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"i need a hug" said by morality to anyone? please?

Poly Sanders cause I’m trash! Hope you like it hun!

((Edit: this is really really long and I apologize for that, its probably worth the read tho!))

Warnings: Crying, that thing where you say shitty things about yourself (I can’t remember the word) and tell me if I missed something!
Morality was always there.

When Prince needed to stitched up after a long day in daydream mode, Morality was there with a first aid kit and a glass of hot chocolate in his arms.

If Anxiety had a nightmare and tears falling down his face and the fear twisting his stomach in knots, Morality would be there with a glass of warm milk and a softly sung lullaby to lead Anxiety softly into the warm safe hold of sleep.

If Logic was still awake deep into the night, scribbling endless notes with blurry eyes, Morality would swoop in with….some kind of warm sleep-inducing drink and one of Logic’s favorite books, the only thing guaranteed to put the brainy side to sleep.

Morality was always there when they needed him.

Morality was…….

….not fine.

Not at all.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and he held his blanket close, burying his face into the soft fabric, a particularly loud sob bubbling out his throat.

They hate you.

They want you gone.

They never loved you.

Morality flung himself out of bed, knocking into the nightstand and curling into the corner, walls comforting against his back.

Logic was very tired. It wasn’t often he stayed up this late without Morality interrupting him with a copy of… Where was Morality??

He stood up, stumbling slightly at the vertigo and walked to his bedroom door, walking through the hallway only to find Prince and Anxiety also there, quietly talking.

“You go in there.”

“No you, he likes you better anyway.”

Logic stepped forward. “What are you two doing?”

Then he heard it.


In an instant Logic had flung open the door, scanning the room for Morality. He was curled in the corner under the blanket they had gotten him for his birthday, shaking and repeating the same thing over and over.

“I’m sorry.”

Prince and Anxiety walked through the door, standing around Morality like they were looking at a zoo exhibit.

In Morality’s eyes they weren’t themselves. Everything was blurry through the film of tears on his eyes and words repeated in his head, each voice piercing his mind and his heart.

First Prince stepped forward, a cruel sneer on his face. “You don’t matter, Morality. You’re just a nuisance.”

Then Anxiety moved even closer, putting a hand on Morality’s chin. “You act like a child, there’s no way we could ever love someone as stupid as you. ”

It seemed as if Morality could never stop crying.

He waited for Logic to step forward,for the sting and bite of bitter words and hateful tone.

But no.

He just turned and walked away.

Logic ran down the stairs in a panic, crashing into a wall and moving into the kitchen, searching through the fridge.

What did Morality give them??Hot chocolate?No…Warm Milk?? Ugh, that wasn’t it either!Warm Juice? That didn’t even make sense!

Logic put four glasses into the microwave, pressing the one minute button and prancing anxiously on his feet, hoping Morality hadn’t gotten any worse.

Morality wailed, desperately pushing into the wall, trying to get away from this Anxiety that wasn’t the one he loved.


A strange and not very pleasant smell reached his nose and his lamp flicked on, washing the room in a golden warm glow.

The light washed away his fears, a dark and cruel dream replaced by tear stained Prince and Anxiety and a panicked Logic holding onto a tray.

“L-Logan.”Morality whispered shakily.”Please im sorry I don’t mean- I don’t want- I don’t I don’t I don’t!”

Logic set the tray down, lightly resting his hands on Morality’s shoulders and leaning close to place a soft kiss on the older’s forehead.

“Take deep breaths Morgan.In and out, like you have been your whole life.”

While the command didn’t seem to do much, the stream of tears seemed to get slower and slower until finally all that was left was tear stains under big, still watery eyes.

Logic leaned back, grabbing the tray.Morality could’ve laughed when he was what was on it.A glass of hot chocolate with a literal mountain of whipped cream, a glass of his fruit punch and a glass of milk, both of which were releasing curls of steam into the air.And a glass of water, with the glass fogging and the water evaporating slowly.

“This is what you usually do for us but I forgot what you usually bring me so I heated every liquid in the fridge.”

