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A New Beginning

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You’re both really busy with schedules and never get to see each other

(Requested) // word count; 2,040

Simon Dominic x Reader - A/F

It was stupid, the yelling and screaming, the mean words thrown at one another and then getting angry over the smallest things. Simon, your boyfriend of two years went clubbing every Friday with his friend Jay. It was fine in the beginning but now with you both working during the week you hardly got to see him. All you wanted to do was spend one Friday night with him, but he didn’t feel the same which made you upset and angry.

So now it had been three days after your fight and neither of you had thought to apologise, you didn’t think you were in the wrong but neither did Kiseok. He thought it was only fair for him to go out clubbing since he was stuck in the same room for the whole week, but so were you. The dull colours of your office gave you headaches, your co-workers were rude and had no patience what’s so ever and to top it off your boss was a bitch.

You would quit in a heartbeat but to be a magazine editor was a dream and you weren’t going to leave until another company hired you. The car journey home was quick, you were so eager to get out of your work clothes and into your pyjamas that you were speeding down the road.

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Doesn’t Ring a Bell

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Requested by anonymous:

“Yay you write about Peter!!! Could you please write one where you are Peter’s girlfriend but you notice how he suddenly leaves for things or shows up late to your dates. You try to brush it off until you are attacked when you are alone and Spidey comes in to save you and that’s when you realize that your dork of a boyfriend is a superhero working with the avengers? (Too specific?)

Warnings: PURE FLUFFF, mild language

Note: Nothing is ever too specific anon :) & yes Peter is my baby <3

“Did you get x equals two for question five?”

“Babe what did you do?… I got three hundred and twenty seven.” 

“Ugh I give up!” You groan in frustration before dramatically pushing your notebook off your lap. “I’m actually going to fail this exam.”

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Honestly for me what’s making this situation worse are the knets (and even international kpop fans) jumping on this situation and automatically saying it’s true and blaming Baekho. I mean yeah don’t make a snap judgement that it’s false but also don’t automatically believe it’s true because both lead to really bad roads. If it’s true then I’ll be horrified that he did this but if it’s false then I hope they sue the girl to hell and back for this and I hope everyone who automatically blamed Baekho will apologise cause smearing someone’s name over such serious accusations that are then proven false is horrible and nobody should do it.

At the moment we have no proof that it’s true (and yeah tbqh the texts and phone call doesn’t prove anything especially since the way they talked on the phone was too casual for people who apparently haven’t spoken in years plus it’s weird that she got Baekho’s number from her mum but he despite being an idol was quite happy to pick up/answer her texts) but none that it’s not either. 

Right now all we have to do is wait for an official update from Pledis about these accusations (more than just they’re looking into it and suing if it’s false) and trust me people they can’t get a court order and proof in less than a day since being accused just give them time to get things sorted and then make a judgement.

Overall, I just really hate this guilty until proven innocent bandwagon cause what do you do when they are proven innocent and all you’ve done is drag their name through the mud and pretty much destroyed their life and career.

EXO Reaction to their s/o leaving after a fight

Xiumin- I feel like Xiumin would, at first ‘‘Wow……so mature of you,’‘ find it really childish and be kind of disappointed that you would do something like that. After he would’ve calmed down he would start blaming himself and worry about where in the world did you go and try to find you somehow.

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Suho- Suho would feel a bit annoyed at himself for even fighting with you, but as soon as he would know that you have left ‘‘Y/N!?’‘, he would highkey beat himself up. He’d be trying so hard to find where you are, if you are safe. Suho would apologise to you 25/8, telling you how sorry he was and that you scared him.

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Lay- I feel like Lay wouldn’t fight with you a lot, but when you guys did fight, it would be horrible. So as soon as you would’ve left, he would feel extremely guilty for everything he said, for how he acted. He would be texting and calling you nonstop trying to have you come back.

