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Art Help: Figures

Because you asked, let’s talk about bodies now. I know some cartoonists like to just throw anatomy out the window altogether, which can be fun and creative, but I prefer to know what’s inside and behind the things I’m drawing, I like to know what constructs a body, including the human figure, so #1 advice would be to just do a lot of figure drawing when you can:

 It doesn’t even have to be 100% realistic all the time, just learn to do it properly. After a while, you’ll be able to whip up a body in whatever pose you want without references. I drew these two tutorial pages without checking references or anything, these are just blind doodles, which shows that practice and the knowledge of structure work wonders! (And that I probably should’ve checked out some muscle references afterall but ehh close enough.)

And now, onto how you can get creative with what you’ve learned.

As it is always, just the sheer shape of a character’s body can be an instant visual indicator of their personality. Use this wisely and strategically. Unconventionality can add to this too. (Toothpick arms on a round-bellied character can look quite comical. Or sometimes it’s just a nice change.) However, though that kind of stuff is a long way from realistic anatomy, I still prefer to always make up a core structure to a given character, however impossible their body may be biologically. This way you won’t have ill-proportioned characters, you won’t lose control over them, and you can pinpoint where their centre of gravity is, and so on. Learn to find the possibilities of breaking free from realism but limit this freedom so that your character still makes sense and doesn’t lose form like a melting pudding. Know how far they can bend, stretch, etc. This would be vital if you were to make the character move. Take this jumping sack, for example:

This was just some weight practice from a few of months ago, I only posted it on my other blog just because it wasn’t anything interesting, really. (Look at it go “woouummmpfh”. ^^) That’s why structure, joints and weights and centres of gravity matter. You can get creative and simplify bodies to whatever extent you feel like but I personally prefer to keep characters make sense - it’s a bit harder to make work but it pays off so much when they can be shaped more dynamically when the need arises!

That’s all, you can find tons of anatomy tutorials and references around the internet and, if you can’t get a chance to go to a firgure drawing class, I’d even suggest doing favours for your friends/family/boyfriends/girlfriends/mysterious neighbours in exchange for them posing for a couple of hours for you. (Or blackmail your crush into it and write in about how it went. Or, don’t take life advice from me and you’ll probably be fine…)

Hope this is helpful and, as always, have fun drawing!


“Dear diary, it is I, Sawamura Eijun, aka Future Ace of the Baseball World, writing again!

Something good happened today. Ka Kazu Miyuki finally k..kisssed me when I asked for it!! That’s a step in the right direction if I do say so myself!! Maybe if I stick to him and ask him to catch for me nonstop like that he would eventually cave in for baseball too???? Well, won’t know if we don’t try eh. Hehe. I, SAWAMURA EIJUN, will make that bastard my slave yet muhaha!


P.S. If people call Ka him a genius, does that make me a super genius? Master genius? Lord genius???

rip miyucky

Some general rambling below…

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Star Trek Characters Considered as Survivor Players

This is a guest post for @pixiedane, funniest recap blog on the planet!

I spend my days at work at a sewing machine.  As everyone knows, the human race invented sewing as a venue and excuse for gossip; but as most of my coworkers’ gossip is in Cantonese, I have a lot of time with my own thoughts.  One such sewing machine thought was, “I bet Captain Kirk would be pretty good at Survivor.”

I am a huge Survivor nerd and a medium Star Trek nerd, and soon I was going over in my head which Star Trek characters would be good at the game.  Here is my list of some Star Trek notables, ranked in order of their Survivor skill, with commentary.  (I can only rate those I know; I haven’t seen most of Voyager or any of Enterprise, so you must forgive the lack of Seven of Nine and Dr. Phlox.)  I apologize in advance for the fact that much of this may be opaque to non-Survivor fans; I will try to keep it friendly to laymen, but I will probably fail at times.

32. Neelix
It is a truism in Survivor that placement in the game does not reflect ability.  Neelix has two possible fates in Survivor: either he goes out first, or he makes the final 2.  But in either case, he belongs here at the bottom of the list.  Obnoxious and useless in everything, he might be taken to the end as a goat (Survivor fan terminology for someone deliberately brought to the end because they’re impossible to lose to.)  It doesn’t matter who you are.  You could be Gul Dukat.  You will beat Neelix at the final tribal council. 

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    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. Despite having multiple roleplaying blogs over the past couple of years, Shang is the only one that I have made a consistent effort to develop over time. He is a character that I have always liked when watching the Mulan film(s) growing up, and so I decided to take that leap of faith and try my hand at playing him as a muse. I love writing as him, and I love how I still have ideas of what to do with him next despite having this blog for nine months ( perhaps – using the analogy of childbirth – these nine months have led to the truth birth of Shang as I finally grasp his character more confidently ).
      I am still in awe of all the people that I have found / have found me on Tumblr. Every day I come across people who impress me, make me excited, make me scared ( for those of you with scary muses: bravo ) , and generally make me keen to read more. Tumblr would not be the same without all these people who dedicate their time and effort to roleplaying.
    This is just a ‘ THANK YOU ‘ for putting up with me, for believing in me, and for thinking that Shang is awesome when really he is the lamest muse ever.

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jeevasshole requested “a ridiculously fabulous mello? like with the coat that looks like a feather boa and like a mashup between a grungy and a flowery style? idk man i just feel like you’d just get that on point yo.”

this is neither flowery, nor grunge, nor is he ridiculously fabulous (at least, no more so than usual) and for that, I apologize deeply, but please know that I fawned and squealed over your message like an excited toddler for a good five minutes. thank you so much, lovely!!!!!!!!! <333

Yellow Diamond is secretly a giraffe in disguise.
- spc5297

 Am I the only one who liked YD’s design? She’s like an angry space giraffe and idk I love it.
- Anonymous

 I actually enjoy the fact that YD’s neck is very long. It would be funny if it kept getting longer when she got super mad.
- Anonymous

I love YD’s neck! Ordinarily, you see characters with regular necks, which, for me (basically a giraffe) is, well. uh. BUT HEY I MEAN IF I GET TO CONTROL SOME PLANETS IT’S COOL WITH ME
- Anonymous

I do think Yellow Diamond’s neck is kinda ridiculous, but to be serious it would be pretty easy to solve that: make it bend in snake-like, inhuman ways, like turning her head 180 degrees.
- Anonymous

I once knew a girl who was perfect save a birthmark on her left knee.

And when she laughed the world burst with light.

In the winter, as the sun paled so did she

Until the ice turned to trickles to rivers to floods.

And when the sun carried minutes into hours of warmth,

The birthmark darkened as her heart grew

Lighter and lighter until it was brighter than the July sun.

But as she became lighter and lighter

The birthmark became darker and darker

Until all I could see was darkness

and the light was gone from my eyes.

I learned with each harsh word I spoke,

It cut deeper and deeper into the mark

Unto it began to disappear.

I spoke of hate. I spoke of anger

Of pain of jealousy

Of tears in the dark

of what lurked in her and every soul.

Word after word, she began to believe me

And the leaves began to wither until all that was left

Was crumpled hearts and a lonely echo.

The skies turned gray and the floods turned to rivers

That trickled into ice.

And as the lies turned white and drifted upon the ground,

The birthmark turned and vanished.

The girl did not laugh. She did not smile, she did not breathe.

But she was perfect and I was happy.

But I wasn’t.