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Coffee shop au or fake marriage thing??

Ahahaha ok ok I’m gonna go with coffee shop au because it is… so classic but also versatile.

Alright so I’m feeling this as a klance AND shallura thing, because brothers who suffer together, stick together.

So poor stressed out Keith is a university student, trying his best to study, meet assignment deadlines, and manage to take care of himself. He’s faring… ok. There’s a coffee shop he frequents on campus that has a lot to with how he copes. He goes in one day hoping to get his usual long black and say hi to his friend Hunk that works there, when he’s served by someone he’s never seen before.

And oh no. OH no…. he’s really hot. Killer smile. Tan skin. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips that Keith wouldn’t mind grabbing onto…. wait, what was he doing here again? He blurts out his order and robotically moves to the pick up counter. The baristas name tag says “Lance”. Lance serves him his drink with a cheery smile and Keith scuttles out the door.

Keith comes back later that day. And the day after that. 3 times on Tuesday. 4 times on Wednesday. Each time he thinks about asking Lance out. He repeats pick up lines to himself while he stands in the queue, but when he gets to the front, all he manages is a “fell from… hurts!….. I’d likealongblackpleasethankyou”

Shiro is noticing a huge difference. Keith is jittery and has huge bags under his eyes. He notices the coffee cup always in his hands and how Keith starts shivering if he goes for a few hours without caffeine. Shiro starts to reprimand him, but Keith brushes him off.

One day Shiro actually catches Keith entering the coffee shop. Shiro jogs after him, ready to drag his ass out of there. He bursts through the glass door and halts…..

Oh… oh sweet, gay, Keith. Shiro watches how Keith blushed when Lance remembers his order. Shiro knows exactly what’s been going on. He gets in line with a smirk. He conversed easily with Lance, and tells him that Keith always raves about the coffee here.
“Oh, Keith? That’s his name. I’ve just been calling him handsome.” Lance laughs and winks Keith’s way. He ACSENDS.

Lance gets called into the back room and another coworker comes up to serve. She’s tall, startling blues eyes, and an impossible amount of light hair.

Shiro and Keith both have a caffeine addiction for the next fortnight.

Keith goes in one day looking particularly bad. He hasn’t slept at all, and that’s partially due to caffeine, but also due to a killer assignment he had to complete. Shiro looks slightly better next to him. Lance rushes out from behind the counter.

“Dude you look awful.” Lance grabs Keith’s forearm. Keith talks in slurred words and seems to be only half present. He tries to order a coffee, but Lance says he won’t give him one. That he needs to go home and rest. Keith talks about quadratic equations and mumbles something about really needing coffee right now.
“I think you need to stop”
“Can’t stop. Have to ask out lance. Gotta keep…”
It takes Keith 30 seconds to realise what he’s said. He blushes up to his ears and apologises profusely. Lance takes his hand.
“I would make fun of you, except I could never get up the courage to ask you out either.”
Lance promises to go out on s date with him BUT ONLY after he’s gone home, slept and drunken a lot of water. Keith is about to head off when lance laughs:
“You know, we sell things other than coffee. Why didn’t you just order a juice all those times you came to see me?”

Shiro and Keith look at each other in shock, before hissing out “juuuiiiiiice”.

Keith shifts his coffee addiction to a mango smoothie one. Shiro drinks green tea by the litre.
After a week Allura leaves her phone number on his cup. Shiro has never been so happy and hydrated.

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For the dialogue prompts: #4 'Please tell me he's not doing his victory dance behind me.' With Dick, Tim, and Damian, maybe?

Sort of like a football player, certain vigilantes had a… peculiar style of celebrating a victory. Such was the “Victory Dance” created by Dick that was primarily shoulder shimmies and sidestepping; this was a dance that highlighted the fact that Dick was in fact, a giant dork. And so after a particularly difficult battle, but ultimately victorious, it was with dread that Tim kept his eyes trained on Damian, trying to avoid the scene that was happening behind the younger boy. “Please tell me he’s not doing his victory dance behind me.” Tim didn’t even glance at his older brother before grimly nodding, to Damian’s dismay. “This is why people say you’re a disgrace!” “Because they’re jealous of my insane dancing abilities? Besides, nobody says I’m a disgrace.” “I say so right now, and the only part of that sentence that has a semblance of truth is ‘insane’ because that’s how you look right now.” Dick barely shrugged, though it was hard to tell what was a shrug and what was a shimmy. Tim groaned as Dick carried on dancing through the serious conversation Damian was trying to have with Tim. Eventually, Tim could no longer bear to see the atrocity that was Dick’s Victory Dance “Hey, Nightwing, can you at least dance when we’re NOT in the presence of the entire police department?!” The crowd of police officers watched on in awkward amusement as Dick only stepped up the intensity of his dancing, the Commissioner just watching with his eyebrows raised (probably trying to imagine how this guy was Batman’s partner and later on, Batman himself) “I will dance to my heart’s content and no extent of the law can prevent me from doing so!”

Harrison Osterfield Imagine (prompt) (smut)

prompt: 33 - “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

a/n: request from this prompt list

word count: 985

masterlist: (x)

Being an assistant on a huge movie set meant there was almost always something interesting to do. But on the rare occasion where you weren’t needed, you found yourself by the trailers sitting in a foldaway chair, taking in the Atlantan sunshine. You enjoyed your job, you worked for your best friend, Laura, and work never really felt like work. You’d spent most of your time having a laugh and getting to know the cast and crew, plus you were getting paid.

