i apologise for the hugeness of this

I’m tired of idiots complaining about ‘overly-sensitive millennials who cry if they get misgendered’. These priveleged people throw around the term ‘misgendered’ with a smirk, as if they haven’t heard anything so ridiculously amusing.

The majority of people who are misgendered do not care if it is done innocently. If you misgender someone, simply apologise and ask them what pronouns they would like you to use in the future. Simple. Not a huge task. 

But these people are rarely referring to those instances. They mean the circumstances in which a person is misgendered on purpose. This is harassment and bullying. If you know someone uses feminine pronouns and you use masculine pronouns to offend them, then it is harassment.

People roll their eyes and think that this is a stupid millennial idea. That people simply want to feel special by making everyone ask everyone else what pronouns they use. First of all, this would not break society. It would not cause a massive disruption to anyones day. Second, all anyone is asking, is to be treated with respect.

The people who maliciously misgender others and then roll their eyes about it are no different to any other bully who feels threatened by change. These are the same kind of people who have discriminated against all other minority groups (and continue to do so).

Stop letting these idiots play the victim. THEY are the ones who are wanting to feel special. They can’t accept the idea that the gender binary is not the be all and end all. They don’t care about the fear people go through to come out as trans or non binary or genderqueer or anything other than what they consider ‘normal’. All they care about is that THEY are being inconvenienced. And they are too arrogant to consider other points of view. 

If you see or hear someone laughing or complaining about this issue, please speak up (if it is safe for you to do so). We need to change the mindset that bullying is okay!!!

More Sober Reflections

So, I made a post with some immediate, off-the-cuff reactions right after watching. Now, I’ve been discussing this privately with a ream of different people, checking my dash every so often to see what other people are thinking, and mulling things over on my own, and I have some new thoughts. 

I think that one of my biggest issues with this episode is consistency of characterisation. It sounds ridiculous to accuse the men who created this version of these people of writing their own characters out of character, but it feels strongly that way to me. Let’s start with Mary: 

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How on earth did this happen?! (I honestly do nothing worthwhile on this blog~!) Another promo post in such a short period of time, how it flies! Goodness, this post will be very long, so I will be adding a small tag underneath for all those who I’ve tagged! When I do consider it, 150 wonderful people is such a huge group following this small blog, it still amazes me how much encouragement I receive daily for my portrayal of Kaede, despite how little of the game I am knowledgeable about! Each and every single one of you have contributed so much to my experience here, making my experience in the Danganronpa RP fandom absolutely memorable, therefore, without further ado, here is the list of those who deserve such a big mention for making this milestone happen! 

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In London he felt his teachers were more interested in trying to make him sound British than in actually teaching him to act. “They were concerned a lot about the way that I delivered the words, and I was like, ‘This is not my first language.’ There was an assumption that you were there because you wanted to work on the British stage.” […]

He became hugely successful, on a level that drama school had not prepared him for at all. His instructors were later forced to agree that they had been wrong. Bernal remembers getting into conversation with them six or seven years after he had left the school. “[One of the directors] said: ‘Man, we have to apologise.’ I was like, ‘Why?’ ‘Yeah, because we were failing you because of who you were. And we were not teaching you theatre. We were teaching you how to act in English.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you bastards!’” [x]

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Hey hey hey ~ I low-key read all of these imagines at once and now I'm shook because these give me life. Could I request the paladins ( + Allura) with staying up with their wife (feel free to make this gender neutral) and their newborn because the baby needs to be fed every two hours, even in the early hours of the morning. I hope that makes sense I apologise if it doesn't, thank you, keep up the good work ❤

Shiro: Shiro is a huge night owl so he’s used to helping you out with the baby early in the morning and late at night. Shiro secretly enjoys the experience of caring for your child so he does help out more than necessary. 

Keith: Keith tries to hide how tired he is until he ends up sleeping right next to the baby because he fell asleep after feeding the baby. You have to wake him up and he seems so out of it that you leave him next to the crib.

Lance: Lance takes some time to get adjusted but he does it fairly quickly so Lance gets used to waking whenever the baby cries. He really does enjoy holding your child. 

Hunk: Hunk is very nurturing so he doesn’t have much of an issue with feeding the baby if you don’t want to. He even does some research as to what the baby will eventually need. 

