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Different anon on the Kor'i issue. I think that it's smart, you are waiting until you can learn more about the character. Personally, I don't like comics (not my favorite style of reading), but I love writing about the Batfam. I typically research on Wikia pages and other sources (i.e. Youtube). Whatever you decide to do, it is your choice. I can't wait to see more posts from you :) you are awesome and I love your blog

Thanks for the positive messages guys, it’s really nice. I’m not big on drama and conflict because lord knows my life is too busy and short for that, so if anyone has any problems with what I’m posting or anything, I apologise but this is my side blog and I’ve got school to worry about so I don’t have too much free time to keep up on comics so if I can’t hold up to a character then I don’t want to write for them because I respect the authors who officially write them and I don’t want to ignore the work they’ve done on these characters as that’s disrespectful of their efforts.

How VICE media’s new platform Broadly STOLE my Caramel Curves project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Broadly is supposed to be a station that VICE created to empower women. Broadly was allegedly created for women, by women and about women. They proudly boast about how they are feminists and are bringing women together. Don’t let this camouflage fool you like it fooled me. Broadly is a vulture. A soul sucking parasite that can only survive by leaching every ounce of original content from it’s host.
I am a victim that Broadly chose as a host and extracted it’s ideas and original content from. A few months ago I shared with a friend that I wanted to turn my photo project about the Caramel Curves into a doc. This friend started working for Broadly, pitched my idea and in May they asked me if I would make a short doc about the Caramel Curves for them. They explained that it would be a celebration of my photographs and that I would have creative control over almost everything. We discussed my role as the co director over and over again. At a meeting with some of the Caramel Curves, Broadly assured them that I was co directing this project. The leader of the Curves told Broadly that the only reason why she was going to let Broadly make a documentary about the group was because she trusted me. She also told them that If I was not directing the film her and the gang were out. VICE promised me and the Curves that we would be shown the footage that was shot, weigh in on the editing, and approve of the final cut before the piece was published.
I pushed for a crew from New Orleans but Broadly insisted on sending me a crew that was already VICE staff. After all they were facilitating the budget, so I agreed. After sending me a crew from New York City and a camera man from hell we spent a few days shooting this project. The conditions were incredibly stressful. It was a daunting task to get the dp to listen to anything that I told him. He refused all direction regarding his camera work, but was happy to have me direct the Curves.
I should have trusted my gut and been more assertive but since one of the people that I was working with was a friend that I’ve known for over 5 years I decided to just roll with the punches. At one point my lovely subjects - smart and amazing Caramel Curves became very suspicious of VICE and Broadly and wouldn’t sign release forms. They also wanted a guarantee that they could have copies of the footage for their personal use. The crew and I discussed this obstacle and the camera man from hell came up with an idea. He callously said, verbatim “I just got back from Ghana where we were shooting a doc about boxing. You should just do what I did when I was there - just lie to them and tell them they are going to get what ever it is that they want. I mean, we are never going to see these people again.” I was absolutely appalled. That pretty much set the mood of the entire shoot. I felt pitted between my subjects who I much respect and the dubious Broadly crew.
The Curves came out of the shoot unenthusiastic. They didn’t send their release forms to VICE. My “friend” at VICE put pressure on me to get them. I told her that we wanted to see the footage. She kept stalling… She would apologize and tell me it was coming. The pay check also never showed up, same story. I sent the releases, trusting my friend", and also VICE as a normal law abiding media outlet, to finish the project according to our contract. I was paid when they received the releases, but was never sent the dailies. No rough cuts, no outlines, no paper edits. Then, an email with a link to a rough cut, and a second email a day later saying sorry the piece is online! I was never able to show the Curves the edit, nor give my input. For this, and many other reasons, the piece is shallow. It kind of sucks compared to the real story of the Caramel Curves, which is beautiful. None of us in New Orleans are happy about the process at all. Vice doesn’t mind if we are deceived exploited and disposed then of.
Last week Broadly launched their awful site and kicked it off with my Caramel Curves project. This is a project that I have spent 2 years working on. That friend that I was telling you about earlier, well she took most of the credit, and her little minions that got sent down from New York with her got whatever credit was left over.
I complained to Hannah Gregg. She left me a voicemail and a text that apologised for what had been done and basically said that she knew they fucked up, but it was too late to do anything about it. I posted this story on my instagram and Tracie Morrissey, the creator of Broadly left me a few comments. She told me that I didn’t actually do anything for them and that I should be ashamed of myself for trying to claim this project as mine.
VICE didn’t know what to do with creative women so they made a ghetto for them called Broadly. Please spread the word that VICE and Broadly are vultures and will do anything they can to steal original content from independent artists. Don’t let them take advantage of you or anyone that you know.

Shippers after Sherlock S4 be like:

This is officially my new favorite thing to do


Okay, a quick thing about this post because I can see that a few people are upset.

I’m not dissing or meaning to diss any ships whatsoever. I believe that anyone should be free to ship whatever they want. Thats the beauty of otps - the freedom to pair any two (or more) people (or other life forms) together whether it be canon or not.

If this has offended anyone then please tell me and I will take it down. I apologise if this joke was not well received by some.

Also, I didn’t draw this. My only addition was the captions and the colour change to the outlines. All respects go to the creator of this drawing.

About this picture: I saw it and I thought, hey that would be great for a joke and so I did it without considering the consequences. I don’t think Sherlollies are terrified of Johnlockers and I actually ship sherlolly myself (though Johnlock is my otp). This joke is not a representation of the ships or shippers. Its only meant to be a joke.

Again, I’m sorry if this did offend anyone. I never wanted to trigger anything except a laugh.

A lot of fics and prompts and ideas and what have you have Draco and Harry hyphenate their last name when they’re married. For example: Malfoy-Potter.

Well. Imagine they were avidly against double-barrelled surnames (because they couldn’t agree whose should come first), but they also couldn’t really settle on just one surname, so they each go by their own–Draco uses “Malfoy”, Harry uses “Potter”, and it’s fine. Most of the time, that is.

It’s fine until one of them pisses the other off, and then a quick way to make them even more pissed is to switch the surnames–especially in public.

Consider: Harry cuts into Draco’s primping time before a ministry function, and Draco is prickly the whole night because he has a ritual, okay, it takes time to look as good as he does, Harry. So. Draco’s peeved, and they get to the ministry thing.

Harry has the odious pleasure of various meet-and-greets with the attendees.

“Harry P–” he starts to say, but Draco jumps in smoothly.

“Malfoy. We’re married now, dear, remember?”

Harry glares at him, but can’t say anything right there in the middle of the auditorium, and the couple Harry’s been introducing himself to titter into their hands and exchange meaningful looks that make both Harry and Draco want to gag.

“Harry Malfoy,” the man greets him, and for the rest of the night, that’s all anyone will call him because it’s spread, or Draco has ensured every time he opens his mouth to introduce himself, he gets there first.

In retaliation, Harry signs Draco up for as many ridiculous mail-order shopping subscriptions he can get his hands on, because that’ll surely drive Draco mad.

The poor shop attendants who are in charge of these things scratch their heads confusedly at the order, but no, when they check, the slip is very firm on what it wants. They shrug but send the subscription out anyway.

For the next two weeks, an alarming number of owls arrive with booklets and pamphlets and magazines and instructional leaflets addressed to Mr. Draco Potter on all manner of topics from the latest maternity fashion to hair loss products and treatments.

Draco, of course, works himself up into a progressively bigger and nastier snit with each one that arrives while Harry sits back and watches, amused.

(Of course, until Draco comes after him, and they do say hell hath no fury like a  woman scorned. Whatever–it’s close enough.)

YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.

promise | jungkook

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pairing: jungkook x reader

word count: 3.3k

genre: angst, fluff, smut, college!au

warning: the usual swearing cause i’m practically a sailor tbh

description: your relationship started with fulfilled promises and ended with a string of broken ones.

Stretching your arms above your head and arching your back, you yawned loudly and turned to the side to see an empty, ruffled spot of duvet and a scruffy, scribbled note. You let out a harsh breath upwards and let the long stray of hair, that had fallen, blow up into the air in frustration. This time he had promised he would stay the night and yet here you were, lying in bed by yourself with nothing but the smell of sex in the air, slightly steamed up windows and memories that made your stomach fill with excitement and a hint of regret.

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Dear Catherine, I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologise to you for. All the pain we caused each other. Everything I put on you. Everything I needed you to be or needed you to say. I’m sorry for that. I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together. And you helped make me who I am. I just wanted you to know, there’ll be a piece of you in me, always. And I’m grateful for that. Whatever someone you become, wherever you are in the world, I’m sending you love. You’re my friend to the end. Love, Theodore.

— Her (2013) dir. Spike Jonze

imagine CEO kim seokjin.

