i apologize to the actual tumblr users

  • tumblr in 2018: tumblr user murderboi345 might have admitted to being a serial killer. but he apologized for it. i just can't believe how toxic this website is that they just keep bringing up this old discourse to attack murderboi345 who is actually a great person and i know this because i reblogged 3 of their posts. in fact they haven't even murdered anyone since 2017 and here you all are attacking them for the MISTAKES they committed when they were barely in their 20s. people change tumblr!
Stop nit-picking Villainous (A rant)

This show isn’t even a full show yet and people are already saying stupid shit to make it seem like it’s bad and problematic. Please fucking stop and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please.

- Lemonteaflower is not a disgusting human being. First of all, saying “they worked on this show so it’s problematic” is so petty of you. They are a STORY BOARD ARTIST AND LINE WORK ARTIST. they have nothing to do with the actual content of the show, and saying its bad because of that is disregarding the actual wonderful creatives who worked hard on it.

Her old “problematic user name” was forcibly their URL by their past abuser. As said in the apology letter here http://lemonteaflower.tumblr.com/post/137574630576/hi-everyone-after-a-long-time-i-figured-id

Please stop blaming this victim for the actions of their abuser, if you do thats really shitty of you.

-Also she didn’t draw “child porn”, She explains she used to draw SHotacon without understanding what it really was or its intentions. A LONG TIME AGO. A long time ago means she has learned from her mistakes, which is also helped by the fact she removed all content of it and no longer uses the characters she drew porn of.  Not to mention Rebecca Sugar drew porn of Ed, Edd, And Eddy characters and all of you saw it as a joke instead of problematic :/ if youre going to see one thing as a joke because you like the content, and another thing as problematic then you’re a shitty SJW not going to lie.

- Dr.Flug and Blackhat aren’t an abusive relationship. All of the things Blackhat does is CARTOON VIOLENCE. The stepping on him, grabbing things out of his hands, these are original cartoon violence tropes. Not to mention, he’s a fucking villain he’s not going to be nice. A real example of abuse in a cartoon is Steven Universe, Jasper is legit manipulative and OBVIOUSLY hurts Lapis when she is grabbed.No one called that out as “problematic” and hell lots of people ship it. Saying the dynamic of Dr.Flug and Blackhat is abusive is like saying Tom and Jerry are abusive, or fucking Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are.

If you don’t like the show, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to. But if you turn this into another “Clarence.” thing because you don’t want any show to compete with Steven Universe (Which I am a giant fan of so its not like I hate it.)
or you just don’t want other people to like because you don’t??? I’m sorry thats terrible of you, it’s immature.

Also I use Steven Universe as an example a lot because it’s the BIG show on cartoon network, which this “”“problematic””“ show is sort of in competition with. I have nothing against it, I love it a bunch but if you want to defend it when I can make many parallels to Villainous and what it’s being called out for, there’s a huge problem.

if you see callout posts, whether about shows OR about people. Please do your own research, do not be naive, think for yourself. Callout culture is super dangerous and you need to be aware most people will stretch the truth.

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Just yknow so you know Roachpatrol isn't an "outed pedophile"... that was a rumor started by people who don't like her or her friend group and then they took something she said (which she admitted later that it was worded poorly and apologized for it along with rewording it) and twisted the original intention.

I am hesitant to address this because Tumblr, but I did in fact know this D:

I got a few messages from users in the past ‘informing’ me of the call-out so I thanked them and then went and checked out roach’s blog, specifically the tags dedicated to addressing the issue and I think people should do the same instead of spreading vicious and damaging rumours without actually finding out whether they’re true or not.

As someone who was accused (more than once) of drawing incest without ever having drawn any, I am aware of how easy it is for things to be blown out of proportion so I’m extra suspicious of all these ‘informative’ call-out posts, and so should everyone else!

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Plus the amount of people screenshotting thier nsfw tagged images and reposting it and saying ThIs IsNt NsFw WtF tUmBlR Like ok Calm down....

honestly its not even so much that, its the amount of disrespect and flat out rudeness i’ve seen from a lot of users towards the staff even after the mistake was (very quickly) acknowledged and apologized for. people seem to forget tumblr is a social media platform run by actual human beings, and when programmers try to implement any kind of new code using algorithms, mistakes are bound to happen. being an asshole, especially after the fact, helps absolutely no one.

