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I Think I’m in Love With My Tutor  (Newt x Ravenclaw!Reader)

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Request:  Heyyyy!!!! First ilysm, second, can you do a newt x ravenclaw! reader and she is forced to tutor him for his bad subjects but they end up liking each other!! FLUFFY PLZTAHNK YOU - @just-a-bit-odd


You were Y/N L/N, one of the brightest Ravenclaws at Hogwarts.  The top in all your classes and well-liked by your teachers and peers.

It was the end of your potions class.  You neatly tucked your book and quills into your bag and were on your way out the door, but your professor stopped you.

“Miss L/N?”

“Yes, professor?”

“It appears one of my Hufflepuff students has been struggling with his work.  If he fails my class, he’ll have to take it again.”

“And what do you need me for?” you questioned.

“Since you’re one of the best students, I figured you could tutor him.  I’ll gladly give you some extra credit for it, though I’m sure you don’t need it.

“Lovely.  Who is this boy?”

“Newt Scamander.”

Your mind starting racing.  Oh Merlin.  The adorable Hufflepuff with the freckles and always smells like cinnamon but no one knows why?  The one that loves nothing more than magical beasts and creatures?

“Miss L/N?”

You snapped out of your daze.  “What?  Oh–uh–yes, of course I’ll tutor him.”

“Thank you.  He tends to daydream during class.  Once he nearly dropped his baby bowtruckle… oh what’s its name… Stickett?  Kickett?  Something like that.  Starting tomorrow you will meet in the library an hour before dinner,” your professor finished.  

You nodded.  “I won’t let you down, professor.  But there is one more thing I need.”

“And what is that?”

“Could you write me a late pass?”

**Time skip to next day**

Your potions books were neatly stacked in your arms as you quickly made your way to the library.  You were very eager to see Newt, even though you were pretty sure he had never heard of you.

You are not going to make a fool out of yourself, Y/N!  You thought to yourself.

You kicked open the library door since you were holding books, which earned you a lovely “SHH!” and a stern glare from Madam Pince.  You flinched and mouthed a quick “sorry” and walked behind a bookshelf out of her sight to the table where you saw Newt sitting.  He appeared to be talking quietly to a tiny, green stick-like creature.

You set your books down, causing him to rapidly look up and the creature to scramble and bury himself in Newt’s breast pocket.

“O-oh, hello.  I didn’t see you there,” Newt said.

You smiled.  “I’m sorry I startled you and your… uh…  pet?”

Newt cocked his head and then realized what you were talking about.  “Oh!  That’s Pickett, my bowtruckle.  He has some attachment issues.”  Pickett popped his head out of Newt’s pocket at the sound of his name.  

“He’s quite adorable,” you replied, observing the bowtruckle.

The little bowtruckle made a tiny squeaking noise as to say “thank you.”

Newt smiled in the cutest, dorkiest way possible.  No one had ever complimented his creatures before.  “He likes you.”

“I would hope so,” you said.  “Now let’s get started on your studies, Newt.”

Newt all of a sudden flushed a deep shade of red.  “Uh… what if I told you I didn’t know your name…?”

You chuckled.  “No need to be embarrassed.  It’s Y/N L/N.”

“That’s very pretty…,” he whispered under his breath thinking you couldn’t hear him.

“What?  Did you say my name is pretty?”

Newt’s eyes got unbelievably large and his cheeks unbelievably pink.  “What?  Oh–uh–no!  I mean it is–but–!”

You cut him off with a giggle.  “It’s fine!  Don’t beat yourself up.”

Newt looked utterly relieved.

“So, shall we begin?”


You spent the next hour going over potion basics with Newt.

“Okay.  How long does it take to brew polyjuice potion?”

Newt knit his eyebrows.  “Isn’t it… ten minutes to twelve hours?” Newt answered

sounding unsure.

“Well… you’re close.  That’s how long the effects last.  To brew the actual potion takes one month,” you corrected in a kind tone.

“Sorry… potions has never been my best subject.”

“Don’t apologize.  Care of magical creatures has never been my best subject,” you said, trying to make him feel better.  “But I need to know this in order to help you learn.  Do you really just not understand potions at all or do you just not pay attention?”

Newt thought for a moment and then turned a light shade of crimson.  “I guess a bit of both…?”

Hearing this, Pickett popped out of his pocket and whacked Newt’s face with his slim, green twig-like arm before ducking back down.

“Newt.” You spoke in a stern tone.

He sighed.  “Fine!  I don’t pay attention… it’s not interesting to me.”

You nodded.  “I understand, but it’s important if you want to pass your N.E.W.T.S. and graduate.  It’d be kind of sad if you fail a test that literally has your name in it.  But that’s why I’m here, to make sure you ace it.”  You glanced at the dusty old clock on the wall.  It was time for dinner.  “Well, we ought to get going to the Great Hall.  Same time tomorrow?”

Newt nodded.  “Yes.  Thank you, Y/N.  For tutoring an idiot like me.”

“Newt!  Don’t say that to yourself.  By the time N.E.W.T.S. roll around, you’ll be a pro with potions.”

You closed your books, picked them up, and went on your way to the Great Hall.

Newt stayed seated, thinking.  When the professor told me I was being assigned a tutor, I didn’t expect it to be the lovely Ravenclaw girl that sits in front of me in Charms.  I wonder if she sees me the same way… Oh, Newton, what are you thinking?  This is just charity work.


The same time for the next two weeks, you met Newt in the library to read from your books and quiz Newt’s knowledge on potions.  But today you wanted more hands-on with potions.  You asked your professor if you could use the potions for what was next in your book: amortentia.  Your professor trusted you and granted you permission as long as you or Newt didn’t drink it and got rid of the extremely powerful love potion straight after.  Of course you accepted the rules; you would never use a potion to win someone’s heart.  You would hate knowing that someone loved you only because you drugged them.

The professor informed Newt of this location change during his class.

**Time skip**

You were patiently waiting in the potions room alone, standing beside a cauldron.  Originally you were going to get there early and have all the ingredients laying out and ready to be used, but you decided to leave that to Newt.  After all, he had to learn somehow.

After five minutes, Newt came stumbling through the door, panting.

“S-so sorry I’m late,” he panted.  “There was a–uh–incident, in the forest.”

You chuckled at how cute he looked.  “No worries.  Anywho, today I’ll be teaching you about amortentia.  You know what that is, right?”

He nodded.  “An extremely powerful love potion.”

You smiled.  “Correct.  Are you familiar with the ingredients?”

“Uh… I think I know two.  Ashwinder eggs and… peppermint?”

“You’re right.”  Newt grinned when he heard this.  “The others are rose thorns, powdered moonstone, and a pearl dust.  Now, would you please get them from the shelves?”  

Being a wizard and all, Newt whipped out his wand and accio-ed all the ingredients to him which he then placed on the table in a neat, orderly line.

You clapped your hands together.  “Wonderful!”  You grabbed one of your potions books and flipped the amortentia page and lay it out for Newt to see.  “I’m not going to help you brew it.”  

Newt’s face dropped a bit.

“However, I will let you know if you’re doing something wrong that could result in the deaths of both of us.  Got it?”

“Y-yes,” Newt answered, tad worried.

“Then go ahead get started.”

Surprisingly (but not so surprisingly since you’re the best tutor ever), Newt did everything right.  The amount of each ingredient was correct, and he stirred them in the correct way, counterclockwise.  Once he was finished, the potion was shiny and steam lifted in a spiral shape.

Newt set the ladle down.  “Did I do it right?”

You nodded and smiled.  “Perfectly!”  You leaned over the cauldron and inhales it’s scent.  “Hmm… F/S, F/S, and… huh… I can’t make out that last one… What does it smell like to you?”

Newt sniffed the potion.  “Clean wool, cocoa… and…,”  His eyes got large.

You looked at Newt with concern.  “Is something wrong?  What is it?”

Newt turned his gaze to the floor.  “Your hair…,” he whispered, nearly inaudible.

You blushed.  “It smells like my hair?” you said quietly.  Your mind was racing.  MERLIN I’m something he loves!!!

“Yes…” Newt replied just as quiet as last time.

You gently put a finger under his chin and tilted it up to look you in the eyes.  “That’s okay… because my third smell was your hair.”

Newt blushed immensely.  Pickett suddenly appeared out of his pocket and squeaked.  

What happened next was something you’d never thought Newt Scamander would do in a million years.  

Newt quickly leaned in and kissed you.  It only lasted a second before he pulled away to

look at you in complete silence.  But then you grabbed his collar and pulled him in for another kiss, this one longer and full of passion.  Newt’s hands feebly found there way to your waist (aw he’s such a cute muffin) while yours tangled themselves in his light brown curls.

When you had to pull away for air, you were all smiles.

“Y/N, you probably already realized this but… I love you,” Newt said.

“You should have seen me when I was told I was going to get to tutor you… I love you too, Newt.”

Pickett popped out again and made a mad squeaking noise.

You giggled.  “You too, Pickett.”

Newt looked at the clock.  “We’re five minutes late for dinner, we should get going.  I assume tomorrow’s session will be more… interesting?”

You raised your eyebrows and laughed.  “Wow, Newt.  And I thought you were innocent!  You go ahead to the Great Hall, I need to get rid of this amortentia.”