Morality chuckled shakily, wiping his eyes.”I u-usually give you water with sleeping pills d-dissolved in it.”

Logic blinked, opening his mouth to comment but deciding against it and shook his head.”Well, I can do that if you need.”

Morality looked up at Logic slowly.”You would?”

Anxiety butted in from the side.”Of course Mo, we would do anything for you.”

Tears started to well up in Morality’s eyes and he could see the other three start to internally freak out, unsure what to do.

Logic spoke first.”Morality, wait! Please be okay it’s uh…you’ll be…What do you need?”

Morality swallowed the lump in his throat and spread his arms open wide.

“I need a hug.”

When Morality woke up the next morning he would find himself on the bed, surrounded by his three loves in a huge cuddle pile that none moved from until mid afternoon the next day.

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if uve answered this already, pls ignore this but... tbh, Warriors did Squirrelflight sooo dirty. she's my fave character and they fucked with her multiple times. how do u feel abt her/how the Erins have treated her? love yr rants btw! c:

Ooooooh believe me, I agree with you, I agree so much the Erins’ eternal mistreatment of Squirrel has been pissing me off for years on end, it was half the reason I got into writing small ficlets in the first place because I needed to see a universe where she wasn’t treated like complete and utter waste. 

And honestly I don’t get it?? The Erins launched Squirrelpaw with what looked like every intention to add to their scrawny list of outspoken, stalwart pro-female cast, and then threw her under the bus. God forbid we have a striking female figure that gets through the series with her dignity intact. 

Squirrelflight is always shown to care for everyone else, she’s there for Leafpool, she’s there to comfort Brambleclaw when he realized how bad his brother actually was. She could have told him “I told you so” but she doesn’t. She’s there for Holly, Lion and Jay, comforting and scolding them, depending on whether it’s a cuddle or a shove they need. 

But what does that matter, when drama decrees she’s -not- their mother? Suddenly, not in any way whatsoever, and there’s no such thing as a time-tempered familial bond because in the Erins’ head, the twist from love to hate is sudden and irreversible and dramatic and you sit there thinking… ladies, what is this?? How can you consistently write all this bashing, this hate, this abuse, centered on a single character, and think it looks good?

For example: Brambleclaw was deputy. He is a “public figure” in the clans, he sets the example for the rest. And the Erins write how he gets away deriding Squirrel in public?? Surrounded by a bunch of others - who say nothing. No one ever tells him to go fuck himself. Deputy verbally abusing clan member = okay.

And that celebrated siblinghood between Leaf and Squirrel? Complete and utter whack. Leafpool’s canon character doesn’t care for anyone other than herself, when it comes down to it; she is never shown, from the moment she becomes -pool, to care for her sister. Never. It’s all her first, how -she- is hurting, -her- sacrifice. She IGNORES her sister’s pain in Leafpool’s Wish because she’s so caught up in her own situation. Granted, she’s got trouble on the horizon, but her only helper is heartbroken after being told she’s fucking barren, made so basically on purpose so she would help her stupid sister. Yet not so much as a single thank you, not a single sorry. Just an “oh that’s right, you can’t have babies can you” inner monologue when Squirrel can’t hide the envy in her voice. What part of that sounds like a tight-knit pair of siblings?

I said it in the super edition rant, and I repeat it now: The Erins underestimate the power of apologies. 

Squirrel never gets it. Not from Leafpool, not from either of the three (”you should have kits with Brambleclaw” tell me, exactly what iQ level is Lionblaze on?? Minus??) and certainly not from Brambleclaw, oh no good heavens no, it’s him we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Not her. 

I’m not saying that Leaf, and Bramble, and the three haven’t been in pain - that they weren’t written as having shitty times, that they weren’t in some way or other, allowed to feel that pain. But pain goes both ways. And even someone who’s hurting, when they hurt others, has to apologize for it.

But that’s never been the case with the Erins. To them, only the favoured few get apologies - the rest has to scrape by. And Squirrel is one of those characters who has to scrape by, who has to survive the occasional ooc bitch-turning because how else could the Erins ever make her resemble uncaring?? She’s been caring so. much. since day one. Others first, always. So what else could she be but completely out-of-character whenever the Erins throw her under the bus and insist otherwise??