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  • you have the most handsome boss in all of creation, good luck.
  • first things first, kim seokjin is heir to one of the great business empires on his side of the planet.
  • for the moment though he’s just managing a few of the smaller branches as well as all the charities and his passion project, a moderately successful chain of restaurants.
  • you find work in one of these aforementioned branches, filling in as his secretary when his PA needs time off to care for their sick mother.
  • and he’s so stressed and busy he doesn’t even notice until around lunchtime when he bursts out of his office in a frenzy.
  • “assistant choi! you’re not assistant choi. where’s assistant choi?”
  • you remind him and he’s like “oops, i thought that was next week.”
  • because he can manage twelve charities and two businesses at once, he can clothe and feed himself because he’s a big boy, but he can’t organise anything. that’s what he needs you for.
  • also he can’t tie a tie properly.
  • he probably went to harvard business school, but he can’t tie a tie for shit. it’s always askew or crumpled or something, so you look knots up online because you’re just itching to fix it for him.
  • but you don’t actually approach him with the offer for a while, that would be inappropriate. instead you wait for him to tie it himself and ultimately fail, before you offer your help.
  • he accepts gratefully, and watches you concentrate in the agitating piece of cloth as if an angel just descended to save him from drowning.
  • later he admits that was when he knew he would fall in love with you.
  • and after that, whenever he has an important meeting to attend, you gotta fix his tie for him. it’s like ur lil ritual, and it helps him calm down and prepare.
  • sometimes he neglects to eat though. 
  • like when he’s trying to stay on top of events and important paperwork and running back and forth between meetings and you start to wonder if you should be organising meals for him as well.
  • he works so hard you end up feeling like you can’t just leave him alone in his office even if the work day is technically over, so you sit around answering emails as you wait for him to dismiss you.
  • eventually you just Go For It and order a bunch of food in, not knowing what he likes, because you’re hungry too dangit.
  • so at like 7pm you knock softly and ask him is it okay if you bring him something to eat.
  • kim seokjin could cry at that moment, but also he’s like “wait, you’re still here? why are you still here?”
  • you recite him his dinner options and by the end he’s almost visibly drooling.
  • “that sound amazing, do i have to choose?”
  • “well, one of them was for me.”
  • “which one?”
  • “whichever you didn’t want.”
  • “can’t we just share all of it?”
  • and so you and your new boss end up sitting across from one another on his plush expensive carpet, and have a virtual take-out feast.
  • and you’re both exhausted so you know he’s killing it with the dad jokes and his windshield wiping laughter just makes everything ten times funnier. lbr you probably peed yourself a little.
  • it’s late when you finally leave, so he drives you home.
  • the drive is nice and quiet and before you know it you’ve fallen asleep.
  • also you don’t know this but he was parked outside your house for like ten minutes before he mustered up the courage to wake you, like “ok we’re here!!!! hahahaha,,ha,,,ha,,,,, ah”
  • weeks pass, and jin’s dad is constantly piling more responsibility on him, which means more branches, which means jin has to travel more, and he takes you with him because he’s useless without you.
  • and you two are just so comfortable around each other from the start ??
  • but more importantly you really enjoy one another’s company and are constantly drawn together.
  • so eventually, always eating room service together turns into always spending time in the same room, which turns into eventually only booking one room with separate beds.
  • because more money saved is more money to charity. 
  • right? 
  • right ????
  • and guess what. 
  • eventually the hotel fucks up, but everything is so hectic you don’t even notice until it’s too late and you come back from a conference at night to find you only have one bed.
  • whoopsie daisy~
  • honestly though you’re both so exhausted because you flew in early that morning, jin falls asleep with all his clothes on and you don’t even care and pass out beside him like two minutes later.
  • when you wake however, he has shrugged out of his blazer and you’re snuggled up to him, head tucked beneath his chin, cheek pressed against his chest. 
  • to save you the embarrassment he pretends he’s still asleep while you untangle yourself. but breakfast is still awkward as heck to say the least, and he lowkey won’t stop smiling to himself the entire time.
  • and every time you attend a charity event with him everyone assumes you’re dating because you’re always laughing together and they’re used to seeing him with assistant choi. 
  • and one time he mishears someone asking if you’re his date and he says yes so you run with it and link your arm through his and call him pet names and he goes sO red and stutters and it’s worth all the death glares he sends you the rest of the night.
  • after that he’s kinda tense and weird and you end up apologising for your behaviour because that was very unprofessional of you and you crossed a line and you really need this job please don’t fire me.
  • and as you arrive back at the hotel he’s like “yeah, it’s cool, whatever, i need a drink.”
  • and you’re like “idk about you but there’s a minibar in my room.”
  • and he just stares at you until you realise what you’ve said and when you die of embarrassment he’s like “now we’re even. goodnight.”
  • eventually, one fateful evening back at the office, jin completely buckles under the weight of it all and you find him with his head in his hands, papers all over the floor.
  • he confesses to you how it’s all too much and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to keep everything together, especially as his responsibilities keep growing and without assistant choi around to help him out.
  • you spin his chair around to face you and sink down to his level, take his face in your hands and tell him firmly that he’s got this. it’s okay to doubt yourself and to crack under the pressure, but he’s got you and he’s got this and together you’re gonna kick this thing in the ass.
  • and he laughs and hold your hand, leans in a fraction but hesitates until you tell him he can also kiss you if he wants. 
  • and he does. 
  • he kisses you over and over and over until you have expensive carpet burns, wink wonk if you know what i mean.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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(Request: Can you do a darylxreader where he’s scared to admit he really needs a cuddle and gets annoyed that reader wont pick up the hints that he needs someone but comes to her on the verge of tears because hes desperate to have all her attention, so she slowly takes his clothes off & makes him spend the night with her but he wakes up at crazy early morning like 2am & asks her to lay ontop of him so hes 100% sure shes actually with him maybe a bit of morning smut aswell)

Note: i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you like it!!

warning: mentions of glenns death, mild angst, smut!

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You saw Daryl sharpening his arrows on the front porch. You decided to go and see how he was doing, you knew he was feeling guilty about Glenn’s death and everything that went down in the sanctuary. As you walked closer to where he sat he looked up at you but said nothing.

“Hey Daryl, you alright?” you asked, sitting down on the step below him.

He grunted in response and you thought of another way to get him to talk. “You going out on any runs soon?”

“I can’t, gotta stay out of sight from the saviors” he replied, taking his focus away from his arrows and onto you.

“Sorry, I forgot about that” you apologised, feeling silly for bringing it up.

You sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the secure walls protecting you from the outside world. You thought Daryl was doing the same, but he was actually looking at you, admiring how soft your facial features looked. He wished that you knew how he really felt, he wanted you to be there for him, he needed someone to hold and cry to, he was tired of keeping his feelings bottled up inside, he could feel himself ready to explode soon.

“Yeah, whatever” he said almost angrily.

You looked back at him in confusion, why was he being hostile all of a sudden? “I didn’t mean it like that Daryl, there’s just a lot going on right now” You tried to justify your words.

“Everyone has a lot going on right now. Hell, a lot has been going on for years!” he raised his voice.

“Daryl-” You were shocked by his behaviour change but he interrupted you.

“Na forget about it!” He stood up and you did to. He looked down on you and you felt small considering you were a step lower than him. “You don’t care, no one does, so just leave me the hell alone!”

He stormed into his house, slamming the door shut behind him. You stood in shock, surprised by how easily he got mad like that, you didn’t think he’d take it to heart. You wanted to go in there so badly and just hold him. You knew Daryl since the prison and you understood how emotionally unstable he was, he wasn’t in check with his feelings and it had gotten worse. You stepped forward to open the door but you stopped yourself, remembering that he wanted to be left alone.

You were getting ready for bed after a stressful day. After everything that had happened with Daryl you were exhausted, but then Jesus had come down to Alexandria to warn you guys about the saviors coming to look for Daryl. It was a tiring day and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to jump into bed when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. You sighed and made your way down in only a baggy top and white panties. When you opened the door, you were surprised to find Daryl standing there, he was drenched in sweat and he looked like he was about to burst out crying.

“Daryl, what’s wrong?” You asked, moving back so he could come into the house. He walked in and stood by your counter, leaning his hands on it.

He shook his head before talking. “I’m sorry” he said, his voice cracking as the first tear fell down his cheek. He turned to look at you and you got worried that something might have happened. You walked towards him and placed your hands on either side of his cheek as he continued to talk.

“I just need someone, I’m tired of everyone dying and I don’t know how to control my anger anymore” His tears were flowing freely now and he made no move to try and wipe them away.

“I lashed out at you this morning for no reason and I’m sorry” he finished.

He lowered his head and you wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling your bodies as close as they could get. He wrapped his muscular arms around your shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stay here tonight, you shouldn’t be alone” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you led him upstairs. You turned on the shower for him, making sure that the water was to his liking. You stood in the bathroom with him and watched as he struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt. His hands were shaking and he was getting frustrated. You had never seen Daryl like this, he was the strong one in the group, the one who showed no emotion, and now here he was letting it all out. You walked over to him and moved his hands to his side.