Instead of walking out the door, Newt came around behind you and wrapped his arms around you tightly, resting his chin on your head.  “I’m not leaving without you.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet.”

“And the Slytherins said I could never get a girlfriend,” he said and kissed your head.

You leaned back into his embrace.“Well, we’ll show them, won’t we?”

“Am I allowed to carry you to the Great Hall?”

AHH I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I do!  Please let me know what you thought of it!

Imperio, I control…”

The feeling of sleep weighing his mind down.
His body bending to commands.
Horror at what he was about to do.
He couldn’t s t o p.

Crucio, I torture…”

Swords piercing his body.
Every nerve ending, every synapse was on f i r e.
His sanity slipping away like sand through his fingers.

Avada Kedavra, let the thing be destroyed.”

Standing in the forest.
The tip of a wand pointing his direction.
Eyes closing.
Green light exploding behind his eyelids.
F e a r.

“The Three Unforgivable Curses.” He murmured, forcing down his nausea.

Tom nodded excitedly. “Yes. Fascinating, don’t you agree?”

Harry Potter didn’t answer, instead he closed his book and rose from the library chair, murmuring a quick excuse.

Adrenalin was rushing through his veins.
He was tricked.
Sirius wasn’t held captive.

Distinctly he heard the sound of another chair scraping over the floor as he hurried past numerous bookshelves and practically dived out into the hallway.

Avada Kedavra.
After Sirius had fallen through the veil he wasn’t even aware that it was him who was screaming.
He never knew his vocal cords were able to produce such an awful sound.

His chest constricted and he stumbled against a cold wall halfway down the third corridor, slowly sinking to the floor while desperately trying to fight the onslaught of the panic attack.

The Triwizard Cup should have brought them straight back to the entrance of the maze.
But it hadn’t.
Too late he screamed a warning at the boy.
Avada Kedavra.
Cedric Diggory hit the ground with a gut wrenching thud.

A part of him registered the hands that clasped his shoulders and the calm voice calling his name, telling him to breathe.

He couldn’t.
Wasn’t even sure he wanted to.
The pain in his lungs was better than the screams piercing his mind or the stench of blood and death filling his nose.

Everyone was dying.
He couldn’t stop it.
He couldn’t save them.
Fred was dead.
Lupin was dead.
Everyone was-

“Harry Potter!” The exclamation was followed by a stinging pain in his cheek and automatically he sucked in a breath, blinking slowly.

Light blue-grey eyes stared at him intently, a frown etched onto pale features. “Can you hear me?”

Harry nodded, taking another, shuddering breath.

Tom sighed in relief before his expression darkened. “What was that about?”

The Boy-Who-Lived swallowed before plastering a crooked smile on his face. “N-nothing, really. I just sort of hyperventilated when I remembered that I haven’t yet finished the essay from-”

“Please don’t try to insult my intelligence, Potter. We finished that essay together yesterday.”

Oh. Right.

“And besides, you don’t exactly strike me as someone who would have a panic attack over something as trivial as that.”

Well, shit.

“Look, I-”

“Who did it?”


The grip on his shoulders tightened to the point that it bordered on uncomfortable and cold fury shone in Riddle’s eyes. “Only someone who was subjected to those curses would have such a strong reaction to them. So who did it!?”

You did.

Harry shook his head tiredly before getting back to his feet rather unsteadily. “It doesn’t matter. There was a war. Those things happen. It’s in the… past.“

Tom’s scowl deepened.
His eyes glinting murderously. But somehow he didn’t think that the Slytherin’s anger was directed at him.

The grip on his shoulders tightened just a fraction before sliding down and back to his sides, his expression smoothing over until the only indication of his fury was the way he clenched his jaw.

“Alright. I won’t push the matter.” He said eventually and Harry sighed in relief, only for the air to get stuck in his throat a second later. “But…”

Here it comes.

“I promise you that the person responsible is going to pay. They will beg for death and shall not receive it until I’ve broken their every bone and shredded absolutely every ounce of their sanity. Nobody touches that which belongs to me.”

How very ironic.

Oh yes.
There was definitely a time when he wished for that.

But now?

There was suddenly a heavy weight on Harry’s chest and he grimaced.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, didn’t wish to kill Tom Riddle, Dark-Lord-in-Training, anymore. The would-be murderer of his parents, his friends, and himself.

And it made him absolutely sick.

- Tomarry [Time Travel AU]
Just Friends~Part 6

Part 6 YAS! 

I hope you like it as much as I do :D

-2 664 words

smut/ angst

~Jungkook is still jealous.~

prologuepart 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

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Jinyoung and I were having drinks celebrating our new promotion.

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this!” he exclaimed.

“Me neither, I mean this is a big task it isn’t any joke! I’m so happyyyyyy!”

Our boss asked us to organize a party. Not any party, this was one asked by Seunguri, the member of BigBang, the greatest kpop group. Apparently he wanted to unite the new generation of kpop idols. It was a big commission and I was excited but scared I wouldn’t be up to his expectation.

“What if something goes wrong though?” I mumbled suddenly feeling nervous about the idea.

“Ah, don’t think about that, so long as we try our best it will be a success I know it.” he reassured me.

This was one of the reasons I enjoyed working with Jinyoung, he was always positive and knew how to reassure me which was good because the pressure put on us in this job was sometimes unbearable. We took a few drinks and chatted and we went home ready to start working on this new project the next day.

We were working so hard on our project that I didn’t have time to think about Jungkook and Yugyeom and it was the best I had felt in a while. The party was in a few days and work had never been so intense. I had so much stuff to do, and it seemed like I would never have enough time to finish it all.

Finally the day for the party arrived Jinyoung and I were there to make sure everything went ok. We had tried to make the party as intimate as we could. We had planned for there to be many different rooms. Firstly there was a big room with all the food and drinks were the main part of it all would go on, it was big enough for everyone to fit in while still having enough space to move around freely. This was the room where the dancing would go on later in the night, there were a few tables for people to sit around and chat. Upstairs and on the sides were loads of smaller rooms. Some of them were hidden in the walls and you had to pay attention to realise there was a door there, making everything mysterious and intimate. The smaller rooms were filled with couches and silky cushions. The lighting was dim and the lights hung from the ceiling. We had added plants to give an exotic feel, and to be honest I was proud of the result, so was Jinyoung, it was exactly what we wanted it to be. Seunguri had came to see us at the beginning of the party and had told us how happy he was about our work which only boosted our ego to it’s fullest. We stayed together since we didn’t know many people, and we were still working technically, we were there to direct the progress of the party. Sometimes we went in the kitchens to check if the cooks were on schedule but we mostly had fun. Jimin was there and had stopped for a chat before going back to the party. I was happy to see him he always put a smile on my face.

Then I spotted Yugyeom. 

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Kitten: Part 2

Hi! I’m sorry to say there is no smut in this part but lots of fluffy bonding, I hope you like it! I don’t really plan on doing a part 3 but if I think of one I’ll definitely do write it! Please let me know how you all feel about it!

“We have a guest,” Kyungsoo groans, but he doesn’t move away from where we are tangled together on the large couch in his living room. I hum snuggling deeper into his side, not to happy about the idea of him getting up either. I’m completely exhausted from the hours of, um, activities with Kyungsoo. There is a knock on the door, we both glance at it. “Go away,” He snarls without hesitation.

“Hyung,” A familiar voice whines. I sniff the air and recognize the scent of the pale man I had seen the night before. “You owe me something for leading you to your mate.”

“You are lucky you aren’t dead.”

“Does it help if I say it’s work related?”

Kyungsoo scoffs, “You don’t work.”

“I’m coming in!” The younger announces, stupidly ignoring the horrifiying growl coming from his hyung. The door opens revealing the hot blonde I was expecting but in a neat suit compared to the shredded outfit from before. I click my tongue, he cleans up nice.

“Do you have a death wish?” Kyungsoo snarls, shifting slightly so I’m pressed up against the back of the couch, hidden from his brother.

The younger coughs awkwardly, “Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were naked.”

“What the hell do you want?”

“I just wanted to check in, the others were curious and you weren’t answering your phone…”

“Don’t you think there was a reason I was ignoring you?”

The younger huffs, “You never have very good reasons.”

“I have very important things to be doing!”

I chuckle, shoving Kyungsoo off me a bit to pop my head over the edge to smile at the blushing man, “Hello again.”

He jumps back a bit, “Um…Hello.”

“I’m the very important thing incase you were wondering,” I muse with a glance over my shoulder at a frowning Kyungsoo. “Why are you pouting?”

“I want him gone.”

“He’s your younger brother, stop being so hostile Kyungsoo. We can’t just block out the whole world.”

“He tried,” The brother muses. “Called into work, took all week off, turned off his phone, put extra security around the building, he really tried.”

“Yet here you are,” Kyungsoo snarls once again. “I figured you would have gotten the hint that I want some alone time with my mate.”

“Is he always like this?” I ask his brother.

He nods, “Yea but this is a bit more extreme than usual and you can assume why.”

“An unmated alpha in the room with a naked omega, I can understand.”

“That reminds me, the others want to meet her,” He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not a chance in hell,” Kyungsoo deadpans.

“Who are the others?” I whine at Kyungsoo, “Why can’t meet them?”

