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Makkachin Fate

So I have been sitting on a couple of theories and I think I have the finale sussed out but first my Makkiachin theory :0

Off the bat since Makkiachin is an old dog (11years ish) it is undoubtable that he will die at some point in the series :(

But I think his death is going to play a major part later in the season. Which I’ll extended upon my in my finale theory.

So first of Yuri gets to the call and its pretty much the nail in the coffin already.

Yuri is terrified in this moment. He has been here before, he has heard these same words before. This is why we get the flashback of Viccichan shrine.

This flashback could also be seen as a foreshadowing of Makk’s death reflecting Viccichans death.

Then Mari says this…..

Look at Yuri’s face he’s in shock, the sweat, the gaping mouth & lack of eye’s. Yuri is making a tough choice.

Mari is apologising, she knows Yuri has done this before and its hard for him.

 She is probably asking if they want to put Makkachin down or to wait for him to come back and say goodbye.

Yuri knows there is not enough time left that’s why he rushes Victor into a decision.

Yuri is demanding he knows there is no time left. Which intensifies the seriousness of Makkachins condition.

Yuri is going to be nervous next ep it is a big thing to go into a event like this without anyone there to support him.

Literally when I saw this at the beginning of the ep I was like I’m so dam happy he has Victor there the support him.

And trust me Yakov is trouble I’ll explain in another post.

 So instead of keeping Victor by his side, he sends Victor away as he knows that this is better in the long run.

He’s giving Victor a chance to say goodbye, a chance he never got.

No matter if Victor gets there on time or even if Makk lives, this death experience will affect Victor.

There will be and already has been a change in Victors behaviour due to Makks potential death.

Victor is in a state of shock

He has childless innocence here, like he is not prepared for what’s about to happen.

Here he looks torn between his love for Yuri (he knows Yuri would do better with his support) and his oldest friendship with Makkachan.

 This anime has already broken so many boundaries dealing with a bigger character death wouldn’t be a surprise. It is an important message/lesson to the audience and characters. A part of growing up.

 Victor could go downhill as Yuri did before the Grand Prix Finale.

The two are reflecting one another’s actions as much of the fore shadowing’s shown Yuri’s becoming more like Victor(Eos) and Victors becoming more gentle like Yuri. 

We are going to see a emotional angst Victor we have seen Yuri go through the emotions now its Victors turn.  

Stay tuned for more theory posts :)

I don’t know if this was asked before but the boys accidentally walking in on their s/o in the middle changing, thank you for your hard work

A portion of this has been done already but I’ll continue off of that!

Rantarou Amami

  • The minute he sets foot in the door, he’s a stuttering mess.
  • Usually, he’s calm but…
  • You’ve never seen him this panicked.
  • He hangs his head, apologises and offers to guard the door.
  • You laugh, that’s one of the cutest things he’s ever offered to do.
  • The minute he leaves, you can hear him call out to you.
  • “Just a tip, jeans would definitely work better with that shirt.”

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You thought Amami was flustered?
  • This kid nearly chokes.
  • He just stares for a second, he’s paralysed.
  • Then he turns around and runs out of the room.
  • Dammit, Saihara, you left the door open.
  • That day, you learnt that the saying ‘their face was glowing’ was no exaggeration.

Kaito Momota

  • He’s polite but…
  • He really can’t help staring until he leaves.
  • He secretly thinks that this is such a score.
  • But he doesn’t want to embarrass you with compliments, so he just leaves.
  • He has quite a hard time erasing this image.


  • He overheats.
  • He’s in danger of crashing.
  • He just swiftly leaves so he can crash in peace.
  • After you’ve finished changing, you go to check on him.
  • Looks like he’s just woken up.
  • He glances at you.
  • Oh, looks like he’s crashed again…
  • He might need a repair…

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He turns around straight away.
  • This is not what a gentleman should be doing!
  • He’s so embarrassed.
  • He just turns around and leaves.
  • He’s quiet for quite a long time and doesn’t speak until you tell him it wasn’t his fault.
  • Then he breaks down and apologises for looking.
  • You forgive him and he feels a little bit better.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He just stands there for a second then pulls his beanie down so it covers his view.
  • He just turns around and leaves.
  • Afterwards, you apologise that he had to see that.
  • “It’s not the first time I’ve seen something… like that.”
  • After that one comment, the subject is never brought up again.
  • Ever.

buffycuddlespigs  asked:

Saphael: Soulmate AU?

