i apologize for the cussing

Blue Tweets

Description: At Dan and Phil’s high school, Dan is a talkative, popular teen actor, and Phil is a quiet daydreamer. Dan thinks Phil’s cute and constantly talks about him on his Twitter, danisnotonfire (no duh). What he doesn’t know is that Phil follows him, and starts to connect the dots. (High school au.)

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Dragon slayer reaction being in a really boring date (like : the place is really not their type, the girl/boy they date is annoying = they can't take it anymore) and they just want to -sorry for the langage, so i'm gonna make it more bearable- gtfo. XD

No need to apologize XD It’s normal to cuss! (I do it all the time.. whoops)








Aaaaand, completé.

So (in lip smacking formation), call me crazy, but I unknowingly stayed up all night (9 hours to be exact) and just drew. From boredom and just not being tired. And chose to spend my time doing some quick art for @friisans Altertale AU. I was searching for something to make a thought a quick Altertale before a do a wayyyyy better one would suffice. Hope they like it. 

Enjoy At.Toriel & Ut.Sans Genocide Route! 
P.S. If I left anything out, I truly apologize since my brain is cussing me out for depriving it of rest (ಥ﹏ಥ) P.P.S. Frii, you marvelous genius, thank you for gracing us with this AU. ❤️

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wow Arzaylea 😩 what a good influence and icon, showing her new bongs to a bunch of teenagers. How fucking pathetic (I apologize for cussing Idk if you're against it or not I don't want to be disrespectful to you so if you don't like cussing please say so)

Oh yeah!!!! Great “internet influencer”!!!!!

Cussing is perfectly fine with me. You’re good. :)


Request- Supernatural one shot pleasee where the reader is Sam and deans little sister (she’s 17) and she has depression and self harms and they don’t know but they find out after a bad hunt when patching her up??

Word count- 804

Writer- Caroline

Authors note- I’m so sorry this is coming up so late! I’ve been stressed out with getting ready for classes but its finally up and I hope you enjoy it! (I’m reposting because I tried to edit something and it screwed it up, so I apologize for that!)


“Shit,” you cussed, feeling the sting of the alcohol on your arm.

               “I’m sorry,” your brother Dean apologized. “But we need to disinfect this so when I stich it up it doesn’t get infected.”

               “I know,” you sighed, “It just-ouch!” Damn witches, you thought to yourself. Thinking they can literally throw me around everywhere. I may be young but it doesn’t mean I can’t fight them.  

               “Hey, Y/N, I need you to take off your over shirt so I can see this better,” Dean said apologetically. “No, its fine,” you said, quickly pulling your cliché Winchester flannel off of your dirty body.

               Sam walked into the room, clearing his throat. “I brought ice to numb your arm and dinner for when you’re up for it,” he said, holding up his hands. In one there was an ice pack and the other hand held takeout from what you assumed was a local diner.

               “As long as you got me a burger, life will be good,” Dean smiled. “Do you think I’d actually forget,” Sam scoffed. “How many times have you yelled at me for trying to keep you healthy?”

               “Um, while I appreciate the food,” you interrupted, “can we stich me up before I bleed out?”

               “It’s not that deep,” Sam said. “I doubt it will even leave a scar.”

               “Thank God,” you muttered under your breath. “I already have enough as it is.”

               “What was that?” Dean asked. “Hmm? Oh, I didn’t say anything,” you replied with ease, used to lying so your brother wouldn’t know about your self harm.

                You had been self harming for almost a year now, ever since you messed up on a hunt and had gotten yourself seriously injured. Your brothers tried repeatedly to convince you it wasn’t your fault, but you knew it was. You took a while off of hunting to recover, but ever since you started hunting again your self harming habit had gotten worse ever since you started hunting more. Every time a hunt went wrong, you knew there was something you could have done better; something that might have stopped your or the boys from getting hurt.

               Your train of thought was interrupted by Dean telling you your stitches were done. “Oh, and you can have the first shower,” he added as an afterthought. “Thank you,” you said, standing up and stretching.

               “Y/N? Um, what’re all those scars on your arm from?” Sam asked, giving you a look showing that he knew about your self harm. “Wha- oh, nothing,” you said quickly, grabbing clean clothes from your bag. “Sit down,” Sam said gently, “we need to talk about this.”

               “Sam, I promise you, its nothing.”

               “If it’s nothing, why won’t you talk about it?” Dean butts in.

               “Because I don’t and you can’t force me too!” you said exasperatedly.

               “We’re your brothers and we can sure as hell make you talk about this if we want to!” Dean yelled.

               “You wanna know?! Alright, fine Dean,” you spat out. “I cut myself, okay? I have for a while now and- that’s it. Are you happy now?”

               “Yeah. I’m glad that you told us but, man, you gotta try and stop-“

               “It’s not that that simple, Dean! Don’t you think I would stop if I could? I-I hate this, okay? I don’t want to be like this,” you sobbed, finally breaking down.

               “Then why do you do it?” Sam asked, rubbing circles on your back.

               “B-because,” you hiccupped out, “I’m not good enough for anything. I screw up every damn hunt we go on, and all of the ‘friends’ I make end up hating me for some reason. I just- I hate the person I am. I want to be better.”

               “Hey,” Sam said gently. “You think we haven’t screwed up hunts before? Because we do, more than you know. We just don’t tell you because it’s not important. We all screw up. And those ‘friends’? Yeah, they don’t deserve you. You are such an amazing person, hunter, and sister. If they can’t see  how great you are, well, let Dean or I know and we’ll set ‘em straight,” he finished with a light laugh.

               “Thank you,” you smiled softly, hugging your brother. “It means so much to me knowing you’re here for me.”

               “Of course we’re here for you, sweetheart. We can’t stand to let anything bad happen to you,” Dean said, wrapping you in a hug. “I love you,” he said quietly, kissing your forehead.

               You smiled, motioning for Sam to join the hug. “I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything. You’re the best brothers a girl could ask for.”

               “I wouldn’t go that far,” Sam laughed. “Remember the time that Dean…”

               You smiled, thinking that with the help of your two amazing brothers that someday everything would be okay.