His eyes shift to me and automatically soften, “Because Kitten, I don’t want those dirty wolves anywhere near you. At least not for awhile, I want to keep you all to myself for as long as I can.”

“You can’t just keep me locked in here.”

He chuckles, “Says who?”

“Kyungsoo,” I warn.

“Okay, Kitten I’m just kidding. At least, sort of… That reminds me we need to talk about a few things. You,” He looks back to his brother, “You need to leave.”

His brother his whole time has been watching our interaction with wide eyes, “She called you by your name… no oppa or ssi… no formal speaking at all… how old is she?”

“I’m 23!” I answer happily.

His jaw drops, pointing a finger at me and stomping his feet, he looks like an upset child, “And you don’t speak formally to me either!”

I look to Kyungsoo confused, “What’s the big deal? He can’t be that much older than me, can he?”

My mate chuckles, “He is almost 900 years old.”

“What?!” I yell, nearly jumping to my feet if not for his arm around my waist. “Than how old are you?”

“Use that brain of yours, you are a smart little kitten. You know a lot about our politics and rules, how old could I be?”

My jaw drops, “To be a council member you have to at least be… 800 years old…”

“My smart kitten,” He muses, rubbing our noses together before nosing along my jaw to my neck.

“This is making me sick,” The brother pretends to throw up.

Kyungsoo glares at him, “Than go. I’ll consider taking her to the pack house later this week but for now, I’m keeping her here.”

“Fine. But if Chanyeol hyung pops up and mobs the girl in excitement, I warned you.” He turns back and grips the door handle, “One last thing, they need your signature on a few things before today is over.”

Kyungsoo groans, “Why didn’t you just bring them with you?”

“I forgot.”

The next roar has the younger scrambling out the door, I chuckle as he goes. My mate groans once again, shifting himself closer to me and burying his face into my neck. My fingers tangle through his hair, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“How about we talk over breakfast? I can’t have you starving on my watch,” He kisses me softly before standing up, leaving the blanket with me, confident in his naked existence. I watch him disappear down a hallway and emerge a few minutes later wearing a pair of black boxers with a shirt in his hand. “Arms up,” He commands softly, even though he didn’t use his alpha voice I quickly obey and throw my hands above my head so he can slide the shirt on for me. It’s obviously his, I crawl over the back of the couch to follow him into the kitchen, noticing how the hem of the shirt reached my mid thigh. His wolf notices to and purrs in approval.

“What’s for breakfast?” I plop down in one the tall chairs at the breakfast bar.

“Nothing too fancy, eggs, toast and fruit sound okay?” He pulls out a fry pan and some eggs from the fridge.

I nod, “Better than what I usually eat. Do you need any help with anything?”

He hums eyeing up the knife block on the back counter, “How good are you with knives?”

“I have worked in a kitchen before, I know my way around them, what do you need me to cut?”

“There is a watermelon in the fridge, if you want to grab the cutting board from under the middle cabinet, I’ll grab the melon.”

I jump up from my seat and find the cutting board in seconds, taking note of all of his fancy pans and appliances. “You cook a lot don’t you?” I question once I have my station set up, a large knife in my hand. He sets the decent sized melon in front of me before quickly rushing back to the stove where the eggs are cooking.

“I find it relaxing.”

I hum as I quickly chop the melon into triangles. It doesn’t take him long to finish the eggs and grab a few slices of bread. It all feels weird, so domestic, like we’ve done this a million times before. My heart flutters in my chest, something he quickly notices, he stops and looks at me with concern in his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

I smile up at him, throwing my arms around his neck and kissing those beautiful lips softly, “I’m completely over the moon.”

He fights with himself to pull away from the kiss, “Eat first. I know were tigers are strong but you need to eat.” He pulls me back to where I was sitting before, placing a plate with two fried eggs, a slice of bread, and a couple slices of watermelon, he stares at me expectantly.

“You eat too.” It only takes him a moment to make his own plate and take the spot next to me. We eat for a few minutes in silence, just enjoying the others company when I remember, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“Well firstly I would like to apologize for being such an ass last night. As an older man I should have been in control of my wolf and should have stopped myself from basically kidnapping you last night.”

I shrug, “I went willingly. There is no need to apologize. No matter how old you are, you got excited when you saw me, I get it. My friend’s mate was no different when they met.”

He nods, obviously thankful for my understanding, “So I wanted to ask you a few questions that I should have asked last night. Like what is your surname?”

I chuckle realizing we really haven’t done a proper introduction, I turn to him with my hand out, “Kim, Kin Eunbi, and you are?”

“Do Kyungsoo,” He shakes my hand with a small smile.

“Well Kyungsoo, as an old man what do you do? Seems like it will be important.”

He nods, “I am the head of the Do group. CEO Do industries.”

I click my tongue, “Wow, my mate is pretty damn impressive.”

“And you are a dancer?”

“Lets not talk about me now, my life just looks sad compared to yours.”

“I have had a long time to get my life together, you are still just a little kitten. You have plenty of time to grow.”

“Thanks for inspirational words. Next question.”

“Of course, I hope you don’t mind my asking but about your ears…” He stares at them for a moment, I forgot that my wig had fallen off last night. My hands automatically go up to caress the soft fur. He watches me, his hand twitches in his lap making me chuckle.

“You can touch them,” I lean my head towards him. He is hesitant at first but once I lean closer he lets one hand graze them slightly. A purr begins to go off in my chest as his fingers gently caress one of my ears. “When I was little something happened to one of my human ears and I got scared and was only able to partially transform at the time, hence cat ears. I have tried getting them back to normal but I can’t so I just wear wigs to get people to stop staring,” I shrug.

He hums, staring at them with some kind of adoration in his eyes.

“Any other questions?”

“I was wondering about how you wanted to do things after today,” He looks down at his food, suddenly bashful.

“What do you mean?” I frown, thrown by the question. He made if very clear last night and this morning that there is no if, ands, or buts, about it, we are mates. Did he not want me as a mate? Did he want me to leave or something?

“What I said earlier, about keeping you here all week, I don’t want that-”

My heart stops. I can’t my mouth to open, I just stare at him, is he rejecting me?

He gives me a side glance when my breath hitches, “Please don’t be mad, it’s just how wolves are. We are possessive creatures when it comes to our mates. If you don’t want to move in that’s-“

“Wait a minute, move in? I thought you were going to kick me out!” I snarl, ready to murder him for giving me a heart attack.

“No, no, no, of course not!”

“Well you just said you don’t want to keep my here all week.”

“I want to keep you here forever!”

“Oh.” Now I feel like an idiot.

“I just don’t know how to say it without sounding like some crazy obsessive beast.”

“How about saying, ‘hey, we are mates, how about you move in since we are destined to be together forever anyway?’”

He pouts, “I didn’t know how well over that would go.”

“Well better than sounding like you were trying to get rid of me.”

He turns to me, “I would never try to get rid of you Kitten, understand? We are mates, you are going to be lucky to get away from me at all, okay?”

“I understand.”

“Good,” He kisses the top of my head. “So is that a yes?”

“I need to talk to my roommate first. I’m 100% sure her boyfriend would take over my half of the rent but I also want to let her know that I didn’t die.”

“We don’t have to go today,” He almost whines.

“Soo,” I warn when his hand slides up my thigh, “If we don’t her and her boyfriend are going to go to all alpha and murder someone trying to find me.”

He sighs, “Fine.”

“Now the only probably is I need some clothes since mine aren’t even whole enough to be consider clothes anymore, not that they were much before.”

“Just wear mine.”

I shrug.

He goes back into his room while I finish my breakfast, I’m not surprised that his plate is already empty, freaking wolves. He returns five minutes later in another nice suit with a pair of sweatpants in his hand.

I groan at the sight of him, “Why do you get to look so hot while I look like a bum?”

“I have to stop at my office on our way back so the suit is required. Plus I love the idea of you wearing my clothes everywhere,” He hums coming to stand in front of me. His hands rest on the breakfast bar, locking me in place, “Tells everyone who you belong to.”

I have to bite my lip to keep myself from whimpering. I push him away with all of my strength, only getting him a foot or two away, “We don’t have tome to go another round right now.”

He straightens his suit and clears his throat awkwardly, a pink hue gracing his cheeks, “You are very right. We should get going.” He hands me the pants, allowing me to pull them on myself. His eyes scan the doorway and down the hall, “Where are your shoes?”

I scoff, “I didn’t have any. I was being dragged along barefoot.”

Without a word he scoops me up bridal style and carries me out of the apartment. We take same path as last night, down the hallway, down the elevator and into the, I’m assuming, private garage. He gently places me in the passenger’s side seat before closing the door and going to his own door, grumbling something under his breath.

“What was that sir?” I raise a brow at him as he begins driving.

“I’m damning myself to the lowest part of hell for being too angry to even realize that you didn’t have shoes on last night. I pulled you across that dirty club floor and parking lot, there could have been anything on that floor! Glass, needles, vomit, anything!”

