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cute sunshine during osaka fansign ment

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(from “WILL YOU KEEP YOUR GREEN HAIR | Reading Your Comments #73″)

you: we haven’t even met dammek yet!! give him a chance :(

me, an intellectual: although hiveswap has alluded to some non-shitty qualities he might have, dammek has, so far, been shown to be disproportionately Awful. we may very well gain a better understanding of him and his actions in later games that could change the current perception of him, either through backstory or character development. and when that time comes, i am more than willing (excited, even!) to edit my opinion of him to something more accurate to who he is as a person. however, until then, if i have to hear xefros apologize to me One More Time, i will personally track tetrarch dammek down and shove a flashlight through his face, killing him instantly

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"i need a hug" said by morality to anyone? please?

Poly Sanders cause I’m trash! Hope you like it hun!

((Edit: this is really really long and I apologize for that, its probably worth the read tho!))

Warnings: Crying, that thing where you say shitty things about yourself (I can’t remember the word) and tell me if I missed something!
Morality was always there.

When Prince needed to stitched up after a long day in daydream mode, Morality was there with a first aid kit and a glass of hot chocolate in his arms.

If Anxiety had a nightmare and tears falling down his face and the fear twisting his stomach in knots, Morality would be there with a glass of warm milk and a softly sung lullaby to lead Anxiety softly into the warm safe hold of sleep.

If Logic was still awake deep into the night, scribbling endless notes with blurry eyes, Morality would swoop in with….some kind of warm sleep-inducing drink and one of Logic’s favorite books, the only thing guaranteed to put the brainy side to sleep.

Morality was always there when they needed him.

Morality was…….

….not fine.

Not at all.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and he held his blanket close, burying his face into the soft fabric, a particularly loud sob bubbling out his throat.

They hate you.

They want you gone.

They never loved you.

Morality flung himself out of bed, knocking into the nightstand and curling into the corner, walls comforting against his back.

Logic was very tired. It wasn’t often he stayed up this late without Morality interrupting him with a copy of… Where was Morality??

He stood up, stumbling slightly at the vertigo and walked to his bedroom door, walking through the hallway only to find Prince and Anxiety also there, quietly talking.

“You go in there.”

“No you, he likes you better anyway.”

Logic stepped forward. “What are you two doing?”

Then he heard it.


In an instant Logic had flung open the door, scanning the room for Morality. He was curled in the corner under the blanket they had gotten him for his birthday, shaking and repeating the same thing over and over.

“I’m sorry.”

Prince and Anxiety walked through the door, standing around Morality like they were looking at a zoo exhibit.

In Morality’s eyes they weren’t themselves. Everything was blurry through the film of tears on his eyes and words repeated in his head, each voice piercing his mind and his heart.

First Prince stepped forward, a cruel sneer on his face. “You don’t matter, Morality. You’re just a nuisance.”

Then Anxiety moved even closer, putting a hand on Morality’s chin. “You act like a child, there’s no way we could ever love someone as stupid as you. ”

It seemed as if Morality could never stop crying.

He waited for Logic to step forward,for the sting and bite of bitter words and hateful tone.

But no.

He just turned and walked away.

Logic ran down the stairs in a panic, crashing into a wall and moving into the kitchen, searching through the fridge.

What did Morality give them??Hot chocolate?No…Warm Milk?? Ugh, that wasn’t it either!Warm Juice? That didn’t even make sense!

Logic put four glasses into the microwave, pressing the one minute button and prancing anxiously on his feet, hoping Morality hadn’t gotten any worse.

Morality wailed, desperately pushing into the wall, trying to get away from this Anxiety that wasn’t the one he loved.


A strange and not very pleasant smell reached his nose and his lamp flicked on, washing the room in a golden warm glow.

The light washed away his fears, a dark and cruel dream replaced by tear stained Prince and Anxiety and a panicked Logic holding onto a tray.

“L-Logan.”Morality whispered shakily.”Please im sorry I don’t mean- I don’t want- I don’t I don’t I don’t!”

Logic set the tray down, lightly resting his hands on Morality’s shoulders and leaning close to place a soft kiss on the older’s forehead.

