i apologize to the actual tumblr users

@snapkyuu, I’m sorry if it looks like I stole your picture. I saw the photo on Facebook and I asked the poster if it was his original photo and if I could post it on tumblr. The Facebook user said yes. I didn’t know it was actually yours and I apologize for posting it. I already deleted the photo. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.


Personally, I don’t think shubbabang needs to apologize. I interpreted the first panel as confusion, as the 10 year old may not have ever seen two men kissing before. Also, I’ve seen so many tumblr users that embody that second panel, even more ironically it’s often the same types of people who demonize heterosexual relationships for one reason or another, so I also interpreted it as a comic actually making fun of the intense fetishization of gay men by teenage girls. And plus, if it weren’t so relatable, the comic wouldn’t have gotten so popular.

I hope they’re not receiving any anon hate over this, especially since they apologized.

Tumblr Stalker

It’s an app that apparently tells you who the top 3 visitors of your blog are, but actually it just generates random tumblr users and a random number of times they might have visited your blog. What is worrisome is it will post to your blog repeatedly without your consent.

If you have used the app, I suggest employing the basic security measures to protect your account.

  • Delete the posts it generates.
  • Under your tumblr’s Settings, go to Apps (things you’ve connected) and delete it.
  • Refresh your Post by Email
  • Change your password.

I’ve attempted to use the app and I apologize kf any of my followers did the same. I hope your blogs will be safe!