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A/N: Ok first of all, that is my favorite gif of JDM! And second, yes I posted two JDM fics in the spam of two days. And they both have to do with school, weird right? I could have posted chapter 2 to “College Can Be Fun, Right?” but I had too many ideas about this one in my head. But Chapter 2 should be up soon! This fic is about the reader being a teacher and JDM being a student’s father. DISCLAIMER: I know nothing really about being a teacher so if I get something wrong, I apologize. Again, this fic is 100% MINE and WRITTEN BY ME. Also, it may not be that great because I started and finished this today. But, I’ve had ideas for it for like a month. Ok, I’ll stop talking, Enjoy! 

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan AU X Reader 

Warnings: None that I know of 

Word Count: 1,484 

Chapter One: 

You made sure to get to the school extra early today, since the first day is always hectic, especially for kindergartners. It was nice to have a few minutes to yourself before the parents and the children arrived, and you always needed it. Although no amount of coffee or sleep could help you with the parents who threatened you to make sure their child would have the best first day or the parents who tried to bribe you to make sure their child got more attention than the others, at least trying your best to prepare yourself seemed to help. Well, this was only your second year teaching. Hopefully the first year is the only bad year a teacher will have, since last year’s first day was hectic. You sighed and dropped your face to the desk. You looked up at the clock to see that people would start coming in in a few minutes, making you groan again in desperation. Now you loved children and you loved being a teacher, it had always been a dream job of yours. But sometimes, it was the parents that made you want to rip your hair out. Even though you were the one with the degree in education and had the teaching license, some parents insisted that you had no idea what you were doing and that they knew everything. But you had to endure it because teaching the little ones brought you so much joy, and you wouldn’t let some bitter parents get in the way of that. The first day of school was a day that all teachers had to get through.

After you looked in the mirror and made sure that you looked your best, you heard the voices of many parents and their anxious children enter the school. You did a quick sweep of the room to make sure that nothing was out of place and that it was as clean as possible. Mrs. Sanchez from across the hall quickly ran into your room to see how you were doing. “Here they come! Are you ready?”, she asked you with a bright smile on her face. You gave her a nervous smile and replied, “Well I sure hope so!”. “Oh don’t worry dear, you’ll do fine. The kids love you and that’s all that matters! Just remember, after today, the rest just gets easier. The first day is the only stressful day so relax!”. Hearing her say those words really allowed you to calm down and gave you some hope. She was right, after today, there’s almost nothing to worry about. And the only reason last year was a bit uneasy was because you were a new teacher. “Thank you so much Mrs.Sanchez, that really helped me out”, you gave her a bright smile. After that, she hurried across the hall back to her room to make sure that she wouldn’t get any earfuls about a disorderly room. You walked around the room again to make sure that the desks were neatly aligned, the labels were clean and clear, the chairs were pushed in all the way, and that the room as a whole was spotless.

A few moments later, the first parent and child walked into the room. You gave them a bright smile before greeting them happily, both of them seeming to be excited. Soon parents and children started to flow into the room, and before you knew it, the room was full. You tried your best to navigate the room and talk to all the parents and children, quickly finding out which parents would most likely give you a hard time this year. You showed the children to their desks and they, with the help of their parents, would fill their desks with their school supplies. Most of the children seemed to be excited and happy, but some were crying and screaming and begging for their parents to take them back home. You almost had to laugh, because that was you on your first day of school. An excited little girl ran up to you, snapping you out of your thoughts. You looked down at her with a smile saying, “Hello! What’s your name?”. “My name is Amelia!”, she said with the biggest smile. She was the most adorable little girl you’ve ever seen. “Well, Amelia, are you excited for your first day?”. “Yes!!”, she screamed loud enough for everybody in the room to hear. You laughed at her excitement and she ran over to the back of the room. You looked up to see where she had run off to and you swore your heart almost stopped.

She ran into the arms of the most incredibly sexy man you’d ever seen. He had the most mesmerizing eyes and a smile that made your knees threaten to wobble. His gorgeous hair and that black leather jacket he wore almost made you forget to breath for a moment. Now this wasn’t fair. You would have never thought you’d meet any man in your life that breathtakingly beautiful, and it definitely should not have been a parent of one of your students. You almost stopped breathing again once you realized that he was walking over to you. You had to calm yourself down in your mind so that you wouldn’t turn into an absolute fool when you spoke to him. “Hey, I’m sorry about that. Amelia here can get a little too excited sometimes”, he said, his deep voice as smooth as velvet soothing you and somehow stirring you up at the same time. “Oh it’s ok, I’d much rather have excited children over anything”, you replied, trying your best to cover up the fact that he was making you melt. He laughed at what you said and you thought you would faint at the musical sound. Why did he have to be so perfect? “Well that’s good because Amelia has been saying how excited she is for school to start for weeks now!”. “Well I can’t wait to meet new friends!”, Amelia said, looking at her handsome father. “Well, why don’t you go and make new friends right now and I can talk to Ms.Y/L/N alone hmm?”. Amelia quickly ran away, thrilled at the idea of meeting new friends already. But once she was gone, your stomach fluttered, realizing that you had to talk to this man one on one.

