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Masquerade 2.1: The Birth of Red Mask

Nothing changes people more than other people. 

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: Join Red Mask in this flashback to find out what exactly happened in his past that led him to become the very alluring man we had grown to love so dearly. 

Park Jimin ft. other characters

High school au

Some fluff, some smut, a bit of comedy, a bit of angst

A/N: I made this drabble in first person so hopefully it’s not a bit weird. It’ll be told from Jimin’s POV because I wanted you all to get a little bit deeper inside his head and hear his hopefully somewhat relatable inner monologues, so I decided to stray from my usual POV style. Please read it as if you were listening to Jimin telling you this story! Enjoy! ^_^

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            I wasn’t always Red Mask.

           Contrary to what I made everyone believe, I wasn’t always this charming, good looking, attractive, sexy, incredibly skilled –

           “PARK JIMIN, please get on with your flashback!”

           You get the gist.

           I wasn’t always the person that you’ve all met. In fact, I was pretty much different. I was naive and gullible. Unconfident and timid.

           Back in my younger days, I didn’t think much about love. Love and relationships, to me, were just some sort of rite of passage. Everybody would get love. Everybody that was older than me was in a relationship. And one day soon, it was going to be my turn.

           Love to me back then was probably what most children envisioned. The passion, the romance, the butterflies, the awkward moments that end up being romantic and cute anyway. The perfect girl was someone whose hair billowed in nonexistent wind when she walked into the room, and she would flash you a smile that would stop your world for a few seconds. And when your eyes locked, you both would know that you two were destined for each other.

           Love to me seemed so simple.

           Once two people liked each other, that was that. Happily ever after!

           So I fell in “love” constantly. I use quotation marks because who, at such a young age, could truly say they were in love with someone they hardly knew? Someone they fantasized about; someone they saw through a beauty filter; someone who they thought was perfect.

           I had many, many crushes. And while I was always a proponent of nice guys being the best choice, it never turned out that way.

           I was just average in all fields. I didn’t stand out particularly. I was decent looking, but not enough to turn heads. I still possessed some of my baby fat and I later found that that made me look more childish than attractive to others. While all the girls were sweet and friendly to me, I soon realized it was because I was harmless to them.

           They didn’t even consider me an option.

           I was always, always friend-zoned.

           But I didn’t give up. No, I just stepped up my game. I found things I was good at– dancing, drawing, singing– and I tried to use that to my advantage.

           You could say Red Mask was born from the culmination of rejections and excuses that I was given throughout my years. Every time I heard “I’m sorry I don’t think of you like that” or an “Oh you’re a great friend Jimin, but I don’t have feelings for you” or my favorite one, “Oh no. I really like your friend…does he know that you like me? Can you put in a good word for me?”, I began losing my ideals and beliefs about love. That foolish yet elusive feeling.

           I became frustrated. What was I lacking? What was not good enough about me? People who I considered less talented and less good looking than me were getting girlfriends, why was I asking all the wrong ones out? Why wouldn’t anyone give me a chance??

           But then in high school, someone finally did.

           Let’s call her Temptress.

           Because she was seduction personified. She was one of the girls that bloomed early and filled in her uniform well. She walked with dignified confidence, with her large chest out and a bright smile. She knew that the boys went crazy when she smoothed her fingers through her hair, and she would lock eyes with you if you were staring, just to fluster you. Even the girls befriended her out of envy.

           She was the alpha female of my class.

           And like most of the guys in the school, I immediately fell for her.

           I gave her homework when and if she forgot it, which was often. I let her copy off my tests just so she would flash me one of her smiles and nudge me while saying, “Thanks, stud!”. I literally melted into my seat whenever she called me that.

           Eventually, I confessed that I liked her, expecting to get rejected of course, but I just couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore.

           "I like you!“ I yelled as I handed her a bouquet of roses.

           She smiled sweetly and took the flowers out of my grip. I perked up expectantly.

           "Jimin.” she called as she cupped my chin with one hand so I could look up at her.

           I gulped. “Yes?”

           "Have you ever been with a girl?“

           I, of course, being the honest, innocent kid I was, shook my head. "Never.”

           "So you’ve never…kissed anyone before?“

           She traced my lips with her delicate fingers and my heart was racing faster than an ambulance at this point. No girl had ever been this close to me, much less touched my face. It was almost always a light smack on the shoulder as a sign of gratitude or a reflex if they were laughing at something funny.

           "N-n-no.” I stammered foolishly and then mentally kicked myself for being so uncool.

           "Aww…“ she pouted. "Poor Jiminnie.”

           She leaned closer to my face, and I can honestly remember my eyes bulging out of its sockets. I wasn’t prepared. Yes, I had fantasized kissing girls more often than I’d like to admit, and in middle school, I embarrassingly tried teaching myself by watching videos and kissing pillows, but obviously those never prepared me for the real life event.

           I panicked as ten thousand plans and questions ran through my mind.

           Should I stick my lips out? Did she want tongue? What the hell do I even do with my tongue when it’s in there? (Videos don’t really show us what’s happening in there, you know, for aesthetic purposes.)

           Oh my goodness, did I brush my teeth? What did I eat for lunch? Oh no, do I have bad breath? What if she hates it after this? What if I’m TERRIBLE? How should I move my lips? Is it slow? Fast? What is slow or fast? Should I just run? What if she’s not even kissing me and I’m freaking myself out? Oh wait, I should close my eyes. Right, that’s step one.

           So I shut my eyes tightly and pursed my lips out.

           And she chuckled.

           I felt my cheeks warm up immediately. Well, chuckling was definitely not what I expected to happen in this situation. Did I screw up already?

           "You’re so cute, Park Jimin.“

           The Temptress called me CUTE. I was literally soaring, having an out of body experience.

           "Relax and follow me.” she whispered.

           Surprisingly, she didn’t back away. She simply traced my lips again to relax me and I felt my knees buckle with the sensation. Suddenly, I felt her soft lips against mine, and I pushed forward eagerly. She pulled back and laughed.

           "I told you to follow me.“ she repeated. "I’ll show you how to kiss.”

           My heart was beating rapidly. The most popular and gorgeous girl at my school just KISSED me and she’s KISSING ME AGAIN. She leaned back in and this time, I closed my eyes slowly, and took in the full feeling of her lips.

           It was steady at first. Like what little kids do to each other because they were mimicking their parents. Lip to lip, we stood there for a few seconds not moving, but despite the lack of action, I still felt my entire being tingling. Then without warning, she parted my lips with hers and slipped her lips into the space between easily. She grabbed arms and pulled our bodies flush together. I literally felt like I was on fire.

           The kiss was a bit…wetter…than I had imagined it to be. And there were no big fireworks or angels singing or anything, but damn did it feel good, especially with her breasts squishing into my chest.