“You’re not needed either?” You heard Harrison before you saw him. The bright sunlight was blocked out as he stood in front of your chair. You shook your head. “You’re gonna burn out here you know.” He was probably right. You had only been sat outside for less than ten minutes and could already feel your pale skin tingling.

“You wanna sit in Laura’s trailer and play cards for a while?” Harrison nodded. Laura’s trailer was small, and slightly messy. She had a large armchair, big enough for two people, in one corner, and a dresser, littered with makeup on the other side of the room. A couple of pairs of her shoes were strewn across the floor, and some jackets were piled up on the stool next to the door. You found the pack of cards from the drawer in the dresser and handed the box to Harrison, who started shuffling. “Blackjack?”


After exactly seventeen rounds of blackjack, you sighed loudly and sat back in the armchair. Harrison followed suit, both of you bored of card games for now. You looked up at the clock hung up on the wall opposite, wondering when you would be needed by Laura. Harrison finished stuffing the playing cards back in their box and suddenly became very aware of how close he was sitting to you. Your bare thighs were touching his, it was way too hot today for anything more than shorts. 

“Would you bite me?” Harrison’s hand flew straight to his mouth, shocked that he had actually said that out loud. You almost choked.
“Bite you?” Harrison bit his lip and scrunched his nose, his face now flushed with embarrassment.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” you reassured him. You turned your head back towards the clock. “I’d have said yes,” You muttered under your breath. You’d had a small crush on Harrison ever since you’d met a couple of months ago. You tried to hide it the best you could, but you couldn’t help yourself, glancing looks at him whenever you could.

“You’d do it then?” Harrison gained some confidence. His hand reached out to touch your thigh, his fingers caressing the skin softly. He noticed your mouth curl up into a smile as his fingers wandered further up your thigh. His face was close to yours, his breath tickling your ear. “Bite me.”

“If you insist.” You grabbed his hand, stopping his fingers from moving any further and brought it up to your mouth. Turning in the chair a little, you faced him, looking him straight in those blue eyes. His face twisted with pleasure as you pushed his first finger inside your mouth, sucking it gently.

“Oh,” he breathed out as you bit down on his finger. You sat on his lap, his finger still between your teeth. His other hand was on your lower back and you could feel him twitching ever so slightly underneath his shorts. Harrison gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing as you removed his finger from your mouth and replaced it with the lobe of his ear instead. “Jesus Christ.” You began grinding on his lap, his erection becoming harder with every motion. He let out a long and quiet moan when you finally kissed him. His fingers played with the hem of your t-shirt as your tongue worked its way into his mouth. The kiss broke as you both pulled your tops over your heads, throwing them to the other side of the trailer. Harrison whimpered as you stood up from his lap, the pressure from your weight no longer on his throbbing cock. You pulled your shorts off quickly as Harrison mirrored you, and soon enough they joined your shirts on the other side of the room. Tracing the intricate lace of your panties with his thumb, Harrison noticed the fabric was almost dripping wet between your legs. He smirked cockily.

The ache in your core becoming almost unbearable, you tugged your panties off hastily, quickly followed by your matching bralette. Before resuming your position straddling Harrison, you removed his grey boxers for him. He pulled you back onto his lap, his kisses becoming sloppy as he became more and more frustrated.

You lowered yourself onto him, both of you moaning loudly at the feeling of him filling you up. You rolled your hips quickly. Your stomach was doing somersaults, you’d never felt anybody this good inside you before. The trailer was filled with your breathy moans as your bodies tangled together.

The intense passion was cut short when the trailer door swung open. “Hey have you seen Harrison anywhere? Tom needs him on- oh my God!” Laura’s shrieked and escaped the trailer almost immediately at the sight of your naked bodies. You tried to cover yourself as best you could, but there was nothing to use since all of your clothes had been thrown across the other side of the trailer. “Oh my God, you guys!” Laura slammed the door shut so fast and so hard, the whole trailer shook from its force. You clambered off Harrison, sending him an apologetic look as you pulled your clothes back on.

Opening the trailer door, you apologised profusely to Laura. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see what I just saw.” She said, secretly happy for her best friend that she’d finally got to fuck the guy she had been lusting over ever since they met. “Atta girl.” Laura said quietly to you, nudging you with her elbow, and you both laughed.

The Birthday Party;“He just came up to me and slammed me up against the wall. He was on acid and had just ripped a sink off the wall. He demanded to know whether I was a punk or not but eventually I got away from him. The next night I was at a gig and he apologised profusely and gave me a little hand-drawn map of how to get to a party. I went there and the same thing happened again.”
—  Rowland Howard on his first meeting with Nick Cave
INTJ: Resting Murder Face

Me: *is daydreaming, accidentally staring at ENFJ*

ENFJ: I’m… I’m sorry!

Me: *wakes up from daydream* About what?

ENFJ: Well, you’re staring at me and it feels like I did something wrong, so now I feel the need to apologise profusely.

Me: Do I have that much of a resting bitch face?

ENFJ: Oh honey, no. You have resting murder face, and it makes us all terrified of you.

Me: Geez… is it that bad?

ENFJ: It’s worse than you imagine.

Me: …..

ENFJ: You love it, don’t you?

Me: Totally.

