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She’s Just Not That Into You » Part VI (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

Miss the previous parts? Part One » Part Two » Part Three » Part Four » Part Five

Check out the inspiration behind Harry’s home here! The amazing @graceak​ made a phenomenal playlist to go along with Harry’s story, and I could not recommend it more. You can find that here!

As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained​. I hope Part VI mends everything Part V managed to break, my love! And, once again, thank you all for your continued support. I am over the moon about the response this story has gotten, as I’m unworthy of all of your love. (That doesn’t mean I won’t take it, though!)

Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

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“But it’s like…” Harry stops and starts again. “I met with Carly, her replacement, and she’s nice enough. So nice. Lovely girl, really. But every time I talk with her about the plans, I jus…I can’t smile. I can’t get excited about it. ‘m not supposed t’ be talkin’ with Carly about them. She’s not the one who made ‘em. She’s not the one who…well, y’know.”

“If I’m being honest,” Gemma sighs on the other end of the phone, “I would’ve done the same thing, had I been put in that situation.”

“I know,” he mumbles. “I would’ve, too. And I wouldn’t’ve been as nice.”

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instagram fandom

this is what you’re not going to do

- call finn RUDE for saying that mileven isn’t real. it’s not. it’s a fictional ship between fictional characters.

- constantly throw “fillie” in his face. he is fourteen years old. stop shipping him with his cast mates, it’s weird. they’re kids. stop doing that. 

- say he’s acting differently towards fans when he’s with his friends. obviously? when you’re in the spotlight you’re going to act different on camera than how you act around your friends and family.

he is fourteen years old, guys. give him a break. the insta fandom is so dramatic and imo they are being babies. he shouldn’t have had to apologize to anyone for anything he said on his livestream. y’all are going to drive this kid off of all social media if you keep accusing him of being rude/different. he doesn’t have to act any type of way towards any of us. again: he is f o u r t e e n.

Favors - pt. 3

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi 

Genre : Best Friend!AU, smut, first time, fluff

Word Count : 4,549                                                            

Description : You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?

A/N : so since I got a lot of asks about Favors pt. 3 I decided to rewrite it, even when I tbh totally forgot about it. So, here it is. I hope you like it! :) 

pt.1 | pt.2

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You knew something had changed a week ago when your eyes met your best friend’s intense gaze after another, usual session of sensuality. It was a gaze he had never looked at you with, nor at anyone else before, not even his former lovers. A gaze that sent shivers down your spine, made your knees wobble, and which felt more intimate and intimidating than all the meaningless acts of pleasure you had done on each other for the past few weeks.

There were no feelings nor emotions except for lust and desire rushing through your veins, filling your hazed minds with nothing but the animalistic hunger for the blissful peak you were always craving like opiates. But once the heated moment faded, when your heartbeats were slowing down, you’d go separate ways, thinking not much of what just happened. 

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Buddy and Ummi: The Family (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary: As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that. 
This is the second chapter in this series! If you haven’t read the other parts, check them out here!

Word Count: 980

Series Masterlist

Dinner went by swimmingly. The awkwardness of your conversation with Damian soon melted away when Jason asked how you and Dick met. You exchanged a look with your boyfriend, and instead of telling the story, you turned to Bruce.

“I’m assuming it was you who taught him how to drive?” you asked, one eyebrow raised while Dick laughed.

“Yes,” he answered, clearly confused as to how this related to Jason’s question.

“And did you ever talk to him about tailgating?”

“I’m sure I must have.”

You let out a light laugh before continuing. “Well, I’m sure you didn’t mention it enough, because he was tailgating me on a long stretch of road and when we came to a red light, he rear ended me.” You didn’t even have to look to know Jason had a smirk on his face, so you added, “and we are referring to cars, Jason.”

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BTS REACTION to S/O crying after a bad prank


He wanted to surprise you because he knew how much you loved halloween. He set up the whole apartment themed with decorations, and even cooked food for you. But, he may have taken it a little far when he asked for Jungkook to dress up as a clown. When you entered the shared apartment with Jin, Jungkook immediately jumped out, making you scream of horror, before quickly falling to the floor and crying. Jin’s eyes turned wide, shouting at Jungkook to move aside. He caught sight of your teary eyes when you looked up, and he sighed, pulling you into his arms as he helped you up.

“I’m so sorry, Jagi, oh my gosh. I didn’t know it was going to scare you that bad.”

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Yoongi never really liked pranking, he thought it was too much work and time. But when you pranked him for the first time, scaring him half to death, he decided to call a ‘prank war’. He normally didn’t do these things, but he thought he should give you a ‘taste of your own medicine’. He set everything up, knowing you wouldn’t be home for another hour. He didn’t really do much actually. Just waited for you to pull up in the drive way so he could scare you. He hid around the corner, watching as your car pulled up. He ran towards the driver’s seat, slamming on the window harshly. You screamed loudly to the point where even he heard it, and then quickly started crying after. He was quick to open the door, his eyes wide of surprise. He wrapped his slender arms around your waist, pulling you out of the car and holding you. He kissed the top of your head, rubbing your back.

“Well, now I know not to do pranks anymore.. I love you, Jagi. I’m sorry.”

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Again, Namjoon wasn’t really one for pranks either. So, he didn’t really prank you, he just accidentally scared you. You were listening to music, quietly doing the dishes. You didn’t hear that Namjoon had just gotten home, so when he went to go give you a hug and kiss, you screamed, dropping the dish that you had in your hand out of horror. You were very sensitive to these kinds of things, and he totally forgot. You whipped yourself around, your eyes turning teary as you stared at him. You started crying, and he was quick to wrap his arms around you. He felt absolutely guilty, and wanted to make it all better for you. He hushed you, kissing you sweetly, apologizing over and over again in your ear.

“I’m sorry, baby. I forgot you didn’t like being sneaked up on.”

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Our playful little boy loved pranks. He was excited when he set up this scary prank to scare you. He wore a mask from halloween last year that he knew you hated. He didn’t think it would be so bad that you would cry. So, when you walked through the door with a smile on your face, looking for him, he jumped out, making weird noises. You screamed, jumping back, before covering your mouth and tearing up. He laughed, taking off the mask, still not realizing you were sobbing. But the second he saw, his eyes were wide with fear as his first instinct was to protect you. He ran towards you, pulling you in his tight embrace.