“I’m sorry, I just realized I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Jeffrey”, he said, reaching out his hand and towering over you, making you realize just how tall he was. Gladly shaking his big, soft hand, you replied, “Hello Jeffrey, you can call me Y/N”. “So, Y/N, you’re a new teacher right?”, he asked you, God you loved the sound of him saying your name. “Yes, this is only my second year teaching”. “Well the first year is always the worst, so at least that’s already behind you”. He gave you a reassuring smile and you almost jumped out of your skin. “Thank you, I just hope that these kids will enjoy me as much as I do them”. “Well I have no doubt that a beautiful woman like you will be a wonderful teacher for my daughter”. His words made your heart explode and you felt like you could do twenty backflips. Before you could respond, Amelia called him over to show him her desk. “I’ll be right back, Y/N”, he said before he left you. You were kind of in shock for a moment. Did he just call you beautiful? Maybe you were dreaming or making up some scenario in your head to deal with the fears of the first day. 

Soon it was time for class to start and the parents to leave as they started to say their last goodbyes to their children. You waited at the door as the parents left so that you made sure you got the chance to see every parent’s face. Jeffrey was the last parent to leave as he gave Amelia one last hug before finally walking to the door. Before he left, he turned to you with a smile and said, “I’ll see you when I pick her up today, and tell me if she does anything bad or doesn’t behave because I know she behaves most of the time at home but sometimes-”. “I’m sure she’ll be fine, don’t worry about her. I’ll make sure she has a great first day of school”, you cut off his rambling with hopeful assurance. He gave you a meaningful smile and held your hands for a moment, “Thank you so much, Y/N”, before finally leaving. That man was going to be the death of you. You took a deep breath and went to the front of the room to start the new year over again with brand new kids to teach.

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Hi, btt anon here! I was thinking the s/o is scared of something sudden so maybe like a jump scare in a horror movie or someone playing a prank.

Alright dear, now this I can work with! So their s/o gets scared and clings to them instinctively. Thanks a bunches for sending in this request again because it’s a cute one! Once again, apologies for me being a weird writer but I hope it was worth it. :D <3 

France: Francis is really amused by his s/o’s reaction but manages to not outright laugh because he doesn’t want to hurt his s/o’s feelings. He’d definitely be alright with them grabbing him and it would be the perfect incentive to wrap his arms around them. He’d also give them a quick kiss on the forehead as reassurance that he’s right beside them and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Honestly, he’d be in heaven every time his s/o gets scared during the movie because of how close they get to him. He just loves holding them~ He might use the opportunity to distract his s/o from their fear with something else that he loves doing … ;D

Prussia: He’s immediately laughing at his s/o, he can’t help himself. It’s just - their face - is so funny! Gilbert’s laughter won’t stop him from wrapping his arms around his s/o though. He’s here to protect you from any scary monsters s/o, no ones going to hurt you while he’s around! He’d allow his s/o to cling to him for as long as they need to, holding them close in his arms with the biggest smirk. He doesn’t get scared easily so he’d be really helpful whenever his s/o is afraid for anything really, not just a jump scare. But he just can’t stop himself from poking fun at them a little from how much they freak out at a jump scare. It’s just a movie, s/o. :P

Spain: He’s the best for this situation honestly. A movie wouldn’t scare Antonio, considering all that he’s seen and done (he was a Conquistador!). He’d be very comforting towards his s/o when they get scared and would be very glad for them to cling to him, because he sees it as them trusting him. He’d pull them as close as he can, snuggling with them so that they know he’s there for them. He’d be very calming, running his hands over his s/o’s arms to soothe them. He knows everyone reacts differently to scary movies but he still can’t get the smile off of his face because his s/o is rather cute~

-Mod Lily

Trigger Warning (don’t read this if you need trigger warnings)

Again, I apologize for my absence. I’ve been testing a virtual reality video game (it’s kinda part No Man’s Sky, part Grand Theft Auto) Basically, I’ve spent the last 30 days fucking and killing everything I can get my virtual mitts on. Actually, in the game my hands are weird opposable hooves. I’m some kinda indestructible humanoid rhinoceros cyborg. I started out playing the game and trying to be a good high brow dude and a politically correct being that honors all other beings and saves the world ect, but I got a little addicted to the game and… Well, it takes place in real time and I’ve kinda been burning the candle at both ends. I try to fit in all my real life freelance work and errands into the 8 hours my virtual character sleeps. As a result, I’d been taking more and more Adderall and not really sleeping and then when I ran out of Addy and switched to methamphetamine. 