I laugh, “You worry way too much.” I place a hand on his thigh, “Kyungsoo I’m fine. I can handle walking barefoot, it’s actually what I prefer, you know basically being a cat and all. Now lets for get about it and turn here!” I frantically point to the left, realizing he has no idea where I live. I feel like we’ve known each other forever, not that we just met last night. He turns and listens quietly as I babble on, giving him directions as needed. You can tell the moment we switch to the slum of Seoul. I sense his anxiety rising, noting his hands tight grip on the wheel but choose to ignore it. I know I live in a dangerous area for a small girl but it’s all my friend and I could afford so I didn’t have much of an option. When we pull up to my building Kyungsoo is fuming.

“You live here?” His distaste and concern is written all over his face.

I sigh, “Yes, I know it’s shitty but it’s all I can afford, now do you want to stay in the car or-“

“You don’t think I’m letting you go in there alone do you?”

“Of course not,” I roll my eyes, “It’s not like I haven’t been doing it for the last three years.” He climbs out faster than me and once again picks me up like a princess. He carries me up the three flights of stairs and down the dirty hall littered with trash, his nose scrunched up in disgust. It only gets worse when we reach my door and I stretch my hand out to knock only to get pulled away right away after. Kyungsoo snarls, his teeth bared, eyes fixed on the door, his arms around me tighten. “Whoa there boy what’s with the teeth?”

His eyes glow red, “There is another alpha inside. The whole place reeks of him.”

“It’s-” The door rips open revealing another snarling alpha, this one a bit more familiar. “Yongguk oppa!” The other alpha’s eyes scan the situation in front of him for a  moment before yet another alpha appears, this one smaller, “Hyorin!”

“Eunbi!” My friend yells happily, reaching for me only to be pulled away by her mate. “Ya!”

“Who the hell are you?” Yongguk snarls.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Heel mutt,” Kyungsoo seethes back, his eyes glowing more intense. Two alphas seem to enter a trance automatically going down on one knee and tilt their heads to the side, bearing their necks.

“What in the world is going on?” I demand, slapping Kyungsoo’s chest lightly.

“It’s a trick you pick up as an older alpha, you can make younger or weaker wolves submit without fighting.”

“Well stop. This is my roommate, and best friend, Hyorin, and her mate Yongguk. They are both very nice people.”

He growls again, “His scent is all over this place.”

“Yea, it’s how we keep other alphas away, Yongguk is pretty strong, at least I thought he was, he has helped me out a lot so stop this.”

“Fine,” He grumbles, he stops growling allowing his eyes to go back to normal ad allowing my friends to snap out of their trance. Hyorin shakes herself out of it before glaring at Soo, she reaches for me but once again I’m pulled away. “No touching.”

“Soo,” I whine kicking my legs, “Let me down.”

“Bi, you going to explain who this strange wolf carrying you is?” She questions.

“Oh yea! Oppa, Hyorin, this is my mate Kyungsoo. We met last night at the club.”

Hyorin nods, “And also broke a bouncer’s hand.”

“Yea he did…”

Soo pouts, “It’s because he was going to take you away.”

“I know, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

“So, mate?” Yongguk eyes the older man up.

“Does this mean you are going to move out?” My friend pouts.

“Yea, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Her mate smiles, “I can finally get her to move in with me and you both can get out of this dump.”

“Great, now that all of that is settled, grab your things so we can go,” Kyungsoo finally puts me down past the thresh hold.

“What’s the rush?” Hyo muses, wrapping an arm around me almost possessively. “I would like to get to know the man who swooped up my best friend. You are an old powerful alpha from what I can tell, who exactly are you?”

He doesn’t answer, just glowers at her.

“Do Kyungsoo,” I answer.

Her eyes go wide, both her and Yongguk take two large steps away from me. “Do Kyungsoo? As in the councilmen?”

“Yes?” I look at him confused, “How big of a deal is that for other wolves?”

“Bi! You aren’t speaking formally to him! What the hell?” She warns, full of panic.


“It’s a big deal to other wolves but please don’t worry about it,” He admits but shrugs it off. “Now please gather your things. Are you going to need help?”

“No, I don’t have much. You should come along anyway,” I hold my hand out to him, which he quickly takes. I lead him through the small apartment into my tiny bedroom which only has room for a twin sized bed and a dresser. I grab my only large duffle bag and begin cleaning out my drawers.

“How long have you know them?” He asks suddenly. I turn around to see him sitting on the edge of my bed, his eyes fixated on me like usual.

“Um, for about six years now. I met Hyorin in high school and she met Oppa right after we graduated.”

“You seem really close.”

I nod, “We were all we really had at the time.”

“What about your family?”

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair, “My dad, who is a were, hooked up with my mom and ran away right after she found out she was pregnant with me. My mom took care of me until the whole thing with my ears happened. She didn’t want to be know as the woman with the freak child so she gave me up when I was about 5. After that I went to a home for were children and I just kind of took care of myself after that.”

He is right behind me in a second, his arms wrapping around me tightly, pulling me into a soothing hug, “I’m so sorry Kitten.”

I shrug, “I’m over it now.”

He kisses my shoulder a few times before licking the bite mark on my neck, “You will never have to deal with things like that again.”

“I know,” I turn around in his embrace and kiss his lovely lips softly, “Thank you.”


“Wow,” I whistle at the sight of the massive building across the plaza. “That’s yours?”

He nods proudly, “My office is on the top floor. Over there,” He points to another skyscraper on the left, “Is Kim Industries. They are our partners and pack members. Than over there on the right is Wu, our Chines pack members. Behind them is Park.”

“All of them are part of your pack?”

“Yes, the Wu’s have four sons, Park two, Kim also four, and that leaves Do with two also.”

“So the twelve men in the council are you and your friends?”

“Yes, now do you want to come in with me?” He offers but looking down at my outfit I grimace and shake my head. I changed at my place but my outfit probably doesn’t fit the requirements to go inside, even with the boss on my arm.

“Next time I’ll wear something more appropriate so you can show me off without me feeling like an idiot.”

He chuckles, “You look absolutely beautiful.” His eyes scan over my pale blue jean and ratty black t-shirt down to my black heels and looks at me with so much adoration I feel like I’m wearing a ball gown with a full face a makeup.

“Thanks Soo but I’m just going to wander around the plaza for a few minutes, stretch my legs and enjoy some fresh air before we get home and lock ourselves in again,” I smirk at how his breath hitches and his eyes flash red.

“I’ll be back as fast as possible,” We both get out of the car, he walks with me to the center of the plaza but I shoo him away to do his work. He is hesitant to go but after a few kisses and a kick to the butt I get him going. The minute he is gone I feel eyes on me. I am out of place in the business centric plaza but I ignore the looks and begin to take a small stroll around the area. My eyes scan over the tall building that belongs to one of his pack members, Kim, I believe, before wandering over to Wu and even glancing back at Park. I thought they would all be the same boring inside but each has their own style, ranging from modern to classic to edgy. I feel tempted to wander inside but from the dirty looks I’m getting from the receptionists through the glass I have a feeling I’m not welcomed. Staring up at the top of Soo’s building I wonder if he’s watching me now or if he’s focused on work. I don’t feel the tingling down my back like I usually do when he stares so I go with the latter. So distracted by my thoughts I don’t notice the man on his phone walking my way until we are slamming into each other.

“Sorry,” I mumble stepping away quickly, noting it’s another wolf and don’t want his scent anywhere near me.

“Bi?” A familiar voice muses.

I look up and automatically grimace at the sight of an old customer, “Hello Jay.”

“What are you doing here?” He grins wide at me, completely ignoring my obvious distaste for him. We ended our client dancer association after I found out he was mated to a pretty little wolf, actually I ended it after she came to the club bawling. The alpha didn’t seem phased by his mate’s tears, he makes me feel disgusted with myself for not seeing his asshole ways earlier.

“I’m waiting for my mate,” I answer sharply.

He sniffs me, “Do I smell a wolf on you?”

“Yes,” I grit out between my teeth when he takes a step closer. Forcing me back a few more. “He should be back soon so get out of here. We are no longer acquaintances.”

“I would say we were more than acquaintances.”

“No. You were my customer until I banned you from the club, now we are nothing. Got it? I have a mate.”

He rolls his eyes at me, “Cats don’t have mates, you know that. It’s a wolf thing. Who is this wolf you fucking? Is he good? I thought you wouldn’t do it with a wolf? Are you expanding your clientele? Could I get a little taste?” He winks at me, making me feel sick, “How much?”

I growl at him, “No. I have never had sex for money, we both know that. Remember all the times I turned your nasty ass down? I have a mate now so I will be finding a different job so mind your own god damn business and get on with your life.”

“You can’t talk to me like that you little-” He is cut off by a horrifying snarl from over my shoulder. An arm wraps around my shoulders, it’s a tall handsome man with sharp features, his teeth bared at the man who had been yelling at me. Jay gulps but tries to put on a brave face, “Back off man I’m talking to the bitch.”

Another man appears, this one just as tall with bags under his fierce eyes, “Watch your mouth mutt,” He snarls. His hand is on the back of Jay’s neck, squeezing until Jay yelps in pain and drops to his knees. “Apologize. Now.”

“Who the hell are you guys?” Jay whimpers. I realize more attractive men in suits have surrounded us, each looking absolutely pissed, eyes glowing red, fangs peeking out from their upper lips. Even with their deadly aura I feel completely safe under this man’s arm. Not as warm and safe as I feel with Soo but it’s similar. I notice one familiar face.

“Do you really need to ask?” The man holding on to me growls.