“Oh, shit, baby. I didn’t mean to scare you that bad, I didn’t know you were going to cry. I am so sorry, Y/N.”

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You were starting to worry when Jimin didn’t call at his normal time to check up on you. You frowned, thinking he wasn’t going to be home tonight. Suddenly, you heard the front door open. You called for him, his name softly leaving your lips. He almost felt guilty for giving you a scare like this. But he felt extra playful that day, and wanted to surprise you with roses and chocolates. It just so happened to be in the most terrifying way. You decended towards the living room, frowning further when you saw nothing. You turned around, and noticed someone was behind you. You screamed, pushing the person away from you as you cried. Jimin was taken out of surprise as he dropped the roses and chocolates, rushing towards you to comfort you.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N! I am so sorry! Shit, fuck.. I love you, baby.. I’m sorry.”

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He’s a cliché boy, and we all know it. He likes having the cliché romance things. So, when he saw you standing there, listening to music loudly in your shared bedroom while putting clothes away, he wanted to surprise you in one of those ‘cliché’ ways by putting his hands over your eyes and saying ‘guess who?’. But, it obviously didn’t work out as planned. When he covered your eyes, you were quick to whip your body around and wack the person behind you. You saw that it was Taehyung, and you started to cry. He leaned over in pain, before immediately picking himself up the second he saw you cry. He wrapped his arms around you, making you sob further.

“Shit, I’m sorry, baby..”

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He’s a playful little bunny. He thought it would be a fun idea to prank you with scary shit. His extra ass would even go as far as getting a costume to scare you. He placed on the costume (probs the bunny costume lmao) and hid himself so he could jump out. You were walking in your shared room, taking off your jacket when you heard someone jumping out of the closet. You screamed, your loud, high pitched voice ringing in his ears as he fell to the floor. His eyes went wide as he took off the top of the costume so he could properly see you. You were sobbing on the floor, shaking as he started to approach you. His soft, gentle voice broke through the terror, and you looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Hey, baby, I’m sorry.. I-I didn’t know it was going to scare you that bad.”

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Sean Patrick Flanery is Problematic

First things first- I’m fine. My friends and extended family in Vegas are fine. I’ve been up for about 2 days straight processing everything- but I’m grateful that I didn’t lose anyone and I’m gutted that 59 families can’t say that and that hundreds more people will never be the same. It’s incomprehensible. It’s infuriating- but I honestly don’t have the strength or the energy to get into yet ANOTHER debate about why gun control is an absolute necessity in my country.

Instead, I want to shift focus to something else that was infuriating and appalling that I saw today- and it comes from ‘Powder’,’Boondock Saints 1 & 2′ and ‘30 Days Until I’m Famous’ (lol) star: Sean Patrick Flanery.

Now, like many- I’ve met Sean. He’s a funny guy. He knows how to tell a good story- but he’s also heavy on self-promotion. When he’s not making bank at conventions for autographs and photo-ops with his ‘BDS’ co-stars- he’s heavily advertising his metaphor-laced book, “Jane Two”. His tweets are a weird mix of sincerity, sarcasm, and unintelligible cryptic code when asked for advice or his opinion. 

My point is this: up until today, I never had a problem with him.

Earlier today, a fan who admitted that English wasn’t her first language and apologized if the language barrier came across negatively- asked Sean why he didn’t use his platform to talk about civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and the world’s issues in general. Sean, being Sean- re-tweeted her and commented that his answers could be found on his blog or in his book. Again, he self-promoted.

The fan, who then went on to say that she HAD read the book (twice) and DOES read his blog- but was still confused and admittedly disappointed by his answer- asked for clarification. Sean went on to re-tweet her and post this:

It didn’t stop there, though. Sean went on to post a series of tweets- most of them re-tweeted responses from his more rabid followers (see: Norman Reedus fans who trickled over) using turtle references to basically humiliate the girl while his followers began mercilessly attacking and ridiculing her.

When the girl in question confronted Flanery directly- he re-tweeted this:

This is a 51 year old (maybe 52?) man belittling and encouraging harassment towards a younger (female) fan who is trying to communicate in a language that isn’t her first. I watched as people repetitively demeaned her and mocked her attempts to explain what she was trying to say.

I finally jumped in, and was met with the same sarcasm and disrespect:

For the past several HOURS (no exaggeration)- Sean has continued to instigate and openly sic his followers on anyone who dared tell him he was crossing the line and should have conducted himself in a more mature manner. Simply saying “I don’t talk about current events or politics because a,b, or c” would have been sufficient. Instead, he tried to plug his book and humiliated an innocent girl for the sake of getting a laugh out of a group of middle-aged women who are obsessed with him and Norman Reedus.

My mentions have become overrun with their bullshit. I’ve been told I’m a terrible person, a bully (lol wat), uneducated, etc. so I’m publishing it here- just like I did when Yvette Nicole Brown and I went toe to toe years ago- because in that instance we both learned something about each other and admitted our own wrongdoings- and I’m hoping someday these women, and maybe even Sean- can do the same.

If your favorite actor/celebrity is calling for mass harassment of an individual on social media and you go along with it or perpetuate it- you’re not a hero or a fan. You’re a person who has become too infatuated with someone that you have rendered yourself unable to differentiate between right and wrong and have lost the ability to think for yourself or form your own opinions. That’s scary. That’s a very, very unnerving thing. You need to re-evaluate yourself as a person and your core values.

A lot of these women have children. How would you feel if an actor/actress your son or daughter admired turned around and encouraged their thousands of followers to gang up on him or her over a question or a difference of opinion? Yeah. Think about that.

