i apologize if this has been done


My mental health and my schedule has become completely non-accomodating to running the shop anymore.  I took the time this morning to refund all outstanding orders that I have never touched.  Some of them were from an embarrassingly long time ago - I apologize to those of you who were negatively affected by my poor performance.

That being said, I have two orders - one from January and one from February - that were for receiving a spirit’s vessel that I had already spoken to them about. Those orders will be honored and I’ll try to get them both done sometime in the next week.

While it lasted, it was a really great time and I felt like I made a huge difference for a lot of people!  But this chapter of my life now has to close.  I’ve been pushed by my Netjeru Fathers to pick myself up, do the refunds, and get this overwith.  I think now that I’ve done this, I’ll feel a lot more free and a lot less anxious.

It’s kind of funny - I sometimes wonder if I was cursed by a handful of customers who were particularly nasty to me back in the summer, but that just feels ridiculous.  It’s myself I have to hold accountable, and I am holding myself accountable.  I let myself become overwhelmed and I became the shop keeper I never wanted to be - someone who wouldn’t respond to emails, messages, etc.  I have a crippling anxiety attack whenever I look at my thedragonslibrary email, whenever I log on to storenvy, whenever I log on to tumblr.  Sometimes the feeling lasts for days.  I don’t want to have that feeling anymore, so this is something I have to do.

I am permanently closing The Dragons Library until further notice.  Maybe one day I’ll want to do it again, but today is not that day.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!  

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AU. In which Mark meets Felix, Jack is exasperated, but dinner with friends is better than the movies.



But I’ve had this halfway done for about 4 months now and I’ve just been so busy. I’ve finally got some free time so I’m able to write on a more frequent basis than before. And I think this part is a little bit longer than the parts preceding it–sort of as an apology. This has been by far my favorite chapter to write thus far!

Thanks so much everyone for sticking with me–it means the world, and I hope you’ll like this part!



HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))

I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is that Jess deserved better in the revival. I agree to that of course; Jess has deserved better for a long time and I’m glad it’s being so widely recognized. However, I also think we’ve been ignoring the character who was done the most disservice, Rory Gilmore. I just want to say that Rory Gilmore deserved better. 

She deserved better than to be portrayed as someone who would continuously cheat on her boyfriend, and participate in an affair with an engaged man. I am well aware that Rory doesn’t have the best track record in the cheating department, but despite her mistakes she has always owned up to them, felt guilty, and apologized. She’s never cheated simply for the sake of cheating; there have always been other factors involved. She deserves better than being seen as someone who would reduce her relationship with a person she once loved to an affair, soiling and dirtying their very real, very important connection.  

She deserves better than to be portrayed as someone who hasn’t emotionally developed since her 20s, someone who, despite living on her own in the real world, outside her coddling town (which induced the entitlement in the first place wyi) is still self-important and naïve. She deserves better than to be written as irresponsible, careless, and apathetic to her effect on other people. Rory deserves better than to be barely shown mourning her grandfather, one of the most important people in her life, as if his death barely affected her, despite the amount of time devoted to Emily and Lorelai’s grieving. She deserves better than being shown as misogynistic in the year 2016, despite her feminist values, that were once weighed down only by their place in time. 

Rory Gilmore deserves better than having little to no attention dedicated to her friendship with Jess Mariano, who has been one of the most important people in her life since she meet him at 16 years old. She deserves better than being shown to, seemingly, care little about his achievements and growth, despite being his first, and one of his biggest, cheerleaders. She deserves better than to have not seen him in over 4 years, than to seem unconcerned with loosing such a substantial person, and not attempt more communication once she does she him again. 

She deserves better than to have virtually nothing to show for the past 10 years of her life career-wise. I understand the realism of Rory’s situation, but at the same time there’s no way driven, ambitious, workaholic, Rory Gilmore’s only career advancement in the past 10 years is a handful of freelance articles. She deserves better than being shown as so snobby she considers teaching a “failure” and snubbing higher education, despite being a lover of academia. She deserves better than being left with an autobiography (a good idea and certainly a potential success, but also extremely insubstantial and quite possible to fail) as her only given opportunity for success. 

Most of all she deserves so much better than to be victim to a flimsy and unsatisfying ‘full circle’ ending. She deserves better than having to give birth to a baby from an affair, without any idea of how present Logan will be in it’s life (not to say he’ll be absent but he’s also not likely to be a full time caregiver). She deserves better than to have all progress in her career, the most important thing in her life, halted by a pregnancy she didn’t plan or want. She deserves better than to become her mother, seemly incapable of learning from her own or other’s mistakes. She deserves better than to fall into the life her family tried so desperately to protect her from. 

She deserves better than to become someone who would, honestly, make her past self cringe. I have never said Rory was an angel. She had a great deal of flaws but a large sum of those flaws were based in immaturity and circumstance, and I think that she deserved better than to be denied the opportunity to grow and evolve into somebody better. Rory Gilmore deserved better than this revival, and honestly she deserves better than having her character get shit on by all of you as if this is any accurate portrayal of her personality whatsoever.