ZTD dick science

Now, ever since I finished Zero Time Dilemma, there has been a burning question plaguing my mind. Perhaps it is the most tricky puzzle in the entire zero escape series. It is a question which I am sincerely surprised the fandom has not yet addressed. And that question is: ‘If Phi’s boobs are D Cup, how long is Sigma’s dick?

Now, hear me out. We all know that the two factors are connected. In VLR we are supposedly told that Phi’s boobs are C Cup, to which Sigma replies:

Implying that there is a mathematical relationship between the dick length of Sigma (which shall henceforth be named SDL - Sigma Dick Length) and the size of Phi’s boobs (PBS - Phi Boob Size). This could easily be interpreted as a bewildered sarcastic remark. HOWEVER, we as human beings perceive sarcasm primarily through tone of voice. Thus, as Sigma in VLR is not voice acted, we cannot know whether he was being sarcastic, or whether he was informing us sincerely that there was a direct relationship between his dick length and Phi’s boob size.

This mystery only comes to mind because of a drastic change in information presented in ZTD, namely:

To which Sigma replies:

Thus acknowledging the uncanny transformation.

Naturally, this leads us to the burning question: If Sigma was telling the truth in VLR, and there is a mathematical relationship between PBS and SDL, how long is Sigma’s dick anyway? If Phi’s boobs are actually bigger than C Cup, surely Sigma’s dick is longer than 12 inches?

I’m no mathematician. This is probably clearly indicated by the fact I’m here doing so little with my life that I have time to write a hypothesis like this. But, I have attempted to calculate the true SDL, based on PBS:SDL ratio suggested in the first screenshot. Hopefully this handy table shall be helpful in explaining the issue:

Using these simple sums we can learn that, indeed, if what Sigma said in VLR is true, and if Phi’s boobs are actually Ds, then Sigma’s dick can only be 16 inches long.

16 inches.

So, clearly some of these facts aren’t true or Diana is a very lucky lady.

I'll Be A Better Man Today (3) - Reggie x Reader

Summary: Reggie pulls out all the stops to attempt to win you back.
Warnings: maybe a swear word
A/N: final part to this series! hope you all enjoyed this.


Friday finally dawned; as you crept out the front door you automatically looked towards the kerb. No Reggie. Were you disappointed or relieved? You couldn’t say for sure. Driving into the school lot, you noticed that Reggie was absent from there too. You didn’t know if this was a good sign - your heart ached a little at the thought of him giving up on you so quickly. You told yourself that if he refused to become a better person for his own sake, you didn’t need him. As much as it hurt to fully understand that, it was the truth.

The day went by, and you didn’t see Reggie until lunchtime. He passed by you in the hallway, a smile as big as the sun on his face. Half the football team were with him, but he paused momentarily to cheerfully greet not only you, but Jughead. When Jughead returned the smile - albeit a lower-watt version - you began to wonder if you had somehow crossed to an alternate dimension. Jughead noticed the way you stared at him; ‘You okay?’

You nodded, slowly. ‘Did Reggie just…’ you trailed off, unable to find the words. Jughead had to hide a knowing smile; instead, he just said, ‘you know, he hasn’t said or done anything to me since last week.’ Your eyes almost popped out of your head.
Your best friend nodded, carrying the conversation in a careful, calculated, casual tone. 'Yep. Not one bad word or any attempt at a physical assault. I’m surprised, too,’ he informed you. Glancing back over your shoulder, you caught a glimpse of the raven-haired boy as he entered a classroom. Had yesterday’s outburst really gotten through to him?

You and Jughead found the usual crew, sitting around a table outside. Still feeling off-balance at the revelation that it’s been a week since Reggie had done anything bad to Jughead, you were silent, deep in thought, as you sat next to Veronica. Jughead watched you, carefully. Time for phase two, he thought.

'So, Arch. You nervous for the big game tonight?’ The red-head chuckled and shrugged. 'Nah, Reggie’s been killing us in training, but I think it’s gonna do us good tonight.’ Turning to the three girls, including you, he posed the question, 'You’re all coming, right?’

Betty nodded and Veronica winked- 'as if we’d miss out on cheering for our favourite ginger!’ It was a silly question, really. The girls were River Vixens, and Cheryl would have their heads mounted to her wall if they failed to show up.

You, on the other hand, shook your head. 'No, I think I’m gonna stay home and study,’ you said apologetically. Jughead froze. This was not a part of the plan. He leaned in closer to you.

'C'mon, (Y/N/N), even I’m going,’ Betty smiled at this and reached to give his hand an appreciative squeeze. 'If I have to suffer, you do too,’ he teased, and felt victorious when a small laugh escaped your lips. 'I dunno, Jug. I- it’s - I’m just not sure I can handle it.’ You bit your lip, and Jughead caught Veronica’s questioningly glance. He’d explain later - right now, he needed to get you to attend the football match.

'Betty, tell her she has to come,’ he told his girlfriend in a faux-whiney voice. Betty smiled sympathetically at you. 'She doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to,’ of course she’d side with you. She was too caring to force you into having to spend two hours watching your ex from the bleachers. Jughead cursed silently. He turned to Veronica, a pleading look on his face.

'I think you should come,’ she told you firmly, 'Show that jerk that he’s not going to stop you from living your best life with your best friends!’ She squeezed your elbow gently. You weren’t convinced. Jughead knew by your expression. You stood your ground all the way through break, and then Jughead lost his opportunity to keep insisting as you had separate classes for the rest of the day. He managed to grab you for a few seconds after final bell.