And Sean? Grow up, dude. Seriously. That shit was pathetic.

control [jeremy h. x squipped!reader]

aka “i wanna impress my dorky crush bc he’s rly cute and im awkward.”

alright taking off my usual bold for authors notes because i gotta so:

here’s some notes about some shit that’ll be relevant:

squipped!reader has “The SQUIP’s text, which is all in bold only,” but sometimes will have “Regular quotes surrounding it” - which stands for something the SQUIP is making the reader say (but that will always be accompanied by some sort of clarification to avoid confusion, i promise)

there’s also “Regular speech” from the reader, but also “their thoughts directed toward the SQUIP” which are in both bold and italics

there u go.

quick reminder: if anything bothers you, absolutely just come to me and talk to me about it. if i need to fix anything, tag anything, do anything - just tell me.

warning: considering reader is squipped, there’s a bit of abuse from said SQUIP. shocks, manipulation - stuff like that (similar to what jeremy faced in the musical)

    Jeremy Heere was in four of your classes. Four. In two of them he sat a few desks in front of you by some random seating order, in one he sat right next to you, and in one he was cross the room. It was bad enough having one class with him, since you’d grow flustered and your palms would get sweaty and you would immediately become tongue-tied the moment you had to say anything to him - but four classes? Someone was out to get you, and you were pretty positive about it. It was pretty difficult to not glance his way in hopes that maybe he was looking at you during math - where he sat right next to you and sometimes asked if he could borrow your calculator because wow he forgot it again and you either stuttered out your apology or shove it in his direction and pray you knew how to do math good enough with a calculator. In english he sat desks away, and sometimes would whisper shit to Michael Mell and sometimes he’d get detention for it, and you heard him in chemistry talk about Christine Canigula a few times to Michael whenever they were away from prying ears - and you never intended on listening, it just sort if happened but you refused to say anything to anyone because wow what a creep listening to other people’s conversations wow.

    So you kept your head down and prayed that maybe you could work up the courage to talk to Jeremy - or maybe Michael, because maybe if you talked to Michael you could talk to Jeremy and it wouldn’t be so awkward right, because then you’d know Michael and Michael wouldn’t be a third wheel or something - not that he’d ever be a third wheel because you and Jeremy were just a dream and it would never happen, even if you kinda wondered what it would feel like to be in his arms sometimes but that was just thoughts that happened sometimes and only sometimes and you totally didn’t miss a couple of notes in your history class because you were thinking about Jeremy and how he was kind of cute because he fell asleep.

    Fuck, you were kind of creepy weren’t you. Sixteen years old and a complete weirdo, yep, totally - no wonder Jeremy never really talked to you. You picked at your nails and you retreated into oversized shirts and into your hoodies and pretended that you weren’t there because school is hell. Hell, you were used to not really being the cool, popular kid - you’d always been a bit of a loner, really, and luckily enough, rumors didn’t really fly about you and you weren’t even a blip on the radar. Meanwhile, Jeremy was… different. He was a bit of a geek and kind of tall so he stood out a bit more than you tended to.

    You weren’t complaining. You saw the shit people gave Jeremy - a certain short bully calling him ‘tall-ass’ for one - and you wished you could find it in you to stand up and tell them all to fuck off. But you weren’t a blip on the radar. You were unseen and you didn’t have much of a problem with it, so you kept your mouth shut and let the regrets stew in your mind.

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Fish out of Water pt2

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

Yoongi waited on the beach with two disposable cups of coffee in his hands. The sun had gone down several hours ago, and as soon as he got off work he ran to the nearest coffee shop before hurrying back to the beach. When he opened his eyes earlier that day, he was lying flat in the sand, his clothes and hair soaking wet. He had then wandered home, still dripping wet (Jimin was quite concerned) thinking over what he had seen and what had happened. You must have saved his life—again—after he fainted in the water. That, or he had completely lost his mind.

Either way, finding out that you were a mermaid meant that he could not take you out for coffee after all, or take you out anywhere for that matter. But he had to do something to say thank you, and he had no idea what mermaids liked so he couldn’t buy you a gift. Throughout his whole shift at the restaurant on the pier, he had gone between questioning your existence and questioning how impossible it would be to get to know a mermaid. Finally, he settled on buying coffee and hoping that you would come back at all—then he could figure out what to do next.

He didn’t really expect to see you again—surely if humans didn’t know that mermaids were real, it was that way for a reason. You had already saved his life twice, it didn’t seem quite fair for him to expect you to be there a third time. But there he was, sitting with his toes buried in the sand waiting for a mermaid that might not ever return (or exist).

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you almost drowned enough for a while?” You asked, your head peaking around a column at him.

Yoongi smiled, relief washing over him. “I didn’t know if you would be here, but I wanted to apologize for earlier, and thank you again. I brought you coffee, but…Do mermaids drink coffee?” It had just occurred to him, and he wished he had done some googling before seeing you again.

“I don’t know.” You said, swimming closer. “I guess we’ll find out.” You sat mostly out of the water, your tail splashing lightly as you got comfortable. Yoongi scooted closer so he was sitting next to you, still completely in wonder of your existence and trying to comprehend what was happening. 

“It’s a caramel macchiato.” He said as he handed you the cup he bought for you.

“I thought you said it was coffee?” You asked, taking the cup and sniffing it. Yoongi nodded, realizing that you must not know much about the human world.

“It is, it’s just… A fancy kind of coffee.” Yoongi watched as you took the lid off to examine the drink. “Can I ask you something?” He asked after a second. He was trying very hard not to stare at your tail, and preoccupied himself with his own drink.

“I wouldn’t be here if I minded talking to you, so go ahead.” You confirmed. You still hadn’t tried the coffee, but watched as Yoongi sipped his own.

“Are there more… Uh, Mer…people?” It sounded ridiculous out loud, but it was too late to take it back now.

“Oh yes.” You nodded emphatically. “Lots. There are several kingdoms, my father rules one of them.” You said it offhandedly, and Yoongi couldn’t tell how serious you were being.

“Your father is King of the Merpeople?”

“One of them.” You corrected, imitating how he drank his coffee down to the tilt of his head. He watched as some of it poured down your front, and was grateful that it was no longer hot at least. “Oh.” You said, then laughed. “It looked so easy when you did it!”

Yoongi realized that you lived underwater, of course you didn’t drink things. He felt dumb for not realizing it earlier, and was about to apologize when you started talking again.