           I was a hormonal teenager (but I guess that much hasn’t changed about me) and I felt my male instincts being enflamed. I followed her lead clumsily. Our teeth clashed together a lot because I really had no idea about the spatial awareness between our lips, or anything for that matter. I was just so enthused about being kissed by my crush that all I could think about was keeping my lips on hers forever. Kindly, she didn’t scold me or make fun of my lack of skill. She just pulled back a bit, adjusting herself, and kept on kissing me until I found the proper rhythm.

           Every time I made a mistake, I would apologize, but she would hear none of it and just grab my face to go back at it again. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to grab her waist, and as if I had passed the first round boss, she gave me a reward that caused my knees to buckle immediately. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and slid against mine.

           OH. That’s what it did.

           "Oh Jimin.“ she cracked up as I literally gasped for air and stumbled back. I had lost all ability to breathe with the new sensation. Frankly, everything about the moment was overwhelming.

           Here was a beautiful girl kissing me…a lot. And not to mention that I had had the biggest crush on her for a year now. I had my first kiss and my first French kiss on the same day with the hottest girl I had ever seen.

           Talk about saving my luck.

           "Breathe Jimin. You did good.” she smiled and patted my back. “Would you like to learn more things from me?”

           My eyes widened. Was that her way of saying yes? Who was I to turn that offer down?

           "Yes, please.“ I squeaked out breathlessly.

           "Perfect.” She kissed me deeply and I swear I almost fainted on the spot. “I’ll meet you here, same time, tomorrow?”

           Obviously, I showed up bright-eyed and eager to learn the very next day. Maybe a little too eager because I showed up an hour early.

           But anyway, for an entire two weeks, we made out constantly after school. Each day, I learned new techniques by following her lead. And soon, I was pulling her moves out on her and she would become more aggressive. Until one day, on our third week of us being girlfriend and boyfriend, she invited me over her house.

           Boy, I was REALLY not prepared for what she had in mind.

           Shakily, I rang her doorbell, holding my books to my chest tightly. When the door swung open, she welcomed me wearing a thin, satin robe that left nothing to the imagination. My grip slackened and my books scattered onto the ground as I gulped. Immediately, my hands flew in front of my face to cover my eyes.

           "Wh-wha– I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come so early before you got to change!“ I panicked.

           Temptress chuckled and pried my hands away from my face. My eyes respectfully stared above her head, not wanting to gawk at her clearly exposed body. I had never seen a naked girl in real life before. Sure, there were magazines and videos…but it was like watching a movie or reading a book. But this…this was beyond anything I had imagined, my body was hyperaware of all her curves and I found myself wondering how soft women actually felt.

           I shook my head and turned around, embarrassed as she bent down to pick up my books. Her cleavage was deep and the sides of her breasts were peeking out from the thin fabric.

           "You’re so cute Jimin.” she giggled. “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you like this.”

           I stepped inside backwards, still not wanting to rake my eyes over her body, in fear that I would do something she didn’t like.

           "I-I thought we were just going to do homework and watch TV together.“ I stumbled a little.  

           "No Jimin.” she chuckled as she grabbed my shoulders to turn me around. “When a girl invites you over after making out with you several times, they most likely mean they want to have sex with you.”


           "Yes. Please tell me you’ve at least HEARD of sex, my innocent little nugget.” she squeezed my cheeks.

           "Of course I have…I just…well… I thought we’d at least…you know love each other before thinking about that.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she shook her head and threw off her satin robe boldly. “So are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?”

           I felt my cock twitch as my eyes were now fully allowed to peruse her body. Nothing compared to seeing a real, live, lingerie-clad female in front of me.

           "Can I?“ I reached my hand out towards her breasts curiously.

           "Please.” She took my hands and put both of them on each boob.

           "Oh my gosh.“ I gasped as I just cupped them awkwardly; my hand a little stiff, like they would pop if I pressed too hard. "Now what do I do?”

           "Massage them Jimin.“

           "Um…okay…” I moved my hands in small circles.

           "Jimin, they’re not going to break, massage hard.“ she guided my hands. "Make me feel good.”


           I was sure my entire face and neck was red. Was it out of embarrassment? Out of excitement? I couldn’t exactly remember the emotion that overwhelmed me at that point. But regardless, I had never seen, much less touched a real breast before and there I was, massaging two for the first time. I hadn’t even gotten this far in my research on women.

           "Come here, Jimin.” she whispered, tilting my chin up so she could swipe her tongue across my lip.

           I moaned as her lips traveled down to my neck, as it usually did when our make out sessions escalated passionately. As a reaction, my hands worked her breast hard. My thumb accidentally swiped across her nipple through the see-through lacy fabric and I felt myself harden when she breathed desperately into my neck. Enlightened, I repeated the motion and found that it had her react in the best way. She nipped at my neck and brought her hips closer to my erection. So mustering my courage, I began drawing small circles around her nipples gently. She began grinding into me, her voice breathy and needy.

           "Come with me.“ she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. "Get on the bed.”

           I nodded meekly. I was unprepared, but there was no way I was going to break this series of events. She wanted me. She wanted to have sex with me. Something I had only dreamt about. Something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience until much, much later in life.

           I lay on the bed and watched her shut her door softly. She had a supple ass, round and perky, and her legs were fairly toned. If I remember correctly, she was an athlete of sorts. My thoughts stopped short when I watched her hands come up behind her to unclip her bra. My mouth immediately became dry and there was a fire of need brewing in my lower region. My pants suddenly felt too restricting.

           "Would you like to taste?“ she smirked, probably seeing the way I was gawking at her like a starving child.

           All I could do was nod and she climbed over me. My eyes were wide with awe as she lowered her breasts in front of my face. What was I supposed to do?

           "Have a taste.” she urged.

           "Um…“ I looked around nervously. "Is like…milk going to come out or something?”

           She threw her head back and laughed. I felt myself press my body further into her bed, ashamed.

           "No, Jimin.“ she looked down at me amused. "But it’s going to make me feel really good.”

           "Um so…like…“ I nervously stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple.

           Her body reacted almost instantaneously. She sighed and her elbows buckled a little. I felt empowered so I did the same thing.

           "Suck on it, please.” she pleaded and I covered as much of her breast with my mouth. “The other hand, play with my other one.”

           I followed her instructions obediently, and watched in surprise as those simple actions had her whispering my name and rolling her hips into mine. What was this magic?

           "I’m so wet for you Jimin.“ she hummed.

           I raised an eyebrow. Wet? Did that mean I was using too much saliva on her boobs? But it didn’t sound like a bad thing.

           As if seeing my confusion, she chuckled and pulled herself out of my mouth.

           "I’m wet for you down there.” she explained.


           I gulped as she tugged her panties down and rolled over on her back beside me.

           "Would you like to feel?“

           I nodded, my words still failing me.

           "Give me your hand.” I did so, and she guided my fingers lower and lower…until I felt something sticky and warm. I flinched a little. What the heck was that?

           "That’s how good you made me feel.“ she smiled. "I’ll show you how to make me scream your name and beg for more.”