‘‘Y/N where are you?’‘

‘‘I’m so sorry’‘

‘‘Are you ok?’‘

‘‘Are you safe?’‘

‘‘Come back please’‘

‘‘You know I didn’t mean any of it’‘

‘‘Please just come back home, I’m so sorry’‘

‘‘Y/N Please….’‘

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Baekhyun- Oh, this poor puppy. At first I think he would be like Xiumin, still kind of mad at you and annoyed that you just left like that ‘‘Are you really just going to leave?’‘ As soon as realisation would hit him, he would highkey search the whole world for you, he wouldn’t care that you would still be mad at him, all he would like to do is make sure you are safe and okay.

(Don’t pay attention to the text in the gif)

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Chen- I feel like Chen wouldn’t be as worried as the rest of the members, he of course would still be worried, but not as much. He would let you cool off and when you would come back expect there to be a whole dinner with flowers and everything ready for you as an apology ‘‘I’m so sorry, I hope you don’t hate me forever.’‘

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Chanyeol- I think Chanyeol would be similar to Lay, just not as excessive. He would be annoyed and mad at you that you just left like that, but he would instantly turn back to normal and worry his ass off about where are you and if you’re alright ‘‘Oh god Y/N, just pick up your goddamn phone please!’‘

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Kyungsoo- Satansoo would be 100% worried about where you went, he would even forget why you two where fighting in the first place. He would wait when you come back though. ‘‘Oh my god, are you alright?’‘ As soon as you would come back he would instantly apologise for everything and ask if you’re alright.

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Kai- Jongin would stay mad at you for a while as well, but he wouldn’t be like Suho and run around the whole world just to find you. Jongin would wait for when you come back and try to reason with you ‘‘Hey listen,’‘ saying that you two should and will never have a fight like this one. Still he would apologise, but he wouldn’t make it all his fault, since you were at fault as well.

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Sehun- Sehun would be a little bit bratty about it all, since he would still think it was mostly your fault than his ‘‘When you come back lets solve this.’‘ He wouldn’t be an asshole about it all though, he would still apologise for his half, saying that he shouldn’t have said some of the things.

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destroyed | part one

part two / part three 

michael + reader

word count: 986

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you accidentally destroy something important to michael and he’s not very happy about it


I hadn’t meant to do it, I just wanted to try it out and Michael was at the studio and wouldn’t be back for hours.

It was just sitting there in the corner, on its stand. I knew how much Michael loved it, he would polish it whenever he had time. He might even have loved it more than he loved me.

That didn’t mean I wanted to break it on purpose!

I was bored and couldn’t wait for him to get home. I didn’t know what I was doing and before I knew it, I was sat on the floor, clutching the broken guitar in my hands.

Not just any guitar. Michael’s first ever acoustic guitar that he kept in one of our extra rooms. He never told me not to touch it, but now I knew it was an unspoken rule. Don’t touch the guitar.

I touched the guitar. I more than touched it. I picked it up and started to strum it. Then I started jumping around the room, mimicking the moves I’d seen my boyfriend do onstage.

I didn’t see the skateboard on the ground. Michael didn’t skateboard, why the hell did we have a skateboard?

I stepped on it.

It gave way.

I held my hands in front of my face instinctively to break the fall, forgetting I had Michael’s guitar in my hands.

I heard it before I saw it. The sickening crack of the wood as my elbow fell through it and pierced a hole in the back.

I had no idea it would be that bad. I ignored the bleeding and splinters on my elbow, too focused on the fact that I’d just ruined Michael’s prized possession.

That was when he found me. He was home early from the studio, and walked into the room to see me standing in the middle of it, holding his broken guitar, blood dripping from my elbow.

Like me, he didn’t pay attention to my arm. His eyes zeroed in on the giant hole where it wasn’t supposed to be on the guitar and he froze for a second before the screams ensued.

“What the fuck did you do?!” He yelled, running forward to snatch the guitar out of my hands.

“I-I didn’t mean to do it, I just wanted to try it out and I fell and I-”

“Why the fuck wouldn’t you take one of my other guitars? Or wait till I got home?” His face was red, his eyes flashing with rage.