Jay studies them for a moment, his face pales, confirming my thoughts.

“You are the council,” We both mumble together.

“Yes. Now I’ll say it one more time before I rip your head off for attacking a council member’s mate. Apologize.”

Jay presses his forehead to the ground, crying loudly, apologizing just as loudly. I roll my eyes, what a bitch. I sigh and look up at the one hanging on me, “If I threaten him will you back me up?”

He chuckles, “Happily.”

I smirk as I crouch down closer to where Jay is bawling. Feeling brave I tap the back of his head, “Stop your bawling and look at me.” He slowly obeys, only peeking up at me, “I will forgive you on one condition.”

Jay nods eagerly.

“Stop being a piece of shit. IF I hear tat you cheated on your mate one more fucking time I will murder you. She did nothing to deserve your shit. I have known my mate for under 24 hours and it destroys me to think about doing that to him or him doing that to me. So get a fucking heart, okay?”

He nods.

“Good, now scram.”

Jay is on his feet rushing away faster than I ever thought possible, leaving me with the eleven men who came to my rescue. I bow to them deeply, “Thank you.”

The tallest chuckles, “Doesn’t really look like you needed us.”

I shrug, “It’s always good to have some muscle.”

“So you are our Kyungsoo’s mate,” Another tall one hums, this one has much softer, even child like features.

“Yes, you are his pack.”

“Yes, we are.”

“You must be head alpha,” I note, staring down the tallest.

“I’m Kris Wu,” He bows his head slightly. “How could you tell?”

“You have this thing about you, screams head alpha.”

“I take it you are a were cat,” Another speaks, this one looks young but carries himself like an older man, and by the way the others separate for him I’m going with much older.

“Tiger,” I point out, flashing my blue eyes.

“Those are interesting,” He muses coming closer to get a better look at my ears. I move them slightly making him jump back like a child. Three others come closer to stare at them as well.

“I’m Eunbi by the way,” I smile at them.


“I’m Chanyeol!”


“Jongdae,” One with a Cheshire like grin bows his head. I scan the other six who have yet to say a word.

“I already know you,” I smirk at the blond man slowly creeping up.

“There you go again,” He huffs.

“You are the only one who seems to have a problem with it.”

“What?” Baekhyun glances between us confused.

“See Baekhyun doesn’t even notice it.”

“That’s not an excuse!”

“Sehun what are you whining about now?” Kyungsoo finally appears. I beam at him and rush over into his open arms.

“Soo,” I playfully whine, casting a glare at Sehun, “Sehunnie is being mean.”

“I am not!”

“He is the youngest isn’t he?” I suddenly realize why it must be bugging him.

“How can you tell?” A pretty doe eyed man snorts.

“Is he always this childish?”

The man nods, before narrowing his eyes on me, not in a pissed way, more amused than anything, “Oh.”

“There you go,” I chuckle.

“What?” Baekhyun joins in on the whining.

“Come on Baekhyun, you can figure it out,” I stare at him for another moment before his jaw drops.


“Oh?” Sehun pouts. “She just gets an oh? No scolding or punishment? You guys would murder me if I did that!”

The others slowly catch on, Kris is chuckling at the realization, “How the hell did I not realize she was speaking informally?”

“How old are you?” Minseok questions with the same amusement.

“23,” Soo and I both respond.

“She is going to fit in well here,” Kris sighs.

“Fit in?” I look to Soo confused.

“As my mate, you are now part of our pack,” He kisses my temple.

“So that’s why all of you came rushing over, to help a pack member?”

Kris nods, “Since you are a mate the protectiveness we feel will be more intense until the rest of us find mates.”

“Wow none of you have mates? Aren’t you all really old?”

The pretty man chuckles, “You sure are something.”

Kyungsoo wraps his arms around me tight, “Yes, you sure are. You are all mine, little kitten.”

“Enough of that mushy stuff,” A tan man grimaces at us.

“Jongin is just mad he doesn’t have mate do that with,” A sweet man glares at the younger.

“You are too Yixing hyung.”

“Okay guys that’s enough,” Another calms the two, “I’m Suho, second in command, it’s nice to meet you.” The man tries to shake my hand but Soo pulling me away makes him roll his eyes. The other’s all come forward, greeting me with big smiles and attempts at hugs but stop when Kyungsoo begins kicking them away. I just chuckle as they cause a massive amount of chaos in the plaza, causing people to run away.

“As alpha of the pack,” Kris says gaining everyone’s attention, he smirks at me, “I’m happy to welcome you to the pack, Kitten,”

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You’re Not Stupid

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Request: @lani-lira

2) It’s not my fault your stupid 

36) What did you just call me?

Authors note: I am so sorry it took forever to get this published, and I hope that you think it its kind of ok. I think its ok, but this was my first request so I hope I did alright. 

Come on y/n this isn’t too hard!” Barry yelled at her. She groaned frustrating as she carded her fingers through her hair. “Stop yelling at me! You’re not helping me!” She cried out, staring down at the paperwork that laid on the desk.  There was nothing on that paper that made sense to her, and it made her feel useless every second.  Barry groaned and pushed him off the desk chair, obviously very discouraged from y/n’s inability to learn the material he was trying to teach her. “Y/n you have to try to learn this stuff!” He scolded at his intern.

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The Other Woman (Part 7)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, A tiny hint of Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2695

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: 2 chapters in a week? Unbelievable! Hooooooo boy. I can’t believe how much love this series is receiving.As always, thank you for your patience and your feedbacks are always loved. 


Megan Padalecki was not at all how you would have pictured Jared’s little sister. You weren’t sure what you expected, but it wasn’t what came bursting forth your front door. Charlie was immediately up from her seat on the sofa situated in front of the fireplace. She had been reading but the sudden intrusion into your house was enough to have her flying across the room.

“You ought to check if your front door is locked next time,” Charlie muttered under her breath.

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Apologies From Team Cap

And Steve apologies letter (For a full breakdown of that click here.)

Both of their apologies, are not for their actions, what they are apologizing for is the outcome. Wanda doesn’t truly apologize, but she also doesn’t mention her own fault in what happens. She’s not saying I know I did something wrong, she’s saying I know you are angry. This places the blame for the situation on Bruce. She isn’t apologizing for what she did, she’s apologizing for how he feels. 

“Hopefully one day you can understand. I wish we agreed on the Accords, I really do.”

Steve’s whole letter rings with self righteousness, but this line in particular bugs me. It means he doesn’t regret a single thing he did, he regrets that Tony didn’t agree with him, and he regrets how things turned out. But I think given the opportunity he would do it all again. 

When you are apologizing to someone, you apologize for your actions, you don’t apologize for how the other person reacted, you apologize for how you effected them. 

If I stole someones chocolate bar, and they got upset. I would apologize for taking the chocolate bar, I would not say “I know you’re upset.” “I wish there was another chocolate bar, I really do.” I would say. “I’m sorry I took your chocolate bar.” 

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If you are taking requests, can you do Lance with glass shard wounds? Maybe in a battle he gets thrown through a window and covered in tiny shards? Take all the time you need, you are my favorite fic writer!!

*tiny gasp* Your FAVORITE???? Thank you!! I’ll write a fic for you! I’d give you my kidney! Take all my money! I’m so flattered!!! Sort of Pidge’s POV because I’ve never done that before. Sorry that the ending sucks–I’ve got class in a minute! I hope this is okay!

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Pan leaves the reader out of a fight and she gets upset. When she confronts him about it Pan confesses something.

Warnings: Mild language and smut
Words: 1986
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader (Y/N)

A/N: This is my first time writing smut so apologies if it’s not the best. Also I feel like Pan would be really possessive and dominant and I tried to write him like that but I don’t think it turned out too well so if anyone has any suggestions for me on how to write these kinds of scenes I’d really appreciate it.


“What the hell, Pan!” You yelled as you stormed into his treehouse. You couldn’t believe the nerve of him, he had sent you off to go do some stupid chore while he and the boys had gone to fight off the pirates.

He looked up at you from where he was sitting on his bed, cleaning his sword, “What do you mean?” He asked feigning innocence.

“What do you mean, what do I mean?” You exclaimed throwing your arms out dramatically “You know exactly what I’m talking about!”

He just shrugged his shoulders and sat his sword down on a nearby table “You shouldn’t be talking to me like this,” he said coldly as he stood up and walked over to the window “I don’t have to explain anything I do to anyone.”

You scowled and followed him “I’ll talk to you however I damn well please after you what you did,” you could see his shoulders tense up and you knew you should probably show a little more respect but you were too angry to care. “You know I’m your best fighter,” you continued “Why would you send me away? Is it because I’m a girl? You don’t think I’m good enough because I’m a girl and god forbid the pirates see the great Peter Pan with a weak little-”

You were cut as Peter quickly turned and slammed you up against the wall, he wasn’t rough enough for you to be hurt but it did startle you.

“Shut. Up.” He growled, as he held your shoulders against the wall. His eyes were blazing with fury, you had never seen him this angry at least not with you “You have no idea why I do what I do Y/N.”

You were frozen in shock for a few seconds, he had never ever treated you this way. When the shock wore off the pushed him off of you. “What the hell is wrong with?” You spat, you just couldn’t understand what had gotten into him “Do you not want me around anymore is that what it is?” That was the only logical reason you could think of that would explain what had happened and why he was treating you this way. “Because if that’s the case just send me away already I don’t want to be somewhere where I’m not wanted.”

