i apologize for throwing this in you guys' tags... ;;

Welcome to Bangtansnetwork, a network dedicated to the 7 talented members of the South Korean group BTS. Since Not Today just came out && I think we’re all pretty dead, the admins decided to throw out our network too (apologies for it not being on the main blog, the tags aren’t working yet rip). If you love BTS as much as us, are already in a network and looking to join more or want to join a network where you can meet others - then apply for us.


  • Must be following tabitha & i  - jump into our IMs at any time and we can also become friends because the two of us love to make friends.
  • Also, follow the network where we’ll be reblogging all of the creations that you guys make.
  • Reblog this post before sending in the application, likes are only for bookmarks and not for entry.
  • You have until 28th February to apply for the network, we will be messaging people as soon as we have decided who is accepted to give you further information on what to do.


  • Please fill out this quick survey
  • Like stated before, we’ll get back to you if you’re accepted into the network. If you didn’t get in, when we open up applications again then feel free to apply to us.
  • We’re aiming for 20 members but that’ll depend on the amount of notes & applications submitted to us.


  • A tag #bangtansnetwork for you to post your gifsets, edits, graphics, fan fics etc.
  • New friends! You don’t have to be following all of the members but we would love it if you could give advice to others who need it, help judge someone’s work before they post it & just offer all the support you can.

We really hope you’ll be able to join us because we’d love to create a solid network with fellow armies!! Message either of us if you have any queries or questions!!