnerable WOC lead and white male lead, don’t sit on Tumblr and complain, take some advice from Toni Morrison and write it yourself.

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Hiddlesconda is a legit real thing, proud of our baby girl we were all bloody sad sacks for two weeks and she off getting A++ D! People should be bowing down to this woman!

I have so many reasons to applaud her. Phenomenal. Just…….phenomenal

This makes me smile and feel so happy for her for some reason. She truly deserves the world; someone so caring, loving and genuine deserves all the blessings coming her way. She carries herself with grace and dignity, she’s a woman with extreme knowledge and heart. She’s not afraid of loving passionately, she’s not afraid to follow her heart and make mistakes along the way. She always finds a way to share love and make others happy. I truly admire her as a woman and I applaud her for everything! 💕