'I’ll be picking you up at six,’ he said, and ran off before you could say anything. Sure enough, at six o'clock that evening, he was on your doorstep. Your dad opened the door, smiling warmly at him.

'Hey, Mr. (Y/L/N). Is (Y/N) here?’
'No, I’m afraid not, Jughead. She’s gone to the library to study.’

Jughead officially went into panic mode. The match was due to start in an hour - Reggie had no idea he had failed to complete his part of the plan. He drove like a crazed man to the field, getting Moose to pass on a message when he entered the changing room.

Reggie stormed out, face screwed up angrily. 'What do you mean she isn’t coming?’ He demanded, face hot and flushed. 'She’s gone to the library, what am I supposed to do, physically drag her out?’ Reggie considered it for a split second - then came to his senses. 'Go talk to her,’ he begged the smaller boy. 'Please. Just don’t tell her what I have planned.’

Jughead knew it was probably a lost cause. But the look of fear on Reggie’s face at the thought of losing you forever made it impossible to deny him. He agreed, and drove across town to the local library, seeking you out. His nerves were shot, as he whispered your name walking through the many shelves of books. You were nowhere to be seen. He called you - straight to voicemail. Text messages went unseen and as the clock ticked on and crept closer to seven, Jughead wondered if he should just give up now. The thought of having to face Reggie and tell him again she wasn’t coming, for definite this time, twisted his insides into an uncomfortable knot. He decided to go to Pops, and return to the game when it had already started. He actually felt sorry for Reggie - he’d seen how much of a mess he was since you had ended things. For once, Jughead got to see the man you knew, the caring and sensitive side to someone Jughead had always thought was just a meathead jock.

Pop’s was quiet, most people attending the Bulldog match against Liberty High, a long-time nemesis of the school. He leaned against the counter, drumming his fingers across the cool top, eyes shifting to note the time. Eleven minutes past seven. The game had begun. Without (Y/N).

He noticed something in the corner of his eye - a blur of movement. Relief floored him as he saw you, sunk low into your seat, hood pulled over your forehead, sitting in a booth at the bottom of the restaurant. You had seen him enter, and had panicked. When you realised you were spotted, your shoulders slumped in defeat. Jughead sprinted to you, demanding to know why you had lied to your dad.

'Because I knew whatever he said, you’d go looking,’ you explained in a voice that said, isn’t in obvious? Grinding his teeth together, Jughead opened his mouth, but you cut him off quickly. 'I am not going to that damn match, Jughead.’ Your voice was flat, tough as a brick wall. He relented, pulling the half-drank milkshake across to take a sip. Sitting opposite you, Pop himself came down to take his order - his usual, and nothing for you.
A brainwave hit like lightening. He took out his phone and texted Betty.

to; Betty
go down to reggie at half time & tell him to go ahead with the plan

Seconds later, the screen lit up with a response.

from; Betty
what plan??

to; Betty
just tell him that, and video call me when he gets up on the stage

After a moment, he tapped out another text.

to; Betty
i’ll explain later i promise x

from; Betty
okay x

He smiled - then wiped it off his face when he realised you were staring at him, suspicion rife across your features. Pop placed a burger in front of him, and left you a fresh milkshake - 'on the house’ - which you accepted gratefully. You both sat silently. Which wasn’t anything new - oftentimes you both went to Pop’s and sat without speaking, you working on homework or a new entry to your journal, Jughead tapping away at his laptop as he wrote up his novel.

Jughead ate slowly, every so often looking to the clock on the wall, counting down the minutes. You didn’t notice, finding the contents of your milkshake too interesting to lift your eyes from the bottom of the glass. Finally, Jughead’s phone buzzed again. Betty’s smiling face filled the screen; he took a moment to just appreciate his girlfriend and then answered. She came into view, the camera quality a little off, the sounds of the roaring crowd filtering through the mic.

'Hey!’ She spoke loudly, and Jughead asked her to turn the phone towards the stage. Reggie was already standing up by the mic on the stage. In the background, Ronnie was pestering Betty with questions about what he was doing. 'What’s going on, Jug?’ The blonde asked, exasperated, the camera switching back to her face. 'Just go closer to the stage,’ he urged, and handed the phone to you.

You took it, questioningly. Jughead just nodded, and you frowned as you realised what you were looking at.

'Jughead, what is this?’

'Just watch.’

You knew you wouldn’t get any information from him, you resigned yourself to seeing what would unfold. Reggie was adjusting the mic to his height, covered in sweat and mud and looking far too good for someone so dirty. 'Hello, everybody!’ His voice boomed through the field, crackling over the line. Pop heard it, and sent an inquisitive look their way.

'I hope you’re all having fun tonight!’ The crowd responded with loud cheers, and you resisted the urge to turn the volume down. 'As many of you know,’ the football captain continued, 'I have been dating (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for a few months now.’

Your heart leapt to your throat. What was he doing?

'Well, last weekend, she ended things,’ now there were boos, and you felt shamed and embarrassed. 'But she was right to,’ this time, silence met his announcement. 'I have been an absolute jerk towards many students in this school. I think I just got so used to it, and it became a habit. But that is no excuse. I wanted to take this moment to apologise profusely to anyone I have ever harassed or belittled, or just been an ass to. I especially want to say I’m sorry to Jughead Jones. Now, he isn’t here tonight, neither is (Y/N), and I don’t blame her for not showing up. But, if things have gone right, she is watching this from somewhere right now. I hope she is. (Y/N), I am so in love with you, and the past five days have been hell without you. You have shown me that I don’t need to be a jerk to feel better about myself. Every day with you is all I need to be happy. I know I have a long way to go, and a lot of things to make up for. But I promise you, if you give me the chance, I will never let you down again.’