           I blinked. Those words flustered me, but something inside me really wanted to hear her screaming my name and begging for me, so I moved down so I could see her entrance clearly. It wasn’t as attractive as I thought it’d be. A valley of pink folds lay in front of my fingers, and I had no idea what to do about them.

           She still held my hand, guiding my thumb over a certain part of herself and she gently had me rub it. She winced and moaned, throwing her head back. I panicked, thinking that I was hurting her, but she gripped my wrist to continue. Worriedly and carefully, I continued as she writhed under my touch.

           "Put a finger inside me.“ she instructed.

           I furrowed my brows. "Where…uh… ”

           She smiled and grabbed my index finger, pushing it into one of her holes as I spazzed out at the tightness. Something was clenching around my finger and I was afraid to go any further inside. Just how far did this go? It was a weird feeling. My finger felt like they had just dipped themselves in a narrow jar of thinned out honey.

           But she shoved my finger inside and cried out. My cheeks were flushed because as scared as I was that she was in pain, her noises were turning me on. My boxers were soaked already just from how she sounded and looked. She hadn’t even touched me yet. I shivered at the thought.

           "Push in and out.“ She panted, and I began moving my finger in and out of her hole, mesmerized by the way my finger disappeared and reappeared; by the way she clutched the sheets and bucked her hips up at the command of my index finger. "Add another.”

           "But–“ I protested. There was no way another finger would fit.

           "Do it…please.” she begged.

           Did she like pain? I pushed both my index and middle finger inside her and found her stretching accordingly to the size, much to my surprise. She yelped loudly.

           "Oh my god, Jimin.“

           I decided that I very much loved hearing that phrase, in that manner, in that tone. I smirked and began pushing in and out of her with my finger.

           "Jimin…” she heaved. “Remember that place where you rubbed your thumb before?”

           I nodded as I concentrated on my fingers staying in the proper hole, maintaining the proper rhythm.

           "I need your tongue there.“

           I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted my tongue…where?

           "My tongue?”

           "Yes, taste me. Please.“

           My ears warmed at her request, but I couldn’t refuse. I licked my lips nervously. Was it edible? Would I die? Would I gag? Would she taste okay? I flicked my tongue out and pretended like I was licking ice cream; my fingers still continuing their motion.

           "Mmm…” I hummed. She didn’t taste bad at all. It was soft. It kind of felt like a small version of her lips. Her hips began moving wildly as my tongue worked its way again.

           "Oh my gosh. Yes. Like that.“ she moaned and it ignited my confidence. My body took over, wanting to taste every inch of her nether region, wanting to see how deep my fingers went. Suddenly, I felt myself being ripped from the steady motion, only to have her tongue enter my mouth. The thought of her tasting herself was a bit nauseating, but I shoved that thought away when I felt her unzipping my pants.

           "Wh-wha–” I was flustered and climbed off the bed nervously.

           "I need to return the favor.“ she grinned as she approached me, and pulled down my pants, boxers and all, in one motion.

           I covered my cock timidly. I felt so exposed. I was worried about what she thought of my body.

           "Hands off.” she swatted them away as she knelt down, and stared at me hungrily.

           Was that a good or bad thing?

           Then she opened her mouth and dipped her head down my entire length. I stumbled backwards slightly, but her grip on my hip steadied me. My eyes rolled back at the wave of pleasure that had just coursed through my body.

           "Oh…oh my…“ I moaned as she bobbed her head back and forth.

           I looked down and felt like I was about to faint at the sight. For some reason, it was extremely hott. She was on her knees in front of me, humming happily as she pleasured me expertly. And to top it off, this wasn’t a dream. It was reality. She was sucking me off and enjoying it. And when she added her tongue to the mix, my hand instinctively grabbed her head and slammed myself deeper into her throat. Then I realized what I was doing.

           "I’m so sor–”

           "Do it again.“ she looked up at me in pure delight. "I liked it.”

           She covered my length again and I bucked into her, gripping her hair tightly to keep my sanity. I needed more. I wanted more. This felt so good, it was indescribable. I was addicted. But just when I thought it was already wonderful enough, she pulled away and stated something that had me leaking shamefully.

           "I need you inside me.“

           When I agreed with her using a subtle nod, she handed me a condom wrapper, "Here. I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, so I always have some protection on me.”

           I nodded understandably and fumbled to open it with much difficulty. I must’ve looked extremely foolish because she gently ripped it open for me. With my hands shaking, I took the rubber and tried to line it with the tip of my cock, but it kept missing. I was growing anxious by the second.

           "Relax.“ she guided my hands and I was able to roll it down easily.

           I took a deep breath. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this was all happening.

           "Since it’s your first time, how about I top for now?”

           "Top what?“ I tilted my head inquisitively.

           She looked at me amused. "Lay on the bed, Jimin.”

           I got back into the sea of blankets, my heart racing incredibly fast. I was dazed and beyond myself. I wanted the pleasure back, the high that I was climbing to a few minutes ago with her mouth around my dick. I felt the bed dip a few seconds later and she soon straddled me. Her warmth was right above my cock and my breathing became labored as she pushed herself down. I groaned and grabbed her thighs tightly. What was this feeling of unrivaled pleasure and electricity? My blood rushed downwards and I was sweating profusely. This had to be illegal.

           But I was wrong.

           When she started riding me, first slowly then roughly, THAT was illegal. Embarrassingly though, I finished quickly, releasing myself before she even built up to her climax. But she didn’t press further; she slid off of me with a satisfied smile.

           "It happens during your first time. Don’t worry.“ she cuddled beside me after I had thrown the condom out and plopped onto the bed. I was extremely sleepy and exhausted for some reason. I hadn’t even done much, but it felt like I had worked out intensely. "We’ll be doing this a lot more often and you’ll be great.”

           She whispered into my ear as I was lulled into sleep.

           And she was true to her word. Every time we met up, it would end up with our bodies tangled in her bed, sweaty and panting. She taught me a lot, and I learned a lot about women and my own body from our sessions. We hardly saw each other in school, but knowing that we had a set time to meet up afterwards, made it all better. I mean, girlfriends and boyfriends didn’t HAVE to be attached to each other all day. Although, I did really want to walk to class holding her hand, flaunting that I, Park Jimin, was dating the Temptress.

           But I soon found that I had been deluding myself all along.

           I decided to search for her during lunch time one day. I had seen her walk out with one of the popular guys so I followed her, worried that he would ask her out or something like that. I lost their track, so I wandered around. They were heading towards the bleachers for some reason so I perused the area. I was about to give up when I heard a very familiar moan coming from underneath the bleachers.

           Nervously, I journeyed there and found the popular guy rocking into her roughly while she grinned, her face painted with pleasure. I stood there in horror. I knew I should’ve ran. I knew I shouldn’t have stared, but I was floored. What was she doing? Why was she looking so happy to have someone else inside her? Why?

           They both finished and only then did she notice me.