“I really like this stuff. It’s weird, and makes quite a mess, but it has such an interesting flavor…” You gave him a thumbs-up. “I declare that mermaids do indeed drink coffee! Or, whatever this is.” You brought the cup up to your lips once more, but this time just stuck your tongue in it. “This is a much less-messy way of consuming it.” You informed him, and Yoongi laughed despite himself—maybe it was nerves, he had never met a mermaid—never even imagined that he would—before the previous night.

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‘These University Guys’- Part 3 (Maknae line smut, lie 4 and 5)

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A/N: Reaaally tired so I’ll fix mistakes soon :)

Summary: You and Jungkook are finally able to finish what you started. 

Pairings: You x Jungkook, You x Jimin, You x Taehyung

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 4k+

Warnings: Open relationships, graphic smut, oral, swearing, arguing, mentions of drinking and smoking, age difference relationships (not weird tho)

Part 2

It was so cold that you considered turning back to get Jungkook’s leather jacket, which lay forgotten on the swinging bench- or, more likely, on the cold wooden floor. But if you returned you were sure Jungkook would try stop you. You kick the floor and groan. How long would it even take you to get home? Was this even the right way? You wish phone’s batteries would last forever.

A couple of cars had passed you and you didn’t think much when you started hearing the next car’s rev. But when you realized it slowed down next to you, you felt you heart lurch. Your mind raced for possible ways to escape and you slowly, fearfully turned your head to look at the car.

“Oh, god!” You cried. “I thought you were a kidnapper!”

Jungkook, who had his one arm hooked over the door out the open window, smiled. But his eyes were just as concerned as they were at the party. You were embarrassed that he was seeing you this angry and upset and you were embarrassed that you left him earlier.

“Get in.” He requests casually. 

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Man Face Monday - Good Golly He’s Yummy Edition

Hello Scrumptious! I hope that you have had a lovely Monday, or whatever day it is where you happen to be Tumbling. Aren’t we just vibrating with excitement over this week’s episode? 

Yes, we are. So distractions are in order. I offer you some delightful face to keep you occupied. 

He’s just so perfect. 

Yummy profile-y action. 

Oh my. 

Fangirl down!

A bit different. I kind of like it. 

Very concerned face. 

Non-black and white pretty. 

There we go. I hope that this face break has left you with happy feelings! You deserve all the pretty, my friend. All the pretty. Until next time…

Tags after the cut. Apologies if tags don’t make it to you this week. Tumblr is being really weird to me today. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a future fic where Kevin finds out the truth and Joaquin is trying to win him back by showing Kevin how much of their relationship was real. Like how he remembers the food he likes and doesn't like and how he likes the way he smells and all these small details. I would like to see how far he'd go to win him back 🙂

Never More Than I You

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst

Warnings: mentions of tattoos, gangs, blood, and a very mild attempt at self harm (that’s not really what it is, but I don’t know how else to describe it)

Read on AO3

For the above anon, and for everyone in the tags asking for some angsty kevin/joaquin fanfic. Here you go.

“Joaquin? Joaquin? Joaquin!” Joaquin groaned, but made his way up the stairs of the bar into FP’s office.

“Yes?” He said, any façade of happiness or respect having walked out the door with Kevin.

“Wow.” FP laughed. It vividly reminded Joaquin of when he first knew he was screwed, of when he confessed to the gang-leader that ‘he likes me, for real.’ “You need to get over him, kid. Did you really think it was gonna work out? He’s the sheriff’s son. And you’re a gang-banger, trailer trash.” Joaquin didn’t believe it. What he and Kevin had was special. Or, what he and Kevin used to have had been special.

“Is there something you want?” Joaquin deadpanned

“Yeah. I want you to get your head out of your ass and start helping out around here again.” FP spewed angrily. “Sure, the Keller kid broke it off, but that doesn’t mean that your job is over. We aren’t in the clear yet, Joaquin.” He softened slightly. “Come on, we all need you. Your family needs you. So, what do you say?” Joaquin nodded dumbly and left the room. He left the bar. It was raining, he didn’t notice.

“Your family needs you.” The words replayed themselves over and over in his head. Were the serpents his family? Was this his life now? Spying on cops and ‘helping’ teenagers with their shady drug deals. Two years ago, Joaquin would have been thrilled to be included in the family of the serpents. But now, all Joaquin could think of was the way Kevin looked at him. The way Kevin laughed. The way Kevin cried. Joaquin didn’t know much about family, but if asked when he had felt the most at home and loved, he wouldn’t say with the serpents or even with his brother. He would say the Kevin Keller, the sheriff’s son, was his home.

Joaquin wasn’t sure when he reached the trailer. He wasn’t sure when the rain became the water of his shower. He wasn’t sure when the tears started to stream down his face. All Joaquin was sure of, in that moment, was the damned snake tattoo on his arm. “Fuck.” His broken cry echoed through the empty trailer. Joaquin dropped to the floor of his shower. “Get off, get off of me.” He screamed, viciously scrapping at the tattoo. He clawed at it, tried to rub off the skin stained by the black pigment. He could hear strangled sounds, grunts, and cries, but he had no idea where they were coming from. Snot dripped down his face. His tears collected at the end of his nose and chin. He kept clawing, but still, that damned snake remained. Joaquin didn’t stop when the arm started bleeding. He didn’t stop when the water became icy. He didn’t stop.

“Was any of it real?”

“Kev, you don’t understand. This is important to me. You are important to me.”

“No! I’m fucking not.” Kevin laughed, but it wasn’t the happy go lucky laugh that Joaquin had grown to know, to love. “What’s important to you is helping you’re stupid gang. God, Joaquin!” Kevin tried to blink away the tears. “Really it’s my fault, I should’ve known this wasn’t real. I should’ve known that no one in Riverdale gets a happy ending.” With that, Kevin stormed away, and two young hearts shattered.

Maybe he cried himself to sleep, maybe his brother had gotten home and taken him to bed, maybe he sleep-walked to his bed. Joaquin didn’t know how he ended up in his bed the next morning, but he didn’t care. However, he did know why he had woken up with tears in his eyes. As if on autopilot, he got up. He got dressed, pulling his jacket on to hide the tattoo and the bloody scars and scrapes covering it. He left the trailer and started to walk north.