Allura: Allura has experience with children from Altea so she’s used to dealing with children. When the kid first cries out, Allura is there in a second, caring for the baby so when you get there everything’s already taken care of.  

Pidge: Pidge sets up a full schedule for feeding the baby so everything is down to a set science. This works well until Pidge loses the schedule and they have a small mini-breakdown. However, they get over this and make more plans.

so we always need more polish music & youtube channels, right? right!

disclaimer: i can’t claim to love everything on this list, but some previous music lists i’ve seen floating around have “popular polish songs” which quite frankly  consists mainly of shitty rap (or so it seemed). so everything here is at least considered listenable by my own standards. in terms of youtube channels the same applies. also i find it difficult to understand what others like in gaming channels so i put a bunch down in case someone likes them

p.s. i apologise if any of these songs have offensive lyrics - i did my best to listen out but i will miss some

also huge thanks to @szysia who threw a ton of suggestions my way, this list would not have been as long or varied in genre without you! also thanks to @ atychifobia666 for theirs!


kapelanka - pociąg
B.R.O. - mówiła mi
taco hemmingway - deszcz na betonie
mrozu - rollercoaster
dawid podsiadło - pastempomat
jan traczyk - już wiem
jopel - katharsis
coma - spadam
wilki - love story
kult - madryt (it’s certainly a different kind of polish rap, i’ll give them that!)
bartas szymoniak - alarm
elektryczne gitary - killer
big cyc - facet to świnia (i like this one, v bouncy)
kacper hta - w tej grze
kasia nowak - jesteś jestem (i hate the video but the song’s decent)
extra - kino
lady pank - tacy sami
bajm - biała armia
enej - lili
piersi - bałkanica (i’m not sure how i feel about this song… i definitely liked it more the second time i heard it though)
maria peszek - ej maria
coma - sto tysięcy jednakowych miast (i prefer the live version but here’s the album one if live stuff puts you off)
daria zawialow - malinowy chrusniak
sylwia grzeszczak - karuzela
sylwia grzeszczak - tamta dziewczyna (i think the above song is better but apparently this is really popular in poland right now and poles get annoyed if you start singing it so i had to add it :P)
extra - wyjechać (i’m not sure how likeable the song is, it took me a few tries, but i really like the video so….)
feel - a gdy jest już ciemno (this has a very killers feel to it which i like)
myslovitz - nocnym pociągiem aż do końca świata
ich troje - tobą oddychać chcę


abstrachujetv - comedy. they recently about grandmas/grandsons switching roles and also what you think at the hairdressers that i really liked
rezigiusz - gaming
agnieszka grzelak vlog - food. they eat various japanese food and review it.
ponki - comedy. i really liked the interactive one (worst day of my life). they also seem to do videos of jokes sent in by viewers which is v good for getting an understanding of double meanings/puns!
5 sposbów na - how to. does what it says on the tin
katie x - vlog
madzio - gaming. they post a lot (twice a day it seems)
red lipstick monster - beauty/how to
poszukiwacz - entertainment. they seem to talk about videos they find on the internet?  (like a better version of you’ve been framed) 
deejaypallaside - vlog/entertainment 
tvgrypl - gaming. not a gamer, but top tens and game info etc.
polimaty - education. the first polish channel i ever subscribed to :’) they do language-ish videos occasionally which are really interesting
blowek - entertainment? i liked the one where they tried to see if a quiz could guess their name haha
disowskyy - gaming
vege tu jemy - cooking (vegan)
beksy - comedy
hvis - kids. seems to upload english programs in polish. idk why but i really liked the marta mówi ones (these regularly explain synonyms/turns of phrases which is v useful!) 
dealereq - gaming. minecraft
wiśnia - education/entertainment. top tens and information/explanations 
isamuxpompa - gaming
topowa dycha - education/entertainment. top tens and information
martin stankiewicz - comedy 
jakub król - beauty/vlog 
smiechawatv - comedy 

The following is what happens when you are missing one of your favourite shows, are watching the current season of another favourite show, and have a best friend that also watches both shows. I apologise for nothing and blame everything on her smurfiness @iamthegaysmurf​.

Headcanon: Waverly Earp is a HUGE fan of the British Drama Call the Midwife!