           "Oh. Jimin. Hi!“ She beamed as she patted down her skirt. She dangerously had no underwear underneath, but it had given the other man easy access. "Did you want some to? It’ll be easy to slip inside me now.”

           I stared at her, nearing tears.

           "Why…what’re you…“ I couldn’t form any coherent sentences because I was so overwhelmingly upset.

           "Oh honey. Did you really think I was your girlfriend?” she chuckled as she walked over to me.

           "But you kissed me and we had…“ I leaned over to whisper (because I thought it was such a taboo word at the time). ”…sex.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she looked at me sympathetically. “I felt sorry for you. It was clear you were new to everything and I wanted to help you out.”

           "What? But the sex…you said I was amazing. It felt amazing!“

           "Oh sweetie.” She giggled as the popular guy approached her, giving her a warm embrace from behind. “Sex feels amazing even when you don’t love someone. And most of the time, people don’t do it for love anymore. That’s so old fashioned. And if you wanted it to be so special, don’t you think you should’ve been more careful about who you had your first time with?”

           She cupped my face gently, and I was torn between chucking her hand away, having seen her touching another man with it, and holding onto it tightly, afraid that the only girl who had ever shown interest in me would disappear.

           "You have a lot of potential, Jimin. I sensed it in you all along. Out of all the guys I taught, your skills genuinely turned me on. And if you’re looking to learn more in the bedroom, you know how to reach me. I really think you would be fantastic in bed with more lessons. But let’s make it clear that this doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship, okay?“

           I hung my head down, mind blown. In those few minutes, my entire notion of love and sex was shattered. But I nodded. If there was one thing I understood from everything she said, it was that she didn’t love me at all.

           But I refused to believe that she didn’t like me.

           I remained naive and foolish, and I continued to go for lessons at her house, doing my best to learn how to please her, reveling in the way she focused on just me when my fingers or my dick was inside her. Just for that moment in time, I wanted to believe that she was attracted to me, that if I could show her just how amazing I was in bed, she wouldn’t need to go to anyone else. I was determined to make her fall for me, by being the best of her pupils.  

           But one day, my plans were foiled.

           "Jimin. We have to stop this.” She smiled warmly. She had asked to see me after school and I thought we were going to try something new excitedly. But she had actually called me out to sever whatever it was that we were doing. “I found someone that I want to keep forever.”

           "What?“ I felt the wind get knocked out of me.

           "I have a boyfriend now, and you’ve honestly learned everything I could teach you and mastered it.” she grinned as she caressed my cheek. “I am so proud of you.”

           In anger, I slapped her hand away and sprinted from her, ignoring her calling my name. If she had wanted a boyfriend, why hadn’t she chosen me? If she had wanted to be in a stable relationship, I was always there, waiting for her. I was infuriated and couldn’t see which way I was going so I ended up bumping into someone in the middle of the hallway.

           In my rage and pain, only one thought coursed through me –I wanted to feel someone want me, even if it was forcefully. The girl looked up at me surprised as I stared at her. She was pretty. So I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers. She struggled a bit, but soon relaxed and kissed me back.

           "Do you want to have sex with me?“ I breathed desperately against her lips.

           Surprisingly, she nodded, blushing profusely. So I took her to an empty classroom and pleasured her the only way I knew how. I touched her the way the Temptress enjoyed, finding that it wasn’t just specific to her; it worked on girls in general. I was prepared with a condom, and I released my frustrations and desires into this girl, who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But she had agreed without questions, so I just let go and did what I wanted until we were both satisfied.

           "Wow…that was great…” the girl heaved as she slipped back into her uniform.

           "Yeah. Thanks. I needed to just get that out of my system.“ I ruffled my hair.


           "Thanks for that.“ I smiled at her.

           "Wait…you didn’t have feelings for me?”

           "Oh…no. I’m not even sure who you are.“ I blinked.

           In the next second, I felt a sting on my cheek, and it didn’t dawn on me until a few seconds after that I had just gotten slapped.

           "We’ve been in the same class for years you asshole!” She hissed and ran out of the classroom, leaving me stunned, but not feeling guilty in the slightest.

           It was her fault for making assumptions, just as it was mine with Temptress. 

          So with renewed vigor, I pursued Temptress seriously this time around. My pride and my social standing didn’t matter anymore as long as it ended with me getting her. I professed my love to her childishly and boldly. In front of school, in the middle of school, after school. I showered her with roses, made her lunch, anything that I could think of to have her look my way.

           But she soon had enough.

           "I need you to stop this, Jimin. I will never be with you. You need to get over me and move on.“ Temptress crossed her arms angrily.

           "You’re the only girl I ever wanted to be with. I wanted the person I shared my first time with to be my one and only. I truly believe that we’re meant to be.” I confessed desperately.

           "Jimin, whatever you think we were is only in your head. I was seeing about five other guys while we were having lessons. And I slept with someone right after you left my house every single time we had sex.“ she admitted.

           I gawked at her, not believing what I was hearing. I really wasn’t the only one. I never was the only one.

           "Jimin. You’re forcing your ideals and desires on me when you don’t know the first thing about me. And besides, love hurts. So why bother with it? Sex is enough to keep me happy. I don’t want anything other than that. It’s too much.”

           "But you have a boyfriend?“

           She laughed. "Yeah. He’s hott, fantastic in bed, and rich, but I don’t love him. I do want to keep him as long as I can though.”

           I collapsed on my knees, overwhelmed.

           "Goodbye Jimin.“

           As she walked away, I felt my world crashing down and I wondered if everybody around me was actually the person I was seeing. Did everyone have a darker side to them? Did everyone feel this nonchalant about hurting someone else? Did everyone think of love as something so trivial and unnecessary? Was I not worth loving?

           I was filled with doubts and trust issues. I was terrified of getting hurt again. Day after day, I was traumatized by past memories and the unknown future, all the times that I had gotten rejected.

           To make matters worse, the girl that had turned out to be in the same class as me, had told everyone about how I had used her. I was permanently labeled as a playboy and gossips ravaged that I toyed with women’s feelings, that my nice facade had all been an act to get close enough to use them for their body. 

           I was isolated, bullied, and looked down upon. The girls that had been so nice to me before distanced themselves and began looking at me with wary eyes constantly, like I had betrayed them, when in truth, it was I that had been betrayed. 

           And finally, one day, as I stared at myself in the mirror, it all clicked. A switch was flipped inside me, and I smirked at my reflection. I had had enough of it all.

           "Fine. If it’s a playboy they see,” I combed my hair up, exposing my forehead. “then a playboy they’ll get. Park Jimin doesn’t need love. Sex is enough to make me happy.”

           I accepted my fate, and became the bad boy openly. Once I embraced that side of myself, I realized that women fell and swooned for me. I had the power of seduction at my fingertips all along, but I had been suppressing it, believing that nice guys were what girls wanted. Even women thought they wanted good guys, yet they still found themselves magnetized towards the bad boys for some reason.