Pan’s gaze softened slightly and he took a step back putting some distance between the two of you.“That’s not it,” he mumbled quietly, still refusing to give you an answer.

You rolled your eyes and shook your head before turning around and starting to walk out of the room. “Whatever I’m leaving,” you said, your voice full of anger, “Goodbye Pan.”

“Y/N wait,” he said desperately as he grabbed your arm and pulled you back. You tripped and landed against Pan’s chest, his arms winding around you. You looked up at him and there was a strange look in his eyes but before you could identify it, Pan leaned down and crushed his lips against yours in a bruising kiss.

You stiffened in his arms and instinctively closed your eyes. Pan was kissing you. Peter Pan was kissing you. If you said you hadn’t thought about it before then you’d be lying but after a few seconds you gently pulled out of the kiss and looked up at him gently “Pan…” you murmured softly.

He sighed and took a breath “I was worried about you,” he said quietly avoiding your eyes “You probably know why now.”

You nodded your head softly and took a few seconds to think everything over. Pan was worried about you because he had feelings for you. You still didn’t appreciate that he wouldn’t let you be part of the fight but there was no way you could be mad at him right now. “Peter,” you said to get his attention. You had never called him Peter, it had always been Pan. He turned to look at you and you couldn’t figure out what you wanted to say so you reached up and pulled him into another searing kiss.

Kissing Pan was what you thought it would feel like if someone had set fireworks off inside of you. Every part of you was on fire and you were drowning in the sensations. Pan started to back up, pulling you with him until he broke the kiss and sat down on his bed. He reached up and held your hands in his as his eyes, normally a bright green but now turned dark were asking you a silent question.

You paused for a moment before nodding your head. Pan broke into a mischievous smile and pulled you down onto the bed with him. You both laughed as you landed on top of him. You smiled as you stared down into his eyes, you hadn’t realized just how strongly you had felt for Pan until that first kiss and now you were laying in his bed with him.

“Y/N” Pan asked “Is everything alright?”

“Of course it is you moron,” you said teasingly “I’m just happy.”

He smirked “Then in that case let’s get started,” he said in a low voice. Suddenly Pan flipped you so he was on top of you and you were under him. He pressed your lips together again but only for a few seconds before he started leaving small kisses along your jar and down to your neck. You turned your head to the side, giving Pan better access to your neck. You moaned and pulled Pan down against your body as you felt him nip at your neck, leaving a mark.

He chuckled against your skin “Do you like that love?” He asked as he continued leaving small bites up and down your neck.

You nodded your head and rolled your hips up against his “Yes,” you gasped as he groaned and dropped his head against your shoulder at the friction you caused.

With a wave of his hand your corset was gone, leaving you in your blouse and pants. You reached down and tugged at the hem of Pan’s shirt and he sat up and took it off for you before throwing it to the side. You had seen Pan shirtless before but this was different, this time it meant something else and it lit a fire inside of you to think about what was going to happen.

You rolled the two of you over, now on top of Pan and you could see that he was about to object but before he could say anything, you pulled your blouse off, exposing your chest to Pan. His eyes went wide as he took in the sight before him, he reached up and gently cupped your breasts in his hands and squeezed them gently. You moaned and leaned into his touch. “Beautiful,” he whispered “You’re beautiful.” You knew Pan wasn’t affectionate and he rarely said anything nice and so while it was just a couple words, they meant the world to you. You leaned down and kissed him gently however that only lasted for a few seconds as the kiss soon turned heated and needy. Pan was still playing with your breasts as your hands traveled lower, and slipped under the waist and of his pants. Before you could do anything else, he flipped you back over so he was on top of you again.

He smirked down at you “I’m always in charge, you know that,” he said.

You rolled your hips up, desperate for his touch. “Pan please,” you begged.

He started to tug your pants down and you lifted your hips up to make it easier for them. He soon tossed your pants to the side “Who do you belong to?” He said, his voice sounding downright sinful.

“You,” you gasped “I belong to you Pan.” He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on your lips before pulling off his own pants, leaving both of you in your underwear.

Your heart was racing and all you could think about was Pan. The two of you resumed kissing however this time it was slow and tender, almost loving. Pan’s hands were about your hips and yours were tangled up in his hair.

He slowly began kissing down your body, stopping to spend a little extra time on your breasts before kissing a line down your stomach to your underwear. He glanced up at you and raised an eyebrow, waiting for an objection before he pushed your underwear down your legs.

Your face began to turn red as Pan spread your legs and looked your naked body up and down. You weren’t embarrassed exactly but it was strange having Pan see you naked like this. These thoughts disappeared from your mind when you felt Pan’s lips on your inner thigh. You let out a small gasp and before you even had time to process what was happening, Pan placed a small kiss against your clit. You groaned and tangled a hand in Pan’s hair, holding him in place. He chuckled softly and just the feeling of his breath against you had you moaning. He slowly slid a finger inside of you, moaning softly to himself “So wet for me,” he said quietly as you groaned, arching your back. He began pumping his finger inside of you, slowly at first then picking up speed, his tongue playing with your clit the entire time. Pan added a second finger, slowly stretching you and you could feel your orgasm building in your stomach. You tugged on Pan’s hair as you arched into him “Oh god, I’m close,” you moaned.

Pan immediately stopped everything he was doing causing you to groan at the absolute loss of contact “I know love,” he smirked. He slowly removed his underwear and when it was finally gone, he leaned down and kissed your forehead, you could feel his erection against you. “Y/N, are you ready?” He asked.

You nodded your head and he kissed you as he positioned himself at your entrance before pushing inside of you. You weren’t a virgin by any means but you hadn’t had sex since you had gotten to Neverland so it had been awhile. Pan gave you just a couple seconds to adjust, which was more than you expected before he pulled back and thrust into you again. You let out a loud moan and arched into him.

He set a steady pace and as he was thrusting into you, you reached down with one of your hands and rubbed your clit. When Pan realized what was happening, he quickly pinned your hands over your head with magic. “I’m more than capable of taking care of you love,” he whispered in your ear as he picked up his pace, thrusting into you harder causing you to cry out as he hit your g-spot.

“Fuck, Pan!” You exclaimed as pleasure shot through your body. He continued pounding into you, hitting the same spot over and over. You could feel your orgasm building in your stomach, you felt like you were going to explode. Pan reached down and rubbed small circles against your clit, throwing you over the edge. “Peter!” You yelled as your body was completely overtaken by the most intense orgasm you had ever experienced. Pan thrust into a few more times before he reached his climax. You could feel him releasing inside of you as you came down from your high.

Pan pulled out of you and collapsed beside you, pulling a blanket over the two of you. “If this is what I get for leaving you out of the fight maybe I should do it more often,” he said teasingly.

You scowled and pushed playfully at his chest “If you do then this will never happen again.”

He chuckled and pulled you against his chest “Whatever you say my Lost Girl.”

Imagine Sam trying to apologize for hurting you when he left for Stanford.

A/N: This takes place during S1E8 Bugs. Sam is trying to apologize to you but you aren’t having any of it. This episode has been hell for me so I figured why not go original imagine to just get it over with. This imagine might make more sense if you’ve read the previous one, which you can read here.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Dean x Sister!Reader     Sam x Sister!Reader  

“Go talk to her, now.” Dean said shoving Sam in your direction. You had all just said your goodbyes to Matt and his family, you were walking ahead of your brothers to the impala and Dean was tired of the silence between you and Sam.

“Dean, she’s not gonna talk to me.” Sam replied, turning around to look at Dean.

“Yeah well, try. You’re the one that broke this, now you’re the one that’s gonna fix this. I can’t make it better Sam, this is on you.” Dean said sadly.

Sam let out a sigh, knowing that Dean was right. You and Sam were once so close, but now you two can’t be around eachother for more then a few days without a fight breaking out. It all originated from you being pissed at him for leaving. He had to make it right.

“Y/N, wait up a second.” Sam called to you. You stopped walking and let out a groan, you weren’t in the mood for a touchy feely conversation with Sam. You just wanted sleep.

“Can we not do this now?” You asked in an annoyed tone.

“No, you guys are doing this now.” Dean said as he passed by you, getting into the driver’s seat of the impala.

Letting out a sigh you turned towards Sam, “What?”

“Y/N, look-” Sam started but you stopped him.

“Sam, there really isn’t any point for this. You left. You aren’t sorry that you left, you’re sorry that I feel like this. You apologizing for how I feel isn’t going to help us.” You told him with a sad face.

“Well what can help us? I want my little sister back-” San said.

“I’m not that same little sister anymore Sam! You left, I grew up, it’s been 4 years. And every time, every damn time I let myself start to get attached to you, you leaving gets brought up. And yesterday, telling Matt how good it is to leave your family? Sam you don’t regret a damn thing about leaving, you just wish I let you back in as easily as Dean did. But I’m not going to. So just-just stop trying.” You and Sam stared at each other for a moment, not saying anything, “I’m done fighting Sam,” You told him in a defeated voice, “But I’m not gonna try to make this better.”

Sam just nodded his head, you turned around and got into the backseat of the impala while Sam continued to look at the ground with a heartbroken face.

