i apologize for the spamming of this movie

Life update:

Uh, so as some of you may have noticed, I’m in Japan right now and will be for a few more days ^ ^; I brought my tablet and was going to try to draw, but honestly I’m just way too tired and have too many other things to do (and honestly not enough space to spread out my drawing station), so I probably won’t be able to update any doodles until I’m back in the States, apologies! ;A; In the meantime, I’ll probably continue to spam photos of YOI stuff ^v^)b

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If you were my girlfriend there would be lots of impromptu daytime naps and late nights talking about anything, everything, and absolutely nothing. There would be cuddling on the couch with a good show or movie and there would be coffee dates where I try (fail) to dress to impress you. Sometimes there might be screaming and fighting (I'm only human) but I'll almost always apologize first and try to make things right again. Sorry if it sounds stupid but stupid is the type of girlfriend that I am.

im actually getting teary eyed as i read this wow yoongi is that you?

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- #dan
- he hasn’t been outside today
- he woke up like this :D
- younowception
- he was in Sweden filming a thing (with the BBC)
- his trip to Sweden
- his bed was messy
- his birthday
- Top Fans
- he wore sweatpants :D
- he’s been listening to ‘Drones’ a lot
- long train journeys (traveling)
- he finished reading ‘Paper Towns’
- d&p were invited for the screening of Paper Towns
-> really enjoyed the movie
->Cara was very great
- the Final Fantasy 7 remake
- his fave ‘American Horror Story’ character is Jessica Lange in ‘Coven’
- Game Of Thrones
- he’s gonna try going vegan for a month (starting next week)
- the 'Matilda’ musical
- rant about video games
- his twitter icon
'I know i’m a memelord but this just goes too far’
- Michael Clifford’s accident
- the Pete Wentz prank
- aw Pete Wentz apologized via DM
- the 'hullo’ story
(BBC let’s their guests call their contacts with a blocked number and Dan just tries to protect himself incase it’s a Fan or a spam number calling him)
- “don’t ever think i change people..i’m still the awkward guy”
- “you’re my friends,special snowflakes,equal people”
- his 2 million followers on Twitter
- his caps lock tweet :D
- “i appreciate you for appreciating my sense of humor”
- rant about vegan
- he did some background work on his project
- he’ll go somewhere this weekend
- the Dil video
- he’s very proud of their gaming videos AW
- the road sign in Sweden
- Dan took a selfie of himself first before he took the photo of the road sign
- he stayed a bit longer :)
- Sweden (he loves Sweden and it’s culture)
- liveshow next tuesday
- he doesn’t go outside but he travels a lot
-“love you to bits”
- “thanks for consuming my existents and i hope you’re happy” (he was super cute at the end there!!! :’)

That was it!! x tysm for reading!

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@ non filipino followers

i apologize for the heneral luna spam but at the same time not?? heneral luna is a rare filipino movie made by a filipino director and an all filipino cast that’s not a cheap hollywood rip off that’s popular and amazing! 

it’s literally very rare for a filipino movie to have a fandom and that fact that heneral luna is the first movie in years to attract this kind of people says a lot about the evolution of the philippine film industry!

i apologize but at the same time im not that sorry

Do not click the links...

…of the spam posts in your ship’s tags.  They are malicious links and there seems to be an ungodly amount of them flooding multiple shipping and show / movie tags across Tumblr right now.  Flag, block, and blacklist but don’t click the content if you can avoid it.

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you got me thinking, I don't want to offend anyone but I've never been into peggy, i've noticed that the majority of her fans are on tumblr, the first cap movie is not that popular so for a lot of casual moviegoers like me she's not really relevant, but on this website i've been called misogynistic too many times for not knowing shit about her but before getting into the netflix series last week I didn't care about misty either and no one cared, she's incredibly underrated

I don’t know why I send that misty peggy ask I just never thought race was important on whether fandom liked a character or not but seeing how different they are treated specially considering luke cage was a huge success and a lot of people saw it, I didn’t watch agent carter but peggy has a really small role in the movies so I never got why tumblr fandom is obsessed with her, I don’t know what I’m saying I just wanted to apologize for the spam, sorry if it doesn’t make sense I suck at english

your english isn’t bad, buddy, i got your point

yeah there’s an enormous double standard in the mcu fandom. i mean, it’s in all fandoms but the mcu fandom is such a large clusterfuck of several smaller fandoms that it’s easier to observe patterns

like how bucky and rhodey share similar traits but bucky’s the (current) poster boy of the mcu on tumblr and you’d be lucky to catch rhodey in a gifset

or how darcy has had far less screentime in a less popular subset of the franchise than sam with twice the fics

or how the fandom has embraced rumlow more than helen cho or heimdall

or how the fandom thinks elektra’s an asshole but frank castle is somehow not an asshole (everyone on daredevil is an asshole except claire, let’s just get that straight)

loki’s a genocidal maniac but somehow nick fury is the real villain of the avengers franchise

it’s all the same, pretzels is the same