Joaquin didn’t know what he expected to happen on his walk from the Southside trailer park to the Keller residence, but he didn’t expect to have company. And he really didn’t expect that company to be Jughead Jones.

“Joaquin.” Jughead said solemnly. Every interaction they had ever had was solemn. Even when Joaquin and Kevin were together, Joaquin and Jughead were never very friendly.

“Jughead.” Joaquin responded. The walk continued in silence until the two reached the line. The line between south and north. There wasn’t a literal line, no, Riverdale was much too vague for that. But it seemed like the air changed, the actual oxygen breathed in was different. They both just stood there, as if crossing this line was something life-changing and not something they had done millions of times before. Jughead broke the silence.

“Joaquin, what are you doing? You know my dad’ll be pissed.” Jughead seemed broken, more than usual. He seemed like the mention of his dad and all that had recently happened physically hurt him.

“What do you think I’m doing? At this point, I couldn’t give a shit about your dad, about the serpents, about anything there.” Joaquin gestured angrily towards the Southside. “The one thing I have ever cared about is gone. And I’m gonna do whatever the hell it takes to salvage the only good thing about the last year of my life.” Joaquin’s voice progressively got louder until he was yelling at Jughead.

“Um, okay. That’s great and all, but Romeo oh Romeo, all that won’t save you from the wrath of the Gang you’re leaving behind. Or the wrath of Keller.” He scoffed, a smirk appearing on his face. “I’m not really sure which one is worse.”

Joaquin stopped. The reality of what he was about to do finally sinking in. “I don’t want to be a gangbanger all of my life.” He could feel tears well up in his eyes, but the discipline driven into him from childhood was still present and prevented him from showing emotion. “Kevin is the only good thing I’ve ever known. I need him. I- I love him.” At that admission, Joaquin felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. Likewise, Jughead took a step back.

“Betty said you did.”

“Said I did what?” Joaquin asked, alarmed.

“Loved Kevin.”

“What? How did she..? I didn’t even…”

“She just knew. Girl thing I guess. He loves you too.”


“You heard me.”

“Well, yeah I heard you. But I mean. What do you mean?” Joaquin couldn’t process what was being said. His hand immediately reached to cover his arm. To cover the mark that was already hiding beneath his leather jacket and the bloody scrapes.

Jughead smirked, “If you are going where I think you’re going, then you already know what it means.”

The sentence hadn’t fully left Jughead’s mouth before Joaquin started running. He crossed the line. His lungs filled with the new air, and he ran. He ran because Kevin loved him. He ran because he loved Kevin. And, maybe the most important reason, Joaquin ran because Kevin Keller was heartbroken, and it was his fault.

When Joaquin approached the Keller residence, his body began to move without conscious thought. He masterfully scaled the tree and knocked on Kevin’s window with no thought besides ‘what will he think? Will he take me back?’ Joaquin looked into the window, and there he was. Kevin Keller, an angel in human’s clothing, was lying on his bed, facing away from the window and Joaquin. He knocked again. When Kevin didn’t move, Joaquin attempted to open the window from the outside and was slightly surprised when the window moved, granting him entry.

“Kevin. Um, it’s me. Joaquin.” Joaquin was suddenly shy. It felt weird to be shy around someone he was used to being comfortable with.

Kevin didn’t move.

“Look, Kev,” The boy flinched at the sound of the nickname. “Uh, sorry.” Joaquin quickly apologized, rubbing the back of his neck. “Look, really I came here to apologize. To explain that I never should have let you go. I never should have let fucking FP and the serpents manipulate me. And, I’m not trying to shift the blame, I know I’m at fault here. And I’m not expecting you to take me back. I understand, what I did is…unforgivable.

“But you asked me if any of it was real. And that is a question that deserves an answer. Less than two years ago, I was worthless. I was a shell of a kid, trying to find someplace where he could fit in. But now, well now I’m worth something.” Joaquin drew his fingers through his hair, taking a breath and preparing for what he had to say.

“It’s not because of anything I’ve done. Actually it’s all because of you. I’m worth something because now I know. I know that you only eat fries if they have ketchup and mustard on them. I know that your shampoo smells like sandalwood and your body wash smells like freshly cut grass. I know that, even though he gets on your nerves, you thank the world for your dad every single day. You have amazing taste in fashion, specifically shoes. You could never keep a secret from Betty, not even us. I know that sometimes you think that all anyone wants is to use you to figure out their sexuality or for a quip.

“And because I know all of that, because I know you, I am worth something. Or I was. But then I hurt you. I hurt you, and I don’t deserve to be worth something anymore. I don’t deserve to know what I do about you anymore.” Kevin still hadn’t moved. Joaquin knew that he shouldn’t expect him to. He had no right to expect anything from Kevin Keller. “I don’t expect anything to come from this, but you have the right to know.” Joaquin gathered his courage. Here goes nothing.

“Kevin Keller, I love you.” The room was silent. No one moved. It was seconds, but Joaquin could have sworn he stood there for years.

There were tears in his eyes as he began to leave the room. Joaquin wasn’t sure what he was going to do know. He was lost. But for a moment, for a single second, Joaquin knew that everything would be okay. As he made his way down the old oak, he heard it.

“Never more than I love you, Joaquin. Never more.”

Yay! So that was that, I will be writing more for the other prompts I have already received and any others that come my way. Hit me up if you have ideas, want to beta, or would like to be tagged in my future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics.

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Requested by anonymous

You were starting to seriously doubt your decision. I mean Liam and a good guy and your brother was constantly getting under his skin and you really felt bad about that but Would apologizing to him for Brett’s behaviour be weird?

As you stood literally standing like a foot away from Liam as he prepared himself for lacrosse practice you found yourself hesitating. Just walk away and forget this whole thing, yeah that was a good idea. You were about to do just that but Liam spotted you before you could retreat.

“Hey [Y/N]” he greeted. Great, if you ran away now you’d look like a complete idiot. Might as well go through with your original plan.

“Hey Liam um this may sound weird but I really just wanted to say apologies for Brett being such a jerk. He’s my brother but you really don’t deserve to be treated like that” you said awkwardly.

