i apologise for the all the shitty graphics

before we start, let me begin my apologising for the shitty ass photo. i can’t make graphics, so we’re sticking w / basic af shit.  anyway … when i first made mary jane, i honestly didn’t think she’d last as a character. it’s always hard to find your feet with an original character and you never really know how they’re going to be received by other people. i made her on a whim after gaining inspiration from the wonderful lady gaga and i prepared for the worst … but honestly, guys.  you lot have made me feel right at home with this character. you have all shown her support and love and i feel so comfortable sharing this muse with you all.  i was flirting with the idea of quitting tumblr after my muse for every single blog i had died … and then i brought this character to life and i have never been happier on here.  so this is a thank you from me for being wonderful and for interacting with this blog / me.  i honestly cannot put into words how appreciative and grateful i am.  you are all stars in my eyes. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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hello everyone! it’s my 15th birthday today and i thought why not as well make a follow forever. i’ve reached 1.3k followers and i know that might not be a lot but for me i’m so happy that i’ve achieved so much, even though, i suddenly changed theme into pastel/graphic. i’ve been a terrible blogger who posts things a couple times a day and i’m so sorry but i’m sure i’ll post more in the future and maybe edit some crappy graphics haha!

i didn’t get around to congratulate and thank the amazing blogs i follow but now it’s the time. i’m so happy that they fill my dashboard with happiness and sometimes sadness hahah (bangtan) and also sharing music, fanfics, stories and achievements. orz i’m getting so greasy uggh sorry! the amazing graphics i’m so envious and amazed by, like how to be like senpai?? the gifs and edits are just so beautiful ; n ; i’m so grateful to follow your amazing blog, love you! 

and also, i’d like to thank my followers who have stayed with me since my transition with fandoms and themes. i’m so happy you guys still like my blog after all these changes. i’m so happy that you like or reblog my shitty graphics or text post or basically anything. i’m also thankful that you guys didn’t unfollow me when i was semi-hiatus due to school or when i just didn’t go on tumblr. i appreciate every single one you followers, love you!

to all my awesome mutuals who still follow me for some reason like whaat?? but thanks for following me and love you!!! also, i apologise if i haven’t talk to all of my mutuals because im hella shy-ish ;;

so, i love all the blogs i follow, my followers and my mutuals! thank you and i love you!!! (well that was a crappy ending for my first follow forever)

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so here it is! my first follow forever! just wanted to say thankyou to all of you for helping me reach my goal! it means a bunch to me whether it does to you or not! so i love you all very dearly and if i missed you im sorry! (p.s i apologise for the shitty graphic) 

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and here we have it! i know for a fact i’ve missed out a bunch of people, and when i hit 1K (if i hit 1K) i’ll deffo be doing another one! once again i love you all, stay cool  ╮(─▽─)╭   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