Pop had wandered over towards your booth somewhere in the middle of Reggie’s heartfelt speech. You were in a state of shock. Betty had turned the phone back to her and you passed it over to Jughead. He spoke to his girl but you felt deaf to whatever they were saying. Frozen to your seat, a hand on your shoulder drew you back to reality. Pop stared down at you, smiling knowingly. 'Go and get him,’ he told you in his deep voice. You met Jughead’s eyes. He was smiling.

'You knew about this.’ It wasn’t a question.

'Yep.’ He popped the p at the end of the word; you giggled, still in shock. 'Shall we go?’ He asked, standing up and offering you a hand. After a seconds hesitation, you took it.


The game was coming to an end when Jughead pulled in. You got out of the car, nervous, excited. The two of you stood at the side of the bleachers, watching as the final whistle blew, and the Bulldogs were declared the winners. Jughead could only roll his eyes as Moose, Reggie, and Archie all collided in an aggressive victory hug. Smashing off each other and whooping. Jughead pushed you forward. The nerves drowned out of everything else; you felt rooted to the spot. Reggie suddenly looked around - searching for you. In the shadows, you watched his face fall, all happiness draining out of his body as disappointment washed over. That was all you needed to make your feet move.

He almost missed you walking to him. It was only when you stopped right in front of him, and he kept walking, blinded by his thoughts, that he saw you. He gripped your shoulders automatically as he almost knocked you over, lifting his eyes from the muddy grass to apologise. He paused - you were there. You were with him. All words deserted him. He could stand there, his hands feeling your solid warmth. You were here.

'I can’t believe you did that,’ you told him, a smile playing on the edge of your lips. You were looking at him so softly, so … so lovingly, it almost broke his heart again. 'I meant every word,’ he promised, holding you tighter, afraid you would slip from his grasp should he let go. You nodded, and stepped closer, your bodies pressed together. His breath hitched.

'I know.’

It was only a whisper, but it felt like a scream to him. He dragged you in, lifting you up and spinning you around in a vice grip of a hug, his face buried in the crook of your neck.

'I am never letting go of you again,’ he mumbled against the skin. You felt mud smearing across your skin, but in that moment, you didn’t care. You pulled back, and saw panic flashing in his features as he thought you were trying to get away.

Then, you rested your hand against his cheek, hot, slick with sweat. Your eyes flickered to his lips briefly. 'Reggie?’

The words were so quiet you could both barely hear them, only that you were so close together that your breath mingled with his.

'Kiss me.’

Reggie didn’t need to be told twice. He slotted his lips against yours, kissing you once, twice, furthering the third one by angling your head to the side by curling his fingers through your hair. You were vaguely aware of the River Vixens and the rest of the bulldogs cheering you on. But all you could feel, taste, smell, was Reggie. He surrounded you completely, as you did him. When you broke apart for air, your foreheads touched.

'I love you, (Y/N).’

'I love you, Reggie.’

Destiny {Remus Lupin}

i profusely apologise for my hiatus and coming back with something as crap as this. i had bad news and good news lately, so this was the happiest thing i could write, since the good news got me motivated but the bad stuff didn’t. anyway, enough about me. im sorry that this sucks so bad but i hope you at least enjoy this a little bit. i’ll get back into writing properly soon, i love you all.

this is kind of a mix of all of the remus requests in my inbox, excluding perhaps a couple. 

ps; thank you for 1k. <3 I love you all

Quieter people always observe their surroundings and the general feeling of the environment they settle in; Remus Lupin was no exception to this. If anything was slightly wrong or different to usual, he would begin to feel very uncomfortable, very unsettled, for it was not what he was used to, the opposite in fact. This is what drove him to find the problem with James Potter’s younger sister. Y/N Potter, a bubbly, joyous, young girl who could bring a smile to anybody’s face just by being around was in the year below James and his friends. They accepted her into their group, much to James’ protests; as much as he loved and adored her, he was uncomfortable with her being involved in everything that he was, similar to any older sibling. Lily Evans and herself were very close friends, but Lily too seemed unable to find the difference in her behaviour and general aura.

Over time, Y/N had become less like herself; instead of being involved with everybody’s conversations, she kept rather quiet and isolated; she studied more and would prefer to go straight to her dormitory after dinner, rather than stay in the common room. Once Remus had noticed her absence, he focused himself on her movements and watched her actions, finding her to always have a troubled look embedded into her usually soft features. After observing these changes for over four weeks, he decided it best to speak to her about it, rather than leave her to sort it out herself. On the second Saturday of November 1973, he waited for her after her late evening meal; the portrait hole fluctuated open to reveal the person on Remus’ mind. He advanced to her and politely asked for a moment of her time.

