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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Fluff, Angst

Words: 1470

A/N: Okay so this is my first work about a character from Marvel, and also my first work after taking a long hiatus (I used to write fanficts before).  Enjoy!

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With her fingers intertwined and biting her inner cheeks, (y/n) stared at the blank wall, waiting for some inspiration to cross her mind. She couldn’t really explain how hours ago she had her ideas all planned, scheduled and ready to be written down on her computer, when suddenly the mere sound of the closing door had wiped out every single word from her. Frustration growing bigger, she shut down her laptop and decided to take a break.

It wasn’t the first time during the last months that (y/n) could barely write a single paragraph without long periods of unsuccessful brainstorming and wall-staring. Her creativity seemed to fade everytime her daily distraction left her, which was very contradictory, since whenever Bucky was fooling around her apartment she wasn’t allowed to touch her computer because he claimed all her attention like a little kid, but at the moment he leaves, her fingers refuse to type what her mind dictates.

“Pizzaman is here!” (y/n) heard his voice, followed by the smell of pepperoni and mozzarella. Stretching herself, she stands up and moves to the living room, where Bucky was waiting for her, pizza box in one hand and two beers in the other one.

“I missed you so much!” she runs towards James, who had his arms wide open and a smile parting his expression, yet she was moving forward to hug the pizza “Oh god, without you I feel so empty.” (y/n) cried, grabbing the box and kissing it.

“C’mon man, don’t make me feel replaced.” Complained the boy standing next to (y/n). “I’m going to make you pay for th…” Without letting him continue, she pulls him into a hug with her free hand, making him sink his head into her neck while giving him kisses on his hair. She loved the way his arms grabbed her waist, slightly pulling her closer and lifting her at the same time, squeezing her like she was his favourite teddy bear. “Okay, okay, that’s enough, I’ve already paid.” Buck mumbled as he retired himself from her grip. It will never be enough for her. His hugs were the best thing in the world. “How’s your new book going?”

Exhausted and frustrated, she let her body hit the couch as she grabbed a slice of pizza. “Horrible. I can barely write a line without feeling completely blocked.” (y/n) moaned. “It’s like playing hide and seek with your creativity.”

“Is it that bad?” He asked, sitting by your side. She nodded while chewing. “How can I help you with this?”

“You can’t.” (y/n) furrowed her brows. Actually, he could, because when James shows up, her mind seems to start working again, filling her with tons of ideas by just looking at him and the way he moves.

“I bet I can. Tell me the plot, and I’ll give you some ideas.” James offered. As he saw her disagreement, he added. “(y/n), I know your editor is demanding you a lot these days. How many chapters do you have to send him for this Sunday?”

“Eight.” (y/n) said under her breath.

“See? He doesn’t need  to know. I’m good at giving advices.” A bright smile appeared when he saw her giving up and he moved himsef so he could listen her better.

“I was thinking about some romantic story for teenagers.” He rolled his eyes. “Hey! I love writing those!” She complained while throwing him a napkin.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, keep going.” He apologised as he let her continue.

“Okay so as I was saying, I think I’m going to write about two kids that grew up together, and I want to picture their struggle and their attempts to try to fit in and at the same time not lose themselves.” She summarised as she was looking at his interested eyes, feeling like she was starting to get lost in them. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat, and her cheeks started to get warm, sensations that dragged her to the real world again.

“Whoah, that’s some deep shit.” He commented. (y/n) wrinkled her nose as he posed like he was lost in his thoughts. “What you could do is reflect how their personalities start to change while their growing up? Like, you and me.” He pointed at them two. “We’re pretty different yet very similar at the same time: I hate being forced to express my emotions and you’re basically a cold hearted girl, forged with titanium. I’ve never seen you express any emotion towards almost nothing. Not even when Bambi’s mother died.” He joked. (y/n) laughed at his comparison. It was true she’s not used to express her emotions towards nobody, Bucky being the only exception. With him, she was different. She was warm and lovely, friendly and sensitive. He brings out the best part of her.