           No longer was I friend zoned. No longer was I not seen as an option. No longer did I take a backseat to all the other guys. No longer did I set myself up to get hurt.

           Until of course, I fell in love with someone just as excellent in bed and just as attractive as I was. And it made me realize that I no longer wanted to live that kind of life and be that kind of person. So now, here I am with a successful job and a beautiful girlfriend who I am insanely in love with. And hell, I have the best sex life ever!

           Yet, when I received an ominous letter, I sat in my living room, staring at it in horror; the flood of negative emotions coming back to me. Three simple words froze time and whisked me back to the days when I was the most vulnerable, to the days that had started it all, to the days that had given birth to Red Mask: High School Reunion.


And, three days later, it’s finally done! Mild spoiler if you haven’t finished this game but, yeah, you were going to find out sooner or later.

Saeyoung: Whoa!!! .+゚*。:゚+╰(✧∇✧╰)

Saeran: … 

Saeyoung: Is that…

Saeyoung: A galaxy cake?!?!?!?!?! .+゚*。:゚+ ╰(✧∇✧╰)

Saeran: Are you that blind? 

Saeran: What else could it be-

Saeyoung: *chuckles* (゚艸゚`*)

Saeran: No

Saeran: Don’t even-

Saeyoung: Is it because we’re- 

Saeran: Don’t say it, Saeyoung. I’m warning you. 

Saeyoung: … out of this world?  ꉂ (′ ॢꇴ ॢ‵๑))

Saeran: … (눈_눈)

On the inside though, Saeran is probably like ( ノ `Д´)ノ.:・┻┻)`з゜)・:゙; 

Apologies for the shoddy coloring. I’m horrible at coloring and I was rushing to finish this so I could go back to studying contract law. OTL

Anyway, belated happy birthday to these sweet twins. ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+

As for you, lovely person (or possible porn bot) seeing this post right now, I hope you enjoy (*cough* enchoi *cough*) today as much as I imagine these two would have. ♥ ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Here’s the preview version, in case, you’d prefer to see that rather than this because my atrocious lack of coloring skills ruined everything.

june hiatus

Firstly, thank you for following this blog.
i said it many times already but i’ll keep saying it - that it really means a lot to me, every reblog/like/retag people leave on my posts, i read them all and i really appreciate them

anyway for next month, i will be away at 修羅場 (lol)
lately i don’t feel confident in my work, so i’m going to do a bit of grinding away from social media (here + twitter)
(so if you have any messages for me, please drop it in my askbox and i will read it when i get back!)

but i’ll be back in time for kunikidazai week (which btw is gonna be super awesome and i’m super excited for)

Thank you for reading, and see you in july!!

[TRANS] Bazaar June 2017 Park Hyungsik Interview


Park Hyungsik calmly walked into the Hawaiian nature where sun, wind, fog, and sudden showers changed one another in unparalleled fashion like special effects. A full-fledged 26-year-old actor, who is slowly discovering the taste of acting, without a touch of fear or hesitation explored the unfamiliar world. The diverse Park Hyungsik’s prism that radiates between an innocent boyish face and a wild manly appearance. —-By Editor Kim Areum

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mywaterbyacreekworld  asked:

hi! as a 16 yr old who is unable to cook, your blog has taught me many things to utilize in the kitchen!! i made the tom kha soup (i forgot to take pics bc i was too busy eating it) and my dad *who does NOT like soup* fell in love with it! he told me to tell you thank you for the amazing recipes. we're going to try the jalapeño poppers next, and i can't wait to share the results!! c:

My main mentor with cooking is my grandmother, she’s an absolutely incredible cook now but when she got married at 19, she didn’t even know how to boil water over the stove. Cooking is all about experience and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to just give it a go. And most of the time the recipes I find I’ll think “nah, this is above my skill level” only to give it a shot and find out it’s easier than anticipated. 
I’m glad your dad enjoyed the soup, though! I hope the other recipes serve you just as well :) 

Also, a note to everyone: I apologize for the lack of recipes recently. I got back from conference and then I got a job working on a farm. I’ll be sure to put one up soon. 

fierce-and-little  asked:

Allright, the time has come to request this! Balem teaching reader how to dance and just one big giant fluffsplosion!

You got it! ❤️


Imagine: Balem teaching you how to dance.

The music flowed beautifully through the grand room, and try as you might your feet didn’t exactly do the same. You spun on the tips of your toes, trying to capture the essence of the song but it just wasn’t working. You were never perfect at this sort of thing. In all honesty, you were about as uncoordinated as they come. But, when Lady Kalique had mentioned a ball you were eager to impress a certain angsty lord. However, as the days flew by you realized that was highly unlikely. Your dancing hasn’t even improved, in fact it may have gotten worse.


You stalled in your movements, resting your forehead against the large pillar as you collected your thoughts. It seemed near pathetic that you went this far just to gain the attention of Balem. Even if you were a perfect dancer you still had doubts of turning his head. He was a notoriously hard man to please, and after being one of his servants for years you learned that very quick. Not that he was ever cruel to you, he just didn’t seem particularly open either. There was moments, brief though they were, that you noticed his gaze upon you. Like he was trying hard to stare into your soul, but every time you glanced back he turned away, a look of disinterest on his features.

“Why is this so hard?”

You sighed, puffing out your cheeks in frustration. All these royals made it seem so easy. Though after being brought up with famous tutors you weren’t surprised. They had the talent for it anyway, whereas you weren’t sure you could even pull off a basic dance.

“Okay…this isn’t so hard. I can do this…yep.”

With all the fake confidence in the world you composed yourself, walking back to the middle of the room as you held your arms out. You turned slowly on your heels, closing your eyes as you imagined the very man who took your heart holding you. Everything seemed slower then, like you were finally getting the moves down but as you twirled around you caught yourself on your own feet and you squeaked awkwardly as you fell forward.

Just as you accepted the fact you’d hit the floor hard, gentle arms caught your body, and the cold of metal fell against your cheek.

“You’re neglecting your duties to do…”

Balem looked around the room, then back to you, raising his eyebrow in wonder. “I’m assuming this is what you consider dancing.”

A blush crept across your cheeks, and you slowly looked up from his chest, meeting his stern gaze. “Lord Balem….”

The First Primary was clad in golden armor, his usual outfit for meetings or parties. He looked the picture of a ruler, and if possible your cheeks heated up even more at the sight of him.


The words wouldn’t come out, and you tried hard to explain yourself but with him holding you in his arms like that, and staring down at you with those charming green eyes it was nearly impossible to speak.

You watched as his eye twitched softly, a sign that usually said he was losing his patience. With a quick push at his chest you moved away, curtsying and apologizing for your behavior.

“My apologies, my lord. I’ll attend to my duties right away.”

As you turned to run out of the hall, his hand grabbed yours, pulling you back towards him until he spun you gracefully around. Your back met his chest, and he had your hand lifted perfectly up in the start position of the usual dance that meant the beginning of the ball.