So, I was trying to unite people in the game and help society evolve, but I got into a traffic altercation and mangled a family of humanoid bunnies. I first grabbed the father bunny who looked like a stupid fat piece of white trash and I wrapped my hands…err hooves around his neck and tore his fluffy flesh from his spine like the bloody wrapper of an oozing candy bar. His gurgled screams and spastic death throws excited me further or maybe it was the drugs. It was the drugs, right? Cause then I raped and killed his entire family in a delicious blood lust fervor. It was horrifying. I never felt so alive. But it’s OK, right? I mean, it’s just some fantasy game and I’m testing it, right? Gotta see what the limits are.
It’s odd though, after that I just started fucking and killing and destroying and it was like the most awesomely gratifying thing ever. 

I have a partner in the game. She’s indestructible too and we fuck and kill each other and laugh and have the bestest time. She’s like some antelope mutant of delicious flesh electric covered in velvet. She makes Bjork noises and has a thousand kitten teeth. Sometimes I’ll use her body to penetrate and fuck another animal to death. She’ll be all inside of them and tear/explode her way out like a new born orgasmic savior blooming us both into a transcendent dimension of fuck yes!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ASTRA a.k.a. Satan a.k.a. @crows-with-keys a.k.a. @just-servamp-trash!!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

Sorry for the late greeting, I went out for the whole day yesterday, please forgive me :’D

Anyway! Wish you all the best, may there be many more years to come, and most importantly, thank you for being born and being such a great friend! ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

This was my first time trying to draw ice skating, so apologies if these are weird xD And I don’t even know if you ship yourself with Kuro but Rei drew you a Kuromahi already so I decided to continue the servamp chara x fandom legacy(?). Hope you still like it tho :’D

Once again, happy birthday, Astra~! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and I hope this year will be as wonderful as you (which is pretty damn wonderful) :3 ♡


aight so here’s how i imagine their first kiss goes:

its getting obvious that junkrat is in love with roadhog, like he’s been all over him all the time. mako tries to brush it off cuz he thinks the kid’s just being weird again, he’ll get over, whatever, but after months he’s grown fond of the kid too, but he hasn’t made a single move. it’s getting frustrating. roadhog gives up and kisses junkrat, figuring he’d end the awkward tension that’s been building

meanwhile, junkrat had completely been unaware of his own feelings for his bodyguard til this happens and it clicks

apologies for the weird abstraction experiment, but i am just so done with machoke  ;v;  i haven’t progressed in pkmnathon in over a year, so today i really wanted to power through machoke however i could.  something about the more humanoid pokemon really get me stumped  xc

((and thanks again to pkmnathon for being chiller than chill about my horrendous pacing))

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potential to be really cute in this series. I'm not going to go looking for more pilroy, but the way you wrote it was just wonderful. (Plus, you made Isabella JJ's bff and that girl owns some of my heart). So, I wanted to apologize in case I offended you, and to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write something so wonderful. - Blindie

Okay, I’m not gonna include the rest of your message ‘cause you decided to confess a secret to me lol but gIRL I AM NOT OFFENDED OMG NO.

How can I be offended when not only did you leave a nice comment on my work, but you also decided to nudge Sky in my work’s direction despite knowing that it’s not her fave ship? How can I be offended when you liked my fic so much despite it not being your fave ship’s either? I’m weeping tears of joy–I never expected this to happen to me. It’s a huge honor to pique someone’s interest into a story and make them more curious about how it will unfold! TTuTT (but really, had I sounded offended in my reply somehow? I’m really not! I just wanted you to know that I respect your view, and it’s not a wrong take on the story. D: )

I, too, am very curious about how I’m going to play with this new universe. That’s why I’m continuing the series lol. But Yuri’s part or even Pliroy’s appearance is only half of what excites me here–Kenjirou’s entire identity as the eldest son, the older brother, Yuuri Katsuki’s protege, AND Japan’s always-struggling representative leaves me so breathless in just musing about it that I have to continue the rest of the story or I’ll die. I’ll prolly die writing this anyway but at least I’ll die happy.

And then there’s Minabek to introduce to you guys.