“Buck, no girl is made of steel or crystal. - We’re not way too harsh or way too sensitive - we’re diamonds.” (y/n) used her writer skills to explain her theory, with a low toned voice. “We’re harsh and fragile at the same time.- A diamond could drill and break anything for you, If you take care of it.- But if you let it fall, it breaks.” He was impressed by the example she gave him. Glancing to the opposite direction, she added, in an attempt to make a joke. “Have that in mind when you go out here to chase another girl.”

The long pause that filled the room with silence made her think that he took her last comment in a negative way, causing her to look at him again, hoping for the best. Surprisingly, It wasn’t the case. He was looking at her with his puppy eyes, and she could sense his excitement by how his body was leaned towards her and the wide smile he was wearing.

“Talking about the new girl thing, I actually wanted to tell you something.” She could see a big storm coming, yet she still crossed her fingers and wished for any kind of news that didn’t involve a new girl in his life. “A few weeks ago I met this girl from… The UK? Yeah, and we kind of connected instantly.” His eyes were bright, full of hope, while hers darkened. “She’s awesome, and I want you to give me your approval. Your opinion is important to me, darling.” He smiled, and she couldn’t hide a smirk. That was the effect he had on her. She was happy if he was happy.

“Yeah you know, my quality certification never fails.” She grinned “Remember Rebecca, when I warned you that she’d probably kill one of us in our sleep?” He laughed loudly, expressing delight with his whole body.

“Hell yes, she tried to hit you with her plate while I was in the toilet in that restaurant the day I introduced her to you.” Bucky beamed. It wasn’t a funny situation when he saw what was happening after returning from the restroom, -(y/n) covering herself with her clutch while an infuriated brunette was trying to throw her her white plate- but now it was one of those experiences that you would tell to your sons and grandsons in a future. “That girl couldn’t understand that a boy and a girl can be friends and not fall for each other.” He scoffed, while resting his arm on her shoulders. 

(y/n) bit her inner cheeks again. Well, she wasn’t wrong. Rebecca claimed that she saw the way you looked at him, and how his hands were always searching for your touch unconsciously, when at the same time he was holding her. She saw the bright smile on James face whenever he mentioned you, and she declared that only one of you two could have him. Of course, (y/n) looked at her like she lost her mind, only to figure out that night, in his house, that Becca wasn’t crazy at all. Since then, her capacity of typing words and creating fantasies started to depend on the presence of James Buchanan Barnes.

“She’s staying here for a few months, looking for a job.” He added with a dreamy expression.

“And what are you going to do if she leaves?” She lowkey highkey wanted him to see that relationship with a dead end.

“Well, you know… If things go well between us and she has to go back… I guess I’d go with her.” He concluded, giving her a weird look she couldn’t decipher. “I mean, I think it’s time to move on, go find new adventures, make a couple more mistakes before our forties.” He justified.

It is scientifically impossible for a heart to break, but (y/n) could feel hers sinking and falling apart. Trying not to break, she asked quietly “And by that you mean… that you would leave me here?”

Don't Ever Leave, Again;Johnny

for @month-of-june !

Genre: Angst and fluff

Request: Hello there! May I please request an angst turned fluff “the one that got away” type of scenario please! With Johnny please!

A/N: I apologise if it doesn’t go the way you expected it to be , my writing skills are so bad these days i swear . But thanks for requesting and enjoy reading !

You held on tightly to the photo frame in your hands , your fingers tracing the silhouette of his body in the picture .

His arms were wrapped around your shoulders , a bright smile shining brightly on both of your faces . You were staring at him with loving eyes , as though he was your world - as much as you were his .

You placed the photo frame back up on the table beside your bed, the place it never once left , as you tried to stop yourself from thinking of the flashbacks . Yet , they all came back instantly , the way it always did every single night .


“ What’s with your face Johnny , you look horrible ” you joked as you pinched your boyfriend’s cheek , causing him to scrunch his nose and slapping your hand away lightly .

“ It’s because i’m looking at you , ugly ” he teased back , smirking when he saw your smile turn into a pout .

Without saying anything , he pulled you to the tree that was standing tall and big , its branches and leaves long enough to give the both of you shade .

He smiled at you lovingly , then hugging you as he whispered into your ears , “ Happy 2nd anniversary baby , I promise to stay by you and protect you like this tree , forever ”

You couldn’t help but smile , your hands pulling him in for a peck on his lips . He gave a satisfied grin as he took out his phone , reaching out to a stranger nearby , “ Could you please help us take a picture ? Thanks ”

His arms wrapped around your shoulders and yours , around his waist . Your eyes couldn’t leave him and you took in every single feature on his face - he was too perfect for you .