So yes, if there was one thing, and one thing only, I could change in this series, I know what it would be. I would re-insert apologies. 

Mentally Unstable

Pairing: Jensen x reader (platonic till the end), Jared x reader (platonic)

Trigger warnings: mental illness, slight depression, anger outburst, language, very little spn canon violence, self loathing (I guess. Basically the reader doesn’t like herself), bad traffic (yes that’s a warning), reader being bitchy

Word Count: 3131

Summary: You wake instantly knowing you are going to have one of your “bad” days meaning your emotions are going to be a mess. Sure enough angry outburst start your day when you nearly kick the crap out of a guy in traffic and nearly bit off Jared and Jensen’s heads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will be going away any time soon. How are you supposed to keep it hidden from people who are practically your family and how will this affect the major scenes you must shoot? That’s right you are an actress on Supernatural, but can you keep your emotion in check long enough to get through the day?

A/N: Hey y’all first I want to say I have no fucking Idea where this came from. It wasn’t planned at all. It’s basically word vomit on a page because I had a really crappy day in which some of the things in the story actually happened to me. So, I guess writing some fluffy J2 helped me get over my shitty day. I also wrote the reader based off myself in a way because these emotional issues are ones I face and today was one of the “bad” days for me. Literally wrote this between the times of 8pm and 4am so there’s barely any editing done and I apologize for any mistakes. Its currently 4:30 and I have no ambition to check. Any who, I know I had more to say but I forget, oh well enjoy. P.S. This is my first RPF so be easy on me please. As always feedback is appreciated and wanted and hate will not be tolerated.

***Italics are scenes being shot for the show***

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The next update of “Seventeen Days” is up in the queue.

It is horrible and sucky, because I wrote it two days after waking up from the coma. I stared at it again today, was disappointed in the content, but could not get my brain to fix any of it and make it better.

It was written in 15 minutes, and I didn’t make any edits to it. It will be filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. It may not make sense. It may make you go “Ew, what the hell, JinAh. Please quit writing.” 

This is what happens when you’re stupid and decide to write when you’re still delirious with post-coma symptoms. I apologize for the shitty writing that is coming your way.

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the last daddyofive apology is bs, i really wish i could believe them but i'm extremely wary about it & they obviously got help to try save their ass, even the way the video looks, all their other vids are shitty and in this one they're out of the blue dressed decently, have mics, proper lighting, high quality video, makeup, editing... im not buying it. they mistreated their kids horribly on camera for years and they suddenly had an epiphany? i want that to be the case but its just not realistic

It really isn’t.

One thing to remember is that abusers are master manipulators. They were trying it on all of us in the previous “apology” video with their passive aggressive damage control and blaming Philip DeFranco for everything. It’s apparent they are manipulating the kids by telling them “oh at least we don’t beat you kids” and incentivizing them to play along in the videos by buying them toys with the money they earn from YouTube.

For all we know, they’re making a promise they aren’t even going to make an effort to commit to. It could all be just to appease CPS by appearing more homely and promising to take better care of the children. Since they’ve been at that kind of behavior for so long, and if the claim from Cody and Emma’s biological mom about Mike being abusive in the past is true, I have high doubts about them being sincere. Abusers sometimes promise to their victims that they’ll “never do it again” to have the victim forgive them, but they never actually live up to that promise. Classic abuse strategy.

Those two, Mike and Heather Martin, have caused SO much damage to those kids, especially Cody. I hope they realize it’s the kids that need the apologies more than the strangers on the internet. That the issue lies within their parenting in general, not just the pranks (ie. Mike harassing Cody to put on a shirt and threatening to punish him if he didn’t, yelling at Cody for potentially self harming, allowing his daughter to be hit by her stepbrother, allowing the stepbrothers to beat up Cody, etc. etc. etc.). That they need to begin giving their children proper parenting along with getting them professional help.

