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Idk if you want to get into the whole Felix discourse or not but I really don't think that he is racist. I've been watching him for a while now and I think that he just says or does things to try to be funny and doesn't realize until it's too late that he is being offensive. I also think that things just slip out and he should think before he talks. I know that he offended people but he has apologized multiple times for the things that he has said and done. At least he knows that he was wrong.

this is the only thing that i’m gonna answer about the felix discourse bc i REALLY dont want to get involved with it but like i was just talking to my roommate about this and i love talking to her about this stuff bc she is pretty woke about these sorts of things bc she’s jewish and has to deal with anti semantic people all the time and its horrible

so it’s not just that felix is being offensive. it’s that he’s saying racist things, things that aren’t okay to say and shouldn’t be said. it seems that we keep having these issues with him and these complaints and yes, he keeps apologizing, but if he apologizes and doesn’t fix the issue, then that’s where the problem comes from. if you’re truly sorry about something, then you’ll try your damned hardest not to do that thing anymore, but tbh he does problematic things and apologizes then doesn’t fix it.

im done talking about this now haha

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Hope you don't mind me asking, but what kind of S/O would Ukraine, Belarus, Taiwan, Seychelles, Belgium, and Vietnam want if this has not been done? (Also I apologize if this doesn't fit the character limit)

-Someone protective
-She wants someone who never has a dull moment
-Someone who is good with confrontation
-An animal lover. It shows a big heart to her

-Someone she can protect
-Someone who can belt out classic rock songs with her
-she would like to play with their hair
-Someone who can drive because she doesn’t like to

-Someone who will eat everything she cooks
-A cuddler
-She’ll need someone who can protect her after she watches a scary movie(even though she isn’t scared)
-Someone who is educated and can teach her anything

-She’d like someone who let her coordinate their outfits
-A great listener
-someone who cares about family as much as she does
-Someone who doesn’t mind shopping

-An introvert to kind of reel her in sometimes
-Someone outdoorsy
-Will play with her hair
-Who will eat her favorite foods with her without complaint

-Someone to kind of put her out there
-A hard-worker
-Someone she can take care of
-Considers her value

I know I have been inactive for awhile now… These past few months my family has been going through some hard times. My mother had skin cancer, and had to have surgery to have it removed from her face.  Luckily she is cancer free now, but still healing.  Then my grandmother passed away (my mother’s mother).  I’ve been feeling really low lately, because of all this I haven’t done any art or wrote on my story…. I apologize to those of you who read it and have been waiting on the next chapter. Please don’t lose faith in me because tonight I decided I was tired of being in this semi depressed state and wanted to at least participate something into Inktober.  I’m not happy with it but for the first time in a few months I actually got to do something I love. 

PS. Sorry its not InuYasha lol 

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that


The warden has her priorities in order. 

I did say I’ve been playing through Dragon Age, didn’t I? (Also since I am something like four years late to this fandom, I apologize if someone else has already done this joke.)

  • Zen, climbing inside 707's car: So guys, how did you get into that car accident?
  • Yoosung, glaring at Seven: Luciel, should you tell him or should I do it?
  • Seven: *blushes and puts his face in his hands*
  • Yoosung: *sighs* So we were driving one night and there was a deer in the road that Seven didn't notice. So I said 'Seven, deer!'
  • Seven: ...
  • Yoosung: *raised his eyebrow* And would you want to tell him your response?
  • Seven: *looking up from his hands* Yes, honey?