“I just.. I didn’t think-”

“That’s right, you didn’t think, you never think! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I’d never seen him that angry, and I was growing increasingly scared of what he might do with the broken guitar. I was pretty sure he could kill me with just one swing.

I tried telling myself that Michael would never do anything to physically hurt me, but at that moment, Michael didn’t look or sound like Michael.

“I can send it for repairs. I’ll just take it to the-” I tried reaching for the guitar but he swung back and I yelped, putting my arms up to shield myself.

“It won’t be the same!” He screamed, tossing the guitar to the ground, running his hand through his already matted hair in frustration.

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything to fix this.” I wanted to walk towards him but was still wary.

The words that came out of his mouth next shocked me. I hadn’t expected them at all.

“Get out.” He said, gritting his teeth.

“What?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

“I said get out! Leave and don’t come back!” He yelled once again, making me flinch back at the look of hatred he shot me.

I sucked in a breath in shock, feeling a huge lump form in my throat. “O-okay..” I agreed softly, making my way out of the room, grabbing the guitar from the ground on my way.

Michael stayed in the room as I grabbed my bag from the couch and left the house, trying my hardest to keep the tears in and ignore the excruciating pain in my elbow as well as my heart.

In the elevator on the way down to my car, I held my hand to my heart, trying to calm myself down. My breaths came out in short pants and my hands were trembling so much I could barely hold onto my things.

I sat in my car, putting the guitar in the backseat and began slowly picking out the splinters from my arm, the tears flowing freely as I couldn’t hold them in any longer.

Once I was calm enough to start my car, I drove to my old place, thanking the heavens that my best friend was staying with her boyfriend as well, which meant I had the place to myself. We mainly used the place as storage for all our belongings since we couldn’t move everything to our boyfriends’ houses.

I set the guitar down by the door, making a mental note to send it to the shop to get it repaired anyway. It stood there, the broken side facing me, reminding me of the horrible thing I’d done. Reminding me of what I’d destroyed.

I spent the next hour picking splinters out of my arm and cleaning my cuts.

Throughout the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but constantly check my phone to see if Michael had texted or called me.

I’d sent multiple texts apologising for what happened but received no response.

That night, I couldn’t sleep.

Like Michael said about the guitar, it just wasn’t the same with a hole where it shouldn’t be. My heart felt the same way. The void that Michael used to fill was now a gaping, black hole that sent me into tears whenever I thought about it.


a/n: If you find this familiar, its because its similar to my Calum imagine, Ruined. I’m thinking of making this into some sort of series for the boys - just y/n ruining something they love and them getting real mad about it I dunno I just really like the plot. They’re not going to have the exact same plot though, they all have different ways of playing out.

if you want part two, tell me!


so a while back i did a comic of a Harry Potter theory i made when i was smaller, on the basis that Dudley isn’t as dumb as he seems, and that he managed to put his hands on one of Harry’s history books…. 

I’m ashamed of the comic’s quality (it’s my very first one so still got a lot to learn), the drawing isn’t good and the pacing is awful, but i still think it deserves to be put out there…. so here…

(also i put it in text mode because there are 30 pages)

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Hartoficathon X: Delays

Swarto, SFW, SFF, 1.198 words.



‘Flight 942 to London has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Please talk to airport personnel for further options.’

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Hannah groans, as the rest of the passengers in the departure hall seem to go through a similar kind of reaction, “Sorry, excuse me, I’m sorry,” She mumbles as she starts pushing through crowds of people, “Sorry, can I just -”

“Oh shit, sorry.” A blonde girl apologises as she nearly knocks Hannah over with a large black rucksack, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“Happens, I’m kind of short, don’t worry about it.” Hannah dismisses the apology, “Sorry, I’m kind of in a rush, could I just -”

“Yeah, of course, sorry.”

This is a lot of apologising. Hannah thinks to herself as she gives the stranger a last smile before continuing to push her way through the mass of people.