Liam sucked on his bottom lip and nodded.
“Hey look it’s not your fault, but ah thanks anyway”.

“Cool, see you around? Maybe?”.

“Yeah definitely” Liam smiled. That really caused you to calm down a bit. Awesome, that didn’t turn out as weird as you thought it was going to be. You smiled at him and was just about to walk away when Liam stopped you once again.
“[Y/N] do you maybe want to hang out sometime?” Liam found himself asking spontaneously.

The request took you a bit off guard.
“Really? Sure that sounds fun, I’d seriously love that”.


Popular | Chapter 6

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: Sorry for the delay in posting, but I’m back from vacation! Please enjoy the next installment of this series. 

Warnings: None

Series Masterlist

Originally posted by xxxxxx6x

Tony’s Advice

It’s only been three days, but it might as well have been three months. You haven’t talked to him, heard his voice, or gotten a glimpse of the back of his head. You weren’t actively seeking him out, but it had gotten very lonely without a person next to you.

You had yet to admit it, but the outdoors were drastically improved with the right company. You would bother getting dressed properly and hear the honks of cars as you two walked down the street. You would take hand-holding over nothing at all. Without a reason to step foot out of the tower, you stayed in and moped.

As they say, old habits are hard to kick. That’s why you were curled up on the sofa watching more House Hunters. No matter how many episodes you watched, you couldn’t seem to get your mind off of that stupid argument. One day in, you were fine. You thought that instead of dwelling on Bucky being stupid and unfair, you would actually get stuff done. You went outside, met some fans, bought yourself good food. Then overnight, the joy had been sucked away. You lied again, pretending to have a huge headache and couldn’t go outside. You hated yourself more for how easily fibs came to you now.

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Eager - Ellessey - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

For KuroDai Week 2017, Day 4: Blind Date/Shotgun Wedding 

Daichi never should have agreed to this. He doesn’t even like dating. It’s awkward and contrived, and restaurants like this one, with waiters who are better dressed than he’s ever been, are specifically designed to make people like him—people who are most at home in the park, or the gym—feel like giant imposters.

He jabs the button on his phone a little harder than necessary and pulls up his text conversation with his best friend, who is also the cause of his current discomfort.

Daichi: suga wtf…this place is way too fancy
Daichi: and he’s not here yet

Suga: it’s not fancy, they just don’t serve happy meals 
Suga: and i told you you were leaving too early

Daichi: is he this kind of person? why would you set me up with someone who likes places like this?

Suga: i chose the place, you shit, because the food is excellent
Suga: please stop complaining and have a little faith in me

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The Morning After The Night Before

Characters: Reader, Steve

Summary: The fall out of your friends discovering that Tequila is your kyptonite.

Word Count: 1713 words

Prompt:  Steve, ‘You’re important too.’ And  ‘I noticed’

A/N: This one is for a wonderful anon and the fabulous @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  I joined these two together because it just fit so damned well.  It kinda turned into a part two from Truth and Tequila but you can read it by itself.

Part 1

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Daylight permeated your vision and you groaned.  Turning your head felt the subtle pounding of the mother and father of all headaches with the possibility of a whole load of baby headaches coming along shortly.  Your mouth was dry and it felt like you had been licking a bear for at least three hours in your sleep.  And not a cute little animated bear, a full-blown grizzly who had been wandering in the woods for years and hadn’t bathed in its entire memory.  Forcing one eye open you look down and realise that you were still in last nights clothes.  Well, at least you weren’t waking up in someone elses room naked you thought to yourself.  Just as you were considering turning over and going back to sleep an alarm sounded through the tower.  Leaping up you immediately regretted your reflexes as the room span.  “FRIDAY, what the hell is going on?” you manage to ask, your voice husky and several octaves lower than usual.

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SF9 Reacts to You Flirting With Another Guy

Scenario: you’re at a party with your SF9, and you intentionally try to make your boyfriend jealous by flirting with a random guy. Drama ensues.

A/N: I tried to make this short. I am so sorry. So sorry. 

- Baekbek

Originally posted by hellohwiyoung

He watches the exchange carefully but doesn’t say anything. He’s more quiet after that, and his smile seems reserved. When people try to talk to him, he doesn’t really engage—just nods with a half smile. You can tell he’s retreated internally. You guys don’t talk on the way home, and you start to feel worried. When he drops you off, he’s still not talking but he gets out to open your door like always. 

You blurt it all out, that you were being stupid and you’re sorry and you were totally just doing it to tease him. “You’re the only guy I like, that guy was weird, and I’m really sorry—I’m just not used to this.” Taeyang leans down to look you in the eyes, but you can’t read him. Still, you think there’s something gentle in his eyes as he tsks softly. “Don’t you know I hate the idea of you with someone else?” You start to apologize again, and he kisses you in a way that makes your knees weak. The kiss says everything he didn't—that your relationship is important, that he likes you so much, and he really hates to see you with someone else. It’s intimate and passionate. It’s possessive. When he breaks apart, you study each other quietly. “Okay,” you say, unsteadily, and he chuckles. “Okay,” he smiles, and it’s an affectionate, warm smile.

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Soulmate AU (S.Coups)

Fluff. On your eighteenth birthday, the first words that you will hear from your soulmate appear on your body. Ever since you got your mark, you’ve been inspecting it curiously. Who in their right mind would say that as the first thing?

You lived in a world where, after you had turned eighteen, every first meeting made quite a few people feel a certain sense of anxiety. The reason behind that was simple - once you turned eighteen, the first words that you hear from your soulmate after the appearance of your mark would appear somewhere on your body.

On your eighteenth birthday, you had been waiting for the mark nervously yet bubbling with excitement. You’d finally get to see the first words you were to hear from the person that destiny had chosen as your soulmate, and it was so nervewracking that you had been talking on the phone with your best friend for hours. In the evening, you had been in the middle of having a shower when you felt the slight, unfamiliar burning on the right side of your left ring finger. Your breath had hitched, and you had been quick to get your hands off your hair, which they had been applying shampoo to.

