i apologize for this abomination

Do you guys reckon that there are callout posts in a real shitty, MRA, gun lovin, misogynistic, corner of Tumblr? (which I’m sure exists though thankfully I haven’t seen much of it, probably mostly keep themselves to 4chan and such)   Can you fucking imagine, the absolute worst of both worlds. 

- Apologized to a special snowflake who said they misgendered them
- Didn’t laugh at my ‘grab them by the pussy’ joke
- Said Trump is going too far

Always Mine

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,049
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Cussing. Drinking.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Could I request a oneshot of Dom!Lucifer involving coming from just thighriding
Request: ( Anonymous ) May I request a Luciferxreader oneshot where they have an argument and the reader storms off to a bar and when Lucifer goes to get her, he finds her flirting with another man and becomes incredibly jealous and when he brings her back to the bunker, he presses her against her bedroom wall and just really dominates her in bed, tying her up, using his grace on her to make her orgasms stronger, being a little shit and slowly drawing out each orgasm sort of shit. Thanks luv

Important Authors Note:  Here’s what I’ve learned working on this request – I don’t write Dom! very well. I’ve tried for three days and it always ends up soft and fluffy. I can do angry sex, romantic sex, food sex, kinky sex, or drunk sex but dom sex I don’t seem to have !

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An idea: In the no mercy run, you take in the soul of every single monster you kill, which gives you your LV. The souls of the monsters merge together the more and more of them there are, and becomes the source of your power. 

Gradually, if there’s enough souls compacted into one ‘container’ the souls’ merged form becomes visible to other monsters. (monsters, because they’re more sensitive to things relating to souls and magic)

So this is what Sans would see in the final hallway. An abomination made of those he knew. 

(someone take this tablet away from me)

toodankforyou  asked:

*kicks down door* well well well, if it isnt me again?! lol sorry im weird. can you pleaaaaase do a reaction post of the rfa+v+saeren reacting to this crazy japanese sim game called 'uma no prince sama'? search it up, and you'll see. >:D have fun~!

okay…so…i actually searched up the thing you asked me for. and…WHAT THE FREAK MY DUDE?! Ladies and gents, behold the odd case of Uma No Prince Sama, aka, Horse Prince.’ Or as I like to call it: Jumin’s Face Photoshopped onto a Horse Prince.

i………….dont………know if proper words can express my intrigue and horror. I mean, LOOK AT THAT THING. that’s some @sixpenceee​ shit right there lololololololol. (sixpencee if you actually see this, i apologize for tagging you with a post containing an out-of-context horse abomination and mystic-hell trash.) ANYWAY this is gonna be one hell of a crack post.


  • he saw you glue-eyed on your phone screen, your face completely red from both blushing and failing to contain uncontrollable giggling
  • tip-toeing, he sneaks up behind you to take a glimpse at the screen to see what’s making you so flustered
  • and BAM. he sees a picture of some…horse…man…thing 
  • it has a pretty attractive face
  • and it looks like jumin?
  • he stands there, frozen, trying to comprehend what he’s seeing
  • all that’s going through his mind is:
  • ???????
  • kinda tip-toes backwards back to whence he came from, red-faced himself, and decides it best not to dwell on the matter


  • he comes home early from rehearsal one day, greeted by an adorable sight of you sleeping on the couch
  • seeing a chance to wake you up with a kiss, he leans in, and….
  • your phone’s screen lights up. zen’s not one for intruding on your privacy, so he would’ve left it alone
  • but…
  • wait - is that a picture of a guy?
  • instead of being woken up to a kiss, you find zen sitting on the edge of the couch, hunched over your phone, just staring at the screen whispering and repeating to himself, ‘what the fuck?’
  • i mean, same zenny-boy


  • you decided to show the game to jaehee because you wanted to get a reaction out of her 
  • cuz she’s just an adorable lil’ nugget when she’s caught off guard
  • so when you got a cutscene pic with yuuma, you showed it to her in the middle of this report she was typing up
  • she tries dismissing you, saying, “MC, please, i’m trying -”
  • she pauses
  • she squints real close at ur phone screen
  • she squints real close back at you
  • jaehee takes something of her pocket
  • it’s a rosary bracelet 
  • and dead-ass she looks at you in the eyes and she says, “you know, it’s never too late to convert”
  • lololololol the power of crack imagines


  • you didn’t realize he was watching you play the game over your shoulder for a good fifteen minutes
  • god he can be such a creeper
  • he asks you what you were playing, and you say with as much dignity you could muster, “a horse dating sim”
  • but what he does next really surprises you
  • “may i play it?”
  • uhm. what?
  • flabbergasted, you hand your phone over
  • the next half hour, this man plays a freaking horse dating simulator, with a complete straight face
  • he even tells you strategies he’s planning to use for the game so he can win more affection with yuuma
  • omg
  • he’s actually serious
  • he’s taking this weird fucking little game seriously
  • @mrjuminhan what the fuck
  • you leave him to his devices as he plays the rest of the game
  • that evening, he returns your phone, announcing he finished the game
  • “say MC, that horse’s face looks an awful lot like mine. what do you think?”
  • you blush and dive way, because MAYBE that’s why you downloaded the trash game in the first place