  • She talks about it so much that one day Wynonna and Nicole decide to binge watch it so that they at least know what she’s babbling on about.
  • Doc joins them around season three - he often cries more than they do.
  • Waverly comes home one night to find Nicole firmly tucked up against her sister, Wynonna softly stroking her hair. - a quick glance at the screen in front of them shows Patsy scrubbing furiously at a dirty window, Waverly understands. Later, Wynonna and Nicole greet Waverly with shouts of “We trusted you!” when she re-enters the room before Nicole breaks down - “They were so happy Waverly. They were happy and now… Now… What? Am I supposed to be grateful that Delia isn’t dead? Is that what they want? I just… I can’t…”
  • Doc returns to the Homestead, miraculously in time for the Xmas special, with beer and Nicole’s favourite chocolates - he was going to pick her some flowers but thought better of it.

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So the cards are written, with a huge thanks to the brilliant @takemeawaytocamelot who helped me draft what I wanted to say.

I said absolutely how thrilled I was to see the Calendar up in the Make-Up trailer and how happy I am that it is travelling with them to South Africa and I explained about each of the costumes for the Gift Dolls too.

And in Sam’s card I specifically apologised for not sending him a Calendar at Christmas and hoped that giving him his very own DollJamie (with his very own sword) made up for it, 😬😆

A Christmas Proposal

A Christmas Proposal (Or the one in which Dan proposes after six years of trying to muster up the courage). Huge smut warning on this story!


Welcome to my #3 Christmas Phanfic. I apologise for the lateness of this, but my youngest daughter has been unwell! =/ Thankfully, she’s better now though.

Okay, so this was meant to be a sweet, fluffy, proposal story, but it turned into a complete smut fest! I would say I’m sorry, but truth be told, I’m not! ;) So enjoy!

You know what legit pisses me off? 

“strong” female characters who’s narratives constantly revolve around them making mistakes and apologising. Like can you imagine a lead male character on a show’s only development is him making mistakes and saying sorry and apologising?

What makes it worse is that the main culprits for this are shows and books and film’s aimed squarely at teenage girls, this is the narrative that young girls are most exposed to. All the way up from disney channel to major franchises like The Hunger Games it’s seen again and again and again.

Even in shows where the characters themselves have huge potential, The 100′s Clarke is a strong, outspoken leader to her people but is constantly attacked and isolated for her decisions, always having to return and apologise (particularly to male characters) for putting her own moral convictions above their feelings. I mean jesus christ the only person who never passed judgment on her was Lexa, so when Lexa was killed off it was a very clear message, that Clarke does not deserve happiness and fulfilment from any other source than male characters and that these two powerful independent women didn’t deserve happiness of their own. 

Supergirl showed great potential (and continues to for Alex and Maggie) but yikes their obvious avoidance of letting Kara become a “mary sue” has allowed them to come to this point where Kara’s development consists purely of supporting other (apart from Alex, male) characters and apologising after she shows any level of personal conflict or dares to have opinions on things, i mean what is the whole Red K storyline other than a way to punish Kara for daring to have bad thoughts? And i mean fair enough if the whole show and every character focuses on morality and responsibility, but characters like Winn and Mon El do bad things, don’t apologise for it but get the same level of love and support because they’re white dudes and “charming” so its fine.

Like please can we have some unapologetic strong female characters who aren’t punished for everything they do? That would be real nice, thanks.

Has Tom Hiddleston damaged his brand? - BBC News
Two media commentators discuss whether recent headlines about the British actor have dented his image.

[Even though this is not news per se I decided to post this. It gives perspective on the whole thing.]

The last few months haven’t been too easy for Tom Hiddleston.

In September, he and former girlfriend Taylor Swift broke up after three months together amid accusations their relationship was a publicity stunt.

Then, in January, he apologised for an “inelegantly expressed” winner’s speech at the Golden Globes in which he referred to aid workers in South Sudan “binge-watching” The Night Manager.

This time last year, the actor was riding the crest of a wave.

After starring in hugely successful BBC drama The Night Manager as well as the big-screen adaption of JG Ballard’s High-Rise, he was a hot favourite to be the next James Bond.

But have his off-screen actions since done damage to his brand?

“Some of the recent headlines have been unhelpful,” admits Mark Borkowski, a strategic PR consultant.