“I will not have the entirety of the universe laugh at my house for its lack of skill.”


You were confused, or flustered, you weren’t quite sure. Because, the heat of his body was so overwhelming to your senses you could barely think straight. The sound of his boot sliding back alerted you to his next move, and he twisted you both around as he led you across the marbled floor.

“You’re far too stiff, have you learned nothing from past balls?”

His fingers curved around your palm, holding you gently as he spun you back around, bringing you face to face with him.


The words got caught in your throat, and you were far too distracted by his handsome face to even respond.

“Have you forgotten how to speak?”

“N-No, my lord. Forgive me I-”

His hand slid down your back, resting at the base of your spine as he pulled you close. Your chest pressed against the armor of his outfit, and he looked down at you as he lifted you slightly off the floor and into his arms.

In your surprise you let his hand go, gripping his shoulders and trying to maintain some balance. But, he had a firm hold on you, his eyes meeting yours as you gazed down at him.



If he didn’t think you were struck dumb before, he most certainly did now. But, you could hardly be blamed for it. How could you think properly when this charming, stern, and perfect man was holding you in his arms and wooing your heart with a dance?

He gently placed you back on your feet, moving gracefully away as he bowed to you.

“I expect you to learn that by tonight.”

His fingertips slid across your hand, letting it go before he shifted his cape back around his arm and moved towards the double doors. He stopped just next to you, leaning down and whispering into your ear.

“I sincerely hope you won’t disappoint me at our next dance.”


Ok, well Balem just charmed me. Fuck.

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The Science Fair

Words: 1357
Peter Parker X Reader / Tony Stark X Daughter! Reader
request from @jessie-ohler “ Can I have a tony stark x daughter!reader and Peter Parker x reader? You can have whatever you want in it.”

Reader is Tony Stark’s Daughter and best friends with Peter Parker. Things start to get really interesting when Peter asks the reader to be his partner for the Science Fair, when what he really wanted all along was to be her boyfriend! 

(Written with Tom Holland Spiderman in mind but could just as easily be Andrew Garfield or your favorite Spiderman. Not my gif.)

“Hey Stark, wait up!” You’d been rushing through the halls trying to get to your next class on time when your best friend called out to you. Peter Parker had been your best friend since your Freshman year of high school together. He was always dropping things and fumbling around at school but what he lacked in social skills he more than made up for with his genius IQ. “Sorry to keep you,” He apologized. “But I was wondering if you’d be my partner for the Science Fair?”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with you wanting to come over and borrow my dad’s state of the art lab again, would it?” You winked at him.

“W-what?” He stammered. “No! I mean maybe a little. But we had so much fun the last time!”

“The last time when we almost burned the place down?” You reminded him.

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ON WITH THE PERFORMANCES! (performances & info here)

Summary: Okay so we continue with the performances but lemme tell you now, if you’re trying to see Daehwi’s “AVENGERS”, THEY’RE AT THE VERY END! So y’all gonna have to sit through 1.5 hours of crying, dancing, and voice cracking. At least they let us finish the performances this week though! Some surprises on who won overall & where the trainees were ranked BASED ON THE IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE VOTES. Jump to the end for those spoilers!

P.S. missing a few screenshots of names/results because I got distracted by the hype hahaha *these screenshots are straight from the live broadcast streams*

First this episode, we have the REPLAY groups! Team 1: 누나야 나 Noona, Me! vs. Team 2: 누나 일루왕 Noona Come Here

TEAM 1: 누나야 나 Noona, Me! TAKES THE WIN!


TEAM 1: 프로틴 ProTeen (Protein?? lol)

TEAM 2: 막판 뒤집기 (Last Minute Turn Around)

I personally did not enjoy these stages as much but that’s just because I am a picky Seventeen fan and it felt weird to me? They weren’t bad though, they did pretty well in fact. I think it is a lot of work to take on a Seventeen song so those that do it well, tend to shine.



👀 👀 👀

Next we have SORRY SORRY with TEAM 1: 슈퍼 마리오 SUPER MARIO (lol)

& the so-hyped-on-the-interwebs as the “Justice League” (cause Daehwi’s “Avengers”) MINHYUN’S TEAM! aka TEAM 2: 이번 열차는 미안행 All Aboard The Sorry Train (lolol these names)

*noob translator note: “미안행” has a double meaning. “미안행” is a cutesy way of saying “I’m sorry” but also, it is literally 미안 (Sorry) 행 (Train) HAHAHA genius. It’s not directly “All Aboard” but I figured that would make more sense! If you’re curious, it’s literally “This Train is the Sorry Train” lol*

choo choo shot because they’re my faves

I was a little disappointed because I was so hype for Minhyun and they only showed him like 5 secs D: MINHYUN YOU’RE WORTH 10 MINUTES OF AIRTIME IN MY HEART!

Jaehwan, your vocals were so gooood bruh. TEAM 2 (SORRY TRAIN) WINS

EVERY DAY I SHOOK SHOOK… #misheardlyrics STILL GOOD THOUGH! Was I snoozing or did Mnet not even give the BEAST teams intro stage airtime…??? I think my stream was frozen during that part oops

TEAM 1: First

TEAM 2 (best shot I got, the rest were too… shook shook lol /sorry): 24.5

I’ve been waiting for them to give Jinhyung proper airtime, ugh. The vocal trainer was even like “hey you’re pretty good” and yet there he sits, at 75….. He rose up from D to B y’all! KEEP RISING SON!!!!

TEAM 2 TAKES THE WIN! lmao every day he shook, every day he shook shook

The Infinite groups!

TEAM 1: BCFII (Yehyun what is that face haha)

TEAM 2: 니꺼하면 안돼? CAN’T I BE YOURS?

OKAY THIS IS WHERE I NEEDA STAND UP. because our boy Yehyun barely can, literally, kiddo hurt his ankle. AND YET THERE HE IS, NOT CRYING, NOT WHINING, DANCING (how even tho), HELPING OTHERS LIKE HIS GOOD SELF AND TRYING HIS BEST EVEN THOUGH HE’S SO CRIPPLE HE NEEDS A CRUTCH TO MAKE IT UP TO THE STAGE AND HIS ANKLE PROBABLY HURTS LIKE CRAZY. excuse my caps but, this child is ADMIRABLE! He did not give up and even apologized for “lacking” in skill because of his injury. Please support him fam!!! HE DESERVES MORE LOVE! #StanAnkleBoy2017

TEAM 2 ENDS UP WINNING THOUGH… (missed this screenshot) it’s these kids

And finally… the showdown of Daehwi’s Avengers (꽃보다 상남자) vs. Baekho and co (The 상남자) 

*nt note: 상남자 can be translated as tough guy or manly man or real man, but it basically means a “man among men” that is really masculine/manly (did u count how many times I said maaannn man haha)*

TEAM 1! aka the popular crew hand picked by Daehwee-der, 꽃보다 상남자 Tough Guys Over Flowers

We spend like 5 minutes sobbing over whether or not Jihoon is gonna hit those high notes but… no surprise, kiddo pulls through. HE’S GOT MORE THAN A WINK OF TALENT, AYE? /imsorryhaha

Gunmin deserves some time for his high notes too though!