You started to undo his buttons for him, going at a slow pace as to not alarm him. You felt his eyes on you as you removed his shirt and vest. You then moved down to his belt buckle and you took his jeans off in a swift motion, leaving him completely naked. There was no sexual tension between you, just one friend helping out another. When you were done, you roamed your eyes across his toned body before looking into his eyes. He was already staring at you; the tears were gone and replaced with the same emotionless glare he always had.

“Take your time, I’ll get some spare clothes for you” you said softly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to go and find him some clean clothes.

You got back in the house and found Daryl sitting on your bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. You both stayed silent as you walked towards him and handed him the fresh clothes. You turned around as he changed, and you slid under the covers on your bed. Once he had the jogging bottoms on you turned to look at him. His back was facing you and you watched as his muscles prominently moved as he put the black t-shirt on. He turned around and saw you staring at him, he offered you a small smile before sliding in on the other side of the bed. His hair was tangled and still a little damp from the shower, making him look gruff and sexy under the moonlight.

You leaned on your elbow and stared down at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Na” he said, looking back up at the ceiling. You ran your hand across his chest and leaned up to bravely plant a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move at first, but he didn’t pull away either. After a few seconds, he warmed up and kissed you back, both your lips working together in unison. It was slow, and meaningful. You and Daryl weren’t a couple, you weren’t anything but friends and you were willing to do anything to help him forget about the pain, even if it was only temporary. He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair before you pulled away and placed your head against his shoulder. You moved your arm across his stomach to give him some sort of protection and he placed his hand over yours. You were asleep in the next couple of minutes but Daryl lay awake for a long time after you.

You stirred from your sleep as Daryl lightly shook your shoulders. You immediately jolted up and looked around.

“What is it?” you asked, your heart rate speeding up, was something wrong?

“Calm down (Y/n), you’re safe” he replied, his voice gruff from sleeping.

“Oh” you murmured, your eyes almost closing again. “Are you okay?”

“I just woke up, didn’t really sleep well”

“What time is it?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and you looked at your watch. “It’s 2am” you said. He looked at you apologetically and you pushed him back down onto the bed slowly.

“You don’t need to worry anymore Daryl. I’m here, you can talk to me and trust me” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you lay down next to him, you draped your leg across his and moved your arms over his chest. “I’m here” you said one more time before he wrapped his arm around you, and you both fell asleep once again.

The feeling of your neck being nibbled on woke you from your sleep. You had barely opened your eyes when you felt Daryl’s big hands roaming your body.

“Morning” he said into your neck. You quickly intertwined your fingers in his hair as he started to suck at your pulse on your neck, making you feel weak.

“Wait” you said suddenly. You pushed him off of you and moved your leg over his waist to straddle him. You could feel his hard on poking into your panties through his jogging bottoms. You knew what he wanted and you were prepared to give it to him. You started grinding yourself against his member while you kissed his lips, taking control of everything. Your arms traced his muscles along his arms before he involuntarily snapped his hips upward against you. You moaned into the kiss as the connection sent a spark buzzing through you. You didn’t make him wait any longer as you pulled the jogging bottoms and boxers down, revealing his hard cock. He moved your panties to the side with his thumb, making sure to lightly brush it against your clit as he did. You grabbed his now throbbing member and slid it along your slit, making his head wet from your juices. You then slowly lowered yourself onto him, throwing your head back at how he stretched you out. You both stayed still so you could adjust to his size. When you were feeling ready you started to lift yourself up again and then lowered yourself down. Daryl saw you were comfortable and he started to thrust up into you when you lowered yourself down, sending extra pleasure through both of you. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him grunt and moan. He continued to thrust up into you, keeping one hand on your ass and the other in your hair. You let your hands roam under his shirt, allowing you access to his toned body. You then brought your hands to his hair and squeezed at it, making him moan into your ear.

“I’m close” He barely whispered as the pleasure was too much for him. You carried on doing all you could to make him go over the edge. He didn’t hold back as he yanked on your hair and squeezed your ass cheek, he pounded into you for the last time before holding himself there. You felt his cock throb inside of you as he let himself go. You panted and laughed as he finally came down from his high and looked at you with dazed eyes.

“I haven’t felt that in years” he said, laughing along with you.

“I’m glad I could help” you giggled as you kissed his lips one more time before rolling next to him and rubbing his chest. He pulled the cover over your naked bodies and he finally opened up about what was troubling him.  He sighed as he got it all out, and it felt like a weight off his shoulders.

la douleur exquise (8)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


I wasn’t myself. After that day on the rooftop with Sehun, my behaviour towards everything and everybody had changed. At the beginning I brushed it off, but the longer I ignored it, the bigger the gnawing feeling on my insides got until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

Jay and Baekhyun had both noticed my change in demeanor and there was nothing I could do. Each day felt as if it was a struggle and it’s all my fault. 

The second I accepted this job I had told myself that I would remain professional and just do what was expected of me and go home. That was my plan, which now was slowly falling to pieces. I let Sehun get to me again and this was the result. 

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“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“ Damian and Jason (about Tim?)

Here you go Anon! Sorry if it’s not exactly what you were looking for - I set out to write a short angsty piece about Damian feeling guilty about how he’d treated Tim but Bruce got there before me and then Damian ended up hiding under a table and it all went downhill from there. But I hope you get some enjoyment form it anyway :)

Mixing up / ignoring comic timeline is almost a hobby of mine, but this one actually had some contextual thought behind it. Not much but. Basically set sometime after Bruce comes back from the “dead” but no more specific than that…

Damian isn’t hiding, but he could see how it may look that way to someone else. Alfred the cat had fled under the dining room table when the yelling started earlier and when he hadn’t been able to coax him out, Damian had crawled under the table as well. Titus had followed him, sniffing at the carpet and knocking into chair legs with his tail before settling down with a huff. It had seemed much easier to just stay there than try to move both his pets.

Dick and Alfred have both walked past - looking for him, maybe, or more likely just going about their day - but nobody has actually come in yet. Father might have thought to look here, but he doubts Father will search for him. Not while he’s still mad, at least. 

“Hey Alfred!” a voice calls from the direction of the front door. The butler’s reply is muffled by distance and then the voices die off as the conversation moves into one of the Manor’s many rooms - probably the kitchen. Damian wonders who it could be; most visitors come via the cave.

He gets his answer a minute later when light footsteps precede the appearance of two socked feet and a pair of jeans in his vision. Todd is muttering to himself as he walks around the dining table then kneels down to start looking under it. The muttering stops when their eyes meet and Damian lifts his chin defiantly, daring the older boy to make fun of him. But all Todd says is, “Have you seen a pair of sunglasses under here?”

Damian glances at the floor around him and shakes his head. “No.”

“Dammit,” Todd mutters, standing up and almost banging his head on the table. 

“Must be in the kitchen…”

He leaves and Damian let’s out a sigh of relief, relaxing back against Titus’s flank. But it’s short-lived because a moment later Todd comes back in and sets something down on the table before crouching back down.

“You wanna come out?” he asks.


“Okay.” His upper body vanishes upward again and when he comes back down he’s holding two mugs. He holds one out. “You want tea?”

Damian hesitates before nodding, reaching out to take the warm mug and cradling it to his chest. Even with the body heat from his pets, it’s remarkably cool under the table. He blows on the hot liquid then takes a cautious sip as Todd sits cross-legged opposite him with his back against the nearest table leg.

“So why are you hiding under a table?” he asks eventually, conversational in a way that grates on Damian’s nerves.

“I’m not hiding,” he snaps.

“Uh-huh. It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself of that.“

“I’m not,” Damian insists. “Alfred wouldn’t come out. I had to come under here to get him.”

Todd looks pointedly at where the cat is now curled up in Damian’s lap, purring softly as he’s petted. “Right. And was it loud noises that drove Alfred under the table?”

Damian narrows his eyes. Todd takes a casual sip of his tea. And he knows. He knows exactly why Alfred ran under the table and why Damian is under the table and he just wants him to say it. Well he’s not going to. Damian grits his teeth and glares.

Todd just shrugs. “Suit yourself. I’ll just tell you what the official version is then, shall I?”

It’s blatant manipulation and Damian will not be swayed by it.

“So I was leaving my apartment this morning when I realised I couldn’t find my sunglasses anywhere. I had tea with Alfred yesterday so this is the only other place I could think they might be. And when I arrive, I find out that you and Bruce got into a screaming match this morning which ended with a broken chair and two smashed vases.” He takes a sip of tea - probably for some kind of dramatic effect. "Apparently you threw a 4,000 dollar vase at Dick’s head when he tried to intervene.“ Damian glowers at his shoes and says nothing. Todd pokes him in the leg. “Come on, short fry, spill.”

