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"My dear. I have something important to tell you, and please listen when I tell you this Miss Pudding. I don't want to see your panties at all. I apologizes but your panties are unworthy for my eyes, but I don't have any eyes, what a relief!"

Pudding didn’t know whether to be more offended that the talking skeleton of the Straw hats mentioned wanting to see panties, or that he didn’t want to see her panties.  He had been the most supportive and easiest to fool when their crew met the Charlotte daughter.  Now he was insulting her?!  How dare he!!  “I wouldn’t have shown them to you anyways!!” she shrieked at the pirate.


But their existence will float away
And just like every word they say
And we will hold hands as they fade

- Avett Brothers

The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.

We had known each other for a while.  You were the sweet lady that huffed and puffed to breathe after a lung transplant that left you with really only one viable lung. You had a sweet smile and you knew me on sight.  I would come by your room when you weren’t my patient and say hi and chat for a moment.  You were a tiny lady with a big beautiful heart.  

Two days ago I was assigned to you.
You called me by name and we spent the day arguing about whether you would get to drink or not.  You couldn’t so I put a feeding tube in and tears formed in your eyes as I did. I apologized profusely and you smiled weakly at me.  Half way through my shift you called me into your room and gripped my hand.

“I’m not.. gonna… make it.” You said between breaths.  You stared at my face as you said the words. I looked at you in surprise and quickly reassured you a best I could.  Your numbers all looked good.  Stable.  You looked at me resigned and nodded as I told you that you were improving.  You asked to go on the bipap so you could rest and I tucked you in.  

The next shift- you told me you wanted to be done.  You told me to turn everything off and take all your tubes out.  There was no mistaking what you were asking.  I talked to you at length about it. I asked if you knew what taking all of that away meant- you nodded and asked me to help you.  I squeezed your hand and told her I would talk to the doctors and your family.  
Hours later- your daughter, despite hearing your pleas that you are tired and wanted to rest and be done, told the doctors to do everything. Despite the fact that your head shook a violent “NO” when asked if you wanted intubated if need be- your daughter said yes.  Despite my telling the doctor that you had appeared to be in your right mind for me, they labeled you confused.  I hung my head when they told me what they decided.  I avoided the room for a few hours because what could I possibly tell this sweet soul that I had promised to help?

I snuck in as you rested, your breathing labored and the bipap obstructing most of your face.  I turned around and your eyes opened.  You waved me over to you and I hesitantly walked to your side.  You mumbled something through the bipap and I leaned closer to hear you.  You tried again and I apologized for not understanding.  You shook your head in frustration and I popped the bipap off so you could tell me.
When are you going to release me from all this?  When are you going to let me go?” You said in between your labored breaths, your hand gripping mine.  “When are you taking the tubes away?”  
I stared at you and squeezed your hand.  I didn’t know what to say to you other than the truth.
I can’t…” I said my voice on the verge of breaking.  “Your daughter… your family…They want you to keep fighting.  They want everything done. The tubes have to stay.”

The look on your face when I spoke those words to you made my heart physically hurt.  I didn’t know how else to tell you that you had been betrayed.  By your family… By your doctors…By me.  

You shut your eyes and laid back on the pillow.  The family members that had been left to “encourage” you, stood awkwardly to the side.  I straightened your lines, pulled your blankets up and was about to go when you raised your hand.  You set it gently on my arm and looked at me.
“Thank you.” You said loud enough that the bipap didn’t smother it.
I squeezed your hand and we shared a moment.  I didn’t look at your family.  I looked at you, my eyes glistening with the same frustrated tears that mirrored in yours.  I nodded and you closed your eyes.  
The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.


“Why are you laughing, Dean? I loved them! I loved them and you’re just—you’re just freakin’ laughing,” you cried, glaring at Dean through the trembling tears in your eyes. 

“Oh, god, I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Dean apologized, still laughing, “but you do realize you’re talking about your wisdom teeth, don’t you?”

“Roberto and Steve were my lovers! And you bastards killed them! Come in, Sam, I can hear you laughing behind that magic rectangle!”

“You mean the door?” 