TEAM 2: The 상남자 The Tough Guys

Team 2 puts up a good fight but it’s still a DAE-HWIN after all for Team 1. Lai Guanlin beasts Samuel in voting though, interesting.

Boa brings them back to that shady studio again and the results of the IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE VOTING (separate from the ONGOING rankings which are SHOWN WEEKLY, these rankings are just the results of how the studio audience ONLY voted). 

Some fan faves ended up being ranked much lower than their normal ongoing ranks so there were many surprises. 


Probably the most surprised was Woodam, who came in at #1, with the most in studio votes from the performances. manse manse manse woo-dam-dam

Thanks for sticking through this week’s recap again. Tune in next week for hopefully less crying and more dancing? I don’t like seeing the boys so sad :(

Noob translator epilogue: I watch every episode LIVE and try my best to translate what goes down so you guys can know ASAP after the show. I’m not a professional translator but I tried to pick wording that would be English-user-friendly! Especially with the team names, there are discrepancies, but I tried my best. Feel free to ask or add more input if you would like to :)

bigbunnimal  asked:

Hi dear. I just saw your post about how John's trying to impress Harold with his gun skills. Would you consider writing a fluffy, smutty bit about John's guns and Harold's reactions towards them? I think that would be pretty delicious :)

Okay so I felt STUCK and unable to write, and then i opened my inbox and saw this and was like huh… yep. That would def be pretty delicious and interest. I do apologize for the lack of smut.

SUMMARY: Harold does not feel comfortable with John cleaning his guns in the library. There’s more than one reason for that.

Harold knew he had a weakness. Just one: John’s hands. More specifically, John’s hands when they caressed the barrels of the guns, sure and confident, going through the motions that were basically muscle memory by now.

Okay maybe he had two weaknesses, because he couldn’t stop staring when John pursed his lips and blew air inside the cylinder. And the focus in John’s eyes, the intensity, was yet another weakness on its own, together with the surge of illogical jealousy that accompanied it.

Alright so maybe Harold had a competence kink. It wasn’t surprising. He had never been someone who indulged in idle fancy. Everything had a purpose, and the better it served that purpose, the more valuable it was. And John, well John was competence incarnate, his every move calculated, every word important, every muscle trained to be efficient and useful.

When you come to think of it, Harold did have only one weakness after all, one thing that was sure to wreak havoc on Harold’s senses, distracting him to the point until he forgot basic codes, and making him unable to do anything but be hopelessly enchanted. And that weakness was John.

So really, he wasn’t to be blamed for staring right now, as John expertly cleaned the guns, in the middle of the library, again. Harold had told him off many, many times. And only the first few times had been because of his discomfort at having dangerous weapons so close to him. He didn’t lie… he wasn’t exactly comfortable having John do this in the library twice a week, but the reasons for that were not what John probably expected.

He resigned himself to not being able to work for the time it took John to be done with his weapon maintenance, and relaxed into his seat. If he was going to waste time, he might as well enjoy it. His eyes lingered, proprietary, at the way John’s muscles flexed and bunched, the way his movements were fluid and graceful, and he wistfully reminisced about the time when the sight of weapons filled him with dread. It surely was better than the low hum of arousal that accompanied the sight these days. If he didn’t know better, he would think John conditioned him like that on purpose, deliberately showing off how skilled he was, how adept at handling guns, boasting in his ear about his prowess and then proving it, over and over again. Harold was only human after all.

“See anything interesting, Finch?” John’s voice made Harold startle out of his day dream. He felt a blush creep up on his face and he decidedly turned his face away, not wanting to see the smirk on John’s face at being caught staring.

“Nothing Mr. Reese?”

“Hmm,” John mused, and dammit, Harold could hear the smirk even without seeing it. “That’s strange, because I could’ve bet you were appreciating the view.”

Harold looked back at him, saw the way John’s eyes were glinting with mischief and gaped. “You! You were doing this on purpose.”

John shrugged, not denying the allegation. “What can I say? I am a man of simple pleasures.”

“And pray tell, what those might be?”

“Oh, just the way your breath hitches when I do this.” John took a rag and carefully, intimately, ran it down the smooth metal, making Harold remember all the times John had caressed his skin similarly, making his breath, oh what the hell, hitch. John grinned in victory. “And the way your pupils dilate, and your hands clench futilely when I do this…”

“That’s quite enough Mr. Reese,” Harold sighed, stopping further calculated assault on his senses. “You have proved your point.”

John put down the guns then, and stood up, a predator in every sense. Harold should not find it as attractive as he did. “I like flustering you. I like knowing I am more interesting than your code, knowing that I can distract you away from it.” John stalked towards him, and Harold’s mouth ran dry, his heartrate spiking. “It’s a heady rush.”

“And still you focus on your… ammunition… instead of taking advantage of your carefully orchestrated distraction.” Harold was not going to pout, he wasn’t, but he had been bewitched by this routine far too many times to not feel cheated.

“Are you jealous of my guns, Harold?”

“No!” And he was totally pouting, against his will. He stood up as John approached, trying to balance out the height as to not feel like a prey being hunted, but it only allowed John to corner him against the desk more easily.

“You are,” John chuckled delightedly, and Harold felt his face heat up. “You are jealous of the way I handle my guns.”

“So what if I am? Is it so wrong to begrudge the way you are practically fondling and…and-molesting- your equipment.”

John smirked, and the action promised so many sinful things that Harold’s knees quivered. John bent closer, practically whispering in his ear now. “I wonder, if you’re upset because I am molesting the guns, or because I am not molesting you.”

Harold swallowed heavily, knowing that was a rhetorical question. John knew the answer to that. John’s other hand came to rest on Harold’s neck, fingers stroking, caressing, making liquid heat bloom just under Harold’s kin, pool in his stomach. He whimpered. “That’s what I thought.” John murmured, annoyingly smug.

He pulled away, despite the whine of protest that left Harold’s throat, and Harold tried to be annoyed at the way there was tease and mischief written even in the curve of John’s eyebrow, for heaven’s sake. He wished he had enough functioning brain cells to come up with a clever retort, but they had all overloaded and fried while he watched John expertly dismantle the guns, before turning his skills at dismantling Harold’s composure. The two things were more interlinked than Harold cared to admit.

“We can’t have that, can we? Don’t you think it’s about time I paid attention to my lover, properly, so he would not stop doing absurd things, like being jealous of mere weaponry?” John’s fingers were on the buttons of his waistcoat now, playing with them, and Harold really should shut up.

“You like your weaponry.” He pointed out.