It suddenly occurs to Damian that not-hiding under the table was a strategically bad move. He’s trapped between Titus and Todd, without anything throwable within reach. And Todd is as annoyingly stubborn as everyone else in the family; he will not let this go.

“Father says I cannot patrol,” Damian eventually mutters.

“That’s it? You started breaking shit because he benched you? Wow. That’s almost me-level crazy.”

“He says I am banned from the Cave until i can find a way to deal with my anger that does not involve violence.”

The older boy snorts. “I hate to agree with B, but he may have a point. The vases I can understand - Lord knows how many of those have been broken since Bruce started collecting strays - but the chair was a bit of an overreaction.”

Damian can feel the anger from earlier simmering beneath his skin but short of throwing his cat at Todd’s head there’s not much he can do besides growl. “You’re such a hypocrite Todd - you tried to kill him first!”

Todd blinks, face scrunching up in surprise before smoothing out with understanding. “We’re not talking about B anymore, are we? This is about the Replacement.”

Damian looks away. His fingers are clenched so tightly around his mug his knuckles are white and his chest is tight with- anger. That’s what it is. Not guilt or regret or- None of the things Father thinks are affecting him. (Although, to be fair, Father does think anger is affecting him as well. And he may not be wrong but. He’s not completely right.)

“Bruce find out you tried to kill him?”

Todd shifts closer, leaning forward so he can reach behind Damian to scratch Titus around the ears. Their arms brush and Damian holds completely still, watching the older boy warily. He and Todd are not enemies, per se, but this… this friendliness is unchartered territory.

“He wants me to apologise,” he says stiffly.

“And you don’t want to." 

"It would not be sincere.”

Todd’s lips quirk upwards but it doesn’t quite become a smile. “That’s not the point.”

Damian frowns, brows furrowing. “Then what is?”

“To teach you a lesson.” Todd shrugs one shoulder, the simple gesture conveying a lot about what he thinks of Bruce’s parenting techniques. “You don’t want to apologise because it would be humiliating, admitting a fault or a weakness. He makes you do it anyway, makes you suffer the indignity of asking for forgiveness. It’s an unpleasant feeling. One you try to avoid in future by not doing whatever you did wrong again.”

“Oh.” When put like that, it makes much more sense. (Some detective he is if he can’t even figure out his Father’s motives.) “So all I have to do to get Robin back is apologise to Drake?”

“It’s a start.” Todd gives Titus one last pat on the head - and an “accidental” one for Damian as well - then scoots backwards until he’s no longer under the table. “Well, hide and seek has been fun, but unlike some members of this family I’m not freakishly short and my spine is not cut out for this kind of contortion.”

“Tt. You’re getting old, Todd.”

He gets a casual middle finger in response, “Respect your elders, Demon Brat.”
“I’m not a Demon!” Damian snarls.

Todd holds his hands up in mocking surrender. “Of course not, my sincerest apologies.” A quick flash of teeth as he grins. “You wanna repeat that back to me? Y'know, for practice.”

His laughter follows him out of the room as Damian scrambles out from under the table and takes off after him. His Father will surely make him apologies for trying to kill Todd as well, but it will surely be worth it to wipe that smirk off his older brother’s face.

anonymous asked:

Ho do you blend skin in photoshop?(or paint skin)

I don’t have any formal tutorials or anything like that so I have just thrown this together to roughly illustrate the order I normally lay things down. I have referenced a Sargent portrait here for his masterful work and exaggeration when handling skin. It’s not in depth by any stretch and for that I apologise. 

I usually start with a large, nebulous blob of whatever the dominant mid tone is. Next I will start to add a little scaffolding for the face and hints of the hue mapping. After that, i will add in the darker values to add form and start to work in the hues with more conviction and then finally, I’ll add the highlights and finish up the rendering. I tend to steer clear of over blending/smudging entirely and will use the airbrush at the very end only if a smooth transition is what’s absolutely needed.  Like I say. not crazy in depth but a little window into my process if nothing else. 

Here are a few little tips from lessons I have learned the hard way >>

Skin is not one solid colour. I know that sounds daft, but it’s a very common mistake beginners make (myself included.) Adding variation to your skin tones really makes a massive difference in terms if character and realism.

Steer clear of the temptation to use straight up white for the white of the eye. I tend to just paint the eye on top of the skin tone and then use neighbouring colours to bring it up or down tonally. Perhaps emphasising the red from the inner corner and a blueish/grey haze round the edge of the iris. 

Use highlights sparingly. If you bring up too large an area, you can end up bleaching out a complexion completely. If you accent too many things with a bright white blob, skin tends to appear wet and glossy.

Try a few exercises away from the airbrush. Push your self into only having a go with texture or hard brushes. Skin is not naturally that smooth and powdery. That’s not to say there’s never a need to use it, but it should not be used unless a subtle blend is what is required at the time. It’s not a brush to lay down any serious ground work with. 

Use the largest possible brush for the job. This is something invaluable I learnt from Harold Speeds book on painting. Be considered and economical with your strokes. You don’t need to render every eyelash, pore, or pearl just merely suggest them. 

Hope this helps :)

peraltuki  asked:

hEy there, chip I could eat, chip I'd love to eat :~))) If request are not open I apologise and you can just ignore this one 🙏 So what about mc being in the roof of her house, she has been there since midnight and it's almost morning already, so rfa + v&saeran get worried she wasn't in bed last night but they found her in the roof and join her watching the view or whatever you want them to do there *grr* Thank you 🌸💕

Omg why ily so much

I hope you like it, dork :3


  • He saw the time and he almost jumps!
  • Oh god, he’s playing LOLOL until now…Better go to bed, you always said to him to not game too much!
  • But when he sees the bed…WHERE ARE YOU?!
  • Oh god, you woke up and saw him in games and you go away?!
  • So he starts to look for you, he’s almost crying…
  • After some minutes looking for you…He’s crying.
  • He searched everywhere, but not the rooftop, he doesn’t believe you were there…
  • But he goes anyway, and when he saw you there he ran to you almost falling!
  • So clumsy…
  • He hugs you crying on your shoulder “MC YOU’RE ALIVE!”
  • You’re surprised by it, Yoosung must learn that is not safe to almost jump on people on the rooftop!
  • “Of course i’m alive Yoosung!” You laugh and he looks at you, you look at the view again “I was…Enjoying the view”
  • “Enjoying the view?How boring” - This was what he thought about it.
  • But he didn’t say anything, he just looks at the view with you…
  • A boring thing that he’s doing for 2 hours from now…When he sees the sun, he almost jumps…Omg, you two are there until now!
  • And he can see you’re tired, he smiles, holding your hand “Let’s go back MC…I can see that you’re tired…”
  • He’ll sacrifice some time in LOLOL just to see the view with you again.
  • The boring thing is one of his favorite things now.


  • MC is not here in the bed yet?
  • OMG
  • Protective Zen activated!
  • He starts to run searches for you, looking even under the bed!
  • He starts to think that something bad happened to you!
  • But then something in him clicked…The stars!
  • He always remembers that moment, he always says that very moment was one of the happiest days of his life…
  • So he goes there.
  • And then he finds you.
  • He sighs, relieved that he was right…He got closer to you “MC…Is very late, you should be in bed by now…”
  • You just smile looking at the stars “They are really beautiful Zen, you were right to be a little fascinated by them…”
  • He smiles…Looks like you remember that moment too.
  • “I can’t even look at them now…My eyes are always locked on you…” He said, smiling ad you look at him and laugh.
  • You hold one of his hands, just like that day.
  • That smile only got bigger on his face…And then he did something that he didn’t do that day…
  • He kissed you.
  • A passionate kiss, while he was pulling you even closer.
  • After that kiss, you two look at each other and laugh.
  • Zen gave you the same smile that he gave you that night…
  • That made you froze for a while, but then you gave a big smile to him…Now he’s blushing…
  • “…It’s better if we go to the bedroom ” He holds your hand running
  • “ZEN…!WAIT!” You yelled while you’re being dragged, laughing


  • She has a flashlight right now, looking for you.
  • Why she can’t find you?
  • Well, if someone is here meant danger, she’ll kick the person’s ass.
  • Don’t even try her.
  • She sighs almost calling Luciel to tell him that you were missing and she was very worried…
  • But then she remembers that she didn’t check the rooftop…
  • That would be silly…But hey, she needs to test all the options.
  • When she gets there and she saw you, she got relieved and confused, why were you there?
  • She was going towards you when she realizes that you were looking at the view…Oh ok, this is understandable.
  • She never gets time to do this, but it must be pleasing…But she doesn’t understand why you’re doing this at this hour?!
  • She sits by your side, you look at her and smile, and look at the sky again…You didn’t  even said a single word.
  • And Jaehee keeps her eyes on you…She never thought that love would get to her, she thought it was silly…
  • But now she is in love.
  • She can’t even think her life without you.
  • Wow…Why is she having those thoughts right now?
  • After some while, Jaehee holds your hand and keep enjoying the view with you…
  • She would even bring some coffee, or something, to you guys, enjoy even more that view.
  • You fell asleep there, Jaehee finds it so cute, she took a picture of it…So she can appreciate it later…
  • She picks you up in bridal style, she already knew that you were going to sleep first, she’s familiarized with “no sleeping”.
  • She carries you, she’s pretty strong, and then she puts you to the bed, lying there too, hugging you before she could sleep again.
  • She loved that experience…She might want to do it again with you…But not so late!