“What’s wrong, Rem?” Her voice was soft and angelic, yet tainted with the trouble of struggle. It was conspicuous that something had bothered her by the change in her voice; it was more strained and tired, worn out, different to the perky, uplifted tone to which it usually held. Worry lines etched across his features, Remus invited her over to the sofas in front of the fire to warm the girl up, the cold from the outside couldn’t have been helping how she was feeling at all.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re not the same at all and you’re worrying me. I care about you and just want to know if you’re okay,” he stressed the end part, letting her know that he was purely worried for her well-being. A small smile appeared on her lips; not her real smile and not an entirely genuine one, but a kind one. Her eyes flicked to the floor as she pushed her hair behind her ear.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me,” her voice trailed off and she stood and hastily walked towards her dormitory. Remus blinked slowly and watched her walk off up the staircase with her arms tucked in front of her and her ponytail moving from side to side. As strange as the sudden movement was, Remus found it essential to not press her into telling him. If she wanted to tell him, then she would when she was ready to. He mentally agreed to keep a watch on her though, to make sure that she actually was alright.

On the third Friday of November, the Marauders stood huddled in a group in the Transfiguration courtyard. Sirius had his scarf loose around his neck which earned him an odd look from Remus and James, to which he scoffed and claimed that he was “too hot to wear a scarf”. Y/N who was watching the boys from behind a pillar smiled slightly, yet James just punched his friend’s arm. The girl’s smile dropped again when a familiar group of girls headed towards the boys; Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon and Alice Prewett, her old friends. James and Lily spoke like usual, but what was unusual was that Marlene turned and began talking to Remus. Their voices were quiet over the indigenous sound of Y/N’s heartbeat, yet her heart began to ache and her vision went dazy when the two began laughing and getting very comfortable.

A surge of fire raced through the girl’s body; torn between making herself noticed or hastily exiting, she pushed her hair over her shoulder and readjusted her bag. Her middle finger was used to push her eyelashes up slightly before walking out to the courtyard and towards the group. James was the first to notice her and he smiled and waved her over. Initially, this was not what she wanted - she wanted people to realise that she was there but not spend time with them, however, if Y/N hadn’t have headed towards the group, she would have never heard the end of it. Footprints in the snow turned right and moved forward. James wrapped his arm around the girl’s shoulder and smiled.

“Looking forward to Christmas, Y/N?” he asked, a grin on his face as his eyes flicked down to look at the girl. Sirius had now noticed that she was there and put his arm around her other shoulder, which received a glare from James. Uncomfortable, she shook their arms off and took a small step away from the two.

“Yes and no,” she answered honestly, a sigh escaping her plump lips. The cloud of mist that escaped her dissipated in the air. “I’m looking forward to seeing mum and dad but I don’t think I could stomach the big dinner they’ll make this year.”

Her feet shuffled awkwardly, aware that the attention of the group was on her. A blush rose to her cheeks but it was masked by the snowflakes which were making all of her skin pink. Lily Evans rolled her eyes and turned to James to begin another conversation, Marlene began another with Remus and everybody’s laughter and happy conversations were killing her; Sirius watched with a frown as Y/N twiddled her thumbs and looked around before walking away. He went to follow her,  she was one of his friends too after all, but Remus stopped him.

“Let me go,” he muttered as he headed off after her. He didn’t care that he left Marlene alone or that he stopped Sirius; her quick escape was odd, as she would have usually started another conversation with somebody else, yet she hadn’t, she had left and it was that moment that he knew what Y/N was not herself. Concerned eyes scanned the corridors for any trace of the sad girl who was the one person on Remus’ mind. Meanwhile, Y/N was locked in a cubicle in the girls bathroom, fingers tangled in her hair as she aggressively tugged on her roots in an attempt to release some of the built up emotions inside of her.

Why was she feeling this way? Her and Remus had only been good friends since her first year, so the idea of having any sort of non-platonic feelings for him was absurd, surely. However, as much as she tried to force herself to believe that, the heart wrenching thought of him and Marlene getting close damaged her mindset even more. Tears of frustration fell down her cheeks as she replayed the situation in her head. The only person she knew that she could talk about the situation to was James, yet the problem came that he might feel uncomfortable with it. Despite the possibility, he was her only chance and so that night, in the Common Room, she pulled him aside before Lily could reach him and asked to go on a walk under his cloak.

Once they had reached a deserted corridor, the pair removed the cloak and James looked at his sister’s distressed features. Before he could ask her what was going on, she started talking.

“I know you’re not going to like this but you’re the only person I’m able to speak to about it. I like Remus,  I don’t know when or how the crush started, but I’m definitely into him. I must have realised earlier when I saw Marlene talk to him, she hates me and something fired up inside of me. I don’t know what to do, James,” a breath of relief ended her sentence. Y/N sat up straight, relieved of the stress of the situation and looked at James’ face, which seemed to be in deep thought.

“You should just tell Rem,” he replied, shrugging slightly. “I know for a fact that he likes you back, I wasn’t happy about it but at least I know you aren’t going to get messed around by any boy, Remus isn’t like that at all. Like I said, just speak to him and I promise you’ll feel a lot better.”

His arm was strewn around her shoulder as they walked back to the Common Room, a slight flush on her face from the revelation that her feelings were being reciprocated. The portrait hole swung open and the siblings were confronted by a worried Remus who hugged them both at the sight of them.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” he sighed into their shoulders.

“Why wouldn’t we be?” Y/N laughed as she put her arm around the boy’s waist and tightened their embrace. His face flushed red as he pulled back and shrugged. James laughed and pat him on the back as he made his way over to Sirius, leaving the two alone.

“Remus, I have to tell you something,” she said in a quiet voice, causing his face to look up to hers. “I hadn’t ever realised this before but I know now and James told me to come right out and tell you that I’m kind of in love with you.”