  • this meme loser finds the game before you do
  • in fact, both of you downloaded the app so you can laugh your asses off together
  • relationship goals smh
  • once you two find out you both own the game it becomes a competition of: who can swoon the man-horse faster?
  • saeyoung legits spends money to buy more in-game currency to speed up gameplay
  • same here saeyoung *glances at mystic messenger*
  • like omg wat are u doing my son why are u throwing ur money at it
  • you two do over-the-top soap-opera voice acting for the heroine and yuuma, adding snogging and kissing noises to top off your stellar performance
  • saeren is disgusted
  • why does he live with you two. why does he have to live with this bullshit
  • w h y 
  • release saeren from tomfoolery 2k16
  • once you point out to saeyoung the horse’s face looks like jumin, he drops all his shit screeching, “I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO DO”
  • and something important it is indeed
  • the next day, he spams the messaging app with photoshopped pictures of the RFA
  • these pictures being the RFA’s members faces cropped and edited onto horses. 
  • saeyoung: horse memes
  • messaging app: chaos
  • saeyoung is forcibly removed from the app
  • his work here is done


  • joke’s on all y’all he’s blind
  • LMAO im terrible


  • “MC. MC, i’m worried”
  • this poor stale cinnamon roll seriously questions the relationship he has with you for a good three minutes when he finds out about the game
  • he just - 
  • he doesnt understand
  • this child cant wrap his mind around it
  • why would you want…to…date horses????
  • hush, hush sweet prince, dont mind ur strawberry head over it
  • kinda just accepts it (he went through the stages of grief all in ten minutes lolololol) but asks you not to show the freaky horse-dude again
  • gives him the heebie-jeebies. eugh.

yo since it’s almost halloween think about finn, rey, and poe taking their little babies out for their first trick or treat.

they have twins, a boy and a girl (when poe told leia that she thought it was hilarious) and even though they’re barely two, they want to have a fun halloween. plus any excuse to show off how cute their kids are is a great one.

so they dress little jynne and layla (because that’s the closest leia would let them get to naming their kid after her) up, and layla’s a witch while jynne’s dressed as spiderman. han made little web shooters for him, and finn helps jynne shoot the webs as they walk, making little sound effects while jynne shrieks with happiness.

and yeah, they’re just babies and they can’t really have candy yet, but it was worth all the cooing they got over their kids.

they also might have gotten a small sac’s worth of candy from trick or treating to split between the three of them after the night was over and done with and the twins had passed out for the night. they’re only human, and you’re never too old for candy.

anonymous asked:

Tbh I'm surprised Jim wasn't lurking behind the wedding arch.

Jim, one of the many Celyse x Cullen shippers of the Inquisition?

Oh, he was there ^_- Doing what he does best, gathering info to take back to all the other shippy soldiers and scouts who have been WAITING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN FOR FOREVER DARN IT :P

(Referring to this picture)

So yeah ^_-

longsongofakhaten  asked:

Question: would it help at all with the Cap thing if you knew that Nick Spencer was trying to make a bigger point, not just shock value, like there's an actual story based reason why this needs to happen, or is the fact that they associated Cap with Hydra enough on its own that you don't really care about anything else? (Which is entirely valid, your experience and feelings are your own. I'm just trying to understand a different perspective than the one I have.) I hope you're doing well :)

Well, first, let me preface this by saying that my opinion is just mine, and should in no way stand for all Jewish opinions- I know a lot of people feel significantly stronger about this than I do, and my feelings on this do not in any way invalidate other very real and important perspectives.

That said. For me personally, if we’d only gotten the comic and not the extratextual information (particularly the interviews with both Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort), I wouldn’t be saying this is antisemitic. This wouldn’t be a plotline I’d be particularly excited about, but based on his previous projects I very much trust(ed) Nick Spencer as a writer, and could easily roll with the way that this is essentially the psychological equivalent of body horror- the person doing what they should never be doing, and the deeply unsettling sense that the reader knows more about what the protagonist would want than the protagonist themself knows. Because Steve Rogers is not Hydra, and for Hydra to (of course temporarily) conquer his  mind is a scary, scary, concept that’s ripe for analysis and discussion.

For me personally, the problem comes from the interviews. There’s a level of glee in them that makes me uncomfortable. It’s the repeated assertion that we can find a part of Hydra that’s less awful, and the explicit comparison to Man in the High Castle. It’s the insistence that this is the real Cap, and we should be evaluating everything that’s happened the past seventy years through that lens. It’s the sense that this is narratively rich without any acknowledgment that it’s also a delicate area that needs to be treaded upon lightly, because Steve Rogers is a character who hates bullies and stands up for the little guy and yet here is, supposedly permanently (no one believes permanently!), on Team Nazi.

(I do understand that there are arguments that Hydra is not, or at least is no longer, Nazis. But while you can retcon things away, you can’t undo cultural consciousness.)

I’m also bothered by the perspective- which has been better explained by people far smarter than me, I apologize- that someone you’ve loved and trusted has abominable personal views is something you can try to understand, rather than something that marks the end of an association with them. That is an incredibly, incredibly privileged position to take, and one that as a queer Jewish woman I am triply unable to relate to. Cap doesn’t get to be a hero despite his ideology, because so many of us maintain our safety by not associating with people (real or fictional) who explicitly threaten us.

TL,DR: I actually 100% do trust that Nick Spencer is telling a story and it’s going to have a point. That’s not what upsets me. I’m bothered by the way that Marvel is gleefully simultaneously commodifying Nazi ideology, while disingenuous acting like they never expected fans to be upset at Captain America being a Nazi.

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Normal Undertale chara and sans meet their underfell counterparts

* … You seem to be growing a pair of wings…

* You seem to want to stab me.

* I really do now if you’re gonna mock me.

* I would never mock you, that would be rude. I’m merely stating a fact. If it.. uh, bothers you, I can stop.

* Ew, you’re even nice too. You can’t be me, you’re an abomination to me.

* … I apologize.

* Stooooooooooooppppp-

[[Eh… I tried with Sans…?]]