i apologize if this has been done

hc: sportacus has a bad day and robbie pulls off a scheme to “kidnap” him, when really he just takes him to the lair, tucks him into a pile of blankets and lets him Rest. meanwhile robbie, being the Big Softie he is, puts on the sportacus disguise and keeps the kids busy and out of trouble. 

he even does the bing bang dance in sportacus’ place (and has a lot of fun, but he will never admit it).

Someone mentioned this term in a lower post where I was being harassed for refusing to argue with someone who I think is an obvious alt-right troll. I’d never heard of it before so off to urban dictionary I ran and man… It’s right on.

You do not have to engage with people like this. You don’t owe every person in your path an explanation.

This happened to me around Christmas. A guy messaged me, called me a dumb bitch, etc. I didn’t engaged with him because, why would I? He kept messaging me demanding why I didn’t respond. Citing his language to me I asked why would I want to.

He said he’d apologize if I would debate with him and answer his questions. I tried debating with him on and off for about a day. Finally it was Christmas Eve and I just realized I was getting no where so I told him that we had to agree to disagree. That angered him and said I’d promised I’d answer his questions. I’d felt like I had as best I could.

I told him again I was done.

He immediately took back his apology, resumed his insults, and essentially said that since I wouldn’t endlessly defend my case I was worthless and everything I said was worthless.

I realized then this whole conversation has been a mistake. He was willing to swear at and insult me and only apologize and show respect if I did everything he said no questions.

That was not respect and it was my mistake for not recognizing it earlier.

I’ll say again… You don’t owe everyone in your path an explanation. If you do decide to engage someone it can be on your terms.

Your worth and your beliefs don’t have to be validated by every troll under the bridge.

So I wanted to share my interpretation of this photo of Touka. 

I have seen a lot of talk how this is meant to foreshadow some sort of death with the almost rural cemetery in the background. However, I want to focus what it means in-light of recent chapters. (I have not seen this mentioned so apologies if it has already been done).

Touka is holding Kanekis mask from Tokyo ghoul and later, the mask he uses in Tokyo Ghoul:re. The Eye-patch.

Now masks, as well as being something that covers and hides the individuals identity, is also a metaphor for that person. The masks are used metaphorically to show that the person has something they are hiding. Their is a fundamental reason or complex that they do not open up to other people. For Kaneki, it was his abuse and neglect that led him to hide his emotions.

This led to Kaneki permanently wearing a mask, acting to the role he thinks is best to take. The Kaneki up till recently has been a lie, a projection of who he wants to be or who he sees he needs to be.

The reason he does this is he believes it is to protect others. However, as identified by both Hide and later relayed to Touka for herself to confirm, and confront Kaneki about, he does it for himself:

This ultimately became one of the reasons he met his demise in V14, at the end of Tokyo Ghoul. He did not rely on those that wanted to help.

So what does this have to do with the photo of Touka holding his mask?

Well, I believe it means just that, Touka removed his mask, she has in a way removed the facade he had always been holding up.

She is smiling back at him, ready to accept the man underneath the mask, the man she waited for. 

This correlates with the most recent chapter, as by letting himself cry after receiving affection through making love, he is showing his true self and let his emotions show to her.

And this ultimately will help him get to the point of recovery.

Harry Potter Accent Challenge

hey all!

Since the accent challenge has taken tumblr by storm, I started thinking about doing a Harry Potter themed challenge. I didn’t see this floating anywhere around tumblr so I came up with questions that are interesting and funny. You can add to them if you want. Apologies if that has been done before but I didn’t see it when looking! Have fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!

  • name and url
  • hogwarts house and patronus 
  • say these words: horcrux, lumos, accio, marauders, peeves, obliviate, alohomora, chrookshanks, marauders map, beauxbatons, durmstrang, ilvermonry, silencio etc. You can say any other words that come to mind!
  • If you could be adopted by any wizarding family who it would be and why?
  • pure blood, half blood or muggle?
  • What position would you play in Quidditch?
  • maruaders, lightning, or next gen era?
  • favorite characters
  • least favorite characters
  • favorite ship or ships?
  • favorite and least favorite subject?
  • Would you become an aminagus  and why?
  • what does the Harry Potter series mean to you?
  • character you most likely want to get married and why?
  • Is there anything you wish had been in the movies?
  • just talk about your love for Harry Potter!

You can add to this but this is just a start! Let’s all talk about our love for the best series ever! <33333