“There are events that happen and they’re not thought-through properly, and the nature of being caught up with Taylor Swift’s gang and not thinking it through strategically has undone him.

“Sometimes people don’t recognise the power of their brand, and often you can’t conduct yourself in the way you think you can.”

But Steven Gaydos, vice-president and executive editor of Variety, thinks Hiddleston is still a hot property, despite his recent PR mishaps.

“I don’t think anything he’s done to date has put any serious dent into his career,” he told the BBC.

“He’s a fantastic actor doing fantastic work. He has a fan-base and he’s delivering the goods.

"These are just missteps - somebody doing something that causes chatter. In this case Tom Hiddleston made a speech and people thought it was silly, or he dated a woman and people thought it was a little bogus.

"He’s not going to be hauled in front of the courts for any of this.”

Nonetheless, it’s fair to say HiddleSwift brought Tom a great deal of negative attention.

Some fans thought the couple were being suspiciously open about their relationship, leading to accusations that all was not what it seemed.

Hiddleston has now defended his relationship with Swift in an interview with GQ, saying: “Of course it was real.”

He also said the ‘I ♥ T.S. [Taylor Swift]’ tank top he was photographed wearing was “a joke”, explaining he was lent it by a friend to protect a graze from the sun.

The actor said the pictures of him wearing the shirt were taken “without consent or permission”, and that fans and the media had “no context”.

“I was just surprised that it got so much attention,” he said. “The tank top became an emblem of this thing.”

So is this latest interview simply damage limitation? “Absolutely,” says Mark Borkowski.

“I don’t think Tom Hiddleston knew at the time just how big a brand he was. Now he does know that and has to think carefully.”

"This GQ interview is an example of putting the record straight and trying to get a narrative together to try and recover from some poorly judged moments.”

Borkowski adds: “There’s a beautiful naivety about Tom Hiddleston that is projected through this interview where he’s trying to talk directly to his fans. This is material you put there for them.”

Hiddleston himself admits in the interview: “A relationship in the limelight takes work. And it’s not just the limelight. It’s everything else.

"And I’m still trying to work out a way of having a personal life and protecting it, but also without hiding.”

Gaydos has a lot of sympathy for the 36-year-old on the Taylor Swift front.

“Imagine you just met someone and you’re having a relationship and the whole world is watching. It’s like snakes all around you,” he says.

“I’d hate to to live in a fish bowl and have every move analysed, with people saying you’re a fraud, your relationship is a fraud, everything you’re doing is insincere and fake.”

Hiddleston has two films coming out later this year  - Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island. Gaydos says the film studios won’t be particularly worried about Hiddleston’s off-screen actions.

“They’re worrying about the tracking. If the trailer goes out for Kong and the response isn’t strong or the awareness of the movie isn’t high, that’s what they’re really concerned about,” he says.

“Tom has not ventured anywhere near the space where we’ve seen stars screw up their careers and really damage their star wattage.”

Borkowski adds: “Anything is recoverable in this day and age.

"Last week we were hearing about the death of the David Beckham brand, but we’d forgotten about it by Thursday.

"Things move so quickly now, so it is always about recovery.”

So like it’s already Valentine’s Day here in Australia and as much as I try to deny that I care about this stupid day (which I don’t) I can’t help but just feel lonely today? It’s just a huge reminder of how much people don’t care about me in that way and I don’t know I guess it’s a little hard on my self esteem today. So I apologise if I’m kinda down today, now you know why.


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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader/ Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST:  Excuse me miss. Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan and have a request of a story for you. I was wondering if you could have a girl be with Steve or Bucky and break up to fall for the other one. Thanks so much. Love you!

For @nicolemt23 and @mullinhore

A/N: Bucky is kind of a dick in this, so I apologise now. Also this is a long one. 

Y/N sat in her apartment, staring out the window. It was raining out, which wasn’t surprising for this time of the year. She had packed up all of her belongings and her driver was scheduled to be there in an hour. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to go home yet but the mission was over and it was time. It had been a year since she had been home to the facility and when she left she hadn’t said goodbye to anyone. In fact the only people who she has had contact with for the past year were Nick Fury and Steve. She had asked Nick not to tell the others where she was and he promised to keep it between the two of them. She ended up sending Steve an email a few months after she left saying that this was her choice and that she knew it was for the best. After that she cut contact with him, not allowing him to reply. Sitting at that window she thought back to where it all went wrong.