All right, I got something to say

It’s nice, don’t worry. Or rather, it’s not me being a grouchy asshole so it’s nice. Since the Frozen fandom was defibrilated back to life due to the trailer, I just got something yo say to you guys is all.

Look, I was a dick before. And I apologize wholeheartedly for that. I admit it now. So you guys like some kinky shit and I wasn’t into it? Meh. Well, since all that, I actually discovered a lot about myself and looking back, I guess I was so discouraged just because I was looking for something about myself that I hadn’t found yet. And I found it by finally admitting that I’m a bisexual. And I know it’s cool to come right out and say it on tumblr since a huge chunk of tumblr consists of LGBTQ users. And hey, I even like my share of kinky shit, too but I won’t post any of it here. I’ll keep it confined to somewheres else cause I wanna keep this blog clean (except for the swears cause fuck that noise). And, since I accepted that and also kinda stepped away from the fandom and everything to explore other opportunities, I realized I was kind of a douche.

I mean, a fandom is gonna have it’s NSFW shit in it, that’s with every fandom. Since stepping away from the Frozen one, I had a whole lot more shit to deal with in the Voltron one which is worse in terms of drama. I know there’s not a lot of drama in the Frozen fandom now since, well, it’s not quite as huge as it was before and most people causing it either left or deactivated. I mean there very well could be but I haven’t seen any.

So in order to not make this post too long winded (too late, genius), I just wanna come out and say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry to all the people who I made mad, who I might have offended and all that. I kept a lot of my anger offline but still, some of it came online and in turn, I think, probably got a good portion of you guys to not like me. I mean if yo didn’t, be honest. I won’t hate you or clapback at you cause I’ve changed a bunch since then. I’m a lot more relaxed now (mainly cause I can just shut off tumblr and drink when I get discouraged lol) but yeah, I won’t start any shit so don’t worry. But I know I must’ve fucked up somewhere cause someone but I can’t remember who blocked me on my Kristoff RP blog so I guess that was a sign that I done fucked up. And yeah, I did fuck up. If you wanna write and draw smutty shit, do it. Hell, I don’t even read fanfics all that much anyway so you go for it. I probs won’t read it anyways cause I got school and novels and plays to finish and that’s more than enough.

I probably won’t try and wedge myself in there anymore with my stories and all since I kinda lost the muse for them anyways. Now I just RP mainly cause it’s more fun tbh (and I have like six muses because I’m trash). I’ll leave them up for anyone who might be curious but yeah, I probably won’t update them anymore as a way of trying to get noticed and stuff. 

So, in conclusion (for like the fifth time), I’m sorry to all the people I made angry or offended. I won’t try and filter what you do anymore cause hey, that’s not my thing anymore. If you wanna write and draw smutty shit just go ahead and I’ll keep scrolling. I see worse shit on deviantart anyways lol. If I don’t agree with you seeing a character a certain way I’ll just shake it off. Like you guys, I have my own personal opinions I choose to believe and I won’t try and force them on anybody as long as they don’t try and force theirs on me. If we could just start over, push all the old ugliness out of the way, start with a nice clean slate with everyone having their own headcanons, morals and likes and dislikes, I’d totally be down for it. So yeah, that’s about all there is. Hope for those of you who read this that we can be buds! If you wanna chat just hit my IM and say hi. I’ll be glad to talk to you!

Catch you on the flippity flop :-)


Personally, I don’t think shubbabang needs to apologize. I interpreted the first panel as confusion, as the 10 year old may not have ever seen two men kissing before. Also, I’ve seen so many tumblr users that embody that second panel, even more ironically it’s often the same types of people who demonize heterosexual relationships for one reason or another, so I also interpreted it as a comic actually making fun of the intense fetishization of gay men by teenage girls. And plus, if it weren’t so relatable, the comic wouldn’t have gotten so popular.

I hope they’re not receiving any anon hate over this, especially since they apologized.


Season 2 Deleted Scene Discussion: Bedelia and Jack

In all of my discussions of the deleted scenes, I’ll be addressing five questions.

  1. What was in the scene?
  2. Where should it have come in the story?
  3. What does it do for the story?
  4. Why was it left out?
  5. Was leaving it out a good decision or not?

See also “Season 2 Scene Discussion: Hannibal and Will.”