  • You were in one his houses, you guys were on a trip.
  • The place was beautiful, so you couldn’t even sleep, you get out of your bed and go see this view.
  • Jumin was sleeping at that time.
  • When he woke up and didn’t see you by his side, he almost contacts all the security so they could search for you…
  • But first, he decides to look for you himself.
  • After looking everywhere he reminds of the rooftop…Well, he will check it, for precaution.
  • If you’re not there, he’ll call the security.
  • But for his relief, you were there, he sighs “MC what are you doing here? Is late, i got worried, you never know what can ha–”
  • “ I was enjoying the view.” You smile looking at the view, cutting Jumin before he could finish his lecture.
  • He looks at the view, he didn’t quite understand why you were there enjoying the view at this time...But he was worried about your safety in that roof.
  • So he sits beside you, just so he can wrap his arms around you, if you want to enjoy the view, he’ll let you do it.
  • Both of you are there to spend this trip the best way possible, and if you like this, you can have this.
  • And he loves to enjoy this view…Especially with you.
  • Hours and hours were wasted while you and Jumin were talking and talking about the view, life, love, and Elizabeth.
  • You fell asleep, smiling, he looks at you, and then he sighs, in his life he never smiled…But with you, he always does this without even realizing.
  • He picks you up, carrying you carefully to the bedroom…
  • He’ll build something to you sees the view even better than before, maybe it’ll be really safe so Elizabeth can join too…
  • But after that he realizes something…
  • He’s a very happy man.


  • He’s kind of worried about you, it’s so late and you’re not even in bed.
  • He knows that because he’s not going to bed so early, like always, but you always sleep early.
  • Well, you always go first.
  • He was searching for you, he even got out to see if you were outside.
  • When he was outside, he looks at the sky…It was beautiful…And then he smiles.
  • He has an idea where you must be.
  • So he goes to the roof, and there you’re, looking at those stars.
  • He just sits by your side, he holds your hand, smiling, looking at these stars.
  • “One day we will go there MC…It’ll be beautiful…” You laugh and then you look at him.
  • “We’re not shining stars…” He laughs and looks at you too.
  • “This i know…I never said we are.” He got a little closer to you “But you brought to light in my life like them…And you bring me joy…Like them. So i can pretty much say you’re my shiniest star!” 
  • You just smile and look at the stars again.
  • And now he’s just looking at you…Little did you know that your smile is the light of his life.
  • After some time you guys just lay on that roof, and after some more time you two sleep, cuddling under all those stars.
  • This will be something of you two now. 


  • He didn’t feel anything in the bed with him…So you’re not there.
  • His vision is blurry, but he can see that nobody is beside him, so this was a confirmation.
  • V’s really worried right now, he thinks the worst happened to you…
  • Or you decided to leave him… Which was understandable to him.
  • He was walking through the house, calling your name, yelling the loudest he could.
  • Until he listens to you calling him back, he smiles, relieved.
  • But he got worried again after he realizes that you were shouting from the roof!
  • V didn’t know how he get there or how he did it so fast, maybe it was because the thought of losing you…Made him do that.
  • His vision is so blurry, but he can see you…Well, just a little.
  • “MC….Please, what are you doing here…?!” You can feel the desperation in his tone, you just laugh and answer “Enjoying the view.”
  • Oh… So he was so worried for nothing? Actually, he’s worried still.
  • But you grab his hand guiding him to sit by your side, you sigh, “It’s just so beautiful…”
  • …You must be talking about the view, he believes…It’s a pity, he can’t see it. 
  • “Can you describe to me?” You look at him, he just smiles at you “…Please?”
  • So this goes on with you describing what you’re seeing…And what you’re feeling from it.
  • He loves to see the passion in your tone…He can even imagine the scenario.
  • Nothing can compare to you.
  • This looks like a dream, and he’s every day scared that it might be…But it’s not.
  • You’re with him, and he wishes that this moment lasts forever.


  • Even if he doesn’t want you to know it, he’s very concerned about you.
  • And he’s always afraid that someone might have done something to you. So when he sees the time…And you, not in the bed…He almost had a heart attack.
  • He gets out of the bed, looking for you, he sighs not finding you…He put some pants, a shoe, and a sweater so he can get out…Is cold.
  • He gets out, calling you, yelling, then he listens to you yell “HERE!”.
  • He looks to the rooftop, he can’t see very clearly, so he’ll have to go there.
  • When he’s there, he sees you, and with that grumpy face, he walks towards you, sitting by your side.
  • You’re enjoying the sky…He loves to see the sky too, but…He likes to see you even more.
  • But you’re with a fucking dress in this cold!
  • “It’s too cold here MC…” You laugh, before you could say anything, you feel Saeran putting his sweater on you.
  • You look at him, and then you smile, he blushed a little with that grumpy face, but then he holds your hand.
  • After some minutes you two just keep seeing the sky, talking about it. And after some more minutes, he looks at you, and his attention is all in you.
  • When you made a question and you didn’t get an answer you look at him, you two kept looking each other, until he almost jumps on you, giving you a kiss that took all your breath away.
  • After some while, you’re laid down in the rooftop, and he’s on the top of you, kissing you still.
  • Now this place is warm.
Stay Professional Pt.8

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and Suggestive smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (Part 9 will be a continuation) 

Summary: Jimin walks in on your heated argument with Jungkook. Jimin’s job offer still stands. How the cards unfold is frustrating for both parties. If only someone could swallow their pride and make the first move

A/N: this is a lot of angst. 

Panicking, you wiped away your salty tears that rolled endlessly down your cheeks to leave a red tear-stained face. Jungkook opened the door and found himself face to face with Jimin, the last person he had wanted to see. 

“What’s wrong? You look tense.” Jimin lips curled into a sly smile. 

“What do you want?” Jungkook’s voice was cold, disrespectful and Jimin didn’t like it one bit. 

“Is this how you normally talk to your seniors? Looks like I didn’t teach you properly.” He rolled his eyes, letting himself in before stopping his steps at the sight of you in Jungkook’s office. He scanned your flustered expression and turned on his heel to face Jungkook again. 

“Am I interrupting something?” 

Yes. In fact, you are.” Jungkook’s voice sounded evidently annoyed. He was biting on his tongue to stop himself from speaking his toxic thoughts. 

“I-I’ll be taking my leave then, Sir.” You spoke in a quiet voice, the sound of your clacking heels quickly emphasised your goal to escape. 

“Wait.” Jimin grabs you by the arm, forcefully making you stop your way out of Jungkook’s office. He took note of your tear-stained face and looked over at Jungkook again- he had his jaw visibly clenched and eyes adverted to the marble floor. 

“What happened?” Jimin asked although he had a rough idea of what had occurred- as he had planned for this to happen. Only silence had answered him. Jimin eased his grip on your arm and changed his expression into a more gentle one. 

“Tell him Y/N. After all, isn’t he going to be your future employer? After all I did for you, you’re just going to leave me for your own gain.” Jungkook smirked coldly, his gaze pierced through you and your eyes began to water again. 

“I-I can’t believe you’d assume the worst of me.” Your voice started to tremble from rage.

“You’re saying that to me? You just said I’m some kind of fuck boy that only hired you to sleep with you.”

“Essentially that’s what you did! And here I was, thinking that we had something genuine! You’re heartless Jungkook!” You raised your voice, at that point you didn’t care that Jimin was there. You needed to tell him these things and that’s exactly what you were planning to do.

“If I wanted someone to fuck I would’ve paid for a prostitute Y/N! You’re just making stupid assumptions with no evidence! Whilst I have evidence on my side! Written evidence, in fact!” Jungkook angrily pulls out the card from before and threw it in Jimin’s direction. 

“Jimin told me how you were with girls Jungkook. You used them like how you used me. You played with their feelings and you didn’t give a damn about how they might’ve felt!” Jungkook felt a shot to his pride. Essentially, he knew that was the truth, at least in the past. But this time, he had no intention of doing that to you. You made him feel alive again. Every time he was with you, he felt warm- he wanted to see more sides of you and watch you grow under his guidance. You gave him butterflies that he couldn’t tame. 

“And you believe him?” Jungkook gulped, frenzy washed over his face. 