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A Drop In The Lake (Remus x Reader)

A/N: Hello :) It’s been a week since i’ve written a fan fic and I apologise. I’ve been very busy in finding a new University. Anyways, I hope you like this reader- insert. It’s my first time to write about Remus John Lupin. 

(Gif’s not mine)

Huge shoutout to my good friend, Menna ( monumentalsolstice ) for requesting this. You’re so nice *hugs* I hope you like this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay as you are >:D<

Word Count: 2359

Setting: Marauder’s Era

Snowflakes fell silently on the ground, your black sandals leaving small footsteps across the grounds. You pulled your coat closer to your body for it was exceptionally cold today. You were dressed quite warmly; a bonnet was on your head, earmuffs on your ears and mittens upon your hands. Enclosed in it was a small book. It was a leather-bound book with golden letters on it; it was your favourite book.

Your best friend, Remus gave it to you as a Christmas gift and you were hooked. The book never left your side. You carried it wherever you went for the story resonated within you. It was about a werewolf who fell in love with a young girl. You never knew why you loved the story. It just seemed natural to you. It was the kind of story that kept you thirsty for more.

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Heartbreaks and “I Love You’s”

I love your writing so so much omw! I was wondering if you could do a one shot imagine-y thingy where y/n’s a short muggle born gryffindor who’s best friends with the twins even though they’re a year older than her, but y/n and George have a massive full blown argument and end up saying really nasty things to each other? But they’re both stubborn so they continue on being dismissive/nasty to each other until Fred gets really sick of it and tries to get them to make up? Sorry it’s so specific!💕😊 by anon

I was wondering if you could write me a one shot where I’m a Hufflepuff and George and I are dating and we get into a huge fight because he plays a mean prank on me but then he apologises and we make up? (P.s. The fluffier the better at the end ;) ) thanks! by anon

“Screw you, George Weasley! Screw you!”

“Come on, love. It was a harmless prank!”

“Harmless?! My hair is blue, and my homework is destroyed.”

“It’s not that bad!”

“Yes, George! Yes, it is!”

“Look, I’m sorry.”

“That’s not enough.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Y/N… are you breaking up with me?”

“I just think we need some time away from each other.”

“Y/N, it was accident! I am so sorry! I didn’t mean for-”

“I’m sorry, George.”

In the Great Hall, the entire school was gaping at the doors. Footsteps echoed, a pause, and then more footsteps. Over at the Gryffindor table, Fred Weasley dropped his spoon, causing his soup to splash.

“Bloody hell,” he whispered.  

“Did that just happen?” Lee Jordan asked, turning to face his ginger friend.

“I believe it did.”

“What’d the poor guy do?”

Fred sighed. “He cast a spell so blue paint would spill on someone if the stepped in a certain place. The prank didn’t have a target, so I guess it accidently hit Y/N.”

“I’n looking forward to this,” Lee groaned.

“What’d you mean?”

“They’re both so stubborn,” the boy replied. “They’ll kill each other before either one of them apologizes.”

“They’ll be fine,” Fred laughed. “It’s George and Y/N. They’ll be back together within a week.”

A week passed, and George and Y/N were still at each other’s throats. The two were constantly arguing, even about the smallest things. Eventually, the hollering and screams faded into harsh comments and cold glares before dwindling into just flat out ignoring one another. Not only were they cruel to everyone, but it was effecting Lee and Fred as well. The two were constantly scowling, and the happy quartet that Hogwarts knew was gone.

“I hate this,” Fred complained, letting his head fall onto the table he and Lee were sitting at in the Gryffindor Common Room. 

“I told you that they wouldn’t forgive each other,” Lee muttered.

“Shut it.”

Lee opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by shouting. Across the room, George and Y/N were arguing once again. George said something, and Y/N scoffed, tossing her still blue hair over her shoulder.

“Whatever, Weasley.” She growled before heading up the stairs to her dorm. George groaned, running a hand through his hair as he walked over to sit with his twin and friend.

“So…” Lee smirked, “How are you today?”

“Terrible,” George said.

“Same here.” Fred stated.