“That looked like it went well.” Dean said in a sarcastic voice.

“Please De, just-not now.” You told him as a tear ran down your face.

“Kiddo?” He asked, turning to look at you.

“Just don’t Dean. I just wanna go to bed.” You told him while laying down face first on the seat, “Why’d he have to leave De?” You asked in a muffled voice, “It screwed everything up.”

“Yeah.” Dean said letting out a sigh, “I know.”


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Guess whose brain decided that it needed more Merthur? Because of this…I thought of a cute little could-be-but-no-because-I-can’t-write-for-shit fanfic idea. So without further ado,

  • based off the lip lock jinx (aka the only drarry fic I can read)
  • Arthur gets his voice taken away by a witch
  • he can’t speak again until he kisses some that the he loves and loves him back
  • the king freaks out bc he can’t have an heir who can’t speak
  • He has Arthur go through and kiss all these princesses but none of it works
  • Arthur feels nothing even with the prettiest ones so he’s pretty bummed
  •  obviously Arthur realizes he’s been in love with Merlin all along
  • Merlin falls asleep researching the curse and Arthur thinks he looks so cute and then freaks out bc Merlin is not cute, nope not even a little
  • Arthur starts to notice other things about Merlin and how adorable he is
  • this leads to many flustered Arthur moments
  • Arthur has to carry parchment around to write down the stuff he wants to say and often Merlin reads it out loud to whoever Arthur wants to talk to
  • this leads to many incidences of Merlin saying the complete opposite of what Arthur wants and lots of slaps to the back of the head for Merlin
  • the king is freakin out more now bc it’s been over a month
  • Arthur confides in Gwen and Morgana about his feelings for Merlin bc the girl figured it out and confronted him
  • let’s be real the girls always knew but once Arthur finally sorted out his feelings they were more than happy to help
  • Merlin obviously loves Arthur omg
  • Merlin starts to miss the sound of Arthur’s voice, he is annoying prat but Merlin still loves him for some reason
  • Arthur’s known about Merlin’s magic for a little while but never confronts him about it, but he is the most giant mother hen to make sure Merlin never gets caught
  • Arthur is a coward for once and won’t confess to Merlin
  • therefore, Merlin is the one to kiss Arthur 
  • he just gets fed up and goes “screw this, please don’t punch me” and kisses him
  • they kiss for a bit and then Arthur pulls back and says “Well Merlin, at least you know how to do something right” 
  • Merlin is stunned because Arthur just talked
  • they kiss again but are smiling so much that it’s not very good
  • now that they are together all the playful shoving just turns into hand holding


Wife!Carl aesthetic for anon

🥀Do not repost or remove caption, please!🥀

Dirty Designing - a FitzSimmons Dirty Dancing AU 

Rating: Mature                             Chapters: 2/?
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, “Mack” Mackenzie/Elena “Yoyo” Rodriguez
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1960s, AU - Teenagers, AU - Summer Camp, AU - Dirty Dancing Fusion, Summer Romance, POV Jemma Simmons   

When men scoff at seventeen-year-old Jemma Simmons for entering the science fair at her summer resort, she refuses to be pushed aside. Fellow teen and resident gadget guy Leo Fitz isn’t allowed to sign up because he’s resort staff, so she suggests they team up. And maybe it’s just the summer air, but the longer they work together, the more it seems like there’s something else heating up between them.

{ You can find the artwork above, done by the incredibly talented @eclecticmuses, here! }

From this chapter:

“I’m brilliant,” Jemma continued, anger thrumming through her at just the thought of needing to admit this out loud, “but most people can’t see past the petticoats to the brain underneath.”

Fitz’s look of incredulity switched abruptly to one of confusion, and then he squinted. “Petticoats don’t cover brains. And you’re not wearing any.”

She let out a huff of annoyance. “It was a turn of phrase!”

“Do girls still even wear petticoats –?”

“Fitz!” He snapped his mouth shut, looking sheepish. “Do you want to be my partner or not?”

Read the rest here!

A very happy birthday to the wonderful @beautiful-unfolding! I apologize for how long it’s taking me to finish your wildly belated Secret Valentine present - I promise I’ve been working on it whenever I’m able! With only 5 chapters under my belt, I’m not ready to start posting it regularly yet, but I really wanted to give you something for your birthday - so here’s chapter 2! I hope you like it, and that you have a fantastic day! <3

Spellbound [Jungkook]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff; (borderline not really smut)
Word Count: 7518
Description: Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but what have you ever done to deserve such an annoying demon anyways?


What had started out as a joke had gone very, very wrong. Why you had agreed to this in the first place, you couldn’t even recall anymore. And, in the moment, you really couldn’t care less, because —

Excuse me?” You frowned at the face in front of you, mouth slightly agape, expression taken aback. “What did you just say to me?”

“I said you must be pretty stupid to think this protection ring is strong enough.”

You glared at the boy, the demon — whatever he was — in front of you, crossing your arms tightly, and he raised his hands, palms facing you, in surrender. “Look, no need to look at me like that! I’m just saying,” he kicked at the fine dust on your wooden floor, breaking the circle and stepping out carefully, tail coiling slowly behind him, “You should invest in something stronger if you want to actually hold a demon. Salt,” he began, squatting down and dragging his index finger through the fine grains on the ground. “Is a myth.”

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ahhh, i’ve been working on this all day long, for so long (since 12pm uk time, and it’s now 8pm!!) - but it’s all finally done!! and i’m super proud with how everything has turned out! :D :33

here’s my first fanart for HIGH ROLLERS (i’ve been wanting to do fanart for them, for a while now!) - i tried my best to do them justice, also, apologies that they have no eyes.. i suck at drawing eyes :’(( 

i might tweet this out to them, in a few! ^-^ but, ohmygosh, i’m so happy with how this has turned out - i was so doubtful that it’d suck and turn out horrible, but i’m really proud of it and i’m super proud of myself, too :33

now i can rest my wrist! (my wrist has been killing all day, drawing this! literally, it gave out a massive clicking noise and it literally felt like i had broken it.. i didn’t have a rest or a break inbetween drawing this, too, so i think i may have strained my wrist.. it hurts so bad.. :cc) 

ooh, also, since i suck at drawing humans, i didn’t want to ruin their characters, so i just google searched nina’s drawings (and a image of elora’s dire wolf, and the stunt lads logo for trott’s shirt!) of their d&d characters and stuck them into the other dice slots - i think it fits/works well/nicely, also oo: :33 (( all credit to @ninaserena for those drawings, ofc! ))

i did have alot of fun drawing this, especially when drawing mark :33 (first time drawing 3d perspectives, etc!) - but, i hope you guys like this, too! ^-^

    ~S.T // T-C-S-T-B

P.S. i struggled with mark’s hair, so that’s why he has his cap on :cc ooh, btw, the numbers 17 and 16 are supposed to represent the first episode airdate: 17th January 2016

  EDIT: tweeted it to them! ^_^ 

  EDIT EDIT: btw, katie’s supposed to be holding a d&d card :33

@little-nommer @yogscastkimbox @trottimus @batmanmarch

anonymous asked:

If the batkids went to college like normal kids what do you think their majors would be?


Dick: Okay I actually really like what they did with Dick joining the police force, I think that’s a great fit for him. So I could totally see him majoring in like Criminal Law or something along those lines. (I’m a sucker for Officer Grayson.) Sometimes he stops by Cass’ self defense class she teaches to give a few tips on ‘what to do if someone larger and stronger than you grabs you and how to turn their weight again them.’ and goes over what rights a person has when the police are involved and what red flags to watch out for. Because Dick’s not dumb, he knows there’s bad guys on the force. But as long as he’s here he’s gonna be damn sure they don’t stay on for long. 

Jason: I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SO MUCH AND OKAY, ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR SURE. Jason loves books, he loves reading, I feel like he’s the guy who will whine about having to read one case file but then read an eight hundred page book in a week. So English Literature for sure, if they were in a normal setting I could easily see Jason as being a college professor who visits Gotham’s kind of shitty high school’s and he tells them that they matter and how important an education is. He would be the get really into Bruce’s charity work when it came to children from low income families especially. 

Tim: Tim’s the overachieving asshole who gets a major in business management and a minor in mechanical engineering. He doesn’t sleep and during his graduation ceremony they have to call his name a few times before you hear a very loud ‘DRAKE’ come from the crowd and Tim wakes up and gets his diploma. (The mess.) But yeah I could see him majoring in business because he’s the one to take over Wayne Enterprises, but he also does engineering so he can make sure no one’s embezzling money from any Wayne accounts and checks over all the computers for viruses and makes his own systems. (Once again, overachieving asshole.) His siblings have no clue why everyone thinks his intimidating, this is the same guy who calls cheese whiz and a Monster ‘lunch.’ 

Damian: Okay, okay so I know this probably wouldn’t happen. But can you imagine if Damian ended up majoring in veterinary science and became a veterinarian? Okay like this 22 year old Damian with a scowl and a button he’s wearing that says ‘animals are better than people.’ But then a little girl brings in her kitten who’s small and sickly and Damian’s eyes soften and they get that cat healthy. (Damian waves his hand when the parents say they don’t have the money to pay for all the fancy medication.) He volunteers at shelters in his spare time and also helps Cass teach a tae kwon do class on the weekends. (Sometimes they do yoga, helps with core strength.) 