And Isabella oMG I HAVE A NICE BACKSTORY AND ARC FOR HER (I will prolly die writing this fic.)

Really, hun, you did not offend me. At the most, you fattened my heart with your appreciation. I will try my best to quickly update while, at the same time, providing quality content. (I have a plan, and I’ll like to try it with this series.) :D

Exo Reactions To You Having A Napoleon Complex

Again, apologies if some of these don’t make sense or are weird. I’m still not well at the moment. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *tries really hard to hide the fact that he’s laughing at you but he can’t help himself because he finds the whole thing very hilarious & adorable*

Chanyeol: *purposely does things to annoy you about him being so much taller because he enjoys watching you pout about it & he likes when you yell at him for it*

Chen: *just laughs straight to your face with no sense of remorse for his actions because it’s so amusing to him & he likes that you’re so serious about it*

D.O.: *doesn’t really care too much, he lets you do your thing & doesn’t have much of a reason to find it annoying or to be phased by it at all, he accepts that it’s your thing*

Kai: *doesn’t ever really say much, he just likes watching you act or talk like you’re bigger than you are & watching you try to be intimidating is cute to him*

Kris: *constantly rubs it in your face that he’s taller than you & makes sure to remind you of it whenever you’re acting particularly difficult without knowing it annoys you*

Lay: *he finds it so cute that he just giggles to himself whenever you go on a rant about people teasing you for your height & he can’t stop himself*

Luhan: *does & says things to bother you on purpose because he’s a dick & he likes watching you get frustrated because it amuses him & he can laugh at you*

Sehun: *always makes fun of you for it & laughs at himself for being so clever & funny, especially when you try to be serious & tell him to stop or give him harsh glares*

Suho: *humors you & lets you think whatever you want, always going along with it to make you feel better & to help you gain more confidence in yourself*

Tao: *whenever you start talking about your height or getting defensive, he just walks away & ignores you for the rest of the day until you’re “normal” again*

Xiumin: *doesn’t really care all that much, he just waits patiently for you to stop talking or being so aggressive so he can love you & cuddle with you* 

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@corneliascookiejar I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG i was moving back into my dorm today and figuring out my classes for the new semester and everything has been a little hectic.  apologies.  >.<

but anyway yes here???  is the fill??  i got very excited and it ended up being longer than i anticipated…and not exactly what you asked for but hEY i hope you enjoy it anyways??

ending is weird because i got overexcited and wanted to actually put plot in there but i do not have the willpower or energy to continue sO AGAIN I APOLOGIZE

Kanda is very annoyed.

Not that Kanda’s annoyance is anything new, really, but Komui senses that there’s something a little different about this situation.  For one, Kanda is standing there – not politely, but studiously silent, arms crossed, lips pursed, toe of his boot tapping loudly against the ground.

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In general I’m actually really wary of interacting with LGBT people in places that are specifically LGBT and I haaaaaaate that I feel that way because I love us so much and LGBT people are so important to me but I can’t stand knowing that at any point half the people in the room hold really weird conceptions of womanhood that write me out of it or assert that I should be/am ashamed to be a woman (I am not feminine, I don’t have a gender identity, I don’t buy bullshit masc privilege nonsense about how butches are basically men and refuse to ever apologize for being the particular kind of woman that I am) or just hate black people or are weirdly obsessed with liberal black politics or are weirdly fetishizing of black people, esepeeeeeecially considering how much of the weird racist tropes around black men as lovers get transcribed onto black butches over and over again in ways that made me feel sexually constrained and ashamed when I was too young to understand any of this. Basically, what a mess of politics for our youth to be inheriting. What an awful disconnection from our own history.


(I apologize for this post being a little weird…) I felt like drawing one of my old OCs, Leo, from an old project called “Project H” that I started drawing a few years ago. Basically the story is that Leo goes to visit his lifelong friend in the hospital, only to step in to check in on her and see that she is part of a government program to try to blend human and alien DNA, in order for humans to inhabit alien planets. Leo tries to save his friend but accidentally gets tested on. However, he is a successful hybrid, but his friend (I think her name was Milena) almost has her entire DNA become alien, and Leo gets sent to an alien planet as a prisoner to avoid Leo from telling the public on Earth. Milena is assigned to the same planet, but as a government official to oversee the planet’s intergalactic treaties with Earth. Leo decides to find a way to save Milena, and revert himself and her back and go back to Earth. Yeh. This was an old old project, from like four years ago, and I still have some early sketches buried deep in my tumblr archives. I might pick it up again eventually…. Anyway, I apologize again for this being a tad weird. :P (i might delete this later…)