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Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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The Pretty Bird (Suicide Squad Imagine)

[[I do have like 4 request to do but I’m a writer and I had this idea I fell in love with and I just felt like writing this and take advantage of the inspiration. Another lil serie like “Who is he?”! so yes, there will be more parts. Oh and I’ll take my time with the requests and I won’t apologise for it lol]]

She never understood the world nor the reason of her existence. She never understood why she was like she was, who had created her or what she had been created for. And sometimes… dark times, she would come to think whoever put her in planet Earth was the Devil, like literally… because putting a Fallen Archangel in a crazy world to live with even crazier humans was just… a curse.

Humans hated her. They were terrified by her just for her physical appearence. They didn’t know her but wouldn’t give her a chance. Whenever they saw her humans just tried everything at their hands to immobilize her and lock her before she could do something.

Thing is, she wasn’t mean. She didn’t want to hurt humans. She didn’t want anything to do with them actually. But they were a special specie… They loved some lil coloured papers and killed their equals for anything and everything, even a lot of them died because of those lifeless papers. Persons could love you one day and hate you the next. She didn’t understand them. They had created a lot of weird big machines and thought a lot of different ways to kill thousands and thousands of themselves but they were more scared of a simple girl with wings… A girl with a similar body actually. Ok maybe one than another magocal power but nothing bad.

Why? She wondered. It didn’t make sense to her. If she lived with similars to her she would be united and loyal to them, like a family. Or at least that’s what she liked to think. But reality was she didn’t know if there existed more like her. More winged “humans”. So apart of feeling threatened she felt lonely. Besides having to live hidding and escaping from those who wanted to hunt her (for many different reasons, one of them being the human ambition) she had to live alone.

Hundreds of years passed in the Earth and she learned how to survive better, how to trick people and get away. Not like she liked being around human specie, most of the time she would be flying around.

She absolutely loved flying. The freedom, the sky, the wind… Sometimes she would follow birds in attemps not to feel so lonely and abandoned. Her wings were everything left for her. She knew nothing from her origins, people hated her or wanted her dead and animals didn’t exactly indulge completely her need of company. So that’s why she flied all she could, mostly hanging in mountains, deserts or above the sea. Always away of troubles. Though, countrysides were her favourite places to fly… specially at night when the sky turned a dark violet and the lil white shining points decorated it giving the most beautiful picture to her eyes.


The night was a litlle fresh. But the sky was so enveloping with all it’s darkness and deep misterious beauty I forgot about the cold chills traveling in my pale skin. The moon was so big and it’s colour between greyish white and yellow made it somehow look even more real, closer. It made you want to touch it. I don’t understand why humans don’t stare at it everynight. They miss so much of the world…

A short breeze moved the long beige wheats from side to side, causing hundreds of fireflies to fly and enlight my surroudings. I closed my eyes as I opened my arms and gave a small jump staying in the air thanks to my big white wings. The fireflies moved around my wings and I felt graced, a smile appearing on my face.

I flied up higher and stared at the capturing sky again. Without realizing I began spinning in circles enjoying myself as lil giggles escaped my lips. Until in one of my twirls I saw something black staring at me. I suddenly stopped, a lil dizzy from all the movements, and a frightened breathe left my body. My eyes wide open I focused on the strange figure standing infront of me. “I can fly too” his voice was thick and rough. “I can show you if you want. You’re not the only one”. I followed him, intrigued. I was too curios. I had seen human’s ways to fly but he didn’t seem like having any of the requirements I knew they needed to. But he wasn’t like me neither. He was disguised as some kind of bat. That’s how he easily convinced me to go to the closest city and at the top of a very high building where he flew, or at least I thought he did. When he came back everything went to hell.

She remembered perfectly the night Batman took her. She had fallen like a dumb animal. So innocent. He had wheedled her and she had trusted him. He had made his way into her mind. What a fool she had been. Now she had been unfairly locked up for four months so far in a hole inside the hell, being vigilated by the Devil’s helpers… dressed with black army suits, helmets and holding machine guns as if she would massacre them. Everything she wanted was to be free again and fly her life away. Heaven how she missed flying, beeing in the air floating as everything else don’t matter. Not to her at least. Worst was they never gave her an explanation to why she was caged.


A black skinned woman walked in the room where she was locked between bars like a bird. Her look was though and intimidated her a little. The woman looked at her and her wings as if examinating her, checking if everything was okay. Like when you look at a new car you’re about to buy but you check if it’s not broken first.

Although she was kinda scared the curiosity and need made her dare to open her mouth.

—Why am I here?

The woman’s eyes traveled from her wings to her greyish eyes, remaining silent for seconds.

—My name is Amanda Waller and I work for the protection of the government of the United States and the nation itself. As you know you are not completely human and that is something in my eyes, makes you devote of being controlled and used for our good. So—the door to the room opened again and the responsible of her capture entered staying beside Waller.

Her grey eyes focused on him and his were waiting for hers already. Amanda turned her head to give him a look and then returned to her position ready to continue the talk.

—We want to know about you. Why don’t you tell us something?

Green Arrows and Silver Screens.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: This chapter is a day early purely because I am working later tomorrow and will be busy, so I thought I’d post early for you. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 14: Second First Meetings.

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