While you might have had promised your best friend that you would be talking with them on the phone when you looked at your mark for the first time, you did by far not have enough patience to not look at your finger before you got out of the shower. You had brought your hand under the shower, so that the shampoo came off and revealed dark, cursive letters forming a sentence that had your heart jumping to your throat and your breath hitching.

’I love you.’

”Well, isn’t my soulmate straight-forward,” you had snorted to yourself while your heart beat quickly. After your birthday, you had spent countless moments sitting on your bed by the window, tracing the delicate letters with your fingertips and smiling to yourself. You tried to imagine what kind of a person it would me - what kind of a person could possibly say “I love you” as their first words to you. The image was unclear in your mind, but you could feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach at the thought.

You could already tell that whoever your soulmate was, in all their straight-forwardness, would definitely have your heart.

Living in a world like that, perhaps it was a bit of a daring adventure for you to work at a café, especially when you had yet to find your soulmate. Most of the other employees had already met theirs (but then again, they were all also a bit older than you), and then there was you, trying to ignore the slight anxiety you felt whenever there was a new face at the café.

That particular day, you had been lucky enough to not feel the usual anxiety at all. Not even when you heard the bell ring and saw a new face at the door: a man with his black hair pushed back and a black biker jacket hanging on his broad frame, with dark skinny jeans hugging his legs. He had a helmet under his left arm, and he took a quick scan around the café upon entering, but queued with his phone in his right hand. You frowned for a mere second before focusing on the customer in front of you, not fully registering the way your mark was warming up on your finger.

You served the customers as you always did, making order after order, until the stranger was by the counter. He was attractive, there was no going around it, and you could hardly keep your voice steady when you had to speak. “What can I get you?”

It happened faster than you could process. The male locked his phone and shoved into his pocket and moved his eyes up to meet yours, and the second your gazes met, you felt your heart skip a beat. And then he spoke, rushedly and almost stumbling over his words. “I love you.”

You didn’t notice the way the customer behind the man was looking at him like he was out of his mind. Instead, you just stood there, unsure of what to do, with your heart hammering in your chest. The day had finally come. Indeed, what kind of a person could your soulmate be, to confess his feelings as his first words to you.

Well, apparently that kind, looking like the heartbreaker in every movie you had seen.

Upon realizing what he had just said, the man got a bright red color to his ears (you noted that the left one was pierced on two places, and somehow that only made him more attractive), and his cheeks followed soon after, and he nearly dropped his helmet as he panicked. “I– I mean–”

You dropped your eyes to your fingers that were resting on the counter in front of you, and you could see the words on the right side of your left ring finger, brighter than ever.

‘I love you.’

The man followed your gaze, and you could see him take in a deep breath. He lifted his left hand a little, so that he could spread his fingers and see the words printed on the right side of his left ring finger.

‘What can I get you?’

When your co-worker cleared their throat, you snapped out of it and lifted your eyes to the man in front of you, only to see him smiling at you, all soft and his dimples prominent as his eyes curved. It made your heart flutter a little, honestly, and with your heart beating a lot faster than normal, you gave him a quick, nervous smile before aiming a pleading look at your co-worker while subtly pointing at the stranger.

They seemed to pick up on the situation quickly, and while opening the second register, grinned at you meaningfully. “You can come here!”

The customers who had been behind who you now knew - or at least strongly suspected - to be your soulmate grumbled while moving to the other register, but you didn’t catch any of it. You were too immersed in the deep brown eyes staring right into yours, and if you had ever doubted it when people said that when you meet your soulmate, you feel like everything just falls to place, you no longer did.

His eyes felt so familiar, so comfortable, and made you feel so warm that you didn’t want to tear your gaze away. Yet, you had to.

“So,” you said after clearing your throat, and nervously tucked some of your hair behind your ear. The male nodded, the soft smile still on his lips, and it made your cheeks heat up. “What kind of coffee would you like?”

“Just a normal one, with milk,” he said, his voice a lot deeper than when he had blurted out the three words you had had decorating your skin ever since your eighteenth birthday. You nodded and proceeded to get him some coffee, and stole a couple of glances at the male as you did so. His cheeks were still rather rosy, and he rubbed his nose a little, visibly embarrassed. It was impossible for you not to smile a little at the sight.

The man scratched his cheek and looked at you like he wanted to say something when you returned to the register with his cup of coffee. You raised your eyebrows as a sign for him to speak, so he let out a nervous chuckle. “So, I think I just said that I love you.”

A wide smile spread to your lips at that. “Yeah, you did. Oh, and the coffee’s… on me.”

The man’s eyes brightened for a while, and he thanked you for the coffee, but apologized for his weird first words right after. You shook your head, because despite being odd, those were the words he was destined to say to you, and you’d remember the moment for the rest of your life. The two of you stood in silence for a moment, until you were brought back to your senses when your co-worker cleared their throat again.

“Ah, would you like to sit down for a while?” you asked quickly, trying to not pay mind to the way his eyes were moving on you, which was definitely something you had done a couple of times to him already, too. Once he had agreed, you led him to one of the booths near the register, and you both sat down.

You eyed him curiously as he placed his helmet next to him and let his jacket fall down his arms, revealing the black turtleneck he was wearing underneath. When he was done, he turned to you and tapped his fingers together, lowering his head a little. He was visibly awkward, but it warmed your heart. Besides, you were feeling just as awkward. “So… what now?”

“I… don’t know. I don’t exactly have experience on meeting a soulmate - I think you understand,” you said, feeling incredibly small in front of someone so broad and handsome. How the two of you could possibly be soulmates was beyond your understanding, but you were dying to find out.

“Same here,” the man admitted, which was unsurprising considering you were each other’s soulmates, and suddenly his jaw dropped when he realized something. “Oh, yeah, we haven’t even introduced ourselves. I’m Seungcheol.”

“Seungcheol,” you whispered, tasting the name on your tongue, and you decided on that spot that you liked the name. Melting into a smile, you offered him your hand. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.”

Finally,” Seungcheol added as he took a hold of your hand, his eyes softening at the sight of your smile, and judging by how he jolted, he felt the same kind of electricity shooting inside of him as you did.