“Why wouldn’t I believe him Jungkook? What would you’ve done if I had fucked you and just left the next morning without a proper explanation? You didn’t even specify what the emergency was- of course I’m going to assume the worst of you!” You massaged your burning headache. It had been a long time since you’d cried this much in front of anybody. Unluckily, it just had to be infront of your boss. Another wave of silence hit the office. This time, the atmosphere thicker than before as Jimin stood planted in his spot, carefully observing the chaos laid out in front of him.

“Why are you here Jimin?” Jungkook’s question was straight-forward. He had no patience left to sugarcoat his thoughts. 

“I was going to discuss Y/N’s situation with you in person. It appears I might’ve made matters a little difficult for the both of you.” Jimin tried to sound sympathetic but it didn’t work because his emotions were fully detached. 

“Yeah you really stirred up shit this time. If this is about your job offer to her go ahead. Not like she’d want to stay with me anyways- she thinks I hired her just to fuck her.” Jungkook growled with rage burning in his stomach. He absolutely hated the idea of you leaving him for Jimin but his dumb mouth didn’t shut up in time.

“I accept your offer Jimin. You’re right, I am a burden to him. In more ways than one so please tell me when I should arrive at your office.” You spoke out, clearly infuriated at Jungkook’s childish behaviour. It was the spur of the moment- but it was a sentence that turned all tables. You didn’t actually plan for this to happen but your lack of professionalism got the best of you. 

If he’s going to play stubborn, I’m going to show him how to do it better. 

You watched as Jungkook’s eyebrows quickly knitted together after processing your words. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting you to reply so quickly to Jimin’s offer. 

“I never said anything about you being a burden.” Jungkook immediately whispered- panic clearly painted on his face as he realised that you were seriously about to leave him. 

“Sorry did you want something else? We already fucked you know.” You smirked at him, giving him his signature cold stare back at him. It shut him up completely. Jungkook was at a loss for words- he had just processed the fact that you were in fact, going to leave his side for Jimin’s. And that seemed completely berserk to him. 

“Y/N. You’re going to regret this. You’re not in your right mind. Don’t do it.” Jungkook warned, his face suddenly terribly close to your own. 

Watch me.” 

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Dirty Laundry - Jack Maynard

Summary: You finally meet your best friend’s boyfriend’s brother, the one who your best friend has been trying to keep away from you.

Word Count: 1578

Warnings: None so far … little bit of swearing maybe?

Author’s Note: So! I was kinda unsure about whether or not I was gonna post this, I wrote it literally months ago and I didn’t know whether I wanted to post this, especially since it actually uses a girls name and not Y/N but i’ve decided to post it. I’m planning on this having between 10 and 15 parts/chapters/etc and yeah let me know if you guys want me to post more.

Originally posted by jack-maynard

Life was a bit fickle sometimes; you never knew what was going to happen from one moment to the next. Sometimes you could predict it; if you spent enough time with certain people then you could usually guess how they would react in particular circumstance. Other times it was a bit trickier to guess where their heads were at. If you were a wallflower, you learnt how to watch people, how to predict their every move. You studied people.

Jack Maynard was not a wallflower, not by a long shot. Jack Maynard was forever the centre of attention, he was the one at the core of every late night party and the surging force behind every boys night out. Jack had always liked having peoples eyes on him for as long as her could remember, that was where he did his best work - with all eyes on him and his actions.

Evie Freudman was not the centre of attention - not if she could avoid it. She had spent most of her teenage years in the shadows, sticking in the dark corner with a book at late night parties and skipping out early on girls nights out to watch netflix in her pyjamas. She was good at reading people; her mother had always said that she could look in someones eyes and be able to see their soul.

“Think fast Jacky Boy!” Conor Maynard’s loud voice echoed in his younger brothers ears as he launched himself onto Jack’s back, causing the younger boy to grunt as he stumbled to regain his balance. Behind him, he could hear Joe and Casper cackling at his expense. Jack groaned as he struggled to balance his older brother on his back, messily punching in the code for their building as all four of them staggered up the stairs to their second story apartment.

The entire building could hear the four boys climbing up the stairwell, which included Conor’s long-term girlfriend, Annie, and her friend, Evie. Annie looked at her friend with wide eyes as she tried to think on her feet. Annie had been friends with Evie for almost five years now, and it had been almost two since they had found each other again in London. During that entire time, Annie had made a concerted effort to keep her pseudo-brother-in-law away from her friend.

It wasn’t that she thought they would make a bad pair - quite the opposite actually - she knew that the two of them were incredibly well matched and that they would complement each other fairly well. She had no doubt that Jack would be able to bring her shy friend a little out of her shell and that Evie would perhaps be able to ground Jack a little and make him care about someone else for once. However, Jack was a notorious fuckboy and she had witnessed many a girl get her heart destroyed by him, and if she could stop Evie from being one of the many, then she would.

Evie had left her family behind in Australia; many of them had already disowned her following her fathers death. She really didn’t have anyone in London besides Annie and a few good friends that she had made at university. If nobody else was going to look out for her wellbeing, then Annie sure as hell would. If that meant keeping Jack Maynard as far away from her as possible, then so be it. Evie was just Jack’s type but he wasn’t mature enough to be what she needed, in Annie’s humble opinion.

Before Annie could even think about hiding Evie from the boys, her boyfriend and his friends were crashing through the front door of their loft apartment. She rolled her eyes before turning to her friend, “I apologise for whatever these dickheads do in the next few minutes,” she offered quickly before topping up Evie’s wine glass. “So whatever happened with that guy you went out with? Scott, was it?” she asked, listening intently as her friend went off on a tangent about the cockhead from her history lecture.

The boys were too busy fucking around in the sitting room to make much notice to the girls in the kitchen, until loud and rambunctous giggles broke through their conversation and causing Jack to look at his older brother in suspicion, “has Annie’s laugh suddenly gone up fourteen octaves?” he asked mockingly. Conor shoved his little brother as he got up to investigate, the three other boys trailing behind him on his journey to the kitchen.

“Little Eve!” Evie spun around at the loud and booming voice of her best friend’s boyfriend, smiling brightly when he came into her field of vision, hoping off of the bar stool to hug Conor tightly. Conor grinned over his shoulder at his girlfriend as he swept her friend off her feet in a massive bear hug, before gesturing to Annie that Jack was behind him and already curious.

“Mr. Annie! How are you? I haven’t seen you in forever!” Evie asked Conor brightly, her smile infectous as both Conor and Annie found themselves mirroring her grin. “I hope you’re keeping my best friend happy, making sure she’s well fed and kept away from young princes,” she implored the young man as she watched Annie roll her eyes before leaning into her boyfriend’s side, a fond smile etching its way onto her face as she looked them over.

Evie absolutely adored  watching Annie and Conor together, it made her infinitely happy to just watch them interact with each other. Despite all the teasing, she was well aware that Conor kept her best friend very very very happy and sexually satisfied (that one she wished she could be less aware of). In all the years that she had known Annie, Evie had never seen her so unapologetically happy and giddy, and she was sure that she had Conor to thank for that. He was good for Annie, a lot of silly and sweet gestures wrapped into a handsome bow.

“He does what he’s told,” Annie filled in for him, leaning up to brush a soft yet meaningful kiss to her boyfriend’s jaw. Evie found herself looking away and blushing shyly, not wanting to intrude on such a sweet and intimate moment between her two friends. Apparently, this was not a feeling that was shared by the other occupants of the room.

From the moment Jack barged into the room, her eyes were on him, drinking him in as he playfully wedged himself between the happy couple. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” he grinned, one arm over each of the couple’s shoulders. His eyes gradually fell on Evie, widening significantly at the clearly shy yet stunning person in front of him. From the way her glasses were perched on the bridge of her nose to the way she would wring her hands together under a strangers gaze; he knew that this was someone he wanted to know.

“And who might this be?” he asked, his focus never leaving the girl in front of him and delighting in the deep blush that seemed to be permanently etched onto her face. It had been a long time since he’d encountered a shy girl that didn’t immediately bore him.

Rolling her eyes, Annie shoved his arm off of her shoulders. “This is my friend, Evie, she’s too good for you,” she introduced, standing next to Evie with her arms crossed over her chest, “Evie, this is Conor’s brother, Jack,” she countered, gesturing to Jack with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Come on, we’re gonna be late for our reservation,” she commented, all but dragging her friend out of the room.

As soon as they had vanished, Jack rounded on his older brother, “What the hell was that about?” he demanded accusingly, his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he waited for Conor’s answer. “How come I’ve never met her before?” he asked with slightly less aggression, “I am charming!” he huffed, his signature pout painted across his face.

“That’s exactly why!” Conor exclaimed, “Look, you’re my brother and I love you, but you’re not exactly the most charming after you sleep with a girl,” he pointed out, placing one hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Evie isn’t a girl who you can ghost and expect her to bounce back, and if you hurt her, then Annie will kill me and I’d really like to keep my girlfriend and my bollocks if you don’t mind,” he snickered.