“Take deep breaths Morgan.In and out, like you have been your whole life.”

While the command didn’t seem to do much, the stream of tears seemed to get slower and slower until finally all that was left was tear stains under big, still watery eyes.

Logic leaned back, grabbing the tray.Morality could’ve laughed when he was what was on it.A glass of hot chocolate with a literal mountain of whipped cream, a glass of his fruit punch and a glass of milk, both of which were releasing curls of steam into the air.And a glass of water, with the glass fogging and the water evaporating slowly.

“This is what you usually do for us but I forgot what you usually bring me so I heated every liquid in the fridge.”

Morality chuckled shakily, wiping his eyes.”I u-usually give you water with sleeping pills d-dissolved in it.”

Logic blinked, opening his mouth to comment but deciding against it and shook his head.”Well, I can do that if you need.”

Morality looked up at Logic slowly.”You would?”

Anxiety butted in from the side.”Of course Mo, we would do anything for you.”

Tears started to well up in Morality’s eyes and he could see the other three start to internally freak out, unsure what to do.

Logic spoke first.”Morality, wait! Please be okay it’s uh…you’ll be…What do you need?”

Morality swallowed the lump in his throat and spread his arms open wide.

“I need a hug.”

When Morality woke up the next morning he would find himself on the bed, surrounded by his three loves in a huge cuddle pile that none moved from until mid afternoon the next day.

the fact that allura doesn’t have to be perfect to be admired, loved, lusted after, and even REVERED in CANON means a lot more to black girls like myself than yet another flatly written perfect black girl thrown in to a story for pc points without any personality or intriguing story arc okay like for real

the voltron story CENTERS around allura (and keith) and so obviously for the story to be interesting she has to grow and change like the fact that so many of you are confused as to why the black girl is so multi-faceted is exactly why characters like her are needed and i mean that for all girls everywhere

allura making mistakes isn’t her being mistreated! allura learning new things isn’t her being mistreated! allura hurting people’s feelings, not caring, and then apologizing isn’t her being mistreated! allura doing all of these things and still being loved by everyone in the show and still being written as a main character to be sympathized with is NOT her being mistreated! like! no this show isn’t perfect! and YES as a black fangirl there ARE aspects i would edit or change about this story! but the main source of MISTREATMENT that i’ve seen aimed at allura since i’ve started watching this show is from its fandom! ignoring allura is mistreatment! attaching racist stereotypes to her is mistreatment! ignoring what her BLACK stans have to say! is shitty behavior!

all of you spewing this ‘allura deserves better’ bullshit need to fuckin graduate from social justice kindergarten already. you wouldn’t HAVE to try so damn hard to make up reasons to like allura if you just fuckin paid genuine attention to her. she’s literally so amazing and well researched. and for girls EVERY where characters like her are SO important.



Mentally Unstable

Pairing: Jensen x reader (platonic till the end), Jared x reader (platonic)

Trigger warnings: mental illness, slight depression, anger outburst, language, very little spn canon violence, self loathing (I guess. Basically the reader doesn’t like herself), bad traffic (yes that’s a warning), reader being bitchy

Word Count: 3131

Summary: You wake instantly knowing you are going to have one of your “bad” days meaning your emotions are going to be a mess. Sure enough angry outburst start your day when you nearly kick the crap out of a guy in traffic and nearly bit off Jared and Jensen’s heads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will be going away any time soon. How are you supposed to keep it hidden from people who are practically your family and how will this affect the major scenes you must shoot? That’s right you are an actress on Supernatural, but can you keep your emotion in check long enough to get through the day?

A/N: Hey y’all first I want to say I have no fucking Idea where this came from. It wasn’t planned at all. It’s basically word vomit on a page because I had a really crappy day in which some of the things in the story actually happened to me. So, I guess writing some fluffy J2 helped me get over my shitty day. I also wrote the reader based off myself in a way because these emotional issues are ones I face and today was one of the “bad” days for me. Literally wrote this between the times of 8pm and 4am so there’s barely any editing done and I apologize for any mistakes. Its currently 4:30 and I have no ambition to check. Any who, I know I had more to say but I forget, oh well enjoy. P.S. This is my first RPF so be easy on me please. As always feedback is appreciated and wanted and hate will not be tolerated.