Coffee Breath [Usnavi x Reader]

Length: 957 words

Genre: FLUFF

TW: Nada

A/N: Omg my first In the Heights imagine.. Woah. So weird not to be writing for Hamilton characters… Anyways this was a request, but I couldn’t find the request anymore.. My apologies! I hope you guys still enjoy!

You groaned internally, rolling your eyes as you made another turn that you had guessed with great hopes that would lead you to your destination. You were about to roll your eyes again when a convenience store caught you eye- you didn’t know why you felt compelled to go in, but you were glad you did. Your pride refused to believe that it was the fact that you needed to ask someone for directions; instead, you made yourself beileve It was probably the $1.25 coffee that attracted you. As you entered, you heard the bells jingle above you, signalling your presence. The man at the counter looked up from reading the newspaper, and gleamed at you.   

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I apologize

I apologize to these walls for the melancholy glances
to my shoes for rage-full stances
and the floor for flamboyant dances Ive stomped

I apologize to my mirror for all the screaming
To my fist for all the clenching
and my eyes for all the tearing Ive caused

I apologize to my thumbs for all the twiddling
to my chest for all the sinking
and my heart for all the prickling Ive done

I apologize to your eyes for what they’ve had to see
to your love for ever finding that key
but most of all to you for having met me

he’s purroud to be an ameowican

All My Loving

(Andy: My ASL is very rusty, so I apologize in advance.)

Close your eye, and I’ll kiss you….

Tomorrow I’ll miss you

Remember I’ll always be true…

And then while I’m away,

I’ll write home every day…

And I’ll send all my lovin to you….. 

I was trying to learn the whole song for you today, but I kept messing up xD but I feel like this song fits our situation so well. 

I love you, my darling and I am sending all my loving to you.

Happy 6 Months, here’s hoping for many many more <4

{ Let Me Give You My Mental Summaries for Each of These Pairings Even Though Nobody Asked and These Are Far from Being the Only Interpretations Embraced by Fandom or Indeed Even by Myself: Inception, Arthur-adjacent edition }



“Now that I am the only consciousness occupying the real estate of my own brain,” said Cobb, “it occurs to me that I actually feel a little lonely about this development.”

“Dominick Cobb,” proclaimed Arthur, “do not be lonely. I have ever been by your side through your travails and I will now proceed to move into your house as that weird hot uncle who makes great grilled cheese sandwiches and teaches Dad to smile again.”

Cobb looked at Arthur, and realized that at some point, Arthur had also gotten shot on his behalf and was bleeding rather fetchingly. That sort of thing seemed to happen a lot.



“Do you only come back here all the time because I’m the only one you know with a fixed address?” asked Yusuf.

“That’s part of it,” said Arthur, “and also I enjoy interacting with someone who still has the capacity to be horrified at what a terrible influence I am.”




“You think you’re so grown-up because you’re twenty-nine and you have an offshore bank account,” said Ariadne. “But liking explosions and having a death wish are not adequate indications of adulthood!”

Experimentally, Arthur tugged at the knot of his tie lashing his wrists to the headboard.

“What’s an adequate indication of adulthood, using a man’s perfectly serviceable fashion accessories for your own depraved sex games?” he asked. “And why is sodomizing me an acceptable way to express your concern for my safety?”

“I make my own rules,” said Ariadne, glittering.



“Wh–” began Nash.

“Will you just shut the fuck up and blow me like we both know you’ve always wanted to,” said Arthur.

This seemed like a solid plan.



“This is probably an AU of a pre-existing narrative and I’m probably standing in for a secondary love interest who makes tentative moves on you and then gets shoved aside for someone else,” said Robert. “Likely Cobb or Eames.”

“Why can’t it be that I’ve just mellowed out after invading your brain and I’ve started to develop a conscience?” asked Arthur.

“HA HA HA!” laughed Robert. “WHAT A STORY ARTHUR.”



“I’ve always wanted to own more bespoke suits than I could possibly ruin with unspeakable bodily fluids,” said Arthur.

“This is a thing I can do for you,” said Saito, buying a moderately-sized municipality. “I also pledge to emotionally neglect you just enough for you to continue to find our sordid affair interesting.”