I don’t blame you at all for having a hard time believing them, I can’t bring myself to believe they’re going to change myself. If they do change for the best, great. But they have a REALLY huge fucking mess to clean up. From how they’ve messed up their kids mentally to how they keep digging themselves a very deep grave on social media. At this point, though, I don’t see them getting themselves out of that grave.

I'm a screamer baby make me a mute

Rating: nc17
Genre: sin

A/N : This is my first smut fic, so I apologize for the shittyness.I dedicate this shitty excuse for writing to the lovely @constipatedhowelleen aka alice for giving me so much advice. enjoy this you pieces of trash. Title is from “Flesh ” by Simon Curtis (I also wrote this in class oops)
“Babe?” Dan Howell called out to his boyfriend of almost six years

“Hm?” Phil said,  continuing to edit his new video

“I need to show you something ” The brunette replied , in a sultry tone

Phil looked away from the LED display, now being painfully turned on by the sight before him

Dan was wearing black lace panties and thigh highs,  whilst a pair of black cat ears sat upon his freshly straightened hair,  along with some cat whiskers drawn on with sharpie

“I want you daddy ” He makes sure to put emphasis on daddy, since he knew how much Phil liked it when he does call him that. Dan strided over to his older boyfriend as he said this, straddling his lap and wrapping his arms around his neck,  lightly sucking on it as well.

“Not right now baby, I need to finish editing my vide-”

“Pretty please!” Dan grinded into Phils lap, earning a gravely moan from him.

“Fuck…” Phil said before connecting their lips. It was a sloppy kiss, yet passionate at the same time. Phil savored the taste of malteasers in Dans mouth, not being able to get enough.

Phil lifts Dan up, his legs still wrapped around his torso.

As he lays Dan down on the bed, he cant help put kiss his neck, turning the younger boy into a moaning mess

“Fuck daddy! I want your cock! ” Dan yells out between moans

Dan was in fact the biggest cock-slut around, never getting enough of his lovers member. He doesn’t care where it goes - in his mouth, in his ass- as long as he can have it

“What do you say, whore? ”

“Please can I have your cock?”

“Good” Phil nods “Get down on your knees”

Dan complies, coming off of the bed and kneeling in front of Phil. He slips down his pants and sonic boxers, to reveal his throbbing 8 inch member.

Dan swirls his tounge across Phils slit, savoring the taste of pre-come . He let’s out yet another moan, pushing Dan down onto his dick.

Dan chokes a bit, but enjoys it - loving the feeling of being used

He comes off with a pop, laying back down on the bed.

Phil pulls down the lingerie , now soaked with pre come, and prods his index finger at Dans entrance. After a minute of continuous moans coming from his mouth, Phil adds another finger, scissoring them.

“FUCK RIGHT THERE” Dan screams out as Phil hit his spot

“Be quiet or I will have to gag you” He says, referring to the black ball gag laying next to them

Phil removes his fingers, lubing his fully erect dick up and slowly pushing the tip in. Dan whimpers, biting his lip.

Before they knew it, Phils arm was around Dans neck holding him in place as he was on his stomach with Phil on top of him, as he pounded his tight little hole

“FUCK DADDY! ” Dan moaned out , laying against Phil.

“That’s it! You are getting the gag! ”

He reaches for the restraint, now putting it on Dans face. He continues to fuck Dan, hard as ever, never wanting to stop.
Dans muffled moans could still be heard, making Phil grin, speeding up even more.

“Don’t you like being daddy’s little fuck toy? ” Phil moans out “Your tight little hole being abused”

Dan nods, still moaning against the gag.

The ebony haired boy let out a loud groan, filling Dan up to the brim. Phil pulls out and sticks a finger up Dans ass, letting the come drip right out.

The younger boy lets out a girly moan soon after, come spilling all over his chest and the bed. He rolls over on his back, cuddling into Phils chest.

Phil removes the gag ammediatly, looking into his boyfriend chocolate brown eyes.

Dan giggles

“Thank you daddy”

“Anything for my babyboy”

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Since I'm a fan of the yandere prompts how about Sebastian from black butler with "I want your innocence."