Finally,” you repeated and withdrew your hand slowly. Seungcheol took a sip of his coffee while you sat quietly, still inspecting him and fiddling with your fingers.

It seemed like that one sip had brought Seungcheol back to what you assumed to be his normal self, because what you got next was a grin as he leaned closer on the table, looking at through his long lashes. Damn, if his eyes weren’t the prettiest you had ever seen.

“You’re really pretty,” he said with newfound confidence, and while you felt embarrassed and felt your cheeks heating up even more than they had already, you giggled, which only made him smile more.

“Then I guess we’re a good match at least looks-wise, because you’re really handsome,” you said without a second thought and pursed your lips when you realized just what you had just said. Seungcheol chuckled and gave you a bright gummy smile that had your heart melting. Trying not to let it show just how affected you were, you fixed your posture and tried to adapt a serious expression. “You’re not going to break my heart, are you?”

He looked confused as he raised his eyebrows, his mouth opening and forming a perfect o. “I sure hope not. Why?”

“Ever seen those romance movies with that one super attractive guy who’s actually a serial heartbreaker?” you asked quietly, leaning closer with an amused smile on your lips. You tried to be as dramatic as you could, if only for amusement. “You look like one of those.”

Seungcheol gasped and pretended to be offended, but the act fell apart as soon as it began, when he burst into a laughter. “Really?” He looked incredulous, but you shrugged either way, because honestly, in his gear he really did. “I’ve never thought about that. But no need to worry, I’m a good guy.”

At the bottom of your heart, you knew that. A warm smile took over your features. “I know.” He quirked his eyebrow, surprised, and you giggled. “You’re too dorky.”

Seungcheol looked like he wanted to protest, but had to resort to merely licking his lips in defeat. “Okay, so that might be true.”

You laughed, which made him laugh, too, and much to your relief, the silence that fell over the two of you was nowhere near as awkward as it first had been.

It didn’t take you long to realize that, just like you had suspected, Seungcheol was a dork, in the best possible meaning of the word. He was adorable and charming in so many ways that by the end of that day - which the two of you just happened to spend together - you were sold.

He was considerate and you could already tell that he had many interesting sides to him that you were dying to discover. On occasion he stumbled on his words, still having a hard time to comprehend that he had actually found his soulmate, but that went both ways: you were just as amazed. He told you about his dog and future plans, and you told him about your passions and future plans.

Much like you were drawn to him, Seungcheol was drawn to you. Bound by fate, you were more or less his, and he was yours, although neither of you wanted to take that fact as literally as some people did. While there were a lot of people who felt suffocated by the thought of being bound to a specific person just because of a mark, the two of you embraced it. After all, hadn’t you both gotten pretty lucky?

You were his soulmate, and he wanted to get to know you. So he did. He asked you out properly, and on your date the next day, he appeared by your door with a bouquet of flowers, clad in neat black jeans and a red button-down, and on top of everything, he had his usual biker jacket.

Giggling at the sight in front of you, you took the flowers from Seungcheol. “These are lovely.”

“I thought you’d like them,” he said, by now a lot calmer than when you first met, and placed a hand on your lower back. You bit your lip quickly: you almost burned where his hand was touching you, but it was definitely in a good way.

Once you had gotten the flowers a vase from the dusty top shelf of your bookcase, the two of you walked down, your fingers interlocked and your voices quiet as you talked. Your hands fit together perfectly, and it brought you back to the goodbye hug Seungcheol had given you the previous day, which had been just as perfect. When you got outside and saw the same motorcycle Seungcheol had driven off from the café, you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you trying to get me on that?” you asked incredulously while Seungcheol walked to his vehicle and got a second helmet from under the seat, and handed it to you when you had walked close enough.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying,” he said with a cocky grin that had your knees weak for a brief moment. You turned the helmet around in your hands and sighed, pouting when you put it on.

“You better drive safely.” Seungcheol laughed, as cutely as he always did, when you sat behind him on the motorcycle and wrapped your arms around his waist. It was almost ridiculous how much he felt like home, and you couldn’t help but rest your cheek against his back and sigh contently, holding him a bit tighter.

“I wouldn’t drive anything but safely with you on,” he said reassuringly, his voice incredibly soft, and gave you a smile before taking off.

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Castiel Imagine

Imagine: Hammock time with Castiel.

(not my GIF)

“Your hair smells nice,” Dean nuzzled his nose against the top of your head.

“Dean, please, don’t make this weird,” you chided, elbowing him in the side, causing the hammock to wobble, “we talked about this.”

“Right, right, totally platonic cuddle time,” he mumbled into your hair.

You rolled your eyes, turning away from him and resettling yourself as he tossed his arm over your waist and pulled you back against his chest. Dean knew the boundaries, but every so often he’d press you to see if they’d moved in his favor at all.

“Y/N…Dean,” Cas appeared beside the hammock, his voice terse, “I did not intend to interrupt. I didn’t realize you two were…involved.”

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From Con to Con (Part Seven)


Part Six

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you have a fantastic one no matter how you’re celebrating! I love you all. :) 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: drinking, bad body image

Word Count: 6,326

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url , @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr, @your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake, @crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever,  @multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington@waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn, @oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho, @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness, @ebeers1673  

Forever tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

You balanced the pan of brownies on your left hand as you opened the front door of Rich and Jaci’s home with your right. They were hosting a get-together with friends and you were happy to come and enjoy a day out even if the morning hadn’t started well for you. Since you had returned from your trips, your sleep schedule was off and this morning you did not wake up when your alarm had gone off. This delayed in getting ready for the party and making the brownies that Jaci asked you to make. You were a little frazzled but you were really looking forward to the day and spending it with everyone. 

You would have never made it to the party on time if you hadn’t been staying with Rob. Being gone for almost three weeks in different countries and time zones had really messed you up. Traveling had been fun but it was nice not to worry about being somewhere at a certain time. Between the conventions in Europe, with your personal traveling, and then going to Australia, you were just happy to sleep in the same bed more than a couple nights in a row. Even if that bed happened to be at Rob’s house still and not your own apartment. You were slightly disappointed that you were set to be moving in a few days now that you were back in town. 

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