Quick disclaimer on this one: This is a long post with lots of gifs. If you’re on Tumblr mobile app, it’s probably going to cut off the ending of this post, and it will struggle to expand the gifs as you get farther in. But I’ve used gifs to reference the source instead of just discussing it, so it won’t be possible to get the idea without being able to see them. Thus if you want to actually see what I say in here, you’ll want to be on the website and not the app.

(My apologies to mobile users for you having to scroll through this long thing.)

Keep reading

XKit Update, February 11

Once again I apologize for the lack of updates and if you’ve sent me an ask and didn’t get a reply yet. I’ve received a lot of asks while I was on my break (and I am still on a semi-break actually) but I’ve been trying to reply to your asks. It might take a few days to get a reply. Thank you for your understanding.

XKit Patches and Quick Tags

  • Fixed not being able to use Tag Bundles on sideblogs on posts that were created/posted by another user.

Convert Links

  • Fixed it not working due to Tumblr changes.

Blog Tracker

  • Increased limit track to 15 blogs.
  • Small bug fixes.

XKit Preferences

  • Now you can reach the Tumblr Help pages by holding down the ALT key while clicking on the XKit icon.

Drafts+ and Classic Header

  • Small bug fixes.
RACISM~ the pizza masterpost

OK since pizza deleted her posts, I thought people deserved to know what was going on, hence, this masterpost.

A year ago, tumblr user pizza made tons of racist tags, such as “nigga fights”, “nigga stories”, and other such, blatantly racist material. However, 3 hours before this shit went down, she was discovered linking her racist tags to people, and so shit blew up.

She removed her tags and posted 1 text post apology as well as a video apology on youtube.


All she’s stated on her “apologies” is that she said those things over a year ago, and that she’s grown above it now.

But pizza had the tags up on her home page, as well as having LINKED the tags to other people just hours before she got caught. So it’s quite clear she’s only sorry she got caught, rather than being sorry for the actual racism.

~end of what I know so far about the actual facts~

Feel free to show me more evidence on what she’s done, so I can add to this post!!

~and here is my opinon, skip it if you don’t care~

I genuinely feel like blatant racism from such a pointedly well-followed blogger such as hers should be shut down as largely as possible, especially since she isn’t apologizing. If you actually pay attention to what she says, she just says “it was a year ago, I’ve moved on past that”. Her apology is not sincere at ALL. I’m not starting a fight, I’m just trying to make sure this never happens again.

@snapkyuu, I’m sorry if it looks like I stole your picture. I saw the photo on Facebook and I asked the poster if it was his original photo and if I could post it on tumblr. The Facebook user said yes. I didn’t know it was actually yours and I apologize for posting it. I already deleted the photo. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.

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Do us all a favor and stay out of the Dievin tag or maybe just the Desert Bluffs tag in general. Obviously you are too young to understand that two people can be in a BDSM relationship and be healthy together. Last I checked you were not the creator of Diego so you couldn't possibly know what type of relationship he would have with Kevin. Ok? Thanks. Goodbye.

Wow. Wow. Okay. I just hit the motherfucking jackpot with this one. Sit your ass down and buckle right the fuck up because you’re gonna fucking need it.

Let me tell you something, anon. I don’t even go into the tags. I avoid the WTNV tags like the plague. This is just shit I’ve seen on my dash. Which means this is the shit that gets popular.

Let me tell you something else. As part of a BDSM relationship, I know what healthy BDSM looks like. I’ve been researching BDSM relationships long before ever becoming part of one, both for writing purposes and as someone interested in the community. And just because I’m 19 does not mean I’m “too young to understand” this sort of thing.

I am not the creator of Diego, nor the Dievin ship, this much is true. However, Dievin is an abusive cycle, not BDSM. It doesn’t take much more than basic knowledge of both BDSM and the warning signs of abuse to be able to see that.

VF has compared Dievin to Gomez and Morticia from the Addams Family. However, Dievin is far more similar to the dynamic between Christian and Anastasia from the 50 Shades trilogy. Anyone who’s read 50 Shades and has any knowledge of true BDSM knows and has informed others that the relationship depicted in the trilogy is not BDSM, but out and out abuse.

Diego Strex is like Christian Grey—suave, manipulative, controlling, possessive, obsessive, always gets what he wants. And what he wants is the object of his affection, who, though he may get all heart-eyed and mushy over them, he still sees as belonging to him.

Kevin as depicted in the Dievin ship and in VF’s work is like Anastasia—sweet, kind, somewhat naive. And yet, despite seeming to have his lover wrapped around his finger, he is still under Diego’s complete control.