“ One .. Two .. Smile ! ”

The both of you smiled brightly , staring deeply into each other’s eyes as though you were lost in each others’ worlds .


Everything seemed perfect , and everything was going well . Never had you ever thought that the both of you would part , yet time proved you wrong and everything eventually fell .

For the fifth time that week , you attempted to call him , but he did not pick up , again .

Not even a single text from him .

You gave up and laid on your bed , your hands caressing the empty spot beside you .

It had been four months since you last saw each other in person . At first you thought everything was going to be easy , and that being in a long distance relationship was not much of a big deal .

Eventually after two months , he got even busier with his work and video calls with one another lessened . The both of you tried to keep the relationship going , yet nothing seemed to be working out .

As though it felt like forever , your phone finally rang and you immediately picked up the call when you saw the caller ID .

“ Hey .. I’m sorry , work is really putting me off nowadays but how are you ? ”

“ I’m fine .. How about you ? ”

“ Same here , oh , i have some news to tell you too . ”

“ What is it ? ”

“ My company offered me a promotion .. But that means i have to stay another year here .. ”

Your heart sank and your smile turned into a frown upon hearing his words . The emotions you had been keeping in came out instantly , as you broke down and tried to stop your tears from falling even more .

“ Y/N , are you okay ? I’m sorry- ”

“ I’m sorry Johnny , i really can’t do this anymore . I miss you so much yet everytime i need you , you’re not there because of work . I’m tired , why can’t you be here like how you were just a few months back , it sucks Johnny ”

You heard him sigh from the other line as he tried to reply calmly , yet there was a tone of anger in his voice ,

“ Look Y/N , i’m really tired from work and i’ve got no time for this bullshit , can we talk about this another day please ”

You bit your bottom lip in anger as you replied back in a serious tone ,

“ You’ll never have time Johnny . Since this is bullshit to you then what’s the point of carrying on anymore ,”

“ Everything you say is right anyways ”

He hung up right after that sentence , leaving you crying the rest of the night .

It was over , the one whom you ever really love was gone .


You took small and slow steps , your head hanging low . You kicked the piles of dry leaves that had fallen to the ground , as you made your way to the place .

You sat under the tall tree and leaned your head against the trunk , taking in the fresh air around you .

After one year the tree hasn’t changed a single bit , only that some of the leaves were dropping .

“ I miss you … If we were still together it’d be our 3rd anniversary .. How are you doing ? It’s been 6 months since you left . ” you said out loud as you closed your eyes , everything about him slowly appearing in your mind .

“ I miss you too ”

The deep and familiar voice caused you to stand right up , which you were greeted with Johnny standing right behind the tree .

He reached forward to hug you and you couldn’t help but hug him back . Your tears wre already falling and you noticed how much weight he has lost .

No words were needed , the two of you stood under the tree hugging each other , the same way just one year ago .


Rubbing your eyes , you lazily made your way to the kitchen to grab some breakfast . A pair of arms wrapped around your waist from behind , and you could feel his warm breath against your left ear , “ Good morning baby ”

Smiling , you turned around and pecked his nose . You saw him smile to himself , as he took your hand and led you to the dining table , “ I already made breakfast , everything that you like babe ”

You gasped when you saw the amount of food on the table - it was enough to feed the both of you for two days .

“ Why are you so nice to me today Johnny , did something happen ? ”

He laughed as he held your hand tightly , “ It’s our first month together after that long break , here’s to show how grateful i am for you ”

You hugged him and smiled to yourself ,

“ Don’t ever leave again babe ”

“ Don’t worry , this time i promise i really won’t ”

I had to write something for J2′s drunken date night (x, x). To be honest my inner tinhatter is still waiting for these photos to emerge…

It’s when Jensen starts kissing random fans on the forehead that Jared should probably start to worry, but he’s too drunk to care. They’re weaving their way through the crowds on sixth street, stopping every now and again to chat to the groups of guys and girls who recognise them and want a photo or a quick hello, or the two hundred bucks that Jared impulsively peeled out of his wallet to give to a giggly blonde who was celebrating her birthday (perhaps). Sometimes people just yell “SUPERNATURAL!” or “SAM AND DEAN!”, and Jensen offers them a drunken salute or a whoop. They’re deeply inebriated, both of them, loaded up on a long day’s drinking in the sun, floating on a warm sea of friendly sociability.