“Really?” he asked, seemingly unsure but nonetheless happy. Y/N nodded her head and hid her goofy smile behind her hand as she pushed her hair back over her shoulders. Remus too grinned and pulled her into a tight embrace, to which people around them began to cheer and applaud, for the two who were destined to be together were finally together.

‘There’s no place like homecoming’- Jason imagine

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Y/n is dating Jason (but secretly) then for the welcome ball Toby invites her as he did with Emily (1st season) and it happens the same as when Emily was alone with him the chemistry room.

Words: 2226

A/N: It’s been ages so it probably doesn’t make sense. Also it wasn’t going to be this long, then I re-watched the episode and kept adding and adding…. Hope its ok xxxx

You gently intertwined your fingers with Jason’s, the two of you pressed up against each other on your bed. Sighing softly, you closed your eyes as his other hand found your waist, his mouth nibbling the exposed skin on your neck.

“Let me take you to homecoming” he mumbled. You moaned in response, too lost in the moment to acknowledge what Jason had said. You repositioned yourself so you could unbutton his shirt. “y/n?” he took your hands in his, moving them away from the buttons. Blinking at him obliviously, your mouth slightly parted, you wondered why he had stopped you, almost offended. “I’m serious.” He continued, sitting back against the headboard. You pulled yourself up to be level with him.

“Serious about what?” you asked, tilting your head a small degree, the crease in your forehead conveying your confusion.

“About taking you to homecoming.” Your eyes widened and you sat up straight, eyes directed at the floor. Jason’s hand settled on your thigh, his thumb massaging your bare skin soothingly.

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The Badger And The Snake (Evan Hansen X Reader)

WC: 4098 (holy shit)

Warnings: Hogwarts!Au, mean Gryffindors, that may be about it

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

Summary: Evan and Y/N’s relationship, told by their years at Hogwarts (1-4)

A/N: This is probably one of my favourite things I’ve written. Hope y'all enjoy.

First Year

I waved my parents goodbye eagerly, nearly hitting an older student in the head. I apologised profusely, but he simply rolled his eyes before walking away.

Platform 9 and ¾ was crowded and hectic, the shouts and cheers of people almost rivalling the screeching of the owls.

I looked around the scarlet train, searching for an empty carriage. I smiled when I saw a boy with sandy hair sitting in a carriage by himself, staring out the window.

“Excuse me? Are you waiting on anyone else?” I asked, and the boy jolted upright, looking at me with wide eyes.

“I, uh, it’s just me.” He muttered, his cheeks and ears going pink. I nodded before smiling widely at him, slide the door shut behind me as I entered.

“Good. That means there’s room for one more.” I said and he looked at me curiously as I sat down opposite him.

“You… you wanna sit with me?” The boy said, and my smile faltered slightly. I felt sad for him, and I barely knew him.

“Of course I do! That’s why I’m here.” I said, and his face flushed a scarlet that rivalled the Hogwarts Express.

“I, uh, I’m Evan. Hansen.” Evan said, stretching a shaky hand towards me. I shook it eagerly, watching his blush darken.

“It’s nice to meet you, Evan. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” I said, taking my hand out of Evan’s.

Evan smiled at me shyly, and I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“So, are you a muggleborn? Or a half-blood? Maybe a pureblood. Im curious.” I said, leaning forward, resting my head in my hands.

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Got 7 reacting to breaking something valuable to their S/O


I had to tweak it a little because the request was a bit hard to write about.

Make your requests here!

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I don’t think Jaebum would try to sweet talk anyone, even if it’s his girlfriend. I just think he’ll straight up apologise profusely and if you’re still mad, he’ll make it up to you by buying you your favourite food or something.


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Mark would swear at the sound of your photoframe breaking. He was only trying to clean your room, but he had accidentally knocked it down. Immediately, he’ll call you.

“It was my fault, I’ll make it up to you. Actually, I’m already on the way to buy a new frame. I’ll get your favourite ice cream as well.”

When he gets home and sees you, he’ll pick you up in his arms and hug you tightly.

Someone looks extraordinarily stunning today..


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Jackson would freak out at first, pacing around the room figuring out what to do. Eventually, he’ll wait till you come home to break the bad news to you because he thought that telling it to you face to face was the best option.

Babe you look really good today. Did you do something to your hair?”

After noticing his constant compliments, you ask him to spill it.

“Okay..I kinda broke your favourite cup. I’ll buy you a new one okay? Please don’t be mad. Look, I’ll do aegyo for you.” *Pouts*


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I also don’t think Jinyoung would be the type to sweet talk anyone, unless it was in just a jokingly manner. He’d be so shocked when he sees it broken. He’ll quickly clean up the broken pieces and immediately buy a replacement for you- though he knows it can’t be so easily replaced. 

Darling, I’m so sorry. It was my fault. I’ll do whatever to make it up to you!


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You look amazing today! So pretty..

You’ll raise an eyebrow at him before he loses it and confesses.

Jagi.. please don’t be mad at me!” He’ll cry, scared of how you’ll react. He’ll hold your hands tightly and try to calm your anger.


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You look amazing today. Is that a new dress? Wow, we need to bring you out on a nice date.”

“Is there something you need to tell me?” You’d ask.

He’ll rub the back of his neck as he gives a shy smile.

I broke your favourite cup. You’re not mad right? It’s just a cup afterall.


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Oh no!” 