Certainly! Hope you like this piece~warning, it’s fairly dark but don’t fret, Kagome is safe. “Safe” being a relative term for her fate. It got long so it’ll get a cut. Apologies to my mobile using readers! Try getting into your browser app, instead of shitty tumblr app.

Here’s the yandere prompt, and here’s more general prompts! Feel free to request anything~!

Like everything in her life, her arrival into a very different era was unconventional. The well malfunctioned out of blues and send her sprawling in neither eras she was familiar with. Instead she flashed into existence right in the middle of a more progressive Japanese village and the money-hungry headman decided she was a ‘curse’ and promptly sold her to the visiting foreigner. A human trafficker.

Apparently she fetched a very pretty penny, for her exotic look. Blue eyes were a rarity among Japanese people, and saddled that with a fit yet petite body…she was instantly popular with gross men and women alike. She was at least fortunate that the head trader was territorial of his goods and would literal behead any perpetrator who’d try to soil them.

If she hadn’t been used to death and gores in the feudal era, Kagome would’ve flinch at these rolling heads. But her cold lack of reactions made her all the more popular. More exotic.

Kagome loathed that very word, tired of hearing it over and over.

She supposed she should be thankful that she know fairly little English.

The ship was filthy and stank of human wastes down below in the gutter, but again, she was lucky enough to have a gilded room. To preserve her health, she overheard that trader to say. Or thought he said. Regardless she spent many days on that boat, weeks even, going to only a god knows where.

And then, she was tossed into a cage—oddly and disturbingly fitting for her name, a bird cage, dressed into a fancily uncomfortable dress, and was showed off to a big audience from the stage. There were many shouting and a small sign with a particular number jerking to the sky at every word the fast-talking auctioneer said. Bigger that man’s grin, the colder Kagome felt growing in her belly.

There were no one innocent in this audience, every one of their faces were of pure lust and sheer determination.

But none were worse than the demon she couldn’t pinpointed in the far back, his aura was suppressing and dark, just as his own damned soul was. She swore it was even grinning. Could auras even grin?

It took a small voice, a young boy’s voice, to stop the sea of lustful eyes. In his stead were dawning horrors in their paling faces. “In the name of Queen Victoria…all of you are hereby arrested…”

She remembered little else, all passed by her in a blur—but her fear of that one man, nay, a demon, was mounting at his near presence. Somehow he convinced the little boy, not that much younger than she, to take her in. Out of pity the boy agreed.

And so there she was, a simple maid in the mansion of Phantomhive, sweeping in a hallway.

Master Ciel was impressed with her knowledge, once her English sufficiently improved enough to hold a decent conversation, and became more impressed when her archery was deadly on point after an ambush from multiple thieves. After his initial precariousness of his newest servant faded, Ciel decided to keep Kagome and rejected his foreign acquaintance’s offer to take her in.

Kagome wished he hadn’t. She would rather be anywhere else other than in the Phantomhive mansion. Master Ciel’s order to the creepy butler to leave her be was only but a small mercy. Somehow he sensed his butler’s less-than-pure intentions toward her, though unfortunately it was a tad too late to change his mind regarding on keeping her.

Even then she knew better than anyone that demons doesn’t like to stay on orders for long, contracted or no.

She did her best to stick with the other, thankfully friendly, servants as much as she could, so she wouldn’t be alone for the demonic butler’s ambush. But even that was temporary at best. Sebastian was sure to assign separate chores for each, to find an opportunity to herd her for himself. So far he hadn’t been lucky.

Her luck would run out.

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so… e4 is basically doing their own version of Supernatural… except it’s British… and with no man angst… and the two leading characters are a pair of very shippable ladies… one of whom is a white woman & one is a black woman …

(and, updating the post since the series ended, i hear the representation is actually pretty great, so it’s a diverse show that’s not shitty with its diversity!!)

is it too soon to say I love it?

An apology

I know I am really shitty at fullfilling your requests and all, but I want to enter a top-notch school in my country and I have some ass-kicking to do. So until I enter that school, I will work on the 3 requests I still have, Left, which is a Yoongi angst, and heavy, dirty soul, Jungkook centered Mafia!AU which I really want to finish, but no time to.