“So your girl just knows i’m gonna fuck up? That’s a bit cynical don’t you reckon?” Jack scowls, shrugging Conor off. “I’ve had plenty of girlfriends before!” He insinuated, puffy his chest out in indignation.

“And they all wound up hating your guts and blocking you on everything imaginable!” Conor laughs, “Gee Jack, can’t imagine why Annie would wanna keep you away from her friends!” he cackled loudly before leaning back against the counter.

Tilting his head slightly, he took in the determined and confused look on his brothers face, that wasn’t expected. “Look, i’m not getting involved because I’d like to retain my appendages, but Evie’s a big girl, she tends to keep people at arms length but if you’re your usual charming self, maybe she’ll open up to you and if you don’t seriously fuck it up, Annie might even be happy for you.”

“Don’t you want something more than a one night stand?”

Dishwasher Safe - Three

Totally should have given this a sexier name…

“If you wanted to borrow a butt plug you only had to ask, Spencer.”

The look on his face was priceless and you wished you’d had your camera out to record both that, and his fumble as he turned and tossed the butt plug onto the bed.

“I think that one’s probably too large for you anyway, Reid. There’s a smaller one in there, for beginners. And plenty of lube. Just give it a good clean before hand. Who would have thunk it eh? But then again, it is always the quiet ones…. ”

“I wasn’t…. I didn’t…. I’m not…. ”

“Please do try to come up with a plausible excuse as to why you’re going through my drawer of goodies. I’d just love to hear it,” you leaned against your door frame, trying not to smirk like a cheshire cat.

“I was…. I’m not…. Oh God I should just leave,” he spun on the spot and suddenly ploughed forward towards the doorway. You put your hand out in a stop motion.

“Nope. Gonna need an explanation Spencer.”

He cheeks were flushed red and his eyes were wide and darting all over the place like he’d rather look anywhere else in the room than at you.

“I was… I’m…. ”

“Curious?” you decided to throw him a bone. His face suddenly seemed to relax as if that the perfect explanation he’d been looking for. He nodded.

“Fair enough. Why were curious though?”

You saw him hesitate again, his mouth opening and closing a few times like a fish.

“Spencer, just ask. We’re both adults here.”

“Doyoureallyuseallthosethings?” he blurted out.

“Well they’re hardly just for show.”

“By yourself?” he gulped and you laughed.

“No. It’s not exactly safe to handcuff yourself to a bed whilst wearing a plug unless you have a partner that you know is coming home,” you bit your lip, trying to not to laugh.

He goldfished again for a moment. “I should leave…. I’ll just, I’ll check into a hotel.”

“No. Sit your butt down on the bed Reid.”

He didn’t move so you crossed the room and stood in the front of him, placing your hand on his chest and pushing firmly but gently. “Sit your butt down on the bed.”

He sat.

“Does it bother you knowing that I have all these things?”

He shook his head slightly and shifted uncomfortably.

“So what then?”

Spencer decided to twist the truth oh slightly. Because it did bother him but not in a bad way. Well, he guessed it depended on how you looked it. “I just…. Given your age and that you’re a single female, statistics would state that it would be expected for you to have a sex toy of some sort…”

Good old Spencer, reverting to statistics when he was nervous.

“I just didn’t expect you to have so many.”

“You mean you didn’t expect to discover that I’m a kinky little freak?”

“No! Wait… Yes?” he scrunched his nose up and frowned.

“Well it’s not really something I go shouting about to be honest. There’s some things your colleagues just don’t need to know.”

He wanted to ask so many questions suddenly. So many inappropriate questions.

“I’m your colleague though, and I know.”

This was true and there were reasons you weren’t freaking out about that fact. But you weren’t getting in to them just yet. “You do. But I hardly think you’re going run into work on Monday and start discussing my toy and outfit collection with the rest of the BAU.”

“Outfits?!?” he squeaked.

“Oh yeah. Top drawer is toys, second drawer is mainly restraints and gear, third drawer is stuff for role play.”

You could see that his poor little mind was being blown. Not because any of this was stuff that he didn’t know about. Given how fast he read and some of the stuff he said on cases, you knew he had knowledge of certain kinks. He just wasn’t expecting to ever associate them with you.

“Y/N, I should just… I’m gonna…. This is weird. I’m sorry for not respecting your privacy…. I’m just going to go.”

“Why is it weird Spencer? We all have our little kinks, our little fantasies. Some people just actually go through with them and act them out. That’s not weird. Tell me that you didn’t see anything in that drawer that made you wonder…. ”

“I’m sorry, I… I can’t.” With that, he jumped up from the bed and scurried out of the room, the apartment door slamming a few seconds later.

You sighed. That was a shame, you thought to yourself. But then again, he’d gone from seeing one dildo to a whole drawer of treasures. And from having the knowledge that you weren’t just the sort of girl to use toys but that you were the sort of girl who liked to role play, liked to act things out. That was a lot.

He wouldn’t say anything to the others, you knew that much. Spencer wasn’t like that, which was why you got on with him so well. You trusted him. And recently, since the dishwasher incident you’d started to wonder whether there might be something else there too. Being the profiler that you were it was easy to pick up on the slight changes in his behaviour to you over the past few days. The looks, the flushes on his cheeks. When you’d called him earlier, you hadn’t been running late. And your drawer had purposely been left ajar. You just wanted to see. See whether what you suspected was true. Because if it was, then he might ask well find about THAT side of you now, so that he could run the mile so many other guys did when they found out.

But he HAD ran. So…

Spencer spent the new few hours walking around the city, slipping in and out of bookshops and cafes, his mind in overdrive. Should he leave, move into a hotel for the next few months? Should he just go back and pretend that nothing has happened?

Because, what had happened really? He’d discovered a side of Y/N that he didn’t expect. And realised whilst the initial discovery had been a shock, now it just added a number of new images to his brain. When she’d stood in front of him and pushed him down onto the bed he’d had to suddenly think of crime scenes, dead bodies, anything to stop himself getting turned on. Cos that’s what had started to happen. The change in her voice had been slight but the command was there and her touch had been firm. He could only imagine what it would be like if….. Well, if they’d been doing something else.

Her attitude towards him not respecting her privacy had been a surprise to him as well now he thought about it. It was like she’d been expecting him to go through her things although that couldn’t be right at all. But she’d been so open with him, not angry at all. She trusted him, she’d said.

After nearly four hours out of the apartment he decided to return. It was getting late and cold. He’d just apologise to her and leave it at that. He didn’t want to make things weird and his little, well whatever it was, would go away. When he returned she was sprawled on the couch watching a movie, dressed in her pajamas. Seeing him enter she glanced over and paused the film.


“Erm hi. Listen, Y/N. I’m super sorry about earlier. I disrespected your privacy and I don’t even really know why. I seem to have turned into some pervy little teenager who let curiosity get the better of him just because he saw a sex toy,” he laughed, trying to make the situation light hearted. “It won’t happened again, and I’m sorry if it seemed like I freaked out as well. I was just surprised that’s all. And I really shouldn’t have been. It’s all completely normal and perfectly healthy and….” he realised he was over killing his apology when her lips started to twitch up.

“Anyway. I’m sorry. I’d really appreciate it if we could just forget about the whole thing?”

She hesitated slightly, her eyes watching him carefully.

“Sure, if that’s what you want.”

“Thank you. I’ll leave you to your movie then. Good night,” he started to walk away but she called out his name, stopping him.

“Spencer. Before you go I just have one question. When you found all those things and realised what they implied, you were shocked. That much was obvious. But was it disgust or were you intrigued?”

Spencer thought carefully about his answer. On one hand it would be easier to say disgust and just explain it that none of the that was his sort of thing. But the truth was, he didn’t know if it WAS his sort of thing or not.


Y/N nodded, her face clear and not giving any reaction. She turned back to her movie and unpaused it. “Night Spencer.”

“Goodnight Y/N.”

He couldn’t sleep. He’d been lying there for a few hours, hearing Y/N enter her bedroom around thirty minutes ago. His brain wouldn’t shut off again and he was fidgety and restless. Maybe he’d just go back to the living room, grab a beer or something and watch some TV. Try to distract himself. Yes, that’s what he’d do.

He climbed out of bed and exited the guest room he’d been staying in, trying not to make any noise as he walked passed Y/N’s room. Her door was slightly ajar and he didn’t want to wake her.

Turns out he didn’t have to worry about that. As soon as he passed her doorway he heard her. Moaning and gasping.

Oh good lord. Go back to your room Spencer or continue to the living room.