So, it’s not surprising that when one peppy little girl pops up and asks for a picture, Jensen follows up the weight of his arm around her shoulders with a kiss to the forehead that dissolves into a laugh. Jared takes in the spectacle, is amused, but is too busy trying to keep his feet to do more than offer a smile. The ground has grown unsteady beneath him, swinging in big circular rotations that switch direction disorientingly just as he moves to counter them.

As they walk away from the girl, Jared clutches at Jensen’s shoulder, seeking stability. Jensen stumbles immediately and the two of them end up crashing into another group of kids, who recognise them pretty quick and greet them with noisy enthusiasm.

“I love you guys!” says one of the girls.

“Yeah, love the show,” echoes a guy in a tank top, and Jensen folds the both of them into an expansive embrace.

“We love you too,” he says. “We love you.” He kisses the girl on the cheek, the guy, and they’re both laughing but some of their more sober friends are looking a little perturbed.

“Okay,” Jared says, tugging at the back of Jensen’s T-shirt. “Okay, stop assaulting people with your face. It’s time to go.”

Jensen swings around, wide-eyed, and beams. “JAY!” he says. He looks back at the girl. “He’s my best friend, you know. I love him.”

The girl’s laughing, nodding. “Can I get a picture of you two?” she says.

“Sure,” says Jensen, “I’ll give you something to look at.” And then suddenly it’s Jared he’s kissing, right on the mouth, and the kids are cheering and Jared is fairly sure that this is something they aren’t supposed to be doing in public, but he’s fuzzy-drunk and so wobbly that really the only thing he can do is cling tight to Jensen’s T-shirt and hope that they don’t fall over.

It’s a long time before Jensen steps away, stumbles, and then regains his balance. His face bobs bright in Jared’s vision. “That was awesome, man,” he says. He’s right.

Then Jensen looks backwards, out and around at the little crowd of girls that has gathered, cameras high. “Okay, you guys,” he says. “You got your picture, and I love you. Now scram. This one’s just for us.” And he wraps his arms around Jared again.


okay so when i mentioned that i’d discovered some cute mark-talking on the special features of my bright star dvd a few folks asked if i could upload it for them. i tried man. i tried so hard. i failed. i can only apologise. so i’ve done the best i can do (thanks kind anon for the suggestion) and i’ve screen shot some mark-y moments. i’ll also try my best to do a little transcript of what he’s saying (although when he starts talking about pieces of music i have literally no clue what he’s saying) but i’ll give it a go and put it under a read more so this post doesn’t get any longer!

(first picture is mark composing/singing, next five are him chatting, last four pictures are: mark just chillin’ around the set, ben smelling a stick on set because that’s very important, and jane doing some directing of the boys. you can’t hear what she’s saying to mark but at one point he laughs and it brings joy into my very soul.)

(also how handsome does he look in the last screen shot? damn. OKAY GOING UNDER READ MORE NOW.)

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anonymous asked:

Emma was angry with Regina over something stupid and her magic took over her control when she was angry and aroused by Regina's angry face. When they are on town's meeting she finds out she can touch Regina without really touching her (don't know, through an apple, or a cup of tea- she basically touches that thing, but Regina feels it). And she really enjoys it..

Thanks for the prompt :) 


Emma frowns as she glares at the take-out mug in front of her. It’s a stupid thing to get annoyed over but she wanted a hot cocoa, she was looking forward to a hot cocoa. 

What does Regina bring her? Tea. 


It’s stupid but it led to a ten minute argument before they both stormed into the conference room for the town meeting. Emma settles down as she sits down for the meeting. 

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Let’s face it : those two are probably adorably stubborn~ that’s how I picture stubborn apologies (that’s how I do apologies hah)
The brightness (sorry for your eyes) is due to me suddenly wanting to try out new markers, and the yellow happening to be super bright, and me trying to fix the balance with a super flashy background……haha…..