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2.He invites you when he is in OTRA tour

He invited you to Sydney, he knew how much you wanted to go so he didn’t hesitated to ask you.
Now you were sitting having breakfast with Harry in front of you.”Baby do you want to go somewhere today?” “I would like to climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge” his eyes went wide and you brought his hands to your mouth, kissing his knuckles”If its okay” He finished chewing and put you in his lap”I just want you to be happy (Y/N)”
The next thing you remember was Harry faking to fall down”Stop it!You are going to fall down and its not going to be funny, what am I going to say to Anne?Hey your beloved son…”He put his hand on your mouth” Look, we are at the top”Harry whispered in your ear. Oh my good, the view was amazing, you heard the click of the camera and rolled your eyes, so Harry…

In your job they gave you a week to relax, so Liam took you to Thailand. The thing was that after his concert he rented a private island for you two because you were in need of time alone. The house was amazing and it had a swimming pool between the sea and the house.
You were tanning in an hammock when felt a hand in your shoulder and you jumped a little bit “Shhh its just me, give me a little of space” when he sat next to you, you rested your head in his chest and felt it vibrate against your cheek” I brought you a peach smoothie ” Then you felt something cold in your shoulder “Liam move it! Its freezing you idiot!” He kissed the top of your head and rested it there while tracing different and nonsense lines on your arm. “I love you Liam, thank you for this vacations with you. Do you know that I love spending time with you right?” You looked at him and smiled “Well you are not the only one” you squished your noses and came back to your last position

He was all the time talking how one of the places he wanted to go was Dubai, so when all of his family decide to go there for a small trip Johannah called you “Hi (Y/N), love we are going to go to Dubai and we were wondering if you would like to come as a surprise” You couldn’t say no. In the aeroplane you sat down next to Fizzy but when Johannah came with Doris and told her to change her seat, she refused at first but moved. “Lottie just texted me saying Louis is not suspicious” Doris made a weird sound and you you two laughed. You caressed her cheek and talked with Johannah .
You arrived at the hotel and went to the room to hide somewhere. When all of them where inside you came out and put you hands on his eyes “Hello baby” You whispered in his ear “(Y/N)?” his eyes went wide and he hugged you like crazy “I’ve missed you so much Luigi” ” Oh my baby love, me too” you went to his room and …well…um…yeah.

He left with his trainer and a few people of the crew to go to this safari. You were with your period so decided to stay in Cape Town with Lou, Lottie and Sophia, who was making a quick visit.
“So yeah, Lux was super happy about that dolls and ‘girly toys’ ,as she says, that you gave her, Tom texted me saying she doesn’t want to stop playing” ” Poor Tom” you stayed in silence for a few moments. “Do you know if they are coming today?” Harry popped at my question”Yep, they just came (Y/N) ” “Thanks” you got up and dressed really quickly. He was at the entrance with the crew, when he looked at you he apologised and moved towards you “Hey”he said softly while stroking your hair,” How was the trip”,”Amazing, I will tell you after the shower, I fuckin’ stink” He hold your hand inside the elevator “How have you being, you know, with your period?” “Horrible, but now I’m better” He smiled and kissed me. “Do you want to go for a walk?” “Yeah, I would love to”.

He was having a rough time with the stress and you knew it. He wasn’t ready and still he went for it. So on February 21st you received a text saying he needed you in Tokyo, and you didn’t doubt it.
” Zayn where are you?” You saw the light of his room on, you knocked and opened the door. He was in the bed, with the head in the place of the feet and his knees against his chest, he was looking at the wall. You put the bags at the door and closed it. “Hey, look at me , its me, (y/n)”.He lifted his eyes and smiled sleepy ” come here love” you ran to him and cuddled in bed. “How are you doing z?” “Now that you are here better” you felt how he smelled you, taking your scent. “Love I want to walk around Tokyo, can we go tomorrow? ” Your eyes started to close but you heard him saying “Yeah, now come here and rest love”

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