“And why’s that?”

“Because my twin and his young lady love will not stop arguing.” George was about to comment, but Fred ignored him. “I mean, why can’t you two just get over yourselves and apologize?”

“It was an accident,” George said. “And I’ve already told her I’m sorry.”

“That’s not going to do anything,” Lee scoffed.

Fred continued, “You’ve got to prove it to her.”

“Yeah?” George chuckled. “And how do you expect me to do that? Look. I’m not doing anything until she apologizes to me for overreacting.” 

The ginger left the table, shaking his head. Fred and Lee stared after him. The dark-skinned boy slouched in his seat, moaning, “Like we’ll ever get her to do that.”

“Who says we have to?”

Lee glanced over at Fred, who was staring at the portrait of the Fat Lady, where George had disappeared through moments before. His eyes widened once he saw the look on Fred’s face. His eyes were narrowed slightly, and he had a cross of a smile and a smirk as he turned to face the boy across from him.

Lee leaned forward eagerly. “Does this mean what I think it does? Are we back in the game?”

“Yes, we are!”

Y/N Y/L/N was sitting at a table in the library, trying to catch up on all the homework she didn’t do over the week. She mindlessly ran a hand through her hair, staring at the prompt for her potions essay. She hated to admit it, but she rather wished George was here. He was bloody spectacular at potions.

“How are you, Y/N?”

Fred Weasley and Lee Jordan were sitting across from her at her small, little table.

“Lousy,” she grumbled. “How much moonstone powder goes in a Clarity Potion?”

“None,” Fred said. “You put in two whole ones if you want it to be perfect.”

Y/N swore, scratching out what she had put down. “Do you two need something?”

“You need to get back with George,” Lee stated. “He’s been a right mess since you split.”

“Get him to apologize to me, and I would love to.” 

“He is.”

That caught Y/N’s attention. Her eyes widened as she looked up at the two Gryffindors seated in front of her. “Really?”

“Yep,” Fred grinned. “You know the secret passage through the witch’s hump?”


“Be there tonight at nine o'clock sharp. And look nice.”

Before the girl could ask any questions, Fred and Lee were halfway out of the library. 

George Weasley was standing on the Quidditch pitch, repeatedly slamming a bludger away with his bat. He let out a grunt of effort, hitting the bludger so hard that it disappeared from his view. 

“How are you, mate?”

George glanced behind him to see his closest friends, Lee and Fred, smirking at him. 

“Lousy,” he grumbled, once again hitting the bludger away. 

“I bet we could help with that.”

“Yeah?” George laughed. “How exactly are you going to get Y/N to apologize and get back together with me?”

“She already agreed to.”

George turned around, startled. “Really?”

“Yep,” Lee grinned. “Tonight, in the passage underneath the witch’s hump at 8:45.”

A smile quickly spread across George’s face. He was halfway through a reply when the bludger slammed into his back. He fell to the ground, groaning. 

A few hours later, George was standing in the cavern like room underneath the witch’s hump. In front of him was a table with a candle-lit meal and two chairs. He walked around the other side to get a better look at the food when a whooshing sound caused him to look up.

Y/N was standing in front of him, brushing herself off. George’s breath caught in his throat. She was wearing a rather simple dress, but it still managed to highlight and show-off all of her amazing features. 

“You look great.”

Y/N looked up, only know spotting the ginger in front of her. Her face colored, and she nervously rubbed the back of her neck. “Thanks.”

George’s eyes didn’t leave her as she walked over to take a seat. Quickly, he pulled her chair out for her, before sitting across from her. “You didn’t come to apologize did you?”

“Um, no.” Y/N said. “I was told you were going to.”

“Same here.”

A heavy silence settled over the two as they picked at their food. 

“I’m sorry.”

They shared an awkward laugh, before George leaned forward and took her hand. “I’m being serious, Y/N,” he told her. “I truly am sorry. I thought it was a harmless prank, but I can now that I really hurt you, in a more emotional sense. I completely dismissed your feelings, and I regret that terribly. I’m so, so sorry, Y/N.”

“Thank you, George,” the girl whispered, smiling at the boy across from her. “I’m sorry too. I know you never meant to hurt me. You’d never mean to hurt anyone. I overreacted, and I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you, love.”