“I’m so broken inside,” declared Arthur.

There were so many floor-to-ceiling windows in Tokyo and Arthur wanted to be fucked against every single one of them.



“Oh my god be real,” said Arthur, “I would never bone you.”

“You are literally boning me right now,” said Eames.

“A MERE COINCIDENCE,” said Arthur.

I picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong
And falling down on your knees asking for sympathy
And being caught in between all you wish for and all you seen
And trying to find anything you can feel that you can believe in

I know I would apologize if I could see your eyes
‘Cause when you showed me myself I became someone else
But I was caught in between all you wish for and all you need
I picture you fast asleep
A nightmare comes
You can’t keep awake


I was tagged by my lovely ladybug @akai-anna to post 6 selfies from 2016!

I apologize if your eyes get burned

But 3 with glasses, 3 without, that seems about right. Funny enough, all the ones without glasses are times I was cosplaying. These are also listed from most recent to earliest in the year. 

As far as tagging goes, I don’t want to pressure people to post pictures but if any of my followers would LIKE to, please do so and tag me so I can see your beautiful faces. 

Colors of the Heart.

Summary: just… just a bunch of drabbles of the sibling relationships in PJO, each one of them representing the colors of the rainbows.

Warnings: It’s long. And there’s Solangelo in there somewhere I’m sorry. And also there’s probably a lot of mistakes since I haven’t corrected them and I should probably go back to study english. *sighs*

Also, my apologies if I blind you or if your eyes end up bleeding after this. uvu

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It was only a dream,
I saw your silhouette, traced against
The sunrise. Rolling over.
Like the tides along the shoreline.
Roll the dice. The ground
Or the stairway.
Over or under. Make the choice.
Thin veil, a hand rail.
We sit at a table.
Where’s the difference,
Between falacy, reality?
Your smile fucking kills me.
Intricate in detail.
I’m too weak, I wanna see you.
Because I can’t see anyone else.
Beautiful, my outline on the floor.
It’s wrong. The sheets are hollow.
Should’ve gave you space.
It’s not real,
How it feels, just to hold your hand,
But you don’t get a redo.
Should’ve been more understanding.
Maybe I fucked up.
This song is my apology.
Euphoria. Alarming.
Your eyes, then I’m awake.

You scrape away your tears like dirt,
wiping away the foundation and the lipstick
the nice earrings
ripping the zipper of your best skirt
and flinging your shoes off so they smack against the wall
your Sunday best
so your parents would remember you as a saint
so your parents wouldn’t pray for you
when you told them you loved a woman
so your parents wouldn’t
remove your picture from the wall
so your parents would
call you mtoto
with love in their eyes
so I rub their apologies into your back
as your shoulders shake
with anger, with fear, with a sadness
that spreads from your stomach
and you grab my hand
let’s start a family, you say
let’s start a family
and I tell you shh, shh, we will have a family
and squeeze your hand with a certainty
that Nairobi won’t allow.
—  A Family
  • Nightmare
  • Gio Navas
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong

I know! I know! It’s Sunday, not Monday and I’m posting a song and THIS IS UNBALANCED AND UNNATURAL AND I AM A MESS. Tomorrow is Labor Day, so I assumed people would be out and about so this week’s song is coming to you guys a day early. It is the eighth in a series of mini-songs I’m writing weekly for Fullmetal Alchemist. This one is about Olivier Mira Armstrong because I’ve been having far too much fun writing her in my Survivor crack fic. haha

(sometimes Tumblr audio player is wonky and will only let you listen from my blog. Apologies if that gets in your way D;)

I cannot mend broken eyes, so look away.
Only the ruthless survive this hellish place.

Where will we find deliverance from the demons
that follow us until we reach our execution?
All there is left is a war to be won.

We’re nothing but expendable souls.
Our silent lives form a screaming whole.
we are loud.
Persevere, take them down.

We’ll become the nightmare that stole us.
Those not strong enough will fall to dust.
I cannot mend broken eyes.
Through the cracks, you will survive.