While it is true that most of the works romanticizing that abusive dynamic are not directly made by VF, save for Kevin fawning over how “protective” (read: possessive) Diego is, she has made no move to denounce them. In fact, she reblogs them, sometimes leaving positive comments, showing she wholeheartedly supports and endorses them. Through this, she shows us that this is exactly how their relationship is. Tumblr user meveret is often the worst perpetrator of these fanfics, and often the one whose ideas/suggestions/fics become part of VF’s canon.

TW: Abuse—next three paragraphs {{Here is a perfect example of this. (I had to actually go find an example for you, I hope you’re happy.) In this, Diego has kissed a sparkly pink gun goodnight, thinking Kevin is asleep. The next day, he returns from work to a locked door, seeing Kevin holding said gun over the fire through the window. Diego threatens Kevin, and when that doesn’t work, begins apologizing, even begging, and breaks down crying when Kevin drops the gun into the flames.

Meveret takes this a step further. In their fanfiction expanding on the comic VF made, they wrote that after Diego is allowed inside, he mourns his lost firearm. When asked why, Kevin says he thought Diego had a problem, an addiction of sorts, and it would help if he got rid of the other guns, too. Diego flies into a rage, and of course, the perfectly logical conclusion he jumps to? He strangles Kevin to the point of unconsciousness, very nearly killing him. He then drugs Kevin so that he forgets the entire incident, even going so far as to cut out Kevin’s third eye, which had allowed him to see Diego kissing the gun in the first place. Kevin remembers nothing of what happened and goes back to loving his perfect Diego.

This is a perfect example of an abuse cycle—tensions build (Kevin taking Diego’s guns and Diego’s threat to “shut your third eye permanently”), the incident occurs (Diego blowing up and strangling Kevin, then removing his eye), reconciliation/the honeymoon period (Diego having no reason to be angry now that Kevin remembers nothing).}}

In VF’s reblog of that alone we see that she supports that depiction of Diego and Kevin’s relationship. Never once has she denounced any work where her character is depicted as abusive. Every fanfic that she has reblogged, no matter who has written it, has had undertones of Diego’s possessive obsession for Kevin. As I said, though, most of these are written by meveret. So, VF, as well as meveret, are the biggest perpetrators of the romanticized abuse of the Dievin ship.

So don’t fucking come here and tell me that Dievin is anywhere remotely close to a healthy BDSM relationship. Obviously you are too ignorant to be able to tell the difference between a healthy BDSM relationship and romanticized abuse. Ok? Thanks. Goodbye.

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wait what happened with cassie,?

This is a long story. But I have to give background or it won’t make sense. If you guys already know what happened between me, my friends, and Fangirlish/TMI Source the other day, scroll past this first part until you see “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fangirlish has a copy of an early draft of the script, as does TMI Source. They posted about things that they saw in the scripts, but didn’t post them with disclaimers. So everyone got all upset about things that aren’t even in the final script, and both blogs kept posting things that aren’t true. For example, just the other day, one blog tweeted that Dot (an original character for the show) is Clary’s best friend, not Simon. This completely goes against what ABC Family said, that Simon is Clary’s best friend. But which ever blog that posted this obvious lie didn’t fact check and tweeted this anyway, even though they were basing this information on a draft that they got at least a month ago, before Alberto was cast because in his casting reveal, ABC Family gave a description of the character (Clary’s best friend). So anyway: obvious lying/ignoring facts. 

They’ve done this many times before and have been called out by many fans for it. So the other day, I reblogged the screenshots of their tweet about Dot and some other useless tweet, and I said (paraphrasing) “Stop lying/getting the fans riled up. You don’t know what’s actually going on you ‘ignorant ducks’”. I did call them ignorant ducks because they were being ignorant and ducks because idk I just think ducks are a non-offensive quasi-insult. Also they didn’t misread the “ignorant ducks” part because Fangirlish reblogged the post and said “I AM NOT AN IGNORANT DUCK!” So then my friend reblogged me and was basically like “Fangirlish and TMI Source need to stop acting like they know everything.” That’s all she said. There was nothing rude or mean from her side of the post. 

So sometime just after that, I - taking a cue from Fangirlish and their “open letter” attacks on the writer of Shadowhunters - posted an open letter to Fangirlish and TMI Source, basically saying “stop lying/posting rumors/getting fans riled up just because you want attention. it’s not fair to the fans and we’re tired of this bullshit”. “Bullshit” is the only word I can think of that may have been offensive. 