The rest of the night was a lovely evening as the two shared many laughs, and happy stories. They had walked back to the Gryffindor Common Room in a comfortable silence, arms wrapped around each other. At the bottom of the dormroom staircases, George turned to face Y/N. 

“I hope you know that I truly am sorry,” he murmured. 

“I do,” she whispered. George grinned down at her, landing a light peck on her lips, before walking up his staircase.



“I love you.”

A moment passed by as the couple stared at each other in the dead of the night. The ginger slowly moved back down the steps, stopping in front of the girl and taking her face in his hands. 

“I love you too.”

The duo shared a secret, passionate kiss in the moonlight before heading their separate ways. 

The clock chimed midnight in the Gryffindor Common Room. Next to the dying fire, two figures appeared, one holding a cloak in his hand, turning to face his companion.

“Fred,” Lee Jordan turned to face the taller boy who was still staring at the empty space the couple had been minutes before. “Did we… did they just admit they loved each other?”

“I believe they did, Lee. I believe they did.”

“Let’s be matchmakers, Fred!” the dark-skinned boy grinned. “Look at how good we are at it!”


“Why not?”


Lord, this has been a long time coming, I am so sorry! This was a fun one, I enjoyed it. Another imagine should be coming along soon, and a new thing that I’m considering doing more of, because it was such a good question.

Bye, dolls! I hope you enjoyed!

Scenario Request Queue (2016.07.18)

Thank you to everyone who sent their requests in to me!

Usually, I would stick to only accepting 20, but you guys had such amazing and fun ideas that I couldn’t stop at 20~ This time I picked a few that really stood out to me and included them as well! (I have mixed them up in between first come first served requests so no one feels left out!)

If your request isn’t on the list, I’m really sorry - but I can only accept as much as I can physically handle and this is a suuuper huge list for me as it is. I apologise and I hope you can understand ^^

As always, I usually post 1-2 scenarios every day and I update my Jay Park - I Can Save You series every Tuesday ^^

Requested scenarios to be expected;

1.       GOT7: Jaebum x Youngjae (Smut) - Read here.

2.       GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (ft. GOT7) (Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

3.       BTS: Namjoon x Reader (Cheating Angst) - Read here.

4.       GOT7: Jaebum x Reader x Yugyeom (Smut//Threesome) - Read here.

5.       BTS: Jin x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

6.       GOT7: Jaebum (Single Dad/Angst) - Read here.

7.       GOT7: BamBam x Reader (Smut) - Read here.

8.       ASTRO: Moonbin x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

9.       BTS: Jin x Reader (Rough Smut) - Read here.

10.   BTS: Yoongi x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

11.   BTS: Jungkook x Reader (Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

12.   GOT7: Jinyoung x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

13.   BTS: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin (Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

14.   BTS: Jin x Reader x Jungkook (BDSM Smut) - Read here.

15.   Jay Park x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

16.   GOT7: BamBam x Reader (Angst) - Read here.

17.   Jay Park x Reader (Pregnancy/Angst/Cheating) - Read here.

18.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (Cheating/Amnesia/Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

19.   BTS: Reaction - Read here.

20.   BTS: Taehyung x Reader (King + Mistress Smut) - Read here.

21.   GOT7: Yugyeom x Reader (Shower Smut) - Read here.

22.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (We Got Married Fluff/Smut) - Read here.

23.   BTS: J-Hope x Reader (Pregnancy/Angst/Fluff) - Read here.

24.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader (Fluff) - Read here.

25.   GOT7: Jaebum x Reader x Jinyoung (Threesome Smut) - Read here.

26.   ASTRO: All of ASTRO x Reader (Fluffy day at an amusement park) - Read here.

You can check out my MASTERLIST which I update every time I post a new scenario! ^_^

Requests are now closed for the time being until all of the above is completed!

If you have any questions or comments - or you just wanna say hi; dont be afraid to shoot me a message <3


I just watched Jack/Jacksepticeye’s video on Felix and like he’s handled this situation better than anyone???? He’s definitely put the most thought into the situation than anyone else and not just going “hey Felix is a good guy stop giving him hate he apologised” like he took the time to really get into the topic and made it clear he was very much against the joke Felix made and idk Jack is like such a good person and a huge inspiration for me and I’m glad he made the video