“I do.” John glanced up, something bashful in his gaze peeking from behind the mischief, “but I like you more.”

Well, earnest John, Harold found out, he was utterly defenseless again. So it was entirely John’s fault that Harold muffled a moan against John’s lips at that, pulling him closer and pouring his want into the kiss John eagerly returned.

And John, excellent lover that he was, spent the next few hours showing Harold exactly how skilled he was with his hands, with his touches and strokes. How adept, at taking apart the things he cherished and putting them back together.

(on ao3)

I didn’t have the words in me - to convey what was in my heart.

Fey/re Archeron in A Court of Win/gs and Ruin by Sarah Ma/as  page 444, chapter 46

Our narrator, dear readers. Self-awarely, she admits her lack of skill in storytelling. I would still prefer an apology for all that needless fragmented sentences which start to cause me headaches.


prompt 1: it’s been too long.

As requested by @ edo-salandria -

Natsu x Lucy

Rating: M+ (steamy citrusy goodness & swearing)

Words: 5,317.

Lucy hummed to herself happily, strolling down the confectionery aisle with a basket hooked around her elbow. Cana followed her groggily, looking around with red ringed eyes.

“Cana, do you want to borrow my sunglasses?” Levy questioned, pushing a trolley of her own a few metres back as Cana’s head turned to the bluenettes slowly, eyes narrowing.

“Why haven’t you offered me them before?”

Levy gave her a sheepish smile, “It’s kind of cool to see you hungover. I swear, I’ve never seen you hungover in the twenty three years we’ve known each other.”

Lucy laughed which made Cana growl and snatch the sunglasses away from Levy’s hands.

The blonde stopped in front of the chocolate bars, peering at the choices before grabbing a few and plopping them into her basket. Cana, equipped with sunglasses, strolled over and took a look at the contents.

“That’s a lot of batteries Lu, stocking up for your vibrator?” Cana cackled as Levy spluttered. Lucy, used to her friends teasing, just smiled sweetly, “I don’t need any batteries for my vibrator until the year 2040. It’s part of my apocalypse survival kit. Water, canned food and batteries for my vibrator.”

This made Cana laugh harder and Levy even cracked a giggle, “Nice priorities you have, Lucy.”

The smiling blonde shrugged, “If I’m going to die in a nuclear explosion, I want to go out with a bang.”

Cana, who had been trying to gain control of her laughter, lost it once again and wrapped an arm around Lucy’s neck.

“I think you are my soul mate.”

Lucy smiled at her best friend, “I thought Bacchus was your soulmate.”

“He stopped being my soulmate when he doesn’t laugh at my post-sex jokes.” Cana complained as Levy shook her head, “Saying ‘it looks like a mushroom’ isn’t a joke. It’s insulting.”

Lucy laughed, as Cana pouted, “I told you that in confidence Levy. And look, Lucy’s laughing so it must be funny!”

“She’s laughing because it’s funny to us. Not to a man you just had sex with!”

“That’s sexism and I don’t appreciate it!” Cana argued back loudly and Lucy pressed her lips together to stop the laughter wanting to rip from her mouth. She glanced over the top of the short shelving units, catching a glimpse of pink hair.

She tilted her head, before a gasp ripped out of her throat.

Pink hair. Cocky grin. Scarf in the summer.

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Uh…police/ Thief AU???

Dunno, i allways imagined an AU in which Ed would be a thief and make mr. police officer Roy’s life a living hell because everytime the brat got caught he would allways find a way to escape like the wonderfull woman from the ‘03 anime. That episode was hilarious..

Anyways, Roy and his team would be in charge of catching this little shit and his own group that consisted of: Alphonse, Alfons, Ling, Lan Fan ('cause wherever Ling is, so is she) and sometimes, maybe Russel.

I imagine allways something like this:

Alphonse sighed after a while of staring at the door his brother was supposed to get through around five minutes or so ago and yet no sign of the older Elric. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he spoke to the earpiece.

“'Fons, could you locate brother for me please?”

“Sure thing”, Alfonse replied from the other side and started typing right away. After a couple of minutes of searching, the blond found his target and barely held back a groan “huh…"he said aloud instead.

"You found him?” Al asked from the other side of the transmission.

“I…did” Alfons replied with a grimace on his face.

Al, knowing the other blond quite well, knew what that tone of voice exactly meant. “He’s harassing that mr. officer again, isn’t he?” He asked resignedly.

Alfons sighed “yes”

“Figures” Al said with a roll of his golden eyes. His brother would never change “Well…time to go get him…”

“Please hurry” Alfons said “the rest of the officer’s team will be there soon”

“Will do” Al said then the communication was off.

Later that day at the police station:

Hughes could barely contain the laugh as he stared at his best friend’s “puppy that just got kicked” face. “So you, once again had that thief in your hands and once again you let him escape?”

“It’s not my fault!” Roy hissed angrily “how can i focus on my job when the brat is wearing those bloody pants and keeps harassing me?! I’m only human!”

Hughes could have sworn that he heard the only female officer in this room muttering something in the lines of “I actually follow this idiot willingly” under her breath.

Woops, big post. I apologize for my lack of skills in writing these kinds of things, i cannot write fics to save a life.

*bows in apologies and hides in shame*

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. Despite having multiple roleplaying blogs over the past couple of years, Shang is the only one that I have made a consistent effort to develop over time. He is a character that I have always liked when watching the Mulan film(s) growing up, and so I decided to take that leap of faith and try my hand at playing him as a muse. I love writing as him, and I love how I still have ideas of what to do with him next despite having this blog for nine months ( perhaps – using the analogy of childbirth – these nine months have led to the truth birth of Shang as I finally grasp his character more confidently ).
      I am still in awe of all the people that I have found / have found me on Tumblr. Every day I come across people who impress me, make me excited, make me scared ( for those of you with scary muses: bravo ) , and generally make me keen to read more. Tumblr would not be the same without all these people who dedicate their time and effort to roleplaying.
    This is just a ‘ THANK YOU ‘ for putting up with me, for believing in me, and for thinking that Shang is awesome when really he is the lamest muse ever.

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Hi! @yume-shirokuro I am your secret santa! I hope you don’t mind fluff because that the only thing I can seem to manage. (I also apologize profusely for my lack of coloring skills!) I hope you have a great holiday with lots of scorbus cuteness! I hope you like your gift and have a great holiday season!


“Dear diary, it is I, Sawamura Eijun, aka Future Ace of the Baseball World, writing again!

Something good happened today. Ka Kazu Miyuki finally k..kisssed me when I asked for it!! That’s a step in the right direction if I do say so myself!! Maybe if I stick to him and ask him to catch for me nonstop like that he would eventually cave in for baseball too???? Well, won’t know if we don’t try eh. Hehe. I, SAWAMURA EIJUN, will make that bastard my slave yet muhaha!


P.S. If people call Ka him a genius, does that make me a super genius? Master genius? Lord genius???

rip miyucky

Some general rambling below…

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