Then Fangirlish tweeted (and TMI Source retweeted) a tweet like “just because you post to tumblr doesn’t mean I don’t see the bullying” and she linked my friend’s post, which had my “ignorant ducks” comment CLEARLY being said by ME, but the post she linked was my friend’s reblog that I talked about above. So, since my friend’s blog was linked, SHE was the one who was attacked by tens of thousands of people that follow Fangirlish and/or TMI Source. So then my friend came to me, extremely sad saying “I didn’t even say anything and they sent their followers after me, calling me a bully. I didn’t even do anything bad.” and she DIDN’T. She had to go ask everyone who’d reblogged her post to delete her parts because she didn’t want to deal with people coming at her, harassing her - something that started with Fangirlish. 

Then, after seeing how poorly my friend was being treated for something I did, I went to tweet Fangirlish. I have the screenshots of our conversation but that’d make the post even longer. Basically it was:

L: people tell you to stop lying and so you call them bullies? you can’t get mad when fans tell you to stop lying. you haven’t seen a final script and you’re not writing the show. stop lying to us. 

F: I’m not lying

L: yes you are, as you’ve done before

F: I haven’t lied

L: *links post from a few months ago debunking everything Fangirlish lied about with the Shadowhunters show* uh, yeah you did

F: *blocks Leigh*

Also, though I never even tweeted them, TMI Source blocked me.

THEN I found a tweet from Fangirlish to my friend, saying “don’t call me names, you don’t know me” but this is the friend who DID NOT CALL THEM ANY NAMES. Reminder: this is all public so tens of thousands of people are seeing this girl calling my friend a bully and attacking my friend. If it were just the link to her tumblr post, that was bad enough, but then she had to call out my friend THROUGH TWITTER, so twitter AND tumblr users could go after her. 

So then I was like “hmmm, maybe what I said was too mean and they got offended and they thought ___ was the person who had insulted them so they’re calling her a bully.” I thought that’s what was going on and I felt extremely bad because if I’d been the only person who they were attacking, whatever. I’m a tough girl, I can handle some people on the internet. But they were not only attacking an innocent person (and I have screenshots of her SEVERAL apologies, though she never actually did any wrong), but after I posted to tumblr about what had happened that night, many other people came to me with the same story. “I got tired of Fangirlish posting lies, I told them to stop, they harassed me and my friends, blocked us, and continued to blog their lies.” This is showing that the person (or people) running Fangirlish is a bully. This wasn’t a one time thing or a misunderstanding. This was straight up bullying, harassment, and playing the victim. There’s no excuse for what she’s done. 


So Cassandra Clare follows both TMI Source and Fangirlish since they are very big blogs in the fandom. There’s about a 3% chance that she did NOT see what was happening the other day. And even if she hasn’t seen what happened, she has DOUBTLESSLY gotten messages/emails/questions about it. She knows what was going on and what Fangirlish was doing. And yet she’s still supporting these blogs, even after they sent thousands of people to attack an innocent girl. She defends their lying with “they can have their opinions” but first of all, they were not posting “opinions”, they were “reporting facts”. And second, opinions are not okay when they result in people being bullied. There’s a big difference between “this is my opinion” and “this is a lie but don’t call me out or I’ll tell thousands of people that you’re a bully”. But in Cassie-logic, “opinions” can excuse bullying?? 

What’s really fucked up about this is that Cassie has a history of bullying people online, though she has moved past that. But by supporting blogs who the fandom witnessed bully someone who was completely innocent, who fans have been attacked by several times in the past, who have harassed and written rude things to the show runner, she’s being no better than them. If you support bullies, you are just as bad as that bully. The thing that pisses me (and other fans I’ve talked to) off is that she’s the author of our favorite series and yet we have to sit here and witness her defend people who have bullied us and the people in charge of our show? What the hell kind of shit is that?

I love Cassie’s books, I think they’re great. I think it’s awesome that she has such a cool story and diverse cast of characters. But when you support people who treat your readers like shit, there’s a problem. I’m not about to support an author who thinks that’s an okay thing to do. I’m still going to watch the show, and I’ll read the books IF FANS GET AN APOLOGY FOR HER DOING THIS. But other than that, Cassandra Clare doesn’t exist to me.