***Italics are scenes being shot for the show***

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uuh hey

HEY YALL this is the “reigen’s depressive spiral” notes ive written out. kind of a shitty fic sorta thing but in note format

warnings are in the tags (although you can probably guess what they are). plus ive enabled comments so yall can give me your opinions. be nice pls

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if uve answered this already, pls ignore this but... tbh, Warriors did Squirrelflight sooo dirty. she's my fave character and they fucked with her multiple times. how do u feel abt her/how the Erins have treated her? love yr rants btw! c:

Ooooooh believe me, I agree with you, I agree so much the Erins’ eternal mistreatment of Squirrel has been pissing me off for years on end, it was half the reason I got into writing small ficlets in the first place because I needed to see a universe where she wasn’t treated like complete and utter waste. 

And honestly I don’t get it?? The Erins launched Squirrelpaw with what looked like every intention to add to their scrawny list of outspoken, stalwart pro-female cast, and then threw her under the bus. God forbid we have a striking female figure that gets through the series with her dignity intact. 

Squirrelflight is always shown to care for everyone else, she’s there for Leafpool, she’s there to comfort Brambleclaw when he realized how bad his brother actually was. She could have told him “I told you so” but she doesn’t. She’s there for Holly, Lion and Jay, comforting and scolding them, depending on whether it’s a cuddle or a shove they need. 

But what does that matter, when drama decrees she’s -not- their mother? Suddenly, not in any way whatsoever, and there’s no such thing as a time-tempered familial bond because in the Erins’ head, the twist from love to hate is sudden and irreversible and dramatic and you sit there thinking… ladies, what is this?? How can you consistently write all this bashing, this hate, this abuse, centered on a single character, and think it looks good?

For example: Brambleclaw was deputy. He is a “public figure” in the clans, he sets the example for the rest. And the Erins write how he gets away deriding Squirrel in public?? Surrounded by a bunch of others - who say nothing. No one ever tells him to go fuck himself. Deputy verbally abusing clan member = okay.

And that celebrated siblinghood between Leaf and Squirrel? Complete and utter whack. Leafpool’s canon character doesn’t care for anyone other than herself, when it comes down to it; she is never shown, from the moment she becomes -pool, to care for her sister. Never. It’s all her first, how -she- is hurting, -her- sacrifice. She IGNORES her sister’s pain in Leafpool’s Wish because she’s so caught up in her own situation. Granted, she’s got trouble on the horizon, but her only helper is heartbroken after being told she’s fucking barren, made so basically on purpose so she would help her stupid sister. Yet not so much as a single thank you, not a single sorry. Just an “oh that’s right, you can’t have babies can you” inner monologue when Squirrel can’t hide the envy in her voice. What part of that sounds like a tight-knit pair of siblings?

I said it in the super edition rant, and I repeat it now: The Erins underestimate the power of apologies. 

Squirrel never gets it. Not from Leafpool, not from either of the three (”you should have kits with Brambleclaw” tell me, exactly what iQ level is Lionblaze on?? Minus??) and certainly not from Brambleclaw, oh no good heavens no, it’s him we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Not her. 

I’m not saying that Leaf, and Bramble, and the three haven’t been in pain - that they weren’t written as having shitty times, that they weren’t in some way or other, allowed to feel that pain. But pain goes both ways. And even someone who’s hurting, when they hurt others, has to apologize for it.

But that’s never been the case with the Erins. To them, only the favoured few get apologies - the rest has to scrape by. And Squirrel is one of those characters who has to scrape by, who has to survive the occasional ooc bitch-turning because how else could the Erins ever make her resemble uncaring?? She’s been caring so. much. since day one. Others first, always. So what else could she be but completely out-of-character whenever the Erins throw her under the bus and insist otherwise??

So yes, if there was one thing, and one thing only, I could change in this series, I know what it would be. I would re-insert apologies.