Except, he couldn’t move. The sounds he was hearing were delicious and he couldn’t stop his brain starting to form images of her lying on her bed, fucking herself. What was she using he wondered? Just her fingers, or one of the many toys she had. His dick grew hard and as she whimpered again he knew that he wasn’t going to walk any further. At least not until the noises stopped. He leaned against the wall, his hand rubbing over himself as he listened to her gasps, her breaths catching in her throat. He closed his eyes and just decided to go with it, trying not to think of what a pervert he was being right now. Slipping his hand into his pajama pants Spencer took hold of his cock, sliding his hand up and down it as Y/N’s moans filled his ears, his head lolling back and hitting the wall softly. He paused, hoping she hadn’t heard that and when her groans continued so did he.

He became so engrossed in the act of getting himself off that he didn’t notice the sound of her bed creaking, or that her gasps had become further apart.

He didn’t notice her door open all the way either until she spoke to him.

“So are you just going to stand outside all night or are you actually going to come in?”

Request: Last Words

Request: (i love your blog so much omg!!) imagine dean dying (in 9x23) and the reader is crying beside him and tells him he loves him (she is a good hunter friend of the winchesters and bobby and has been in love with dean for years, but never had the guts to tell him and she was afraid he doesn’t return her feelings). could you write how he confronts her about her last words to dean as demon!dean and cured!dean? :) i’d love you forever!!

Word Count: 1,681


He’s dead. Dead and gone, eyes as vacant as a burnt out shack and still as stone. You leave them alone for five damn minutes and this happens – you wish you could be angry. You wish you could cry. You wish you could feel anything other than this deep, dark numbness that has settled and made its home in every crack and crevice of your mind and soul.

Even now, in the earliest hours of the morning, sat in a room with the bloody, hollowed-out husk of your best friend since childhood; the love of your life, you feel nothing but cold inside. Even when you reach forward and take his hand in yours – he isn’t stiff to the touch, but he’s cold in an unnatural way that prickles its way down your own spine and rests as a deadweight in your stomach.

“I’m sorry.” You don’t realise that the words are there until they’re out of your mouth and in the open air, into the infinite distance between you, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I was never there.”

Logically speaking, it hadn’t been your fault – they’d left in the earliest hours of the morning with their GPS off and no way of tracking them. They’re excellent trackers, which makes them better hiders – you’d tried to get your hands on them, but there had been no point in it – when the Winchesters didn’t want you to find them, there was no hope of you achieving it. So you’d given up and hidden in the bunker, researching and cleaning and tidying files and the next time the door opened it was Sam, tears running clear channels through the blood on his face, relaying a tale that began the infection of apathy in your heart.

It’s not like you expected a response anyway, but you go on nonetheless, “I hate myself. I hate that I let this happen, I hate that I wasn’t there. Why couldn’t you just let me be there?” They’d been excluding you from the big leagues for a long time – you know it came from a place of love, so you’d rarely objected – and look where it had gotten all of you.

“Why couldn’t you just see it, Dean?” You don’t realise that wet, hot tears are sliding down your face until they drop down onto your chest, making you gasp shakily, “I loved you. Love you. More than anything in this damn world and you still went and died on me, you asshole. Again.

“You’d never let me protect you. Not even from the things I could protect you from. I hated you for that – or at least, I wanted to. But I could never hate you.”

You pull your hand out of his, instead rubbing your hands over your face and raking them through your hair, “God. I hate saying it. I never wanted to – I didn’t think you’d ever feel the same. I didn’t see why you ever would. But I loved you, and I don’t think that’s ever going to stop, whether I want it to or not.”

After that, you let silence take control of the room again, but remain there with him for a few minutes longer, until you can’t bear it anymore. Only then do you stand slowly, releasing his hand for the final time and stepping back.

“Goodnight, Dean.”


The scream echoes through the bunker, reverberating through your bones even through the pillow you’ve buried your face in. It’s completely inhuman; perverse and wrong in every way – but it’s still Dean, and his pain still makes you want to run to him and take it on for yourself. You’re sure Sam feels the same, but you haven’t even been able to look him in the eye for weeks, never mind start a discussion about his brother.

Eventually, you have to give in – it’s late, and as exhausted as you are, Sam must be more so. It’s not like you’re going to be able to sleep anyway, so you shuffle out of bed – despite only being in your pyjamas – and pull an oversized hoodie over your head so the cold of the bunker doesn’t freeze you through during your excursion.

As soon as Sam catches sight of you coming down the corridor, his eyes widen, but he stands up a little straighter.

“What are you doing?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. You take a deep breath, steel yourself, and offer the most blasé smile you can muster.

“I’m coming to take guard for a while. You’re the one bleeding yourself dry for this. Go get yourself some rest, I’ll come and wake you when it’s time for the next dose.”

Sam hesitates before nodding, but eventually has to agree – he looks ten years older, the bags beneath his eyes more pronounced than ever and his face gaunt and pale – but before he goes, he clasps your shoulder carefully.

“Y/N, be careful. That thing… it’s not Dean in there. Not the Dean you know. He doesn’t mean what he’s saying. He just wants to hurt you.”

“I’ve dealt with demons before. Don’t worry, Sam, I’ve got this, I promise.”

He nods, not bothering to elaborate any further before he squeezes your shoulder, then walks past you, heading for his room with a slump to his shoulders that would bring a lump to your throat if it wasn’t already full.

You hang around outside, battling curiosity versus courage for a few moments before eventually pushing your way into the room. Dean’s attention snaps to you instantly, and he grins, feral and wild. You swallow, pushing your hands into the pocket of your hoodie and standing before him, feeling oddly exposed.

“Y/N. I’d bring you a cup of tea, but…” He tugs at the restraints on his arms, then sighs melodramatically, “I take it Sam needed a break?”

“I told him to go for one. I figured you could use my wonderful company for a while.” You shrug, slowly walking over to the table Sam had laid out the syringes and holy water on, then sit yourself down on top of it, letting your legs hang down with your bare feet just barely brushing the floor.

“Bless your heart. Always were such a martyr, weren’t you?”

“I think you preferred to take that title, don’t you?” You hit back, perhaps too quickly, because he grins, rolling his eyes and blinking, to turn his gaze to obsidian. You struggle not to flinch at the sight.

“Only because you were too weak to do anything real.” He smirks, going in where he knows it’ll upset you, “Too weak and too slow. Never as good as us.”

“I know.” You shrug, obscuring your hurt with nonchalance, “But you still kept me around for some reason.”

“I cared for you.” He spits, “God only knows why, but I liked you. Loved you, even. I liked having you here.”

“But not now?”

He shrugs, “It’s fun to watch your little mind screaming in there, but other than that you’re a bit of a good-for-nothing. You’d understand if you were me, Y/N: you’re pretty much worthless.”

You narrow your eyes at him, carefully standing from the table and taking a tentative step backwards, towards the door – you can keep watch from outside just as easily.

“Goodnight, Dean.”


Sam wobbles out of the room, just barely able to support his brother – his human brother. Cas keeps watch too, just a pace behind them, whereas you’ve spent the last half-hour making sure that Dean’s room is just right. You’re not out of the woods yet, but… he’s human again. As long as he makes it through the night, you’ll be safe.

You volunteer yourself for first watch – you’d managed to evade his rampage by being out getting food at the time, so you feel like it’s only fair. You pull up a seat by his bed, and read while he sleeps, looking up every minute or so to make sure he’s still breathing.

He sleeps for a full twelve hours before even stirring, but when he does, he groans, turning onto his back and squinting against the dim lamplight the room is bathed in.


“Y/N?” He peers at you, and immediately his face clouds with guilt and his eyes fill with tears, “God, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that.” You assure him, reaching out and taking his hand in both of yours, “We’ve all done it, Dean. Said things we don’t mean while under the influence of something nasty.”

“It wasn’t true.” His voice is scratched and broken, and you nod, trying to get him to relax and be quiet.

“I know. I knew you didn’t mean it.” You promise him, offering a small smile, “Sleep, Dean, it’s fine. Get rested, and we can talk later.”

“I don’t want to sleep until you promise you’re fine.”

“I’m fine. I promise.”

A long pause hangs between you for a few moments, and then he finds your hand, twining your fingers with his, “I meant some of it.”

“Which part?”

“About liking having you around. About loving you.” His voice snags on the word, but he continues nonetheless, “I’m sorry I never told you. I just-“

“Shut up. Stop apologising.” You insist, moving from the chair to perch on the bed beside him, “Listen to me. There is nothing I’d like to do more than have this discussion – Dean… I like you too. Love you. Whatever. But it’s a complicated thing, and one I’m not willing to have until we’ve slept, showered, and had a greasy-ass BLT. How’s that for a plan?”

He smiles, albeit weakly, “That’s my girl.”

“Absolutely. Now sleep, Dean, you’re exhausted.”

He nods, not bothering to protest it, but shuffling back a bit on the bed and pulling the cover open.

“Stay with me?” He requests, and you don’t have the willpower to say no. You slip into the bed beside him, allowing him to wrap an arm around you protectively and nestle his face into the hollow between your neck and shoulder.

“Goodnight, Dean.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”