He’ll shriek upon seeing the broken photo frame on the floor. He’ll be in a state of panic, wondering how you’ll react. Scared that you’ll leave him because of this one mistake. He’ll message the got7 group chat, asking them what’s the best thing to do. 

When you come home, he’ll run to you with a box of chocolates. He wouldn’t plan to tell you immediately, but maybe only once you questioned him.

I just thought you would want these, not because anything happened..

He’s a Fuckboy (University Student!Jin)

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Summary: Kim Seokjin is a fuckboy. He’s the worst of the worst. He’s the drop-dead gorgeous, devastatingly charming, highly-intelligent fuckboy girls could only ever meet in their dreams. And you have the (dis)pleasure of having him in your Econ class. (1.3k)

Type: Fluff + low-key smut ?????

Pairing: Jin x reader

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OK OK KLANCE OFCOURSE- I want my extra sparkly son to sparkle a lot more - Through Time and Time Again

Ok haha… Ok ok brace yourself.

So I’m feeling this as a Groundhog Day sort or deal (if you’ve seen that movie).

So maybe the Paladins collect some kind of magical artefact. Maybe they end up in another wormhole thing. I dunno! It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that one night Keith and lance get into an argument. And this argument is… Brutal. It’s absolutely one of their worst. Shit gets personal. Angry tears and doors slamming shut before the castle is filled with an eerie silence.

When lance wakes up in the morning… Things are strangely familiar. Hunk makes the same food for breakfast. Pidge and he have the same conversation. Something about resistors and how altean technology seems to run on something akin to electricity, but not quite. Lance says “are you guys still on about this??” But they look at him in confusion. This is the first time they’ve ever mentioned this.

Shiro announces that they’re gonna do drills. Lance groans. “Two days in a row?” Shiro laughs.
“Lance we haven’t done drills in a week”.

Something is very wrong. Lance has definitely seen all this just the day before. Keith comes out of the shower and he nervously approaches him.
“Hey uh… Keith. Do you remember anything about yesterday?”
“You mean when you called me selfish and someone who would never have friends if it weren’t for this excursion? Yes. Yes I remember.”
“Oh thank god”.

Lance apologises profusely. They both do. They admit that they’re stressed and overworked, but they need to put their differences aside to figure out this time loop they’re stuck in. They try plugging and unplugging the crystal (much to corans panic), they try steering the castle in a different direction, they try asking pidge what might cause something like this… Hypothetically. Nothing works. They relive the same day again and again.

But then something amazing happens. Keith and lance realise, because no matter what they do, they will relive this day again… Which means no consequences. They convince everyone to go to the space mall again. They find a beach planet and convince coran to go to it. Everyday is a new chance for a different holiday. With no consequences, training to fight Zarkon isn’t necessary.

But convincing everyone else to goof off is hard. They don’t know that tomorrow isn’t coming. So Keith and lance start taking off on their own. They giggle as they climb into their lions and disappear into vivid nebulas. They land on an ice planet and lance teaches Keith how to make the perfect snowman. It’s lopsided and janky, but Keith laughs and tells lance it’s the best he’s ever seen. They hold each other close late at night and talk about what they would be doing if they were still on earth. When that depresses them, they start talking about the first things they’re gonna do when they get back. Lance says he’s going to eat a huge bowl of Cheerios. Keith says he’s going to roll down a giant sand dune.

Keith lets lance drive red and his heart skips a beat when lance whoops and hollers excitedly as he sends red into a dive. Lance shows Keith photos of his family. A lump appears in his throat at how Keith tries so hard to learn all their names.

They kiss and wake up in each other’s arms. Tomorrow has finally come.

Auston Matthews ~ She’s the one

Here’s another imagine for you guys, enjoy!! Could maybe do a Part 2 to this one as well, if yous guys wanted one?

Requested: Yes

“Hi!! I was wondering if I could request a Auston Matthews one? Maybe something about how his mom can tell that her son is madly in love with you and he confesses to her that you are the one? It might be at a family gathering or something?☺️Thank you so much!!☺️☺️”

Warnings: None

For @pittsburghsc87

Y/N is Nickname

~~~~ is change in POV

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*Y/N’s POV*

You could feel your leg shaking as your stared out of the window of the car. A hand reached out and sat on top of your knee, immediately bringing with it a sense of comfort.

“Hey, you okay? You haven’t said much since we got in the car.”

You turned to face your boyfriend who was glancing over at you with concern etched on his face, as you sat at the red light.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little nervous I guess.” You replied softly.

His face immediately softened and he gripped your knee tighter.

“You know you’ve got no reason to be nervous right. They’re gonna love you, Y/Ni.”

“I think it’s just because it’s the first time I’m meeting them all. What if your mum and dad don’t approve of me, or your sisters don’t like me.”

You could feel yourself beginning to get worked up, but you couldn’t help it. You cared about Auston so much and all you wanted was for his family to approve.

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Harry is your pronunciation better or do you still end up in different places you than originale planed when you travel by floo?

Draco: *very pleased*

Harry: *sulkily* I resent that. It happened once!

Draco: Also, you once Floo-ed into the Manor kitchens instead of the parlour.

Harry: What the f– I still got to the Manor, didn’t I?

Draco: The house-elves were traumatised for days

Harry: I apologised! Profusely!

Draco: Tiffy still can’t stoke the fire, the others have to do it for her.

Harry: *exasperatedly* Oh my god!