All of this is mostly written, as are dozen of other things, but I don’t want to hastily put them out when there was no sincere wish to edit it perfectly.

I’m really tired these days, and I want to thank you for reading, liking and reblogging my work. It makes my day, even through I’m beat most of them!

You can request, of course. Only know that those will take a little longer, because I am a perfectionist (and trash) want to be completely satisfied with something until I post it.

@bangtanbtsmut @kpopthirstaddicted @jiminelli Thank you for being awesome! Really, your existence means a lot to me!!

will you walk in the rain with me?

happy belated birthday to my sweetheart chanyeolistic​ <3

Calibornia Dreamin'
Calibornia Dreamin'

Okay so first I say to myself: “Hey, Ilan, you know what’s funny? Calibornia Dreamin’” I chuckle. Then I realize. I have Garage Band and shitty editing skills. So I scour the internet for an illegal download of California Dreamin’ and probably give my computer a virus or too, but I finally find one. I then add in The Lordling and discover that…they actually work kind of really well together? So what the fuck basically.

Long story short I spent actual time on this. Like twenty minutes maybe, but still time. Also check out the track art I stitched together. It’s horrendous.

This is my life now. 

Arrangement of Caliornia Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas and The Lordling by Toby Fox. Apologies to both.

Some Nightsilver Angst :^)

Prompt- @belkittykelly
“there’s too much nightsilver fluff. i want nightsilver angst. give me pietro figuring out how kurt got all his swirly scars and asking himself why the fuck would someone as beautiful as that think they deserve it”
((Not exactly that but something along those lines! I apologize in advance for any mistakes, it is currently 10:00pm and the shitty nookstains that are my neighbors are setting off fireworks, so no editing.))

Kurt was choking, or that’s what it felt like, he looked at himself in the mirror. ‘He never will love or waste his time on me, a sin.’ He thought miserably, ‘It is a crime to look like this, you must be taught.’ He told himself.
Slowly, shakily, he wrapped his prehensile tail around a razor, the edge glinted coldly as it caught the white lights of the bathroom. He cut into an area above his rib, “T-there,” he said wincing through the pain, no matter how many times he did this, it would always hurt, but such was Kurt’s burden.
The door to his room opened, “Hey Kurt!” Called Peter, he heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. “We’re going to the ma-” the bathroom door was open. The razor clattered on the tiled floor.
“Es tut mir leid! ich bin eine abscheuliche Sünde, ich weiß, ich widerlich bin! ich bin es zur Festsetzung!” Kurt raised his arms in defense.
Peter kneeled down in front of him, he was shocked, this angel was apologizing, for being a sin. The German was now choking out rushed apologies.
Peter grabbed the teleporter’s wrist. “Why would you do this?”
He looked away, “I am a sin, I have hurt people, because of that I’ve ruined lives. Please Peter let me-”
“Let you what? Hurt yourself because some, some douche in the sky, thinks you’re not pure? Stand and watch while you break and destroy yourself? Because I’m not, Kurt, no matter what “He” thinks, I’m not going to let you do this!” He shouted.
They both looked to the ground, Peter felt bad for shouting at him, he sighed inwardly ‘Fucking stellar, yell at the poor guy when he’s having a hard time already, shit, say something supportive, what would Mom have done?’
“Listen,” he quietly took the razor from off the floor, and pocketed it, “I know it gets hard, living like this, hell, when I wasn’t playing arcade games or stealing random shit I was cutting. But it isn’t the fucking answer. One of these days I mig-we might lose you. Also, your body is the most beautiful I’ve seen, don’t hurt yourself, it’s never worth it, trust me.”
‘Shit, did I say the right thing? What if he isn’t into guys? I hope he feels better, he’s too cute to lose.”
Peter felt the edge of his shirt tugged at, then their lips met in a kiss that seemed to mash universes together.

((“I don’t believe you think that I’m those things, but thank you, for showing me a new side.”))