Fudged the ages a little shush…Also my headcanon is that Raphael is ace/aro…I’ve never written a character like that before so I apologise if I done gone and fucked up. Feel free to educate me or tell me where I went wrong.

Soulmate AU Idea

Raphael’s clock has always been frozen at eighteen years, two months, four days and twenty three hours exactly. Whilst everybody else’s ticks away the time until they meet their soulmate around him, Raphael’s has always remained stubbornly, eighteen years, two months, four days and twenty three hours. At first Raphael presumes his soulmate is a good deal younger than him and then later, as the years fold into himself he starts to wonder if they aren’t already dead.

When he’s turned into one of the night children, Raphael realises it’s because he’s a monster and no monster can have a soulmate.

He puts it aside, the notion of a soulmate, like an old children’s toy he’s outgrown. He throws himself into the clan and all the work that comes with it, surviving the centuries requires more than just a little blood. There are accounts and artefacts and bank balances on top of stock investments to manage and it often puts him at odds with Camille who plays a mean game politically but has no head for numbers. Camille prefers to spend the money on her hedonistic lifestyle. Raphael would prefer it stay where he put it in case of a rainy day. They don’t often see eye to eye, making compromises more often than not.

Between them they keep the Dumort clan afloat and strong as the years tick by and Raphael doesn’t give the clock another look. In fact he puts it from his mind and carefully develops a habit of not even glancing at it, not even while he’s changing. His gaze simply slips over it, unseeing. It doesn’t stop the tightness in his throat but he figures time can cure that and as an immortal that’s all he has.

The millennium rolls in with minimal fuss until Raphael glances at the digital clock printed on the underside of his forearm. Thick black lines are obscured by the droplets of his recent shower and it takes him a moment before he realises what draws his eye.

16: 06: 04: 08.

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Imagine: you and Liam get into an argument, causing you to get upset so he has to apologise.

NOTE: it was requested for this to have quite a lot of fluff and I don’t think I have ever really done anything like it before, so apologies if it is terrible.

“It was stupid and irresponsible!”

“I was only trying to help!”

“More like get yourself killed!”

“That was not my intention!”

You and Liam had been arguing back and forth like this for what felt like hours. Why? Because you started talking to Theo. Now, this wasn’t some jealous boyfriend thing where Liam was just getting jealous of you talking to a hot guy.


This was a whole other thing.

All Stiles and Liam ever went on about was how they didn’t trust Theo. To make their lives easier, you thought you would talk to Theo and ask him some basic questions that only Theo would know. After all, the pair of you did make mud pies together when you were kids, meaning that you and Theo had secrets that no one but each other. It should be easy to suss out whether he was the real deal, right?

Wrong. According to Liam, anyway.

He pointed out (several times, in fact) that “fake Theo” - as Liam liked to call him - could have worked out what you were trying to do and kill you there and then.

“It was stupid!” Liam continued, “He could have killed you. And then what, hm?”

You hated it when Liam got like this; it did him no favours in controlling the shift at all. “Yeah, bu–”

“Don’t start on the ‘what if he is the real Theo’ crap!” Liam ranted, “Something is not right with that guy and you know it! You could have been walking straight into his trap… In fact, I bet he wants you on his side because he knows you’re stupid enough to trust him and–”

Liam stopped in mid sentence and immediately shut up when he realised you were crying; you barely even noticed that you had begun to cry.

Liam sighed, “Baby…” He said almost sweetly as he sat beside you, taking your hand. Previously he had been pacing back and forth yelling. “I’m sorry, okay? Of course you’re not stupid, it’s just… I don’t trust that guy and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I was only trying to help…” You muttered.

“I know, I know.” He said as he kissed your forehead, “I just can’t bare to lose you. I haven’t loved a girl as much as I love you before–”

“Love?” You repeat, looking straight at him.

“Yes, love.” Liam said confidently, “I love you, (Y/N). It’s like… You’re different from other girls. I mean, you’re so beautiful and it feels like I will never get tired of looking at you. You’re full of life and always seem to walk with this little skip in your step and when you do, any problems I have seem to go away for a while. I love you. And, I am so lucky to love you.”

You smiled and wiped your eyes with a small nod, “I love you too.”

“Really?” Liam grinned, “Okay–”

“Okay.” You quickly add, grinning as you notice Liam’s look of confusion. “I just really wanted to quote The Fault In Our Stars.”