Stephanie: Okay this may just be because I relate to Steph hardcore but FASHION MERCHANDISING (my major) with a minor in business ethic!!! I could totally see Stephanie coming out with her own clothing line and the material is strong and durable (So no creepy guy can rip your dress.) And hella stain resistant. She ends up making a name and a brand for herself and the main message is ‘badass and beautiful, because why pick?’ (Sometimes she gets the boys to model some of the clothes. It’s the best.) 

Cass: Okay Cass is a little tough, but I could see physical therapy? Or tbh I feel like she’s be the one of Bruce’s kids to go backpacking and sends back postcards and amazing pictures. She teaches self defense classes and is on a roller derby team. She’s just having fun and kicking ass. Also she’s Stephanie’s favorite model to use for when she releases sportswear. She appears in so many magazines doing high kicks and flips and loves spreading the message that ‘strong doesn’t mean unfeminine.’ 

Babs: Forgive me, Babs is such an enigma to me. I could see her double majoring in computer science and criminal law. Since Dick and her father are on the force she helps with all the background work like tracking down drug cartels and interrogation. She’s a goddamn force to be reckoned with. (And the only person Tim trusts to double check Wayne Industries finances after he’s done filing taxes.) After the accident that puts her in a wheelchair, she’s still just as active. Because yes, shit happens, but don’t let that stop you. She visits Gotham’s hospitals a lot, especially the children’s ward. 

anonymous asked:

I'm the one who requested a reaction to them walking in on (y/n) masturbating aka personal private time, I didn't know the was a maximum you had to choose so I'd like Kihyun, I.M., Wonho, and Minhyuk please and thanks lmao.

Since you didn’t state it, i’ll just assume you two are dating (if not, request again and i’ll do another one!)

They walk in on you masturbating (Kihyun, I.M, Wonho & Minhyuk)

Kihyun; I think Kihyun would blush really badly when he walked in on you. I have a feeling he’d freeze a little bit and wouldn’t know what to do, he’d probably be more embarrassed than you in this kind of situation.

O-Oh my God, i’m so sorry!

His face would turn red and he stutter out an apology before closing the door and face-palming, thinking of how he would approach you once you were done. He’d just be a mess tbh, but he wouldn’t stop thinking about it. He’d definitely tease you a little once you two were fine and the embarrassment was gone. 

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

I.M; For our Changkyunnie, it would depend on his mood. If he was in a good, light and teasing mood, aka brighter than ever, he would cover his mouth once he walked in on you and he’d soon smirk at you, raising an eyebrow suggestively. He’d tease you never endlessly but once he thought you had enough of embarrassment, he’d laugh and walk over to you, initiating some sexy time.

..I see your naughty little hand is down your panties.. “

If he was in a normal, neutral mood, he’d widen his eyes when he walked in on you and he’d slowly turn around, heading back out without a word lol. He wouldn’t mention it either so that he wouldn’t embarrass you too much. 

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho; He’s shameless tbh. He’d open the door silently, careful so that he wouldn’t wake you up, but when he heard your soft moans and saw what you were up to, he’d bite a smile back and cross his arms over his chest, leaning against the door frame, watching you. He’d get hard immediately lol i have a feeling he’s very sensitive and gets a boner easily. He’d smirk a little, biting his lip as he watched you touching yourself, before speaking up.

Having fun?

He’d enjoy your gasp and he’d chuckle at you trying to cover yourself up, completely embarrassed. He’d walk over to you slowly and click his tongue, “Couldn’t wait till i got home, hm? Should i give you a little punishment to teach you some patience?

Originally posted by twice-ooh

Minhyuk; He’d probably wouldn’t even notice lmao. He’d burst into the room, all excited as usual.

 “Y/N! Have you seen this picture? It’s so funny you have to see it i almost die-..” 

He’d stop talking when he saw your shocked expression and flushed cheeks. He’d be so confused as to why you were in this kind of state, pretty concerned about you thinking you were sick at first or something. 

..What’s wrong? Why do you look like that? Are you okay?” He’d bombard you with questions and blink his huge eyes. Soon though he’d notice how tightly you were holding the blanket over your chest and then his eyes would trail to your shirt and bra that was on the bed next to you. He’d soon realize what was happening and he’d cover his mouth, mumbling. 

Did i just..? Were you..? Oh God..” He’d gulp, but soon confidence would wash over him and he’d sit next to you, putting his phone aside. 

I mean.. I’m here now? Want some help, baby?” He’d grin and lean in to kiss you, slowly pulling the blanket away from you. 

Originally posted by minhyukfrost


The Plan All Along - Jacob Frye x Reader

Anonymous: Hello! I love your writing, and you actually got me into Assassins Creed not too long ago. So could I possible request a Jacob x reader with him saying “Hm? Oh, sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you.” or “I need you more than you need me.” in it? It’s up to you which one you want to use. Thanks!

A/N: I went with “I couldn’t help but stare at you” because I needed some cute, fluffy stuff. I may use “I need you more than you need me” in the future when I need to fulfill my angsty needs.

Words: 1,356
Warnings: None. I’m in a fluffy mood at the moment.

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I want to show you off (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could one where Peter tries to teach the reader how to use a skateboard, but is completely unaware about the fact that the reader already knows how to use one and can do tricks and such. And when the reader shows her skills to him, Peter becomes speechless but at the same time he’s also very proud and happy :))

A/N: So this follows the request, but I don’t like the way it turned out at all. I didn’t really know how to do it, so I apologize in advance for if it is too bad. I’m sorry for the person who requested it but I am not feeling really inspired at the moment and the requests are piling up, so I had to get this over with :( Sorry :(

Looking at Peter do different flips on his skateboard trying to show off, you couldn’t help but smirk. He had taken you to the park in hopes of impressing you; and you were, because he was good, but so were you. You had never told him that you liked skateboarding -just because you had never found a reason to do it.
‘Come on, [Y/N]! Come here!’ he shouted, waving at you. You walked up to him, trying not to laugh at how excited he was. You took his hand and he put you gently on the skateboard, holding your hips so you wouldn’t fall. ‘Put your feet like-like that, exactly’ he said surprised. ‘How about you try to skateboard a few meters so you get used to it and then I try to teach you flips?’ he asked. You laughed softly and started doing it really slowly at first, and once Peter thought you knew what you were doing, you started to do flips and so, showing off a little. You smiled proudly when you saw his mouth hanging open, not believing what he was seeing.
‘You know, maybe I should have told you that I have been skating since I was, what, seven? I don’t really know. I do know that I have many trophies from tournaments’ you said, smirking. Getting off the skateboard, you walked up to him, giving him a peck on the lips.
‘You… You are so incredibly amazing. I can’t believe we are dating -it feels like a dream. I want to show you off and be like ‘hey guys, this is my girlfriend, she is sexy and skateboards’’ Peter said, laughing. You laughed and hugged him, your head pressed against his chest. ‘I love you very much’ he whispered, his lips pressed against your hair, before kissing your forehead.
You took the skateboard in one hand and his hand in the other, and walked along the park, talking about stupid things and laughing together.

Perfect Timing - Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Wade Wilson

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Words: 1080
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Brother!Wade Wilson
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing
Requested by anon
So I’m new to this whole requesting thing, but I think it would be really cool to read something where the reader is an avenger and deadpools sister but the avengers don’t know, and they find out while fighting him? Bonus points if she’s also dating an avenger that wade doesn’t know about (pietro maybe?) and it’s a whole lotta awkward (and funny!)
Authors Note: okay so I still haven’t seen Deadpool (as much as I want to :| ) so I’m sure the character isn’t 100% on, but with my limited knowledge I tried to write him as well as I could, kinda added my little spin since I don’t know much about him, haha. Apologies! Still turned out pretty cool :)


“Another report.” Cap sighed as he walked into the room where you, Tony and Natasha were.

“Really?” Natasha said. “That’s the third one this week, should we go out?”

“Probably.” Tony said. “This guy is causing so much destruction for one person. How is he even to do it all?”

“Who are we talking about?” You asked, clueless.

“Some guy who thinks he’s a hero, but he’s really not and is just causing way too many problems.” Steve said.

“Would I have seen this guy?” You asked.

“Doubtful.” Natasha said. “Who are we taking?” And a gust of wind entered the room.

“Hey, draga.” Pietro wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Hey, Peit.” You smiled, looking back to see his face. “What’s up?”

“I heard there was a man we had to go after. I wanted to join.” Pietro smiled.

“Uh…” Natasha said, quietly.

“Oh, let him go!” You smiled. “He has speed, could catch this guy and speed him over to wherever you decide to wait.” You said.

Steve nodded. “Alright, but don’t mess anything up.” He smiled.

“Never!” Pietro smiled, and kissed your cheek. “When do we go?”

Tony looked down, his phone going off. “Now, he’s been spotted.”

“Do I come too?” You asked.

“I think we’ll be fine.” Steve said.

You nodded, kind of upset about the fact that you weren’t going. “Hey,” You caught Pietro’s attention before he walked out, too. “If things get rough, please come pick me up. I want to be there to watch the fight.” You smiled.

“Of course.” Pietro kissed your cheek.

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