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Owari no Seraph Chapter 52 TRANSLATED (¼)

Translations by: @panadabro and @simply-emily24(Thank you so much you guys D:)
Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope ( SU F F E R )

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Pretty Boy

+ Theo Raeken- Teen Wolf 

author’s note: get ready for a shitty imagine that was requested a while back that i forgot who requested & i apologize for the shittiness. :)

 THIS WAS THE TIME you hated the most. The time in which your teacher decided that the class was too rowdy and assigned seats. 

 You, of course, sat next to Theo. You swore that boy had separation and overprotectiveness issues. He hated being sat all the way across the room from you. 

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I'm a screamer baby make me a mute

Rating: nc17
Genre: sin

A/N : This is my first smut fic, so I apologize for the shittyness.I dedicate this shitty excuse for writing to the lovely @constipatedhowelleen aka alice for giving me so much advice. enjoy this you pieces of trash. Title is from “Flesh ” by Simon Curtis (I also wrote this in class oops)
“Babe?” Dan Howell called out to his boyfriend of almost six years

“Hm?” Phil said,  continuing to edit his new video

“I need to show you something ” The brunette replied , in a sultry tone

Phil looked away from the LED display, now being painfully turned on by the sight before him

Dan was wearing black lace panties and thigh highs,  whilst a pair of black cat ears sat upon his freshly straightened hair,  along with some cat whiskers drawn on with sharpie

“I want you daddy ” He makes sure to put emphasis on daddy, since he knew how much Phil liked it when he does call him that. Dan strided over to his older boyfriend as he said this, straddling his lap and wrapping his arms around his neck,  lightly sucking on it as well.

“Not right now baby, I need to finish editing my vide-”

“Pretty please!” Dan grinded into Phils lap, earning a gravely moan from him.

“Fuck…” Phil said before connecting their lips. It was a sloppy kiss, yet passionate at the same time. Phil savored the taste of malteasers in Dans mouth, not being able to get enough.

Phil lifts Dan up, his legs still wrapped around his torso.

As he lays Dan down on the bed, he cant help put kiss his neck, turning the younger boy into a moaning mess

“Fuck daddy! I want your cock! ” Dan yells out between moans

Dan was in fact the biggest cock-slut around, never getting enough of his lovers member. He doesn’t care where it goes - in his mouth, in his ass- as long as he can have it

“What do you say, whore? ”

“Please can I have your cock?”

“Good” Phil nods “Get down on your knees”

Dan complies, coming off of the bed and kneeling in front of Phil. He slips down his pants and sonic boxers, to reveal his throbbing 8 inch member.

Dan swirls his tounge across Phils slit, savoring the taste of pre-come . He let’s out yet another moan, pushing Dan down onto his dick.

Dan chokes a bit, but enjoys it - loving the feeling of being used

He comes off with a pop, laying back down on the bed.

Phil pulls down the lingerie , now soaked with pre come, and prods his index finger at Dans entrance. After a minute of continuous moans coming from his mouth, Phil adds another finger, scissoring them.

“FUCK RIGHT THERE” Dan screams out as Phil hit his spot

“Be quiet or I will have to gag you” He says, referring to the black ball gag laying next to them

Phil removes his fingers, lubing his fully erect dick up and slowly pushing the tip in. Dan whimpers, biting his lip.

Before they knew it, Phils arm was around Dans neck holding him in place as he was on his stomach with Phil on top of him, as he pounded his tight little hole

“FUCK DADDY! ” Dan moaned out , laying against Phil.

“That’s it! You are getting the gag! ”

He reaches for the restraint, now putting it on Dans face. He continues to fuck Dan, hard as ever, never wanting to stop.
Dans muffled moans could still be heard, making Phil grin, speeding up even more.

“Don’t you like being daddy’s little fuck toy? ” Phil moans out “Your tight little hole being abused”

Dan nods, still moaning against the gag.

The ebony haired boy let out a loud groan, filling Dan up to the brim. Phil pulls out and sticks a finger up Dans ass, letting the come drip right out.

The younger boy lets out a girly moan soon after, come spilling all over his chest and the bed. He rolls over on his back, cuddling into Phils chest.

Phil removes the gag ammediatly, looking into his boyfriend chocolate brown eyes.

Dan giggles

“Thank you daddy”

“Anything for my babyboy”

will you walk in the rain with me?

happy belated birthday to my sweetheart chanyeolistic​ <3

Some Nightsilver Angst :^)

Prompt- @belkittykelly
“there’s too much nightsilver fluff. i want nightsilver angst. give me pietro figuring out how kurt got all his swirly scars and asking himself why the fuck would someone as beautiful as that think they deserve it”
((Not exactly that but something along those lines! I apologize in advance for any mistakes, it is currently 10:00pm and the shitty nookstains that are my neighbors are setting off fireworks, so no editing.))

Kurt was choking, or that’s what it felt like, he looked at himself in the mirror. ‘He never will love or waste his time on me, a sin.’ He thought miserably, ‘It is a crime to look like this, you must be taught.’ He told himself.
Slowly, shakily, he wrapped his prehensile tail around a razor, the edge glinted coldly as it caught the white lights of the bathroom. He cut into an area above his rib, “T-there,” he said wincing through the pain, no matter how many times he did this, it would always hurt, but such was Kurt’s burden.
The door to his room opened, “Hey Kurt!” Called Peter, he heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. “We’re going to the ma-” the bathroom door was open. The razor clattered on the tiled floor.
“Es tut mir leid! ich bin eine abscheuliche Sünde, ich weiß, ich widerlich bin! ich bin es zur Festsetzung!” Kurt raised his arms in defense.
Peter kneeled down in front of him, he was shocked, this angel was apologizing, for being a sin. The German was now choking out rushed apologies.
Peter grabbed the teleporter’s wrist. “Why would you do this?”
He looked away, “I am a sin, I have hurt people, because of that I’ve ruined lives. Please Peter let me-”
“Let you what? Hurt yourself because some, some douche in the sky, thinks you’re not pure? Stand and watch while you break and destroy yourself? Because I’m not, Kurt, no matter what “He” thinks, I’m not going to let you do this!” He shouted.
They both looked to the ground, Peter felt bad for shouting at him, he sighed inwardly ‘Fucking stellar, yell at the poor guy when he’s having a hard time already, shit, say something supportive, what would Mom have done?’
“Listen,” he quietly took the razor from off the floor, and pocketed it, “I know it gets hard, living like this, hell, when I wasn’t playing arcade games or stealing random shit I was cutting. But it isn’t the fucking answer. One of these days I mig-we might lose you. Also, your body is the most beautiful I’ve seen, don’t hurt yourself, it’s never worth it, trust me.”
‘Shit, did I say the right thing? What if he isn’t into guys? I hope he feels better, he’s too cute to lose.”
Peter felt the edge of his shirt tugged at, then their lips met in a kiss that seemed to mash universes together.

((“I don’t believe you think that I’m those things, but thank you, for showing me a new side.”))